how he actually respects teenagers like shut up i love you a lot

my stream of consciousness during death note (2017)

So I finally watched this shit show last night, and kept a running document of every thought I had in order. Here are some of the top ones: (under the cut because….it gets a little long. it’s worth it though!) 

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Fun Grief Times w Axel’s Sad Ass

Edit: added a little more on denial of emotions and small tidbits of info and fixed some wording.

For the anon who wanted me to explain my insights on why Axel acted the way he did in KH2.
Disclaimer: I’m not saying I’m 100% right, I’m just stating what may have influenced his behavior in a psychologically realistic way many fans neglect to take into consideration and prefer to demonize him until the cows come home. If you disagree with how I see it, then great for you. Also, grief and mental illness do not excuse the harm of other people. I am not saying I am excusing what he has done, but merely adding some form of explanation. Also sorry for people on mobile you probably won’t be able to read it, it’s very long.

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Tom Holland Imagine: Girlfriend? What girlfriend?

Summary: You and Tom are both finally getting some recognition in Hollywood. Tom also can’t keep is mouth shut so Marvel gives him a fake girlfriend so he has excuses when he goes places. That girlfriend being you.

A/N: Making this up as I go… as usual… bear with me (Also, I haven’t taken Latin in years so give me break if some of my mythology is wrong. Seriously, I will fight you if you try and be the smart ass the corrects me.)

Warnings: none


Tom’s POV:

“I don’t understand why I have to go on this stupid date…”

“You can’t keep your damn mouth shut, that’s why.”

I glared at Harrison as he flipped through the pages of his magazine. He sighed before closing it.

“Look, mate, it’s not even like Y/N is unattractive. She’s actually quite the opposite. She’s stunning, really. And maybe this "relationship” can put you on the radar of some more casting directors as well.“

"I just don’t like hurting my fans. They all support and love me so much and I don’t want them to be hurt when they find out about Y/N and I.”

“If they’re really your fans, they’ll support you. Now promise me you won’t be a dick and piss her off.”

“I promise…”


Your POV:

“This is so stupid. Why am I being forced on this date just because he can’t keep his mouth shut? How does this benefit me? All that’s gonna happen is a bunch of teenage girls are gonna send me death threats!”

“Y/N, it’s all about publicity. Tom is a very well respected actor and he could do you some good. He can make you look desirable which is what we want if you want to land that role.”

I rolled my eyes at my agent. I put in my last earring as I smoothed my hands over my dress.

“He better be pretty damn charming or I’m gonna kill you.”

“Trust me, once you see him, you’ll be thanking me for weeks.”

Then the doorbell rang. I looked at Kasey with wide eyes. She sighed and signaled for me to get the door.

I slowly walked over and opened it up to reveal who I assumed was Tom.

Okay, so Kasey had been right about him being attractive but that means nothing if he’s a total asshole.

“Y/N? I’m Tom.”

“Hello, Tom. It’s nice to meet you.”

Tom held his arm out for me to take. He led me to a cab and held the door open for me.

Okay, he gets a point for that.

I smiled at him as he helped me in before shutting the door and walking around to his side.

“So, what are we doing tonight?”

“Well, we need to be seen so I got us tickets to see Hamilton if that’s alright with you?”

“Hamilton!? Are you serious!? We’re seeing Hamilton!?”

“Yeah, I thought it would be fun. I’ve also only learned about the revolutionary war from the UK’s perspective so I thought it would be cool to learn about it from America’s point of view.”

“Okay, well I must warn you, they do kinda mock you guys in the play.”

“Yeah, I figured. Anyway, let’s get going.”

Tom lead me into the theater after plenty of paparazzi snapped pictures of us together. He lead us to the box where our seats were and we sat down as we waited for the show to begin.

Tom and I attempted to talk while we waited for the show to start. It was very awkward considering I could see all the girls below us pointing up at Tom and I, obviously recognizing him as the new Spider-Man.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the show began…

—Time Skip—

“So, did you like it?”

“Oh my gosh, I LOVED it! I’ve only ever listened to the soundtrack and it was so amazing to actually get to SEE it! Thank you, Tom! So much!” I said as I kissed his cheek… in front of the cameras.

Tom smiled down at me as he once again helped me into the cab.

Once he was seated next to me, he sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

I pulled out my phone to see that my notifications were blowing up.

I opened Instagram to see pictures of Tom and I everywhere and let me tell you, the fans were not taking it well…

“Ugly ass bitch”

“She’s such a slut, look at how short her dress is”

“Why would Tom EVER go out with her!? She’s so ugly and can’t even act… he could do so much better.”

I felt a tear fall down my cheek and I was quick to wipe it away in hopes of Tom not noticing.

But, he did.

“What’s wrong, love?”

“Umm, it’s nothing. I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. What’s wrong? You can tell me. I am technically your boyfriend after all.” He said as he smiled at me.

“This can’t happen again. We can’t keep doing this. God, just one date and look what’s already happened! And it’s not even like you actually care about me! We’re only dating each other for publicity and so you have an excuse while you’re in New York!”

I shoved my phone in Tom’s face as he read through the captions, comments and tweets that had been sent to me.

“Shit, love. I’m so sorry. I-I knew this was a bad idea. I tried to tell them- shit… I’m so sorry. This is all my fault…”

“It’s not your fault, Tom. If it wasn’t you, Kasey would’ve just put me in another relationship with someone who was probably rude and a lot less attractive.”

My face turned red as I realized I had just called Tom attractive. I saw a small smile form on his face out of the corner of my eye.

“So, you’re just as attracted to me as I am to you?”


“Well, if you’re declaring this as our last date, then why earth would I let it be over anytime soon? Driver! Take us to Central Park instead.”

“Tom, what are you doing?”

“The night is still young, darling.”

The cab pulled up at Central Park and Tom and I stepped out of the cab. As it began to drive away, Tom hooked his arm in mine.

We began to walk through the park before we found a bench that satisfied Tom and we sat down.

“I’ve always loved looking at the stars.” Tom said.

I looked at him and smiled, urging him to continue.

“Ever since I was a little kid, they always fascinated me. It amazes me that we have the ability to see something so far away. I mean, it doesn’t make since, does it? We can’t see some things that are literally on us without a microscope but we can still see balls of burning gas that are millions of miles away. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s very incredible.”

I scooted close to Tom and laid my head on his shoulder.

I looked up at the stars as he continued to point out constellations.

“That’s the Big Dipper, and there’s the Little Dipper… and that ones Ursa Major and the smaller one is Ursa Minor. And if you look over there, that’s Orion’s Belt.”

I smiled as Tom continued to point out other constellations.

“Do you know the story of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor?” I asked, interrupting him.

Tom shook his head and smiled down at me.

“Long ago, there was a beautiful young maiden. The god, Zeus, began to admire her from Mt. Olympus. He fell in love with her. And one night, he disguised himself as a man and crawled into the maiden’s bed. The young maiden became pregnant and gave birth to Zeus’s son. Zeus’s wife, Hera, became furious when she found out that her husband had had an affair. And like she always did, she punished the innocent maiden. She turned the girl and her son into a bear. And Zeus, who was heartbroken by the discovery, decided that they should not be something that’s hunted like a bear, but should be something that’s admired, like the stars. He put the maiden and her son into the sky for everyone in the world to admire. Hera was not happy by this decision, but could do nothing to stop Zeus from making sure that everyone could see the beauty in the girl and her son.”

Tom was still smiling at me as I finished the myth that I had learned too many times in my Latin class.

“I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type of girl to like mythology.”

“Oh, I love it. So much.”

Unfortunately, my time with Tom came to an end. He dropped me off at my hotel where we said our final goodbye.

I spent the rest of the night staring at the stars.

—Time Skip—

I woke up one morning to pounding at the door.

I cursed whoever had woken me up from my peaceful slumber and trudged over to the door and opened it to see a package.

I picked up the box and brought it into the room and placed it on the table. I picked up a knife and began to cut the edges of the box before it opened up to reveal a book.

Not just any book.

A book on Greek mythology.

I smiled and picked up the letter that was placed on top of it.

My name was written in cursive on the front. I sat down on the couch before I opened it and read it.

Dear Y/N,

I know writing letters is old fashioned, but so is Greek mythology so I found it fitting. After the night that we spent together a few weeks ago, you haven’t left my mind. In fact, the memories of the time I spent with you drove me to purchase this book and read it. You’ve now given me an interest in Greek mythology. Ironically, the last story in the book is the story of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. As I looked at the illustrations, it felt like they were screaming at me to write this letter and send it to you. I know you said that we shouldn’t be together, but that was before we really spent time together. I would like to take you out again. For real this time. No paparazzi and no negative comments. If you are interested, please call me. I would love to have a second chance with my girlfriend.



I smiled as I read the letter over and over again before I picked up the phone to call the guy who was about to change my world forever.

Of Dates And Misunderstandings

Happy Birthday Sarah ( @lifeinahole27 ) <3

Here’s a little something for you. I am so glad that this time I got something out for your birthday. And I didn’t forget to tag you. It should have been up at your midnight but I will assume there is still somewhere when it’s just the beginning of your birthday.

Special thanks to @ladyciaramiggles and @space-whales for beta reading. Thank you so much. <3

Of Dates & Misunderstandings (T-rated) AO3

Emma’s leg started jittering as she waited for her laptop to power on. She missed the comfort of her bed but with the wine she had already drank she was reluctant to get too relaxed, lest her mind wandered to less than innocent territories that she wasn’t ready for yet. She still believed that online dating sites were a farce, especially ones with the cliched names like - Happy Endings. But, drunk Emma made questionable decisions and signing up to an online dating site at Ruby’s prodding was one of them. She signed in and carefully made her visibility selective. She didn’t want the entire world to know she was online and having to fend off sleazy come-ons that would put her perps to shame.

No, Emma was interested in only one - therealkillianjones.

Emma was intimately aware of the nitty gritty of an online dating website, she had used them too many times to lure in her perps. Men were predictable that way. Act a little coy, laugh, or in this case, send a winky emoji on their crass pick up line and -boom- you had a date. She had fake profiles set up on many of these platforms but Ruby raved about the advantages of finding dates through them, gushing about the men and women she had met. So one day, Emma sat with her friend after sharing a bottle of wine between them and proceeded to set up her profile. Though drunk, they had  created  her profile including as much information as they could without revealing  too much. It was fun while it lasted. Together they had vetted potential suitors and fended off some sleazy ones - a nice way to blow off some steam. So, she was surprised to get a direct message from someone named therealkillianjones.

therealkillianjones - Oh My God! I love that quote and the book. It’s one of my favorites.

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Walk on My Shoes

For Swap Week day 7: Alive (

When Rena Rouge and Chat Noir came to patrol with the idea that they should exchange Miraculouses, Ladybug was 100% sure Rena Rouge, Queen Bee and Chat Noir himself were going to start the Hunger Games to try and get the Ladybug Earrings.

(Not that she didn’t want to do an exchange, either, but between the five of them, they were the ones who seemed to worship her in and out of the masks… Plus, she was also certain Carapace wanted to do it too)

They talked about it with the Great Guardian, and he let them do it as a form of trust exercise. Ladybug, however, started to fear that it was a terrible idea as soon as she saw the amused glint in Fu’s eyes. For the time she had known him, she had learned that he took a bit of fun in the lessons he gave her and the rest of the team. However, Marinette tried to keep herself calm.

