how he make money

people finding out the names and prices of Victor’s extra af belongings irl bring me to life honestly every time?? how do you do that and also how much does he earn what the fuck

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I was wondering if you had any meta opinions on how rich viktor is? like, when they're in barcelona and they're sightseeing and viktor just buys and ton and then buys WEDDING RINGS on top of it??? how much money do you think he makes/has?

While it’s never stated in the anime that Victor is rich, we do see evidence of his wealth in his designer clothing and his taste for the finer things in life (champagne, first class tickets, etc).

Evgeni Plushenko, who is probably Victor’s equal in “living legend” status, has a net worth of $10 million (x).

So Victor could be very wealthy indeed.

In one of the GPF episodes, you can see that there’s an ad with Victor’s name on it. Looks like a typical ad aimed at athletes, like Nike or something like that.

Which means Victor likely has money rolling in from advertisement campaigns.
Trump risks showdown with China after call with Taiwan
President-elect Donald Trump spoke with the President of Taiwan Friday, according to a statement from his transition team, in a move that threatens to trigger a diplomatic showdown with China.
By Stephen Collinson, Nicole Gaouette and Elise Labott, CNN


Are we going to have a repeat of 1995 now?

As Sugar Daddies (EXO)

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$UHO: I don’t even think I should write a reaction for him, he’s a born $ugar daddy ok

CHANYEOL:  I think it would be more about making you happy rather than showing how much money he has. He’s a real sweet daddy

KYUNGSOO: POWER *cue kanye west* Really though, it’s not like he wants to be in total control or anything, but he certainly loves to be the boss

BAEKHYUN: He’d spend mad money, no lie. He’d absolutely love spoiling you to death. You honestly wouldn’t have to ask for a thing.

JONGIN: You’d be his favorite little pet. You’d have a nice diamond collar and a nice big house to play around in ;)

SEHUN: I think he’d make you work for it a little more than others. I bet he’d be a fan of lap dances yo

XIUMIN: I think he’d be heavy into the ‘little’ kink, so whatever his princess wanted, you’d get~*

CHEN: He’d also have a bit of fun with it like sehun, he’d like to make little deals with you. Whether it was for a strip tease or simply 5 minutes of lying in bed together

YIXING: He’d be sooooo sweet. He’d really be focused on just making you happy and making sure you live comfortably. Anything you needed he would be more than willing to give to you


KRIS: Hello Daddy™. I think he might even compete with Suho in this category, in attitude of course (idk how ballin yifan be). Those big hands though…

TAO Diva daddy comin at you full speed. He’d love a little reading so he would mind if you got lippy with him, he likes the angry sex afterwards

LUHAN: You considering him a daddy at all would make him hella happy, you prob wouldn’t even have to work for shit

i love the idea of joker being thrust into bruce’s world, and not grasping how much money bruce has
like, joker is used to eating fast food and wearing dollar store makeup/elf/wet n wild, his whole aesthetic revolves around things that are cheaply made
and then he meets bruce, who is a billionaire, who could buy elf out if he wanted to, and both of them are in such shock at the other’s lives
joker sends bruce a picture of that mariah carey mac collection just to say “i like this product design” or smth and bruce just. assumes that means he wants it (or maybe. just wants to be nice it was a holiday collection) so he buys him a few of the lipsticks or some highlighter and joker is awestruck bc hes never spent more than $10 on a single product in his entire life

So let's talk a little bit about the long con, and about the career of Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump (tm). Let's talk about how he actually makes his money.

Hint: It’s not by developing successful properties and making a long-term killing off rents, fees, and providing services.

It’s not by creating wealth. It’s not even by running successful casinos and getting suckers to forget that the house always wins.


It’s by getting other people to invest money in a project, slapping his name on it, making a huge fuss about how great it is using his (to me inexplicable) charisma and salesmanship, siphoning off as much cash as he quickly can, allowing the project to fail, writing it off at a loss, and allowing his creditors to take the bath on it–including small businesses that could ill-aford such a loss.

