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what if after that thing with the shirt bill goes through dom drop and tiger has to comfort HIM

Bill getting a dom drop is such a forever mood, and my heart breaks for the big gentle bean every time I think about it.

Because here’s the thing, right. Emotionally, tiger tends to be the one put through the wringer. Bill marvels at her strength, at her resilience, every damn day. The stuff she lets him do to her, the way she lets him see her, how she’ll let herself be so vulnerable and trusting with him…Bill’s never met a stronger woman in his life (and his mom popped out six kids of his size, so that’s saying something.) He admires it, is astounded by it, respects it tremendously. And usually, with punishment and rough play and whatnot, it really is tiger who has her emotions bouncing all over the place. Bill gets a high off of it, for sure, and he gets intense about it–but it’s still mostly all pleasure for him, with a hefty dose of concentration in making sure she’s okay. But in situations when he’s bouncing between pleasure and concentration, tiger is catapulting between regret and sadness for being bad, pain and absolve for being punished and feeling good again, to pleasure, to gratefulness, to feelings of extreme vulnerability, to comfort, to safety, to worry and back to safety and extreme pleasure again. It’s incredible, to him, what she deals with in this relationship.

So when something like this happens–say, when she thinks he’s going to hurt her or is scared of him–Bill has a pretty big dom drop, but he also tries to hide it. Because he wants tiger to feel those things if she needs to, and he wants her to tell him and be honest with him–and he’s worried that if she sees the impact it has on him, then she’ll pull back. If she sees that being honest and showing him she’s scared is enough to send him spiralling a few days later, then she’ll hide it. She won’t want to do that to him. And Bill can’t risk it, can’t risk not having her be completely honest with him, because there’s too much at stake. Tiger takes a long of things very personally, blames herself for a lot, and throwing him into a bad headspace would be one of the many things she forces onto her own shoulders when it’s nowhere near her fault.

But something Bill needs to understand too, and it’s difficult for him–but that the tiger he’s dealing with when she shrinks away from his touch, when she won’t let him touch her, when she’s scared of him–that’s not the same girl. It’s rare that it happens, but sometimes her mind gets away on her just enough or her headspace is just bad enough to let awful thoughts like that creep in. Because she’s not in her right mind–she’s nowhere near being in her right mind, so she’s going to feel a whole gamut of emotions that really have absolutely no bearing. Bill needs to grasp that.

So maybe he’s a bit withdrawn, a whole lot quiet. And tiger thinks maybe he’s just in a bit of a bad mood–until he starts hesitating in his touch. That sends off warning bells in her mind–when he would go to reach for her as just a natural reflex, and pull back. For as intuitive as Bill is with her–she knows her Big Dude too, and knows when something is eating away at him. And she gives it some time, but she calls him out on it. She doesn’t know what’s wrong yet–she has a hunch, though–and she wants it to end. So maybe one night when she goes to bed a little early (he’s been creeping in beside her real late at night these days), maybe when he finally comes into the room she sits up, kind of tackles him a little as he lies down and eventually gets his back up against the headboard as she sits in his lap. His hands went for her waist and then stopped, falling to his sides.

“No, nuh uh,” she says, “Don’t do that.”

He doesn’t say anything, but in the soft reflection of the moonlight she can see those big eyes of his just staring up at her warily.

“Put your hands on me, big guy,” she reaches for them and puts them around her waist, “Just like you always do.”

She leans forward, kissing him gently but real solidly.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” she says. She doesn’t ask. Asking would have been for a day or two ago.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“No?” she says in mock disbelief, “So you’re just always going to treat me like I’m porcelain now?”

He bites his lip but she reaches forward and gently tugs it free with her thumb.

“Bill,” she tries again and it’s much more soft, more pleading, “Please, bud. You’re not okay. And I need to know why.”

He sighs, his eyes closing briefly, and she strokes over his jaw with her fingers.

“I scared you again,” he whispers, and she stills. “You were scared of me.”

“I wasn’t scared of you,” she says.

“Yes you were.”

“No. Bill, listen closely. I wasn’t scared of you,” she repeats, “I’m never scared of you, because I know you would never hurt me.”

He glances up at her confused.

“Bud, look,” she sighs, “Sometimes in everything that we do, I’m not me. You get my head spinning with everything, and my mind just…taps out. Completely blanks. With pleasure, with pain, with fear, with safety, comfort, anxiety–god knows what. But you….you make me feel so safe that I let it go blank. Do you get that? I let myself just completely stop thinking. Stop worrying. I just let my mind…go.”

His eyes are back on her now, wide and focused.

“Bill, you get me so drunk off of good feelings that my mind shuts down to the very basic levels of function. Basically, all I can think about is survival shit: breathing. Swallowing. That’s it. I’m not processing stuff rationally, I’m not thinking logically, I’m not doing any of that. I’m tapped out. And sometimes when I’m tapped out, when my emotions are on such overdrive, things scare me that I wouldn’t normally be scared of. But it’s just because everything that’s happening is so intense, and I’ve lost the ability to rationalize.”

“You thought I was going to hurt you,” he mumbled and it sounds pitiful, “You thought I was lying, that I would grab you to punish you.”

“I wasn’t thinking. Bill, when I’m vulnerable like that, when I’m…small…like that with you, that’s not me. That’s not me the way I am now. I know, beyond shadow of a doubt, that you would never hurt me. That you would never lie to me, trick me like that just to punish me,” she explains, “But when I’m in a bad headspace–I don’t know anything.”

She pauses to kiss him, slow and soft.

“You did the right thing. You did everything right. And when I started to calm down, what was the first thing I did? Who did I ask for?” she says. He looks down bashfully, biting his lip.

“Hey big guy, you hear me up there?” she flicks his nose softly, “Who did I ask for?”

“Me,” he mumbles, gives her hips a soft squeeze.

“Yeah, you,” she confirms, “And why did I ask for you?”

He’s shy, ever so modest about it, but now is not the time for humility.

“Why did I ask for you, bud?” she says again.

“Because you wanted comfort,” he mumbles, “Safety.”

“And you give me comfort. I feel safe with you. I know I’m safe with you. Say it.”

“You feel safe with me,” he whispers, but she cups his cheeks.

“Nuh uh. The other way.”

“I make you feel safe,” he tries again, and she nods.

“You do. Always, Billy Goat,” she says, “When I’m like that, a mouse would scare me. It has nothing to do with you, bud. I know you would never hurt me. Okay?”

His lips tilt up in a small smile, and he pulls her closer.

“Okay,” he says, and he tucks her under his chin as he kisses her head.

“No more sulking,” she mumbles into his chest, “Or you might get a spanking.”


You so fuckin’ precious when you – smile

Give me a Leverage Sense8 AU or give me death. 

