how he understands her

The hours of sleep sacrificed for this, all of that, worth it <3

AAAAAY I wonder if I’ll ever had enough time to finish it properly with colors and stuff, but at least the “storyboard” it’s done and I’m hella proud of myself.

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Also, take a look at @capthawkeye ‘s drabble that got me all of the feelings back; Thank you, Mar. How can you repay me, you asked? Please continue writing and working hard on your dreams 💕

and that goes to everyone reading this too, keep working hard on your dreams 💕


Not everything is about you, Ernesto.

I should be sleeping.


Varian is actually like Rapunzel’s little brother I’m crying


@myetie‘s children are so pure, they deserve 200% of the love

remember that adam approaches blue, asks her for her number, sends her flowers, and rings her up and asks her out. that he goes to collect her for their date, tells her she looks nice. remember how often he thinks about how he wants to hold her hand or touch her hair or entwine himself with her. remember how often he actually does do those things and how ridiculously pleased he is to be doing so. remember how, when he’s sad, he lays his head in her lap. remember how he sticks up for her when she’s cat-called, how he doesn’t really understand why she’s upset, but states that he cares about her so he wants to. remember how, when he confronts blue about hers and gansey’s deception, he’s explicitly upset because their happiness would always mean more to him than anything he felt for blue and he’s hurt they didn’t give him that chance. remember that he had severe self-esteem issues that caused him anxieties about what someone like gansey would think of him, how they would react to him or judge him, but that, despite those fears, he stopped when he found gansey broken down on the side of the road. remember that he spends much of his limited time helping gansey to fix his car, that he feels immense pride for gansey when he manages to fix something on his own. remember that he makes sure gansey gets his burger the way he likes it. remember how he distracts gansey with homework when gansey is anxious. remember how devastated he was to find out gansey’s fate, that he became hellbent on finding glendower so he can save the friend he frequently expresses his love and admiration for. remember how he thinks gansey is wonderful, that he loves gansey so much. remember that he’s happy blue and noah get on so well because noah is ignored so often, or laughed at, that he’s happy there’s someone in the group now who takes notice of him. remember his fierce defence of noah, that proclamation that no friend would ever have hurt him that way. remember that in the midst of everyone’s unease, it is adam who lifts his hand, bumps knuckles with him.

remember that the consequences for him sneaking out are violent and dangerous, yet he goes out in the middle of the night to help look for ronan. remember when he projects into ronan’s dream to help him save matthew. remember that even though he’s so exhausted and barely keeping his head above water he helps ronan with greenmantle and his sleeping cows. remember that he gets cabeswater to play ronan’s electronic music, that he revels in making ronan smile. remember how he gives opal his watch to help her feel better, that he hates the idea of her in cabeswater, that he brings her out. remember how he felt soft and fuzzy after his kiss with ronan, and describes himself as senselessly happy. remember that he’s devastated for ronan after they find his mum, that he wishes he could do something to stop ronan turning around and seeing it, to keep him safe for a moment longer. remember how he climbs into ronan’s car so he won’t be alone in his grief, he doesn’t force ronan out or to talk, because he knows that’s not what ronan needs. remember how he can’t bear to be blindfolded, hearing the sounds of ronan being unmade. remember how natural it was for him to put his fingers through ronan’s when ronan was upset, to let ronan press his face against his neck. remember how he initiates kisses, and naps with ronan, and clings to him in their mud pit. remember that he was ready to not go to college for ronan, the thing he worked so exhaustingly hard for, that he got very upset about ronan not caring what happened to him. remember that he drives ronan’s car, thinks about how it smells like him, listens to his thumping music.

remember that adam knows more than anyone what a privilege love is as he went without it for so, very long. remember that he thinks about love often, that he feels so lucky to have it and that he doesn’t ever want to lose it. remember how he feels when he does lose his first love cabeswater. remember how he feels when he loses persephone, how he likens it to a scab that won’t ever fully heal. adam parrish is so wonderfully compassionate, so full of the love he knows he’s privileged to feel and have. he’s affectionate and giving, always looking for and giving it, both physically and emotionally. the way he loves is so distinct in its thoughtfulness, like his very own language that spills out over him and onto his friends and boyfriend, similarly to the way cabeswater reaches out its branches and wraps adam up its love; fitting, given it was through cabeswater that adam realised ah, this has been what love was the entire time and im never letting it go.