“Perhaps it would be fun, after all” she thought to herself as the Great Guardian of the Miraculous ordered them to close their eyes and de-transform as he made the exchange.

“I will escort you one by one to the exit, where you will have five minutes to go home before the other one comes out. Introduce yourselves to your temporary kwami partners and meet for your usual patrol” he said as he placed a box on Marinette’s hand.

“And we come two days later to get our respective kwamis and Miraculouses back, right?” Chat Noir’s voice asked.


Again, Marinette heard the amusement in Fu’s voice.

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anonymous asked:

I've been wanting something like this for a while... but... What if, instead of Phantom ending up in the Human World and befriending Danny, Danny ends up in the Ghost Zone and befriends Phantom? *coughs* Not a very good idea, I know, but I just want to see it and I don't know if I can write it myself, since there's been some family issues lately :(

Dear Mom and Dad

The good news is I turned on the portal! The bad news is I’m trapped on the other side…

I’m not dead!  I think. I’m in the Ghost Zone you two were always talking about, and it’s brightcreepy strange hellish cold desolate indescribable, you’ll just have to see for yourself when you /get me out of here./ Nothing makes sense in here! There are these floating doors and rocks, and this green glowing stuff that’s everywhere, and the ghosts

I take back everything I said about not believing in ghosts. You were right about everything. They exist and they’re rude, thoughtless, scary complete assholes who only think about themselves. I’ve just been cut off from home and I don’t know if I’ll ever see you guys again and all he can think about is

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

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Dear Parents

Hi. How ya doing? Being a parent is weird and hard and rewarding, right? That’s been my experience anyhow. Most of us are trying to do the best we can. There’s a lot expected of us. There’s a lot of pressure in raising a tiny human without fucking up. And I hate to add to your growing list of duties and concerns and necessary steps in raising a happy, healthy person but there’s something really important you need to do.

Teach your children what abuse looks like.

Now, the hardest part about doing that is actually going to be learning yourself what abuse looks like.

“I know what abuse is!” you say.

Sorry. You probably don’t. Statistically speaking, I’m more likely addressing somebody on the other side of the screen that hasn’t been properly educated on the realities of abuse. We’re fed a lot of myths about abuse. You don’t have to be ashamed because society failed to teach you right. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to correct that error now.

I would suggest you sit down with a copy of Why Does He Do That? (my favorite book so far on the topic written by one of the world’s foremost experts). I know, I know. You’re busy. You’re stretched thin. You probably already lack time to read for pleasure as much as you did before you have kids and now some rando on the internet is assigning you fucking homework? But trust me, it’s worth it.

After that, teach your kids. Teach them what abuse looks like. Teach your sons especially what constitutes abuse and that there is no excuse to justify it and that they alone are responsible for their actions.


There’s lots of ways (and a lot depends on their age). But here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Don’t ever force your children to hug or kiss someone if they don’t want to, not even Grandma, not even YOU. This teaches them bodily autonomy and that not even loved ones are entitled to violate their boundaries.
  • Make comments or ask questions about media you consume together to get them to think critically about the ideas presented to them. This might mean saying “hmmm, I wonder why there are so few girls in this movie.” or asking “How do you think [character a] felt when [character b] wouldn’t take no for an answer?” This can be a hard step because you’ll need to train yourself to spot problematic content in the first place. And I’m not saying you can’t watch anything problematic (you might as well give up TV altogether). Just challenge your kids to think about what they see. i.e. If you’re watching Batman the Animated Series you could say “I really don’t like the way Joker treats Harley Quinn. Do you think she deserves that?”
  • Acquire (whether by purchasing or borrowing from a library) positive representation of women and relationships for your children including (and perhaps especially) your sons. The publishing and media industries only market girl-centric stories to female audiences which contributes to boys growing up learning that stories and the world revolve around them. They also tend to only push media that deals with interpersonal relations and emotions on girls, leaving boys with action and violence heavy stories. This can send the message that empathy and emotional labor is for girls.
  • Talk to them, especially older kids and teenagers, particularly when they reach dating age. Invite them to ask questions and talk about their opinions about abuse to get them engaged in the conversation rather than simply lecturing. Take advantage of a captive audience (riding in the car for example) and teach them little bits here and there on a regular basis.
  • Respect your children and allow them reasonable control over their own lives. I’m not saying you should let your kid decide, “nah, I hate shots. I’m skipping my vaccinations.” But you should definitely give them the power of choice as often as you can. Maybe that means letting them dropping soccer for theatre or picking between two options for dinner’s side veggie. The important thing is they are raised in an environment that doesn’t predispose them to accepting total control from someone else.
  • Model healthy relationship dynamics in your own romantic relationship if you have one. This is especially important for dads. Even if you’re not abusive, you may engage in behavior that is based on the same underlying attitudes and entitlement that fuels abuse because society has taught you that it’s all right. It’s on YOU and you alone to recognize and fix that. 
  • Set hard and fast rules in your home regarding respect of women. Don’t allow your kids, especially your sons, to use misogynist language (shut down anything that labels women as inherently crazy or inferior, don’t condone the use of words like bitch or cunt, etc.). And no matter how awkward you feel, make sure you talk to them about the unrealistic and misogynist aspects of most pornography (when age appropriate).
  • Learn and utilize appropriate parenting tools especially regarding punishment vs. consequence, assertive vs. authoritarian parenting, and similar issues to avoid falling into abusive parenting patterns. How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, Unconditional Parenting, and many other wonderful books will help you raise emotionally healthy kids with strong self esteem. Remember, there is no shame in seeking education to learn to how parent. It’s a skill like any other and nobody is born knowing how to do it right. But the old joke about wishing there was a parenting manual handed out when you have a baby? It’s only half true. There’s plenty of quality manuals (and unfortunately some shit ones too, so watch out). But you have to go get them yourself.
  • Insist the men and boys in your household participate equally in housework. To do otherwise reinforces the idea that men are entitled to have women take care of even their most basics needs (like a clean home or clean laundry or food to eat). Teaching your daughters to do an oil change and use a power drill is wonderful and great and you should do that too. But it’s arguably even more important to make sure you teach your sons not only how to clean, cook, manage a budget, do the grocery shopping, care for babies, etc. but that is expected of them just as much as it is of any woman.
  • Insist upon comprehensive sex ed programs that cover topics of consent, bodily autonomy, respect, and partner abuse. If your local schools don’t provide them, check for community offerings (the O.W.L. program offered at many Unitarian Churches is one such program and don’t worry, it’s secular). If there’s nothing available, take it into your own hands. Talk to your kids about this stuff and provide them appropriate books and resources on the topic.

Do your best. You won’t be perfect. No parent ever is. But if you try and if you never give up, you’ll more than likely succeed in raising kids that not only aren’t abusive, but that will not be drawn into an abusive relationship.

That said…

If you have teen or adult children you may very well face a situation in which they have either been abused, or accused of abusing someone else. What do you do then? Well, that first book I mentioned (Why Does He Do That?) lays out in detail exactly what family members should and shouldn’t do in these situations. But I’ll give you a quick and dirty summary:

If your child is facing abuse:

  • Believe them. And don’t blame them.
  • Don’t pressure them. Don’t pressure them to give their abuser another chance NOR should you pressure them to leave their abuser.
  • Listen to their needs and offer your support.
  • Give them the respect that their abuser won’t.
  • Get yourself support so that you can vent your sorrows and concerns to somebody else instead of burdening the abuse victim with comforting you.
  • When possible, and only if the victim agrees, offer practical support (such as paying for her to go to therapy, driving her to appointments, etc.).

If you child has been accused of abuse:

  • Believe the victim. Chances are they are telling the truth. When your child makes excuses for their behavior or tries to downplay it, press them on it for details and to describe what they think is their partner’s point of view on the matter. This will often reveal that they are exaggerating and/or lying and that they have not been honestly listening to or empathizing with their partner. Then make sure to talk to the victim and get her side of the story.
  • Do not make excuses for your child. Do not ask the victim to forgive them or give them another chance. Make it clear to your child that you will not participate in talk in which their victim is blamed or dehumanized or otherwise insulted.
  • Make it clear that you expect your child to get into a reputable abuser program (Lundy Bancroft describes what to look for to make sure it’s a good program in his book). Do not tell them to go to therapy or couple’s therapy. Only a program designed to address abuse will do any good and even then, only if the abuser chooses to do the long, hard work of changing. Conventional therapy can often make the situation even worse.

And in either case, avoid provoking the abuser. Chances are the abuser will take it out on their victim in private rather than risk damage to their reputation with you by lashing out at you.

Swan Queen Week, day 2: MILF

I don’t own OUAT.  I hope you enjoy : )

Emma dumped her car keys on the table, and walked over to where Henry was sitting on the couch. She let the bag in her hands fall, shaking her head when Henry didn’t even look at it. Usually, he would immediately want to know what she brought.

She sat down next to him, nudging him with her shoulder. “ I got you food. Do you think you could interrupt the important little scowling routine from these past days and eat it, or am I going to gain a few pounds eating both my own and your lunch suddenly?”

Henry shrugged. “ I guess so” he replied

Emma didn’t comment on the tone, as he had been reacting to anything like that lately. She instead just grabbed their food from the bag and handed him his milkshake and semi-healthy burger. When he barely reacted to the milkshake, apart from a mutter ‘thanks’ and a very brief smile, she put her own grilled cheese down.

“ Henry, you know you can talk to me, right? “.

“ You forgot the plates”.

Emma rolled her eyes.  “I was going to vacuum later anyways “

Henry got up and walked over to the kitchen, grabbing two plates and handing one to Emma. He started eating his burger as if it was spinach, or that one fancy fish type he hated.

“ Listen Henry , you have been sullen these past days, which really isn’t like you. And at first, I let it slide as you are a teenager and you’ve the right to be moody or down or whatever sometimes, but now I am starting to worry. So talk to me. What happened?”.

“ Nothing” Henry mumbled

“Bullshit. You were fine just three days ago and now you are suddenly not smiling or playing video games or bugging me about that new comic you really, really want”.

“I am just tired. We have a lot of assignments”.

“My mom has already offered to cut you some slack. She is worried as well “

“ She shouldn’t. I am fine” Henry insisted stubbornly

“Henry, everyone is worried. Archie actually stopped me when I was chasing after pongo to hand me pamphlets on depression, Granny gave me your special order for free and Regina has been an absolute nightmare to work with. I am pretty sure that one official quit, and I have had to constantly message her and stuff to keep her from doing something really drastic”.

Henry sighed, and slowly put his burger down. “ All right. I don’t want to worry you guys, and it really probably isn’t that big of deal- do you know my best friend, Jamie?”.

“Short kid, spiky hair, constantly asking questions ? “

“Yup, that’s her. I was hanging out with her, Violet, Nick and Paige when Nick started messing around. We started talking about crushes and stuff, when Nick said – “ Henry flushed slightly” something rude about how he liked both you and mom. And Jamie cut in, and started to make it worse because she said a really stupid thing “he shrugged. “ We got into a fight over it”.

“ So now you aren’t talking?”.

“ Kind of. Jamie has been texting me, but she hasn’t apologized”

“ What is- “ at that exact moment, someone knocked furiously on the door. As if they were trying to break it down really.

