how his hand reaches for liam for a second


Y/N would have never imagined the amount of attention being Harry’s best friend would bring. There’s also always speculations, suspicions that the two might be more than friends, given the fact that when they go out, it’s like they might as well be joined at the hip. Where Harry is on a day off, Y/N is sure to follow, and the paparazzi gets pictures of it all. But Y/N’s always been just a friend. It’s not like she trails behind him like a puppy, no. Harry just always loves having her around, finds comfort in the way she talks to him without a hint of glorification. Tracing back to the beginning of their friendship, Y/N didn’t tip toe around Harry, trying to make sure to not say the wrong thing, never really made impressing Harry a priority. And Harry really appreciated that.

And the relentless bother and questions of “are you two dating?” doesn’t end with the public, no, it continues, and probably gets more intense coming from their group of friends.

Whenever Y/N steps away from Harry’s side, there’s always one of the boys whispering to him about how they’re sure she’s got him wrapped around her pretty little finger. How at the call of his name, Harry never thinks twice about dropping everything and tending to her wants and needs. They make it sound awful in a way, as if Y/N is always needy of Harry and demanded his attention. But they don’t mean it like that really, just like bothering him about it, specially because he gets all worked up in trying to defend her.

They even comment about how they’ve taken notice to the fact Harry’s smile can stretch for miles at the mention of her name, which Harry has never denied. Only nods his head in amusement at the fact others notice.

And maybe their secret little escapes to what they refer to as “friend dates” are no help. They’ll be having a night in on the sofa, Harry sat at the edge of it, elbow propped on the arm rest, mindlessly scrolling through texts and thumbs swift on the screen, typing replies to friends. And obviously Y/N’s with him, lying down and feet resting on his lap, her head flat on the cushion, eyes shut because she quite enjoys just lying about in a silent room, knowing Harry’s there. And it’s not until he shuffles to stand up, pushing her legs off him in the process, that she opens her eyes and follows his body across the room where he doubles over to slip on his YSL boots before he goes for his coat. With a small whisper of “ye’ comin’?” Y/N is sure to follow his steps. Most nights like that they end up in some random bar or restaurant, sat on a stool or a booth, laughing and eating. Harry will often opt to sit next to her rather than in front, taking the chance to lay his head on her shoulder. Even kiss at her neck sometimes.

And when the boys catch a glimpse of the paparazzi photos taken of them all cuddly on a random Tuesday night at a local cafe, Harry’s phone just about overloads with texts from Niall going on about “I knew it!” And “just ask her, man!”

So no, it’s not out of the ordinary for Louis to make a ‘wuh-PSSSH’ sound followed by something snarky like “so whipped, mate. And she’s not even ye’ girlfriend,” when he notices Harry’s stare trailing to where Y/N goes as she makes breakfast for the lot. Harry tries to disregard the comment as Louis takes a seat next to him at the kitchen island.

“What’re you guys going on about over there?” Y/N asks, giggling to herself, “got Harry blushing and all.”

And of course with no chill what so ever, Liam pats Harry on the back, a devilish smile playing on his lips, “Harry here has found himself head over heels.”

Y/N can’t deny that her heart sinks a little at that, but she doesn’t let it faze her, or at least she doesn’t show it. “Really?? Oh who is she??”

“Yeah, Harry! Tell our lovely Y/N who’s the lucky woman!” Harry would hope Niall would be the one not to indulge in his current tormenting.

But Harry can only look at Y/N, her eyes locked on his from across the room. And Harry swears he’s never seen her look at him the way she is right now.

And the boys don’t mean to over tease him this time, just wish he’d finally let it out and tell her because they’re rather sure Y/N feels the same. It’s hard not to notice the way she looks at him, eyes full of adoration and dare they say, love.

When the air has fallen silent for far too long, Liam decides to change the subject for Harry’s sake and stands up to give Y/N a hand with the pouring of the beverages.

“You two have gotten to the point where you grocery shop together.” Liam starts again when Y/N steps away for more milk, “you cook together. You do laundry together. You’re always going on dates. You go with her for manis and pedis, and I’m sure you enjoy it, too.”

“So wha’?? I like spendin’ time with her.” Harry doesn’t really see why that’s so bad, being whipped and all.

“You sleep together,” Louis chimes in, “hell, wouldn’t be surprised if you showered together.”

Now that’s just nonsense.

“Sod off ye’ prick.”

It’s been a few weeks since the day Y/N found out Harry’s interested in someone. And she’d be lying if she said it doesn’t keep her awake at night. Awake while she’s lying next to Harry because of the fact that they’d much rather sleep together than alone. But when she looks over at him, she can’t help but smile.

She’s lying on her side, eyes tracing his, rid of any wrinkles they get when he smiles or frowns. They trace all of him. From his eyes to his eyebrows, then his cheeks and to his nose, where she kisses lightly, careful not to wake him. He only crinkles it for a short second, to which she only smiles. Her eyes linger down his neck, tracing every muscle and crevice until she’s looking at the tattoos on his chest, the steady rise and fall of it has her breathing adapting to his.

It’s when she looks at his parted bubble gum pink lips that she raises a hand, her index finger ghosting over his bottom lip. The touch has Harry stirring, eyes open for a moment before he puckers his lips to peck her finger, a smile on his face. He flutters his eyes shut for a second before resting his hand on her waist and rubbing his thumb gently on the exposed skin. He moans in content, pulls her body closer to his and rests his lips on her hair line.

“Go t'sleep, pet.”

And why oh why did she ever think some friendly flirting and bed sharing with her best friend could never lead to any emotional attachment.

The cuddles hasn’t stopped. Harry’s lingering kisses and hugs hasn’t stopped. The boys teasing on Harry behind Y/N’s back hasn’t stopped. Y/N sleeping in Harry’s bed hasn’t stopped. And Y/N’s constant self reminder that Harry might just be in love with someone else has not stopped.

If she’s being quite honest, she’s not liking the way the boys snicker and whisper to Harry when she walks off. And she really doesn’t like how whatever and whoever they’re whispering about is making Harry blush and smile sheepishly like crazy. Wishes she knew what they’re always being so secretive about. But giving it a second thought, maybe she doesn’t wanna know. It’s all the same to her now though.

The movie on the telly doesn’t seem to distract her anymore, not from her thoughts which are taking over her mind the more time she spends in Harry’s home. And to add to that, the second she steps back into the room with a bowl of popcorn the boys go silent. It makes her feel awful…left out, but she’s sure they don’t mean to do it. She should be thankful right? At least they’re nice enough not to talk about Harry’s girl in front of her, or maybe that’s just something she wants to believe.

“Oh popcorn.” Niall’s first to reach out and grab a handful before she’s even had the chance to get to her seat next to Harry.

“Thanks, love.” Harry whispers, kissing her cheek the second she sits down.

She notices out of the corner of her eye how Louis smirks and nods his head when Harry wraps his arm around her shoulder. What’s so funny??

The moment Harry presses another kiss to the top of her head is the moment she realizes she’s had enough. It’s the moment she realizes she can’t keep pretending and letting herself fall even more. Not after what Liam said.

“I have to go. It’s getting pretty late.” This catches everyone off guard, especially Harry.

When she stands up to leave, his fingers around her wrist are quick to make her stop and have her look down at him, still sat on the sofa. “Wha’ do ye’ mean? Ye’ always spend the night, poppet.”

His brows are furrowed now, grip tight on her wrist, fearing that if he loosens it she might just slip away.

Of course they can’t ignore the other people in the room though, so when Y/N’s eyes avert to the boys, Harry is quick to stand up and lead them away.

“Everythin’ a'right?” His eyes scan hers for answers, his hand now cupping her neck, thumb rubbing soothingly at her jaw.

The cool of his rings on her skin keep her at ease. But the uncertainty in her eyes has Harry feeling all types of useless.

“Tell me wha’s wrong, little one. Wha’ can I do to make ye’ feel better?”

And those words would have made no sense if it wasn’t for the sudden feeling of Harry wiping away a stray tear she didn’t notice she’d shed.

She can’t. She can’t break down. Not in front of him. What can she say for him to let her go??

“Nothing’s wrong, Harry.”

But she’s sure he doesn’t believe her, not one bit. He knows her too well.

And she can tell he’s about to say something else, and she knows if she lets him, she’s sure to fall back into whatever they have.

“I’ve really got to go. I’ve got a date in an hour and I have to go get ready.”

As much bullshit of an excuse as that is, Harry’s grip on her wrist loosens, and the hand on her neck falls.

And she takes the opportunity to slip out the door.

