how he looks in a snapback

Thread of Skam characters' qualities

Isak Valtersen:

- smol
- Snake™
- He’s in love w/Even Bech Næsheim
- Obsessed with parallel universes
- Wants to be w/Even in every parallel universe
- Looks at Even like he’s the most beautiful thing in the world
- Snapbacks™
- In a complicate relationship with his locker
- Hoodies
- Loves sharing clothes with his boyfriend
- Co-founder of Eskimo kisses™
- Cardamom
- Cheese toasts
- Invented softness
- Cares about his hair more than anything
- Gay AF
- The purest
- Can’t hold his breath under water
- Best at crying
- Needs to be protected 24/7

Even Bech Næsheim:

- Playboy
- He knows how to do it™
- Takes desperate to a new level
- It works
- Blonde Elvis
- He’s in love w/Isak Valtersen since the first day of school
- Wants to protect Isak
- Master at kissing
- Everyone has a crush on him
- Killing you with eyebrows raising since 1997
- Co-founder of Eskimo kisses™
- Loves to draw Isak
- Loves sharing clothes with his boyfriend
- His smile is the sun
- NAS but 5 Fine Frøkner
- Cheese toasts
- Loves dramatic love stories
- Baz Luhrmann, man
- Would do anything for his boyfriend
- Cardamom
- Protect him

Jonas Noah Vasquez:

- Eyebrows™
- The friend everyone would like to have
- #1 defender of gays
- He knows how to go down on chicks
- Weed
- Hats lover
- Would never say no to Kebab
- Trouble times with Eva Mohn
- Scared of fake boobs

Magnus Fossbakken:

- #########1 EVAK SHIPPER
- Actually so cool
- Wants to have sex
- He has a crush on Even
- Loves cats
- Wants to hook up with Vilde Lien
- He’s actually in love with Vilde
- Desperate
- Would pay anything to see a series on Evak on NRK

Mahdi Disi:

- Loves waffles
- Hates family dinners
- Pansexual and bisexual are the same thing
- Cares about weed
- Does he even know Isak Valtersen
- Underrated wearer of snapbacks
- Always smiling
- Troubles with Isak

Eva Kviig Mohn:

- In love with alcohol
- P-Chris
- Kissing in the corner is religion
- Bisexual
- Fav quote: who wants to hook up with me?
- Hair
- Might steal your boyfriend
- Parties call for her
- Enjoys making out with Vilde Lien
- Loves Noora Sætre
- Always drunk
- Queen of falling to the ground
- Needs someone who looks up for her at parties until she finds P-Chris
- Needs new friends

Noora Amalie Sætre:

- Feminist
- Kills you with red lipstick™
- She may be a nutritionist
- She’s in love with William Magnusson
- Good taste in music
- But obsessed over Justin Bieber
- Needs to clean 24/7
- She can teach you how to clean a wall
- Can sing for you anything
- Lovely
- Loves Eva Mohn
- Lofty
- Cares about refugees
- Madrid, girls

Eskild Tryggvason:

- Proud Gay™
- Has a gay radar
- Thinks everyone out there is gay
- Guru
- Gay Prides Ambassador
- Cares about his friends
- Saves people by bringing them to his apartment
- Loves partying
- It’s Britney bitch

Vilde Hellerud Lien:

- Cute
- Most of her questions are indiscreet
- Obsessed over William
- But loves Magnus Fossbakken
- Nose™ & Teeth™
- Kosegruppa
- Enjoys making out with Eva
- Russ
- Worries about who’s hooking up with her the next time

Sana Bakkoush:

- Brilliant
- Strong woman
- She knows things
- She always has the right answer
- Bad at biology
- Badass™
- Her hijab will protect everyone
- Has a soft hidden side
- Would kill for her friends

Chris Berg:

- Thinks Sana is the coolest
- Yogurt
- How come Isak Valtersen is gay
- Has a creepy boyfriend
- Paillettes

Christoffer Schistad:

- Fuckboy
- Eva Mohn
- Always has blood on his face
- Awkward
- Penetrator
- Likes butts
- Corner kissing master
- Cool walk