Emma rolled her eyes. “ It’s open Regina, just come in” she had barely finished the sentence when the door swung open, and Regina barged into the room. She looked put together like usually, except for the look in her eyes, which had been the cause of her secretary’s break down, the restraining order issued by the parent of one of Henry’s classmates and several incidents where people kept referring to her with ‘your majesty’ accidentally.

Even Emma almost flinched when she looked into Regina’s eyes ( who had been glowing with a faint purple glint for days) , but she found it more admirable than terrifying, really. It was a testament to how much Regina cared. Also, it was ridiculous.

“Have you finally discovered who is the culprit, sheriff “ Regina said

“ Yes, but you have to promise to not approach the same way you did with Jack, because I really don’t need another crazed mom storming into the station and screaming at me about how I am apparently so busy ‘playing your knight’ that I let her son be ‘abused’. Really, another parent starting to throw wildly inaccurate accusations my way is not going to end well”.

“Fine” Regina crossed her arms. “ Now, who is it?”

“ Actually, it is fine. I am totally fine” Henry said, trying to smile. It looked more like he was experiencing cramps, really.

Regina looked at him . “You do not have to be afraid, mijo, I will make sure it never happens again”.

“ Uhm – without any poisoned apples or stuff, right? “Emma said. She knew Regina had changed, but she also knew Regina would always go to the extreme for Henry. And the woman had suggested using a very special curse when they discussed Henry’s mood several days ago, and she had been slightly on edge after Regina hadn’t laughed with her, just left with a ‘make sure you take care of it, or I will’ .

Regina threw her a look that probably meant ‘shut up’. “Who is it, Henry? “

Henry sighed.  “Jamie”.

“ Jamie?” Regina exchanged a look with Emma, who just shrugged and nodded. She knew why Regina was surprised, as Jamie was always offering to help Regina – clean dishes, setting the table and even taking the trash outside- and was generally a very easy-going person, who loved joking yes but never things that hurt people.

“ Yes. We were hanging out and – “ Henry hesitated, then withdrew his phone from his pocket and offered it to Regina. “ Here. You can read it, and see for yourself”.

Regina took the phone and slowly sat down. Henry watched her, while Emma’s eyes were fixed on her grilled cheese. She wondered whether this was a bad time to eat it- she didn’t like it when it was cold, and it was her favourite food and-  she was just inching towards it when Regina looked up.

She looked irritated, and Henry immediately started talking.  “ I was really mad at her, and we got into this fight obviously, but she really does usually respect and like you. And I am still mad, but I don’t want her hurt or anything, and I think I still want to hang with her”

“Milf? What on earth is a Milf?” Regina exclaimed.

Henry frowned.  “You don’t know?”

“ I assume it is some sort of acronym, but I have no idea what it means no  “ Regina said, shaking her head. She offered the phone to Emma. “ You attempt to make sense of that”.

Emma quickly glanced at some of the texts, mostly about books and movies, and scrolled to the latest ones. It started with a simple are you still mad? Come on dude, we are best friends, aren’t we? that Henry hadn’t replied to. The next one was a little more annoyed, just saying didn’t think you had it in you to immediately break up a friendship, especially over this. Henry did reply to that, saying of course we are still friends, but I want you to apologize. I really didn’t like what you said.

The conversation continued like that, with Jamie joking and obviously not understanding why Henry was so upset and Henry starting out very friendly but obviously also upset until it finally said omg Mills, just accept that your moms are MILFS, so what? And you can’t be so stupid that you don’t see half of the down looking at them, and THINKING it.

“ Do you know what it means? “ Henry said, as soon as Emma looked up. He grimaced. “ Because I really don’t want to explain it”.

“ I know what it means, and I although I get what Jamie is saying, she has really crossed a line”

She gave Henry his phone back, and turned to Regina, who shook her head.  “I have no idea what it means “ she shook her head in obvious irritation “ Those letters make no sense”.

“Mother I would like to fuck”


Emma shrugged.  “That is what it means. Mother I’d like to fuck “.

“ That is awfully crude “

Emma narrowed her eyes.   “ You seem less upset than I thought you would be”

Regina just arched an eyebrow.  “Why would I be upset? Jamie is not the first one to think I am attractive, I am rather used to it. Some of the people in the enchanted forest were far worse when it came to.. expressing their admiration, I assure you”.

She turned to Henry.  “As long as you do not use such crude language, and do not refer to any women in this way”.

“ I think he has proven he won’t, as he is fighting with his friend over it. And who mistreated you in the enchanted forest?” Emma said, glaring.

“ Are you looking to defend my honour?” Regina asked, arching her eyebrow and smiling slightly.  

“ Yeah. No one gets to speak about you like that, no matter how much they’re going crazy about how beautiful you are”.

“I can defend myself just fine, Emma”

“I know- I am not questioning your ability to let the creeps pee their pants, I just want to have a talk with people and make sure they know that the mayor isn’t to be bothered like this”

“ I am accustomed to staring and comments, Emma, I do not think you can change that”.

“ Why haven’t you told me? I could have done something!”.

“ Most of them keep the comments more or less appropriate “

“ More or less? Who are you saying stuff to you, and what are they saying? That can count as sexual harassment, which means I will definitely lock their asses up”

“ Emma, most of it is rather harmless. Surely, you have had many compliments as well “.

Emma narrows her eyes in suspicion. “ Was it that secretary you used to have? The one that kept asking you on dates? “

“ It were multiple people – we are not even here to discuss this. I came here because I was concerned about our son, not to be interrogated”.

“Henry is fine, and this is important. You can come to me with stuff like this”

“ I know, but I did not feel threatened”.

“ How often does this happen? Did the butcher say anything, he is always leering at you. Or what about that council member, I could swear I saw her looking at your – looking inappropriately at you. Or was it that nurse- “.

“ You are oddly aware of people looking at me” Regina commented.

Emma rolled her eyes.  “I am not as oblivious as you sometimes think, Regina”.

“ That is debatable. At any rate, those people are hardly threats. The butcher is annoying, but he knows better than to take it too far”  Regina smirked. “ And councilwoman Bonny is actually a wonderful woman “

Emma glared, and crossed her arms . “ All right”.

Regina looked at Henry, who had been following the conversation with a lot of interest.  “ Perhaps you can speak to your friend Jamie, dear, and tell her that we both think such behaviour is beneath her.  I think it is time to make up after you have made sure she knows better, though”

Henry shrugged.  “All right. I will text her, I think she is actually helping at the shelter right now”

As soon as he had left the room, Regina turned to Emma again. “ Emma, what is this really about?”.

“I just want the people in this town to treat you right”.

“ You sounded more like a jealous lover than a concerned friend” Regina commented

“ I am not a jealous person”.

Regina arched her brow, so Emma huffed and exclaimed. “ I am really not”.

“ All right, then why were you so bothered?”.

“I am not. I just don’t want people to be sexually harassed , jeez’.

Regina narrowed her eyes. “ It is more than that. What is it?”.

“ That’s it. That’s all there is”.

“ You are behaving oddly”.

“ Regina, let it go. I just want you, and every woman in the town, to be treated well okay? “

“ Why are you refusing to tell me what is going on?”.

“ I am not, I just- “.

“Are you concerned I might harm anyone if the comments go too far?” Regina’s expression darkened, and she was scowling while her eyes looked really hurt.  “ Do you honestly think I would- “.

“ It’s because you’re much more than beautiful okay?” Emma blurted. “ You’re clearly drop-dead gorgeous and you have this insanely sexy voice and all that, but you’re more than that. You are smart and funny and caring and they should see that but also not because fuck them for having more of a chance than I with the woman I am in love with”.

Emma paled when she realized what she had said. She should’ve known it would happen eventually, Regina had this way of drawing truths from her, even when she was denying things or suppressing them. “ I  - Regina?”

“ You are in love with me?” Regina whispered.

Emma swallowed, then nodded. “ Yeah. I don’t expect you- “ she interrupted herself, and just shrugged.

“ Emma Swan, you idiot “ Regina said and Emma was terrified because she was crying. But she was also- smiling? Walking towards Emma, with this beautiful expression that made Emma think I am going to die holy fuck nonsensically-

And then Regina kissed her, just gently pulled her towards her and kissed her, and Emma would’ve thought it was another dream except she definitely felt it when Regina nipped her lip. She immediately kissed her back, smiling at the taste of apple cider and the lips pressed against her and just Regina. She might never stop smiling again, she felt that happy.

Except things like oxygen are kind of needed , unfortunately, and Henry is still there, even more unfortunately, so they eventually had to pull back. Regina leaned her head on Emma’s, smiling. They stayed like that until Regina wiped her lipstick off Emma’s face, and Emma just had to kiss her again and again, until they heard Henry’s heavy footstalls and Emma stole one last kiss, to sustain herself through lunch.

Henry looked down at his phone one last time, and smiled.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve 

The next morning you woke up in a room that looked like an entire mall had threw up in it.

Clothes everywhere.

You had a hanger stuck in your hair and your feet were tangled in a dress that was too church-y for a date.

‘Well good morning.’

You look up and see your dad standing in your doorway.

‘Hey Dad.’ you yawned.

‘Soooo…what’s the occasion?’ he asked.


‘Your room, I haven’t seen this many clothes pulled out since you thought that boy asked you to the school dance.’

You groan at the memory of sixth grade you mistakenly thinking a boy was asking you out when he was really just asking if you were going so he could catch a ride with you.

‘So is this another misunderstanding or…’ your dad asked as he came and sat on the bed, after moving aside a few hangers.

‘Well I don’t think its a misunderstanding this time, but I don’t want to look into it too much.’ you said as you sat up fully.

Your dad looked around the room.

‘I’d hate to see you over looking things’ he joked.

‘Shut up.’

‘So it’s Felix right?’

‘Yeah its Felix, it’d be weird if it was Peter, you know since he tried to kill me that one time.’ you sighed.

‘I like Felix enough, he does the dishes.’

‘Most dads would say something about how nice Felix is or how respectful he is, but no, he does the dishes.’ you smiled.

‘You can tell a lot about a guy who washes dishes.’

‘Oh my God get out Dad I have to get ready.’ you laughed as you pushed him away.

‘Fine, you had morning breath anyway.’ he said as he headed out.

‘Wait, Dad can you keep an eye on Peter for me? It would be a disaster if I had to bring him on the date.’ you asked.

‘Fine, I’ll babysit the homicidal teenager, since that is what my life is now.’ he said as he left. 

You got out of bed and looked over at your clock, about nine thirty, Felix is definitely awake.

You two had decided that you would go out to the park in the morning, when the weather was cool and Felix would make the picnic.

He was actually pretty good in the kitchen once he learned how to use everything, he loved the microwave.

You grabbed the outfit you and Shelly had picked out, a yellow short sleeve shirt and a black high waist skirt, before heading to the bathroom.

You would put on the gold bracelet, black flats after.

You made sure to lock the door before you began undressing, after your shower you pulled your hair into a bun and got dressed.

You were headed to your room when you bumped into Peter.

‘Excuse me.’ you said as you tried to move past him, but he blocked your path.

‘You’re all dressed up aren’t you? For that ridiculous date with Felix you and that idiot were squealing about I assume.’ Peter guessed.

