how hes worried and wants her to be safe

based on this post where lardo and shitty are accidentally pregnant

She was five weeks in and nothing was showing, but she’d been puking almost everyday and had refused Bitty’s pumpkin pie yesterday. Lardo hadn’t told her mom yet, and Shitty refuses to tell anything to his father, but she knows that his mother knew. Jack had called her immediately after Shitty freaked and told him a week ago, before freaking out himself and telling Bitty, who had broken into their apartment in order to make sure she was okay.

“I’m okay, people should stop asking me if I was okay, I’m pregnant, not sick.” She complained to Jack, who only answered by giving a silent nod.

“Shitty’s freaking out,” Jack said instead.

“I know.” She groaned and put her face in her hands. A moment of silence passed between the two before she lifted her head again. “I don’t want to chain him down like this or jerk him around emotionally. I know he wants me to keep it.”

“He wants whatever you want,” Jack said.

She knew that, but she could also read Shitty well enough to know that he was ecstatic and wanted nothing more than to have her keep it. And the scary thing was, she could also feel herself being as excited as he is.

“How are the two of us even remotely qualified to be parents? He’s just starting his job, and I have my job.” And Lardo wasn’t sure that her bosses would let her take a maternity leave. And even more terrifyingly, she just realized that she wasn’t on the life track that she had envisioned for herself with this job. Sports management paid a lot, and Lardo knew she was on the fast track to a good promotion, but now this forced her to look at her life, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend it all on picking up after athletes. But she wasn’t sure if she could provide proper care if she didn’t have this high paying position. And it was a downward spiraling mess of disaster.

It was as if Jack could read her mind, or at least the mood in her mind, because he puts a hand on her shoulder and leaned back on the sofa that they were sitting at.

“Maybe you’re thinking too much,” he said. “Just concentrate on whether or not you want to keep it, and trust in your friends to help you no matter which choice it is. We’re a team.”

She sniffed, and suddenly Jack found himself with an armful of Lardo. She let her tears and snot stain his sweater, and he held her through her trembling. When the two of them extricated themselves from their situation, Jack extended a fist, and Lardo bumped it.

“Got your back,” they said together.

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Parents didn’t always read the orientation material.

There were a few, every year.  They insisted on helping the new students move into the dorms.  They sent boxes from home, full of cookies or brownies or favorite munchies.  They called frequently (it wasn’t safe.  Letters were safer, e-mail was safer, even texts were safer, but calls not so much.)  They begged for pictures, for visits, and sometimes they accidentally-on-purpose “just happened to be in the area”.

The staff tried to deal with parents.  Oh how they tried.  Usually it worked.  The Gentry almost never kept parents.

But some… some parents never left.

She had taken piano lessons when she was younger.  Her parents approved:  that was a womanly decorative thing to do.  She had never played sports, because that wasn’t a womanly decorative thing.  She wore dresses.  She took ballet, she sang, she painted. Her parents told her every day in every way who they thought she should be, and she tried, she really did.

She was tired of not being good enough.  

She applied to Elsewhere, and got a full music scholarship, and carefully out of sight in the shower she sobbed with relief and fear.  Her parents loved her, they really did, they told her so.  The disappointment at her, the silent treatment, the confinement and not being allowed out with her friends… well, they were just trying to protect her, right?  They didn’t know the bubble wrap they tried to put around her was smothering her.  

She read the orientation paperwork, every single scrap.  She wanted to do everything right, because the thought of doing it wrong terrified her.  Even the strange stuff, maybe especially the strange stuff, because everything in life was a test, another opportunity to disappoint.

“As an environmentally-conscious measure, Elsewhere University’s campus is not set up to allow automobile traffic.  For those students who need transportation help, there are staff with golf carts available, as well as a series of campus shuttles that make regular stops.  Bicycles are available for rent by the hour, the week, or the semester.  Skateboards and skates are permitted but proper safety gear must be worn.”

Father was angry when campus security wouldn’t let him drive straight to her dorm.  She trembled.  Always, when Father was angry, somehow either she or Mother paid.  He fumed while waiting for a golf cart, he clenched his jaw when the staff member driving the golf cart refused to simply step aside and hand over the keys, he was elaborately careful when helping load her things after being refused a campus map.

Her dorm was a solid brick building, a pleasant generic institutional place.  Father insisted on carrying her things up to her room, on the second floor.  "So I know where my little girl will be,“ he said. His anger cooled a little with the exertion, down to its usual simmer.

It only took a few trips to get all of her things upstairs.  Father insisted on a hug, just on the edge of being painful as his hugs always were.  She endured it, because trying to get away always earned a lecture.  "I love you so much, you’ll always be my little girl, you are a disappointment because you don’t love me as much as I love you, but I will forgive you because I am better than you.”

“Elsewhere University wishes to be the beginning of a new life for every student.  We ask that students choose a nickname, in order to facilitate this feeling of a new beginning.  Common nickname categories are an interest, a favorite song or work of art, an aspiration, or a personal quality.  It is our firm belief, demonstrated by decades of successful graduates, that this practice allows students the freedom to really expand their horizons and demonstrate both their personalities and their capabilities both actual and potential.  In support of this practice, we ask that legal names not be used on campus except with the Student Services or Records and Enrollment offices.”

The driver helped as Father made one last check to be sure nothing had been left.  He reminded her to call twice a week.  He hugged her again, ignoring the gasp she made as he let go.  "Remember to call your Mother, Susan.  You’ll always be her little girl, and you know how she worries.“

“I will, Father.”

The driver watched, waiting patiently while Father said his good-byes, then cleared his throat.  "Sir, if you want to attend the parent orientation, we need to be going.“  

"Yes, I’d planned on attending.  I need to know everything, to help keep my Susan safe.”  Father climbed aboard, and the driver waved as they left.  For an instant his hand seemed to have too many fingers.

She felt eyes on her as they drove away.

She climbed the stairs back to her room, looking forward to taking her shoes off and unpacking.  The door, locked when she left it, was still locked, but now there was a pile of stuff underneath the open window.  

“Hey!  Sorry I wasn’t here when you were bringing stuff up, he looked a bit intense, oh hey are you ok?”  The girl on the tree branch outside the window climbed in and sat on the windowsill.

She nodded.  She locked the door behind her, then sat on one of the beds.

“I’m Magpie, second year, one of the stage monkeys for the theater.  You wanna see?  No obligation.”

“Yeah, I… I paint, a little.”

“You do?  Cool!  Hey, but if you want to go see, that outfit’s cute and all but it’ll get ruined pretty quick.”

“I’ve got some grubbies, let me unpack.”

Magpie grinned and pushed her hair behind one ear.  "Your dad isn’t one of those types who thinks he’ll be visiting every weekend, is he?  'Cause I can’t hide all the time.“

"I think he was heading to the parent orientation.”

Magpie blinked.  "Oh… kay.“

"What, okay?”

“There’s someone I want you to meet.  They go by Melanotis. They’ll tell you about the parent orientation.  Are you sure you’re ok?”  Magpie pushed her hair back again. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Why do you keep asking?”

“There is no parent orientation.  Here, take this.  No obligation.”  Magpie took a ring off of her index finger and handed it to her.  It was a puzzle ring made of iron and pyrite, and it fit her index finger as if it had been made for her.

“Thanks, but why?”

“My dad was like that, too.  What do you want to be called?”

The choice, the possibility of choice, was dizzying.  Something to hang onto… a favorite song.  "Call me Sussudio,“ she said, and smiled.


I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twelve

Summary: You fly out for Asylum and meet up with the rest of the cast, only to find out that you have to do your first ever solo panel in front of two thousand fans
Words: 4.4k (+ tweets)
Jared x Reader x Gen, Misha, Kim, Briana, Danneel, Jensen, JJ
Warnings: smut-ish phone calls, mild angst, fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

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In-flight wifi was a God sent gift on the flight to London.

Despite appearing calm and feeling tired, you couldn’t get to sleep for the first few hours due to anxious energy.

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Don't worry.

Heyy, I finally had time to write again. I know I have a lot of requests to do but I feel like I have to get my ideas out there right now, I’m sorry. I hope you like this though. Thank you for

She was proud of him.
She really was.
Of course she was, how could she not?
Harry was doing everything he always dreamed of doing and what he did was the most amazing thing ever. He filmed a movie, recorded an entire album and now his face is printed on countless magazines.
She knew he would do good but she could have never prepared for what was happening now. He was jetting between America and London, with a short stop in Paris. He was busy having meetings to figure out his next plans, especially the tour that would take him all over the world. And then there were the interviews…
Those were probably the worst for Y/N right now but not because he had to leave early in the morning to attend them on time, no. It were the questions he’s been asked.
She knew the questions would be different now because he was solo now and doing everything on his own without three boys by his side that caught the attention of the interviewer as well. But she never thought that the main topic of every interview would be his love life.
He talked about his first girlfriend ever, then Taylor Swift, then Kendall Jenner and then he wrote a song about a girl he met one goddamn time and apparently her name was Townes.
She was okay with all that before, she knew he’s been with other women before her but somehow she couldn’t help but be upset.
Harry and her were dating for a year now. A year which she thought was a happy, joyful and fun year in which they learned to love and cherish each other.
But apparently she didn’t matter to him all that much.
He didn’t talk about her even once. Not when the question came up how he’s doing privately. Not when he’s been asked who supported him while working so hard. Not when he’s been asked what the inspiration for his songs was.
And that was probably the worst. He wrote nothing about her, not a single line. There was a song about how empty and heartbroken he felt when Taylor and him broke up, there was a song about how good that stranger felt and there was a song about whoever was his only angel, it wasn’t Y/N for sure.
And even though she knew it was silly to be upset about something like that she couldn’t help it. The words he once said to her when she asked how he wrote songs kept replaying in her head.