It’s Eliot who notices it first, a flash of blonde hair out of the corner of his eye. He’s used to noticing the people around him. He’s used to keeping count of every person in his eyeline, no matter how many people are in the room.

And this blonde woman should not be there. She should not be there when he has to force his way into a safe, but there she is. All in black, legs crossed on the desk beside him, ponytail swishing. “God.” She rolls her eyes. “A blowtorch. How crude.”

He glances over to her, but like a mirage, once he’s focused, she’s gone.

Two days later, Eliot’s about to deck a security guard when another woman shows up. Brunette hair and a lovely accent. “She’s gay,” the woman says. “Seduction won’t work no matter how hard you try, so you’ll have to find a different thing you both have in common.”

Eliot looks down and sees the tiny pin on her blouse. A pink ribbon. 

“There you go,” the woman says. All he has to do is tell her a story about a sick little sister, and he has her eating out of the palm of his hand. Then the woman is gone.

And then he shifts. It’s a quick blink. One moment he’s in standing on a street corner, and then next he’s in a chokehold. Instinct kicks in. He throws back an elbow and it meets flesh. One hit, two hit, three hits later, and there are two bodies on the floor.

Eliot shifts. In the center of the circle, panting heavily, stands a tall black man. “What the hell–”

But then Eliot is gone again. 

“It’s a sophisticated scheme,” the man with the bottle of Jack tells him. Eliot has already knocked two men two the ground, but there are more coming, and the fight isn’t over yet.

“You get someone’s credit information and start opening credit cards in their name. Then, you catfish some poor idiot and say you’re adding them to your credit card account. You get the idiot to buy you things for you on your card. Everything’s good until the credit card company gets wind of the fraud and shuts everything down, but by then you’ve cleaned everything up and moved on to greener pastures.”

“Dude,” Eliot growls, “I’m just here to get a necklace back.”

The man shrugs. “Was it insured?”

Eliot finishes slamming a goon’s head into the nearest table. “What does that matter?”

The man shrugs, and then he’s gone.

Parker doesn’t even really bat an eye. She kinda actually likes her new friends. Sure, the smelly guy with the weird hair is a bit odd, but he’s helpful in his own way. He can see the big pieces when she’s too distracted with the shiny things. He’s the one who figures out a fence is going to betray her long before she would have.

Then there’s the one who calls her “girl” all the time. He drags the word out too, like it’s prettier than one of the glittery diamonds she nicks. She likes him. She likes how he smiles at her, how he lingers in her presence a little longer even after he’s helped her figure out the code for a 15 digit lock.

The punchy guy, well, he took a little more time to warm up to. She’s not really a fan of fist fights. She’d rather hide. But when a security guard finds her and she can see the guy pulling his hair back into a ponytail, she smiles a little.

“Go for the eyes,” he tells her, holding up two bent fingers and pushing them forward in the air. She does, and it’s kind of satisfying.

“Oh dear,” the lady says to her every time she shows up. “No no no you mustn’t…” and then she goes on to tell Parker exactly how she’s not talking right. Parker kind of appreciates that. She’s not so great with the words thing. People are hard. Locks are easy.

Except these four people. They haven’t been hard. They’ve been like locks with easy combinations. Parker feels like she kind of knows them. Like the locks she picks again and again. She knows how all their inner workings are.

And that’s really nice.

Okay so the blonde is gorgeous. The blonde is gorgeous and the British lady is really good at talking her way out of problems. Hardison isn’t really sure what the point is with the dude who shows up to yammer on and on about cons and how Hardison might get himself caught if he does one thing or another. But even when he’s very clearly drunk, he’s still been helpful a few times.

So has the gun who is always hitting people. He’s gotten Hardison out of more than one scrape because Hardison has never done guns, will never do guns, and really really really doesn’t like being in the same room with people who want to hurt him.

And yeah, his knuckles really really hurt—his whole body hurts, actually— after the fighter helps him out of a few bad situations, but it’s better that than losing a pinkie. Or a toe.

So yeah, Hardison is okay with the people in his head.

Nate needs another fucking drink.

Sophie comes to see them all sort of like children. One is angry, one is hurting, one is lost, and one is alone. She’s the one who realizes they need to be brought together. She’s the one who realizes they are the solution to all of their problems. She is the one who sits beside a drunken Nate and helps him set out asprin and water for the morning. She is the one who sits quietly with a silent Parker as she picks lock after lock and studies countless blueprints.

She is the one who stands in an empty, threadbare apartment with Eliot when he cooks himself an extravagant dinner only he will eat.

She is the one who sees the late nights where Harrison binges on bad TV and orange soda.

She is the one who realizes that these people, whose pain she feels as if it is her own, all need each other.

Like she, when she’s tired of her fake names and her Rolodex of personalities, just needs them. 

Living with her loneliness, her isolation, is like suffering under a terrible weight.

They provide her with leverage.

But you know what I really love about Sense8 it’s how they not only love each other so much but it bleeds into their connections with how they feel about people outside of the cluster. 

You see it in RIley’s look of pure affection when she see’s Amanita’s face for the first time. How she’s a bit of awe because this is the person who makes Nomi feel beautiful and like the sun is touching her face. You see it in how Wolfgang bleeds into Nomi’s speech about her sister. How he will destroy anyone who hurt’s his family and by extension that now includes anyone his cluster loves. You see it with how they war with sun’s emotions in regards to her brother. How Will knows that she’s feeling conflicted how she wants to be able to keep old promises, how Sun is many things but heartless has never been one of them. How Wolfgang wants to kill him for her because he’s hurt her too far. How Capheus is so excited to see Detective Mun because he’s expressing the part of Sun that wanted to believe in this person, that wanted to believe that someone who owed her nothing would help her. 

it’s so absolutely beautiful.

the witcher dumbass ratings
  • geralt of rivia: claimed law of surprise and then rejects it after seeing what rejecting it does literally 5 minutes ago, hes that dumbass who sees someone do something stupid in front of them and does it bc they think they're different (ur not geralt, do u learn nothing) 10/10 dumbass energy, how are you alive
  • yennefer of veneberg: tries to trap a djinn, wants to have a kid Really Really Badly, and all her plans are bad, shes like my dad. wants more kids and makes bad plans. "i want everything" make a list okay 9/10 dumbass bc u can adopt a kid yen, i promise you all babies are the same. taking a point off bc i think shes pretty cunning and having a sex mansion is pretty cool
  • jaskier: decides to become best friends with the prickliest most unfriendly man in the tavern and follows him around for 10 years. u KNO he prolly thought "god i love a dark and mysterious man" and then got too attached. i thought he was the most dumb but i'll give him 10/10 dumbass points. (i gave him 9/10 at first because he at least knows to leave a power hungry witch, but he was also dumb enough to say "left my cat on the stove" as an excuse so he got that point back)

“about the man we both love”

I need to start this off with the fact that Mary said in the beginning “if you’re watching this, I’m probably dead.” So she knows that, as she’s recording the video, Sherlock would be watching it after she died. Now anyone who can’t see the way sherlock looks at john, or how he simply acts towards him, must be blind. Mary surely figured it out from the start. And I bet she realised that if she died, she should let sherlock know that she knew, and that she was never against it, hence “i know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become. Because I know who you really are.” She knew they loved each other, and although she really was in love with john, and he loved her, she still recognised the complexity of his relationship with sherlock. She still recognised that Sherlock was hiding his feelings, and John was struggling with his. She’s not dumb. She didn’t see, she observed.