‘Her name is Shelly and she is my best friend, and yes I a dressed up for a date with Felix. Do you have a problem with that?’ you snapped.

‘None, if he wants to sugar coat the fact that he wants to roll in the hay with you with eating in grass that’s his business.’ Peter scoffed.

‘Maybe Felix thinks with more than his genitals, and he honestly just wants to have a nice picnic with me.’ you snarked.

‘Tell yourself that, by the way my offer still stands.’ Peter said as he moved closer to you.

You backed up but of course you hit a wall and Peter trapped you between his arms.

‘Let me have you (Y/N).’ he said roughly.

You wanted to cower and just ask him to go away, but you were not going to keep backing down. He’d never stop if you didn’t stand up for yourself.

‘The answer…is no, it will always be no.’ you glared.

You saw Peter’s jaw clench angrily.

‘Now if you’d please back the hell up so I can finish getting dressed, I’d really appreciate it.’ you said as you successfully pushed him away.

You quickly make your escape to your room, again locking the door before you let out sigh of relief.

You shook off the quick bit of fear that Peter had placed on you and finished putting on your accessories and make up.

Once you were ready you went downstairs to check on Felix, knocking on the door instead of just walking in.

‘How’s it going in there, almost done?’ you asked.

‘It’s ready and I am dressed.’ Felix said as opened the door.

You were almost stunned by how nicely he cleaned up, wearing a simple dark blue v neck and jeans, his usually defiant hair combed and styled.

 He held up a basket that had a blanket on top.

‘Lets go.’ you said taking his hand as you left the house.

‘What about-’

‘My dad is gonna watch him and he can handle himself pretty well for an old guy.’ you joked.

You feel Felix intertwine his fingers with yours as you two strolled through the woods surrounding your house.

‘So in Oz, when you were robbing couples, what did they talk about?’ you asked.

Felix thought it over.

‘Stupid things like how beautiful her eyes were and how sweet he was.’ Felix said.

‘Well I think you are pretty sweet.’ you blushed.

‘And your eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.’ 

‘You were surrounded by boys most of your life.’ you reminded.

‘Just because you’re the only one I’ve ever spent time with doesn’t mean you’re the only one I’ve seen.’ Felix said as you reached the main road.

‘What were the girls in Oz like? Before the curse was broken I loved the idea of different worlds like Oz, Neverland and Wonderland.’ you asked.

‘I’m from two out of the three.’ he smiled.

‘That makes you a real catch.’ you teased.

‘The girls back in Oz were…very flamboyant and very dull at the same time, the nobles wear so much green they look like glittery lettuce. The peasant girls speaking about nothing but what they would give for one of those damn dresses.’ Felix said as you neared the park.

‘Not too different from some of the fashion obsessed girls we have here.’ you replied.

You enter the park and head over to a really shady oak tree where Felix laid down the blanket. Once he was done you both sat down and you picked up the basket.

‘Let’s see what you packed Chef Felix.’ you said as you began to pull out the contents.

‘French bread, pepperoni, mozzarella, a fruit salad, a bottle of champagne, butter, jam, knifes, plates and wine glasses.’ you called out as you pulled everything out.

‘Its what I saw others bring, baking the bread was very difficult but I think I did pretty good, its really soft.’ Felix said as he sat closer to you.

‘You did amazing Felix, I’m a pretty good cook but I cant bake bread for the life of me so double props for you.’ you praised.

Felix looked away but you could still see his ears turn red with his blush.

‘For someone as tough as you are Felix you are really cute.’ you smiled. as you took his hand again.

‘You are determined to make me blush aren’t you?’ Felix asked.

‘Yup, come on let’s eat, this food is too good to let the ants have.’ you said as you cut a slice of bread, cheese, and pepperoni.

You placed the cheese and meat on the bread, fully aware of how Felix was watching you anxiously as you took the first bite.

‘Oh my God, oh fuck–’ you gasped.

‘Is it that bad?’ Felix panicked.

‘Its the best bread to ever have touched my tongue, its so soft and fluffy.’ you moaned.

‘Did you even taste this?’ you asked.

‘I wanted you to have the first taste.’ he said.

‘Try it.’ you said hold up another piece for him.

Felix looked at you as he let you feed him, realizing how intimate this must look.

‘I think I didn’t cook it long enough.’

‘You did great, Felix, the bread is perfect and so is this picnic.’ you smiled.

‘…So are you.’ Felix said softly, making you blush.

‘Look at you turning the tables.’ you swooned.

You two ate and chatted over your picnic, the conversation just as easy and smooth as every conversation with Felix was.

‘So we aren’t allowed to drink this here, why?’ Felix asked looking at the bottle champagne.

‘Because here you have to be twenty one to drink, and we are about seventeen, but there isn’t anyone here so one glass won’t hurt if we don’t tell anyone.’ you answered.

Felix smiled before uncorking the bottle and filling the two glasses.

‘A toast to our first date.’ you said holding your glass up.

Felix smiled and touched his glass to yours before you both took a sip.

‘We’ll have to sneak off and have this stuff again.’ Felix said taking another sip.

‘I’d sneak off with you even if there was no champagne involved.’ you said honestly looking him in the eye.

You see his eyes go from your eyes to your lips, and your own gaze lowers to his lips as well.

You don’t know who had started leaning in first but you soon you could feel Felix’s breath on your cheeks.

His lips were maybe a centimeter away from yours, this was it, you were gonna kiss him.

‘Well well well, what have we here?’ 

You and Felix jump apart and look up to see Peter walking confidently over to your picnic.

‘What the hell, you were supposed to be-’

‘Supposed to be at the house with your idiot father? Did you really think that old fool could keep a hold on me? I might not have my magic at the moment, but don’t insult me.’ Peter boasted standing over you both.

‘Where is my dad?’ you asked urgently as you stood up.

Felix quickly followed suit, taking the initiative to pin Peter to the tree.

‘The old man is at home and he’s fine…for now.’ Peter smiled not fighting against Felix’s hold.

‘What do you mean for now?’

‘I mean he has five hours before the poison I put in his coffee kills him.’

‘WHAT?!’ you yelled.

‘Lucky for you I have the antidote, and I will give it to you…for a price.’ Peter grinned.

‘Give me the antidote!’ you yelled.

‘Take off the cuff.’


‘Then your father dies.’ Peter snarled before pushing Felix away.

Peter bent down and tore a peace of bread taking a large bite as he turned away.

‘Good job with the bread Felix. I’ll be at the house watching the old man die, if you change your mind and decide to save him.’ Peter said as he walked away.

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Maybe a uh Kleinsen one-shot where Jared is scared of thunderstorms (but doesn't like to admit it because he's the insanely-cool Jared Kleinman) So he calls Evan to come down to 'hang out' which means 'comfort me asshole thunder is scary' thing.

(Thank you so much for the amazing suggestion! I had a lot of fun writing this one, I love my precious baby~)

(Word Count : 1344)

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He’s Insecure

Nico had never been one to care about appearances much.
He never paid attention to fashion or hair, he didn’t pay attention to makeup or figure.
He always just accepted people for the way they are so why shouldn’t they do the  same for him?
For most people, including him, is that another person had said something  to them or made a comment on how they look. In this case, it was something that was said to you  about him.
It was June 1st, the day that marked yours and Nico’s one year anniversary together and he was going to be a gentleman about it and give you flowers, it’s probably something he picked up from hanging around Hazel.
He was only just walking up to the stables to give them to you to distract you from the overwhelming smell of horse poo when he overheard one Artemis’ huntress’ talking bad about him to you and trying to convince you to join the hunters and leave him… just like his sister did…
“ I honestly don’t get why you need this boy, Y/n, you are a strong independent being of your own will. Think about it, if you become one of us you won’t have to worry about boys harassing you for anything. Boys are flawed beings, they have acne, their voice gets all squeaky, they get horrific thoughts, they’re rude. ” About around that tie Nico had heard enough of the huntress’ bad talk and decided to return to his cabin and lie in his bed.
You defended all boys, of course, but it was a short while after Nico left before you got a word in.
“ I appreciate the girl power talk you gave, but  I’m dating a really sweet guy right now and I have a lot of friends who are guys too and I don’t like that you’re talking about people when they’re not here to defend themselves. I don’t know why you became a huntress and I don’t care how but I don’t believe in your views on life and I hope you can respect that we have different outlooks. ” I’m sure anyone could imagine that the girl was pissed off by the look she gave you before stalking off. You quickly began to finish your chores at the Stables so that you can go surprise Nico with his gift you made him in arts and crafts. The gift way actually a small necklace that had your favorite love quote on it, “ I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. ”
Meanwhile Nico was in his cabin lying in his bunk with his face pressed into the dark pillow and his body encased in a sheet of black that blocked out any light emitting from the green torches that were Greek fire.
He tossed and twisted the bed sheets until they were nothing more than a pile at the end of his bed. Determined to prove the huntress wrong; he hurried over to the bathroom and leaned in close to the mirror to spot any acne and sure enough there were little red bumps appearing on the hairline of his forehead. He groaned and started picking at it with his finger since he obviously had no idea what he was doing and only making the pimple and skin around it a bright red. The now festered pimple  was spilling out a mixture of blood and oil, but the reason for blood being  because he picked and scratched instead of the proper execution. He winced from the sensitive skin being struck so many times in order to get rid of it all, but he can’t have acne because he needs Y/n around. He wants her around.
A small knock echoed loudly through the cabin and back to the bathroom where he stood; fear coursing his body as he recognized the knock on his cabin door, “ Hello? Nico are you here? Today’s a big day so get up! ” Your cheerful voice sounded close once he heard the door open and shut slowly. Nico hurriedly washed his face and scrubbed roughly at the popped pimple, desperately wishing it would go away in under a minute.

“Nico? What are you doing? ” Your voice sounded right next to him and he jumped back in surprise, hands flying to his face to cover the mark.
You raised an eyebrow at him and placed your hands on his arms in effort to push them away from his face.

Instead of facing the situation; he darted past you and out through the doorway, flinging himself on the bed and tossing the covers over himself once more today.

“What the actual Hades? Why are you hiding from me?” You said while fast walking over to his bed and sitting down on it, the creaky springs squealing slightly and the mattress tilting down from the new weight. You slid your fingers through the uncovered patch of long ebony hair that
stuck out wildly in an attempt to coax him to look at you. “I can’t help you if you won’t show me what’s wrong, ” you whispered quietly.

Nico sat up with teary eyes and the black blankets still wrapped around him tightly. Tear tracks followed the outline of his jaw and his dark midnight blue-black eyes were red and puffy only slightly. “I’m sorry,” his hoarse voice made a shaky apology.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, why is he crying?
“ Nico, why are you crying? Did something happen? ” You said timidly while reaching out to wipe away the tears on his cheeks.

He stared at you with a sorrowful look of anxiety painting every crevasse of his face, but he didn’t answer. Instead of an answer he gave a whimper and a muffled sob, his hand flying up to cover his face only made it cover your hand instead. His teary eyes scaled and climbed up your body until they reached your face, the words tumbling out before he could stop them, “ Why do you love me? ”

You were taken back by his sudden question. “ What do you mean ’ why do I love you?’ how can I not love you? ”

He shook his head and let out a quiet “No” before sniffling again. “ Why do you love me, Y/n? I’m always gone, My voice goes in and out when I speak, and I have pimples all over my face! ” His quiet voice got gradually louder as he listed off reasons, which were a bit exaggerated if I do say myself.

