how he stretches his body oh god

Things that Tom do that lowkey turn you on even if he doesn't know it

Again i have no idea what I’m doing to my life
Oh wait
I have a clue
I’m sinning

• he working out would drive you insane
• i mean the way the muscles of his arms contract every time he punch the bag
• the way his hair fall down in curls on his face
• his face sooooooo concentrate and serious on the exercise
• his whole body covered in a sligh line of sweat
• his breath heavy and low groans
• he stretching his back would make you wonder if he’s a real human or a Michelangelo’s sculpture of a greek God
• when he’s lifting weight and how the veins of his arms starts to get prominent
• Tom’s arms like if you agree
• when he takes his hoddie off ands shirt slides up a little showing his abs and the tip of his boxers CaLviN KLeIn • his raspy voice in the morning
• the way he roll up his sleeves and adjust his tie
• every time he calls you “darling” with a soft voice or a weak laugh
• everytime he’s angry he’d clench his jaw
• and his fists
• the veins of his neck would pop out a little and his adam pome would move roughly
• the only way to calm down an angry tom that you know is sex and oh boy… it’s like the best sex ever
• when he scratch his beard before shaving
• walking around the house just with a towel on his hips
• hugging you from behind and breathing in your scent
• licking and biting his lips

• everything that Tom does it’s extremely sexy and turns me on help me
• he’s such a cinnamon roll and a sinnamon roll at the same time protect this precious kid pls

Let me know if idk you guys want a part 2 or thing that you do that low key turn him on

Writing Is Hard

Summary: Dean finds the blog you use to read smutty fan fiction. And of course, he decides he can write a better story about himself. You help.

Warning: Smut, some dirty talk, mutual masturbation, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4350

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And thanks to @littlegreenplasticsoldier​ for being a great beta and being generally flawless. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

No. This isn’t happening.

This is one of those moments you’d had weird nightmares about, dreams that left you embarrassed and feeling all icky the next day until you finally convinced yourself that it wasn’t real. And just like those moments, this one will end any second now. You’ll wake up in some motel bed, Dean will be in the next room with Sam, asleep or showering or eating or anything but standing over your laptop with that look on his face.

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The Derby

Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader

Summary: Sam finds himself in a sticky situation.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: My twist on a/b/o dynamics. This is a companion piece to Moonlight (you should read that first).

Warnings: NSFW gif, jealously (reader), pregnant sex, unprotected sex, knotting, slight dom/sub, dirty talk

It’s a waitress at the dive bar where Dean insisted on having lunch that triggers Sam’s rut.

Your name: submit What is this?

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Just Friends

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Requested: Yes by a fab anon, thank you so much for the ideaaa

A/N: gif is not mine, sent in by the fab and amazing @joeynihil who understands my needs for a little Brett smut <3

NSFW, 18+

masterlist / coming soon

I listened to this song (fall out boy if you’re interested) mainly.

You stepped off the Devenford bus, arms linked with your 6’2 best friend who had a scowl rested on his face as he looked out over the crowd of students surrounding the bus. “Lighten up, Brett, it’s only a friendly.” You smiled, bumping your hip against his. Brett eased up at the sound of you laughter as you skipped through the crowd away from him in search of friends that you new in Beacon Hills, he stared at you weaving your way through people like second nature.

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Kinktober2017 Day 14: Role Reversal with Klance

*Releases Day 14* *It’s supposed to be Day 15* *Hides in corner*

Altean Prince Lance x Galra Guard Keith AU

I know this isn’t exactly what role reversal normally means, but hey, I went with it.

Lance let out the dirtiest sound he had ever made in his entire life as his back arched against the bed, looking up at his bodyguard with a red face and squinting eyes.

“K-Keith…” The Altean Prince muttered weakly, writhing about as the Galra pinned his arms above his head with one hand while the other spread his legs apart, running his fingers up and down Lance’s thighs.

“You know, I’ve always thought your skin looked so smooth…now that I finally get to touch you in all these wonderful places, I can confirm just how right I was.” Keith’s teasing voice just made Lance’s face even redder as he willingly spread his legs apart wider. He knew he took very good care of his skin, not just because he was a prince, but because he liked being able to be confident in it, so hearing Keith compliment something he worked hard for made his heart warmer than it already was.

“Spreading yourself willingly for me, now, my Prince? I must say, I’ve been observing you all this time, but I never could have guessed you were so naughty.”

Lance’s face was growing red all the way up to his pointy ears as Keith continued teasing him, and he hated that getting him flustered was a specialty that the Galra bodyguard possessed. He wanted nothing more than to hide his face in his hands, but obviously that wasn’t possible right now, so he instead tried to deny it by closing his legs again.

“Ah, ah, ah, not so fast, Prince Lance.” Keith spread his own legs from in between Lance’s to spread his apart again, grinning down at him in that sexy way that showed off his fangs. “You can’t hide it anymore, Prince; and you don’t need to.” He leaned down until their chests were parallel, pressing soft kisses to Lance’s forehead, and if those made him melt, the words he spoke next made him implode. “I’ll take good care of you, always.”

Honestly, Lance was ready to start tearing up from how sweet Keith always was to him, always more than a bodyguard, always there for him physically and emotionally, and he wanted to express all his gratitude, but his emotional outburst was cut of as Keith’s finger prodded his hole.

“Oh!” Lance gasped, body suddenly tensing up at the sudden feeling. Keith immediately began kissing every inch of his face, showering him in claims of “you’re so pretty” and “you know I’ll never hurt you”. Lance did know. He knew Keith would never hurt him, and in the end, that was what relaxed him completely as he let the Galra slip his finger inside, squirming a bit at the unusual but welcome sensation.

“Keith…” he whispered, already panting from how hot his body felt.

“Shh…” Keith shushed him soothingly, hand moving from his wrists to stroke his white hair. He didn’t have to hold Lance down anymore and he knew it, doing whatever he could to show the Prince his love as a second finger slipped inside of him, and the two appendages began working together to stretch Lance’s walls in two separate directions, covering themselves in his Altean self-lubricant and slicking up his walls.

“Oh god Keith…” Lance was finding out that he was very verbal during intimate sessions, and that he apparently loved crying out his lover’s name as he squeezed his eyes shut and focused on the feeling of the fingers moving around inside of him, getting him even wetter than he already was. Being Altean, he was pretty sure his hole would just adjust to whatever size was needed for Keith’s dick before readjusting to give him pleasure, but Keith wanted to go the extra mile and prepare him like this anyways, which only strengthened the sentimentality of the gesture. God, Lance loved him more than he ever thought it was possible to love anything. He wanted him more than he ever thought it was possible to want anything.

“Keith…” His hands weren’t being held down anymore, so he moved them to grab the wrist of the hand that was stroking his hair, opening his eyes to look up at Keith pleadingly. He forgot to speak for a second when he met those yellow Galra eyes full of so much care. Only the beating of his heart reminded him that he was alive, and remembering that he was alive made him remember how much he wanted a certain something. “Keith, I’m okay…but you’re gonna kill me if you don’t get inside of me soon…”

Keith blinked in surprise for a tick before grinning, digging his fingers in deeper. “Oh, I will, will I? I suppose they’ll arrest me for treason for killing the Prince of Altea.” He snickered, and Lance hit his arm playfully, face reddening more.