(Fun fact: the Mob put that hit out on Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel because he didn’t prevent contractors from siphoning money and materials out of the Flamingo Hotel project, did you know that?)

Long story short: his business partners take a bath, and he walks away with his pockets jingling (though they don’t jingle as much as he claims. That roll of hundreds is fluffed out with newspaper cut to size, metaphorically speaking.) There’s a reason he can’t get a loan from a U.S. bank anymore; as a result, there’s pretty good reason to think a bunch of his projects are funded by members of the Russian kleptocracy.*

So some people can learn how to avoid a con artist after he’s hit them once. But apparently, 46% of U.S. voters can’t spot a scam even when the evidence is right there.

…well, it is really hard to break up with a gaslighting abuser. You really start not knowing what is real, and you start to feel like it’s all your fault. And this is how con artists work, too. You need them! They’re going to give you the break you really deserve, that you somehow never got before!

He’s a great businessman, right? He’s going to build the U.S. economy. It’s going to be HUGE, because this time will be different or something?

Did you know that Trump has already charged U.S. taxpayers $1.6 million for his Secret Service detail to fly on his plane with him? Or that his campaign paid his own businesses close to ten million dollars?

Guess who the business partner is who’s getting their pocket picked this time?

Based on the rule that whatever Trump claims his enemies are doing, it’s what he’s up to himself, I’d say his businesses were failing again (“failing New York Times”) and this time he had nowhere left to turn, because he’d bilked his way around the globe. I’d say that the election was rigged–rigged in the sense that it was influenced by a Russian-backed hacking and disinformation campaign. And I’d say that this man who ran, laughably, against “insider corruption” is about to depose the Grant administration as the most corrupt in U.S. history.

My only question at this point is whether sometime between Dec 19th (when the electoral college confirms the vote) and Jan 20th (Inauguration day), the Russian intelligence apparatus releases information to delegitimize the election and with the goal of making the U.S. completely ineffectual in containing their adventurism due to internal strife, or if Putin tries to run Trump like a hand puppet for the next four years.

They must have something really juicy on him, too, because he’s stuck by his oligarchic allies so far, and this is a man who has never once hesitated to throw an ally under the bus the instant it suited him.

Yep. This is gonna get ugly, and not just because we’re staring down the barrel of a bunch of freshly empowered homophobic, misogynistic white supremacists.

Hold onto your hats.

‪pewdiepie: raised millions for charity

media: writes nothing. Not click worthy.

Pewdiepie: does gaming videos

Media: obsessed about how much money he makes

pewdiepie: made some bad jokes about Nazis

Media and jk_rowling(come on girl, why did you do this!):takes shit out of context, treats him like hitler

I take the side of mainstream media for a lot of things, but this cannot be excused. You take shit out of context and ruin someone’s reputation just for pathetic clicks.

And also motherfucking jk Rowling. The woman who has been my role model for years just went and called Felix a facist without actually watching the videos and make a judgement for herself. Great fucking job

This Pewdiepie bullshit needs to stop

Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is the top dog of Youtube with over 50 million subscribers. People waste time just to leak how much money he makes.

When he first started, Pewdiepie played games - but today he regularly admits that back then he forced himself to be over-energetic & obnoxious, and pretended to like games more than he really did (including games he hated.)

Today, Pewdiepie just posts whatever he fucking wants, and even his trashiest and shittiest videos (by his own admission) manage 3 mil+ views per video.

If Pewds someday ends up reading this, 1. don’t look at anything else on my account 2. your girlfriend is adorable and 3. Do you mind if I call you Felix?

Shut up meatball I’m calling you Felix




into the bullshit

Every now and again, some morons with an agenda, or a news outlet seeing a name that will draw clicks, throw wild and sometimes slanderous claims at Felix because of trivial shit he said on Youtube. (Or, if he didn’t, they’ll make something up.)

And true to form, here’s this stupid shit stinking up my Tumblr dashboard:

Okay, that’s your abusive and self-defeating spin on it, now here’s the reality:

1) Illustrating something is not supporting it

Felix is not a very serious person. He’s Swedish and he lives in the UK. Asking him to treat something with solemn respect may as well be done in Klingon for all he’ll be able to understand it.