You blinked multiple times in thought of his reasons but smiled in victory once you put a sentence or two together in your head.
“ I love you so much, Nico, that when you’re gone I feel like you’re right next to me whispering sweet things in my ear just like you always do whenever you are here. I love your voice and how it squeaks and fades when you talk, it shows that you’re becoming a young man and I love how it squeaks whenever you talk excitedly about something Mrs. O'Leary did. You do nothave pimples all over your face and it just so happens that I love each and every one of them. ”

A small smile crept up on his lips at your words, “ Really? Each pimple? But they’re so unattractive! ”

You shook your head with a grin on your lips in the happiest way possible, “ I love your pimples, they remind me that you aren’t a god sent here to break teenage girls hearts. ”

He laughed lightly and leaned in to kiss your cheek, lovingly. “ Thank you, Y/n, now we can be the most beautiful couple in camp together. Screw Percabeth because (Ship name) is the new thing. ”

** IT’S DONE! Don’t hate me for being AWOL again, I’ve got 4 tests this week and I have exams coming up. I’m having to study all day and write whenever it’s possible. I’ll update as soon as I can next time, have a wonderful day, love!**

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Rex Headcanons

  • (I read something like this in a fanfic but can’t remember if it’s canon or not) Rex actually became a Commander not long into the Clone Wars, but kept the Captain title because 1) Ahsoka is Commander of the 501st and he didn’t want it getting confusing, and 2) a Captain is still high on the target list for sniper and assassin droids, but not as high as a Commander
  • Unlike many of his brothers, Rex doesn’t show off his tattoos. They aren’t identifiers for him, they’re honorary. Like his lightsaber tattoo for Ahsoka. He has a few others, too, for close friends like Cody and Fives. Kix swears up and down that Rex has tats for Obi-Wan and Anakin, too, but no one has ever been able to prove it.
  • They never found out for sure who killed Waxer on Umbara, but Rex is convinced that he’s the one who shot him and was unable to look Cody in the eye for weeks afterwards. Cody doesn’t blame any of the 501st for what happened, he knows it was all Krell’s fault and that they both lost plenty of good men in that horrible skirmish, but Rex still feels guilty.

Ahsoka Headcanons

  • for the year between leaving the Jedi and the fall of the Republic, Ahsoka worked for a relief program for war-torn planets. She did this under the program set up by Senators Amidala and Organa, but asked both of them not to mention it to any of the Jedi, especially Anakin, because she knew that he’d come looking for her if he knew where she was.
  • Ahsoka attended Padme’s funeral on Naboo - since she was a friend of the Senator, that meant she was also friends with most of her handmaidens. They knew that she was in danger by being there, but understood that her presence was a peace offering on behalf of any Jedi left alive, and so they gave her one of their mourning cloaks and hid her among their ranks. They all styled their hair elaborately so that her montrals wouldn’t look so out of place under her hood.
    • also, connected headcanon that Padme’s handmaidens formed the basis of the Rebel Alliance and set up the first spy network for them
  • Ahsoka did visit the Temple one last time after Order 66 - she had to know what had happened to her friends. She arrived not long after the Empire rose, before Palpatine and Vader could completely ransack the place, and was able to escape with some of the more precious holobooks from the Archives, as well as three holocrons.

Obi-Wan Headcanons

  • Lineage/Legacy Obi-Wan is my canon Obi-Wan and I highly recommend that everyone who loves Obi-Wan, especially young Obi, read Ruth Baulding’s stuff because WOW
    • stubborn broody yaks are canon Obi and Qui okay it’s  c a n o n  for me
  • Obi-Wan is TERRIBLE about forming attachments, like he can lecture Anakin about it until he’s blue in the face, but at the end of the day Obi-Wan loves everyone and he just cares so damn much and hurts himself in the process and it’s not fair stop hurting my Space Trash Son No. 1
  • he once saved his and Anakin’s skin during a mission when Anakin was a teenager by serenading the locals until he won them over with his lovely singing voice, something that Anakin bothered him about for months until Obi-Wan finally gave him informal singing lessons (they didn’t end well, for anyone)

Cody Headcanons

  • (once again, I read this in a fic and I don’t know if it’s canon or not but I love it) Cody and 99 are batch brothers and Cody spent most of his early years threatening (and sometimes actually) to beat up anyone who looked at 99 funny
    • Cody is almost solely responsible for the sheer amount of respect and adoration most of the clones hold for 99 by the time Domino Squad is going through training
  • everyone thinks Rex is more of a troublemaker due to his association with Anakin, but actually Cody is the  w o r s t  just like how Obi-Wan actually is. Cadets on Kamino still whisper about that time an ‘unidentified cadet’ single-handedly gave everyone in the barracks green hair. All the troopers know it was Cody, but the Kaminoans never caught him so they still keep their mouths shut out of respect. (as a side note, that incident led to Rex bleaching his hair to get rid of the green, and deciding that he looked pretty damn good as a blond)
  • Cody also was one of the last clones to receive personal training from Jango Fett, before the training protocols were put into place, when they were still working out the kinks. This meant that he garnered a streak of independence the Kaminoans frowned upon, but which saved his life and that of Obi-Wan’s several times over.

i’m not sure if you wanted CodyWan hc or not but i decided to put them in anyways bc hell yeah CodyWan

CodyWan (or Master and Commander) Headcanons

  • they know that there is a betting pool among the 212th and the 501st about who will (publicly) get together first - them or Rex and Ahsoka. They also know that Rex and Ahsoka are blissfully unaware of both this fact and that Cody and Obi-Wan know that they’re together already. 
  • Obi-Wan likes to rant to Cody, to get things off his chest and whatnot. His favorite topics are Anakin, the Council, Anakin, whatever dumb move Ahsoka recently pulled while emulating her master, Anakin, Anakin’s secret marriage to Padme, and Anakin. Cody is pretty sure he knows more about General Skywalker than anyone except Obi-Wan and Anakin himself at this point, and possibly knows even more then Padme. He hasn’t decided yet if this is a good thing or not.
  • Obi-Wan kept the Mandalorian armor he stole during the whole Darth Maul fiasco. For reasons. Reasons involving a Mandalorian lover who is certainly not blonde or busty.
    • Obi-Wan does sometimes wonder, though, if Cody and Satine would have gotten along. He thinks that they probably would have, despite being a pacifist and a soldier, if only to laugh together at his expense.

sadly, I have to get going to class, otherwise this would be a lot longer, but I hope you enjoy it!! Everyone is more than welcome to send me more requests for headcanons or your own headcanons that you want to share!

Chapter Twenty Four

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“How many times are you going to fix the table? There’s nothing else you can do to it baby.” Myles said as he came in the dining room.

“I just want it to look nice; you picked up the food right?”

“Yeah I got it, I told you I could’ve cooked for tonight. You’re really overthinking everything.”

“I’m not, this is a big deal. We’re about to tell our parents about us. I’m not even worried about Toi or my dad, I’m more so worried about my mother and yours. You know they can’t stand each other. Shit, quiet as kept your mother can’t stand me either.”

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Twist of Fate (Pt 2)

Hey guys! Part 2 is finally here after days of procrastination and exams! I quite like the direction of the plot so far. It’s something I’ve never seen before which is nice. Hope you all enjoy!

Part 1 : Here

               Betty finally spoke out, praying for the moment to finally be over. Jughead’s face flushed red as he remembered she didn’t know her way around.

               "Sorry, sorry. Um, yeah it’s right through here.“ The beanie-clad boy stumbled over his words, eventually managing to form a coherent sentence. He looked over at his new roommate and noticed her eyes shining in amusement. They were walking past the open lounge area and into a hallway that consisted of 3 doors. One, that Betty assumed held residency of Jughead, had a large poster on the outside of "A Rebel Without a Cause”. Betty stopped, entranced by the poster.

               "You like “A Rebel Without a Cause”?“ She asked, studying the poster more thoroughly. It wasn’t a promotional poster, it looked like it was made for some place called the Twilight Drive-In. Betty had heard of that place, it was in the next town over called Greendale. She often went there and put in some suggestions but soon heard it got closed down due to lack of funding.

               "Yeah, I’m a sucker for the classics. Don’t get me wrong, Nicholas Ray did a great job. But I’m more of a Tarantino guy myself. I don’t know what is it but I find something so intoxicatingly beautiful about his work. It’s always a masterpiece, you can tell this guy loves what he does. I don’t know, I guess I just respect that. True art forms.” Jughead babbles on whilst Betty listened, intrigued by the topic. He was shocked that she hadn’t even looked the least bit bored. He’d never gotten this far before without either being told to shut up or boring people half to death.

               "I fully agree! As a kid I used to love “Pulp Fiction” but lately I’ve been more about the “Kill Bill” series. And although Tarantino is possibly the best director in this generation, I’ll always have a soft spot for Ray. I wish I could’ve lived in the 50s.“ Betty responds with enthusiasm and actual knowledge. Jughead is shocked. He can’t help but crack out a goofy grin, maybe this roommate wouldn’t be so unbearable. Although, nothing could be worse than Archie Andrews. "Also, is this from the Twilight Drive-In?” Betty thought it was a long shot but she had to ask, it was all too familiar.

               "Yeah, how did you know that?“ He quipped, wondering how on earth she knew the place he’d spent his entire childhood. Jughead was very defensive over his childhood. It was filled with a lot of heartbreak, betrayal and distrust. He was born into a house that lacked solidarity. His father was a raging alcoholic; his mother was a selfish, egotistical maniac that shouldn’t have been graced with the ability to reproduce. His sister was the only stability that Jughead could grasp on to. Jellybean was the only thing that he stuck around for.

               The drive-in was an important part of his childhood. He would sneak himself and JB through the back and into the crowd, just to spend at least an hour or two away from their parents. Jellybean never got enough sleep, neither did Jughead. The arguing, the smashing of fragile objects, the crying. Sometimes it got too much. His dad would come home one night, reeking of cheap booze and cigarette smoke, and then his mother would snap.

               The drive-in offered clarity and escape for the two children. Though it was short lived when social services caught the bruises on Jughead and the burns on JB. Nothing was said but the police knew what had been happening. The Jones name had a reputation in the town of Greendale. The family with the town drunk, the selfish bitch, the outcast boy and the sweet little girl. It wasn’t longer before both kids were put into the social system and separated.

               How he got the poster was another story. One he isn’t quite proud of but it needed to happen. When his 3rd foster family had refused to shelter him any further, he ran away. Jughead went back to Greendale. He didn’t know what he was expecting, he had been gone for 6 years and as a 16 year old he didn’t exactly look the same. He tried finding his parents and instead found a sight that broke his heart.

               At the drive-in, Jughead saw his father’s old truck. He aimlessly walked over, expecting to see him passed out in the back. But instead he saw his father who looked cleaned up and sober, his mother who was smiling, cuddled next to her husband. But the sight that broke his heart the most, Jellybean wrapped up in both of their arms, looking like a completely different kid.