I think the most beautiful thing about Diana is that she doesn’t fight the patriarchy.  She just flat out doesn’t acknowledge that it exist.  A room where women aren’t allowed?  Gender rules about sleeping with someone? Bruce grabbing her arm in a power play?  Diana’s all just, you’re doing what now? She’s a Princess and a Goddess, so way more powerful than you on any kind of scale.  She’s just gonna lol in your face any time the patriarchy comes up because she’s the most powerful person in the room at any given time, so she doesn’t have time for men to mess around pretending they have a say in anything she does.  

I’LL JUST SAY THIS.. the laurie/jo ‘proposal’ scene is EXTREMELY painful because laurie says “i’ve loved you ever since i’ve known you” and we have had the whole movie to see how WELL he knows her and how much of their living and growing up has been done together…. it is PRECISELY the extent to which laurie DOES know and understand jo that lets us know how much he loves her…. it’s not a love based on an idealized or surface-level image of her, but on years and years of closeness… so when he says “it’s no use”… “we’ve got to have it out”… he clearly already knows in his heart what she’s going to say… his deep knowledge of her is both the source of his love for her and the source of his agony because in loving her he knows she doesn’t love him in the same way…………

bi jake headcanons
  • looking back on it, jake’s been attracted to men all his life
  • from john mcclane to guys in high school and college to detective stevie schillens 
  • it was just at the time he knew he was attracted to women and he had no word to describe being attracted to multiple genders so he wasn’t. and anyway he figured everyone felt this way, so why stress about it?
  • even when he first hears the word bisexual in college, he doesn’t connect it with himself
  • it isn’t until rosa comes out and he comes up with a speech for her to come out to her parents that something shifts. saying ‘i am bisexual’ feels…. right. feels like something he’s never been able to articulate before but that hits some note in his chest and resonates, clear and loud
  • he doesn’t think about it after. this is rosa’s moment and he wants to be there for her. and he’s with amy so that’s that
  • until a guy from college, tall and funny and still so hot, they shared a sloppy drunken kiss at a college party and then never discussed it again, shows up in the precinct looking to report a murder and jake is floored. he doesn’t plan to do anything about these feelings, just can’t help thinking damn this guy is hot, but this time, he has a word for it
  • the label bisexual settles on him and it fits, it fits so well, like a perfect pair of sneakers that don’t need to be worn in, they’re already perfect
  • he tells amy first, of course. he tells her and as he starts to explain how it doesn’t mean anything’s changed between them, the thought that anything could change his love is ridiculous, amy places her hands on either side of his face and says “i know” and “i love you” and “i’m happy for you”
  • (the only thing that changes - and it’s not even a big change - is that they talk about which men are attractive; jake still doesn’t get amy’s thing for young al gore and amy thinks bruce willis in a tank top isn’t that hot which, how?)
  • he tells rosa next, thanks her for coming out, gets a little more emotional than he was expecting to but it’s fine. she says she’s there for him and if he needs it, she’ll go to dinner with his parents
  • (he takes her up on it. karen is extremely supportive and so proud of him for coming out, she’s already planning on getting a bi flag for their living room and joining an ally group for supportive parents. roger is….. roger, doesn’t understand how he can love amy, be married to her, and still decide to be bisexual. it’s not a decision though, it’s an epiphany, a recognition of something that’s always been true, and well jake’s learned not to expect anything more from him)
  • then he comes out to the rest of the precinct. he does it to a remix of nsync’s bye bye bye and it’s a little over-the-top and a lot of flash but at the end of the song, voice small and vulnerable and honest, he says “i am bisexual”
  • it feels good. it feels so good
  • the squad is just as supportive as ever and jake allows more than a minute for questions. afterwards holt pulls him aside, places a hand on his shoulder, and tells him he’s proud of him
  • when jake wants to go to pride the next year, they all go. rosa never has before, has never felt a need to loudly celebrate her sexuality, but she goes too and jake can see her smiling the entire time 