And to a not very serious person, the best way they can comment on current events, or even show they recognize that they exist, is to make it a joke.

So yes, Felix has been making Nazi / Jew jokes throughout his videos probably because of the blatant Nazism surrounding Trump’s presidency.

That is because Felix is an entertainer, not a political commentator.

Just like funnyguys are entertainers who agreed to do it.

It doesn’t make any of them part of the neo-Nazi movement, because in context any reasonable person can recognize the sentiment is not hostile.

2) Marginals aren’t mindless animals

What you must understand about SJW white knights is that they are condescending and hypocritical: At the same time they’re trying to champion an “oppressed” people, they are openly & passively dehumanizing them.

The red-underlined portions of the above post excerpts heavily imply that funnyguys, solely because they are not white, are under magical whip & collar, unable to refuse massa’s command.

(Fake feminists do the same thing to women who aren’t their kind of woman.)

Indeed that’s not the case. Felix feels “only partially responsible” because, lo and behold, at least three people had key input in this scenario, ergo three people are responsible, ergo any one of them is only partially responsible.

  • Pewdiepie submitted a troll request to funnyguys.
  • The two or more members of funnyguys, who clearly know English, accepted this request, performed it, and posted it to their Fiverr account.

With the sole exception of the Personal Jesus, every single other service Felix attempted to commission turned him down.

The crazy jungle men didn’t.

3) Don’t fucking lie to condescend

Bullshit, you’re making a massive crybaby drama-fest about it and trying to link it to real-world cases of armed violence against the Jewish.

That’s pretty goddamn relevant. Stop throwing words around just because they mean bad things so they must apply to people you don’t like.

Be honest - if you know what that is.

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I’m trying to make money before panic on march 12 help sob

Let’s get this all straight. For years now the Media has been picking and choosing what they want about Youtubers, most specifically Youtube star Felix Kjellberg (A.K.A Pewdiepie). They have focused mostly only on how much money he makes, well who gives a flying fuck, actors, and hell, even athletes make a shit load too, for the same damn thing. Entertaining.

Now, the bones of what is going on right now, the backlash from his ‘anti-Semitic’ jokes. Were they shitty and in poor taste? Yes, but they were also jokes. Everyone has made shitty jokes in their lives, and learned from them. Felix has apologized a good number of times for his poor taste in humor. He has also taken the time to point out a truth of the media, and that is them taking what others have said out of context. He’s been a good sport about it for years, but enough is enough. Seeing news headlines like these, about a good man (though definitely not the first to be dragged through the dirt) is heartbreaking.

The main issue, and reason for this post is the blatant slander that passes for news at the Wall Street Journal. Granted, they are not the first to try to pass of the terrible attempt at humor into something real, but they are the ones that caused the biggest trouble. They pushed, and pushed until they made Disney and Youtube take action against Felix, which in and of itself is not a terrible thing, but they pushed until Disney cut all ties, and Youtube canceled the much awaited season two of Scare Pewdiepie. Again, Felix has been a good sport about the fact that the media is trying to slander his name, but you can tell by the way he teared up at the end, that this was a big blow to him, emotionally.

I’m not saying don’t talk about it, mention that he made a shitty joke, by all means, but can we instead focus on all the good he has done? In 2012 Felix give away more than $40,000 between donations to the World Wildlife Fund, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In 2013 he raised $446,462 for Charity: Water, personally donating $1 for every 500 views up to $10,000. In 2014 he raised more than $630,000 for Save the Children. Most recently, in 2015, he, and the Youtubers of Revelmode, raised $1.3 million for AIDS research.

My point is, we can’t let the WSJ get away with this. Rolfe Winkler, Jack Nicas, and Ben Fritz should be reprimanded, and preferably fired for their very personal attack on an innocent man.