K but in all honesty Tumblr sleeps on Ladyhawke so much

A) It was made in the 80s so every now and then (like in the beginning of the fucking movie) there’s really inappropriate synth/electric guitar music and slo mo shots and lens flares and it’s fucking delightful

B) It’s about a knight and a lady who fell in love but a creepy ass priest (of course) wanted her so I forget how he pulled it off but now she is a hawk by day and a lady by night (TITLE BUT WITH AN “E” ADDED IN THE END FOR NO REASON) and he’s a man by day and a wolf by night and they only see each other in their human forms for half a second when the sun is rising (or setting I guess) and it’s The Most Tragic Love Story Of Our Time

C) She’s stunning but not completely incompetent; he’s broody and badass and did I mention he turns into what amounts to a giant dog it’s like your boyfriend turns into Ghost what’s not to like

D) Yes Matthew Broderick is there and yes he doesn’t really fit the vibe but mostly he’s there to be you.  He’s there to be like “omg what a tragic love story I must help the otp” he’s there to be like “wow Michelle Pfeiffer’s face was carved by the gods and also she turns into a bird of prey how amazing” and he’s kind of a flop but you tolerate him, it’s the 80s, Ferris can stay

E) I forget exactly how the plot is resolved but let me assure you that it is as over the top and ridiculous as you’d expect, full of ominous church things

Watch it.  Live it.  LADYHAWKE.

Miraculous Spite: Double Monkey Dare

It was all Kim’s fault.

After the Chameleon battle, Marinette had been fully willing and able to finally out Lila for the rotten liar she was. But Adrien stepped in and stopped her. Despite knowing the truth, he saw fit to protect Lila and encouraged Marinette to take the high road in some sad hope that Lila may at some point decide to become a better person on her own.

Marinette truly doubted it, but she’d let the boy dream.

Still, it had been the end of the school day. Things had…sort of worked out. The seats were changed back, at least, and she got to sit next to Alya and behind Adrien again. Alya had even reassured her that she wouldn’t let her sit alone, so it seemed she was still in her corner.

But after school let out and Lila’s declaration of “war”, Marinette was uncertain. Given the lengths Lila had gone to previously to get to Adrien specifically—stealing his book, buying the necklace, claiming to be the Fox hero…it showed the girl could be crafty and that she was fully willing to go to extremes to get her way. And that was all out of the desire for Adrien to LIKE her.

What would she do to someone she wanted to get rid of?

Marinette had brushed off Lila’s threat at the time, but truthfully, she was worried. And given how quickly everyone had jumped on her over something as simple as not wanting to be moved from her seat when she really didn’t need to be, it seemed she had just cause to be worried.

What would Lila do? How far would she go? How much would it take for Lila to successfully turn everyone against her?

Marinette wanted to believe the best in her classmates, but none of them—not a single one of them had even really listened to her.

Though…maybe it had to do with her method?

But how could she convince them of the truth? Or at least get them to doubt Lila? Even if it’s a little, just as long as it’s enough to not automatically believe her if she tried to spin some false story about Marinette?

She puzzled over this. Uncertain. Worried. And feeling guilty because she knew she should trust her friends more than that…

Even if they hadn’t trusted her.

It was in this state that Kim happened upon her.

Kim, for his boisterousness, was more insightful than people gave him credit for. The incident at the zoo notwithstanding. Or the incident with Chloe. Or the other incident with Odine.

…shut up.

Regardless, Kim saw Marinette standing in front of the school and looking rather put out. Which naturally gave him concern.

“Hey, Marinette! You okay?”

She jumped at the call and turned to face him. “Yeah! I’m…I’m fine!”

Yeah, he didn’t need to be Max’s level of genius to see that was a lie.

Kim rubbed the back of his head, sheepishly. “Look, I wanted to apologize.”

She blinked up at him in surprise.

“I know things got a little rough today with Lila’s return and all.” He explained. “It wasn’t cool how you were the only one who didn’t really get to pick where you got to sit. And looking back, we kind of pressured you into it.”

He placed both hands on her shoulders.

“I want you to know that I’ll listen if you need anything.”

She smiled at that and he couldn’t help the grin in response.

“Thanks, Kim. That means a lot to hear.”

“No sweat!” He assured her. “Lila is cool and all, but you’re the best thing that’s happened to the class. No matter what she says, you’re still amazing and you need to remember that.”

She gave a huff, seeming both touched while also frustrated. “I just don’t know what to do. I know she’s lying. I can even prove it. But it’s like everyone automatically believes her no matter what she says.”

He didn’t know about that. And while he wasn’t sure that Lila was being dishonest, it was clear that Marinette believed she was. And he couldn’t bring himself to assume it was simply about Adrien.

Kim may not be the brightest banana, but he sure as heck noticed the wary look the blond was sending the Italian girl whenever she got too close.

“I don’t know if she’s telling the truth or not.” Kim admitted. “But if she is, you of all people would be able to prove it.”

She frowned, uncertain.

He grinned. “Cheer up! If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’re always able to rise to the challenge, whatever it may be.”

It was that word.

That one word that sparked an idea.

And an idea that would change everything.


The next day, Marinette approached Alya and Nino yet again in an attempt to convince them of Lila’s lies.

Only this time, she had a plan.

“Look, we already fixed everything from yesterday. There’s no need to be upset with her anymore.” Alya insisted.

“Yeah, can’t we just be friends?” Nino beseeched.

Not while Lila was waiting in the wings to do who knows what.

“I’m telling you, she’s a liar!”

Alya rolled her eyes. “Girl, really! Just let it go.”

“No!” Marinette shouted, surprising everyone but herself most of all.


She couldn’t back down now.

Her eyes narrowed and she stared down the other two with sheer determination.

“If you really think Lila is telling the truth…if you are really going to believe her over me…” She took a breath.

“Prove it!”

Both Alya and Nino’s eyes widened.