Headline: “Angry time gremlin deals with emotional trauma and isolation by becoming unceasingly infatuated with a retail store mannequin whom he names Dolores”

Sister headline: “still a better love story than twilight”

Serial Killer Oh Sangwoo’s MO

So, Sangwoo definitely meets all the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder, but he does have the ability to feel guilt, remorse, and emotional attachment, which is not as commonly explored in media as the archetypal “psychopath” who is biologically incapable of it. I think that’s what I find so compelling about him—he’s not killing and torturing solely for the adrenaline high, he’s acting out one specific psychosis over and over again, as a result of his upbringing.

Without having inherited any healthy emotional tools from his parents, and unable to talk to anyone who could help him cope with what he went through as a kid, he has no options but to bury that pain as much as possible–which results in endless nightmares about his mother, and his reliving the same scenario out over and over with his victims.

What scenario, exactly? Well, we haven’t actually seen what exactly goes down with Sangwoo’s victims—what behavior flips the switch for him, and gets the women thrown in the basement. We’ve only seen the scenario he arranged with Jieun, which he clearly stated wasn’t for him—it was for Bum. 

Jieun was a woman Sangwoo knew would hurt Bum, wrongly having assumed that Bum’s resentment toward getting picked on was on-level with Sangwoo’s resentment toward his father—enough to flip his “killer” switch. (More on this later.) 

But for Sangwoo himself, I think he’s after something else.

We know from the detectives that his parents died at the same time, and Sangwoo admits to Bum that he’s responsible, but I don’t think he meant to kill them both. 

I think Sangwoo killed his father, thinking it would please his mother. He clearly loved her, was unhealthily obsessed with her, probably because she was the only source of love he had growing up since it’s common for abusers to isolate their family members pretty radically. Sangwoo probably felt like he was saving her from her tormentor by doing this…but, rather than being pleased, she told Sangwoo he was just like his father, and that she didn’t love him anymore.


My guess is, Sangwoo and his mom had a very strong trauma bond, rooted in their need to survive his father. But abusive relationships aren’t all violence all the time—they’re (not always, but frequently) just as they’re portrayed between Bum and Sangwoo, built on heavy undercurrents of need, attachment, and a dysfunctional but genuine kind of love.

Sangwoo wasn’t reliant on his father for love. He relied on his mother and, because of his, he felt mostly anger toward his father. But this probably wasn’t the case for her.

From his perspective, Sangwoo probably thought he was doing his mother a favor, giving the ultimate gift to the person he loved most by killing her tormentor. But he didn’t understand how deep the bond was between his parents, and in an (appropriate) response of terror, hysteria, and grief, Sangwoo’s mother probably told him he was just like the man he loathed.

My guess is that he felt so rejected and betrayed, he couldn’t handle it. He went into a blind rage, and killed her too, despite not having meant to do so.


Because he did that, Sangwoo lost the only meaningful and rewarding human attachment he had, his only source of love. 

I think, because of what happened with his mother, he feels intensely insecure about women who claim to love him. I think he compulsively lures woman in, simply so he can punish them when they inevitably do what his mother did–freak out over his intense violence.

I’d bet, crazy as it sounds, Sangwoo genuinely wants his partners to love him. But he also goes in expecting them to betray him emotionally. (That’s why he keeps setting up “tests” for Bum.) And because he can’t handle his fear of betrayal, that unconscious terror of rejection has transformed into a bottomless well of rage. 

I’m pretty sure at his level of psychosis, even if a woman managed to remain docile and obedient when he got violent, he would continually escalate the violence until they cracked, then he would punish them. I don’t think women stand a chance of survival in Sangwoo’s grasp. 

