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I posted a Instagram story and this guy saw it. He messaged me (idk how long after) saying "oi". So I replied with "?" He then asked me "whats ya snap" (5 hrs ago) Some guys do that to get/send nudes; I have a gut feeling he does that too. Should I reply back with "you have my ig. Why do you want my snap" or "I only give my snap to close friends". I don't wanna leave him on seen just bc. He used to go to my school: never talked & he seems shady. I wanna know why he wants my snap Any advice? ❤

I think you should trust your gut and ignore him. You are not obligated to respond to any message he sends, and if it feels shady, ignore it. Don’t put yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable because you feel like you have to be polite. Take care of you! XOXO

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Please dont block me, but do you think it's true? :(( I dont know how credible CDAN is, and the pics showing Luke wearing Louis' jacket is incredibly bad timing, considering the blind... I know wearing Louis' jacket means nothing, but that happening the same day there is a blind saying Louis made out with a guy is very unfortunate. It's just... we actually havent seen much from Louis and Harry showing us they are together. They dont have to do that for us, I know! But then I sometimes get doubts

Anon, unless you also believe it meant something when Danielle used to show she’d wear Louis’s jacket. Or even Eleanor, just a few days ago. Both of them are way closer to Louis’ management than Louis himself. It always mean something, unless it’s Harry sharing a whole wardrobe with him, eh. 

I’ve seen people being like ‘pfft Emma how can you try and talk yourself into moving on so quickly’ but honestly what else is she supposed to do? Emma Swan has lived her whole life accepting the fact that people just don’t come back, that they go one minute and she’s left alone the next. 

She’s trying to cope the only way she knows how.

And Killian Jones knows this. His brain was clouded for one brief moment that a mini sojourn could remind him how to be the person Emma knows and loves so he could come back to her, and be that person with her. Back to her.  Always back to her. But I am so glad at the last minute he realised that leaving her and running will never teach him that.

But knowing that she probably thinks that’s what he’s done because that’s what people always do…

I’m going to spend the next week imagining reunion hugs like you wouldn’t believe.

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I posted a Instagram story and this guy saw it. He messaged me (idk how long after) saying "oi". So I replied with "?" He then asked me "whats ya snap" (47 mins ago) Some guys do that to get/send nudes; I have a gut feeling he does that too. Should I reply back with "you have my ig. Why do you want my snap" or "I only give my snap to close friends". I don't wanna leave him on seen just bc. He used to go to my school: never talked & he seems shady. I wanna know why he wants my snap Any advice? ❤

Honestly, I wouldn’t give him your Snapchat info. Tell him you only give it to close friends. And honestly, someone who sends you “oi” and “whats ya snap” sounds like he isn’t worth wasting your time on. Not until he learns how to properly talk to someone. :-P 

So I rarely have breakdowns, but having them makes me realize that I haven’t been expressing myself fully. Because I had a big issue with expression during my depression days and I’m working on undoing all of that damage. 

That being said, breakdowns to me are like Bruce Banner and the Hulk, as everyone can only withhold so much before they snap. But sometimes I subconsciously hold things in, and it took me years to see just how damaging that can be.  Anyway, holding things in for a while will definitely cause someone to snap as everyone has a breaking point. Though I’ve never seen breakdowns as a truly negative thing, but rather the beginning of a metamorphosis. Because it’s breaking down previous and potentially inaccurate mindsets to make room for new and broader mindsets.

So it’s a process that sucks at the time, but the end result is worth it. Or at least that’s how I’ve seen it.

today in Finnish grammar class just before it ended:

Me: menkää tauolle (=go take a break)
Class: ????
Me: shit
Me: *spends fifteen minutes* explaining imperative & the difference between mene and menkää and how they are used*
Me: do I also explain to them the third person imperative
Me: ….