Marinette glanced back and forth between the two, her gaze steely. “You said you believe in her. That you absolutely trust her, right?”

Alya frowned, but nodded. “Of course!”

Nino seemed uncertain, but nodded in agreement with his girlfriend.

“Then prove it.” She repeated. 

If there was one weakness that all of the students in Bustier’s class shared, it was an inability to refuse a direct challenge. It was the reason why Kim’s dares had gone on so long and gotten so out of hand to the point it took a direct challenge from Alix to dare him to stop just to get a reprieve.

They were unable to resist accepting any sort of dare or bet. Especially if they were sure they would win.

Though how true that surety actually was might be up for question…

“How much would you say you trust her?” Marinette asked them.

Alya balked, though remained steadfast. “I put her on my blog, so of course I trust her. I’d stake my blog’s reputation on it.”

Nino laughed, albeit a bit nervously as he wondered just what Marinette was getting at. “I’d bet my hat on her.”

The girl in question placed both hands on the desk, shifting her weight and leaning forward towards the couple. “Then I’ll make a bet with you.”

Nino balked. “Hold on! I thought dares were Kim’s thing?” And that they weren’t going to happen anymore since he lost that race with Alix…

That didn’t seem to deter her though.

“Well, if you’re certain that Lila is telling the truth, then it shouldn’t be a problem, should it?” Marinette asked with a smile.

It was the sort of smile smart people knew to back away from.

Alya and Nino were smart, but they were also teenagers and prone to disregarding sense.

“So what’s the bet then?” Alya asked. “It’s clearly about Lila, right?”

Marinette nodded. “And to prove once and for all whether she’s telling the truth or not.”

“We’re in.” Alya stated.

Nino gaped at his girlfriend. “What?!”

She shrugged at him. “If it’ll get Marinette to get over her hangups and let us all hang out together, then I’ll do it.” She turned back to her friend. “What’s the dare?”

“Simple enough.” Marinette replied. “We’ll each have the rest of today to collect evidence. Then when we meet up again tomorrow, we’ll present what we find. You bring anything you can find that backs any of Lila’s claims while I’ll be bringing anything on my end that disproves them. We’ll each present the evidence to see wether Lila is telling the truth or not. If more evidence comes out in her favor, then we’ll all accept she’s telling the truth. And if more evidence comes out against her, we’ll all accept she’s lying.” She smiled politely. “Does that sound fair?”

“Sure.” Alya agreed with a grin. “And when I win, you’ll apologize to Lila for accusing her.”

“Now hang on…” Nino started, only to be cut off.

“If I lose,” Marinette agreed. “I’ll apologize to Lila for calling her a liar and even bring a cake for the entire class as an apology.”

She raised a finger. “In fact, I’ll sweeten the deal. Alya, if it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll make you a dress free of charge. And Nino, I’ll bring you free pastries every day for a month. Because that’s how sure I am that Lila is a liar.”

Nino perked up at that. “Well, if you’re offering…”

Alya smirked. “If it turns out you’re right, I’ll remove Lila’s video from my blog.”

Marinette looked unimpressed. “But you would do that anyway if you knew it was false.”

Alya growled and slammed her hand on the table. “Fine! Then just to prove how much I believe Lila, I’ll replace it with another video of me doing something silly. Your choice of what.”

That made Marinette’s eyes widen. She hadn’t planned it to go that far. “Um…you sure about that?”


She winced. “You…really may want to pick something else.”

The other girl shook her head in clear refusal. “That’s just to show my faith. And besides, don’t you want some payback for those instagram pics?”

Well, not that Marinette was going to say anything or let it influence her bet, but…

“If you’re sure. But I’ll let you just get me a roll of fabric of my choice as a second option.”

“I won’t need it!”

Both girls then turned to Nino, expectantly. The boy took a breath. “Okay. Um…well, if I’m wrong about Lila, then you can have my hat.”

Marinette frowned at that.

“Are you sure you want to do that? That’s kind of permanent.”

“Nah, I trust Lila. And I know the two of you would be great friends if you gave her a chance. Just like me and Adrien.”

It was clear that Marinette was trying very, very hard not to make a face.

“But tell you what, I trust her enough that you can take my hat and design me something else to wear however you want. I’ll wear it for a month. How’s that?”

Marinette gaped. “Are you sure you want to do that?”

Nino shrugged. “If I’m standing where I am, I’m going to stand fully. Besides, you won’t make me wear anything too crazy, right?”


Nino started to sweat.


“Deal then!” Marinette chirped. “We’ll meet up tomorrow to see what we’ve found. Good luck!” And with that, she practically skipped out of the room.

“Hey wait! Mari, come on!”


The next day, several strange things happened.

Nino arrived to school looking nervous.

Alya arrived looking smug.

Marinette arrived to school with a briefcase full of papers that had Nino looking much more nervous and Alya looking decidedly less smug.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to buy me a new roll of fabric?”

“No. Just leave me with my dignity.”

“Nino, you okay?”

“Just…just let me have two more minutes…”

Nobody knew what was going on between the three. Except for Kim. He was apparently the judge of their little contest and clearly thought the whole thing was hilarious.

When he wasn’t laughing outright, he was making cryptic and slightly disturbing comments about Marinette being his “apprentice”. No one else understood what he was talking about, and they weren’t sure they wanted to.

At the end of the day, Marinette left the school in a downright chipper mood and with Nino’s hat in hand.

Three days later, Nino was wearing a new hat entirely covered in hot pink sequins and glitter while a video of Alya performing “I’m a Little Teapot” was trending online.

So here’s a cute story about me and Love, Simon

So I was first introduced to “Love, Simon”, in the form of it’s book, “Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda,” while I was on vacation on Washington Island like two summers. My parents and I went to this little book shop and I was immediately drawn to the table with the rainbow proudly displaying queer books for Pride Month.

Now I’m a proud lesbian, but my parents are pretty homophobic and as a result I’m still firmly in the closet for the time being. My dad tries to be understanding, but my mom, well, there’s a little hope.

But anyway, I’m trying to be inconspicuous about appreciating this beautiful rainbow themed display when this GORGEOUS girl around my age comes barreling over and tells me I HAVE to read “Simon Vs. the Homosapien Agenda.” Now I’m always up for a book rec, especially when it’s from a cute girl who keeps smiling and telling me about how she was the one who put the display together.

So she and I start talking about our favorite queer books and giving each other recs, and she keeps talking about “Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda” and how I’ll love it and how I HAVE to eat Oreos during it because and I quote, “you’ll never eat an Oreo the same way again!”

I took the book to my dad, seeing as he was my best shot of getting it, and my mom got really upset about the idea of her only daughter getting a book about “homosexual men,” I don’t know what my dad said to her, but somehow she finally agreed to let me buy the book.