Despite assuming it to be a drawback at the beginning, Bum’s gender is actually an advantage. Sangwoo tells him right from the get-go that he hasn’t killed a man since his father. He probably doesn’t like men, but he doesn’t have such irrational rage toward them. As a man who reminds Sangwoo of his mother (docile, agreeable, obedient, affectionate), Bum is compelling without unintentionally incurring the full wrath of his maternal resentment.

Sangwoo has every intention of killing Bum when he first finds him in his basement, but as soon as Bum explains that he’s there because he loves him—despite it being clear that he’s a psycho—Sangwoo swaps him for the woman without hesitation. 

He may or may not know it consciously, but Sangwoo is after the security of having someone love him first, and everything else second. 

Even though Bum’s a man, Sangwoo feels much better having him in the basement than his usual victims. Though he doesn’t know why at first, he figures it out quickly:


Sangwoo is desperate to find someone who will love him despite the fact that he’s a murderer. Someone who will understand him, and appreciate the “gift” his mother rejected.

This explains why he did what he did with Jieun, and the reaction he had to Bum’s response.


Sangwoo makes it seem like he went way out of his way to lure her in—and that’s probably true. I don’t think Jieun was actually Sangwoo’s “type” of victim. She was Bum’s type, or so Sangwoo thought.

Because he hadn’t yet learned about Bum’s uncle, Sangwoo assumed Bum’s self harm and depression rooted from his being a powerless, picked on loser. He tells him, “You never had a happy past … you were ridiculed and bullied all your life. And now you’ve escaped that life…congratulations, Mister Murderer,” because that was his ultimate goal. He was trying to free Bum from his tormentor—like he’d tried to free his mom from hers.

I imagine, in the few moments before his mom lost it, Sangwoo probably felt elated that he’d finally escaped his father, and he wanted his mother to feel that too. She did not, so now Sangwoo is trying to make Bum feel it instead.

As a consequence of his mother’s “betrayal,” of her rejecting his actions rather than appreciating them, he’s been searching for someone to understand the joy of “killing one’s tormentors” ever since–but they had to be capable of getting past the fact that he’s a violent killer first, and clearly no one else ever made it that far. He likely (subconsciously) hopes that someone understanding the feeling will make him feel loved and accepted again, and help heal that wound.

This is why he was so angry and disappointed with Bum when he said he felt nothing after killing Jieun. He didn’t become violent—just kinda half-heartedly tried to throw him out. This is because Bum didn’t “reject” the gift or blame Sangwoo, he didn’t act like his mom and therefore trigger the core dynamic of his psychosis, but he also didn’t experience the “elation of freedom” Sangwoo had wanted him to.


I’ll bet you anything he’s going to try again, now that he knows that Bum’s uncle is the real source of torment. And who knows, maybe Bum actually will enjoy killing his uncle, the way Sangwoo wants him to. I have my doubts though. 

While Sangwoo is in jail and the uncle comes to pick Bum up, Bum slashes at him but begs him to leave saying, “I might really stab you next time.” This suggests to me he doesn’t really want to do so. I don’t think revenge killing is really in his temperament the way it’s in Sangwoo’s. 

Koogi made a point of adding the scene where Bum’s grandmother tells him, “Don’t hate your uncle too much … he went through a lot when he was a child … he can’t help hurting you … try and understand.” This mentality is probably a big part of why it’s easy for Bum to forgive Sangwoo’s violence toward him, but it’s also likely to interfere with any real enjoyment over killing his uncle.

And Sangwoo better be careful tampering with that, because he might break the only thing keeping Bum from stabbing him in the eye, like he’d first considered.

On a related note, I can’t tell you how compelling I find the scene where Sangwoo thinks Bum has run away. 

While choking the telephone poll, thinking of choking Bum, he remembers choking his mother, and cracks his knuckles open trying to punch the image out of his head. She’s laughing at him, probably at his proving her right.