Whipped…friends?? Or.. (Part Two)

I Will Protect You -Liam Dunbar Imagine

Originally posted by teenwolf-toinfinity

Request: Can you write an imagine were Liam and you are best friends but he secretly likes you. And you know about Liam being a werewolf. Him and the pack find out your next to be taken from the dread doctors to become a chimaera. They do there best to protect you but it’s not enough. You get taken and turned. And Liam and the pack help you with this new ability. And help you not lash out on people. And you become part of Scott’s pack even though you kinda were

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x female reader

Word Count: 1,636

Warnings: Talking about death, fighting, kidnapping

A/N: Thanks for requesting :) Feedback is always appreciated.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” she smiled brightly, kissing his cheek before turning around with her backpack slung over her shoulder. Liam smiled as she hurried down the hallway and out of the school, feeling happy that she didn’t see him blush. Y/N and him had been bestfriends for as long as he could remember, and he had had a crush on her for just as long. He had never done anything about it though, he was too scared of somehow ruining the thing they shared. She was his sun, the light that always led him through the darkness. Y/N was the kind of person that everyone adored, and why wouldn’t they? It was impossible not to like her. She was the definition of sweet, always there for her friends and the one that gave advice when needed. 

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This is a little follow-up to this drabble +   This time in Zayn’s POV.


“We’re hopeless.”

As soon as Zayn says those words, he expects Liam to give him that soft smile the one that was just for him, and then he expects him to turn around and walk away. 

And maybe that would be for the best.

You see Liam’s addictive without being life threatening, except to Zayn’s soul, and he’s as much second nature to Zayn as breathing is, as opening up the cafe each morning, as lifting a cigarette from his pocket and then shaking his head at it because he’d promised himself he’d give up.

Liam looks how he’s always looked, a little bit thinner and the smudge of grey under his eyes speaks of how Liam’s probably struggled for sleep just like Zayn.

It’s hardly surprising when you share a bed with one other person for almost as long as you’ve been an adult.

Then it’s gone.  He’s gone and sometimes all you dream about is him missing from your life, and somewhere in that dream, there’s the touch of a hand on your skin, and then there’s the softness of Liam’s lips, and him above Zayn, smile brilliant as it always was for so long, and dream Zayn would lift his fingertips up to brush against the birthmark.

And just like he’d popped a balloon with a pin, the dream would end and he’d wake up and the nightmare would begin once more.

So Zayn expects it to be the same because this isn’t a dream, it’s here and it’s now and he lifts his head which he hadn’t realised he’d allowed to drop and he expects there to be no one there.

Half expects a hand to fall on his shoulder and Niall to spend the next year nd 3 days pulling him back from the edge again.

Except Liam’s there, and he’s closer than he was before, his head’s tilted to one side and there’s a look of concern on his face, his forehead creased with concern.

Then it’s gone and he starts to speak.

“But what if we’re not?”  

As soon as Liam says the words, he takes a step back, chews at his lips in the way he always did when he suggested something a little bit out of the blue, but Zayn’s more concerned with what he means, till he realises what his own words were and he knows the answer already.

Has known it from the morning after he walked away.  Has known it from each time he’d walk past New Scotland Yard then round the corner to the cafe Liam always got his poached egg on toast in every other morning. 

Except Liam had stopped going.  

So he’d given up looking, he stopped looking at the laptop and the 50 or so draft emails that stayed unsent and instead he’d done what they’d dreamt of, applied for planning permission for a rooftop terrace at the cafe. Liam’s idea.

He can’t even remember why he walked out that day, and yet he can think of a thousand reasons why he shouldn’t have. 

“Good question,” he says in response, and then he takes a step closer to Liam. 

There’s a flicker of a genuine smile on Liam’s face before it’s replaced with uncertainty, it reminds Zayn of seventeen-year-old Liam walking into college that first day, finding a space next to Zayn that was never empty again even when they were apart till 368 days ago. 

“Do you ever wonder if the reason we split up was just to show how we’d be without each other, to show that nothing else can better this?” Liam pauses and then he takes a step forward and Zayn looks down towards the ground as their feet are inches centimetres from touching and he does that thing he always did, he parts his own feet and Liam’s naturally adjust so they fill the space in between and Zayn can’t help it, he smiles. 

“I mean that sounds so stupid even to my own ears, but oh I dunno.”

As Zayn looks up, Liam’s running his fingers through his hair as he shakes his head and mutters to himself and it’s how he was an hour before he’d put in for the transfer to New Scotland Yard where he’d been full of doubt, and all it had taken was Zayn’s fingertips stopping Liam’s from worrying at his hair and a “You’ve got this,” and by 5pm that day they’d been in the pub celebrating Detective Constable Liam Payne. 

Except it’s their future, and it’s an admission of a mistake, and a realisation that they’ve wasted a year.

But what’s worse than wasting a year?  Wasting a single second more thinks Zayn. 

So he reaches out his hand, ignores the tremble as his fingers fall on top of Liam’s hand and gently pulls at it and that’s all that’s needed because then Liam’s fingers lock with Zayn’s till it’s like they were just on any other day in London, holding hands.

Now or never Zayn thinks.  

“I think us not talking is what’s more stupid, ignoring that what’s written on your face is what I know’s on mine, it’s if I failed to admit that whatever broke us isn’t enough to make me want to ever let you out of my sight again.”

Liam’s fingers squeeze Zayn’s and he replies with a quiet, “But what’s to stop it happening again?”

Zayn shrugs, looks into Liam’s eyes, lets his eyes travel lower to the birthmark and he lifts his other hand up and his forefinger ghosts over the birthmark before he shuts his eyes as he touches it and prays that it won’t be like all those dreams. 

He opens his eyes and Liam’s still there and he’s sure then.

“It won’t though, happen again I mean.”

Liam nods, and it’s quiet between them for a minute or two, and there’s this hope inside Zayn and he’d forgotten what it felt like and he doesn’t want to give it up but he’s not sure.

When Liam’s fingers leave his, and he looks down and the feet leave that space in between his, it’s like a kick to the stomach but he’s not ready to give up and he feels the tears sting his eyes and he’s about to let the words, though he’s not sure what words, spill from his mouth but then.

“Oi, are you coming or not?”

Zayn flicks his head upwards but Liam’s not two or three steps away from him, waving goodbye, no instead he’s two or three steps away from him, pointing in the direction of the cafe.

“Are you going to make me some poached egg on toast or not? And then are you going to take me upstairs to the new roof terrace I know got signed off for planning permission several months back but you’ve still not opened?”

Zayn fires back with, “Well, someone needs to fatten you up, you’ve been ailing without me.”

Liam grins, “Nah, done that thing that you always suggested I should do.”

“Fucks sake Liam, not in public.” Zayn pulls a face and Liam starts to laugh.

“No, not that thing you dirty bastard, needs two for that anyway, no the other thing, the New York marathon, and well play your cards right, I may enlist you for my cheer squad.”

Then he’s grinning as he turns away before he looks back one more time before he crosses the road and calls, “Well, are you coming or not?”

Is it really this easy?  To forget 368 days of life without each other?  Zayn doubts it, knows that what broke them, could threaten again. 

But, he knows that the alternative, to not try at all, that’s the equivalent of not living at all so as he hears his name called, and he nods, lifts his hand up to acknowledge Liam, and he breaks into a run and he can see Niall shaking Liam’s hand then drawing him into a hug and giving Zayn a thumbs up as he does. 

He owes it to himself, to both him and Liam, to try. 

She’s Taken (Stiles x Reader)

Character: Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Title: She’s Taken


Requested by anon:

Stiles one shot please? Where she and him are secretly dating because she’s Derek’s sister and he’s terrified of Derek’s reaction will be so they wait but Scott and Liam have each have a massive crush on her and stiles blurts it out when Liam and Scott are clearly flirting with her and then one lf them is about to ask her out (maybe Liam?) and Derek enters as stiles blurts it out in his rant about the2of them&him dating her?&Derek’s like what!😡&stiles gets terrified&scott&liamfeelsuperGuilty?

“Oh, watch out” I whispered to Stiles as he reached out to give me a kiss on the lips.

We were supposed to be just friends, but we had going out together in secret for a while. And both Liam and Scott were walking down the corridor in our direction.

“Hi” Scott greeted us as he positioned himself by our side. He sent a clumsy smile in my direction and I sweetly grinned at him.

“Hey” Stiles replied, scratching the back of his neck as he tried to pretend that their arrival hadn’t kept him from kissing his secret girlfriend.

I ignored Liam’s stare as I glanced at Stiles instead. I had asked him so many times to make our relationship public but he was terrified of Derek’s reaction. After all, he had chosen to like the younger sister of a very grumpy and easily annoyed werewolf. So I complied and decided to wait for a better moment to tell him and everyone.

Still, as I looked at him I sensed the anxiety building up on him. Keeping the secret was making him crazy, and the fact that his best friend and the new member of the gang had an obvious crush on me wasn’t helping him at all.

Scott had told him about the crush and Stiles felt bad for lying to his best friend and hiding something from him for the first time.

“Did you… did you hear me, Y/N?” Scott got me out of my daze.