“S'different every time. But I always write about people I love or times which been very important to me.

And every time she remembered his words she felt a pang to her heart.
He told her he loved her so many times and she knew he did, she was 100 % sure he did. And she also wasn’t worried about him cheating or whatever, she knew she was the only one for Harry. She was just maybe a tad bit jealous and sad. It was his decision what he wanted to weite about, of course, and he wasn’t obligated to write about her just because she’s his girlfriend but… it would have been nice.

Harry just got home and even though she missed him and just wanted to jump into his arms when she saw him looking all soft in that plain white shirt that was see through from the hundred times it’s been washed, she resisted. She got the last little push she needed earlier when she read comments online and everyone was talking about who and what the lyrics to his songs were about. No one believed it was about her.
“Hello, angel.” he greeted her and kissed first her forehead and then her cheek softly.
She responded with a humorless laugh and turned her face away from him to look at the ground. Angel. Ironic.
“You okay?” Harry asked her and lifted her chin to make her look at him.
“Great. Absolutely perfect.” she smiled so fake at him that anyone from afar could have seen that she was not in a good mood.
“Love, what’s going on? I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me.” he sighed impatiently.
“You can’t fix it anyway, it’s too late now.” she spat.
Harry took a step back from her when the coldness of her voice hit him. His eyes widened with shock and his mouth opened slightly.
“Did I do something?”
“Oh, no.” she waved him off.
“Then wha-”
“And that’s exactly the problem.” she interrupted him.
“What?” he asked confused.
His eyes had a bewildered look to them, flicking over her face and never knowing where to look.
“Did I forget something? It’s not your birthday and it’s also not our anniversary.”
“You forgot me.”
“What? Love, I have no idea what’s going on right now.” he almost cried out.
“Am I important to you?” she asked.
“Of course you are. You’re the most important person on this whole earth to me, baby.”
“Then why don’t you acknowledge me?”
“What? I do acknowledge you.”
“Yeah? When?”
“All the time.”
“No you don’t. When did you acknowledge me during your interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine? Most certainly not when you told them that you remember what your first girlfriend smelled like and how much you loved her. And also not when you told them how the main inspiration behind your album was Kendall Jenner. Oh, and your songs? I don’t think I broke your heart and your just a ghost now and I also don’t think my name is Townes!”
Harry’s eyes widened with shock by every word she spoke.
“Y-You’re jealous?” he asked, his voice shaky and filled with panic.
“I’m not jealous! I’m hurt!”
Harry squeezed his eyes shut when realization hit him. He didn’t realize what he had done before. He wasn’t forgetting her in any of this, he thought about her every second of every day and it was never his intention to hurt her.
“I never meant to hurt you.” he whispered and tried to reach out to grab her hand but she ripped it away from him immediately.
“Well, you did. You made me question everything, Harry. I even wondered if you feel the same way about me that I do about you.”
“Of course I do! You know that I love you. I love you more than you could ever imagine.”
“Doesn’t feel like it right now, if I’m being honest.” The pain that her words caused almost made him cry. He never ever wanted to make her doubt the love he had for her.
The truth was he didn’t know why he did it. He made it his mission from day one to keep her away from the media as much as he could. He wanted her to feel safe and comfortable around him and not worry about the options of others or what’s being said about her. He assumed he did a very good job until now and he never thought it would get to be an issue.
He wanted to keep their relationship private. Obviously, everyone knew they were together but he wanted to keep the rest away from the public eye. What they had was between the two of them and no one else.
“Love, you know how I am when it comes to you. I want to protect you from all the stuff that could happen. Don’t want anyone to talk badly about you.”
“You know what’s probably being said about me right now? That you don’t care about me, that I don’t matter.”
“But you do! I care about you so much, that’s why I try to keep you away from all that shit!”
“I get that you want to protect me but do you know how much it hurts to hear you talking about all your ex-girlfriends and how much they mean to you while you don’t talk about your current girlfriend of one year even once?”
“Love.” he sighed and grabbed her hand with a tight grip so she wouldn’t be able to remove it.
“They don’t mean anything to me anymore. Not since the second I laid my eyes on you. I’ll admit that I wrote songs about them because somehow that gives me the closure I need. And yes I’ve talked about them in interviews because I couldn’t escape, if I hadn’t said anything it would have been worse.”
Her shoulders slumped then, her eyes diverting to the floor. He was right. Of course he was. She knew from the beginning on that it was silly to be upset about all that but she couldn’t help it. She always had trouble when his past relationships were brought up. All the girls he dated were gorgeous and amazing and she couldn’t help but get insecure when she compared herself to them.
“I’m sorry.” she whispered so lowly he almost didn’t catch it.
He squeezed her hand to make her look at him and when she did he cupped her cheek gently.
“There’s nothing for you to be sorry for, alright? I should be the one apologizing, I made you doubt our relationship.”
She shook her head before she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, burring her face in his neck. His arms went around her shoulders, clasping her sides with his hands.
“I love you, darling. Never want you to forget that.”
“I never forgot that. Just wondered for a little.”
“Don’t want you to wonder either. My love for you should be a constant in your life.”
She pulled back a little so she could look up at him.
“And it is. I was just being stupid.”
“Feeling hurt is never stupid. I was being a proper dick for not acknowledging you.”
“You weren’t. I know why you didn’t and I appreciate it.”
“Should have told them how perfect my girl is though.”
She smiled up at him and Harry swore he felt his heart skip a beat at the sight. He leaned down to press a soft kiss against her forehead, lingering his lips there for a moment.
“You know what?”
“Hmm?” she hummed.
“Should show you how much I love you so you don’t question it ever again.” he grinned cheekily.
She giggled softly and shook her head at how fast he could go from serious to cheeky.
“Horny, hm?”
“No, just want to love on you.”
He stroked a strand of hair that’s fallen into her face behind her ear, cupping her cheek and capturing her lips in a deep kiss.
He lifted one of her legs and made her wrap it around his hips. She wrapped her other leg around his body on her own, Harry supporting her with his hands on the backs of her thighs.
He carried her to their bedroom, stopping every once in a while to press her against a wall and kiss her breath away.
Once they reached their bed, he laid her down gently, hovering over her.

When she was naked he made it his mission to kiss every inch of her body, mumbling ‘I love you’ every so often.
Y/N would be lying if she said she didn’t get emotional. Sex was always connected with emotion between Harry and her and it definitely wasn’t the first time her eyes welled up with tears and a few dribbled down the sides of her face and onto the pillow. Just like every time Harry got a bit worried, asking if he did something wrong but she silenced his words with her lips against his.
The moment Harry connected them Y/N was sure she never felt so close to him. She missed exactly this and was worried about exactly this, loosing the closeness between them. Or loosing him to somebody else.
Their bodies moved against each other the way they always had, nothing changed. And Y/N knew he never shared such a moment with any of his exes, he never shared himself like that with anyone but her.
When they both got close Y/N cupped Harry’s cheeks in her hands so she would be able to watch him come undone. And when he did it was exactly what she expected, he thrusted inside of her as deeply as possible and stilled, his mouth opening and his eyes rolling back. Her own orgasm hit her when she felt the first spurt of his release coating her walls, her whole body shuddering underneath him and a strangled moan forcing itself out out of her mouth. She fought against her eyes wanting to close, the need to watch him bigger.
Harry collapsed onto her when he finished completely, careful not to hurt her. She wrapped her arms around his back and made sure he didn’t move, she didn’t want to break the connection yet. She pressed countless kisses against his shoulder and neck, covering every bit of his skin with her lips.
“Mmh, love. As much as I love lying on top of you, I don’t want you to be sore tomorrow.” he said, his voice muffled by her shoulder.
She sighed and let go of him, he was right. It happened before that she got sore because he stayed inside of her too long. When he slipped out she felt his release pour out of her and as always Harry watched amazed. He reached over to the bedside table for a tissue to clean her up, careful not to apply to much pressure onto her sensitive center.
Afterwards he laid down beside her, pulling her body close immediately. She placed her head on his chest, her face nuzzling into his skin to inhale his scent. Harry intertwined his fingers with hers, kissing her knuckles softly before dropping their joined hands onto his chest.
They laid in silence for a few minutes, no awkwardness or uncomfortable feelings settling in their stomachs. But Y/N could feel that his mind was elsewhere.
“Stop thinking so loud.” she snapped him out of his thoughts.
“Sorry, darling.” he chuckled softly and pressed a kiss to her forehead.
“M'thinking about you, though.”
“Are you?” she asked quietly and looked up at him.
“And what about me?”
“I…” he started but stopped, a frown spreading over his face.
“Hey.” she whispered and reached up to touch his face with the hand that wasn’t holding his.
“It’s just… I tried to write songs about you. I sat in the studio for hours, trying to find some words that somehow could describe the way I feel about you but… Nothing I came up with seemed to do you justice. There are no words for describing how wonderful you are or how much I love you.”
Tears welled up in her eyes at his words, she never thought about it in that way.
“I don’t want you to feel like you have to write songs about me, you know. Just because I’m your girlfriend it doesn’t mean you have to write about me.”
“I know that but you’re so much more than just my girlfriend. You’re my best friend, my family but most importantly the love of my life. And of course I want to write about you but I know that no song could ever describe our story.”
Her heart melted at his words, a few tears dribbling down her cheeks and hitting his chest.
“I love you. God, I love you so much.” she whimpered and kissed his lips over and over and over again.
Harry stroked her wild hair from her face and kept her close.
“Can you promise me to never ever question my feelings for you again? Breaks my heart when you do.”
“I’ll try.” she giggled.
Harry gave her a playfully stern look, scolding her gently.
“I promise. Think you’ve done a good job at proofing your feelings as well.” she smirked.
“Oh, have I?”
“Oh, yes. But maybe, just to make sure, you could do it again.”
“Just to make sure, hm?” he teased her.
“Just to make sure.”

