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Hereโ€™s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I donโ€™t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience Iโ€™ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. Iโ€™ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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23 Reasons To Love Caspar Lee

in honor of his 23rd birthday of course (warning: cheesiness ahead) 

  1. his smile
  2. his laugh
  3. the way his eyes get little crows feet when he’s laughing and super happy 
  4. how much he adores his friends
  5. his spiky blonde hair 
  6. his love for his home country 
  7. the way he teases josh (we all love it and so does josh let’s face it) 
  8. his videos
  9. his hilarious yet simplistic tweets
  10. his kindness
  11. his sense of humor 
  12. his adorable inability to ever prank joe back 
  13. how he isn’t afraid to be affectionate 
  14. his compassion 
  15. his abs (to get a little superficial lol) 
  16. the way he gets so excited about fridays 
  17. how you can’t ever really insult him because he’ll just kind of twist it to his advantage 
  18. how much he cares for maddie 
  19. how much he loves his mother and his family 
  20. how much he loves us, his viewers 
  21. his adorable personality 
  22. his ‘exclusive interviews with’ sketches (that he hasn’t done in a while but i have hope haha) 
  23. his determination 

ya know…just to name a few ;) happy birthday caspar!!!


the most precious boy !!! 😭💘


Have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying????

“Taking Flight” Theory

So I’ve always had an interesting thought about this episode 

That maybe it could be a metaphor? It didn’t just have to do with the castle literally taking flight for the first time

So in this episode Pidge revealed that she was a girl to the team

This allowed her to accept herself for who she really is, instead of hiding behind someone she’s not. It also must have took a lot of confidence for her to do this, but the fact that she went through with telling them, means she gained a new found confidence, allowing her to take another step forward in her life. 

She metaphorically took flight in this way. 

Then there’s Keith 

So we know that before this episode took place, we had the classic and famous bonding moment

Here Keith had a one on one connection with Lance, something that I’m sure he’s never had with someone before (other than Shiro.) Meaning this moment was very important to him, here he went through an experience with someone that he’s never had. 

This must have made Lance special to him in his eyes, his first bond with someone, especially a person he usually doesn’t get a long with. I can only imagine this affected him so much on a personal level, but also on an emotional level too. 

When you experience something with someone that you’ve never had before, isn’t it safe to say that this is how you develop feelings for this person? This is only six episodes in, Keith has never had this. This is where his own feelings take flight. 

That’s portrayed in the next episode in literally the first scene

Keith acting impatient, wanting Lance to come out is pretty much portraying those feelings. Remember, the bonding moment was very important for him. I can’t even imagine how excited he probably was for Lance to come out so that they could continue this new relationship. Except Keith’s pretty abrasive, so that’s probably why his excitement was portrayed this way. 

He wants Lance to come out so that they can start where they left off and grow closer on a personal and emotional level. He feels closer to Lance here, we are literally seeing his feelings for him take off.

(Not to mention the fact that he was the longest to leave the pod when they all left to go look at their clocks, and I think the creators set up that scene on purpose just to portray how close he feels to Lance now, and that he doesn’t want to leave his side.)

If you remember in season two, this is how Keith was acting when Shiro was in the healing pod

He’s calm, he’s composed, he isn’t impatient and he doesn’t seem very worried

This clearly shows the difference in how he feels about them, Lance is able to make Keith act this way because of the events that occurred before and how those new feelings impacted him. He’s already used to Shiro, he knows him, he has no doubt that he’ll heal fast and get better soon. He doesn’t have to worry or be impatient. 

He’s still by his side because he’s close to him, but not in the way that he was with Lance. 

His feelings are also clearly portrayed in this moment with Lance, after he comes out of the pod

Lance flirts with Allura, everyone says their comments and then at the very end we hear Keith say “Classic.” and other than Allura he isn’t even looking at Lance (he’s also the farthest away from the group). This is a clear as glass portrayal of jealousy, he is jealous that Lance notices Allura and not him, that their bonding moment is clearly not important to him right now. 

Then Lance forgets the moment (which I’m sure he didn’t) and Keith does this

This is literally the face of rejection, Lance forgets an important moment between the both of them, a moment where he most likely started developing feelings for him. It’s really no surprise why he would act like this. But I feel like this moment was purposeful too, because it would have been way too early for anything to happen or start between them anyways. 

Except, in season two we got a pretty clear indication that Lance most definitely cares about Keith, even if he doesn’t express it around him. So maybe once he stops flirting with Allura and all of those other girls and literally looks at what’s right in front of him, maybe then he’ll finally find what he’s looking for?

Check Please Fanfic Gothic

Jack is watching a history channel documentary. No, the channel has never switched to Ancient Aliens. There are only World War II documentaries. There has never been a documentary about another war.

Bitty is listening to Beyoncé and pulling a pie out of the oven. Halo is playing. Oh, the pie is done. Halo is playing. Oh, the pie is done. Halo is playing. Oh, the pie is done.

It’s finals for Ransom. He has an important test tomorrow. Holster is worried. Holster is always worried.

Dex is fixing the dryer. It will never be fixed. Every time Nursey looks upon him he dissolves into stars and fire and freckles, destroying the dryer again.

Lardo is emerging from a pool of paint, like the lady of the lake, brush held above her head. She is creating another project. 

Everyone is very drunk and very high. They have had one sip of beer and smelled weed once. It is a medical mystery how they are so affected by this.

Chowder is excited. Why is he excited? Do not ask questions if you are not prepared for the answer.


rucas meme  [2/8] quotes 

“look, i don’t believe in coincidence, i believe coincidence is the universe’s way of telling you something. and what are the odds, that one day on the subway, riley falls into my lap. it’s always been riley, it’s always been riley since day one.”