I looked away from my boyfriend and towards the alpha wolf.


“I said you look really pretty today” Scott’s cheeks turned a soft tone of pink and I watched in amusement how shy he was around me.

“Thanks” I mumbled, trying to evade their eyes glued to me. Especially Stiles’. Instead, I looked down to the notes folder I clutched against my chest.

“Yeah” Stiles pipped up. “Because she’s a pretty girl, right?”

I chuckled and slowly glared up to him. He was jealous.

“She is” Liam agreed flirtatiously.

“Um…” I rushed to think of an excuse to leave that super awkward situation. The better I could think of was just say I had to go and indeed leave.

“Got to go” The three of them pouted at my words, but my eyes were as always fixed on the Stilinski kid.

I repressed the urge of giving him a goodbye peck on the lips and walked away.

We needed to tell everyone we were a couple. And fast.


Back home, I lazily lied on the couch as I tried to study my class notes. Stiles had lent me his and I squinted as I tried to decipher his messy handwriting.

“Y/N!” My brother called from upstairs.

“Yeah, Derek?” I yelled back.

He came down the stairs calmly, a serene expression on his face.

“I have to go see Peter” His voice sounded tired as he rolled his eyes, putting his leather jacket on.

“Great, our favourite uncle” I sarcastly said, making him smile in spite of himself.

“Yeah” Just as Derek was speaking, Stiles came in. “But I’ll be back soon”

“You’re leaving?” Stiles plopped down next to me, sitting in the couch’s armrest as I occupied the whole thing.

Even though Derek had agreed to let us gather in our home in order to study a little –that was my excuse for hanging out with Stiles but Liam and Scott overheard and invited themselves –he wasn’t too happy with the idea of leaving me alone with him until the rest arrived. Basically because before we started secretly dating Stiles had been flirting with me at all times until I eventually gave in to his dorky charm.

“I’ll be back soon” Derek repeated, a menacing tone filling his voice that time.

“Got it” Stiles nodded and stared at the ground to avoid meeting my brother’s hard stare.

As soon as Derek left the apartment, Stiles pushed my legs away and sat in the couch, putting my legs up again over his lap.

“See why I don’t want to tell him?” He asked me, pulling at my legs to bring me closer to him.

“He’s not going to kill you, Stiles, you know?” I couldn’t help but laugh at his apprehension. He was being over dramatic.

“That’s what you think” Stiles frowned and drummed his fingers against my knees.

I held his chin and turned his face so he looked at me instead of a blank spot on the floor.

“I won’t let him, silly” I smiled as I placed a kiss on his lips, feeling how he relaxed a little.

He sighed and dropped his shoulders down since they had been tense and stiff the whole time.

Stiles wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again.

Just then, the metal door began to slide open. Scott and Liam were there.

Stiles sighed again, instead of with relief with annoyance.

He put my legs down and I pouted as he scooted further in the couch.

“We’re here” Scott happily announced, closing the door once the two were inside.

“Yay” Stiles tiredly said, and I elbowed him softly so he’d behave.

I knew he was getting really fed up with the whole situation, though.

“Hi, Y/N” Liam plopped down next to me, just between my boyfriend and I.

“Liam” I nodded at him, observing Stiles with the corner of my eye.

He was pursing his lips together very tightly and bouncing his leg up and down nervously. He was getting really pissed off.

“Stiles” Scott called him, motioning for him to get closer. “I need to talk to you”

Knowing that Scott didn’t mean any harm and that his friend needed him, he quietly stood up and went to meet with him.

“Are we doing anything special? What did you and Stiles have planned?” Liam asked me casually, but I could sense his flirtatious demeanor.

Liam was a little shy at times, but mostly he would flirt with me even if it was in a subtle and sly way.

“We… we didn’t plan anything, really” I probably blushed as I imagined what I wanted to do in private with Stiles.

“Then we can do whatever we feel like, huh?”

“I guess” I shrugged, trying to make him see how awkward he was making me feel. But he didn’t seem to notice.

“Listen, do you think we could… you and me… maybe…?” Liam reached his hand out and held mine as he struggled to finish his sentence. Was he going to ask me out?

My first instinct was to glare at Stiles, who wasn’t really paying attention at his friend and was observing us instead, his hands on his hips.

And my second instinct was to snatch my hand away from Liam’s and push him away from me, which I did.

“What are you doing?” I angrily told him, yet in my usual voice volume.

“I’m…” Liam opened his eyes wide, violently blushing because of my rejection.

“Get away from her” Stiles walked closer to us, pointing a finger at Liam.

“What’s going on?” The younger boy exclaimed. “Why are you…?”

“She’s taken, okay?!” Stiles finally snapped.

“By who?” Scott frowned and looked confused, but in his sweet brown eyes I noticed he felt heartbroken by the news. Poor Scott.

“By me, Scott!” Stiles licked his lips and I knew a rant was coming. “By me”

“Stiles…” I stood up and placed my hands on his shoulders, trying to shove some sense on him.

“No, Y/N, I’m done with this” Stiles softly pushed me away and sternly looked from his best friend to the younger kid.

I sighed and rubbed a hand against my face in resignation.

“We’re dating, you hear me? Are the two of you listening to me?” Stiles briefly turned to look at Scott, who stood there at his back. Then he kept rambling as his friend walked closer to Liam again. “You better stop flirting with her because she is my girlfriend! She’s my girl, mine! Not yours! We’re dating because I love her, understood? So enough of that, because she’s taken! We. Are. Dating!”

Stiles’ chest heaved up and down as he finally began to calm down and his reddened face from the anger regained its usual color.

His caramel eyes fell on me and he quickly held me against him, protectively keeping me away from those two boys who threatened to take his girl.

“What?!” An angry and deep voice shouted from the door. Oh-oh…

“Derek?” Stiles turned around, pale as a ghost.

My boyfriend’s arms fell limply to his sides as he carefully stepped backwards to keep a distance with me.

My brother stood there, arms firmly crossed over his chest and a really intimidating mad expression on.

I noticed Liam and Scott exchanging guilty glares as they knew it all had been their fault. But they didn’t know, and they couldn’t have known…

Derek walked angrily and with determination, Stiles being his target.

Scared, my boyfriend tugged at my arm as he hid behind me. His grip on me felt tight but shaky.

“Derek” I stopped him in his tracks, but his expression didn’t falter. “Let me explain it to you, please”

Stiles’ quick and heavy breaths hit me in my nape as he peeked over my shoulder.

“Please…” I said, using my puppy eyes to convince him.

The both of us examined Derek’s expression. He just nodded slightly, letting me know that he’d give us a chance to talk to him. Or at least me.

Stiles reluctantly let go of my arm and worriedly stood back with Liam and Scott as I climbed up the stairs to have a private conversation with my older brother.

I was sure that Derek could be understanding enough. All I had to do was talk to him and let him know that what Stiles felt for me was as true as what I felt for him. He would still hate the idea of us dating, but at least he would drop it for a while if he knew it made me happy.

And I was right.

I Want Her To Be Mine - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar) Part 2

Part 1

juliechavira said:  Please make a part two for “ I want her to be mine” it’s really good 😄

Anonymous said: def want a part 2 to I Want Her To Be Mine; not too sure on what can happen plotwise; maybe something with stiles being protective of her cause theyre family and he doesnt fully trust liam yet or something. and i was wondering if shes stiles age and older than liam maybe that can come into play.

Anonymous said: PLEASE DO A SECOND PART. Possible plot: they see each other in the hallways a lot. Then one day they are in the hallways alone together and he pushes her against the lockers and puts his face sniffing her neck, cause her scent is driving him crazy…. Or something like that.

Anonymous said: PLEASE MAKE A PART 2 I NEED IT

purplepandaqueen-13 said: Part two for the I want her to be mine Liam imagine please

I don’t think I have ever had this many requests for a part 2 on a story ever, so I hope this sequel satisfies everyones imagination^^ 

Grace had been helping the pack out a lot recently. Digging up information they never could have figured out themselves, even helping Lydia out on the mystery of Parrish’s true form, but in that case still no answer. Since in most cases things happened when the pack was on school, or just after, she came with them there. Always riding her motorbike to school, right behind Stiles’ Jeep. 

Now since she was a year older than Stiles, making her 4 years older than Liam, she had already graduated high school, and from time to time ended a helping hand to those in the pack that was slacking behind on the school work. When the rest of the pack was in class, Grace seemed to curl up with some book around school, often just standing in the hallway, leaning against a locker. 

Which was what she was planning on doing today. The day when Liam was a tad late for class. Liam was already having a hard time being around her, as just the faint smell of her scent made him go crazy, and just by a mere touch Liam’s eyes would glow for a second or two before going back to normal. It wasn’t just Scott anymore that had noticed Liam’s behavior, and Stiles had on more than one occation warned Liam to keep his claws away from his cousin. 