*the entire break

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I posted a Instagram story and this guy saw it. He messaged me (idk how long after) saying "oi". So I replied with "?" He then asked me "whats ya snap" (47 mins ago) Some guys do that to get/send nudes; I have a gut feeling he does that too. Should I reply back with "you have my ig. Why do you want my snap" or "I only give my snap to close friends". I don't wanna leave him on seen just because in my opinion; that's weird. But he seems shady & I wanna know why he wants it. Any advice? Thanks ❤

if you don’t know the guy, don’t give him your snap, you don’t owe him anything. xoxo

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Just wondering, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like Hetalia?

I dunno man. I’d say maybe….5?

Like, I have this really strange relationship with Hetalia in that I’ve seen like…2 episodes of the anime (which really isn’t saying much given they’re 5 mins). And read like 5 pages of the manga.

And like, the only characters I really actually care about are Canada, Prussia, and America (and tbh I like straight-up hate England lmao). France and Spain are pretty okay too I guess.

Basically, my opinions on all the characters are based on how their relationship with Canada is, ‘cause he’s my bae and I have this (slightly unhealthy) attachment to him lmao.

Literally everything I know about the APH characters is secondhand information from the wiki and fanfics, because a few years ago, I spent like five months obsessively reading any PruCan fics I could get my hands on because otp (FFN user p0ck3tf0x’s fanfics are, to this day, my absolute favourite holy shit) Oh and the two or three Vinland!Canada fics that exist because that is my fav hc in the history of forever. OH! And and and!!!! I *really* love Prussia and Germany reunion fics after the Berlin Wall goes down. Which is a really weird and specific trope to like, but they’re my guilty pleasure.

Despite not even being properly in the fandom though, I have more (human) AUs for APH than like all of my other fandoms except for KHR and YOI XDD I’ve even written a few one-shots and stuff for the series that were pretty well received. 

Everyone, PLEASE go support the new Power Rangers movie.

I know basically nothing about the franchise, I was never a fan as a kid, I get it if you’re like ‘idk what even’ about the movie.

 I haven’t even seen the movie yet. 

But out of the 5 main characters, 4 are non-white, and of those, 1 is an openly queer Latina, and 1 is black and autistic.

Words can’t express how huge this is.

Not only is this the first openly queer superhero in a blockbuster movie, she is also Latina. 

It’s also, the first autistic superhero in a blockbuster movie. 

It’s one of the first times I have ever seen a canonically autistic protagonist in a major piece of media, ever, in a narrative that isn’t just about them Suffering About Being Autistic™.

It’s the second black autistic character I’ve ever seen in any form of media, ever, either, and that is incredibly significant. It’s looking like it will be fairly positive representation, which is so important, given the issues that black autistic people face. (More likely to be underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed, more likely to be the victims of police violence and persecution, etc.)

If it doesn’t do well, the diversity of the film will get blamed by Hollywood, rather than any of the individual creative merits of the film itself.

But if this movie succeeds, it could be genuinely groundbreaking, in terms of what is considered viable in terms of casting and representation in major blockbuster movies. 

If you want more POC heroes, more queer heroes, more disabled heroes, in your media?

Please, please, go see this movie.

I was rewatching “Escape from Beta Traz” and like this fucking scene

Pidge is just like “Lance, you’re gonna need to get a scan of his face” like it’s the easiest thing in the world and if it were any other idk SANE person they would’ve at least been like “wtf pidge have you seen this guy like he’s terrifying and also how the fuck am I gonna scan HIS FACE from this distance hidden away without him fucking noticing me”

But Lance, CLASS CLOWN LANCE, just says “Copy that” and gets down to business




But Lance used his fast leggys and hid himself like wtf I’m so proud of him. He is so smart and good and has amazing reflexes and is a quick thinker and doesn’t hesitate when people need him.

And he is like so relieved that he actually did the thing but doesn’t gloat or bask in his moment he just sends Pidge the face like NO PROBLEM “Face on the way Pidge” THAT WASNT RISKY AT ALL. WHATEVER. ALL IN A DAYS WORK.