“Keith…please, I…I need it.” Relief flooded through Lance as he felt the fingers pull out of him, replaced by something much larger and hotter pressing against his entrance. Just feeling it made Lance shiver and whine, hole gaping wide and ready for Keith’s large Galra dick. He waited…and waited. And then, he curled his back to look up at Keith.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you doing it?” To his surprise, Keith’s face didn’t like teasing at all; he wasn’t even smiling as he stared back at Lance. Frustration took hold of him as he desperately pushed against the head of Keith’s cock, needing it inside of him. “Keith, just do it! That is an order from your Prince!”

“You’re not my prince.”

Lance’s eyes widened, and his entire body was seized by fear as he stared at Keith’s unforgiving eyes. “I’m…not your…?”

“You’re revoking your title as Prince and giving it to me.” Keith said, voice completely serious. “You’re going to call me ‘your highness’, and you’re nothing more than a peasant now. Understood? If not, I’ll just go ahead and let you tend to your own needs.” He began slowly pulling back, immediately making Lance’s arm shoot forward in panic.

“No!” Lance gasped out, gulping. “N-no…please…your highness.” Just hearing those words leave his mouth directed towards Keith made both of them shiver in satisfaction. It wasn’t that they weren’t happy with their current roles, but the power swap that came with reversing their roles was just so exhilarating for them both.

“In that case…” Keith pushed forward, sliding his cock into Lance’s dripping hole and groaning as the walls contracted in response to his thickness immediately.

Lance’s breathing was already picking up pace as he gripped the bedsheets and clenched his teeth together, a long, drawn out whimpering sound escaping him as he felt his hole being filled up. It wasn’t long before Keith’s cock was completely buried inside of him, and they stared at each other for a bit, unmoving. Then, Lance got impatient and tried rocking back.

“Please…move Keith…” The glare he got quickly reminded himself of the role reversal as he squirmed. “Please move, your highness…”

Finally, the smile returned to Keith’s face as he cupped Lance’s face. “You’re going to have to beg your Prince a lot better than that, darling. You have to beg me to fuck you.”

Lance’s heart pounded against his chest in humiliation, but his pride was one of the last things on his mind as he felt Keith’s cock pulsing from inside of him, offering to move if he could just convince him to. He gulped and took a few deep breaths, preparing himself for the filthy language he was about to unleash.

“Fuck me…your highness.”


“Fuck me, your highness!”

“Is this how you treat royalty?”

“Please fuck me, your highness!”


“PLEASE FUCK ME YOUR HIGHNESS!” Lance was shouting at the top of his lungs, his body a mixture of frustration from how much he needed something he wasn’t being given and lust from how hot Keith was making this. To his relief, his final screams had been enough, and Keith started to really fuck him, wasting no time in going slow simply because he didn’t need to.

Huge sparks of passion and pleasure were flaring through Lance’s body repeatedly, and the process was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He tried to focus on breathing so that he wouldn’t just pass out, but it was proving impossible for him to remember how to focus on anything anymore as his body spasmed and shook with each massive thrust of Keith’s cock.

“Lance, fuck!” Keith grunted with each thrust, slamming deep inside of Lance and into his prostate, which only added onto the pleasure he was already receiving just from being filled up.

“Fuck me your highness, please fuck me harder, make me lose my mind, your highness, I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME!” Lance was crying out and screaming so many things he couldn’t even comprehend it all, couldn’t even be sure if he was speaking coherently as he begged and begged his royalness to fuck him more. After all, Lance wasn’t royalty in this situation; he could say as many dirty things as he wanted to. As a result, constant streams of “Fuck me!” were coming out of his mouth at the top of his lungs, only encouraging Keith to do exactly as he begged.

Keith was literally making him lose his mind by fucking him, and he was even forgetting that not being a prince was just a role reversal thing, completely submitting himself into his new role beneath Keith.

“Fuck me your highness, bless me with your seed, please, I need you inside of me!” He begged, eyes wide with lust as he did his best to thrust back to meet Keith’s hips, although he could barely feel his legs from how hard his body was being pounded. He was clawing at the sheets and trying to express the insane amounts of pleasure shooting through his body in any way he could, including screams, but he just couldn’t seem to get ahold of himself as he lost himself in the lust and passion and ecstasy of Keith’s cock.

The Galra on top didn’t seem to be doing much better with his self control, letting out constant growls and roars as he went back to pinning Lance down, hips ramming forward with everything he had, balls slapping against Lance and making obnoxiously loud slapping noises. He was definitely close - too close for either of them to stop now.

“Lance…! Fuck, Lance, I’m gonna…cum! Gonna fill you with my…royal seed! That what you want?! Come on baby!” He smacked Lance’s ass, causing a shaky yelp to escape him.

“Ah! Yes, please! Please your highness! Fill me up, I need you! I…PLEASE!” All Lance could do in the end was plead and beg and scream as he felt Keith cum, his hot, sticky Galra seed flooding Lance’s royal Altean body and staining his insides. The sensation of being stuffed sent Lance over the edge, and he came alongside Keith as they both screamed and pressed their bodies as close together as possible. Keith’s cum filled Lance completely while the Altean’s cum shot all over their chests, the bed shaking and squeaking from all their passionate bucking.

They slowly began coming down from their sex high as their orgasms died off, leaving both boys panting and staring at each other with passionate looks that also said ‘what just happened’.

Keith slowly pulled out of the prince, wincing at the squelching sounds that followed his dick before he shuffled off to the side and fell down next to his lover. Silence ensued between them, just listening to the sound of each other’s heaving chests and relishing in the pleasure they’d just experienced.

“…I love you.” Lance honestly didn’t know what else to say, so he just blurted out his feelings out, snuggling backwards into Keith’s chest. The Galra immediately wrapped his arms around Lance, kissing the back of his neck.

“I love you, too.” He assured. Lance keened at that, smiling wider than he ever had as he sighed.

“Oh, also, that was amazing. Thank you, Keith.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘your highness’?”

Lance scowled and shoved back against Keith playfully, and they both laughed tiredly as they lay on the bed to go to sleep.