So the cute bookstore girl is checking me out, I guess her mom owns the store, and she keeps smiling at me and telling me how absolutely perfect the book is. I thanked her over and over again. I got a queer book and to flirt a little with a very cute bookstore girl. And so I’m walking out the door when suddenly I hear a “WAIT!”

My parents and I turned around and the girl was running out of the shop with a small sleeve of Oreos she had packed for lunch that day. She pressed it into my hand and told me to eat them as I read. Best. Day. Ever.

I wish I had been smooth enough to somehow slip her my number, because a cute island bookshop girl? Amazing.

Long Story Short: a cute girl at a book shop told me about Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda while I was on vacation and gave me free Oreos and I’m super gay.

Kylo Ren x Reader - You’re Kidnapped (dark angst)

Summary: The force connected you and Kylo Ren, who was now your husband. One of your old enemies, a wealthy weapon manufacturer and criminal kidnaps you. His stalker-ish obsession over you and anger towards Kylo Ren makes the enemy put you through the same pain he has gone through (in his mind). Kylo comes to rescue you, only to see how hurt you are which fuels him with rage. Prompt: “You will regret ever hurting her, that I promise you”

Word Count: 4,5K
Warnings: Psychological torture, physical torture, angst, gore, stalking/obsession, mentions of sexual/breeding fantasies, killing (this got a bit dark. 18+, no smut)
Author’s Note: Okay, so this happened. I really hope it’s alright. I was in the mood for dark angst. I stayed up all night writing this so it probably sucks @i-have-arrived-bitch​  here it is, the first one :)


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Training - Cable x Reader [Smut]

Requested from anon: reader is new to the ‘x force’ team and Cable is teaching her how to fight and showing her how to use his futuristic gun and one day while she’s holding it, he’s standing behind her and can’t stand how good she smells and how her ass fit perfectly on his crotch and has to have her right there?

A/N: I got this request as I was coming out of the theatre from seeing this movie again so you caught me at a good time haha


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Since getting to the X- Mansion, you had many helpful things explained to you. Which doors lead to booby traps. Which toilets are faulty. That Tuesday was chimichanga night. Still, you had a lot to learn.

You were new to X-Force, Wade Wilson’s team that had moved into the mansion by Colossus’ suggestion. Wade had found you in the back alley behind the bar you worked at before, beating the crap out of some guy with what looked like energy surges. He had promptly decided you needed to be a part of his team, and even though you hadn’t known who the hell the strange, outspoken burn victim was, he had to be better than your day job.

Now, here you were at the mansion two months later. You got on really well with the rest of the team– Domino, and Wade too, despite his exhaustive mouth. You felt completely at ease around them, even going so far as to change in front of Wade during sparring practice (he knows not to touch). Domino frequently lends you her weapons for practice, claiming she can’t wait to see how badass you are on your first mission. There was one more member of the team, though.

Cable was the only one you were slightly nervous around still. Wade (and pretty much everyone else) assures you all the time that he’s soft at the core of all that tough exterior. From your experiences, he was gruff with you and not someone to be fucked with– you were good at handling people from your days as a bartender, but something about Cable just got you ridiculously flustered… and more than a little aroused.

“Hey (y/n),” Ellie– better known as Teenage Negasonic Warhead– says to you, coming around the corner, “Cable’s looking for you.”

Your heartbeat picks up. “Oh yeah? W-what for?”

Ellie looks up from her phone, smirking. “Training, duh. Why?”

You blush. Of course, why else would he be asking for you? “No, just… I’m just a little… tired, wasn’t thinking.”

“Right,” she keeps smirking.

“Hey, where’s Yukio?” you quickly change the subject.

“Painting Wade’s nails,” Ellie replies boredly, “I think they’re watching Pitch Perfect too, so I bailed.”

“Any chance you wanna help me out at training?” you giggle worriedly, then pull her close by the collar. “I don’t want to do this alone.” She pats you on the shoulder.

“(y/n), he’s as soft as that teddy bear he carries around, honestly. If you get on his good side, that is.”

You swallow, and quickly slip a hoodie on as you make your way up to Cable’s room. Just get on his good side, (y/n). Nothing to worry about.

You approach his room, and see him through the door organizing his weapons in a neat line on the desk. His whole room is tidy like this, in fact, with a lot of silver and black furniture. The window is open so that you can use it for target practice. You silently watch the muscles in his back move through the tight shirt he’s got on. You can see where the skin turns to metal, and your eyes run down over his biceps.

Fuck, that man is a snack. You bite your lip, hoping your voice and or body wouldn’t betray you, and knock twice.

“Hey,” you say, and he turns.

“(y/n). Come in.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey have you watched the Animated Tales from Around the World version of the Hades and Persephone myth? I think it's the best adaptation I've seen. This is the YouTube video for the highest quality version I know of: qn__gUaidv4

*_* thank you so much for linking this to me, I really enjoyed it, tremendously.

I think my favorite part was how Hades… shapeshifts the entire time? that part where he was like a monster-looking dude at first, but before he stepped into the shaft of light where she could see him, he looked thoughtful and turned into a man? And he kept looking different the more he spent in her presence? falling in love with a lonely big monster man with a handsome voice, THAT’S THE STUFF

I love how its take on the myth, that it’s really Demeter who needs to accept the change, and everybody is trying to get her to accept it. Zeus and Hermes are hilarious. Hades throwing shade about Zeus not understanding love. The costumes are gorgeous. I’m so happy….


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Okay, can we just talk about:

  • Jaime’s hand on her neck/in her hair?
  • and how Brienne sort of sinks in lust (almost like her knees give out)?
  • also, how Jaime pulls a Benedick and just stops her mouth before they can do any more of what they have (up until this moment) done best (fight)?
  • how scruffy Jaime looks (almost s3 level scruffy, which is how I like him)?
  • how he has to tilt back his head to look at her (even though he’s not feeling that confident)?
  • how at first it’s him kissing her and her receiving but then Brienne pushes back with her mouth and it’s all about her kissing him and Jaime receiving (and isn’t that just like their relationship because she’s the only person who’s ever loved him for who he really is/given him the love he so richly deserves)? 
  • and how about when she pulls his hand away from the opening of her shirt and there’s this long moment where he has to wait to see whether she will reject him/verbally flay him…but then….she doesn’t?
  • the way Jaime looks at her then, as she starts to undress, as her head bows (my fave bit of the whole scene)?
  • how Brienne can’t maintain eye contact as she undoes her shirt?
  • but how she looks him right in the eye as she admits she’s never slept with anyone before?
  • as well as the moment before when she drinks the wine he gives her and they both know it’s a belated admission of her virginity?
  • how nervous Jaime is to be her first, to be with her at all, to be with anyone other than his sister, to be with someone who is actually good?
  • how nervous they both are just to be alone together, in a bedroom, after dark and half drunk?
  • Jaime’s Nelly inspired seduction technique?
  • how clueless Brienne is when he FINALLY makes a move after how many goddamn years?
  • Jaime being jealous of Tormund and Brienne finally realising why?
  • the bruises on their bodies from the battle they just survived?
  • how matter-of-fact she is about stripping them naked?
  • the two of them, standing face-to-face in profile in front of a raging fire (a metaphor they deserve)?
  • just…everything about this scene?