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Rfa+v and Saeran reactions to mc breaking her phone or something and she doesn't answer for over a day. Thanks also I really like your blog!

Thank you so much!! 


- At first, when you don’t respond to his ‘Good morning!’ text, he doesn’t try to think much of it. Sometimes you slept in later than him!

- But you ignored his ‘Good afternoon!’ texts…And even sent a call of his to voicemail.

- Panicking, he started messaging Zen a bit.

- Did he forget something? Was he acting really bad? Was he being too clingy??

- After Zen calmed him down just a tad, he told Yoosung that you phone probably died.

- He tries to think that’s the answer, that he didn’t fuck up the only relationship he’s ever been in, but as it gets darker and darker out, with nothing from you, he Panics.

- He’s pacing in his house, trying to get Seven to answer his phone while holding his tears back, when you open the door.

- Before you can even explain your phone’s battery had died, he’s running to you full of apologies and hugging you tight

- When you finally calm him down and finally get through to him he didn’t do anything, he feels embarrassed by how panicked he had gotten, but your sweet kisses help him wash away those feelings


- Jahee probably wouldn’t panic as badly. At least it wouldn’t show.

- She thought you overslept at first, missing any alarms, and that’s why you hadn’t shown for work yet

 - I mean the two of you weren’t living together, so she hadn’t seen you since the cafe closed last night

- She can handle the cafe on her own, with the help of a few employees that were already there, but she is an anxious mess all day. 

- Accidentally bumping into things, nearly dropping cups, almost spilling coffee on herself.

- As the day draws to a close, she’s nearly sweating. She wants to call the police, but she knows Seven would be able to help better.

- She’s just about to hit his contact when she hears her name being called, and when she turns around your arms are instantly around her.

- After explaining you managed to sleep most of the day away, phone dead, her worry turns into small and gentle scolding since it’s apparent you’re overworking yourself.

- She’s so relieved that you’re safe, though you are going to get a small lecture about how to properly take care of yourself.


- He usually has set times to call you through the day. If you don’t answer, you’re quick to shoot him a message when you can to explain why.

- So at first, he doesn’t think much of it. He saw you in bed this morning, and after the rough night the two of you had, you probably were sleeping in a bit.

- But once it hits past noon, and the chef reports that no one answered when he tried to bring food, Jumin is slowly hitting ‘Panic Mode’

- What seals the deal is when he calls Driver Kim to make sure you didn’t go somewhere, and he reports that he’s just driven for Jumin that day

- So after one meeting that was very difficult to focus in, he alerts Jaehee he’s taking a longer break to check up on you

- When he gets to the house and you’re gone, it takes a lot of talking from the RFA members to not call the police.

- Because, lets face it, if he wanted to, he would have the whole area looking for you in seconds.

- So he waits a bit, setting a time for himself to give in and call, while Seven is checking any CCTVs of the place

- But all of that gets interrupted when you come through the doors, a shy smile on your face

- Guess who managed to forget her phone at home when an old friend wanted to hang out?

- Jumin frowns for a bit, but he can’t stay upset or even become close to mad- He just hugs you tight and asks if you can try to remember to bring it with you next time, or at least get Driver Kim to take you somewhere.


- It takes him a while to notice, due to how busy he always is at work. 

- On breaks he’s always sending you a message, full of hearts and possibly a selfie or two

- And you send the same texts back to him, and he’s set for the day!

- But when it hits his last break and there’s still no answer from you, and everyone reports that you haven’t been on the chatroom all day, he Panics.

- He tells his director he has an emergency, and that he has to leave asap

- Thankfully, they were close to being done, so the director let him go without any fuss

- As soon as he’s out, he hightails it to your place, running a few stoplights on his motorcycle.

- Once there, and once he remembers where the spare is, he busts in and calls your name

- No answer and he panics even more, until he sees you sleeping in the bedroom, a basket of used tissues near you

- Oh… He forgot that you mentioned you felt sick yesterday.

- When you sleepily wake up, he calms down and explains why he’s there, and after you weakly laugh, starts shedding his jacket.

- If you’re sick, then you definately need some loving care, right?


- It would be hard for him to panic about the situation.

- When you leave in the morning to run a few errands, he doesn’t think much of it, just assumes you’ll be back later.

- But through the day you’re not even responding to his texts! Not even the funny ones with the best memes.

- Or even his very worried ones

- Once it gets pretty late in the day, he’s looking at CCTVS all over the place trying to locate where you could be

- He’s not really hacking much anymore, but he still has some people after him occasionally.

- He’s so caught up looking for you, that he doesn’t even notice when you eventually come in. You even said hello and he responded!

- Quietly you flick his head, and that pulls him out of it pretty quickly. At first he asks why you hit him, and then remembering you were gone all day, he practically nearly breaks your back with how strong his hug is.

- Eventually you explain you accidentally left your phone home, and that’s why you weren’t responding to his jokes.

- He fusses about losing his touch since he couldn’t locate you on the CCTV, and when you glance you just laugh

- He was looking for yesterday’s date, and that’s when he realized that it was monday, not sunday. 

- You weren’t going to let him live that one down.


- At first when you don’t answer, he just shrugs it off. Sometimes he didn’t have a chance to respond to your texts, it was normal.

- But usually you…did..Around lunchtime. You always asked if he had ate. And if not, then you would suggest going to eat together

- And today he was really hoping to do that…

- But he let it slide, trying not to be too clingy. 

- Then again, he couldn’t let it last all day. When your phone sent him straight to voicemail, he panicked. 

- He checked the CCTV and found out you hadn’t even left the house yet, so he was quick to ‘borrow’ his brother’s car and drive out there himself.

- He spent a bit outside of your door, trying to make sure this was an ‘okay’ thing to do, but eventually he let himself in

-… Only to find you asleep on the couch, phone dead, and a game controller in your hands

- He scoffed a bit, noticing a new game case on the coffee table, and it wasn’t hard to figure out you had another ‘all nighter’ with a game.

- Though, since it was pretty late in the afternoon, he woke you up, lightly scolding you and telling you to get up so the two of you could eat.


- He would try his best to be patient about the whole situation

- He noticed this morning you were gone out of the house, but your phone was left under the pillow

- He needed to be trusting, to not worry. He had this happen several times before you, he could learn to deal with it again

- But he was so anxious the whole day.

- He wanted to send you sweet messages, to ask you how you were doing, if you were having fun

- But your phone at home meant it would be pointless

- But…He could leave sweet messages anyway, right? That wouldn’t be too bad. 

- So every time he worried, every time he noticed how late it was getting, that’s what he did. It didn’t wash away his anxiety completely, but it did help.

-Late at night, when you finally walked in, realizing you left your phone at his place instead of his, you were greeted by a tight hug.

- He was so worried about you, even if he wished he could avoid showing it

- But you just apologized and laughed a bit when he seemed a bit embarrassed.

- After a few more hugs and kisses, you left with your phone in tow, not noticing the cute messages until you got home

- It really did made you smile, and you were quick to send a few of your own.

Reasons to ship Scott x Malia
  • He calls her Lia
  • He was the one who changed her back into a human
  • He was the first person she saw as a human
  • He teaches her
  • “What if I told you that you’re the only one that I have left?”
  • He saw her naked (a lot!) but it isn’t a thing for them
  • They respect each other
  • “What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing” “Your heart is pounding like crazy. Are you nervous?”
  • She sends him home when he wanted to help her with the desert wolf to protect him
  • ”I’m not asking. I’m offering. I’m just saying its okay if you want to [talk]”
  • They both broke up and are free for new love
  • “I can handle Peter” “You can handle him better with me!”
  • ”Malia. It’s okay. You’re safe.” 
  • “Scott you need your inhaler! Scott use it, use your inhaler!”
  • They saved each other many times

-She turns against her own father to protect him

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Derek x Reader

A/N: Making gifs from old Teen Wolf episodes got me inspired. Also, here some Derek for youuu, really like to write for this guy.


“Ask her if she’s okay. If she’s safe. “ Derek bawled, urging Scott as he waited for you to pick up your phone, almost piercing his fingertips into Scott’s shoulders of anticipation.

