how he knew she would always do her best

A Bunch of Dialogue Prompts
  • “Did you actually just try to banish me?”
  • “I love people who are passive-aggressive. They’re just the best.”
  • “She knew all along, right?”
  • “There’s a surprise waiting for you back home.”
  • “Leave now or I’ll do it.”
  • “Your father would be so proud.”
  • “I literally cannot believe you did that.”
  • “She always made me feel like I was never good enough.”
  • “They say that mother knows best… Oh, the irony.”
  • “Never scare me like that again.”
  • “People always go on about the afterlife. But, like, what about the before-life?”
  • “Oh, God, he’s flirting with her again, be right back.”
  • “I swear to you, this is exactly how I found him!”
  • “He knows a lot of random facts about lions, for some reason.”
  • “No thanks, I don’t want to get arrested for the second time today.”
  • “It was the best of times, it was the shittiest of times.”
  • “Dear diary, today was the day I fell in love with a man from another world.”
  • “The first time I met her, she was hiding behind the sofa.”
  • “There are no winners. Only survivors.”
  • “You don’t understand, that necklace meant a lot to me.”
  • “I once punched a shark in the face.”
  • “Emotions suck.”
  • “So typical of you. Ruining my birthday one little lie at a time.”
  • “You go on and on about we’re not kids anymore but tell me why I just signed for a bouncy castle package in your name.”
  • “My ninth life was the worst one.”
  • “I don’t remember anything about you.”
  • “That was the last time I ever saw him naked.”
  • “Uhh… Has nobody else noticed that all these people are translucent?”

Stydia Month: Week 4, Day 1

 +How does Lydia find out about who saved her from Peter? 

It hasn’t happened yet.

When it does happen, It is far from ideal. Far from anything that would allow him or her to process what had just happened.

It happens when Peter (or any other villain) needs something from her (again), and he knows she won’t do what he wants. 

It happens when he needs her to risk something, to risk a lot, to risk everything.

And Peter always knew that knowledge was the best weapon he could ever have. So he uses it, he remembers something from the past, something that few people knew about. Something that he saw.

He threatens Stiles right in front of her. And then Lydia is suddenly standing right in front of the boy who has claws or fangs or blades all around his neck.

Then Peter begins telling her a little story about a boy who ran after a girl begging her to run away from a big bad wolf. A boy who begged the wolf to just take him instead of the girl. A boy who pleaded for the villain spare her life and take his instead.

When Lydia is still trying to understand, looking for signs in Stiles’ expression (but all that the boy offers is an aversion of his eyes), Peter finally gets to his point:

“I guess, all this time, I just couldn’t stop thinking about this story because all I ever wanted to know was…. would the girl do the same thing for the boy?”