William Magnusson:

- Penetrator
- Asshole
- He’s madly in love with Noora Sætre
- Would do anything for her
- Cool walk
- Breaks bottles
- Actually good at writing
- Knows how to do it with Noora
- Cocoa lover

Linn Larsen Hansen:

- Depressed
- Needs to sleep 24/7
- Hate is the way
- Knows how to put balls on a Christmas tree
- Actually loves to party
- Can’t play Fifa

okay but real talk

even said he saw isak on the first day of school.

imagine even being so fucking nervous on his first day at nissen, especially because he’s had to drop out and then had to leave bakken, and start fresh all over again, imagine how much more nervous he would have been. he’d have had SO MANY questions and doubts running across his mind, racing, about “is this even gonna work out for me or not?” and in and amongst trying to ease himself,

he then sees isak. on his first day of school. in the school yard. then in the hallway between lessons. then in the canteen at lunch.

and he allows himself to be distracted from his thoughts by “that boy with the snapback and adidas jacket and a smile as warm and welcoming as an embrace.”

even allows himself to look at isak, and allows himself to find a way to mute those doubts in his mind. allows himself to settle down.

and slowly, isak becomes part of the reason for him to want to go to school each morning. to get to see “this boy”, whom he wants to know, and wants to speak to. and as time passes on, even gets to know that this “boy” is called isak, and he “claims he can rap”, and he stands “in that place” with 3 other boys who are his friends in the school yard, or he sits “in that spot” in the canteen at lunchtime.

because of course, even saw isak first, even fell for isak first, and long before even or isak knew, isak had already became the reason for even to want to be more proactive, to come to school, and essentially, involve himself more in school. 

and so, although even didn’t /know/ isak back then, even still had this growing feeling inside of him, slowly filling him, bringing him at ease, of “isak, isak, isak”. of this boy who’d become a reason for him to begin again. 

Liam Payne Is A Teddy Bear (A Masterpost Of Liam Smiling)

Because when you’re sad or feeling blue or just plain okay, you just need a lil itsy tiny bit of Leeyum smiling to feel better.

He lights up like a christmas tree on steroids

 I call this trying not to cry, end up crying a lot

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I wonder if Skam’s actors ever rewatch their acting and just feel impressed? Like how could Tarjei or Henrik rewatch a scene and not think they are so good when they act, so real, so impressive, so in it? And I also mean… does Tarjei ever watch a scene and thinks “omg look how cute I am in here and the snapback tho really fits me!! I get when ppl say how can you not fall in love with this lil bean …and wow I’m so small around Henrik? How fucking tall he is ….that lil shit… yes yes I also get when people do screenshots while watching the clips I’m such a cutie” I mean DOESN’T HE THINK HE IS SO CUTE?????? Because he’s so fucking cute and adorable with those lil curls that leak from his snapback and that fluffy wisp when he’s not wearing any hat though… how can they not fall in love with themselves I love them


as you can see, it’s a 5sos masterpost: snapback edition

Originally posted by caprisunashtonn

okay so fUckINg lOoK like is he EVEN FUCKING REAL?????





can’t forget the snapbACK KING

like c’mon now

suddenly my pants have disappeared??????



oh god


GOD YES AND HE HAS FUCKIN GLASSES??????? *spreads legs*

*screeches in magic conch*

i’m feeling so many things i never knew a human could feel

f uCk me uP

and tHE gLASSeS fUuUUuUUuUCk


i’m such a piece of shit for 5sos in snapbacks

fuck fuck fuck okay i’m leaving you with lashton snapback photos because i need to drown in holy water immediately

dear god what have i done

i remember emma saying she looked at the list of people that joined kosegruppa and at that exact moment i was like hmmm 10/10 even did that too buT NOW IT HAS BEEN FUCKING CONFIRMED BABY

but ??? how did even know his name weLL remember when even said he had heard of isak’s rapping skills well maybe he asked someone hey what’s that blonde dude’s name yea the one with that snapback and that person being like “uh yea that’s isak valtersen and DID U KNOW he can actually rap quite well heard it once in the boys restroom ha”