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HP Headcanon: McGonagall subtly helps Snape with his depression/insomnia in her animagus form because she knows he won't accept human help

1st November 1981
The night after Lily died.
Severus can’t sleep so he takes a stroll in the grounds in the early hours, despite the fact that it’s pouring with rain.
Minerva also can’t sleep thinking about Lily and James, so she transforms to make it easier and takes a stroll.
She comes across the Potions Master starring blankly towards the lake, fighting back tears and takes pity on him.
She meows softly and curls up in his lap to comfort him; they both sit there until dawn.

Summer 1994
The mark has started to come back and Severus is starting to worry; he forgets to eat and can’t bring himself to sleep, thinking about what he’ll have to do.
He takes a stroll around the grounds to maybe put his mind at rest - anything but sit with his own thoughts.
Minerva is in her cat form, also on a walk around the grounds because she’s had a sleepless night. She sees Severus, it’s the third time this week he’s taken an early morning stroll.
She walks up to him and walks beside him to keep him company as she sees his troubled expression.

Summer 1995
He’s back, a second war is already beginning, Severus taking his place as spy.
He maintains his confident, emotionless exterior, but inside he’s terrified.
His insomnia is back properly now, he can’t even hope to sleep without a strong sleeping potion, and even then it’s not certain he’ll sleep, so he takes nightly walks around the grounds, he finds is help a little.
He looks like death warmed up.
He forgets to eat sometimes, sleeping trough breakfast, missing lunch.
Minerva saw him leave the castle, he hadn’t been at meals all day so she followed as a cat.
He walked to the tree he’d sat at after Lily died (it reminded him what he fought for).
Minerva followed him and curled up in his lap again.
He found the cat’s warmth comforting and he felt a little less afraid.

September 1996
Dumbledore had only given Severus the Dark Arts job because he knew he’d be gone by the end of the year.
His days were numbered, soon everyone would hate him a a traitor; those who didn’t already hate him.
Every night he spent in the grounds was a chance to remember the one place that was his home.
Minerva was patrolling as a cat to catch any students off-guard; she only caught the Head of Slytherin, looking at the castle like he was seeing it for the first time (or last).
It started to rain.
Severus didn’t notice.
She meowed at his feet, nudged him inside with her head until he noticed and headed back inside.
She stayed at his heel until he was safely in his chamber.
She came back in the morning to make sure he went to breakfast.

January 1997
He couldn’t kill Dumbledore.
Every day Draco moved further on with his plan was another day Severus was reminded how little he wanted to do it.
He looked worse than death warmed up.
Severus was angry and he hated his very existence.
He lashed out at an unlucky gargoyle.
Down the corridor, Minerva was worried.
She forgot how young he was to have such a responsibility sometimes.
She transformed and led him back to his office where he sat at his desk, head buried in his hands.
Eventually he fell asleep; she stayed there until he did, meowing softly.

1st July 1997
Dumbledore was dead, he’d killed him.
It was over for him; there was no going back, Severus would die a traitor.
He lay on the luxurious four poster at Malfoy Manor, staring the the ceiling, unable to sleep.
Minerva prowled the grounds.
He’d betrayed them, that was undeniable, but she couldn’t believe it.
She’d seen him weep, she’d helped him cope and he was a traitor all along.

31st October 1997
It had been sixteen years since Lily had died, but it still hurt for Severus to think about her.
He walked to the tree where he’s mourned her all those years ago.
Since then, an enchanted lily had grown there that bloomed all year round.
He sat by it all night, unable to stop tears rolling down his cheeks.
He thought of a cat who had once comforted him there.
From the bushes, that cat looked on with a confused emotionless as she watched the man she now hated.

3rd May 1998
Severus was dead.
The war was won, but he was dead.
Another student she had outlived.
Harry had shown her the memories, she had cried for ages afterwards.
Cried for a man she hated.
Cried for a man who gave his life for the Order.
She remembered the nights she’d comforted him, it comforted her to know he had maybe felt better she’d been there, however temporary that feeling was.
As a cat, she sat by the tree he had mourned Lily by.
She stayed there until dawn.

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ghosts // old man logan

Originally posted by cinexphile

Despite the fact you were the last living mutant before it was just him and Charles, Logan carries the guilt of letting his wife die up into his own death. 


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anonymous asked:

Do you mind doing the analysis for the "I'm not proposing" scene?

I love their playfulness. 

I miss it.

The teasing, the happy tones, the flirting. 

This, to me, was a glimpse into life living with married Emma and Killian. Put them in their house and have Emma getting ready for work in the morning.

“I’ve got to run to the station and finish off those reports from yesterday. It’s a risky mission - I might not make it back home before lunchtime. However will you cope without me for so long?”

“I know when you’re being facetious.” 

This is a completely different Killian to the one that was in the diner just before.

Diner Killian was airing all his fear and frustration. He’s terrified, he’s angry, and he wants more than anything for everyone to realise just how badly they need to move forward and help Emma. He’s had enough of dawdling- it’s time for everyone to pull their thumb out and get on track with saving her.

But this Killian right here is masked. He doesn’t want Emma seeing any worries or fear- he doesn’t want her to be scared or doubtful… so he’s nothing but the loving supportive boyfriend full of hope. Because that’s what Emma needs.

And that’s what he’ll give her. 

And she’s reassuring both of them that she’s got this. They have a plan and it’s going to work.

“Be careful, Emma” - he still worries for her.


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Fair Play - part 2

Chapter 2 (and final one)!! Sorry again it took me so long to post it, but here it is :) Hope you guys enjoy it

You can read chapter one here 

‘Are you still mad at us?‘ 

Hermione eyed him, apprehensive. She was sitting opposite him with Ron by her side, who pretended his sausages were much more interesting than the topic Hermione was trying to bring up. Honestly, Harry wished she could do the same and leave it.

'No, it’s fine' 

“S not’ Ron mumbled, eyes still fixed on his own plate. Would he ever stop blushing like that or even be able to look Harry in the eye again? Now, everytime Harry tried to talk to him, Ron would either run away or hold his breath, looking about to combust from embarassment. 

Gossip flew faster than owls, it seemed. It didn’t took a day for the whole castle to know Harry Potter had snogged Draco Malfoy, even less so for Ron and Hermione to hear the news. He blamed it on the enchanted music, on his best friends for leaving him alone, on the alcohol, everything he could think of, basically. A poor excuse that might have convinced most of his classmates; not Hermione, though, who had watched him closely through his whole 'obsessed-with-Malfoy’ phase. She knew, better than anyone,  Harry was a pinning, very much in denial, bloke. But he couldn’t stay in denial if she kept talking about Malfoy all the time, could he?

He blinked, doing his best to push away that tingling feeling burning beneath his skin. 


'I bet it was Parkinson. Or Zabini’ Hermione sighed exasperately beside him 'Or both!' 

From where Harry was he could see the Slytherin table perfectly, the blond head he’d been desperately trying to spot in the sea of heads nowhere to be seem.  

'I checked, there were no drugs-’

'He’d could have been cursed!' 

Was he even still in the castle? Harry remebered the question popping in his head that night, his dormitory umbearably silent.

And empty

Merlin, he couldn’t help wishing he’d brought Malfoy there with him that night. He could have pinned him against the closed door, teared open the already wrinkled fabric of his shirt…

’ -because Harry is crushing on him!'  

Harry’s attention snapped back to where he was. Some students were staring at them - more than usual - specially at Hermione, whose expression matched Ron’s except for the color. She’d gone so white Harry feared the girl would faint right then and there while Ron’s face was almost the color of his hair. 

Her eyes found Harry’s seconds later, a quiet apologie evident there.
'I’m not crushing on him’ he gritted through his teets before grabbing his things and heading for the Great Hall’s door alone. He wanted to hate Malfoy, hate it all. 


His toes curled again, warm from the heating air in front of them. The fire crackled lightning just the corner of the empty eighth year common room where he was hiding, a hand covering his lips so no one would know.
No one could ever know.

Draco’s moan came out muffled, his hips bucking up sinfully, fucking himself in his hand while forbidden images flew behind his eyelids. 

The taste, Potter’s tongue trailing the line of his jaw. Draco knew his cock was dripping even with eyes closed. 

Those thighs, so strong after years playing Quidditch - Draco wanted to sit on top of them, needed them around his neck while he stuffed his mouth with Potter’s cock. 

Draco let his head drop to the side to rest on the couch behind him. He rolled his bare ass against the rough carpet, aching for more heat. He twisted his fist slightly, just the way he liked while picturing Potter’s hand on top of his, whispering in his ear. 

Yes, Draco, just like that

Harry…’ the pleading escaped his lips, the name that rolled on his tongue new to his own ears.


Harry stopped, frozen, on the last step of the staircase. 

His name, he’d heard his name. And that voice, he could recognise it anywhere. 

'Like, this, Harry… ah…

The room was dark except for a distant corner. Harry tiptoed there, his heartbeat ringing in his ears. 

Harry rounded the corner to find Draco Malfoy sprawled on the carpet, hair sticking to his forehead while his hands, both of them, fisted his cock fast and hard. He still had his shirt on, the green silk fabric darker in the orange light.
Harry gasped and Draco shot his eyes open.