Ballet Dancer x MMA Fighter!Tom

request: Hey 💛 Could you make a Ballet Dancer!Tom x MMA Fighter!Reader headcanon? Thanks love ❤️✨

a/n + warnings: ok i’m assuming you meant that tom was the fighter and the reader was a ballet dancer but maybe i am succumbing to the patriarchy and conventional society, if you want the inverse just send another ask and i’ll do that too


Originally posted by kiingholland

  • you met one day when he was headed to training
  • you were fumbling with the mesh bad that held your pointe shoes b/c it was kind of worn out
  • inevitably you ran headlong into someone
  • “oh my god, i’m so sorry!” you heard a male voice apologize
  • before you looked up you leaned over to pick up the aforementioned bag that got dropped on the ground
  • and who woulda thunk, the two of you bumped heads again
  • “oh i’m so sorry, wait why would you have been sorry, i bumped into you. and then i did it again and-” you word vomited like you always did
  • finally you looked up at the stranger to see kind brown eyes staring back at you
  • “love, stop apologizing. you didn’t mean to” he cracked a smile
  • “i was just rushing to rehearsal, and my stupid bag is ripping, and… you don’t need to know about any of this”
  • he smiled again and you felt like you recognized him
  • “my name is tom” he reached out a hand
  • “y/n, nice to meet you, but i can’t be late” you felt your cheeks blush red
  • tom’s face fell
  • as you ran off to rehearsal tom began racking his brain to figure out how to see you again
  • the next day at the same time tom rounded the corner and saw y/n
  • and he had a brand new mesh bag for you
  • “since the other one broke, consider it a piece offering”
  • this became a daily thing
  • eventually you told him that you were a ballerina and he said he was an mma fighter
  • this freaked you out at first because it is dangerous and violent
  • but then you went to work out with him once and he taught you basic moves
  • at the end of the session you told him he had to take a private ballet class with you
  • tom tripping over his feet at first
  • he gets really sweaty really fast and you are only 15 minutes in
    (think the rock in the game plan)
  • “oh my god how do you do this?” he’s totally breathless by the end
  • “years and years of practice. and it’s not like fighting is easy”
  • eventually this becomes a weekly thing, every saturday you meet up and stretch and do bar work while he lifts and boxes
  • one day you stopped working at the bar and just sat looking at him
  • how his shoulder muscles contracted when he pulled down on the shoulder press machine, his determined face, the light sheen of sweat that seemed to highlight the coiled muscles all over his body
  • “what?” he finally caught you
  • “oh nothing” blushing furiously
  • at the end of that night something was different
  • he looked at you under the streetlight above the car and couldn’t take it any longer
  • “will you go on a date with me?”
  • of course you said yes
  • from then on you attended all of his fights, always being his biggest fan
  • it was funny when you’d go out to eat because you’d eat lean meats and fruits and vegetables and he’d get heaps of pasta and eat 12 rolls
  • when you have performances he’d always show up in a suit and tie and that would be your favorite way to see him
  • and he always seemed to bring a bigger bouquet than the last time
  • both of you always knowing how to deal with each other’s injuries b/c you each pull things a lot
  • when you tore a ligament in your ankle he waited on you hand and foot (haha get it?)
  • but the worst would be when he’d get injured in fights, b/c you could handle him pulling things but the cuts and bruises just seemed worse
  • you had first aid training because you had worked as a nurse’s assistant for a long time in high school so you knew how to do stitches
  • always having to stitch him up
  • one night when he gets a black eye and a busted lip, as well as a dislocated shoulder you just snapped
  • “i can’t do this, i can’t keep seeing you like this”
  • tom looked so hurt by it, “this is my job, y/n”
  • “it’s just that i love you tom and it kills me to-” you couldn’t finish because you realized you said you loved him for the first time ever
  • “i’m in love with you y/n, i need you. please don’t give up on me” he said the words like a realization that had been coming forever
  • “i would never, this is just, hard.” you felt a tear run down your face
  • that night would end in loving sex that was like nothing you’d ever had before
  • in the morning when you woke up he had made breakfast
  • “i’m going to train harder so that you never feel worried about me again” he told you as he laid a tray on the bed
  • you smiled and told him “i believe in you, just be more careful with the boy i love”

(it’s being stupid and won’t let me cut)


Hey Boss

Title: Hey Boss

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,650

Warning: It’s demon!Dean smut

Summary: You’re a demon in Hell that wants to serve one of the most legendary badasses you’ve ever heard of; Dean Winchester. The famed hunter, who wore the Mark of Cain, only to be turned into a demon. All this pent up rage and lack of fucks to give, Dean is more than happy to have a willing demon hanging on his every word.

“Run that by me again?” Dean slowly turned to you, swirling his glass of whiskey.

“Well, sir, I just know that a man of your power…you need a loyal servant.”

Dean just stared at you for a moment. His eyes never moved, but you could see the wheels turning in his head. Slowly sipping his whiskey, he let the warm heat rise in his body before he answered.

“Let me get this straight. You want to…serve me?”


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3 | The Purge



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, blood, gore, death and other illegal purge activities. this chapter contains strong language, gore, mentions of death and injuries.

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

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Kinktober2017 Day 11: Masochism/Sadism with Klance

So here’s a masochistic Lance with a sadistic Galra Keith. I know, it’s “technically” day 12, I’ll get that out. Let me live. Please. orz 

When Keith first became over-exposed to the quintessence and shifted into a Galra-esque body with purple skin and yellow eyes, they had all done their best to be supportive; no one more so than Lance.

While everybody had comforted Keith and assured him that they wouldn’t stop until they found a way to reverse the transformation so that he could be himself again, Lance assured him that, no matter what, he was himself, and that something as superficial as his appearance wasn’t going to change that. He made sure Keith understood that no matter what, he was still Keith and that none of them would ever change their view of him just because of how he looked.

It took a while for Keith to convince himself to listen to them - not just Lance, but the rest of the paladins, too. He was certain that they were disgusted with him or that they pitied him, and it caused his anger issues from before to become three times as bad. Those had been rough times for everyone; nobody had been able to so much as approach Keith without receiving a threat, and he had refused to come out of his room half the time because he was convinced he was a monster.

With help from Lance, though, he came to accept his new body and to even appreciate some things about it, like the additional muscle strength and sharp senses. Galra were innately a more physically intensive species than humans, so in a lot of ways, Keith could actually view his transformation as an upgrade of sorts. However, being Galra had its shortcomings, as well. Just like they were a stronger species by nature, Galra also tended to have much more…aggressive instincts. This meant that Keith’s temper still tended to be more explosive than usual, which was saying something.

Luckily for the team, however, Lance had a solution for this part of Keith’s Galra genes, too. It really seemed like a miracle how Lance was able to just have answers to everything going on with Keith, but, well, maybe he’d thought about all of these scenarios beforehand because he thought about Keith a lot…

In any case, Lance was able to quench Keith’s aggressive nature whenever he felt himself losing his temper without fail every single time. As to how he did it, it was a mystery to the rest of the team since the two of them preferred to keep it between them.

Pidge seemed to know something the others didn’t, though. The young girl had pushed her glasses up mischievously just earlier when Keith had blown up at the Blade of Marmora for no reason, really…his temper had just spiralled out of control, partly due to the fact that he was still getting used to the genes of his new form. Since he had begun yelling at everyone and sweating from rage, Lance had taken him away from the meeting to do damage control, with the others watching them curiously, or in Pidge’s case, snickering maniacally.

That was how they got into the situation they were currently in, with Lance on his hands and knees, upper half of his body stretched forward across the bed.

“K-Keith! Oh my god, Keith! You’re…you’re going so hard today…!” The Cuban boy gasped out, eyes feeling ready to pop out of his sockets from how roughly the Galra male was fucking him from behind. Unsympathetic growls sounded with every thrust as Keith clenched his teeth.

“Shut the fuck up if you’re just going to complain; you and I both know you like it like this,” Keith ordered, punishing Lance by digging his sharp Galra claws into his hips more.

“Ah!” Lance cried out, tears flying from his eyes as pain shot through his rear. He slowly looked back, observing the look of pure aggressive lust on Keith’s face. “K-Keith, you-AH!” Lance’s head flew back as Keith slapped his ass, effectively shutting him up.