This quick sequence of concepts tells us straight up that Sangwoo is in danger of repeating the situation with his mother, with Bum, and he’s at least somewhat aware of it.

As he wanders back into his house, at first he’s smiling like a madman, but by the time he gets to his kitchen he’s not smiling anymore, he looks quite sick. 


I think, on some level, Sangwoo is aware that Bum is about the one and only shot he’s ever going to get at having someone who loves him despite his being so compulsively violent.

Sangwoo has a clear weakness for being needed and loved. It’s why as soon as Bum says he wishes they could mix together, he treats him right for like 10 minutes. “Make me feel nice, too,” he tells him. He wants that so badly. Which is why even though Bum tried to run, rejected his advances, and didn’t tell him about Sungbae, he doesn’t ever kill him. He punishes him then immediately bandages him up again—because he does not want to lose Bum, in fact he’s terrified of it. 

The misery of losing mommy dearest comes right back any time there’s a threat of Bum leaving, no matter if it’s due to Sangwoo, Bum, or the police. 


He needs Bum alive and he knows it.

Sangwoo was so insecure after he couldn’t find him, he put Bum back in shackles even though he hadn’t really run, he’d hid obediently. Before that, after being released from the cellar, after killing the old dude, he’d had free run of the house again. His punishment was over, that’s why Seungbae was able to see him crawling around and why he was able to hide so effectively. 

But after tasting the terror of potentially losing him, Sangwoo put that (somewhat extended, how generous) lead right back on him until his plan with Jieun was ready to go. Because he couldn’t handle the terror of not being able to find him again. Dude is petrified…both of getting betrayed by him the way his mother betrayed him, and of losing Bum for other reasons.

He couldn’t bear another scare like that, so he hatched a plan that would ensure Bum could never betray or leave him ever again (with the exception of suicide of course, which I don’t think he’d realized was an option until that point), no matter how unsupervised he was.

And it worked.

As for “The serial killer Oh Sangwoo,” I think knowing all this makes his MO a little clearer. When it comes to his own victims, he likely chooses women who say they love him first. He then plays along, seduces them, lures them home, does something extreme to or in front of them, then punishes them for being liars “like his mother.”



Edit: Sorry I edited a few things, after rereading it I wanted to make a few points clearer.

Five [Kakashi Fancomic, 60/?]

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I've loved you ten summers but I want them all.

I had the worst writer block for a while but I somehow managed to push through and write a little fic for Percy’s birthday! I hope you guys like! (beta: @nerdyadventures)


Percy woke up with a start, his hand reached for Riptide on instinct, heart beating fast, trying to find the source of the noise that woke him up. It took him a few seconds to realize he was in his bedroom with no danger in sight, instead, he could smell something burning followed by the sound of his wife in the kitchen cursing. A quick glance at his bedside table told him it was almost three in the morning, sighing, Percy got up and left the room, taking riptide with him, just in case.

The windows were open and the fan was on, helping the leftover smoke leave their apartment. Annabeth was leaning against the kitchen island, face resting in her hands, an open wine bottle next to her.

“Annabeth?” His wife only grunted in response. Percy walked towards her and dropped Riptide on the counter. “Are you okay?”

“No,” Her hands were muffling her voice.

Percy stood at the other end of the island, facing Annabeth. “Hey, do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”

Annabeth looked up at him, face full of confusion. After a few seconds of silence, studying his face, Annabeth finally said, “it’s August 18th.”

Percy assumed his brain was still half-asleep because he couldn’t believe he had forgotten what day it was, a day he had been dreading and waiting for. August 18, his birthday, his tenth anniversary with Annabeth and the tenth anniversary of the end of the war against Kronos. For the past few weeks Percy had been in a constant state of anxiety because of the anniversary of the war, the fact that Camp was doing a commemorative ceremony for a decade of the war ending wasn’t helping him. The appointments with his therapist that had been regularly scheduled for one time a month had become as often as twice per week in the weeks leading to his birthday.