Men feel the burden to excel—to advance, achieve, and impress. Women, however, feel the pressure to contain themselves—to keep composure. The man’s insecurities all sprout from the foundational fear that he is not enough. The woman’s insecurities all sprout from a foundational fear that she is too much.

A friend of mine was telling me about this married couple we know and she said that they have made a habit of verbally uprooting those internalized insecurities that prevent them from receiving and trusting each other’s love. The wife tells her husband that he is more than enough for her–that the money he makes, how hard he works, the husband he is…it’s all so, so enough. She tells him how proud she is to call him hers. The husband tells his wife that she is not too much for him to handle–that she is not too intense, or too emotional, or too passionate. He tells her that he wants all of her and that he’s honored to call her his.

This is the love we’re after: To actively deconstruct the insecurity that keeps each other from feeling loved. To call each other into peace by treasuring one another for who we are without ultimatums, conditions, hesitation, or fear. To learn how to give and receive affirmation because unless we’re intentional to participate in both the give-and-take of love, we’ll keep wondering whether we’re settling. Chances are, you haven’t settled—you’re just so busy dwelling on your insecurities that you are neglecting the fundamental and constant transaction of offering and receiving unconditional love.

Instead of focussing on her own insecurities, she takes the time to notice his, and she interrupts it’s nagging voice that tells him to try harder, and she says, “No, rest. My love cannot be earned. Find your identity secured in the God who has made you sufficient. I am satisfied fully in all that you are.” Tell him your love cannot be made any more complete by his efforts to advance socially, financially, or otherwise, and he will be released from the captivity of his insecurities and have the freedom to become all that he is meant to be—not to earn love, but to function as a loved being who has purpose.

Instead of focussing on his own insecurities, he takes the time to notice hers, and he interrupts it’s condescending voice that tells her to shrink herself, and he says, “No, thrive. My love cannot be overwhelmed.” Tell her your love cannot be threatened by her fullness—that her passion doesn’t tire you, her presence doesn’t intimidate you, nor do her emotions scare you, and she will be released from the captivity of her insecurities that tell her to minimize and conceal parts of herself to keep you comfortable or else he might leave. Speak directly to those fears and say, “Stop stifling all that’s blooming within you just because you’re afraid I won’t know what to do with it. Stop softening your edges, because they are what God uses to sharpen me. Come at me full force. Stop apologizing for who you are, and start showing me all that you are. It’s not too much, and if it is, I’ll rise to the occasion.” He gives her the freedom to flourish without restraint. 

These insecurities men subject themselves to are lies. For a woman to feel loved, she doesn’t need a successful man, but then again—chasing success is so much easier than loving a woman, isn’t it? She needs a man that adores all that she is. She needs a man who won’t run away when she’s difficult. She needs a man who takes her for who she is and responds fully instead of closing himself off from her. She doesn’t want you to be more—she wants you to be present! And being present means affirming everything that keeps her eyes wide and her soul strong. Don’t tell her she’s too emotional. Don’t tell her to calm down. Don’t tell her to be quiet. If you think she talks too much, it’s because you listen too little, and if your love is ever going to be a source of life for her, learn to value her voice and the mind behind it. A quiet woman isn’t a “good” woman, but a defeated one. Let her be, and let her being captivate you. She is a force, and if you love her, she will move mountains. It all starts with telling her she isn’t too much for you.

Likewise, these insecurities women subject themselves to are lies. For a man to feel loved, he doesn’t need a domesticated house-wife. But then again, playing house is so much easier than loving a man. He needs a woman that honors his efforts, and actively interjects herself as his biggest fan, his constant support, his unfaltering friend. He doesn’t want you to muffle your presence—he just wants your presence to be life-giving. He wants you to show up with him and for him, feeling your confidence lifting him up. He wants to know that his life isn’t in vain. Don’t tell him to give up. Don’t tell him to grow up. And don’t pull away from him. Let him be, and let him kiss you. He is more fragile than he’ll ever admit, but if you love him, he will let you in. And once he lets you in, hold his heart like the prize it is. It all starts with telling him he’s enough.