 Grace currently stood by Liam’s locker, trying to find something in her shoulder bag, probably her precious book, when Liam came around the corner, quickly coming to a halt. Liam had to take a deep breath before continuing towards his locker. 

 «Hi, Grace.» He greeted with a smile when he came close enough, close enough to smell her scent. 

 «Oh! Hi, Liam.» She greeted back as she looked up from her bag, looking around the hallway. 

«Aren’t you a bit late?» She looked at him skeptically, one eyebrow raised. Despite Stiles not trusting him yet, it sure looked like Grace did. 

«Oh, uhm, yeah.» Liam nodded his head as he stopped by his locker, right by where she was standing, looking at him with those beautiful clear eyes of hers. Her scent was so strong this close, all he wanted was to pull her close to him, hold her tight against himself, so he could keep her safe. 

 «What class have you got now?» 

 «Math.» Liam smiled shyly at her, quickly averting his gaze from hers, knowing he wouldn’t manage to keep his hands to himself if he didn’t. 

 «Your heart is beating really fast.» She commented from beside him, closer than she had been before. He only needed to reach out his hand a little and he could have touched her soft skin. 

 «How can you hear that?» He turned to look at her in confusion. Wrong move. He drew in a shaky breath as he tried to calm himself down. This time he wasn’t able to look away from her, it was like she had captured him when she gazed up at him like that. 

 «Liam? Are you okay?» Grace asked as Liam seemed to breath harder with each passing second. In concern for his well being, she reached out a hand, and placed it on his upper arm, which ripped away the last straw of focus Liam had left in him. 

 «I’m sorry.» He whispered before he embraced her in a hug. Making her back up against the lockers. Liam buried his face in her neck, breathing in her scent, this time having the opposite effect on him. It calmed him like nothing ever had before, it was like a wave had just washed over him. 

 Despite the shock, Grace quickly returned the hug, drawing calming circles on Liam’s back, sighing contently as he pulled her tighter against himself.


The bell rang for the end of the day, and students piled out of the classrooms. Stiles was already discussing wildly something with Scott when he stopped right in his tracks. 

 «Dude, what-« Scott began, but as he turned to look at the same as Stiles, he stopped talking as well. But unlike Stiles, Scott smiled at the sight in front of him. Grace and Liam stood by Liam’s locker. She leaning her back against it, while Liam was leaning his right hand on it, his other hand intertwined with hers. They were talking calmly, both having these stupid smiles on their faces. 

 «He did not-« Stiles weren’t able to finish his sentence before Malia came and put a hand on his chest, stopping him from walking forward. 

«Don’t.» She said warningly, keeping him put. Stiles sighed, as he looked over at his best friend, who nodded approvingly at him.

 «I don’t think Liam will be needing a ride home in your Jeep from now on, Stiles.» Scott said, as they began to walk to their lockers. 

 Looks like the little puppy of the pack, no longer was so little and innocent.


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(Not) Just Friends - Liam Dunbar imagine

Request: Hello! Can you write a Liam imagine with the line: “Friends don’t kiss each other like that and you know it” with Liam being the one saying it please? By the way i love your writing!

[A/n]: I really liked this request. Thank you so much for requesting it! :) (Also not proof read)

Word count: 1.2k+

Link to preview here

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Please just don't hurt her (Liam Dunbar) part 2

Holy crap i got so many requests for this! I really enjoyed writing part one and i really liked writing this one too so I’m glad so many people like it :)


seldal: Can you do a part 2 for 61. “Please, just don’t hurt _____” Liam Dunbar?❤️❤️❤️

evee550: Could you do a part 2 of the 61 Liam one?

theknightsprincesss: I need a part 2 of the liam imagine : 61 please don’t hur her! I loved it thanks☺️

kelz1978: Omg you need to write a part two to Please don’t hurt..! I love it! I need to know what happens next hahaha

alysajeffries: Part 2 to the 61: Liam Dunbar imagine please!

And two anons requested too. Thanks so much guys!! It means a lot. I really hope you like it

part 1

Part 2 of 61. “Please, just don’t hurt _____” Liam Dunbar

“Please, just don’t hurt her.” Liam begged. “I’ll tell you what you want to know, just promise you won’t hurt her.”

“Deal.” The man nodded. “Now tell me everything about Scott McCall and his pack.”

There was a crash outside the door and the man spun around, guns in his hands before Liam could blink. The other two men pulled out weapons of their own, stalking over to the door. It swung open with a crack, and Braeden walked in, guns blazing. There was growling and snarling and blood and screams as Scott Malia and Kira jumped into the fray.

Liam breathed a sigh of relief. They were here. Oh thank god.

“Hey babywolf.” Stiles ran forward, a bat in his hand, and reached for the chains wrapped around Liam’s wrists.

“No.” Liam shook his head. “Check on (Y/N). Make sure she’s okay.” He tried to look at you on the floor, but he couldn’t lean to far enough forward to see you. “Is she okay? Stiles, please tell me she’s okay.”

“She’s, uh,” Stiles trailed off as Scott ran over. “Oh thank god. Saved by the werewolf.”

“Liam!” Scott yanked on the chains around his wrists and they snapped. “Are you okay?” Scott’s hands were on his face, tilting it from side to side.

Liam shook his head, wiggling out of Scott’s grasp and dropping to his knees beside you. “(Y/N)?” He shook your shoulder and you groaned.

“Liam?” You breathed. “Liam, it hurts.”

“Hey it’s okay.” He pulled you gently into his lap, flinching as you winced. “It gonna be okay I promise.”

His fingers trailed over your bruised cheek, brushing across your split lip. A tear leaked from your swollen eye, and he wiped it away with the pad of his thumb. He leaned forward, resting his forehead against yours, shutting his eyes at the sight of your bloody leg. He clenched his jaw and took one of your hands in his, taking away some of the pain.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry (Y/N). I’m so sorry.” He whispered, rocking back and forth and taking away more of the pain. God there was so much of it. How were you in this much pain?

“Scott.” He looked up at his alpha. “Something’s wrong.”

Scott knelt beside you and you flinched back, pressing against Liam and staring at Scott with wide eyes. Scott blinked, letting his face relax, the fangs and claws disappearing.

“Shh it’s okay.” Liam rubbed his hand up and down your arm. “It’s okay, Scott can help you. I won’t let anyone hurt you I promise.”

You stared at Scott with wide eyes for a second before nodding. He reached forward slowly and laid the tips of his fingers on your arm, sucking in a breath at all the pain you were feeling.

“How, how are you doing that?” You breathed, eyes rolling back in your head as the pain started to drain out of your body.

“Scott’s a werewolf.” Liam explained. “So am I.”

Your eyes widened a little and you blinked, swallowing thickly.

“I’m sorry.” Liam apologized quickly. “I didn’t want to tell you this way.”

“Is that why your eyes did that glowing thing?” You asked, lowering your head so it rested on his shoulder. “And why your face is all healed?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I was scared.”

“Liam.” Scott said gently, drawing his attention from you to his alpha. Scott gestured with his head and Liam looked down to see that your shirt had been rolled up, exposing your stomach. There were dark, almost black bruises in splotchy patches all over your abdomen.

“What does that mean?” Liam asked, knowing it wasn’t good.

“It means she’s bleeding internally.” Scott explained quietly. “She needs medical help now.”

“Okay.” Liam nodded. “(Y/N), I’m gonna stand up okay?”

“Okay.” You nodded, wrapping weak arms around his neck. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head and stood up, causing you to groan and press your head against his shoulder. “You okay?”

“Mmhmm.” You nodded against his shoulder. “You know, I’m not deaf. Internal bleeding?”

Liam shook his head. “Don’t worry. You’re going to be fine I promise.”

“Liam, don’t make promises you don’t know if you can keep.” You sighed.

“Don’t say that.” Liam shook his head again, looking at Scott. “How far is the hospital?”

“Liam.” You breathed.

“Scott.” Liam snapped. “How far?”

“I’m sorry Liam.” Scott dropped his head sadly. “We’re miles away from anything. She won’t make it.”

“No.” Liam shook his head. “No!”

Liam.” You sighed again. “It’s okay.”

“No. No it isn’t.” He kept shaking his head, tears pricking his eyes. “You’re not going to die. Not after I finally told you what I was. No, you’re supposed to help me. You’re supposed to help me be a werewolf, help me during the full moon, help me keep control during lacrosse. And I’m supposed to take care of you.”

“Hey.” You rubbed your knuckles across the back of his head. “Its gonna be okay.”

“No it isn’t.” He sobbed, dropping his head do your foreheads touched. “It’s not going to be okay. I love you (Y/N), you can’t leave me. You can’t.”

He shut his eyes, waiting for you to gasp, or make fun of him, but instead he heard nothing. Absolutely nothing. His eyes snapped open to see your head limp against his shoulder. Your heart wasn’t beating.