And can we not talk about:

  • how the writers fucked everything up afterwards?
The Chat Drawings

I have some hcs revolving around a one-shot I’m considering on writing to start off my writing in the ML fandom (before I move on to my huge amount of multi-chapter fic ideas.) In any case, this isn’t really how I assume the fans of Paris are like, but it’s an interesting idea to me.

  • Marinette doesn’t like how most fan art of Chat Noir is either just plain silly or literally making him out to look like some handsome, mysterious god of the night. There’s either shit comics featuring badly drawn pictures of him or detailed portraits of him looking all suave, no in-between.
  • It starts to really bother her the more she thinks about it, so she decides to contribute a different sort of illustration. She makes a sweet drawing of him just smiling really widely, wearing a flower crown and bathed in sunlight. He’s a dorky, lovable goof, and she feels like he should be portrayed as such. (AKA he’s not a flirt master nor is he just a meme.)
  • Obviously, Alya finds out, gushes about how great it looks, and begs to post it on the Ladyblog. Marinette reluctantly agrees, after hours of trying (and failing) to convince Alya that her work isn’t good enough.
  • Of course, Adrien, the boy who stalks that blog like a hawk, sees it immediately and he’s positively glowing in happiness. Then he sees the name of the artist, and he’s practically bouncing off the walls.
  • Most of the time, people who make detailed drawings of him either make everyday action scenes as seen from civilian eyes or draw him as this mysterious hero under the moonlight. He doesn’t know why— maybe it’s the black suit? The cat eyes? 
  • Who knows, but what he does know is that Marinette has a totally different view of him. Instead of cold white lighting, he’s in warm orange sunlight. Instead of smirking, he’s full-blown grinning. She even drew the setting sun behind his head, a little to the side, almost like a halo. It’s strangely personal, but very warming and flattering.
  • He’s a little surprised that she noticed that only one of his cheeks has a dimple, and he’s very surprised by the incredibly accurate depiction of his suit, honeycomb patterns and all.
  • Wait does Marinette maybe have a crush on Chat Noir?
  • (No, Adrien, you dumbass.)
  • (Okay maybe she does a little.)
  • Adrien confronts Marinette at school the next day and compliments her work, and asks her if she’s a fan of Chat Noir. Her answer is very honest, surprisingly, and she doesn’t even stutter this time. She’s more lost in thought.
  • “I think people don’t really wanna see how Chat really is, and it’s a little upsetting. I mean, I’ve only met him a handful of times, but he’s this goofy, dramatic, nice guy, and it’s a shame that everyone keeps trying to cover it up by either viewing him as this walking, talking shitpost or as some smooth Casanova, you know? So I’ve been… drawing some of my own interpretations. I, uh, I guess you could say I’m a fan. But I’m not a fan of how most people in his fanbase views him.”
  • Probably one of the first thoughts that comes to Adrien’s mind after hearing that is “I would die for Marinette, holy shit.”
  • The next thought is “wait did she just admit to having drawn more than just that one drawing?”
  • Adrien asks if he can see more and Alya being the best wingwoman in the world immediately takes over by yelling “LOOK AT THIS SHIT, CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE DOESN’T THINK IT’S GOOD ENOUGH TO BE POSTED ONLINE?!” The moment Adrien sees it he’s also yelling “HOLY CRAP MARINETTE THIS IS AMAZING?!
  • One of the pictures is of Chat Noir sitting down at a cafe table in broad daylight chatting with a group of three little old women over cups of tea. 
  • Another picture is of Chat Noir sitting at a public bench, a denim jacket over his suit, sunglasses over his mask, slid down the bridge of his nose so he’s looking over the lenses, puckered lips smiling around the straw of his red and black smoothie. 
  • Another picture, and this one’s his favourite, is Chat Noir dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts, wielding a saber, battling a made-up akuma that looks an awful lot like Inigo Montoya. There’s speech bubbles, “Who are you?” “No one of consequence.” “I must know!” “Get used to disappointment.” It’s clever, definitely something he would say.
  • Now Adrien, Nino, and Alya combined are trying to convince Marinette that she needs to put her work online. Alya even mentions that since she’s posted the first one, Marinette got several thousand notes and comments on it. 
  • Marinette wants to fight it, but now that she has three determined heathens on her back, she really can’t do anything. Alya sets up an account for her and posts more of her work, and she very quickly gains a fanbase. In fact, her follower count explodes the moment the art is posted, and keeps climbing overnight. 
  • She’s now known as the Chat Noir illustrator. It’s strange, she knows that her work isn’t overly amazing or anything, but it’s ridiculously popular, moreso than most Chat Noir artists. She supposes it’s because of her unique take on him. Everyone seems to adore it, and it’s like she somehow started a movement or something.
  • She’s not really surprised when Chat Noir decides to make a little visit. She is surprised when he visited her in her school library during her studying time, but the actual act of him visiting isn’t too surprising. That doesn’t stop her from telling him to get lost, because they’re in public.
  • He doesn’t get lost, if you couldn’t tell. Instead he takes a selfie with her, posts it on his social media, and has a 3 hour long conversation with her about everything and nothing. She gets no studying done. By the end, he concludes that either Marinette has absolutely no interest in him at all or she’s just really good at handling a crush, which is more than he can say for himself.
  • (Yeah, he had the ulterior motive to see if she had a crush on him. So what? He’s a little shit, and if that grin is anything to go by, he knows it.)
  • Six new drawings are posted that night, and he comes to realise that Visiting Marinette = Art Inspiration. 
  • Marinette is deeply regretting the hole she dug herself into. Deeply, deeply regretting it. 
  • Chat starts bugging her about recreating those drawing she made in real life and quite frankly she’d rather die, but saying that isn’t going to stop him. So he buys a denim jacket, a huge pair of shades, and a dark red raspberry smoothie filled with boba. Marinette didn’t expect to be ridiculously pleased with the image. It suits him.
  • Now not only has she become the Chat Noir Illustrator, but she’s become the Chat Noir Photographer, the two of them going out and recreating all of her drawings. She regrets this idea a little less, she thinks, after she takes a picture of him having tea with a group of little old ladies.
  • She’s finally on board with everything when they convince the fencing instructor to dress up as Inigo Montoya. It was the best photo they had taken. She been sucked in, it’s too late for her, she’s emotionally invested in this now.
  • Adrien, Nino, and Alya don’t help they’re encouraging it. Adrien especially, weirdly enough, he seems particularly enthused. None of them attempt to talk her out of all this and she’s not sure whether to be happy or disappointed.
  • Shit hits the fan when everyone starts assuming that Marinette’s now Chat’s Best Friend. She may have gone too far, she thinks, dangling in the grip of an akuma, formed to look like an oversized lemur. Maybe she should… not do this anymore.