With the realization of the date and the state Annabeth was in, for a moment Percy thought she was mourning Luke, after all, it was also the anniversary of his death. It wasn’t unusual for Percy to occasionally find her crying over Luke on this date. At first, he couldn’t understand how she could mourn someone who hurt her so much. Not wanting to make her feel worse he wouldn’t vocalize his feelings to her, he would only hold her and then, after years of Annabeth going to therapy and realizing the emotional abuse she had been through with Luke, he would hold her tighter.

“I burned your cake,” Annabeth said, bringing his focus back to the present.


Annabeth pointed at the oven. “The cake is burned, I accidentally used salt on the first try, so that one went straight into the trash can, I dropped the second one and managed to burn my finger in the process and I should have known that was the foreshadowing of me burning your cake.”

“You made me a cake?”

“No, I tried to bake you a cake and I failed miserably.”

Percy smiled at her. He knew Annabeth was the worst cook he had ever met, she avoided cooking at all cost and the fact that she had tried to make him a cake, not only once but three times, made his body feel a warmth he hadn’t felt since the anxiety took over him a few weeks ago. He walked around the island so he could stand next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close, and kissed her forehead.

“It’s okay, it’s just a cake.”

“No, it’s not okay. I burned the cake, the cork fell into my wine bottle, and the lingerie I bought online got stolen.” Percy raised his eyebrows at that statement while Annabeth took a sip of her cork infused wine. “Your birthday has barely started and I already ruined it.”

“You know, there are at least three pairs of underwear in your drawer that would be perfect for the occasion.” Annabeth glared at him and he joked, “You looking at me like that also works, you know?”

Annabeth rolled her eyes at him, but a small smile painted her lips. “You’re an idiot.”

“Ah, but I’m your idiot. ” Percy’s arm went from her shoulders to her waist and he gently turned her around so they would be facing each other. Annabeth’s arm automatically wrapped around his waist. “Hey, you could never ruin my birthday, okay? Being with you on this day, celebrating us, you and me together, is the best gift you can ever give me.”

“I know, but…it’s a decade, Percy,” Annabeth sighed. “It’s a decade of you being alive, the prophecy made us, me, believe you were going to die, but you didn’t, you survived and then you survived another fucking prophecy because of course you did.”

“I’m too stubborn to die when I’m supposed to, it seems.” Percy joked and Annabeth smiled at him.

“I’m serious, Percy.” Annabeth cupped his face and Percy leaned into her touch. “You survived and you graduated high school and college and now we’re married and living together. And for a while I never let myself believe this could be our ending but you’re here, with me, and I’m going to celebrate it.”

Annabeth leaned in and captured his lips with hers. Percy had first kissed Annabeth over eleven years ago and even after kissing her nonstop for the past ten years he couldn’t imagine ever getting tired of feeling her lips against his, lips moving together to a melody they had listened for ten years and counting.

“Is it selfish if I just want today to be about you?” Annabeth whispered against his lips when they separated. She was so close he could see the guilt and pain in her eyes, and Percy knew his were probably mirroring hers. It’s something he had been talking about with his therapist for a while, the guilt of skipping the ceremony at camp, the cloud of the aftermath of the battle against the titans had always been present on his birthday, but this year the cloud felt like a storm and Percy wanted to stay inside and safe.

“I think, after everything we did and went through, we deserve to act a little bit selfish today.” Percy licked his lips, trying to form the words, remembering his conversation with his therapist. “We are allowed to be selfish, especially today.”

Annabeth nodded and Percy hugged her tighter. “We’re not terrible people for not going to the ceremony.”

“Today our priority is us and there is nothing wrong with it.” Percy kissed the top of Annabeth’s head. “But first…”  

Percy broke the hug and grabbed two mugs from the drawer, he could feel Annabeth’s eyes on his back while he poured wine into them. He didn’t really like the taste of alcohol but right now it felt like the right thing to do. He gave Annabeth a mug and raised the other one, “A toast, to all the lost ones, to the ones we owe the victory and our future.”