“Are you gonna talk back to me? Aren’t you the one who suggested this? Who suggested I use my anger and pour all of it out into fucking you?” Keith growled threateningly, hand moving up to hold Lance’s throat in a tight grip, his claws grazing against the neck skin.

Lance whimpered, eyes closing and pushing out more tears as his throat bobbed against Keith’s hand when he gulped. “Y-yes…” It was true, he had been the one to come up with this method of calming Keith’s Galra temper tantrums.

“And aren’t you the one who admitted that you were just being a selfish slut? That you didn’t actually want this to help me, you just wanted it because I could fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before?”

Lance gulped hard again, feeling Keith’s hand tighten its grip against his throat. “W-well…” he hesitated even though that was true, mind lost in the feeling of Keith fucking him so hard. He could barely feel his ass from how roughly it was being pounded, but he could certainly feel Keith’s cock ramming against his insides, granting him wave after wave of intense pleasure.

He leaned his head back against Keith’s shoulder for support, eyes opening in surprise when Keith shifted his body back so that his face was by Lance’s ear. “Admit it. Admit that you wanted this. Admit you want me to hurt you. Admit that’s why you want me to fuck you when I’m angry. Admit it!” His voice was far more rough and threatening than Lance had ever heard before, and it made his heart thump with fear that Keith would hurt him badly. Fear…and excitement.

“I…I wanted you to fuck me when you’re angry…so that you could…ah! So that you could fuck me harder! Fuck…fuck me harder!” Lance confessed, tears pooling from his eyes more as his hands gripped the bedsheets.

“Don’t give me orders!” Keith rammed his cock into Lance’s prostate especially hard while at the same time moving his face down, sinking his teeth into Lance’s shoulder and closing his jaws together in a bite that seemed intent on removing the meat.

“KEITH!” Lance screamed, eyes flying wide open as his front half collapsed, the mixed sensations of pleasure from his prostate and pain from his shoulder vibrating throughout his entire body from head to toe. “God, Keith, fuck!”

Keith slammed into his prostate with every thrust, balls slapping his ass and marking them red. Meanwhile, he held Lance’s body up as his teeth sank down into his shoulder more and more with each passing second.

“Oh my god! It’s so much! So much, Keith, too much!” Lance sobbed, tears streaming down his face as Keith just bit down harder. “Keith, are you-KEITH!” He screamed his name again, voice bloodcurdling as Keith’s claws dug into his stomach, breaking the skin. A low, demanding growl sounded from Keith’s throat the entire time, his eyes staring at Lance’s tears joyously and using them as encouragement to bite down harder.

Lance didn’t know which one was more messed up, the fact that his tears made Keith just fuck him with more passion, or the fact that the pain from his sharp teeth and claws was getting Lance so close to cumming. Obviously the prostate pounding was a part of that, but the pain just felt so right to Lance. The thought that he was getting physically punished by Keith and letting him take his anger out on him by hurting him felt so fucking good. It wasn’t enough for Keith to just fuck his anger out, he needed to hurt Lance to do it, and Lance loved every second of it.

“M-more, Keith!” he begged, shoving his ass back against Keith’s large Galra cock and keening into his jaw. “Hurt me more!”

The growl that Keith let out in response was so feral and menacing that it sent chills through Lance. “You slut. Filthy pain-loving cock slut, that’s what you are!” Keith roared before biting down on other parts of his back, ripping out more sobs and screams from Lance.

“Oh fuck! Keith, please!” He cried, tears spilling onto the mattress as he desperately pushed his body back against Keith’s to get more pleasure and pain. The slut shaming felt just as good as the physical pain, and he was about ready to shoot. He just needed one last push…

“You’re a masochistic whore, Lance.” Keith sunk his teeth straight into Lance’s neck, not holding back on the pressure behind his jaw, and that did it.

A strangled cry left Lance’s mouth as he came, cum splattering all over the sheets in what must’ve been one of the hardest orgasms of his life due to how much Keith was stimulating his body.

Just hearing Lance cry out in so much pain made Keith bite down on his neck harder, and only moments after Lance came, he followed suit, burying his cock deep inside of his stretched hole and dumping load after load into his body. His teeth dug into the skin of his neck more and more with each shot, low grunts rippling through his body as he strained his balls to push all of his cum into Lance.  

The two of them stayed in their mounting and mounted positions for a good amount of time after that, relishing in the marks Keith had just left on Lance’s body, both outside and inside. Finally, when he let go of Lance, he just collapsed completely onto the bed.

“God, Keith…so good…” he muttered sleepily, eyes already drooping close. Keith immediately plopped himself down next to Lance on the bed, arms wrapping around him and pulling him close. The Blade meeting was long forgotten now as they spooned, with Lance snuggling backwards into Keith.

“You know, the others would be so confused. It’s like you’re punishing me with pain for having helped you with everything.” Lance chuckled.

“Yeah, well, they don’t know how much of a masochist you are.”

Lance tilted his head from side to side a bit. “True. Nor do they know how much of a sadist you are.” He looked up at Keith, smiling sweetly at the Galra.

“That’s true, too,” he said, craning his head forward to kiss Lance’s forehead.

His anger was completely gone.

“who ever said i hated you?”

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

you heard them all laughing loudly as you stomped away. you were fuming with anger, you could feel how red your face was, the sweat running down your face and chest making you even more irritated and angry.

he beat you……he fucking beat you.

for months you had been teasing him relentlessly that you would beat him in a fight, you had teased and teased over and over, you were overfilled with joy when he accepted, knowing you’d win.

but you were wrong.

the more it sunk in, the more you felt like screaming and crying. you had been training for half your life to be the best viking warrior out there, this was humiliating.

you had lost to ivar lothbrok….the boy you’d hated since you were children.

you don’t really know why you both had hated each other so much, since the first day you met you just despised each other.

but you couldn’t help but respect one another, he respected you for training when you honestly didn’t have to, you respected him for having to deal with his useless legs.

one time, a man had tried to force himself upon you, ripping the front of your dress open and touching you, of course this was when you were very new to fighting, just a young girl at the age of 15, ivar had saved you, throwing an axe to the back of the mans head.

then, with the incident with margarethe you had told ivar not to punish himself for not being able to preform, hell, you told him that it was his nerves, which you honestly believed and you hugged him as he cried to you, hating himself even more.

but you two never came anywhere close to friends, for what reason you ask? no idea.

and you losing was just the tip of the ice berg.

you could hear them fast approaching, their laughter becoming louder and louder. finally they caught up to you.

“wait up, love” hvitserk called, but you didn’t slow. his words were muffled by anger. ivar was laughing the hardest riding on the back of his eldest brother ubbe.

“oh, love, what’s the matter?” it was ivar who spoke this time, making you clench the axe in your hand. your hair forming a perfect curtain between you and them.

you didn’t say anything. the anger running through your veins prevented you to.

ubbe tried to make him stop, but ivar just kept going.

“hmm, is it the fact you now know how slow you are?, maybe because your strategy was a little off?, or perhaps because you lost?”.

you stopped walking and froze, your jaw staring to twitch and hands were starting to shake. you turned around so fast it had stunned all the brothers, you threw your axe aiming for ivar, but he ducked just in time. the axe hit the tree behind him with a loud thud.

you slung the bag that was hanging off your shoulder and threw it towards them, hitting ubbes shoulder, missing ivar once again.