It all moved in slow motion, Draco’s cheeks becoming a darker shade of pink while Harry felt his cock filling inside his pants.  

He didn’t move quickly enough to stop Draco from getting up and running away again. He just stood there, too shocked to breath, too aware to be in denial anymore. 



The Slytherin snapped out of his daze, the blood rushing to his face because he’d been daydreaming about… Fuck, Draco ran his hand through his hair out of pure habit. Pansy knew that was a typical sign of anxiety coming from him, something he’d been doing for the past few days.
'What is it?’ She asked for the third time that day, tired of trying to guess the source of Draco’s distress. 

'Nothing’ he mumbled. He couldn tell her, he couldn’t tell anyone. Everyone already knew they had snogged senseless but the enchanted music had been a valid excuse for that, erasing any suspicion that they had done that intentionally. There were no excuses for him jerking off to Potter late at night and both of them knew that.

The hardest part was that Potter didn’t seem disgusted, willing to forget. It’d been three days since the party and not for a single one he hadn’t tried to reach out for Draco.

Of course Pansy was always by his side and he couldn’t do anything about that. Actually, he wouldn’t do anything about that partly because he didn’t think he was ready to whatever Potter wanted to talk about. 

'My patience’s running thin, Draco. If you won’t tell me what it is that’s making you sigh every five minutes than I’ll just let you mourn all alone, okay?’ Pansy got up dramatically, grabbing her bag from where it stood by the side of the sofa. 

'No!’ Draco reached for her hand, pulling her back down. 'Please, Pansy. Just… stay here, okay? Please?’ Draco knew Pansy loved when he was polite so he could do a little effort if it meant having more time to think. She smiled at him, apparently satisfied with his words, and dropped her bag again.

'Is it the gossip? People will forget about it sooner or later-’

'Er… Hello' 

Oh no. Not now not now not now-

'Can I have a word with Malfoy?’ Draco felt Pansy tensing by his side, her head turning slowly towards the person that stood not far from their couch but at a safe distant. 


Draco didn’t dare lift his eyes from where they were glued to the carpet. He could almost hear the pieces coming together inside his friend’s head, the fact that Potter didn’t despise him, realization hitting her seconds later and that wicked smile. Bloody hell, it would be easier to throw himself out of the window. 

'Sure’ the words contradicting her desire to stay and watch. 

Pansy got up, bending quickly to grab her bag before kissing Draco on the cheek, an innocent thing that hold a lot of meaning behind it. Pansy was delighted, Draco knew, most definitely because now he wouldn’t be able to dodge her atempts to match him with Potter. She’d been trying that for, what, three years? Ever since she caught Draco staring at Potter’s ass in that gorgeous outfit he wore during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament the bitch wouldn’t leave him alone. And now, when he needed her the most, she was leaving him.

Potter sent a weird look, almost like he expected her to come back and laugh at his face, before turning to Draco again, catching his eyes this time.

'Do you mind if I sit?' 

Yes, Draco tried to shout back. Leave, he wished he could just sneer at him like he was so used to.

'No’ he answered finally, keeping enough of his dignity holding Potter’s gaze instead of letting his eyes drop to the floor like he was dying to do.

Potter sat, the safe distance he kept driving Draco insane. 'I’m sorry’.

'Why?’ Draco said harshly, the word escaping his lips before he could think about all the things it implied. 

Potter’s eyes went wide.

'You’re not?’ Potter turned his body in Draco’s direction, placing his hand on the sofa so close to his he could feel the warmth radiating from it. They were close, but not enough to touch.

'I- ’

Draco forced his lips shut, glancing around as subtly as he could. There were some Hufflepuffs sitting by the fire at the far end of the room; two Ravenclaw girls chatting upon arithmancy books by the stairs; Lovegood braiding the Weasley girl’s hair, who slept peacefully with her head on the other’s lap on a large couch not far from them. He looked back at Harry, still too close to be safe but too far to be enough. 

'If you want to talk, I’ll meet you here later’

Draco was already turning away when a firm grip brought his eyes back. 

'Draco, do you regret it?' 

Draco lowered his voice, worried someone would notice their proximity.
'Later’ he gritted through his teeth.

Harry, unfazed, placed his hand softly on Draco’s cheek, his expression insistent. 

'I need to know now’

Draco breathed in deep, weighing how much fucked he’d be if he were honest for once. 

'Do you think I would still be here if I were sorry?’

Harry kissed him suddenly, sucking his lips lightly before backing away much too soon. 

He breathed on Draco’s lips.

'Later, then’


Anyone standing by the high stairs of the eighth year common room could say it was empty at such late hour. A small fire crackling enough to warm one of the corners but not enough to make Draco visible from where he stood curled on one old but confortable couch.

The hours passed by, his pocket watch making fun of his face everytime he opened it to check the time. He wasn’t ready, he didn’t think he’d ever be ready to have such a conversation, specially with Potter of all people. 

It was almost two in the morning when Draco heard the soft steps coming from behind him. He got up with a calmness he didn’t felt.


'Why were you avoiding me before?' 

Too soon, too soon Potter was right there in front of him and Draco couldn’t force himself to back away. No, he wanted the warmth that emmaneted from that strong body so he stayed firmly where he was. 

God, he craved those lips, his fingers tingling with the need to reach out and touch. Still, he kept his face blank, something he’d improved with time and practice, years and years of lutful feelings disguised as hate being throw at Potter.

'Draco, why are you doing this?’

He looked up, into those emerald eyes. Harry’s pupils were dilated but resentment was there too, furrowed dark brows intensifying his bright irisis. 

'I… what do you even mean?' 

Draco felt suffocated. It was hard to breath, hard to stay still when an evident electrifying field kept building up between them by the second. Harry fidgeted, closing the insignificant distance. Draco looked down, the silence around them enough for him to listen clearly to his speeding heartbeat.  

'I can’t do this anymore' 

Potter was the one to reach out, the expectation inside Draco too much for him not to moan the moment their skins touched. Harry forced his jaw open with one hand, the other coming to rest on his lower back, firmly pulling Draco’s body flushed against his.

'I couldn’t stop thinking’ Harry mouthed, brushing his lips against Draco’s, the hand still holding his jaw so Draco couldn’t even tilt his head an inch. Draco licked Harry’s bottom lip tentatively, trembling with the need to move.
Digging his fingers on Harry’s hips, Draco slid his palms down so he could grab his ass earning a low groan from the other.

Their mouths were hanging open, both of them breathing in each other’s air as their lips locked. The kiss was a hungry thing, desperation to taste each other bruising the soft skin. Harry’s hands were everywhere, squeezing his ass, messing up his hair, palming him through-

'Ah Potter… ’ Draco jerked his hips forward, rubbing shamelessly against Harry’s thigh. He was rocking hard - not that he was the only one -, knees too weak to support him any longer. He took a step forward, forcing Harry against the couch behind him.

'All week’ Harry’s hands still grabbing Draco’s ass pressed him down against him.

'What?’ Draco breathed on his neck where he’d started to leave mark after mark.  

'I’ve wanted you all week, you bastard' 

Draco shivered, letting Harry roll them around, ending up on top of him.
'Everytime I saw you in class’ Harry lowered his head enough to whisper on his lips again. 'I wanted to drop to my knees’

And fuck, he was crawling back until his mouth was right above Draco’s obvious bulge. 

'Lick you until you were dripping’ he nuzzled Draco’s crotch with his nose, inhaling deeply. 'How fucked up is that’ he talked more to himself than to Draco, a hint of shame clearly there.

Before Draco could do anything Harry’s mouth covered the bulge, mouthing the side of his cock and pressing his tongue flushed against the fabric, so hot Draco felt it immediately. 

His fingers threaded in those dark locks, painfully pulling Harry’s head up. 

'Do you even know what I have been through?' 

He sat down, ignoring Harry’s shocked expression  when he was forced away from him. 

Draco pushed Potter on his back, his head coming to rest on the arm of the couch. It took him seconds to get rid of his pants, lower half completed exposed.

Months, Potter’ he climbed on top of Harry who seemed too dumbstruck to even speak. 'And you waited for, what, a week?’ He kissed him hard,  backing away too soon.

Draco balanced his weight on his knees, positioning his swollen cock in front of Harry’s mouth. 

Almost tenderly, Draco caressed Harry’s scalp, bringing his lips closer to his cock. It all felt like one of his fantasies, the hungry look in Harry’s eyes giving him the confidence he didn’t know he had.

'Lick it from the base’ he ordered, watching disbelievingly as Harry did as he was told without  breaking eye contact.

Draco trembled, doing his best to not buck forward.  Harry reached the head, sucking it and, fuck, closing his eyes when lowering his head, taking in half of Draco’s cock in his mouth. 

It was so hot, the way Harry sucked him like he was made for that, practically begging Draco to thrust into his mouth. The heat built up faster than he wanted it to, consuming all the remaining strength he had left. Harry hummed agaisnt his cock, his hands grabbing Draco’s arse cheeks and supporting him there while forcing his hips forward, a silence plead for more.

Draco thrust, letting his eyes fall shut and mouth hang open when he came moments later. 

He let himself be pulled down to lay on top of Harry. It wasn’t fair, the way Harry treated him like he could break any minute. The kisses being placed on his temple, the hands stroking his back. He wanted to hate it all.
'Potter, we should- ’ Draco tried to get up but Harry only strengthened the grip around his waist.  