“No!” He shouted, dropping to his knees and laying you back on the floor. “No! No no no no! (Y/N) wake up! Come on please! Please wake up!”

He couldn’t breath. It was like a hole was punched in his chest, and he was trying to heal but couldn’t. It was the fire of an open wound and the slow burn of healing all at once.

“Liam, I’m sorry.” Scott said quietly.

“Bite her.” He breathed, pushing some hair out of your face.

“Liam,” Scott started to protest.

“No Scott!” Liam growled, tears rolling down his face. “Bite her! Please!”

“Liam, it could kill her.” Scott tried to explain.

“She’s already dead Scott!” Liam shouted. “Please, the bite can’t make her die more. Just do it.”

Scott thought it over.

“Please Scott!” Liam screamed, rocking back and forth with your body in his arms. “Please.” This time it was only a broken sob.

“Okay.” Scott nodded. “Alright. I’ll do it.”

Liam sat tapping his feet nervously, eyes focused on the small bed beside him. “Come on (Y/N).” He breathed. “It’s time to wake up. Come on, come back to me.”

The bite had taken, or so Deaton had said. Or at least, it had taken enough to heal you. All your wounds were gone, healed, but Deaton said it was your mind he was worried about.

He had heard stories, about people who had been dead when they’d been bitten, and though their bodies had healed, their minds never had. Some were little more then coma patients while others became like Peter Hale, turning during the full moon with absolutely no human side to reign them in.

He was terrified that he had turned you into a monster, but he couldn’t live without you.

“Come on (Y/N), wake up.”

Almost as if on command you moaned, your left hand twitching.

“(Y/N)!” Liam jumped to his feet, running over to the table and grabbing your hand. “Oh my god you’re awake!”

“Not…” You swallowed, scrunching your nose. "Not yet.“

“What?” Liam frowned. “Come on (Y/N), open your eyes.”

“Too early. Let me sleep.” You rolled onto your side, and then your eyes snapped open with a gasp and you sat straight up. “Liam!”

“Hey, hey I’m right here.” Liam stepped forward and put his hands on your shoulders, trying to guide you back down onto the table. “Lay back down. You need to rest.”

You shook your head, pushing his hands away and leaning forward, dropping your head onto his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around your waist and he held you close, listening to make sure your heart was still beating.

“I had a nightmare.” You whispered, shaking against him. “There were these men, and they were hurting you, and then they were hurting me, and–” you froze, pulling away.

You looked down, at your jeans, which were still covered in blood, and Liam’s shirt, which was torn and bloody too, and you laughed, but it was more of a sob. “It was all real wasn’t it?”

Liam sighed, dropping his head and staring at his hands. “Yeah.”

He felt you looking at him. “So you’re really a…”

“Yes.” He kept his head down, still looking at his hands.

“And Scott bit–”

He nodded, not able to answer. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t lose you.”

“Hey,” warm fingers pressed against his chin and he lifted his head to see you studying him. He expected fear or horror, but there wasn’t any, just the same look you always gave him, like he was a puzzle you loved trying to figure out.

“Did you mean what you said?” You asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” He asked, too scared to think that you could possible remember what he thought you were talking about.

You leaned forward and asked gently, “Do you love me?”

His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened. “I, um, I–”

He made a strangled noise as you leaned forward and pressed your lips against his, cutting off his rambling. Your hand slipped along his cheek and behind his head, grabbing the short hair at the base of his neck.

He pulled back, staring at you with wide eyes. “What was that?”

“Liam,” you smiled weakly, “I’ve liked you for over a year.”

His eyes went wide. “You, wait, you,” he frowned, “what?”

You gave a tired laugh and leaned forward, resting your head on his shoulder. “It was never the right time to say anything. With your IED, you getting expelled, then you ditching me for Scott and Stiles, you had more important things going on. So I kept it to myself. You know,” another amused sigh, “I thought that was what you were going to tell me at the picnic. But instead you wanted to tell me that you’re a werewolf.”

“About that,” Liam pulled back, looking you over. “We need to talk about it.”

You nodded, closing your eyes. “I’m one too now, aren’t I?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry, I just, I couldn’t–”

“It’s okay.” You reached over and took his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“I’ll teach you.” He promised, eyes searching your face. “You won’t be alone. Me and Scott, and everybody else, we’ll all help you. I’ll make sure you stay in control. Hey, maybe I’ll even be your anchor.” He laughed.

“Anchor?” You asked, looking confused.

“Yeah, an anchor is someone who keeps you grounded. They’re usually someone really close to the person, like a girlfriend or boyfriend, or a sibling. They keep you human.”

“Oh. And what makes you think you’ll be my anchor?” You asked with a teasing smile.

“Well,” Liam shrugged, taking a deep breath and deciding to take the plunge. He had already told you he loved you, he might as well go all the way. “You’re my anchor. It seems only fair that I get to be yours.”

I really hope you guys liked it :)

Isaac: Dance With Somebody

I totally did an Isaac like two days ago but he’s just so adorable that I did another. And I would do a Stiles one but I’m not sure how to go about it. (Same with Scott.)

You’d forgotten how long you’d been here. You’d forgotten how many drinks you’d had. You’d lost sight of Stiles and Malia, your chaperones, at least half an hour ago.

It’s not like it was your fault, both of them just wanted to let loose. But because you were one measly younger than them and they were your only friends so far, they had to keep an eye on you. But Malia wanted to dance, Stiles wanted to let loose and so you snuck away once they were both immersed in the beat.

You loved dancing too, but you were both too sober and couldn’t dance with Stiles. His terrible dancing, similar to your own, was too sore a reminder that you were a huge dork.

So here you stood, leant against the wall in the den, eyes on the group grooving before you. Stiles and Malia, you hoped, were still in the living room, while Scott and Kira were out in the yard by the fire, Mason was across the room with Brett and Lydia had just entered the room to do the usual hostess rounds she was so good at.

“Why are you here alone and against the wall?” She said, appearing beside you with a sympathetic look. She knew you didn’t want to be watched over like some infant, that you wanted to let loose like they were.

“The songs not right.” You murmured, eyes still watching the darkened figures. You heard her sigh heavily, taking your hand and tugging you, where you weren’t sure.

Downing your drink quickly, you put the cup on a table you passed by as she presented you before someone.

You let your eyes slide up them slowly, up and up, until they rested on deep blue eyes.

“Isaac.” You greeted and he grinned gently.

“Isaac, Y/N wants to dance, you’re going to dance with her.” Lydia demanded and you flinched, giving her a hurt and withering look.

You started to take a step back but Isaacs grin had grown and he was already taking your hand, pulling you away from Lydia and into the crowd as the song changed.

With a quick tug and your quick intake of breath, he had his hands on your hips and his face close to yours.

You opened your mouth to apologise for Lydia, shame licking up your neck in a hot blood rush but he just grinned, pulling you closer and sliding you into smoothly into the beat. Without you noticing, your hands were twining themselves around his neck and you were moving with him, eyes locked on his gleefully and your face stretching wide as the alcoholic warmth that filled you loosened your limbs.

Gently, your fingers teased his hair and he closed sighed. Contentedly, you realised, with a burst of quiet happiness.

You felt his fingers tighten on your hips as the song slowed slightly, becoming sexier and deeper. Sliding closer, the pair of you brushed all over, swaying smoothly.

It wasn’t long before the next song took over and you slipped from Isaacs arms, leaping into the beat, your body flailing dorkily.

You heard Isaac laugh loudly, his face light and easy as you grabbed his hand, pulling him into the embarrassing dance too.

He came willingly, doing a quick spin before executing an MJ crotch grab.

You cackled at him, his face filled with the laughter that reflected in your own. Swinging your arms out, you pulled him in quickly, grabbing your own hips and wiggling them in a small salsa move, your knee rising as you bit your lip, still grinning, making your face scrunch.

Isaac laughed harder, tugging you to him and dipping you till your hair swished the floor, before pulling you up and spinning, still holding you in his arms.

“Smooth moves, Sailor.” You chuckled, one hand on his neck, the other on his shoulder.

The song came to a crescendo then fell into its end and the pair of you, sweating, panting and smiling, made for the edge, Isaac still holding on to you.

“Smooth moves, you two, it was quite a show. Aren’t you supposed to be with Stiles and Malia though?” Mason jeered not unkindly, Liam by his side equally amused, you grinned at him, putting a finger to your lips, before Lydia took both your hands.

“Let’s get you something to drink,” She giggled, tugging you free of Isaac and out of the room.

You glanced back, catching on his childishly happy face before you exited the room with a laugh.

“You guys were hilarious!” Lydia laughed, handing you a cool drink in a nice shade of deep green. “Be careful with this one, it doesn’t taste strong but it is.”

You nodded with understanding and took a sip.

“It was so fun.” You giggled, “Thank you for forcing me into it.”