being lab partners with fratboy!calum who always shows up to class five minutes late and never takes notes in class and usually smells like last nights alcohol, but is still really sweet to you despite his playboy reputation and one day you come into class and he’s actually gotten there before you and he’s dressed a little nicer than his usual ripped shirt and black jeans and he’s traded his snapback in for a more put together hairstyle and when you sit down next to him he mumbles something about how pretty you look today and maybe if you wanted to come to his party this friday night then that would be really cool and if he could have your number that would be really cool too and so when you actually agree he’s smiling so big and after class you over hear him talking with his friends about how he finally got that pretty girl from his chem class to go out with him

Dating Luhan would include

- teaching him cute little English words so he could use them in his next songs

- him trying to show you some weird trance music that he’s like s o into and you’re just like alright luhan alright

- “luhan please stop hitting the whip I’m trying to make dinner”

- he leaves you grocery requests, like for some reason he always wants a family size box of kix cereal but whatever you’ll get it for him

- he thinks you look so frickin cute in his snapbacks like he tries to get you to wear them but you’re like no luhan I’m not a hat person but he’s like wear IT and you do and he stays complimenting how cute you look in it

- luhan really can’t cook…. But for you he tries….like he’ll make you burnt quesadillas and it’ll taste like ass but you eat it all because you love him and because he t r i e d

- plans to get a cat together and raise it once luhan has enough free time

- nights in where you just sit and talk about the world and how small you both are but how amazing it is that you found each other despite all the odds while you drink wine and luhan gets a little tipsy because he can’t hold his alcohol

- tipsy luhan placing breathy, sloppy kisses down your neck and you’re like “luhan stop you’re drunk” but in reality you’re really turned on and hoping that he doesn’t stop

- flipping pages of a magazine aimlessly when he’s away practicing with your earphones in and then you’d feel two cold hands cup your shoulders from behind and he’s turn your face to kiss him and then 10 minutes later your getting slammed against your bed and he has this l o o k and you’re trying to breathe and calm down as he climbs on top of you

- paper rock scissors to solve all your life problems

- “luhan, isn’t it your turn to wash the dinner dishes?” “……lets play for it”

- you always win because you know his dumbass always throws rock first

- luhan making you make a weibo for him

- picking out windowsill plants in the spring that luhan always playfully picks and puts in your hair

- did I mention devotion? Because that’s what you’re gonna sign up for dating luhan, because he fucking loves you so much and he’s sometimes sad he can’t always give you all his time but you let him know you always love him no matter wether he’s gone for 3 weeks or 3 minutes

thenorthernicewing  asked:

How come in every one of your posts you have a picture of Steven? Is he meant to represent how you feel? I really like it, it gives your posts a personal style.

I’m glad you enjoy it!!

I initially started doing it because I’m kin with Steven. (I get asks about kin all the time so if you don’t know what it is, I recommend looking it up instead of asking me!)

I also do it so I can better express myself, and so my fellow ASD followers can have an easier time understanding the tone of my posts!

For defcliff0rd and tokyoluke’s blurb night!

You don’t even remember how it started.

He’d stumbled into class one day, his maroon SnapBack askew on his head, his red flannel buttoned messily. In fact, it looked as though he’d just rolled out of bed.

The professor continued to talk, and he took the seat closest to him—which also happened to be the seat next to you. And then he’d asked you for a pencil. You were about to turn to him and snap something about how he should’ve brought his own, but as soon as your gaze met those crystal blue eyes, you were robbed of your breath.

Because Luke was magnificent. With his electric eyes, his scruff, and the black piercing on his lower lip, it was no surprise that he was a frat boy—and a heartbreaker.

And so you’d let him borrow a pencil. Determined not to interrupt the class, he scribbled down a small note onto the corner of your paper, the single word making you smile gently: “Thanks.”

