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Inspired by your Princess Leia post, how would the other Tertiary functions react in stressful situations? BTW, the new typing method is a huge improvement :)

Why thank you for inferring it sucked before. ;) I kid, I kid.

Under stress… the Tert:

Te: forget the indecision, let’s get shit done.

Ti: let’s analyze this like never before!

Fe: um, how does everyone feel about this? Let me know!

Fi: wait, how do I feel about this?!?!?

Ne: so this could go one of 30 different ways, and they might all be bad.

Ni: gotta find a single path to commit to… gotta find one answer…

Se: stop screwing around, are you in or out? I’m in! GRAB OPPORTUNITY.

Si: okay, where have I seen this before? How did it go last time?!

- ENFP Mod


“🎨 – Tae okay so how do i word this… nO ONE has done this that i have seen of and i’ve been searching non-stop for it… a farmer Tae AU ??? like what would’ve happened if he didnt become an idol ??? if that makes sense ? and y/n see’s him one day and she’s like oh,,,, have i seen him before,,,, he’s so beautiful,,,,? yeah that’s the best way i could put my thoughts into words thank you mansae <33 you deserve every single follower, congrats!!”

OMG THANKS SO MUCH FOR REQUESTING. I feel like everyone thought that I draw scenarios. Sorry if I worded it wrong. NO, I MEANT JUST A PICTURE LOL. Sorry if my drawing skills aren’t as great as the others <3 <3 

No, I aint drawing anymore. This is the only request I got for art lol.

EDIT: Low-key got inspiration from Tasty Tryst by @jeonjagiya You guys should give it a read. It’s a good fic!


Holy hell! How have I never seen this video before? It’s perfection! (x)

Tmnt finale

Okay I wasn’t a fan basically.

There was just no plot line and that upset me a bit.

I wish it told you more on what happened, I mean where did the bomb come from, how did Mikey and Raph survive, why does Raph have amnesia, why didn’t they seem overly happy seeing Mikey but more happy seeing Leo, why didn’t Donnie mention April at all, no one mentioned karai, should April have survived the bomb? She was seen as immune to mutagen before.

I could go on forever on the unanswered questions, but the one thing I did like was the little aspects. So Mikey still knowing his ninjutsu, Karai’s bike, april’s tessen, casey’s mask and stuff, the hamato logo on Mikeys flag.

I just wish it told you what happened previously: guess I’m going to have to write a fanfic now..

Alas the series is over so a final one of these should be in order…


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Do you know of any tutorials that show you how to make stim boards?

People have asked me before, but I don’t think I’ve seen any actual tutorials or anything? :O It’s not really as complicated as it looks, at the basic level all you do is just find 9 gifs or pictures based around a certain theme, arrange them in a 3x3 format when uploading them to tumblr, and then link the credits somehow! I guess I could do a more detailed tutorial though? I’ll put it under a cut!

This is just how I do it personally, beyond the basic mechanics of how to upload gifs/pictures there’s no right or wrong way to make stimboards! Let me know if you need a visual tutorial rather than a text-based one and I can try to add gifs maybe?? Idk how that would turn out but I could try ^^;;

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I've just watched the ep and omg I can't stop watching their battle. Misty's so amazing I can't deal. That Mega Evolution sequence was INCREDIBLE. They brought back jokes from 20 years ago. Oh my god in my opinion it was perfect. I am crying I'm so happy. I'm gonna stop gushing now :P

I feel you!! The only thing that could have made it better for me is if Misty had won, but rewatching the battle with subs, she says that no one has been able to beat her Rain Dance/Hurricane combo before–Ash is the first to do so, and only because he was able to think out of the schemes with something no one saw coming. She’s anything but a weak trainer.

(Side note but I also loved how Brock was the only one unsurprised that he did find a way out, as he’s the one who’s traveled with Ash the longest and seen the most of his battling abilities.)

Guys, can we just take a moment to realise how little Lance’s near death experience affected him? Like, it’s the closest any of the paladins have come to dying, and it happened only a couple of episodes into the show! Like, I can see why Shiro almost dying didn’t affect him that much because he had spent a year watching people die and getting injured, he’s used to it. But Lance? Lance had presumably never been in that situation before and it didn’t phase him, never once does he stop and realise “hey, I was almost killed. I would have never seen my family again, my friends would have had to find a place to put my body”. He doesn’t even seem to care! It’s as if he thinks his death wouldn’t be important. Maybe he does think that…

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You remind me of a sunset. Of the way the sky flames, raging to be seen before darkness claims it, and how even then traces of lights bounce off the clouds, like they're trying to mentor the stars on how to shine. You have a passion that cannot be extinguished, friend, and even when it is you try to guide others. That's beautiful, I think.