'It’s Harry' 

Draco wanted to hate it all.

Harry tilted his head so their eyes could meet, the sweetness that could be found there far from anything fair. But Draco couldn’t hate it even if he truly wanted to.

cjtitties  asked:

How about companion's headcanon thoughts on the concept of sex? not in a pervy way, more along the line of either just borderline lust or emotional intimacy between two partners with the possible after effects of conceiving an infant.(Not to mention wasteland STDs, if they'd even considered that possibility)

Headcanons: The companions and sex

Cait pretends she’s a “loose” woman, flirting and offering sex whenever she sees someone she likes. In reality, it’s a defense mechanism from her years as a slave. More than once she was used for sex, and it’s become her way of retaining power. If she fucks them and leaves them before they can do the same to her, she’s the one in control. Sex is her way of paying debts, keeping things fair. She’d never want children. It’s not in her nature, and besides - she knows she’s too fucked up to raise any good ones.

As you might imagine, Codsworth has no strong feelings towards sexual intimacy. He’s not capable of any such strong desires, and has no bits to do any kind of intimacy with. He loves children, and would do very well as a teacher or childcare worker, as he was built to be. But under no circumstances would he be interested in any kind of relationship, in any way.

Curie likes the idea of sex. The whole thing fascinates her. Positions, power dynamics, the biological and psychological components involved. Sexually transmitted diseases are important to treat, and children - or, rather, preventing them - are another important issue to consider. She views the whole thing with a medical sort of mindset, though in her explorations as a human, she’s happy to try lots of different relationships with different people. But she has no real draw to anything in particular, and as a synth, can’t have children.

Danse isn’t good at intimacy. He has a hard enough time getting out of his power armor - getting out of his clothes would be an even bigger hurdle. It’s not that he dislikes love or sex, it’s just hard for him, and it’s not something he’s too familiar with. He’s too devoted to his job, and later, too busy struggling with his identity to be interested in other people. He’s not good with children, either, and isn’t sure if he’d want any of his own. He likes the squires, but finds most children wild, unkempt, and hard to discipline or train accordingly.

Don’t make me laugh. Deacon? He hasn’t had sex since he tried to get a prostitute fifteen years ago and ended up running out in tears. He just - he’s not good about relaxing and trusting another person with himself. It feels weird. He wants to, believe me, he’d love having another person in his life. But it’s just not going to happen, and he’s accepted that. Same with kids. He loves kids, and he’s good with them, but his lifestyle and age means he’d never get to have the kind of family he’d want.

Dogmeat would preferably not like to be molested by any humans, thank you, but maybe when he gets a little older and his snout starts turning gray, he can find some cute wasteland ladydog and have some pups. His pups will need to look after Sole while he’s gone.

Do you need to ask? Hancock is a big fan of sex. Sex, love, intimacy, erotica - it’s all good. All sexes, all genders, all positions or anything you can think of. Being a ghoul, he doesn’t have to worry about any kind of STDs, or even worry about having kids. He’s alright with kids, I suppose, but they were never a big draw to his life. It’s possible he’s got a brat or two running around from when he was younger and had worse judgement, but he doesn’t know for sure. No, his city is his baby.

Nick Valentine, still bearing his Pre-War intelligence, can feel attraction, but he lacks the bodily function to do anything about it. Without the physiological hormones and stuff to distract him, he can appreciate a pretty girl from afar without getting frustrated or pent-up. He’s also capable of pleasing someone, if he had to, and enjoying kisses, but that’s not something he thinks about often. It doesn’t really come up. He can’t have kids, either, though he likes the idea of picking up an apprentice someday. Maybe he’ll take on one of Ellie’s kids.

Missionary. That sums up MacCready’s sexual attitudes. He’s not into “weird stuff,” as he calls it. He’s not overly romantic or even very good at intimacy. Besides, it’s… been a while. Not since Lucy, when he was a teenager and neither of them knew what they were doing. So his experience is lacking. He’s not even that concerned with STDs, given his disinterest in personal hygiene. He wouldn’t mind having more kids, but he’s more worried about his meager merc paycheck, and what his job would mean for a family.

It’s one of many things Piper would like to know much more about. She’s the kind of girl who reads trashy romance novels late at night, who writes awful erotica in her journals, who’s not sure how it all works but would like to have it, thank you very much. Kids aren’t high on her agenda, and she’s very particular about safe sex, because that’s the only proper way to do things. Piper really just wants to get out there into the world, meet some people, touch some people, figure out what she wants from life.

Preston is the kind of man who blushes at the faintest innuendo, or purposefully ignores anything in a sexual context. He’s a deep romantic. He calls it “making love” rather than having sex, and is the kind of guy who’d say “thank you” afterwards with stars in his eyes. He thinks it’s a great way for couples to bond, to express love, and to have children, which are very important to him. In a perfect world, he’d be a loving family man, always attentive to his lover’s needs.

Strong does not have genitals. He does not feel attraction, and he has no interest in doing anything to anybody, or having anything done to him. Another thing to consider is that many super mutants are (or, were) human beings with families of their own. Many transformed mutants were once very unfortunate children. Trying to engage in a sexual relationship with one is… a questionable decision.

While possessing the appropriate equipment himself, X6-88 uses it for waste disposal, not… that. He does not view anyone as an equal, or even as the same species as him, so attraction is out of the question. He’s not ugly, nor physically unfit, so if he set his mind to it, he’d… probably enjoy the activity. But without someone encouraging him to even think about it, to consider it, he could go his whole life without sparing his groin a second thought. 


Okay so…
It’s Zen day today! It’s kind of weird, but I’m trying to do something different for each character for @mysticmessimagines ’s Valentine’s Week and so, since I couldn’t come up with anything to do for Zen, I thought I’d rant a little about my opinion of him and why I love him.
It might be a bit of an “unpopular opinion”, but I truly consider Zen an older brother. Like, of course in his route he is really romantic and I love it, I really do. But to me, in the end, he will always be a big brother. He is just so caring and protective (like in the screenshots above) and just seeing him in the other routes made me realize how much he actually worries about MC and wants her to be safe. He puts her well-being before his own, he makes sure she eats properly and is safe. Like in Jumin’s route, he is constantly worried about her and it’s not just because he “hates” Jumin, no, he is concerned for her in his own way and I find that super adorable. Even in his own route, the way he tries to protect her from himself and from “the beast” shows how much he actually wants her to be comfortable and how important her feelings are to him.
Another thing that makes him the best big bro to me is the fact that he is always willing to give you advice in many occasions, I especially noticed that in Saeyoung’s Valentine’s Day After Ending. I’m just so happy that he still cares about MC in the other routes as much as he would in his own and yeah I just thought I’d make a Zen appreciation post because everyone I know underestimates him or doesn’t particularly like him because of his narcissism. People, appreciate Hyun Ryu pls

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Deepest Wish

Requested by @jazminblake

Summary: There is once again a party in the camp and everyone is partying except Bellamy who’s keeping watch, but mostly watches reader, who is dancing, laughing and singing, which makes him smile. Later she decides to keep him a company but eventually falls asleep. Bellamy takes her to her tent and is about to leave but reader stops him, because she’s done feeling alone.

Word count: 2502

Song: She’s crazy, but she’s mine

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Bellamy sat leaned against the tree a little afar from the centre of the party. Just as always he was keeping an eye on the delinquents who were partying, but his eyes were specifically trained on Y/N. The girl that had stolen his heart.

He felt a smile grew on his own lips as he watched her dancing and singing around the fire with that fairy laugh of hers echoing trough the whole camp. Her hair was waving around her and her eyes were lit up as she was having fun with her friends.

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Hello, love bugs! 

Dan x Reader 

warnings- swears, smut

Hi I was wondering if you could make a fanfic where you fall out with Dan (who’s like away somewhere) and he’s like spam texting you and you keep ignoring him, and then he turns up at your door and um… After argument sex!! Haha thanks, ly xoxoxo -anon

“I feel smothered by you. Can I not have one night where I go out with friends and not have you check up on me every five minutes? You’re not my mother Daniel.” Your fingers were quick on your phone as you texted your reply to Dan. You and Dan hadn’t seen each other for nearly a week since he had been gone seeing his parents. Normally you would be at home waiting to see him as soon as possible but it was your best friends birthday and you never get to go out and let your hair loose. Dan didn’t have a problem with you going out with friends. His problem was the picture he saw you post on Instagram of you in a risky type of outfit. Dan doesn’t like to share and he absolutely does not like the thought of a bunch of men looking at you or trying to hit on you.

Your phone beeped back the familiar tone you set only for texts from Dan. You almost didn’t want to read it. His words were probably dripping with sarcasm and sass even if it was only in text form. “You’re right Y/N I'm not your mother but I expect you not to go out like that.” 

“I thought that it doesn't matter what a girl wears. It’s her body and her choice and I don’t need to cater to a man’s opinion.’ Thankfully you were still in the cab going to the club with your friends. You may just go and give him a piece of your mind in person if you weren't already on your way to the party. This was the only thing Dan and yourself ever really fought about. He trusted you with his life. Dan’s problem was trusting everyone else. 