“To the fallen heroes,” Annabeth said gently before they took a sip of their drinks, after a few seconds of silence Annabeth raised her mug again. “And now, another toast, to the boy I love with all my heart and I’m lucky enough to call my husband, a toast to you, happy birthday Percy.”

Instead of taking a sip of his drink, Percy leaned in and kissed Annabeth. “And lastly another toast to us, to our first decade together, ” He said after breaking the kiss.

Annabeth raised her mug to him. “And more decades to come.”



They both handled this situation in such a reasonable and healthy way.
She didn’t get furious or defensive and come at him with anger for hiding that information on his father.

He was apologetic and honest, admitting to his mistake.

She was compassionate and understanding, giving him encouragement and affirming how much he means to her – that she fully wants to invest in this relationship and expects him to as well.

They both agree on wanting an honest and authentic relationship with each other AND THEN SHE GOES TO THE TRAILER TO SEE HIS DAD – formally meet him and witnessing his criminal and slovenly existence.

Once they leave the trailer after Jughead faced perhaps his greatest fear in his future with Betty; her finally seeing full well what he came from and the actual state of his father, scared of if it will change her feelings for him. 

And her response when he faces her, full of insecurity?


She is so supportive and loving and he is utterly moved. She’s just completely lifting him up and giving him the kind of stability and self-confidence he has probably been looking for since he was little. And he has been that very same rock for her throughout this ordeal with Polly and her parents.

My heart is so full.

Such a beautiful, honest and healthy depiction of love that’s got me shook to my core.

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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Apple of my Eye

pairing : Jonathan Byers x reader

warnings : smut kinky!

requests : none

a/n : happy halloween! here’s some stranger things smut to get you in the spooky spirit:))

Jonathan was lazily sitting against the living room chair as his mother and her new boyfriend Bob were watching mindless tv. Will had gone out with his friends and the only other halloween type thing going on was a party that he wasn’t even invited to.

When the phone rang, Jonathan practically leaped up and raced over to get away from the disgusting sight of the two new lovers cuddling on the couch. He happily answered to hear the sound of his girlfriend’s voice cutting though.

“Hey, are you coming to the party?” She asked cheerily.

“I wasn’t planning on it but if you’re going I’ll come.” Jonathan smiled as he shoved his other hand into his pocket and rocked back and forth on his heels.

“Great, do you want to pick me up or will I meet you there?”

“I’ll just pick you up,” Jonathan offered.

“Sounds great, make sure you dress up!” She exclaimed. I hung up and grabbed my denim jacket off the back of the dining room chair.

“Jonathan, where are you going?” His mom called from the couch.

“(Y/N) and I are going to a halloween party, I’ll see you later.” He called to the both of them.

“Oooh who’s (Y/N)?” Bob asked. Jonathan simply rolled his eyes as he shrugged on his jacket and slipped on his sneakers. He opened the door, purposely slamming the door a little harder than normal to express his dissatisfaction with Joyce’s new man.

Jonathan turned the keys in the car, pressing onto the gas as he drove to his girlfriends house to pick her up.

When he reached the front of her house, he exited the car and went up, knocking at the front door.

She greeted him with a warm smile but it quickly turned into a frown as she eyed him up and down.

“Where on earth is your costume?” She gasped at his lack of halloween spirit.

“Right here, I’m dressing up as a person who hates to wear costumes.” Jonathan joked earning a laugh from (Y/N). She bounded to the car like a little puppy and Jonathan trailed behind, taking in the view of his exquisite girlfriend like she was framed in an art museum.

They both entered the car and Jonathan headed to the direction of the party.

Once they arrived it was obvious that the party wasn’t quite their speed. But, nevertheless, they entered the house being greeted by very few and the only people they really considered their friends.

“I’m going to get us some drinks.” (Y/N) said, her voice slightly strained having to yell over the music.