Lydia preened jokingly but you could tell she was genuinely glad you had a good time, if only for a few minutes.

“There you are, brat!” Stiles stormed from your left and you deflated slightly as Lydias face filled with innocence.

“I found her for you guys, finally. You’re welcome.” She said before darting off, ignoring Malias lingering look. You wouldn’t bet against the fact that she heard you thanking Lydia for the fun but you knew she wouldn’t rat either of you out.

“You are so done, you’d better hope no one else but Lydia knows we lost you. Come on.” Stiles growled, his face flushed, jerking his head to the front door. “It’s late, we should head out anyway.”

You followed behind them meekly, not hearing their chatter when something brushed your hand. With a quiet look you spotted Isaac, his face lit up and his eyes laughing. You bared your teeth at him before letting it dissolve into a grin.

Over the rest of the weekend you had recalled dancing with Isaac with giggles and small two steps.

But come Monday, you were back to the monotony of school. Lydia leant beside your locker, quizzing you on the party since she’d been too busy cleaning up to text you all weekend.

“And you really enjoyed yourself?” She asked, her face smug that she already knew the answer and was just fishing for compliments.

“Of course I did, it was a Lydia Martin party.” You reply, exasperation and amusement warring in your tone.

“And Isaac?” She replies lightening quick with a saucy wiggle of her eyebrows.

You sigh dopily, leaning against your now shut locker. “That was probably number three best moment of my life, behind the time I got a pony for my tenth birthday and…” You trail off, your thoughts derailing distractedly as you remember him pulling you closer as you danced. “And now I’m in a terrible situation. I would just make out with him so hard, and he’s this and I’m not that and it’s weird and the feel.” You groan, talking a mile a minute as Lydia nods sagely.

“That can happen, Y/N.” She says with a smile, “You know what it is.”

“It’s that my platonic friend has done something and suddenly the city I’ve built on rock and roll in my mind has gone through an earthquake? And now it has a statue in the square of that dumb platonic friend titled ‘CRUSH’ and you have to deal with the aftermath, find survivors, check the rubble and stop looting? Yeah I know that thing.” You reply sadly, as the bell rings. “Lates, Lyds.”

Turning around you come face to face with Isaac, your face draining of colour.

“Isaac, my Swayze friend, how are you?” You ask, slowly moving around him, trying to behave as normally as possible.

“I’m not sure, Y/N, this morning has been interesting.” He replies innocently, his eyes catching yours with a mischievous spark.

“Well that’s certainly something, but it’s something that won’t stop me from going to class right now away from you. Bye.” You babble, backing up before turning and hurrying away completely.

Once you round the corner you gasp out a breath, pausing for only a second before entering your classroom.

“Lydia’s was definitely something saucy,” Mason begins, flanking your left as you walk across the courtyard. With a glance you see Liam on your right, silent, but not hesitating to wiggle his eyebrows at you, making you snort.

“Yeah it was, it was you I saw getting personal with Brett, right?” You reply, turning back to the original voice.

Mason shrugs it off, shameless, and you grin at him jealously. If only you were a duck and everything was water.

“I’m talking about how you and- Isaac.” Mason says, catching on the figure that is headed toward you. In the two seconds it takes him to reach you, you search for an exit, noticing the trap that Mason and Liam have unwittingly caught you in.

Then his hands are on your cheeks and his lips are pressing against yours, stifling your gasp and pulling you in, your own hands resting against his chest, books dropping to the grass.

When he pulls away, keeping his face an inch away, his eyes are as bright and gleeful as they were at the party.

“Let’s do something after school today?” He whispers, both telling you and asking for permission and you nod, blushing and grinning.

“Thank god.” He whispers before kissing you greedily one more time. You sink into it before pulling away, hands tightening on his shirt so he knows you’re not pushing him away, that you want him.

“I am so hungry; we can’t keep standing here.” You whisper, eyes darting to the cafeteria behind him and his cheeks apple as nods and smiles, picking up your books and tugging you by your hand after him, Mason and Liam still open mouthed behind you.

Also, go me! I wrote this real quick and didn’t re-read it, i hope its not too bad.

He's Persistent (Punk Series)

Once again you were at the same restaurant getting more food, and what a coincidence, once again he was here. He seemed to notice you almost as soon as you walked through the door. He gets up, making his way over to you.
“Nice seeing you here again,” He says as he gets closer.
“Do you live in this restaurant or something?” You ask, shocked that each time you had shown up, he’d been there too.
“I could say the same for you,” He replies. You shrug, “So,” He starts, “Do you wanna go on a date?”
“Didn’t you ask me that last time I was here?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.
“Yes, but I figured maybe you had a change in mind.”
You shake your head as a smirk appears on your face, “You’re not going to leave me alone until I say yes are you?” He bites his bottom lip and lightly shakes his head. “Okay,” You agree. You hand him your phone, “Put your number in it,” You say. He does the same to you. He takes a minute to type in his contact, a huge smile on his face as he hands you your phone back while you do the same. You look at his contact in your phone noticing he put his name as ‘Your Niall ;)’

“Y/N come on!” Your mom shouts. You and her were supposed to be attending dinner at your mom’s boss’ house. You knew his son would be there too which is exactly why you didn’t want to go. You rush down stairs, not wearing anything fancy, just a pair of pink skinny jeans with a white, flowy top.
Once you get to his house you all eat dinner, which is surprisingly good. Better than you’d expected it to be, knowing that Liam had made it.
“I’ll wash the dishes,” Liam says once we’re all finished.
“Y/N why don’t you help him?” You mom says, and you know she’s not really asking a question, she’s demanding it. You sigh before walking over to where Liam is, already scrubbing the left over sauce from the previous meal.
“You don’t talk much,” He says after a good five seconds of silence.
“I only talk to people I like,” You comment rudely.
He sighs, “Do you really not like me because of how I look?” He asks, his tone has a hint of sadness in it.
Now that you were actually hearing it, it did sound rather mean. You had been told not to judge by looks, but by personality. “I’m sorry,” You huff, “I didn’t mean for it to come out like that.”
“It’s okay. Maybe we can start over,” He dries his hand and then reaches out for yours, “I’m Liam and you are….”
“Y/N,” You say, a small smile on your face.
“Well Y/N would you like to accompany me on a date this Friday night?” He asks with hopeful eyes.
You nod, smiling, “A date it is.”

“Need help?” A familiar voice asks. You turn around seeing Harry there again.
“Yes please,” You say blushing. You were in the library and the book you wanted to get was on the top shelf. You, being the short person you are, couldn’t reach it, not even on your tip toes. Harry easily grabs the book handing it to you.
“Thank you,” You begin to walk away, but Harry stops you, grabbing your wrist before you can get any further.
“I don’t think that’s a proper way to thank me,” He says, resting his hand on your waist, the other brushing a strand of hair from your face.
“W-what?” You stutter out, confused about what he means, “How?”
“Go on a date with me?” He asks.
“O-okay,” You say slowly, still unsure of yourself.
“Good. Meet me here tonight at eight,” He says. He kisses your cheek, his hand removing itself from your waist. He walks away with a large smile on his face.

You were going to the movies today, but this time at a different theater, so there was no way you were going to run into that guy again. You enjoyed the movie very much as it was nice and quiet in, but on your way out a guy thinks it’s a smart idea to pinch your bum.
“Watch it jerk!” You shout, turning around to face the guilty suspect.
The boy fake pouts, “Aw, babe, don’t be like that,” His lays his hands on your waist, pulling you closer. You try to stop him, but he’s much stronger than you.
“Get off creep!” You say. You push against his chest.
“Make me,” He says, chuckling darkly.
“I believe the lady said let go,” A somewhat familiar voice says.
“I’m sorry, mate, I didn’t know she was yours,” Luckily the guy releases you, walking off.
“Yeah she’s mine,” The not-so-much stranger says. He wraps his arm around your shoulder, “So, when is our first date?” He asks, smiling down at you.
“I guess you could take me out,” You say, breathing heavily.

You walk around the park, camera in your hand. You were really into photography, having a burning passion for it, so why not take nature shots in the park? You were about to take a picture of a butterfly, when some boy scared it away.
“Great,” You mutter to yourself.
He looks at you before smiling. It’s that same guy from the club. The same guy from the art museum. The same guy who you believe is stalking you.
“Coincidence seeing you here huh?” He asks walking toward you.
You roll your eyes, “Will you please stop following me around?” You ask annoyed. Just before he speaks the exact same butterfly you’d seen before landed on his hair. “Wait! Don’t move!” You tell the boy, quickly snapping the picture before the butterfly can fly away.
You look at the picture, laughing when you notice the boy is making a funny face. He looks over your shoulder at the picture smiling at his silly expression.
“So does this mean you’ll go on a date with me?” He asks.
“What does any of this have to do with a date?” You ask him, curiously.
“It doesn’t. I just figured sense I helped you with whatever just happened, we could go on a date,” He speaks.
“Your logic makes no sense, but I guess sensed you helped me….” You trail off.