I got a little tired with this but I still love it, so I’m just gonna post it. Tell me your own HCs, additions, thoughts, etc! 

Thank you, Dany.
—  can we talk about how freaking PERSONAL that was?! I really don’t remember ANYONE who would speak to Dany with such straightforwardness and gentleness!
Khal Drogo always called her either ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Moon of his Life’, Jorah or Daario - ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Your Grace’. They all treated her like a Queen (who she obviously is).
And here we have Jon Snow. A man who loved once but has tragically lost his beloved. He knows the feeling of loss better than anyone and now he sees this powerful woman going through something heartbreaking. He feels responsible for it and wants to comfort her. Not because he has to.
He may know Dany for a short amount of time but already feels emotionally attached to her (and vice versa ;) ).
Jon sees more than just the Heir to the Iron Throne.
He sees a human being with the surface of a strong and beautiful woman.

Point of contact


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Request: Hi, can you do a twilight imagine where the reader is new to town and one day she’s at the beach and Paul sees her and he imprints on her but she’s really shy and just the opposite of him so every time he tries to talk to her she makes an excuse to leave and you can choose how it ends. Thank you!
Words: 1,132
For: @itssssxxlillian

Paul x reader
A/N: I will never be sorry for slipping books that I like into imagines.

There he was again. Paul, the ridiculously muscled cheeky faced boy from La Push beach, who been following you around since that first meeting - or rather it felt that way.
Trying to ignore your face flushing, you hid your face back into your book and hoped that he and his friends, who seemed more like a gang really, wouldn’t notice you sat at the back of cafe with your book and a drink. You tried to focus on the lines of your book but you found your eyes moving without taking anything in.
Why the hell was your heart beating so fast?

It wasn’t like you’d even spoken to him for more than ten minutes but how could you not get flustered while talking to a guy with a real life Greek God bod? Never mind the fact that you tripped over your tongue in normal conversation.

Your hopes of remaining hidden didn’t last too long when you heard his naturally loud voice tell his friends to ‘stay out of trouble I’m going to say to Y/N’ and not a moment later he was sliding into the opposite side of your booth, his flirty grin already firmly in place.
“Hey Y/N, how’s it going?” He asked, his voice brimming with interest. Did he use this voice for everyone?
“Good thanks, how’re you?” You whispered from behind your book shield. If he thought you were being rude, his smile didn’t falter.
“All the better for seeing you.” He answered smoothly like his voice didn’t make your face burn even hotter. He reached over the table to nudge your book up so that he could read the title but the sudden contact made you jump and drop with a bang on to the table.

“I’ve got to go, nice to see you.” You squeaked, picking your bag up from the seat and high tailing it out of there. Paul tried to catch your wrist, to ask for your number or apologise if he was coming on too strong but you were gone, replaced almost instantly by Jared and Embry.
“So she took one look at your face and ran off, bummer dude.” Embry feigned sympathy and bit into his sandwich.
“We always knew that there was going to be that risk.” Jared laughed.
“You two don’t know shit, I’ll get her to talk to me.” Paul grumbled and rubbed his hair with one large hand hoping that the familiar action would distract him from his hurt pride.
Jared thought Paul was coming on too strong, he’d spent months having to build up his relationship with Kim and she’d fancied him something rotten. He tried to implore his friend, “Face it Paul she’s ran away from you what five times now?”
“I make it six.” Embry corrected through a mouthful of food.

“But now I have a reason for her to talk to me.” Paul said triumphantly as he leaned back into his chair.
“Go on, spare us the grand reveal. What’s your plan?” Jared asked. Paul reached over the table and picked up the book that you’d left on the table in your haste. Now he had his point of contact.

Paul found you somewhere you couldn’t escape, at your part time job in the small diner in town. You could already feel the heat threatening your completion when you saw him sat to the counter, turning his stool side to side and waving to you. You stepped over and offered him a shaky but friendly smile, “Good afternoon, what can I get you?”
“It’s more what can I get you.” He told you, the overly flirtatious nature of his tone had dropped since the last time you spoke to him and now he spoke slowly and quietly as though he was afraid he may scare you away.
“I’m sorry, I don’t follow.” You managed not to stumble over your words but had been worrying the edge of your work shirt as you spoke and had to remind yourself that you were a work and Paul, no matter how attractive, was a customer. You forced yourself to give him eye contact and were rewarded with his dimpled smile.
He pulled his hidden hand from under the table and put your book on the counter top. You could have jumped for joy when you saw it and in a rush of gratitude you put both of your hands over his large warm one, “Thank you so much!”
All at once you remembered yourself and went to pull your hand away, your usual blush back in place. Paul lightly caught one of your hands and held it softly, with enough space that you could pull away from him if you wanted too, you didn’t.

“Small confession, I may have read the first couple of chapters before I brought it back so that I’d have something to talk to you about. Ya know, because you keep running away from me.” He joked but despite the embarrassment you felt incredibly touched.
“Sorry, I’m not always great with new people.” You explained quietly and glanced around quickly to make sure that no one as waiting to be served and thankfully there wasn’t.
“Neither am I, but I’m willing to try to get used to each other.” His flirty smirk made a comeback.

You bit your lip, “I would like that. Did you really read some of my book so that we could talk about it?”
Paul nodded, “Yeah, I liked the talking skeleton, he’s a badass.”
“He just gets sassier, I’ve got the whole series. Derek Landry is a genius.” You gushed over the Skullduggery Pleasant series. Paul ran his thumb over the back of your hand, enjoying the, albeit brief, contact.
Your boss coming into the diner made you pull your hand from Paul’s and straighten your back. Paul clicked on quickly when you pulled your notepad from your back pocket and asked him, “So, what can I get you?”
“A burger and coke please. Oh, and your number.” He gave you a cheeky wink on the side that your boss wouldn’t see and you willed your cheeks to stay calm this time.
“Right away Sir.” You gave him a bright smile which was received and reciprocated with earnest.