It went on like that for months. You’d never actually spoken outside of class, and even during the long lectures you’d only be able to communicate by writing down random notes to each other on your paper. You felt like you’d been transported back to middle school, the note-passing paired along with the butterflies in your stomach.

But it never bothered you.

One day was different. Luke took his regular spot down beside you, your hand already outstretched with the pencil that you would let him borrow for the lecture. He took it and scribbled down another “Thanks” onto your paper. You expected him to pull away, but instead he paused, his lips pursing and brow furrowing as he debated with himself.

And then he was jotting down a bit of a longer note. You waited a moment until he blew on the page satisfactorily, shooing away any excess graphite. You then leaned forward, reading what he’d written.

“Do you want to go out with me tonight?”

Immediately your stomach tensed with excitement. You’d never pegged him as the kind of guy to enjoy a single girl’s company—he looked more along the lines of someone who couldn’t be tied down. But your brain was screaming at you to say yes—this was what you’d been waiting for since the first day of the semester.

And so you twirled your own pencil between your fingers, trying to fight against a smile as you wrote down a single, three-lettered word.


Different (Still the Same)

Rated B for Blonds Have More Fun ;)

Daehyun was blond again.

It had been a long time, years, since you’d seen him with his hair in one of your favorite hues on him, and to say it was affecting you would have been the understatement of the century.

He either didn’t notice or pretended not to notice how often you just stared at him, at his freshly dyed hair. The first day, he kept it hidden under a snapback. After that, he didn’t bother, and the grins he gave you turned knowing more often than sweet.

You didn’t mind.

Usually, when one of the guys got his hair dyed, they all did, but it had just been Daehyun, for the moment. It felt a little more special than usual. Daehyun had once confessed to you that he felt even sexier as a blond, and you could definitely see why. It made him look softer and more grown-up all at once. You loved it.

It had been three days since he’d come home from work with the new hair color. Three days of constant sexual frustration, of feeling like you would go out of your mind if he wasn’t inside you. Three very, very long days.

He had barely touched you in those three days. Sure, he had barely been at home, as busy as they were at the moment, but it was unusual for him to just keep a safe distance from you. You didn’t feel any less loved for it. The looks he kept giving you told you that he had something in mind for when this touch embargo was over. Something you were going to love.

After work on the third evening, you were just glad to be away from the office. You grumbled to yourself about the rough day you’d had on the way into your apartment building, wondering if Daehyun was even home. You hoped so. You could use someone to talk to right about then.

As you made your way down the hall to your front door, you heard music coming from inside your apartment. You pressed your ear against the door, feeling a little ridiculous as you did it, but you wanted to know what the song was. Daehyun usually listened to music loudly, too loudly, so it wasn’t that hard to figure it out.

It was your song.

You had a lot of songs, really. But this was one of the most important ones.

It was the song that had been playing the first time you’d made love.

It hadn’t been sweet. It had built up and up over months of dating and getting to know each other and dancing around the subject, and when it finally happened, it was passionate and desperate and wonderful and perfect.

Ever since then, this song had been a recurring theme in your relationship, over the years you’d spent together.

You stepped back from the door, pausing to look down at yourself. You weren’t dressed up, or even wearing makeup. You were tired, and you were sure your face showed it.

Daehyun was probably completely naked inside, and he’d probably remembered to put on the eyeliner he knew you enjoyed him wearing.

You sighed, trying to convince yourself that Daehyun didn’t need you to dress up, that he loved you just the way you were, no matter what you looked like any given day. You knew it was true in your heart. The problem was telling your head sometimes.

The longer you stood in the hallway, you realized that the song was on repeat. And you realized that you needed to go inside. It was getting late, and Daehyun knew how long it took you to get home from work. He’d start to worry soon.

You were just gathering your wits to open the door, when suddenly, it was flung open, and a tan, muscular arm pulled you inside.

You barely had time to think, not that you could have formed many thoughts anyway when you were being pressed against the wall, and Daehyun was right up against you, and he smelled like home and desire all at once.

His lips were grazing your neck, his hands moving up and down your sides, as Daehyun began to murmur to you, his voice making your skin shiver into goosebumps as he talked.