One Of The 5SOS Boys Likes You

Niall ; He gets tense as soon as Luke enters the room. Don’t get him wrong , Luke was one of his mates , but he hated how he acted around you. Too flirty , too goofy , always cracking a joke and then getting a little too excited when you laughed. Today was no different , because as soon as he noticed you were backstage his entire attitude changed. “(Y/N)! I had no clue you were coming to visit.” He cheered , pulling you in for an unexpected hug. Niall cringed at the sight before getting slightly frustrated. He twitched as you let out a loud giggle , Luke looking proud with his joke. Niall then marched over , his arm slithering around your waist and pulling you into his side. “Alright , I’m sure it wasn’t that funny.” He huffed , eyeing Luke as the smile on his face faded. Your laugh died down after Luke politely excused himself , the message Niall was making received very clear. “A little jealous , are we?” You chuckled , shaking your head. “I bet you his jokes aren’t as good as mine.”

Harry ; You sat contently in the empty stadium , watching in awe as the boys rehearsed for tonight’s show. Calum then took the seat next to you , all smiles as he began to chat you up. Harry’s eyes narrowed as he sung his verse. For Christs sake , he couldn’t even leave you alone for one minute. This is the fifth time this week Calum had tried making his move on you , and Harry had just about had it. He stood towards the edge of the stage while the boys did their thing , Harry’s only focus on Calum. He pursed his lip as you threw your head back in laughter , playful shoving his shoulder. The music had stopped , but Harry was to into your conversation to even notice. Another laugh echoed through the theater and that’s when Harry grew impatient. “Hey…” He whispered into the mic “What’s so funny?” Calum’s cheeks grew slightly pink as you let out a little giggle , Harry’s face sporting the same blank & irritated expression.

Louis ; All he did was leave for 5 minutes. But of course , all it took was 5 minutes for Ashton to swoop in and grab you. Louis was sky high , over the moon you flew out to America to finish up the tour with him. Ashton , however , felt likewise. This annoyed Louis to no end , every time he left you alone Ashton would try and make his move. Louis looked in probably every dressing room , and realized that the only other place you could be was on stage. And he was right , there you were , sitting in front of Ashton as he taught you the basics of the drums. Louis’ face grew hot. Louis practically stomped over , stopping right in front of you both. “Hi baby.” You smiled , looking up at him. He shot back a weak smile , irritated with Ashton’s smug look. “Hey buddy , can I see those sticks for a second?” Louis asked kindly , reaching his hand out for the drum sticks. Ashton nodded as he handed them both to Louis. He smiled and walked towards the end of the stage , then flung both sticks across the stadium , turning on his heel with a content look. Ashton’s face dropped as you tried your best to suppress the oncoming laugh.

Liam ; Michael. Oh god , how he got Liam’s blood boiling some times. Of course , Liam would never dare act on it. He was far too friendly with all of 5SOS to be rude to Michael. But damn , he wanted to just punch him right in the face. Why was his arm draped around your shoulders? Liam could feel himself getting madder by the second , and when he had pulled you in for a hug , Liam had had enough. He stormed over , interrupting your conversation and pulling you in for a deep kiss. Michael stood there , unsure of what to do or where to go. “Liam , you interrupted my conversation.” You pulled away breathlessly. Michael gave him a half smile before Liam threw you over his shoulder “Excuse me pal , but I have to go and bang the shit outta my beautiful lady before I preform. Talk to you later.” He said proudly , hauling you off to his dressing room. Your cheeks were a deep red as you slapped his back. “Liam why’d you do that.” You huffed. He only continued on towards the dressing room to fulfill his promise, lightly slapping your bum “Mine.” He mumbled.

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nanny/single parent au

Zayn’s a proud man sometimes, it’s one of his many faults. Even he knows when he’s in need of help though, and fuck is he in trouble right now.

“Harry, I don’t know what to do with a baby,” Zayn blurts out on the phone when he’s finally gotten little Aaliyah down for a nap.

Harry makes a little humming noise on the phone like he’s not surprised. Zayn’s too frazzled to feel offended. “I’ll send help, yeah?”

Zayn knows that Harry would be here himself if he wasn’t in America or Australia or Antarctica or wherever the hell his next concert is, and he trusts Harry to find someone competent enough to help take care of Zayn’s newly acquired baby daughter.

Help comes the next day during feeding time. Zayn’s got baby Aaliyah cradled to his chest, formula soaking both the front of his shirt and her onesie when he opens the door. On the other side is a guy with impossibly warm eyes and a bright smile and the softest, cutest face Zayn’s ever seen.

“You the nanny?” Zayn asks, bouncing baby Aaliyah slightly in his arms in hopes to calm her down. She sniffles loudly in response.

“Liam,” the guy nods, putting down the baby bag on his shoulder and reaching out his arms, “may I?”

Zayn feels a surge of protectiveness all of a sudden. Does he really trust Harry? This is his daughter, how can he just hand her over to some bloke he’s met not even thirty seconds ago.

Baby Aaliyah spits up on Zayn’s shirt and Liam giggles and okay, Zayn supposes he can trust him.

Liam takes the baby readily, and she immediately calms down, gurgling happily in his arms while he tickles her tummy. 

“Hi sweetheart,” Liam coos, and something warm swoops through Zayn’s belly. “You’re a pretty one aren’t you? That’s expected though isn’t it? Just look at your daddy.”

Zayn’s face heats up. His hair’s a mess and he hasn’t shaved in days and there’s baby sick on his shirt and Liam’s just called him pretty.

Baby Aaliyah makes a happy noise in Liam’s arms, something akin to a giggle when he kisses her temple. It’s the most calm Zayn’s seen her and for once, he feels relaxed too.

He can definitely trust Liam, he thinks.

1D Pref; You're his best friend and you don't like his girlfriend part 2


It’s been a couple of weeks now and you’ve been missing Harry like crazy. Truth is, you’re in love with him. You have been, since the beginning but never confessed because you were afraid of losing your friendship with Harry.

Ever since the day Harry walked out of your life, you’ve been crying in your flat nonstop. You barely left your flat, maybe a few times to get some food, but that was it. You were miserable without him, but knowing he’s in love with someone else made you even more miserable.

Today, you realized that you had no more food in the fridge or the pantry. None.

You mentally cursed as you got dressed and head out to buy yourself some grocery to weep in your flat again. 

You were in the cereal aisle trying to reach your favorite cereal, however being quite unlucky lately, the cereal was sitting on the very top shelf. You weren’t tall enough to reach it so it was a bit of a struggle for you. 

“Here, I’ll help you.” The ever so familiar voice said, reaching up towards the cereal box and handing it to you.

“Umm, uh thank you..” You muttered, grabbing the box.

“Y/N?” Liam asked, turning you around so he can see you clearly.

“Hey Liam..” You replied, backing up.

“How are you?” Liam asked awkwardly.

“I’m doing okay, you?" 

Liam sighed and stuffed his hands in his pocket, “I’m doing okay but Harry, not so much. Ever since that fight between the two of you he hasn’t been the same, Y/N. Please go talk to him.” 

You stopped for a second..

"Liam.. I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” You replied, “I have to go, see you around." 

"Wait, Y/N!” Liam yelled, grabbing your arm however you sped off and bumped into someone, knocking all the groceries out of your hand.

“Shit! I’m so sorry, gosh I’m so clumsy..” You apologized, bending down to grab your things.


You looked up to see Harry. The man you were in love with since the start.

Suddenly, your mouth went dry and your eyes began to tear up. Only Harry had this effect on you..

"I’m sorry, I have to go..” You muttered and got on your feet quickly rushing off without the groceries, sprinting out of there as fast as you could.

“Wait!” Harry shouted, stopping you.

“Please don’t.” You squeaked, “I can’t." 

"I’m sorry..” Harry muttered, “I miss you, Y/N. Please forgive me." 

"No Harry, I can’t just forgive you! You walked out on me and broke my heart! Goddamn you idiot, I loved you! I still do! I’ve been in love with you, since the beginning.” You cried, falling to your knees.

“Y/N.. I-I didn’t know that.. why didn’t you tell me?” Harry asked, bending down to your level.

“Why would I, Haz? I can’t lose you.” You sobbed.

“You’re not, because I love you too..” Harry replied, “I’m in love with you." 

Your crying had decreased but your heart was still broken.

"What about.. Your girlfriend and the fact that I’m holding you back from your future.." 

"She’s gone. I broke up with her when I realized the only girl for me is you. I’m sorry I ever said that, you’re not holding me back. In fact you’re my future. I love you so much, I’m sorry for everything.” He wrapped his arms around you, kissing your forehead.

“I love you Harry, so much." 

"I love you too, Y/N. I promise I won’t make you cry ever again.” He muttered, as the two of you sit there on the ground as Harry comforts you.