“(y/n)!-” sigurd tried to say, but was cut off by your yelling.

“fuck off, boneless!!! just shut up!! shut that stupid fucking trap of yours if you know what’s good for you!. yes, i lost, i lost to the all mighty and powerful ivar the boneless!, does it make you happy?, knowing you lost to a girl?, does that make you feel good?!” you yelled, your voice starting to hurt, but you were too pissed to care.

ivar stared at you silently, his eyes watching your every move. when he didn’t answer, you scoffed and shook your head, small tears starting to cloud your vision.

“well done, ivar. you won, i lost. congratulations. don’t bother ever speaking to me ever again” you seethed, stomping away, leaving the brothers shocked and completely still, rooted where they stood.

after you made it to your home you didn’t leave, not even for dinner. all you could do was lay in bed, angrily staring at your roof. how had you lost? you trained longer and harder then he did, how?, how?, how?.

no one came to look for you, probably knowing how pissed you were. everyone always knew to stay away from you when you were mad… were glad they stayed away.

finally the night had come, and you couldn’t wait to sleep the humiliation away. you had your white fur under both of your exposed arms, your nightdress always had gotten on your nerves, so you slept in the nude. one leg was showing, wrapped around the fur, your bare core brushing against it.

you were wet.

you growled tightly shut your eyes. even though you were completely and utterly mad at ivar, you couldn’t deny how handsome he was.

during the fight he looked like a god, his growing black hair pulled tight against his head, his dark blue eyes staring deviously into yours as your swords struck each other.

you couldn’t help but feel so sexually attracted to him.

you gasped lowly when you heard the door to your hut open. thinking it was just your close friend and queen, lagertha, coming to check up on you, you closed your eyes even tighter, feigning sleep.

you then felt the side of your bed dip, she was so close to you, you could feel her breath upon your neck.

you turned, still keeping the fur close to your chest and decided to speak to her, knowing she’d understand.

“i’m sorry i didn’t come to din–!” you stopped speaking immediately when you seen that it was in fact not lagertha, but ivar instead.

your calmness faded almost instantly. your eyes narrowed and your lips moved up into a snarl.

“get. the fuck. out” you growled. but ivar didn’t move.

“no” he spoke, his voice the gentlest you’d ever heard it. his eyes couldn’t help but looked up and down your body, lingering longer then he should have let them.

“get out-” your words were cut off as ivar suddenly pinned your arms above your head. you struggled against him, but ivar, seeing as for half his life had to use his arms to take him places instead of his legs, had the upper hand and way more strength then you did.

“so damn persistent” he whispered, lips just barely moving. you sighed harshly, your breath hitting his face. he then moved himself between your thighs, moving the fur ever so slightly, your sex almost at show.

you went to speak again but ivar shushed you, pressing one finger to your lips, his other hand keeping both yours pinned.

“just, be quiet” he whispered once again. you went to push him off you but found yourself bound and unable to.

the bastard tied you up. you went to bitch at him for doing this to you, and ask him what the hell he was even doing here. but your words got caught in your throat when ivar placed his mouth on your now exposed breast.

you snapped your mouth shut, not allowing the moan that was oh so desperately trying to climb out of your mouth escape.

ivar mouth slowly worked on your breast, softly sucking on your nipple, you could see his tongue disappear and reappear on the hardening bud. his hand moved downwards, rubbing the skin of your stomach, gently tapping his fingers right above your navel.

“c’mon, love. make a noise for me” he breathed against your chest, the vibration of his words causing you to moan lowly, not wanting to give him a louder one.

 “that’s a good girl”. ivar then moved down, kissing every inch of skin, making you squirm against your furs and your restraints.

he then ripped the covers off of you, revealing your naked body to him. ivar groaned at the sight of you, his tongue darting out quick to wet his lips. you couldn’t help but throw your head back and gasp when he snuck his hand down and parted your lips open, giving him an even better view.

he then started to message your clit with his middle and pointer fingers. up and down, up and down. his freezing hands making it all feel so, so good.

“hmm, unh!, yes” you mewled, giving in to the pleasure that was slowly overtaking your body. ivar kept his eyes on your sex, watching the wetness gather on to his working fingers.

ivar then moved lower and lower until his face was just meters from your cunt. he then stuck a finger inside you.

you groaned loudly this time, feeling his meaty fingers stretch you just right. he then thrusted them in agonizingly slow, curling them upward every time he went in.

you could hear how wet you were, every little movement he made caused a soft wet sound to enact from you.

“oh, gods” you sighed out, your thighs shaking just slightly, you could feel yourself clench every time he made just the slightest movement, how could someone you hate so much have this big of an affect on you?.

you then arched off of the furs when he started to lick and suck at your clit.

he was going way too soft for your liking, but it felt to fucking good to make him stop. he then moved a hand back and grabbed both of your shaking thighs and placed them on his shoulders. you couldn’t help but cage his head between them.

“say my name” he rasped, now kitten licking up and down your slit. you whined out, not truly wanting to say his name. when he nipped at your labia is when you cried

“ivar!”. you could feel him grin against you. you then started to move your hips against his face, your wetness coating his lips, making them shine in the dark room.

you damn near passed out when he spit on your pussy.

it was all so much, his mouth, his fingers, his hot breath panting against you……….him.

“ivar, please” you begged breathlessly, your chest heaving up and down harshly. ivar licked a long stripe up and down your pussy, not missing one inch of it.

“please what?” he asked, fully knowing what you wanted.

you growled loudly, your legs pushing his head closer to your pulsing heat.

“make me cum”. ivar didn’t need to be told twice.

he then moved lower and placed his tongue inside of you, along with his fingers. he licked everything, going in lazy and wet circles.

you all but shouted his name, head thrown back against your tied hands. your whole body was shaking now, twitching every time he stuck his tongue in.

you could feel yourself coming.

ivar sensed this and went faster and faster, making you cry and hsout his name, giving in completely to ivar.

“cum in my mouth, love, let me taste you”. his words drove you over the edge.

you screamed his name, legs squeezing his head, your juice flowing from you and into his wanting mouth, but he kept his fingers going, his tongue lapping everything you had to offer up.

you shook and writhed, stomach and pussy violently convulsing. when ivar  was done cleaning every bit of cum up he moved up the bed, his face hovering above yours.

“wh-what was th-that f-for?” you asked, body still humming from the aftermaths of your orgasm. your question coming out in a harsh pant

ivar didn’t say anything as he untied you, rubbing your wrists when they were released.

he then paused staring down at your scarlet red lips, bleeding slightly when you had bit them. ivar couldn’t resist licking the blood from your bottom lip, moaning boyishly at the taste.

“i like the taste of you better” he said making you shiver deliciously, but ignored your question.

then he crawled off the bed.

you sat up slowly, wincing at the feel of your sore lower half. you watched in utter confusion as he made his way to the door.

“ivar?, what–?”

“i wanted to apologize, i didn’t know how much winning that fight meant to you” he said, making you widen your eyes at him, you didn’t think ivar was capable of apologizing to anyone…..especially you.

ivar turned his towards you, giving you a tiny smirk

“you should sleep naked more often” he said, then going for the door. but your words stopped him.