Ok, Everybody calm down, I will try to translate what happened in the episode according with the account or @Ferisae_ (that is the same as MiracolousMX), more or less the episode run like this:

-Marinette is still so sure that Adrien is in love with Kagami

-Nino and Alya (very lame) try to leave Marinette and Adrien alone to give Marinette a chance to confess her love, but they did it so complicated and weird that Adrien ends believing that Marinette hate him because she is always so awkward with him.

-Nino/Alya finally leave them alone to talk (the part with Adrien with the hand in the wax), but Marinette is so nervous that when Adrien ask her what she thinks of him she ends with something like “I don’t see you as a good friend” and Adrien is very sad and ask “Then how you see me?”… Aaaaaan Marinette run for her life.

-Talking with Plagg, who is trying to cheer him up, he decide to play a prank to Marinette to try to lighten the tension between them and to try to be his friend.

-This take us to the scene of the statue, where Marinette end declaring her love and kissing him (REALLY KISS HIM). This is when Adrien.exe stop working.

-Adrien ask if all that she said to the statue was true, but Marinette panics and, again, tells him that obviously everything was a joke and all that jazz. Adrien try to confess why he did it but this is when the Akuma appear.

-Hawkmoth statue attack them and Adrien have a sword  (umbrella?) fight with him to give Marinette the chance to escape. 

-Here comes the fight that I think is pretty clear. They stop her and all.

-Adrien give Marinette a ride at the ende, where both said that they are sorry. Adrien apologies and explain that he play that prank because he thinks she hate him and Marinette clarify that is not true. Adrien ask “Then are we friends?” and she said “Of course, that was a joke” (facepalm).

-Adrien: “Oh great, because the girl I like did not like pranks” and we can se where Marinette hearts broken. He ask if she is alright and she says yes.

-At the end Marinette it seems wants to overcome her crush because he is in love with somebody else (ammm… ok… it is her), and Tikki give her hope?

So please, do not be mad with this two awkward social potatoes, they are 14, I did worse 2nd embarrassing things at that age. 

White Horse (This Ain’t a Fairytale)

          Quick one-shot. Needed to do something sort of different.

 Marinette had dreamed of the moment. The moment she would finally be brave enough to look Adrien Agreste in the eyes and tell him how she left; that she loved him. She had pictured, hoped, how would be a thousand times. It would be like fairy tale. Adrien the handsome prince. Her, the princess. He’d sweep her off her feet. And they’d go get ice cream together, ready to start her happily ever after. Like in the movies.

“I’m sorry, Marinette,” Adrien frowned, scratching his head, like he didn’t know what to say. “I just don’t think of you that way.”

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let me tell you why i love riverdale’s version of jughead jones. 

jughead jones is the son of a deadbeat alcoholic gang member father and an absent mother and brother to a sister who he considers one of the coolest people alive. his father is prone to violence, neglectful, and a terrible influence, and yet through his own actions and intentions, jughead is an intelligent, thoughtful, gentle young man who, despite choosing homelessness over living under his father’s roof, still sees the best in his father and hopes he can become a better man. despite being abandoned by his mother, despite being neglected by his father, jughead never abandons them. he doesn’t resent his parents for their failures; he forgives them, and the only thing he wants is for his family to be whole again. 

jughead jones is a friend to archie andrews, who ditched him over the summer to go bang a teacher, and upon finding out about this, jughead is only concerned for archie’s safety and his potential implication in the investigation of jason’s murder. even when he’s hurt and upset by archie’s actions, he’s still primarily concerned about his best friend’s safety, and he’s quick to forgive him as well, because he doesn’t hold grudges. when he’s left without a home after the drive-in closes, he never thinks to ask archie if he can crash at his place because he doesn’t want to be a burden, and because he’s so used to figuring things out on his own it feels strange to ask for help. but when it’s offered, he accepts it, because he has no ego left to bruise and because he would do the same for archie in a heartbeat.

jughead jones is something more to betty cooper, the girl next door who connects with him on a deeper level than anyone else. he sees her for who she really is, not someone perfect to be placed on a pedestal, but someone real who has very real struggles of her own. when archie finds out he’s homeless, jughead’s first concern is making sure that betty doesn’t find out, because he doesn’t want her to worry, because she is dealing with enough issues of her own. he supports her through the entire polly crisis because he knows firsthand how painful it can be to be separated from a sister, and it’s not something he ever wants betty to have to experience. he clears her mind and she makes him happy, and they fit together better than anyone could have ever expected. 

jughead jones is a boy who had to grow up too fast, who has seen the worst the world has to offer, who projects an image of indifference, but deep down, truly believes and hopes for the best. he is empathetic and kind when the world and the people in it have shown him nothing but hardship and apathy.

this is why i love the character of jughead jones.

because his upbringing and his family could have turned him into a bitter, angry man, just like his father.

because he refused to let it. 

One of the things that I really love about this season of Doctor Who is that with the make up of the cast this season, we’re getting the chance to see stories that previously seasons really couldn’t tell with a male Doctor and an overwhelmingly white companion collection.  (They never really took much advantage of Martha being a black woman and it was used mostly as a plot device to keep her out of scenes in Family of Blood… am I still bitter about how underused Martha was because she was excellent and deserved better? … perhaps)

But you couldn’t effectively tell a story like Rosa without characters of color who experience first hand the impacts of segregation in he American South.  Sure you could have a white Doctor and white companions visit and go ‘segregation is bad, look separate water fountains’ but it’s much more impactful as a lived experience.  In Demons of the Punjab, it’s the lived experience of Yaz’s family and it’s not a story that writers would think to use without Yaz as a character.  It’s a chance to see an aspect of history not usually touched on in British storytelling, and if it is it’s with a colonial bent.  But here you get the lived experience of Yaz’s Nan.  

And with the Doctor being a woman, they’re aren’t shying away from pointing out the Doctor’s frustration each time something she’s gotten away with easily in her 12 male forms doesn’t come as easy now that she’s in a female form.  In The Witchfinders, of course she’s going to use her psychic paper to show that she’s the witchfinder general, large and in charge.  But sexism being what it is, and the psychic paper showing what the person reading it wants to see, of course as soon as it’s a man in power he can’t even fathom that she would be in charge so he reads that she’s an assistant.  And tonight gave us yet another story that you couldn’t have told without a female Doctor – the Doctor being tried as a witch.  Any other season would’ve had to have one of the companions be the one on trial, but because the Doctor is a woman now she can have that lived experience.  

It’s just one more thing that I’m really enjoying about this season.  I’ve loved Doctor Who for a long time, and I’ve loved many Doctors, but y’all I am so here for the opportunity for new stories and lived experiences.  It opens up so many doors for exciting untold stories on this show and I’m so glad they’re taking advantage of it.