 I’ve seen a few posts around saying that Andy was problematic or that the episode would have worked just fine without him. The thing to remember is that the crewniverse creates this show to be relatable not only in ways that have us singing from the mountain tops, but also in ways that are a little harder for us to face. Maybe in ways that make us uncomfortable, but are very much issues that we need to address as well. 

How many people were reminded of their own closed minded family members while watching Andy? My literal thoughts were ‘oh look, it’s my dad in an SU ep!’, before wanting to sink away from second hand embarrassment for the comments he made. Because man, have I been there before. 

Because who hasn’t had their sort of uncle freak out over the illegal hippy martian immigrant farmers your dad said could live in his barn? 

No but really. Especially that part about hearing about this on AM radio? Yeah, at least one writer has come up close and personal with this type of specimen. It may seem that given the timing of certain current events, the last thing anyone wants to see on SU is one of THOSE types. 

But here’s the thing: they exist. You can hide your head under a rock all you want, but they’re still there. So what do we do? We actually get two points of view on this. One: the gems as literal aliens. On a good day they really don’t understand even the most open minded of humans. So here they are running smack into one that’s mad about a world that’s changing even without the interference of the gems. And he’s upset that they’re not acting in the “traditional” roles he’s use to seeing human women in. Never mind that they’re not human, or technically speaking, women. They’re there in his barn, messing with his things, and really there’s no way this can end well. 

Until you bring in the nephew he never knew he had. Who just so happens to be very, very interested in learning about his human family.And who just wants everyone to get along. Because let’s face it, that’s Steven’s MO. He’s so focused on finding out that his family name is ‘Demayo’ that Andy’s comment to Greg ‘not even marrying an American’ floats right by him. But it was very much meant for the audience to hear. 

Not that any of that matters to Steven, he’s already planning the most awkward family reunion in the galaxy. 

And the Gems, bless their hearts, are eager to make Steven happy.

And honestly, for all his misgivings, so is Andy.

To a point anyway. Until he realizes that maybe, just maybe things are changing. That change is coming whether he likes it or not. And that change can never, ever be one sided. 

And at the first Thanksgiving, the gems and the humans gave thanks for polyamorous wedding cake, corn, this table, and traumatizing life events.

The thing about change is that it’s never simple. It never happens over night. Both sides are scared or angry, or very probably both. They’re also sure that their side is the right side. 

And even when it seems like everything is going right, you’re trying so hard include everyone in your new vision and it seems like you’re really getting through to them, they just… slip away. Because change is scary. Because they’re going through the motions without really understanding why. Because sometimes it’s easier to go along with things even if they don’t agree, even if their heart isn’t in it. So again, what do you do?

You listen. You hear their fears. You let them come to their own conclusions that maybe, just maybe, things HAVE to change. 

But that doesn’t mean being left behind. 

Now for reality: It’s never as simple as this. Bigotry isn’t faced and solved in 20 minutes. No one is saying it is. Sometimes it’s safer not to face it, and sometimes you just can’t. 

But I think overall its meant to be a message of hope- just like the overall message of Steven Universe is a positive one. People have opposing points of view. Talk. Listen. See that in the end you have more in common than you ever thought possible and go from there. Also: family is what you make of it. Even if it’s a dad, an estranged uncle, an alien hybrid child and his hippy illegal martian immigrant aunts. It can work, as long as you work together.

the more i think critically about the ideas that asexuality advocates have developped, the more i think that it’s……a big waste of time to focus all this ideology on people who identify as asexual (which doesn’t even really have a concrete definition) rather than just focusing on the idea that every living person has different feelings about sex and that nobody should be judged for their personal feelings about sex

why encourage the usage of 15 different labels stating how often someone experiences sexual attraction when you can just accept that there is no normal way to experience attraction/feel about sex?

the examples i’ve seen for why asexuals are oppressed/marginalized are not even close to exclusive to asexuals, nor do they apply to all ace people (since there are multiple definitions for asexual and there’s an Ace Spectrum, there are apparently asexuals who still have sex and/or sexual attraction.) for this reason, it seems unproductive to make a little movement only for people who see themselves as abnormal and identify with this word when you can focus on the bigger picture

people who don’t like sex face social stigma but so do tons of marginalized people who do like sex and we can advocate for all these people without making it about what’s normal and what’s not and, instead, just prioritize getting people to let go of unnecessary judgements about other’s sex lives