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Prompt: “How about you leave me the fudge alone!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1177

Warnings: Dean gets hurt, pregnant reader. Tooth-rotting fluff

A/n: Written for @deals-with-demons 200 follower challenge! This was the first challenge I’ve participated in so I’m really excited! This is such a fluffy fic. Seriously I think this is the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written in my life, I’m such an angsty person so… I apologize if this is terrible. 

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You’d finally had enough, this was the last straw. You paced around Bobby’s kitchen, where you have been and would continue to be cooped up while your husband and brother-in-law grounded you from hunting until further notice, leaving you to FBI and research duty. They said it was only until everything was safe, which… meant you would be here forever. Not that you didn’t love Bobby, but with your condition you’ve been even more grouchy than him lately.

The current reason for your ire was standing in the doorway leading to the living room, and he couldn’t figure out why you were so angry. You finally shouted, “How about you leave me the fudge alone!”

Your husband put a hand to his forehead. “Oh I’m having flashbacks.” Dean shuddered a bit before coming up behind you to wrap his arms around you. “When are you gonna stop being mad at me?”

“When you replace the apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream you inhaled after I’d told you that I’ve been craving it.” You turned around in his arms and glared into his eyes. “Your son isn’t making me crave anything weird, the least you can do is not eat his fudging pie!”

“Okay babe, I know you’re mad. And I understand, - I do -  but…” Dean furrowed his eyebrows. “Why are you censoring yourself with pagan god-approved curse words? Our bun is still in the oven, she can’t hear your dirty girl mouth.”

You smacked his chest and smirked up at him. He began to sway you both back and forth in the middle of the kitchen. “Actually Winchester, he can hear us talking just fine at this stage. But that’s not why I’m watching my language.”

Grinning, he said, “Oh really? Well you wanna share with the rest of the class, sweetheart?”

You shrugged. “Just trying to kick the habit of using the fuck word,” your hand covered his mouth when he opened it to interrupt you, “among other bad language words. The last thing I want is for our son’s first words to be ‘Son of a bitch!’” He chuckled and tried to spin you. “You know there isn’t any music playing, right?”

He shrugged. “So? Pretend we’re that couple from that sappy movie you roped me into watching that one day.”

Dean pulled you back to his chest and began to hum a song you didn’t recognize. “You mean The-“

His lips were on yours instantly. “Just shut up and dance with me.”

You laughed. “You just don’t want to admit that you actually liked-“


“Dammit Dean!” Bobby helped Sam guide Dean as best he could into the house and onto the couch. “What the hell happened!”

Dean coughed when he tried to laugh lightly. “You cussed… sweetheart.”

“If you weren’t possibly dying, I might kill you Dean.” You told Sam to get the first aid kit, whiskey, and some towels. “What happened, Bobby!”

“Honey it was something unheard of. No one could have figured out it was two wendigos, they just don’t pair up like that.” He sighed, putting more pressure to the claw marks on Dean’s chest. “Your idiot husband got cocky.”

You were worrying over Dean when Sam came back with Cas in tow. “Even better than a first aid kit.”

Dean groaned. “Can I still have the whiskey?” The light from Cas’s grace brightened the room. You moved and wrapped your arms tightly around Dean’s neck, his hand went to the back of your head to pull you closer. He kissed your head. “I’m okay, sweetheart.” He looked up at Cas. “Thanks for saving my ass… Again.”

He nodded to his friend. “Dean you were very lucky…. Let us hope that your daughter is not as foolish,” the angel muttered.

Your head whipped over to face him. “Say that again Cas?”

He was confused before it dawned on him. “You didn’t know… I apologize-“

Instantly you were hugging him. “Don’t you dare apologize. It’s a girl… You’re sure?”

“Well yes, I’m more than fairly certain.” He smiled softly and reached out to your growing bump. “She is… content. I would say happy, but she does not yet know such a feeling.”

You cleared your throat to help keep yourself together, but the tears in your eyes gave you away. “Thank you, Cas.”

He smiled at you and then at Dean. “Congratulations. I am happy for the two of you.” The fluttering of his wings indicated the angel’s departure.

Sam hugged his brother, patting him on the back. He looked at him for a moment before grinning widely. “We were right!”

“I know!”

Bobby just shook his head. “Idjits.” He gave you a one-armed hug. “I’m happy for you, honey. I know you were banking on a boy but… Hell I’m getting a granddaughter! I don’t even care that it means the tweedles were right.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” You whispered. “Me either.” You laughed and he bid you all goodnight.

Sam hugged you and told you congratulations before going upstairs for a shower, and finally you and Dean were alone. “Hi…”

He sat on the couch and pulled you into his lap, kissing you fiercely. “Hi,” he said deeply.

“You feeling okay, sweetheart?”

“I’m so much more than okay right now. I’m fan-fudging-tastic.” He smirked at you.

You laid your head on his chest, soothed by his heart beating. “I hate how much I worry about you, and Sam. Especially now that I can’t be there to watch your backs… I know Bobby is more than capable, but-“

“It’s not the same.” He finished for you. “I get it, sweetheart. Ever since we first met and you told me you ‘Worked solo, because I don’t need any pretty boy hunters thinking they can boss me around.’

You chuckled. “You remember what you said to me?”

He nodded. “’You think I’m pretty?’

You smiled and kissed his jaw. “Prettiest damn hunter there is.”

“Do you even own a mirror?” He scoffed.

You kissed his jaw before falling into a comfortable silence. After a while you said, “I love you, Dean Winchester.”

He kissed your head. “I love you too, Y/n Winchester.” His hand went to your belly. “And I love our tiny bean too. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a boy or girl, I just want her to be safe and happy…” His voice trailed off as his mind wandered.

You knew he was worrying himself about how to protect the both of you. The only conclusion he could ever think of was to get out of the life, but trouble always followed the Winchester name, and you’d be back to square one.

You leaned up to kiss his lips. “Come back to me, Dean. We’ll worry about it another day.”

He sighed. “Okay.”

“So…” You grinned, trying to lighten the mood. “Since we know it’s a girl, I was thinking about the name Ally-“

“If you finish that sentence, I’m breaking every copy of that movie I see from here on out.”


So here is another Bughead fic. This is one is canon compliant. @riverdalehighvixens thank you so much for your help, checking over my work. :)

It doesn’t take long for Jughead to figure out that something’s on Betty’s mind.

Betty had been acting weird ever since Dilton Doiley came in with the information of seeing Miss Grundy’s car in the woods.

Not ‘I know Archie is sleeping with Miss Grundy’ weird, Jughead would have been able to pick up on that. No, this is different.

But from the way she spends her time staring off into space, hand holding a pen over her notebook ready to write if she has to, Jughead can tell that she doesn’t want him to notice anything is amiss.

He decides to test his theory.

“Betty?” He calls out casually.

Betty doesn’t respond.

“Betty?” He asks, a bit louder, but still keeping his voice soft.

Betty looks over at him quickly, pressing her pen down to the notebook ever so slightly. “Yes, Juggy?”

“I’m going to get something from the vending machine, you want anything?”

“No, thank you.” She smiles gratefully at him before looking back at her notepad, which doesn’t have a lot written in it.

Jughead turns around and heads to the vending machine, his theory proven correct, doubling his concern.

It isn’t until the next day when he’s sitting with Archie, Betty, Veronica and Kevin that he notices something else. While Betty’s doing a good job of listening and joining the conversation when it comes to Kevin and Archie, Betty’s not looking or talking as much with Veronica.

He’s off to his own, just sitting there in all his 'brooding mystery’ as Veronica calls it, and tries to pinpoint other areas of tension. But other than Betty not looking at Veronica, and Veronica shooting well hidden concerned glances every once in a while, everything else is fine.

Archie is excitedly telling them about his new sound proof music room and how he’s going to invite them over as soon as he’s not grounded anymore. His excitement is enough to distract Jughead as Archie looks at each of his friends one at a time. That’s the magic of Archie, he makes you feel special.

Kevin is too into Archie’s story that he’s not as observant as usual. If Jughead can give him credit for anything, it’s always catching the smallest shift in Betty since she’s his best friend. But now he’s exchanging ideas with Archie, who’s responding back with the same enthusiasm.

It seems today was a good day to have this conversation. Otherwise, both Kevin and Archie would have picked up on Betty and Veronica’s behavior.

Veronica excuses herself to go to the restroom, asking Betty to watch her purse. Betty tells her yes, and Veronica gets up after looking at Betty, but Betty is resolute in not looking at her.

Jughead gives it a minute before announcing he’s going to get something from the vending machine. Archie and Kevin make their demands pulling money from their wallets.

“You want anything, Betty?” Archie asks, “I’ll pay.”

“Yeah, you’re a little quiet today. I think you’re in need of a sugar boost.” Kevin adds in.

Betty chuckles nervously. “I’m not quiet. You guys have reason to be extra chatty today. It’s really cool that your Dad is doing this for you, Archie.” Betty smiles.

Archie smiles in return. “Yeah, he’s the best. Is there anything you want?”

“Just a water, thank you. I’m just thirsty.”

Jughead takes their money, making note of everything they wanted, and he’s just in time to run into Veronica in the hallway.

“Going to the vending machine, want anything?”

“I’ll go with you.”