“i didn’t think you could even get this close to me” you whispered. ivar paused and turned to look at you once again.

“what do you mean?”.

“well, we hate each other. i hate you and you hate me” you said with a small shrug.

ivar scoffed and chuckled, shaking his head, he smirked at you, this time wider and said

“who ever said i hated you?”.

heeeeeeeeyyyy everybody!! i hope ya like this!! sorry if it sucks and i’ll try to do better next time!! i have a requested imagine coming up for the one and only floki! that will be my next one so i’m praying to the writing gods that i’ll do much better!! lots of love and thanks from me!!

Biggest Fan - Chapter 2

Way back in February, @peetabreadgirl had a birthday and her gift was Biggest Fan – Canadian!Peeta and Texan!Katniss meet in the Marvel fandom and then have a real-life meet-up in Québec City. You can find the first chapter of this story on this blog. We’ve decided to stretch her birthday fun for five months and offer you this latest chapter. Enjoy!! Banner by @xerxia31

When the morning sun finally begins to glow behind his eyelids, Peeta is contentedly floating on a cloud of sheer comfort. The bed feels exactly right beneath him, his pillow cradles his head perfectly and Katniss is snuggled firmly against him, her head pillowed on his shoulder.

Never has a bed been so inviting.

He’s not sure when she migrated from her side of the bed to his, but he can’t say he’s sorry to start the day with her in his arms, her soft, steady exhales painting a warm trail on his pectoral muscles under his t-shirt. His senses are full of her; the sweet fragrance of her hair, the weight of her arm across his belly, her feet tangled in his. He leans down just enough to place a kiss on the crown of her head and is rewarded with a sigh from Katniss.

She stretches like a cat against him as her body comes to life. “Time is it?” she mutters.

“I’m not sure, about eight? Practically mid-day for a baker.”

The sound of his voice seems to bring her back to herself more quickly. Her grey eyes widen and a pretty flush paints her smooth cheeks as she notices the way they’re practically wrapped around each other, and the fact that they’re both nestled on his side of the bed.

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Need You Now

Originally posted by soluscheese

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,505

Warnings: cursing, some angst, some smut, some fluff


(A/N: this is kind of, kind of not based off of Need You Now by Lady Antebellum)

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Food for the Boys

Title: Food for the Boys

Pairings: Sam x Reader, Dean (mentioned)

Summary: Reader is making dinner and Sam can’t keep his hands off her.

Word count: 1 336

Warnings: Smut: fingering, oral sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk (not to dirty, I think), squirting

Authors note: It’s my first time writing dirty talk, I hope it’s not awful. Also I want to thank everyone that is following me, I reached 700 followers today, thank you so much :)

You can find my masterlist here

You were in the kitchen making food for the boys. They had been away on a hunt for almost two weeks, and Sam had called you a couple of hours ago to tell you they were on the way home, so you decided to cook for them.

You heard the iron door to the bunker open and close and after a while you heard heavy footsteps come towards the kitchen. You didn’t turn around because you were busy with the lasagna, but you knew it was Sam when a couple of arms wrapped around your waist from behind.

”Hey, baby.” He breathed into your ear.

”Hi.” you smiled, but he couldn’t see that since he was behind you. ”Where’s Dean?”

”I think he went to his room to get some sleep.”

”What, I’m making dinner for the two of you.”

”We ate on the way home.” He began nibbling at your earlobe and it made it quite hard to focus on the food.

“Sam,” You giggled as he bit your earlobe. “I’m cooking.”You tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but it didn’t work.

“You can finish this later,” His right hand moved from your waist to be placed on your stomach. It slowly moved down to where your jeans started. He opened the pants and let his hand slip into your panties. “I need you right now.” He purred into your ear as he moved his fingers through your folds. His lips came in contact with your neck and he found your sweet spot right away. A moan left your mouth and you pressed your back against his chest to get closer to him.

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Something New

Summary; Otabek asks Yuri to top for the first time (who reluctantly agrees) and he ends up enjoying it more than he thought he would.

Shameless bottom!Beka smut because I felt like it. We got some rimming, fingering, cock-sucking and fucking, all wrapped together with a fluffy little bow on top. As always, it’s for Elena, my new tumblr bestie. 

Alternatively titled; Practice makes Perfect - Don’t like it, don’t read it. 

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Inspired by this: ask for fics where Sherlock has aquaphobia

Deep waters, Sherlock, all your life …

It’s summer, and it’s unbearably hot.

Sherlock is only wearing his swimming trunks, while he crouches in the dried up grass and carefully takes a little brown frog in his hand.

Redbeard sits beside him, panting loudly.

Sherlock curiously holds the hand with the frog in it before his face. He laughs, when the frog walks a bit on his hand and it feels lightly slimy.
He looks at Redbeard.
“Come on Redbeard, we must bring him to the pond! This is no grass frog, it’s a sea frog. He can’t stay in this heat.”

Sherlock carefully closes his hand around the little frog and runs to the nearby pond. Redbeard follows him with a happy bark.

The pond has lost water because of the heat, but it’s still big and deep.

Sherlock slowly walks a bit into the water. Until it reaches his knees. It’s wonderfully cool and he giggles when Redbeard runs wildly into the pond and spatters him with water.

Sherlock puts the frog in the water, and watches how it swims away quickly.
“Bye, froggy,” he murmurs and smiles.
And then he hears it.
Voices. Coming nearer.
He frowns and swallows, when he sees a group of young boys walking to the pond. Their attention is on a gameboy one of them holds in his hands. They are laughing and shoving each other around.

Sherlock knows them.
They are two classes above him and they aren’t very fond of him.
Sometimes, they steal his lunch or his books from the library. And when the mood strikes them, they shove Sherlock around between them for a while.

Sherlock hopes they aren’t going to notice him.

Suddenly, Redbeard barks loudly, but friendlily and the boys look up.

The one at the front, big for his age and with tangled, sweaty, blond hair, Tom White, sees Sherlock and smiles spitefully.
“Look what we have here,” he says loudly, and the other boys look up from the gameboy. “The little freak is in the water. What are you doing in there, weirdo? Are you looking for your relatives?”
The other boys laugh, altough Sherlock doesn’t find the statement very funny or smart.

“Leave me alone,” Sherlock says and points at Redbeard. “I have my dog with me!”

A few of the boys swallow nervously when they see the big Irish Setter in the water, but Tom just laughs amused. “Your dog is like a big sheep, weirdo. Look. Come here, doggie, come here!” He whistles and Redbeard points his ears. In the next moment he jumps out of the water with his tale wagging. He runs to the boys and they laugh loudly.

Sherlock feels a lump in his throat.
It’s true, Redbeard isn’t a very good dog for protection.
He hopes that the boys won’t have enough energy to deal with him further.
But he hopes in vain.

Tom pats Redbeard between his earth and grins snidely. “Yeah, look at your dumb dog. I bet he would lick my hand even if I slapped him!”

Sherlock feels anger rising up in him. He balls his hands to fists. “Leave my dog alone,” he says. “Or I … I’ll tell your mother about the stealing!”