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista 

no offense but i wish taylor nation prioritized picking fans for special events that have never met taylor or been picked for events before. with all the complaining the past few days its evident that people who’ve been selected for things in the past are being picked yet again while people who have never had any such opportunity just sit back and wonder why are the same people being picked for these things? of course there’s new people in the mix being selected, but when making the selection it should really consider how recently you’ve met her or seen her live, and taylor nation should be asking that. i’m not saying you only get to meet taylor once or you only get to go to these events once and that’s it. i just want those people who haven’t had these amazing opportunities to be considered and picked before you even think about picking people who’ve met her before or whatever. that’s it.

i can’t stop laughing about how many people have seen vox machina together in their entirety

and at least some of them have to have noticed that every single member of the party wears a single stud earring on one ear but never saw them actually use the earrings to communicate

so they’re just out there, assuming that the saviors of tal’dorei decided at some point that the only true way to express their friendship was for all of them to go out and get identical friendship earrings

Are you scared? Are you pissed? Take that second one and hold it close because it’s gonna be a long four years. If you don’t remember Bush, well, this is worse. A lot worse. And shit is going to get dark. I’ve seen a lot of posts going around about donating and volunteering for various organizations. Do that! But that’s not the only thing you, as an American, need to do.

The Democrats have not disappeared. The republican majority in the Senate is small. And the republicans have just given us a playbook of exactly how to stall from the opposition.

Write your senators and representatives. Tell them that you want them to play dirty.

Tell your senators that you want them to be obstructionist and filibuster every bill that would take away hard earned rights.

Tell them to filibuster any repeal of Obamacare.

That man they elected is a thin-skinned bully who has no idea how the system works. Do you think he understands that there’s no such thing as a line item veto?

Make sure that Democratic senators and representatives attach poison pill amendments that will cause him embarrassment.

Attach riders compelling him to release his taxes.

Attach riders declaring the Michael Bloomberg is richer than him.

Attach riders saying that his hands are smaller than the national average.

And then tweet at him to make sure that he and the entire world knows. Make sure he understands that every bill he attempts to pass contains a minor blow to his ego.

And then, you fucking vote in 2018. Get the Senate back. Get the House back. And in 2020 you vote for whatever incredibly cautious, incredibly moderate, incredibly white man that the Democrats put forward.

This sucks. Build up the armor again if you lost it or never had it in the first place. You don’t need to pretend you’re okay. And remember that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. It’s the only thing that might help a bit in the years to come.

I’m not going to dispute that a lot of charities are total scams, but some of the charity callout posts I’ve seen circulating on Tumblr lately have revealed some pretty bizarre expectations about how charities operate.

Like, I just ran across one banging on about how a particular cancer research charity was obviously a scam because its public filings revealed that only 65% of the money it took in was ultimately spent on cancer research. I mean, that’s not great, and certainly, some charitable foundations manage to break 90% some years, but research-oriented charities always have higher administrative overhead than those that focus on providing services or performing community outreach - 65% is actually fairly reasonable for a research foundation.

In particular, folks seem to routinely get up in arms about the fact that this or that charity is paying its officers a salary - like, not the amount of the salary, but the fact that there’s a salary at all. I mean, what did you expect? Only the smallest charities can rely entirely on volunteer administrators; any foundation of any significant size has gotta have at least a few full-time organisers onboard, and, well, they’ve gotta eat. If you see a charity whose full-time organisers aren’t drawing salaries, I guarantee you you’re looking at a bunch of trust fund kids - which is not necessarily who you want in charge for some causes, y’know?

I mean, I totally get wanting to make sure your donations are well-spent, but a lot of folks simply don’t have a realistic picture of what’s involved.