Well that makes everything easier.

“You’re quiet today.” Jughead points out, thinking this is a safe place to start.

“Archiekins has better news than anything I could say.” Veronica states, and Jughead knows she’s playing conversation chess, because that was said so Jughead wouldn’t try to ask more questions.

Jughead almost admires her, but he’s got an objective. “You’ve had a bad couple of days. I can understand that.”

“Can you?” Veronica shoots him an easy smirk.

“Not personally, but if Betty is any indication, then yes, I understand.” There, he set the bait.

Veronica doesn’t let anything past her impassive face, but when she glances at him the worry there, in her eyes. “Is she okay?”

She’s not, but Jughead doesn’t know what’s wrong, and if Veronica doesn’t know either then he doesn’t have any leads anymore.

“She’s been extra quiet ever since the Clayton incident.”

Veronica isn’t confused like he thought she would be, and Jughead realizes that she does know something. Maybe not the whole thing, but she knows something.

“But it’s more than that, isn’t it?” Veronica doesn’t answer right away.

“I don’t know anything if that’s what you’re after.” She finally states.

“But something happened.” Jughead says.

“You’re her friend, right? She trusts you?” Veronica asks instead.

“Yes, I think so.”

“Then ask her. You’re not one to beat around the bush, just ask her.”

“You can’t tell me anything?” Jughead asks, because he knows if he’s going to have to ask Betty, he won’t be able to help her like he hoped he would.

“It’s not my place to tell, Jughead.” Veronica starts walking down the hall to the vending machine and Jughead doesn’t try not to worry this time, because Veronica confirmed that something was bothering Betty.

When they return, Betty is the first one to look over. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when she sees Veronica and Jughead together, Betty figured that they talked about her. It was in the way she didn’t look at him once even though he was sitting right across from her on Archie’s left.

After school, when they’re in the Blue and Gold offices, Betty stares at her notepad, writing every once in a while, but Jughead knows she’s waiting for him to say something. There’s a visible tension in her shoulders.

Jughead wants to ask, he wants to help, but if he knows something about Betty it’s that she has to be the one to take the first step. Anything else would be too much like how her Mother demands things of her.


Betty relaxes her shoulder before she looks up at him, expression casual, but her lips closed tight and that tells Jughead everything. She won’t talk.

“You want to get out of here? We can work at Pop’s today. I’m in the mood for a burger. I’ll buy you anything.”

“I thought it was always on me?” Betty asks after a moment’s pause as she searched his face, a small smile starts forming in her lips, and Jughead knows he’s doing something right.

“I’m breaking the golden rule of asking you to leave before my article is at least rough drafted. It’s on me today.” He gives her a pointed look. “Just today. My demand still stands.”

Betty shakes her head chuckling and that knot of worry twists uncomfortably in his chest, because he wants her to always be smiling and easy going and happy. She shouldn’t loose her happiness by being bogged down by whatever had happened.

“Okay.” She stretches before grabbing her things and Jughead shoots her a half smile.

He makes easy conversation with her, keeping the subject on the article and how even though he broke the rule, he gets bonus points for knowing what he’s going to type up. So it’s like he did the whole article.

Betty does seem more relaxed after that, and Jughead makes sure to keep on safe topics.

“I’m really happy Archie’s Dad soundproofed the garage for him.”

“It should be fun hearing his new songs.” Jughead acknowledges. “We should go together.”

They both pause, processing his words. That had to be the second time Jughead asked Betty to do something with him.

Betty slowly smiles at him. “You know, if you want to ask me out, all you need to do is ask.” She’s teasing him and Jughead has to fight off a grin.

“Duly noted.” Jughead replies, opting to keep his answer vague, but even then a soft blush blooms in her cheeks and she can’t stop smiling as she continues to eat her fries.

Jughead watches her silently, with a fond smile of his own.

Bucky Barnes Imagine: Worried Dad.

I think a lot of you guys are enjoying pregnancy or cute dad Bucky imagines! i’m not complaining, I think those are the cutest! Anyways, I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to keep sending requests!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Too much Fluff, Protective Buck. 

Word Count: Lots

Request: Could you do one where Bucky takes care of you when your pregnant❤️❤️

“I swear Bucky!” you sighed, walking towards the kitchen. “I’m pregnant, not handicapped!” you said, Bucky following behind you close by as if you were about to fall or something.

“I know, sweetheart. I just want you to be safe and sound, I don’t want you to have any preoccupation, I want you all relaxed for this baby.” he said with a smile on his face as you two made it to the kitchen, you were craving a grilled cheese so bad. 

“Alright, alright.” you said, opening the cabinet and taking out a pan before placing it on the stove and heating it up, then going to the fridge and taking out the bread, some cheese and butter, before walking towards the stool to prepare it all. 

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Can’t Wait

 Request:Could you do a Peter Parker x reader where they live in separate buildings across the street from one another and they’ve talked a few times but one night Peter hears a crash outside and the reader is like limping home so he helps her and she explains she was like taking out the trash or something and they become friends and start dating a while after

Requested by: anon 

A/n; hope you like it anon! 

warning: fluff, swearing? 


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Peter’s pov

Peter climbed up to his floor of the old building he and his aunt lived in. He looked around to make sure that no one was looking. Even though it was 3 am you never knew who was out there.  

Peter climbed inside and closed his window, he took off his mask and threw it in a corner of his closet. 

Peter patched himself up and got ready for bed, he didn’t have a lot of bruises only one near his lip and few scars on his cheek. Other than that he was fine, Peter was glad that he didn’t have any serious injuries since he didn’t want May to find out. 

Peter climbed in his bed, he twisted and turned till he found the perfect spot and started to feel sleep take over him. Just when his eyes were giving up on him and he was going to fall asleep. A loud crash came from outside the window. 

Peter jolted out of bed, and walked to the window, he looked outside and saw a girl? It was Y/n, she lived in the building in front of them, he would see her all the time on his way to school and the way back. They didn’t really talk much they would share a few “hi” and “how are you’s” but that was it. 

Peter continued to look at her he didn’t want her to get hurt not on his watch. That’s when he realized that his neighbor was limping, he thought that it was most probably the crash he heard a second ago. 

Peter worried ran out through the window, he didn’t realize till later on that he didn’t have his spider suit and that now he was only Peter and not Spiderman. 

He wanted to run back and go get his suit but he couldn’t risk it, he needed to know if Y/n was safe and didn’t get hurt.

Peter found your limping from walking home and he ran as fast as his legs could have that moment. 

“H-Hi,” Peter said in a shaky breath, he didn’t mean to scare you but you could help but get started by his presence. “fuck- Peter it’s only you” you put your hand on your chest trying to calm your racing heart. 

“Sorry y/n didn’t mean to scare you. I heard a crash from my room and wanted to check it out, that’s when I saw you limping so thought I should come and help you out” Peter rubbed the back of his neck. 

Y/n smiled “ that’s so sweet thank you Peter” Peter smiled and offered to walk her home. Which she gladly accepted.

“So Y/n you never told me what were you doing in the middle of the night?’’  Y/n laughed and Peter looked at her confused but couldn’t stop the smile that was forming on his lips. 

“You see Peter I came to take out the trash,” she told him “wait why would you take out your trash at this hour?” you laughed once again. “I had some guest over and they left a few minutes ago, so my mom asked me to take out the trash since we were cleaning” Peter shook his head understandingly. 

Peter frowned, something was still bugging him “what’s wrong?” Y/n asked him. “I get why you went outside this late, then why were you limping?” peter looked at you “ well when I went to take out the trash I kinda..” Peter waited for  her to continue “don’t laugh ok?’’ Y/n raised her pinky in the air, Peter looked at her than her pinky. He smiled and hooked it with his own. 

“okay Y/n I won’t laugh” Y/n took a deep breath and spoke, “ my mom warned me that it was icy outside and it was really slippery near the garbage can” she looked at Peter to see if he was still listening, which he was. “so I may or may not slipped and fell right on my butt” Y/n looked at Peter he was trying hold in his laughter. “You can laugh Peter I know it’s funny,” she said and both of them looked at each other and started to laugh. 

They started to talk to more after that night, they would wait for one another in the morning and would walk to the subway together, since they didn’t go to the same school. 

They would also meet up after school and over the weekends. 

Y/n ended up changing school’s and now both her and Peter were in the same school and took the same classes. 

He ended up telling her about Spiderman as well, (they were best friends after all) “did it hurt?” she asked, wide eyes like a child on Christmas morning. Peter didn’t realize that his crush on her was growing bigger and bigger every day. “At first but then it stopped" he assured her.  

*3 years later*

“three years Peter can you believe it? We’ve been friends for three years now?” Y/n told Peter, they were sitting on the roof of Peter’s apartment building “yeah I can’t believe it” he said wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

“Y/n?” “hmm?” she said “I need to tell you something” Peter took a deep breath “what’s wrong Peter? is everything alright?” Y/n got worried. “Yeah everything is fine, well not really but ugh why is this so hard! ok, I’m just gonna say it, Y/n I have a crush on you I alway had one. Since day one and I want to know if you want to go out with me?”.

Y/n jumped and warped her arms around him “OMG yes Peter Yes I will go out with you” Peter laughed at her excitement and kissed her hard on the lips. 

“can’t wait”