Tom looks at him sharply, and his look darkens. “What do you mean, weirdo?”

“I know that you steal money from her. For your cigarettes and …”

He doesn’t get any further. Suddenly Tom walks to him very quickly, with his hands balled into fists.
Sherlock moves back, suddenly he’s scared. He moves back until the water is nearly up to his belly button.

“You aren’t going to tell her anything, freak!” Tom yells at him and grabs him by the shoulders. “Or I’m going to be very unpleasent!”

The other boys come nearer too, they grin.
“Teach him a lesson, Tom!” One of them says and laughs. 

“Yeah, I should do that,” Tom says and grins. “Hold his dog,” he advises the boys, and then he grabs a handful of Sherlock’s curls. Before Sherlock can do or say anything, Tom shoves his head under water violently.

Cold. It’s so cold.
And dark. Sherlock can’t see anything. He can hear a loud swoosh and laughing somewhere in the distance.
He holds his breath, and feels how fear rises up in him.
He struggles against the hands which hold him down, but he’s not strong enough.
He starts to feel uncomfortable, a pain begins in his chest.
And then, he panics.
His lungs begin to burn, as his body begins to scream for air in earnest.
He can’t … He needs to breathe, he needs to breathe, he needs to …
Sherlock feels like his lungs would burst the next second, he screams under water, he …

And then he is pulled up.

Suddenly, there’s air around him again.
He gasps for breath, and everything is burning inside him. Everything …

He is dragged onto the grass and falls into it.

Faint voices are around him, Redbeard is barking.

“Uhm, don’t you think you have overdone it a bit Tom?”
“Oh shut up, the little weirdo deserves it, Sam!”
“Yeah, but …”
“Shut up, I said! Let’s go.”

Suddenly, Tom’s shadow is above Sherlock, and the older boy whispers into his ear: “You are not going to tell this to anyone, you understand? If you tell anyone about this, I’m going to kill your stupid dog. My father buys rat poison every month, I could just give your dog a nice sausage with the poison in it …”

“No,” Sherlock gasps breathlessly. Tears flow over his face. “No …”

“Do what I say. I’m warning you, weirdo.”
And then Tom is gone.
They’re all gone.

Sherlock lays in the grass and gasps for breath. Crying, trembling, still full of panic.

Redbeard suddenly licks his face and whines quietly.

Sherlock stares at the blue, cloudless sky above him and cries.

Since then, he could never go into the water again.


Aquaphobia, is the term for it, he learns when he tries to find out why he suddenly can’t bear being in deep water.
Caused by a traumatic experience.

And from now on Sherlock stays out of the swimming pool. Out of ponds and rivers.

Because every time he thinks about going into the water, he remembers.
Remembers the panic, the cold and the dark.
His struggle. The pain in his lungs.
The feel of dying in darkness.

And he can’t. He simply can’t.


John is in the well, and it fills with water quickly.

John is in the well full of rising water, Sherlock stands above and nearly hyperventilates.

“John,” he stutters, “Oh God, John.”

“Sherlock!” John calls out of the well, the water has already reached his shoulders. “Sherlock, is someone coming?!”

“Yes,” Sherlock says and swallows. “Yes, yes … I called for help and … “

“Okay, all right,” John says, and obviously tries to stay calm. “Everything is going to be all right, Sherlock.”

This makes Sherlock flinch, and he shakes his head in disbelief. “How can you say that? You are the one in the well!”

“Yeah,” John says and laughs warily. “I’m the one in the well. Oh Fuck, it’s so fucking cold. I can’t feel my legs!”

Cold …
So cold …

Sherlock closes his eyes. Memories climb up in him, grab for him …
NO! He shouts at himself. Not now, John needs help, my help, John …

“Help will be here soon, John,” he says, and hopes he’s right.

The water is now at John’s neck, and Sherlock can see how John stretches his body, to stay on the surface.

Oh God …

“Sherlock,” John coughs, “If this … If this isn’t going to end well, I want you to know something!”

“Shut up, John,” Sherlock says, and feels how he is slowly getting desperate. There are still no sirens to hear in the distance … “Everything will be all right!”

“I hope so, I really hope so, but …” And then, John’s mouth is suddenly full of water and he coughs violently.

“JOHN!” Sherlock screams, and he sees, how the water still rises, how John’s struggle weakens …

I need to do something!
I need to …
Jump into the water.
Hold John over water.

Oh God.

Sherlock stares into the dark water. Dark. Cold. Memories …
His lungs burning.
The feeling of drowning …

Then he looks at John, who gasps for air desperately.

Into the water …

There are no boys who are going to push you under.
There’s just John.
John who is drowning.
John, who needs your help.


And just when he can hear the faint sound of a siren, Sherlock jumps into the well.

Then the water surrounds him and it’s so cold, that he gasps out of shock.

He pushes the feel of panic, the urge to get out, aside and moves to John, who seems to be close to passing out.
He grabs John under his arms and lifts him, as high as the chains let him.
Then, he paddles on the spot and holds John’s face above water.

John opens his eyes and looks at him weakly.

“You idiot,” he mumbles and smiles faintly. “What are you doing here? Do you want to drown with me?”

“No one of us is going to drown,” Sherlock says grimly. “Help is coming and everything is going to be all right, John.”

“Sherlock,” John whispers and sighs. Then he really passes out.
Sherlock can feel how his body goes slack in his grip.
He swallows when he noticeshow the water rises again.
How long, until …

And then, a bright light suddenly shines into his eyes from above.

“Sherlock!” Lestrade’s voice. Worried. “Sherlock, John, can you hear me?”

“Here!” Sherlock yells. “Get us out of this bloody well already!”

And then, someone comes to them with a rope and pliers.

While Sherlock still holds John’s limp body in his arms, they cut the chains, and finally, they are pulled out of the cold water.


Later, when they sit on a stretcher together, side by side, wrapped in blankets, Sherlock says quietly to John, “Did you know, that I have suffered from a case of aquaphobia since I was a child?”
“No, no I didn’t. Oh wow, Sherlock …”
“Yeah. Thanks for curing it, Doctor.”

And they laugh together.

Corrected by @bakerstreet-irregular <3

Tags under the cut. Did I forget you, or do you want to be tagged in future works? Tell me :)

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In Dreams

|| Dean x Reader ||

Warnings: angst/arguing, smut, fluff.

Word Count: 1.8k

Author’s Note: This fic was inspired by the song “Battleships” by Daughtry. Well, kind of.

Originally posted by thejabberwock

You stared over the kitchen table as deep green eyes rolled into the back of Dean’s head. He was whining about something, again. It was the fourth day in a row that he had found something to complain about first thing in the morning. And, for the fourth day in a row, you wanted to bash his head in with a hammer. But, that behavior was generally frowned upon in modern society. So, there you sat, listening to him whine and bitch about another petty detail.

“Okay, fine, I’ll play.” You growled, finally tuning in to what he was saying. “What self-made bullshit are you whining about today?” you snapped as you leaned back in your seat. “Just let it out and be done with it. Then, you shut your mouth.”

Dean’s eyes widened as he stared down at you, completely stunned. “Oh, so I’m whining now?”