               Jughead didn’t bother staying to watch the movie. Not even "A Rebel Without a Cause” could make him stay. He had been cheated, rejected and most importantly, he had been broken. Even his own family can’t stand to have him around. Ripping a poster from the wall, he made his way to a destination he was uncertain of. With hot tears stinging the frozen skin of his face, he wondered why no one had the capability to love him.

               "I used to go there all of the time as a teenager. I loved it there.“ Betty gushed, not turning to look at Jughead but instead focusing her attention on the poster. It’s not like Jughead kept it up there to torture himself, it was a powerful reminder that the past is the past . And although it may be painful, it helped us to get where we are now. Betty turned around to the door opposite Jughead’s, noticing the bright yellow post-it note on the door saying "Betty Cooper’s Room”. The handwriting was messy but Betty found it charming.

               "Ah, yeah. That’s your room. The room down the hall, just there, is my office.“ Jughead pushed open Betty’s door and helped her to carry her stuff inside. The room was moderately large. It was about the size of Betty’s room back home, maybe a tad larger. The walls were neatly painted a pastel green that looked almost white. It was furnished with all the necessities; a bed, a walk in wardrobe, a desk and a tall lamp tucked away in the corner. She seemed to have her own bathroom as well. A low set window sill was parallel to her bed, it was very wide. Betty already had ideas of all the aesthetic Instagram photos she could take. The view was incredible.

               "This room is beautiful. Are you sure the rent is high enough?” Betty stared, doe-eyed. Jughead didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t tell the truth, not yet. Instead he merely shrugged, offering her a boyish smirk. “That’s not exactly an answer Mr…” Betty trailed off, suddenly realizing she didn’t even know her own roommates last name. Then again, they had only met 10 minutes ago.

               "Jones. It’s Mr. Jones.“ Jughead offered, still smirking at the blonde haired girl stood in front of him. He looked down at his watch, noticing the time. "Well, I better leave you to unpack and get settled. It around 4 now so when do you want dinner?” He asked, opening the door wider to step through. Betty nodded, quickly throwing her backpack onto the ground before beaming up to him.

               "You cook?“ She asked, amusement evident on her features. At first, Jughead wanted to reply saying that he was forced to learn due to his prior parents being a waste of space. Instead he settled with a wink.

               "I can do a lot Cooper. Eating food is a huge hobby of mine.” He threw back, chuckling slightly. Betty returned with a small giggle and unzipped her suitcase, pulling out items of clothing and packing them into the wardrobe. She seemed to have a lot of clothes, this reminded him of Veronica almost instantly.

               "I’m a good cook too. How about I start packing now and come help you at around 6? It can be a roommate bonding session.“ Betty joked, disappearing and reappearing whilst putting her stuff away in various locations. He statement make Jughead’s heart swell. He didn’t know this girl but she seemed nice enough. He truly did believe they were going to get on just fine. Maybe he could add another member to the Scooby gang. Which, at the moment, only consisted of him, Archie and Veronica.

               "Sure, Cooper.” Betty poked her tongue out playfully at his remark, watching him pace out of the room. She continued packing but at a faster rate this time. A huge part of her couldn’t wait for 6 o'clock. Jughead walked into the lounge and threw himself onto the couch next to Archie, who was playing Fallout 4 on the 65" flat screen Jughead got gifted last year.

               "How’s the new roommate? Lasting well without me and Ronnie?“ Archie’s eyes were glued to the screen but Jughead could tell he was teasing. Slapping his arm softly, he was about to reply when the front door swung open. Stood in a navy blue dress, obviously accompanied with pearls, was the raven-haired princess Jughead learned to love. She had a huge grin spread across her deep red lips, her eyebrows raised in anticipation. Speak of the Devil and she shall appear.

               "Where’s this new roommate I’ve heard so much about, Juggiekins?” She too teased, coming over to embrace him in a hug, placing a firm kiss on his cheek. Instinctively, he wiped his cheek which only making Veronica smirk. Betty heard someone come in and decided to check out who it was. Little did she know what kind of surprise would be hitting her.

               As soon as she walked into the room and saw Veronica, her heart stopped beating. God seems to have graced Betty with one of the greatest gifts she could’ve asked for. It seemed almost too good to be true at this point. When Veronica spun around the meet Betty’s gaze, her jaw fell. Her lips were parted and both girls stood in shock. Jughead and Archie sat, confused at what was happening.

               "Ronnie?“ Betty beamed hopefully. The next few seconds were a blur, The girls ran towards each other at full force, knocking them both onto the ground. They were hugging whilst loudly crying and muffling incoherent words. Jughead was beyond confused by now. How did they know each other? After what felt like forever, the girls separated. Both were crying yet smiling so happily.

               "I can’t believe you’re here. This is so crazy!” Ronnie cried out, pulled Betty into another hug. Archie was about to speak up until Ronnie pulled back again. “Boys, this is my long-time internet friend, Betty Cooper. We lost touch sometime last year but, oh god am I glad to see you.” Veronica explained. “We have so much to catch up on, come on!” In an instant both girls were at their feet, running into Betty’s room and closing the door.

               "Wait. I’m confused. So your new roommate is best friends with your sister?“ Archie whispered quietly, not wanting the girls to hear. Jughead was still in a state of shock. How had he never known about Veronica knowing Betty? At dinner he’d always heard her babble on about this friend she had but he never listened. Now he’s starting to wish he did.

               "Don’t ask me pal, we’re in the same boat.” He spoke out, still bewildered. How is it that the girl he chooses out of 50 other applicants, just happens to be his sister’s best friend? That’s not a coincidence, that’s the work of the lord above.

               Jughead didn’t want Betty to know that Veronica was his family. It’d bring up too much personal family stuff for their friendship at the moment. In time, he wants to share everything about himself. Who he really is, his job, his family, his aspirations. But right now, the story was far too complicated and Jughead was in no frame of mine to give that out.

               He reminisced about the past. The heartbreak after the drive in, the weeks alone in the cold, Hiram Lodge spotting him sleeping behind a dumpster in Brooklyn. He was on the brink of death but the Lodge’s took him in, treated him like a son. They fed him, built up his strength and gave him a warm place to sleep. Jughead was forever in their favor. It wasn’t long before the adoption occurred and Jughead was officially Forsythe Jones-Lodge. Though he preferred to go by Jones. He may hate his family but Jones is more fitting for such an obscure name.

               "Maybe it won’t be so bad. Betty doesn’t seem like the type to judge. Just tell her about the past and tell her about the Blue and Gold. Stop building up walls and refusing to knock them down.“ His red headed friend squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Jughead couldn’t though. The sad look in Archie’s eye only proved that Arch didn’t believe he could either. It takes time to trust. Even if he feels like Betty will be different, he didn’t want her to be his reckoning.

I hope you all enjoyed this part 2! It’s slightly longer but not as long as I’d like it to be! After I get my exams out of the way I’ll be able to write more! These two weeks cannot come fast enough. As always, feedback is very much appreciated and it warmed my heart to see how many of you loved part 1! There’s gonna be a lot more!

((Subtle plug but my asks are open too if anyone wants to send in prompts for a one shot or just generally wants to talk! I don’t bite ;P))

**PART 3 : here **

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Hey, i love your blog so much! By the way, once you said that Hidan needs Kakuzu. But why? I hope this is not too stupid question ><

Ah No, it’s not really a stupid question at all.

It all really comes down to Hidan and Kakuzu’s complex relationship.

Although the two constantly feud over the most mundane things, both have a respect for each other. 

Kakuzu seems to disrespect Hidan at every turn, calling him a moron and him to shut up consistently.

But when Kakuzu is alone and fighting Team 10 he does admit that Hidan is not one to be underestimated in skill level. Kakuzu might not respect Hidan at an intelligence level. But he does trust him enough to have a basic combat strategy with him.

“Like always” or “The usual”

Apparently their strategy is Kakuzu letting out a barrage of attacks that Hidan doesn’t need to worry about dodging all so he can get his opponent’s blood, if they’re that high of a skill level that they don’t die in the initial blast radius. 

While Kakuzu depends on Hidan in combat…

A reason I go to in my comic…

(read right to left And also Read Akachou sure it has shitty art at the start but so did One Punch Man originally. do u not like opm? im just jk ofc but seriously if you like my rants read my comic. I know 69 people read it on average and I have roughly 900 followers soooo.. ‘w’; ) 

I just make it a point in my comic that Kakuzu’s wind technique is VERY easily dodge-able without Hidan weaving in and out of the gusts. Take Hidan out of the equation and Atsugai is pretty much a tornado. And in the world of Naruto, a Tornado can be easily avoided. Add a pointy immortal psychopath inside the tornado who wins the battle with one hit with his blade, or one cut from flying debris it’s a much harder to avoid. 

“..Who can be my partner.” Kakuzu confesses that it’s easier to have Hidan around. Simply because he can not die in any circumstance. Even though Hidan does not align with Kakuzu’s goals, he is immortal. Which allows Kakuzu to go full berzerker without needing to worry about killing his partner. And it’s shown when he does get angry at Hidan, he has the attitude of a man who has watched him die so many times he sees them fighting as unproductive and a waste of time.

In any case. Hidan seems to have a massive respect for Kakuzu. Despite his grievances with being a bounty hunter and disrespecting religious places like temples. 

However…. Whenever Hidan is in trouble.. or having difficulty in a given situation… it’s always…


(Sorry for the low quality screens. I’m coping screenshots from the original files I downloaded as a teenager in 2009 internet. Someone needs to teach me how to rip DVDs for better quality mp4 files.)

Hidan is the one who relies on Kakuzu’s intelligence to help him through a fight.

While Hidan is pretty smart on his own:

(As I’ve said a million times before he ain’t stupid) 

Hidan tends to lean on Kakuzu in high situations of stress. He depends on him a lot, and while he tends to not give off the impression. Hidan is the one who values Teamwork in their dynamic a hell of a lot. When Kakuzu tells him to shut up, in front of other Akatsuki he usually responds with a “Tche” but listens. 

Hidan leans and depends on him a lot. As companionship and probably the closest person to a friend he’s had, and judging by his reaction when Shikamaru tells him that the blood on his pike was his partners..

“Sons a bitches” indeed Hidan. (fansubs are so fun. I’m sure he’s saying “son of a bitch” or “why you little-” here. at least from my weeabo understanding of basic japanese phrases sound like…) 

His face is pretty much like: “Sure I’m stupid but fucking Kakuzu?! This little bitch ho hurting my man.”

haahah okay I’m paraphrasing. But Hidan really respects Kakuzu and tends to lean on him and follows him around. Even though he claims he has his own religion and goals to follow, he disregards the commandments to follow Akatsuki’s rules, and goes bounty Hunting with Kakuzu even if it’s something he despises. 

He is usually his shadow, and while headstrong, I noticed he tends to let Kakuzu take more of a leadership role. Whether out of convince or subconsciously.. Hidan depends on Kakuzu. I think this might be because he sees him as the only person who will outlast the world with him. But Hidan respects him a whole lot and relies on him a lot…


This is the only mention of Hidan once Kakuzu has been revived as a corpse.

Now keep in mind, I know Kakuzu is a reanimated corpse under control of the Edo Tensei and controlled by Kabuto.

There are certain limitations to what he can and can’t do.

However, Kakuzu expresses ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in reviving Hidan.