My God. Who are you with your kind, poetic words? What kind of warm burning flame do I give off to convince anyone I deserve this imagery of the gods in my inbox? Who are you with your kind passionate words, my anonymous messenger? What have I possibly done to deserve them? These words that enflame the very passion you write about? You all fill me until I’m bursting from the inside out and I try my best to express that but mortal words can never understand. The divine in you has reached out to the divine in me and met and somehow sparked something greater within us. Something beyond both of us. What could I possibly do to deserve these words in my ask box? I love them. Perhaps my reaction is too great but I truly don’t think I could ever respond to this properly.

I love this ask, man. It’s great. I like it. Haha.


How the hell this matches up with the whole “OH NO WAR” portrayal we were given at the beginning, I don’t know. It looks like peace would be far more startling for everyone involved.

I’m also not sure how it works with the Highlands (and I guess everyone else in this region?) having Simoun too. If, as previously established, they’ve never been used in battle before, then there must be a more conventional military option that HAS, unless everyone here has a very different definition of “war”. How the hell we haven’t seen THAT yet, I don’t know.

You looked at Dean with your eyebrows raised.  “Are you kidding me?  Really? Are we even talking about the same person here because…”

“Demon.  He’s a demon.” Dean corrected as you rolled your eyes.

“I am aware he is a demon and he is capable of extreme violence and copious amounts of mayhem but he is funny and kind and there whenever I need him.” You hadn’t realised that this was a side maybe reserved for a very few people.  In fact, you’d kind of thought Dean and Sam may have seen that side of him before what with how long they had known him. 

“Kind?” Dean scoffed. “Crowley is only out for himself.  If he has ever shown you any ‘kindness’ you can bet he had some dark ulterior motive for it.”

“That’s not true.  Just last week when you and Sam went on that hunt without me because of my sprained ankle he came by and kept me company.  We sprawled on the sofa in sweats watching old movies and he took care of me.  He brought me food and made sure I had enough to drink.  Honest Dean, he even…”

“Please stop talking.” A gruff voice caused you to turn to see the king of hell looking a little uncomfortable, especially with the look of curious amusement Dean was giving him.

“Oh, no.  Please go on.  He even what?” Dean smirked and you narrowed your eyes at him.  

“Crowley is my friend.  Crazy as you might think that is Winchester, it’s the truth.” The demons eyebrows raised for a fraction of a second in genuine surprise.  Although he had hoped you enjoyed his company as much as he did yours, actually hearing you call him a friend, especially to Dean, had a strange sensation pulsing through him.  “Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to take my friend for a burger.” Smiling at Crowley you linked your arm through his and, still a little in shock, he obediently allowed you to lead him from the room. 

Okay so listen, this is venting but also kinda important???

Alright, so, first off….

On October 2nd, my dad is gonna get thyroid surgery. I am a little confused still, but basically it’s because he hass cancer in his thyroid, but ALSO because there was some kind of thyroid trauma?? And because of the trauma, a bunch of bad shit in his life happening all at once, he isn’t the same as he used to be. He started changing when I was a couple months old, so when he has his surgery, it’ll fix him, make him okay again, how he was when he was younger…

He is going to be a total stranger to me, he is going to be someone completely new that I have never seen before. He’ll look like my dad, but he won’t act or talk or do anything like my dad……It’s terrifying.

Now, to another serious part…

It is hereditary on both sides of my family to get cancer, so there is a huge possibility I might have thyroid cancer.

Mom says I am too young to have the kind of trauma dad had, so I won’t become a different person, but I still might have cancer…

So, it isn’t 100% set and sure yet, we still need to get me looked at by a doctor for this, but I am just…venting, warning….this is terrifying to me….

I might have fucking cancer, do you know how scary that is when every person in your family that got it except for your grandmother has died from cancer?

So, I am……in shock a little, I think? Like I feel the panic but it is more muted, buried….I am scared, haha!

Welp. that was all…..Love you guys….

Kissing turians remains necessary

Have you ever wondered why Namjoon used to wear sunglasses during his predebut/debut days ?

I thought it was because he wanted to be cool or something like that BUT WHEN I FOUND OUT THE REAL REASON MY HEART BROKE INTO PIECES 💔

It disgusts me how insensitive people can be…These “fans” should look at themselves and go get some eyes exams before judging him, because THESE BITCHES WOULD LOOK LIKE TRASH WHEN THEY ARE NEXT TO HIM.