“I thought you were going to stand out there all night, jagiya…I thought you were just going to leave me in here, with our song, half naked and wanting you…” Daehyun sounded just slightly pouty, and it would have made you giggle under normal circumstances, but right then, you were far more concerned about this whole half-naked thing.

You pulled back a little, using the motion to drop your purse, and…he hadn’t been lying.

Daehyun was wearing only a pair of tight, ripped jeans. They were tight enough that you were very, very aware that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath them.

His eyes were rimmed with a healthy amount of smoky, black eyeliner. Asshole.

And his hair was tousled. And blond.

Daehyun leaned against the wall casually as he watched you set your things down, biting his lip.

“You look fucking beautiful…” he said, his satoori spilling out easily, and you tried not to show on the outside how it made you shiver to hear the words. Instead, you laughed.

“Don’t lie, Dae.” you said simply, pushing your hair away from your face to look at him. He’d been working out more lately, and dancing more, and it was showing on the muscles of his stomach and his arms. It was kind of hard to look away, sometimes.

He reached out and wrapped his arm around your wrist, pulling you close and letting his fingertips glide over the nape of your neck as he breathed against your ear.

“You know I’d never lie to you, jagiya…” Daehyun murmured. “I always think you’re beautiful. I think you’re even more beautiful when you’re under me, naked…”

Fuck, you were wet.

Without another word, Daehyun pulled you down the hall towards your bedroom, pushing the door open and letting the two of you inside.

You were barely aware of how you came to be completely unclothed, and pushed down on the bed, but you didn’t mind much. Sex with Daehyun was always a whirlwind of emotions and touches, and it was hard to keep up sometimes. You preferred to just let go and let yourself enjoy it.

You were definitely enjoying this moment. Daehyun stood at the end of the bed, his fingers playing with his belt buckle as he took his time undoing it. When it was finally undone, and he’d gotten the button of his jeans open too, he began dragging the zipper down, slow, as slow as he possibly could while still getting somewhere. His eyes never left your face as he did it, a smirk crossing his lips.

Such a tease. But, a tease who tended to deliver.

And deliver he did. Daehyun pushed his jeans down his hips, revealing his perfect v-line, the one that you loved running your tongue over anytime you got the chance. He pushed them further, until you could see his cock straining to be released, and Daehyun was breathing harder now, almost shaking with the effort of maintaining the game he was playing, when you knew that all he wanted was to bury himself inside you as soon as possible.

He was more than hard enough. Another few inches of pushing his jeans down, and his cock all but sprang out of them, slapping gently against his stomach, and Daehyun sighed with relief, letting the jeans fall to the floor and stepping out of them.

For a moment, you just stared at each other, you on the bed on your back, legs slightly parted and pussy dripping, and him standing just out of your reach, hard as a fucking rock and looking more and more desperate by the second.

Then, he was on top of you and fucking into you as hard as he could, pushing your legs up until your knees bent and they wrapped around him, and you didn’t think too much after that.

Daehyun must have been waiting for a long time. He was pumping his big throb into you fast, dizzyingly fast, like a man starved for the feeling of his favorite velvet walls, and you were nearly delirious after just a few thrusts. You started to cum almost immediately, and Daehyun arched his back and threw his head back and moaned your name, loud, and then you came again before the first orgasm was even over.

The way he was fucking you, you knew he wasn’t going to last long. You didn’t mind. You were tired, and completely willing to go along with his plan.

You let him reach down and grip your hips and hold you down so he could power down into you with all his strength, and with one final yell of your name, Daehyun was releasing into you, a gushing river of cream that you had been craving for days, needing more than anything else in the world.

He wasn’t done yet, it turned out.

Seconds later, while you were still panting and half-blind and trying to recover, Daehyun was sliding his face down between your legs. You’d dreamt about this ever since his hair color had changed, wondered what that blond head of hair would look like between your legs as he went down on you.

You didn’t have to wonder anymore.