He finds it humorous that Hidan was defeating. And Kakuzu expresses knowledge that since Hidan wasn’t reanimated with the other Akatsuki members, that he must still be alive… Probably somewhere… in pain, with his head cut off, in agony, suffering slowly…


He smiles at this. 

Now Kakuzu has worn a mask through most of his first appearances but he never gave off the impression he was a cheerful man. 

But with Hidan out of the picture, and not getting in his way:


Every character in the Edo Tensei arc react to being brought back to life in a massively different way. 

Deidara is angry and frustrated.

Sasori feels he became what he always wanted to be.

Nagato and Itachi feel used and abused by a shinobi system that abandoned them.

Kakuzu meanwhile…. just kinda picks back right where he left off. Taking hearts and taking names and actually appears happy, joyful even.

He is able to fight without Hidan yelling at him what to do. The fact that Hidan is away suffering somewhere is enough to give him pleasure.

Even in Edo Tensei form and under Kabuto’s control, the revived characters express goals and opinions. Like Itachi is a  prime example of this. And Itachi is able to gain independence and help Sasuke out for a time and apologize for being a bad brother.

Kakuzu expresses no interest in this meanwhile. There’s no: “Oh I better go save his ass.” Not even that. Kakuzu is overjoyed to not be with Hidan anymore. 

In fact when Kakuzu dissolves from the Edo Tensei, he’s actually smiling this time around. I need to watch that moment to get a better grasp on why. But he really feels happier when Hidan isn’t around. 

Hidan depends and relies on Kakuzu far more then Kakuzu relies and depends on him and I think that is most evident in the juxtaposition between Hidan’s death, and Kakuzu’s edo-tensei death. 

You Don’t Belong With Him - Negan & Carl Grimes Imagine

Part 2

Part 3

request: I adore your work💕 I was actually wondering if you could do a story(imagine?preference?) of reader X negan where the reader is like 17-18?and is apart of ricks group. The backstory would be like reader use to have feelings for Carl but Carl friend zone / rejected their feelings and now negan comes along and everytime he sees reader he would enjoy their company and tease the reader with sweet words and almost kisses and reader catches feelings, which makes Carl jealous af lol

a/n: everything italicized is a flashback from when the reader had a thing for carl

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 1627

Alright, you can do this. You quickly walked up to the gates of Alexandria to greet Negan. This was something you thought you’d never have to deal with again. After meeting Rick when you were little, you always felt safe. Now… You were unsure. 

Alright, you can do this. You slowly walked up to Carl, unsure of how to address the subject. This was something you thought you’d ever have to deal with again. Boys. One boy in particular. You wanted to tell him how you’d felt for months, and you knew you had to do it soon. With the world’s current state of being, you didn’t have much time to tell him how you felt before something bad was bound to happen. 

“Hey, beautiful,” Negan said loudly from the opposite side of the gate. He leaned in and smirked at you, raising his eyebrows. 

“You talkin’ to me?” you snapped. “What’s your problem?” you asked sarcastically.

“Sure ain’t the view,” Negan sighed, rocking back on his heels. You stood confidently, not giving in to his manipulative mind games. You knew, though, that if Negan wanted you, he would take you. 

“In all seriousness, I want to talk to you about something,” Negan mumbled, his voice growing quieter so only you and a few other people could hear. Fear jolted throughout your body and limbs. Well, there went your confidence. 

“Hey, Carl?” you said quietly from behind him. He turned over his shoulder and smiled at you, brushing his hair out of his face.

“Oh, hey, (Y/N),” Carl said with a smile. “What’s up?”

You took a deep breath and adjusted your shoulders, remembering Maggie’s advice. Be confident; Boys can’t resist a girl who knows what she wants and takes it.

“I really just want to talk about something,” you muttered. Well, there went your confidence. 

“I barely know you! There’s no way in hell you’re just gonna kill my friends, steal our shit, then take me back with you as a goddamn trophy! I won’t let that bullshit happen. You can sure as hell count on that. Do you have any idea what you’d put me through? Did you really expect me to say yes to your offer? Screw off,” you yelled, leaving Negan shocked. 

“Look, (Y/N), we’ve known each other for a really long time–and I care for you a lot. I just… I don’t want what happened to my dad to happen to us, you know? When my mom died, you saw him. You know how much it tore him apart. And Jessie, too. I don’t want that for us. Maybe if things were different, we’d work. I just care about you too much to risk that. I’m sorry,” Carl said gently, placing his hand on your shoulder before walking away. 

“Well, here’s the deal. Either you come back with me, or I kill someone. Anyone of my choice, and at the moment… I’m thinking cowboy,” Negan snarled, pointing his gun at Carl. His eye caught yours, and your breathing sped up. Sure, he let you down when you confessed everything to him, but you still cared for him.

“Fine,” you groaned, giving in to his threat. If he had killed Carl because of your defiance, you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself. “I’ll go with you, but I won’t be happy about it.”

“Ah, doll, you just give me time, and you’ll change your mind about that,” Negan grumbled. 

You nodded, for you were suddenly unable to speak to the boy you had grown to love. You had never felt so broken in your life. Of all the things you’d been through, you’d think a teenage heartbreak would be nothing. You’d be wrong.

 When you arrived at the Sanctuary, you were treated with a tour of the whole place. It was magnificent, really, how he had built this community from the ground up and given people a place to stay. These people didn’t just respect him–They worshipped him. They kneeled before him, and anyone who walked at his side was untouchable. 

When you first met Rick, you were introduced to everybody in the small group they had. It was amazing, really, how he had brought strangers together and given them hope. These people weren’t just his friends–They respected him. You were the only other kid in the group. Naturally, you and Carl were drawn to each other. You always felt safest when you were by his side. You knew he would keep you safe from all harm. 

“So, are you just gonna screw me all the damn time? Is that why I’m here?” you asked annoyedly. You had been through it before; the sexually suggestive comments, the inappropriate touches, and the filthy things that had been said to and about you. 

“God, no. I’ve got my wives for that. You… I want to get to know you,” Negan admitted, sitting down across from you and offering you some fruit.

You stared at him in disbelief. “You’re joking, right? Come on, if you want to screw me just do it. I’m not gonna sit around a goddamn table and talk about the weather with you like we’re friends. I hate your guts. I’d kill you if I could. You know that.”

“I just want to talk, really. I mean it. I’m not gonna make any moves on you,” he chuckled. For a moment, you caught yourself admiring the glint in his eyes, but you snapped yourself out of it before your mind could wander too far. 

“I don’t have many women who go on runs with me. I’ve seen you in your group; You’re tough. You could be of use to me, and I could give you whatever you want, as long as you stay here. This is a one time offer. I want you to really think about it before you just say no. You could really benefit from this-”

“I’ll do it.” Your bluntness took Negan by surprise, but he was delighted. 

When you arrived in Alexandria a week later, you had already assisted him with a few other communities, including the Hilltop and the Kingdom. You had never heard of it before, but you were greeted by Morgan, who informed you that Carol was okay. That was really a relief for you. Carl ran up to you with open arms, but Negan pointed the head of Lucille at his chest.

“Hands to yourself, cowboy,” he demanded. Carl was furious. You could tell. His mouth shut and he deeply and quickly exhaled clenching his fists at his sides. 

To your surprise, Negan came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his head on your shoulder. Your shoulders awkwardly hunched to avoid his touch, but Negan didn’t seem to notice. 

“I think it’s time to go,” he whispered. You sadly smiled at Carl, then followed Negan into the truck. He drove alone with you in one of the smaller cars. 

“So,” he began, his voice being the only audible sound other than the rocking of the tires beneath you, “What’s up with you and cowboy?”

You shook your head, fiddling with a bracelet on your wrist. “Nothing’s up.”

“Come on, darlin’. You really expect me to believe he just came runnin’ up to ya’ because you’re buddies. Did ya’?” Negan taunted. When you remained silent, his voice softened. “Tell me.”

You exhaled deeply before allowing him into your past. “I loved him. I really did. We were young, but I know I loved him. I’ve known him since we were little kids, and his dad saved my life countless times. He’s a good guy–Rick. Go easy on him. Anyways, Carl didn’t feel the same way, and we just kinda… drifted apart. Of course we still talked occasionally. How couldn’t we? We were neighbors in Alexandria. Rick almost had me move in with them.”

Negan’s eyes darted between you and the road ahead of him. It was obvious he actually cared about what you had to say. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

The next week, when you went to visit Alexandria, Negan let you call the shots. He said he ‘just wasn’t feeling up to it.’ You knew better. You were helping everyone load up the trucks when you felt his firm grip on your shoulder. He spun you around so you were facing him and placed his face an inch away from yours. 

“Cowboy’s been keepin’ an eye on you,” he whispered. You didn’t know what was taking over you, but you began to lean into him. Before you could kiss him, he stopped you. “Save it for later, sweetheart.”

When you returned to your work, you noticed the old sheriff’s hat perched upon Carl’s head. You smiled at him, but he just frowned at you. 

“You don’t belong with him,” he said boldly, stepping closer to you. 

“Carl, cut it out. He’s gonna get mad if he sees you talking to me,” you warned. 

“Well, Cowboy. If she doesn’t belong with me, then who does she belong with? You?” Negan was back behind you, this time, his hands were placed on your shoulder and your hip. You stiffened under his grip, but he squeezed you lightly, reassuring you into easing up. 

“I’m sorry, Carl. We have to get going,” you muttered, turning away from him and climbing into the truck. On your way out, Negan grabbed Carl’s hat and tossed it on the ground behind him. 

“Oops,” he shrugged, and joined you in the car. 

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uh hi!! Could u write a scenario/hcs for todoroki izuku bakugou and iida/all might (platonic if u choose all might because well readers a student!!) where s/o is in 1-a but it's revealed they're part of a plot to be a double agent for the villain alliance but it then comes to light that they were instead a triple agent and actually grew to care so much for the class they joined a conspiracy from the inside and has sorta protected the class since??? mmmm idk if this makes sense but thank u!!

This turned out like a super long HC or a half-bastard scenario. Im skipping out Baks bc he is fucking everywhere so I’m sorry to disappoint you on that one. Tho whatever you may call it, I hope it will be to your liking nevertheless. 

Midoriya Izuku

The most rational out of the three bc he instantly sees through that it’s not like it seems to be after what it seemed to be

The poor boy was shocked which could be an understatement due to the fact that he grew serious feelings for his supposed-to-be-lover, it would probably also bring him close to tears, devastating him in so many wrong ways that he did not deserve from all of the people. If it wasnt for the fact that he holds the water in, sight already blurry, instead just breathes in shakily perhaps he would’ve bursted out right then. Ofc he’d feel as if a huge rock crushed him but as soon as he faces them, noticing their features contorting as they confessed, Midoriya would notice that there was more behind the story. And with another exhale he is also willing to listen instantly, throwing away all the negative feelings that were constricting his so pure and hurt heart. Just like anyone even the worst person has the right to justify themselves as far as he succeeded in being calm over this. At the end of the explanation, surprise takes over him but instead of focussing onto the main topic he cant help but to ask if their love was also just a facade to cover them up, to mix better within the crowd. And when a „No“ falls of his partner’s lips, looking sincerely into his with a blush crossing their cheeks Midoriya cant hold it anymore and starts tremoring incontrollably. He is still able to catch a gentle smile playing on their lips before telling him their true feelings and he just lungs to hug them.