You rolled your eyes. “No, you’ve been whining the whole fucking time. For several days now, it’s been one petty thing after another. And, I was just wondering, do you ever shut up?”

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Requested?: yes

Can u do a smut where jack and the reader are secretly together and while their doing it the boys walk in and now they would have to explain

WARNING: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (make sure you get that rang before you do the thang(;)

“Hey, YN” Jacks voice rang through the phone.

“Hi Jack,” I smiled to myself.

“I was thinking, since I’m finally moved into my own place, you could come over more often, like tonight for example…”

“That sounds like fun, id love to,”

“Great, see you at 6?”

“Sounds great, bye Jack.”

“Bye babe,” I could practically see his smile through the phone.

It was currently 3 now so I had plenty of time to kill. Jack and I had been together for around 3 months now, keeping it secret from the boys was difficult, especially when jack lived with Conor. But now that Jack got his own place it’s going to be a lot easier to sneak around.

I spent the whole day trying to pick an outfit to wear. I settled on a matching red lace lingerie set, a pair of white skinny jeans over it and a cute thrasher cropped sweater.

I took a peek at the clock and it was already 5:45. I slipped on my vans and started to head to Jacks place.

I was about to knock on his door when it flew open.

“Ugh, I’ve missed you.” He groaned, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me inside, and pushing me up against the closed door.

“We saw each other last week,” I giggled as his lips brushed mine.

“A week too long, baby girl,” he mumbled against my lips before connecting them.

I immediately kissed him back, glad to be back in his arms again. His hands slid down my sides and landed on my ass. He groped my butt and then his hands traveled to my thighs.

“Jump baby girl.” He whispered against my lips. I did as I was told and wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Jack, I need you.” I whimpered as he placed kisses down my jaw and neck.

“As you wish,” he smirked. He lifted me off the door and walked us over to his brand new couch. He sat down in what he likes to call his “favorite spot” and I was straddled on top of him.

“Fuck baby,” he groaned and threw his head back as I ground down onto him while I kissed his neck.

“No foreplay, please..I need you so bad.” He whined.

“Of course, daddy.” He groaned at his nickname.

I slid of his lap and popped open the button of his jeans. I shimmied them down his body and he stripped his shirt off so he was completely naked.

“Strip for me, baby.” I blushed and slowly took off my clothes in front of him. He slowly pumped himself as he watched me.

Once I was naked, Jack grabbed my by the hips and pulled me onto his lap.

“Ride me.” He breathed out. I blushed and positioned him at my entrance.

I slowly sunk down and I felt him stretching my walls.

“Damnit jack, you feel so good.” My eyes screwed shut.

“Yeah baby? You like how my big cock is stretching you out?”

“Yes, oh god, yes!” I moaned. Jacks hands found my hips and helped me slam up and down on his dick.

“You’re so hot.” Jack pulled me flush against his body and started feathering kisses down my neck all the way to my boobs.

“Holy fuck, Jack! I’m so close.”

“Me too, fuck.” He threw his head back. I started bouncing faster and soon I felt the too familiar feeling in my stomach.

“Ah shit! I’m cumming!” My walls tightened around Jack and my body started convulsing.

“Holy fuck you’re so hot baby.” He groaned as I kept bouncing on him. He pulled me close against his body again and wrapped his arms around my waist. His head dipped into my neck and he snapped his hips up so he was fucking me instead of me fucking him.

“Uh, fuck!” He groaned into my neck.

“YN?! Jack?!” Conor’s voice rang in my ears.

“No fucking way!!!” I heard Joes voice next.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” Jack quickly grabbed the throw blanket on his couch and threw it over us.

“You invited us to film a video today, mate!” Joe piped in.

“Since when have you two been together?!” Conor asked excitedly bouncing around taking a seat on the couch next to us.

“Conor, can we please talk about this when my dicks not buried inside of my girlfriend.” Jack rolled his eyes.

“Girlfriend?!” Joe yelled.

“Yes, now leave!”

“Fine! Fine!” Conor put his hands up and left the flat with Joe.

“Finally, I didn’t get to finish yet.” Jack threw the blanket off and started pushing my hips up and down.

“Jack, don’t you think that kind of ruined the mood?” I rolled my eyes, trying to climb off of his lap.

“Fuck, nothing could ruin the mood, baby.”

“Well this time, let’s do this in your bedroom.” I giggled walking towards his room.

“Fuck yes,” he jumped up and ran after me.



You know how much Namjoon struggles sometimes. He’s always so busy, even more busy than the other members as he is the leader and tends to think of others before himself.

And you’ve been waiting to have an opportunity to make him relax: you want the stress out of him and you know damn well how you will proceed to do so.

One thing you like about him is that Namjoon is simple: he enjoys the simpliest things and take joy in it.

As the door closes shut, you realise it’s time to work out your plans.

“Jagiya, you’re here ?” your boyfriend soothing voice calls out from the living room and you smile: you’ll never get used to him calling you cute names.

You don’t respond, you want him to look for you and find you.

And he does so : it seems like he’s opening a few doors and you can him still calling your name. You’re even quite surprised he didn’t give up.

“You’re hiding, right ?” you giggle at the playfulness in his voice. “What for ? Are you up to something ? This isn’t even my birthday !”

“Stop talking and come to find me, Joonie !”

“Bingo.” the bathroom door opens just when you finish your sentence.

And you giggle again.

Because he looks like he just run a mile, but his dimples displayed on his cheeks shows you he’s happy to find you. And you are too.

“What is this for ?” he chuckles and enter the room, his eyes scanning all over the room. “You did this ?”

“Well, this is nothing. It only took me a few minutes.” you say while playing with your wet legs.

And just as you wished, you can feel his insistant sight on you. A smile slowly stretches your lips but you keep your eyes off him, playing uninterested, still acting like you’re washing your already clean legs. The softness and the newly shaved skin almost distract you enough to miss Namjoon gasp.


“Are you enjoying the sight, handsome ?”

“Y/N…” his voice is tight, as if he’s keeping himself from breathing fully.

“Close the door and come here.”

As if totally lost, he stands there for a few seconds before doing so. When he faces you once again, your eyes lock with his. You finally got to see his reaction and it leaves you panting. His eyes are dark and wide, as if he’s lost somewhere else.

“What are you waiting for ? Take these clothes off, babe. The water is running cold. I need someone to warm it up again.”

And just then, as if something snaps in him, he blinks a few times before eagerly peeling off each layers of his clothes. While doing so, he almost trips and lands on his knees. And you jumbs out of the tub, as if you even could catch him. Thankfully, he doesn’t fall, holding himself on the sink, avoiding the fall.

You loudly laugh.

“Joon ! Be careful ! You scared me !”

He lightly laughs too and walks to you.

“How can I ? With an amazing sight just here, before my eyes ?” he says, his voice . Your laugh dies and you find yourself locking eyes with him once again. His hand stretches and lands on your cheek. “Oh God, jagiya. You’re so breathtaking. You’re prettier than I imaginated.”

You pratically moan just from the words and his voice. The air just changed, feeling more vibrant around you, and the room seems suddenly over heated.

You anticipated this. This is the first time he sees your naked body. This is gonna be the first time he touches you. This is gonna be the first time he feels you.

You suddenly realise it. And it makes you freaking nervous.

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