“Is that a good idea?” Jonathan asked and she placed her hands on her hips.

“No, it’s a great idea. Come on Jonny, let’s have some fun. After all we don’t ever get to do this.” She says as she’s already walking over, filling up two red solo cups with a liquid that had a very strong smell of alcohol. She handed me a cup with a large grin and I returned with a small smile, letting the alcoholic beverage burn down my throat as we drank.

My eyes squeezed shut at the taste and I looked over to see she was the exact same.

It didn’t take long for the alcohol to kick in, and (Y/N) made her way to the dance floor along with the rest of the drunk teens. Swaying her hips back and forth in a sloppy motion. Jonathan chuckled at her as she danced. He didn’t understand how someone could still look so beautiful even at the state they were in. He was also sure that the alcohol had taken over when his feet began moving closer and closer to her. He placed his hands along her hips and swayed with her to the intense music.

Resting his head in the crook of her neck, Jonathan tightened the grip of his fingers around (Y/N)’s waist. Her hips dig into him with each sway and Jonathan could feel himself beginning to grow harder with each act of friction.

“What do you say we take this home?” Jonathan whispered in her ear and she nodded frantically.

Jonathan pushed her up against his bedroom door as he finished slamming it shut.

“What about your mom? Will?” (Y/N) questioned as he bit down on her neck and began to unbuttoned her blouse.

“That’s easy, Will is spending the night at Mike’s and my mom is off screwing her boyfriend in some random location.” He answered.

“Just like what I’m about to do.” As he grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up, pinning her up to the door as he captured her lips in a rough kiss. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her hands flew into his mess of hair, tugging harshly at the strands cause him to let out a growl.

Jonathan shrugged the jacket off his body and discarded (Y/N)’s shirt as well. Jonathan roughly threw kisses down her body as she let her head fall back against the wooden door.

Soon Jon threw her onto the bed, hovering over to her as he feverly placed his lips on her once more.

As her hands clawed down his back, his hand made their way under her jeans and slowly slipping a finger inside her. She let out a gasp at the sudden feeling and Jonathan smirked.

“Are you this wet for me baby?” He asked as he began to pump now two fingers through her.

“Yes Jonathan, yes.” She cried out in pleasure.

“What’s my name?” Jonathan said sternly as he stopped his actions.

“Daddy.” She said quietly under her breath.

“That’s right,” Jonathan smiled and continued his actions of pumping his fingers, now at a faster speed. (Y/N) became a moaning mess at the friction.

She went for his jeans, unbuckling his belt and then pushing down his jeans.

“What do you want? Huh?” Jonathan whispered huskily in her ear.

“I need you.” She said breathlessly.

“You need to be more specific.”

“I need you to fuck me daddy.” She pleaded and Jonathan’s smirk grew.

“You’re wish is my command.” He smiled. Jonathan practically ripped of the rest of her clothing off as well as his own clothing.

He wasted no time in filling her up and they both let out a deep moan at the satisfying feeling. Jonathan began thrusting, hard and fast and (Y/N) grinded into him to create more friction.

Jonathan grabbed onto a chunk of (Y/N)’s hair and pulling on it roughly making her groan in pain but in pleasure as well. (Y/N) violently dug her nails in the flesh on his back and Jonathan’s thrusts started to become sloppy and losing rhythm.

“I-I’m close.” (Y/N) stuttered our, her voice cracking and practically gone.

“I know baby, me too. Come for daddy.” He growled deeply in her ear. His head ducked down, biting onto her sweet spot on her neck, sucking hard and sending her over the each.

Letting the wave of pleasure wash over, Jonathan came down from his high as well. Though they were both already tired, they rode out their highs until they we finished. (Y/N)’s legs were uncontrollably shaking at the force of her orgasm and once Jonathan removed himself from her, his confidence faded as he looked at her almost lifeless body.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly as he pushed back her hair.

“Never better.” She smiled and placed a sweet kiss on the corner of his mouth.


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