Todoroki Shouto

It depends how far his character had developed until then to be honest. If he grew out of his stubborn teenage mid-life crisis phase, the better it is

If not, he is having none of this, would probably refuse to listen to them at all and losing rationality. But considering Todoroki did: Just like anyone he’d be hurt, actually quite bitter about the reality. He’d call himself stupid as of he did not realize anything of this huge play they wrapped him up with, wishing nothing else but to bury himself away from this whole bullshit. But maybe it will take him some time before he decided to hear them out bc.. There was definitely a lot to talk about even if it meant with him ending up even worse than he already was. The male’s face as stoic as ever but not void of emotion per se, he’d confront them calmly to sit down and have a serious talk. At some point of life he has learned to give someone a second chance: His proof was his mother. (Not his father though just btw) And so he lets them explain themselves bc when they had their first talk about it, it seemed as if there was more that they were about to say but stupid him just stomped out and slammed the door shut bc of the feeling of betrayal having washed over him was just too intense and too much to bear with. All this steadily creeped off his shoulders to stop continuingly weighing him down. His beloved asked after making him understand the actual situation, with a painful look crossing their features to give them another chance and with a shaky voice he will respond: „Yes. Definitely..“ and utter miserable apologies for reacting this harshly upon them. He felt too stupid.

Iida Tenya

Warning: Spoilers for the Herokiller Arc

Nope nope nope nope – i think that sums up his reaction at first. He does not see any reason to have a calm and serious talk with them, still hung over the Villain Stain, the Herokiller pretty much even if his internal storm may have calmed down after that Arc. He couldnt stop thinking about his brother considering that he was still frequently visiting him at the hospital. It was unforgettable and unforgiveable. In comparison to the other two he needs to talk to someone else about this whole mess if he is even willing to at some point bc Iida was relating that kind with such a horrific experience in second hand, some in first hand. Why his dearest of all the people, how could they do this to him and toying with his feelings like that? Iida loved them so much that it hurt even more. It’s his older brother he is going to for that who enlightens him a little bit. And it reminds him of the hurt look his significant other had sent him during his outburst before leaving the scene. Iida’s sibling was his idol, his hero, his respectable older brother that he admired so much and Tensei damn deserved it bc he is such a rational and just basically good-hearted fellow. After gathering advice and taking some time to contemplate even further, he will have a talk with them. Guilt is what follows after his love explaining them with their gaze locked to the floor and their fists resting tense on their lap. „I love you.“, they’d be the one trembling, confessing all over again and bc he returns the feeling he’d sincerely apologize and ask to start over – to the very beginning.

Admin Shiro

why I ship theon/robb

or: a sadomasochist exercise in sunday morning meta for the anon who left me some asoiaf questions here, sorry if it’s taking me ages to reply.

so, one of those questions was why theon/robb. beware for the wordvomit.

general premises first out of the way: they fit a good number of my tropes of choice (as in, I tend to ship best friends with very close relationships/character a who has a fairly unhealthy life and his only healthy-ish rship is with b a lot of the time, and I apparently like age gaps as well sooo, or at least half of the stuff I ship has an age gap I don’t do that consciously though) so like, it’s also fitting in some of the patterns I notoriously like.

but other than personal preferences (also sorry if I end up linking some meta I previously wrote but if I rehash everything it becomes extra long) there’s the part where this two doomed idiots have the most fucking beautiful and tragic relationship ever and it’s built in such an exquisitely cruel way I can’t even with them and they’re so important to each other even if they should have never been and guys listen I just - okay let’s just do the list.

  • instance one: these two idiots were best friends and they should have never been. by all logic theon should have hated robb just on account of being related to the person who is holding him hostage and the reason he’s been pretty much eradicated from his homeland. and robb should have disliked theon just on account of his heritage never mind that robb was probably discouraged from befriending him throughout his life and people didn’t understand why he actually hung out with theon. also in canon they have an age gap that might have been an issue, because I mean, four years are nothing when you’re both in your twenties but in between kids/teenagers they’re not a small gap, especially teenagers. instead they weren’t just friends, they were close enough that robb was more of a brother to theon than his real ones let’s just have that sink in for a moment. that’s also because robb was a westeros saint for the standards and didn’t look at surnames when judging people (and there goes my other theory, as in, he liked theon that much because theon was genuine just with him and theon at his genuine is the person who ends up saving jeyne poole when he has to take that decision, but I’m gonna shut up before I word-vomit for the next two years while I drown in my tears).
  • instance two: their storylines are a complete masterpiece of literary crafting, because not only they’re intertwined in the best and worst ways and everything is connected in the most tragic way, but they’re actually very well-placed foils. as, in if you look at it it’s just - we have theon who goes back home genuinely wanting his plan to succeed so that both robb and his family get what they want and they’re peers. at the same time he’s still riled up over robb being angry at him when he saved bran’s life, but that is one of the reasons robb brought up to cat to justify his decision - as in, theon can be trusted because he saved bran LIKE. then theon, in order to get the love/respect of his family (and no one except  his sister deserves his efforts tbh because his dad had already written him off the moment he was taken hostage) ends up betraying the only person who ever gave that to him without him needing to prove anything. but at the same time when he conquered winterfell he was like ‘well robb can be king in the trident who am I to take that from him’ (SERIOUSLY THEON DO YOU THINK YOU’D HAVE EXCHANGED FRUIT BASKETS) while robb didn’t go back home at once because even with the betrayal he thought theon could never harm his brothers. and theon faked it, technically, but that was what pushed robb to sleep with jeyne and therefore served tywin & co a pretext for the red wedding on a silver platter. this when no one else would have risked a war for the likes of a jeyne westerling… same as no one would have risked their life for the likes of a jeyne poole *cough*. meanwhile that entire stint ends up with theon getting tortured and robb dying and what does theon realize before doing the Right Thing and saving jeyne poole? yeah, that he should have been with robb. who died because of a jeyne no one cared about, while theon is currently living also because he saved a jeyne no one cared about. I honestly can’t handle that okay I mean it’s just so well put together and thought-out I can’t even. I just love it on both technical and feels-inducing plane.
  • instance three: even after all the betrayal they still cared about each other in frankly ridiculously tear-inducing ways - as in, there’s a part in asos where roose bolton gives robb news of what happened at winterfell (long before the piece of prince thing) and robb is completely distressed when asking what happened to theon (and roose noted that he looked upset, but not in the angry way), and later when roose gives him the piece of skin from theon’s finger robb is basically wanting to vomit in his face and tells him he doesn’t want theon tortured. meanwhile if you take care to notice, in the reek povs in adwd as I think @capitaineblackbird once noted, robb’s name shows up more than theon’s actual name and even when he’s supposed to be reek he thinks about robb more often than he thinks about his life pre-ramsay. 
  • instance four: the way acok theon pre-meeting his dad is just so fucking gone re robb makes me cry because I mean, first he goes like ‘well yeah I have a certain affection for him but I shouldn’t mention it’ and then proceeds to mention how much they’re friends and how awesome robb is to just about anyone. including his uncle and father. like he honestly can’t keep himself from doing it and if you compare it with the way robb defends his decision to send him to cat I just cry again and curse balon for being an unreasonable idiot who could have just made everyone happy by going with theon’s plan. yeaah.
  • instance five: guys robb is about the longest lasting healthy relationship that theon ever had with anyone because they knew each other ten year straight and it was the longest theon ever stayed in one place, and not counting his mom and partially his sister he didn’t have a healthy relationship with any of his relatives I honestly can’t with the knowledge that he had to throw it away for people who couldn’t give a damn, mostly.
  • every other instance: theon was on robb’s war council when most probably no one else in it thought it was a good idea (and they laughed about roose bolton together christ guys), theon was the one robb was with after knowing ned had died (GUYS MY FEELS), grey wind pretty much wanted to at least attempt to rip the throat out of everyone who was later involved in the red wedding but he never had that reaction to theon guess why, theon not only wishes he was with robb, he wishes he had… died with robb, and let’s just remember that robb died in the worst possible way anyone could. I mean, he doesn’t just want to talk things out, he wishes he had died in that massacre. robb spent pretty much two thirds of his life since he was five being friends with him because he liked him that much when everyone else didn’t understand what he saw in the guy and wouldn’t go back to take his castle even after the first betrayal because that was how much he was sure it was supposed to be a misundestanding.
  • then I have to live with the knowledge that robb never actually knew that theon never technically harmed his brothers or destroyed his home. grrm is fucking cruel guys. and theon has to live with the knowledge that they can never straighten things out, which isn’t that much better at this point.

the above reasons are enough to send me into throbb hell but honestly I’m complete trash for this kind of relationship and I’m complete trash for how much they cared for each other whichever way you want to look at it and again, robb was probably the one person who really knew theon beyond his coping methods/the image he fronted to everyone else and guys, I just really love this ship okay.

also it’s about the one thing about both characters they got right in the show, except for the entire part where they didn’t understand their storylines were foils and so they completely missed that train, but that’s another story altogether I guess. DDD:

Headcannons: Hamliza

Ship: Hamliza (Alexander Hamilton x Elizabeth Schuyler)

HC’s: Their First Date

A/N: You all really liked the last Hamliza headcannons I did and someone said they’d really like to see their first date and what am I here for if not to deliver more sickly sweet, fluffy as cloud headcannons about these two dorks. I got a little carried away and this is a lot longer than the last one (oops) but I hope you enjoy, okay, without further ado, let the fluff begin.

- Okay so, it’s been a few days since they met and they’ve been texting non-stop.
- Eliza is all flustered and squealing and covering her face as she texts Alex.
- Alex is grinning like and idiot and his hands are shaking from nerves and also excitement.
- It’s late on a friday night and Alex suggest meeting up for coffee the next morning, Eliza replies immediately with, ‘that would be wonderful, what time?’ and Alex has to take a moment to remember how to breathe because OH MY GOD SHE SAID YES.
- He quickly texts a time and she agrees to it and they’re both grinning like idiots and as soon as they bid each other goodnight their both jumping around and yelling for joy.
- Their both really cute and dumb okay.
- Really cute.
- The next morning Eliza is beaming and oozing happiness, she got up early and has already done her make up, has on a cute outfit, has made an amazing breakfast for herself and is watching the minutes tick by with eagerness.
- Angelica and Peggy are not morning people. But anyones day can brighten after a flash of Elizas smile and as they both drag themselves into the kitchen they feel their moods change just by Eliza bidding them good morning.
- They ask what she’s so happy about and she excitedly tells them about getting coffee with Alex.
- Angelica rolls her eyes and continues to make herself a coffee.
- Peggy on the other hand gets hyped up and grins at her big sister.
- “Oh like a date?”
- Eliza suddenly freezes, her face flushing.
- It is a date isn’t it.
- Suddenly Eliza is pacing and freaking out because she has never been on a date, definetley not a coffee date, is she wearing the right clothes, is her make up okay, what if she says something dumb-
- Angelica puts her hands on Eliza’s shoulders and reassures her it’s going to be fine, her clothes are cute, her makeup is on point and he’ll probably be the one saying something dumb no her smart little sister.
- Cue Angelica and Peggy hyping Eliza up before she races out more ready and excited than before.
- Also cue Angelica and Peggy talking about what they’ll do to Alex if he hurts Eliza.

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