Ch 2 of In A Blink of an Eye - posted here on FFNet - misc one shots in the Medical Attention universe…

Her Boys

It was by chance that she was walking by the bathroom that morning.

Rick had already kissed her goodbye and Liam had wrapped his little arms around her neck to give her a butterfly kiss on the cheek as she scooted out the door. Typical morning in the Rodgers’ household, but today she was a little rushed, receiving a call first thing that the ballistics reports had come in.

Hurrying out the door, she was nearly to the elevator when she realized she wasn’t going to get far without her car keys. The set had been thrown on top of her dresser yesterday when she had changed her clothes before Liam’s preschool concert; their placement had slipped her mind when she had gotten ready this morning. Luckily she had realized before she had made it all the way to the street.

She had intended to just sneak back into the loft without either of the men of the household realizing. Each time she had to say goodbye, it was so much harder to leave again. Yet as much as she would love to lounge around all day with her two favorite boys, she had to be at the precinct, Rick had patients to see and Liam had to be at school. Their busy lives throughout the week, however, made weekends off so much more special.

Shaking her head out of her daydream, she toed through the living room into the bedroom and had her hand on the keys when she heard voices coming from their en suite.

“But I want to do it just like you do,” Liam said, his voice carrying throughout the room, sparking her curiosity as her feet carried her toward the sound practically on their own.

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Anger - Liam Payne


Liam was frightening when he was angry. He had two stages. One where he was yell until his face turned red, the veins in his neck popping out, his fists bundled up, knuckles turning white. But then on the complete flipside he would shut down. He would go cold and silent, he became a completely different person when he was like this. Gone was the sweet loving teddy bear of a man that you knew. Replaced by a cold and fierce stranger.

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“My Protector” — Liam One Shot 

The night sky was clear, nothing but a blanket of black littered with endless stars. The hum of slow waves kissing the sandy shore mixed with the popping of firewood as you sat on the beach. Shoulder pressed to Liam’s, the pair of you absentmindedly wove your fingers in and out with each other’s. His thumb would trace the lines and freckles faintly marking your skin, your fingers stretching to meet his larger sized hand. Everyone laughed and talked, sipping on beer, or vodka, roasting marshmallows over the golden flames. You paid no mind to any of it, lost it seemed, in the effortless way Liam’s grasp encompassed your hand. Smiling softly at him, he opened his mouth to say something until a blonde girl you couldn’t remember ever meeting walked up. Leaning over, she whispered something in Liam’s ear. She kept her voice quiet, eyes flitting to you before a smirk coated her lips. Liam let out a laugh, nodding along to whatever the girl had said. With a satisfied giggle of her own, she pecked a lingering kiss to his cheek. The air suddenly felt stale, the fire too hot, and the sounds of laughter like a roaring in your ears. Withdrawing your hand harshly from Liam’s, you rushed quietly up the beach, and away from the group. A cooler of ice and plastic party cups sat near the beach house. An array of glass bottle filled with liquor stashed in the sandy ground. Reaching for a bottle of clear liquid a hand quickly stopped your actions. “Hey, what’s wrong? Why’d you walk away like that?” Liam asked, confusion evident in the wrinkles growing in his forehead. You gave him a harsh look, as if to say; you can’t be serious? Turning with a shake of your head, you reached for another bottle in the sand. Liam didn’t stop you this time, only watching as you filled a red cup with the potent beverage. “You’re not— are you jealous?” he asked finally, a hint of teasing heard in his voice. Whipping your head around to face him, you see the joking demeanor vanish the second he realizes that, jealous, is exactly how you feel. His voice shifts suddenly, to a much more serious tone, his brown eyes softening. “Y/N,” he says softly, pausing for the right words. He runs a hand desperately along the back of his neck, “you know we’re just friends. There’s nothing serious going on between us. I– I thought we both agreed…” You’re sure he can sense the hurt written plainly across your features, but you quickly hide your face by taking a long gulp of the burning alcohol. Swallowing not only the vodka now sliding down your throat, but also the hurt you feel inside, you raise your cup halfheartedly to Liam. “To being friends, then,” you mumbled solemnly, averting your gaze to the ground before walking away. “Y/N…” He calls after you, but you ignore him. He hates knowing he’s hurting you. Fingers gripping harshly at his hair, he kicks the cooler in frustration, but grabs another beer for himself. The rest of the night passes in weird distant flashes. Almost like your body isn’t being piloted by your own brain. You feel detached from yourself, the pain in your heart still throbbing even as you consume drink after strong drink. Nothing but cloudiness fills your brain as you swallow the last drop left at the bottom of your cup. With blurry eyes you trudge your way back to the plastic cooler in the sand. “Hey, maybe you should have some water instead. You’ve had a lot to drink tonight, and I don’t want—” You hear Liam’s voice as he comes up beside you, but you cut him off with slurred words. “Why don’t you go find that blonde, instead of trying to ruin my fun,” you say through gritted teeth. With narrowed, half drooping eyes, you hold his gaze while swallowing half the contents in your freshly made cocktail. The look in his eyes is sad, full of concern as he watches you sway slightly on the uneven ground. “Y/N, you’re one of my best friends. I care about you, you know that,” he reasons, reaching a hand out to steady you before you trip over your own feet. “Oh pl-please,” you hiccup, taking another swig, “everyone knows what friend is code for, Liam. What is this, high school?” Your words aren’t making sense inside your blurry head, but they keep tumbling out before you can stop them. “You don’t have to pretend to care about me anymore, Liam. I don’t need your pity.” Hurt flashes in his eyes, shocked that you could ever think that way. He loves you, he’s always loved you. He watches as you stumble away, refusing to let him touch you. You take one look over your shoulder, making sure his eyes are still on you as you go over to one of the random guys that was invited here tonight. Sitting on the guy’s lap, you murmur something in his ear that causes him to smile. Liam’s hands ball into fists at his sides when he sees the way the guy’s hands are groping at your ass already. As you rise once more, to unsteady feet, Liam is sure he must be hallucinating as he watches you wiggle out of your tight blue jeans. You’re walking toward the water, quickly shedding your shirt and camisole as you go. “Fuck! She wouldn’t,” Liam curses to himself. Just as he sees your fingers hook blindly around your back, in search of the clasp that’s holding the small piece of lace covering your chest, he rushes across the sand. The second the material slides from your arms he’s frantically wrapping your body in the sweatshirt he’d been wearing earlier. “Liam! Get off of me. Let me go,” you fight weakly, swatting at his chest as he ushers you away from the gawking eyes of everyone on the beach. “I don’t need your help. Get off…” But your words are lost in tears, finally unable to keep them from gliding down your cheeks any longer. “I don’t… I can’t…” you sob, finally letting him hold you. Letting your body fall tiredly against his body as he supports you with strong arms, and quiet “shhh’s” in your ear. He lowers your trembling body to the steps outside of the beach house. With his sweatshirt still wrapped securely around your half naked torso, he fetches you a bottle of water. “Shh, it’ll be okay. You’re okay. I’ve got you,” he whispers, drawing you back into his protective embrace as he sits beside you on the wooden stairs. You sniffle, biting your lip at his words. They should ease some of this pain you feel lodged in your heart, but instead they only seem to make it hurt so much worse. You pull away just enough to look at him. Head pounding louder than the waves still crashing against the shore. Chest rising and falling rapidly with every ragged breath you take. “I— I can’t keep doing this, Liam,” you say, voice quiet and meek. “I can’t keep pretending that I’m fine with only ever being your friend. It hurts too much, Liam. It’s killing me,” you confess. The tears clog your dry throat, making the words sound weak. Every confession you make puts a new crack in your already breaking heart. Yet somehow, they seem to sober you. They seem to be lifting a weight that’s been pressing down on your chest for too many years. “I want to be so much more than that,” you whimper, another tear slipping from your lashes and landing in a wet dot on Liam’s oversized, grey sweatshirt. Liam lets out a long breath— a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding— and tips your chin back up to meet his gaze. You can tell he’s fighting something inside of himself, waging an internal war behind those coffee colored eyes. “I never meant for you to end up hurting. I— I thought I was saving you from this pain…” His words surprise you, leaving confusion in their wake. “I love you, Y/N. Always have, always will.” His voice is sincere when he makes his own confession. “I never said anything, because I didn’t want you to get hurt. You deserve more than me. More than a boyfriend who’s gone more than he’s home. Someone you can depend on, who’s stable, and there to protect you,” he whispers those final words as though they’ve been eating away at him. “Liam,” you murmur shakily, “you’ve always been my protector. Distance has never changed that. It won’t ever change that. Just like it won’t ever change how much I love you.” As if those words were all he’d ever needed to hear, his lips collide softly with yours. There’s hunger in his kiss, but more than anything you feel a lifelong love pour from his lips, straight to your heart.