Daehyun licked and sucked every last bit of your swirling juices out of your raw pussy, sucked them off your clit and fingered you until you gave him even more of what he was craving, and you watched helplessly as he reached down with his other hand and stroked his cock quickly while he did it, his tongue sinking all the way inside you just as he came one more time, improbably.

Daehyun stayed between your legs for what felt like hours. You knew you’d dozed off more than once, and you had the feeling he might have too, but just when you thought he was passed out, his tongue started moving inside you again and you stopped thinking.

You weren’t stressed about work anymore. You didn’t feel unattractive and unsexy. Daehyun made sure you knew how hot he thought you were, how much he needed you. There was no room for doubt.

Finally, he moved back up and left no room between the two of you at all as he pulled you into his arms. Just before you drifted off, you looked up, memorized the way his blond hair looked with that dark eyeliner and those long eyelashes, and let that image stay burned on the backs of your eyelids so you would dream about it all night.

Dating Hanbin means

• Awkward hanbinnie bc he still is inexperienced
• Still awkward
• But is slowly becoming more and more comfortable.

• Holding hands, back hugging

• He’ll be busy so you guys wont be able to meet up as often
• But you guys will be skyping a lot
• And snapchat too.
• But it’ll be full of derps like his downward double chin x789432 chins.

• Him being overly worried for you when things happens
• But doesn’t know what to do sometimes

• When you wake up in the morning his arms will always be wrapped around your waist
• And you see his perfect morning face

• He’ll be staring at how beautiful you look even though you’re just doing something normal


• couple snapbacks ehehehe

• Bobby starts jokingly hitting on you
• And hanbin being a cute little protective boyfriend

• You hear him screaming out of the blue but it was only a tiny insect


• His stupid faces EVERYWHERE

• Eating out a lot bc food hehehe

Comic Con (Tony Perry) (Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 504


You were happy when you were able to snag tickets to the Star Wars panel at Comic Con, though you were slightly nervous as it was your first time at the event and you’d heard the horror stories. Your obsession with Star Wars annoyed your friends, but you could say their obsession with Keeping Up with the Kardashians annoyed you back.

The panel was already full and you struggle to find your seat which luckily was second row from the front. You notice a guy on his phone in the seat next to yours as you sat down, he was wearing a snapback, what was considered ‘nerdy’ glasses and he was sporting a rather nice braid which hung down his shoulder. You could tell he was most likely a fan but his face looked vaguely familiar, you just couldn’t pin point where you’d seen him before.

“Hi, sorry if this sounds odd but cool braid.”

You mentally slap yourself for how stupid and creepy that came across as. Luckily the guy smiled and turned to face you before pointing out your own braid.

“I could say the same about yours. I’m Tony.”

Tony, now you mind finally caught up. The guy sat next to you was Tony Perry from Pierce The Veil. Out of all the people you could have been seated by and you got him, luck must be on your side.

“Well Tony I’m y/n. How excited on a scale of one to ten are you for the new Star Wars film?”

Tony strokes his chin as if deep in thought making you laugh.

“Can I go higher than ten y/n?”

“Sure why the hell not.”

You and Tony continue to talk about your love of Star Wars until the panel begins. You both fangirl when the cast comes on stage and try to take selfies with the cast in the background. After the panel finishes you and Tony walk back out into the convention hall. You go to head in a different direction when Tony grabs your arm.

“Aren’t you going to the signing y/n?”

You feel yourself blushing and scratch the back of your head.

“I have a confession Tony, this is my first Comic Con and I have no clue where the hell I’m going.”

Tony gasps dramatically before throwing an arm around your shoulder.

“Consider me your personal tour guide y/n. I’m going to make sure you have the best experience, plus it gives me an excuse to get to know you better. Oh my god you can be my padawan.”

You can’t help but feel flattered at how open Tony is around you, it feels like you’ve known him for years, instead of forty minutes. You smile and nod along as he speaks a mile a minute.

“Lead the way Jedi.”

Tony smiles back at you before he starts to pull you through the crowds. Now you were happy that you were able to get tickets for the panel, you wouldn’t have met Tony Perry otherwise.