how have i not noticed that

noticed how in the trailer alfred says, “i don’t recognize this world” to which bruce replies, “you don’t have to recognize it. we just have to save it” which at first made me think it was simply implying alfred is facing so many unknown and new variables with the parademons invading, it feels like this isn’t the world he’s lived in for so long, but it could as well be that they’re literally in a world they don’t recognize. in most variations the justice league had to fight darkseid’s invading armies, they always end up at apokolips via a boom tube vic opens for them so they can finally face darkseid head-on and try to save the enslaved inhabitants from the eternal servitude they were forced to give darkseid

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Can I maybe have some kind of Medusa!Flug one-shot/drabble? There's not much content of it.

It was cold. Flug could see his breath condensing in the air in front of him as it became harder and harder for him to concentrate. His head was spinning.

He’d been locked in a freezer for about half an hour now, and he didn’t know how much longer he could go without passing out, or worse, dying.

Why has nobody noticed I’m missing? He thought. The four villains had been invited to some other villains mason, whose name Flug couldn’t recall at the moment. They had been supposed have dinner and then take care of business with Flug’s latest invention, but somewhere along the way, the man had pulled Flug aside. The doctor had been under the impression that the villain wanted to talk, but when he was shoved into room and the door locked behind him, the others intentions were revealed.

“I know what you are,” the man had hissed. “Now I just have to wait until you’re weak enough to use as a weapon.”

Flug had banged on the door for what felt like forever, but no one could hear him. He tried to pace to keep his blood pumping, but there was no way to keep what was most important from freezing slowly.

The doctor pulled his bag off to examine the snakes coming from his head. They were hanging limp, eyes half-lidded and close to giving into unconsciousness. If they did through, then so would Flug, and he could feel a heavy darkness settling in over his mind like a fog.

“No,” he whispered. “Please guys, you can hold for just a little longer. He shrugged off his lab coat and tried to wrap it around his head to conserve head. Now his arms were getting cold through, and honestly, the lab coat wasn’t that thick in the first place.

Flug feel to his knees as his legs gave out beneath him. Then his shoulder slammed into the ground when he tipped onto his side. His head was throbbing now; one of the snakes gave a pitiful hiss.


The door flew off it’s hinges and a mass of black limbs came crawling in through the doorway. Those indiscernible limbs condensed into the form of Blackhat, who then came running to Flug’s side.

“Shit!” Blackhat cursed. Flug was still conscious, but the world was moving in and out of focus. Blackhat slipped his arms under the his scientist and lifted him to carry him out of the room. “Got to get you somewhere warm.”

“Wait!” Flug shouted through the haze in his mind. “Not too fast… can’t… taxing on them…” So Blackhat stopped just before the exit and set the man back down. Then he shrugged his overcoat off and draped it over Flug’s head.

“I’ve got a villain to dispose of, so come find me once you’re functioning again, all right?” Blackhat stated. “Vamir will regret trying to kidnap you and kill the rest of us.” Then he was tearing back down the hall, shifting into a monstrous form as he did.

One….. two…..three…. Four…… his snakes were stirring now…..five…. Six…. he stood up and stepped outside the freezer room after picking his bag back up and putting it back on. The snakes were hissing angrily about the situation they had been put into, and Flug was ready to fight. He heard a vase smash followed by screaming, so he headed towards the source.

He found Vamir wearing some sort of Mecha suit, pinned to the wall by several clawed arms courtesy of Blackhat. Dementia was propped up against the far wall with a nasty but superficial head wound, knocked out cold, and 5.0.5 was next to her, cowering away in fear.

“Blackhat!” Flug yelled. The mass of eyes and teeth that the eldritch’s face had morphed into turned to look at him. “Bring him over here.” The many mouths grinned viciously as Blackhat pulled Vamir away from the wall, and set him down in front of the doctor.

“No no no nO NO NO NO!,” Vamir screeched. “PLEASE! I’LL GIVE YOU COMPENSATION, ANYTHING JUST DON’T!!” Flug motioned for Blackhat to let go of the villain.

“Do you think we care?” Flug said as Blackhat’s arms retracted one by one. “You made  mistake trying to mess with us, now you’ve got to pay for it with something of greater value.” Flug’s hands went to his goggles. “You’re life.” Then he pulled them up and stared directly into Vamir’s’s eyes. There was a brief scream of terror, before the mech suit broke apart under the heavy weight of the statue inside of it.

Flug’s goggles were back in place in an instant, and he breathed a sigh of relief. A grey hand clapped him on the shoulder, and he glanced to his right to find Blackhat grinning approvingly.

“Good work Flug,” he said. Flug’s chest puffed out in pride as Blackhat conjured an extra limb to grab the statue. Then Dementia appeared, helped along by 5.0.5.

“What’d I miss?” she asked.

“Not much,” Flug said. “We can go home now through.” Then Dementia saw the statue of Vamir.

“Damn, I wanted to be the one to take down that guy down.”

“You can break his arm off when we get back to the mansion if you want.”

“Hell yeah!”

When they got back, Blackhat held Flug took Flug around the backside of the house for a moment to talk.

“I just want to make sure you know that if anyone tries to hurts you like that again, I won’t wait to let you get back at them.” he muttered. “I will tear them to shreds.”

“That what you’ve said everytime a hero has broken in or a villain has come after us, sir,” Flug smirked beneath his bag.

“Well, I mean it this time!”

“I’m sure you do.” Flug nodded as Blackhat set Vamir’s now armless statue amongst the others littering the backyard. “I’m sure you do.”

**SLAMS HANDS DOWN ON THE TABLE** Why didn’t I know about this head canon before!!I love this head canon, and even though it’s not mine, I will cherish it forever as one of my favorites.  my anon, I hope you this is what your looking for, and that you enjoy his little thing I made. Also, Art:

This is Blackhat’s form in that one scene

I didn’t even know that this was a debate, but that wolf was clearly Nymeria. She was a direwolf with the same markings, they don’t exactly grow on trees.

Arya says “That’s not you” because she can’t believe a wolf who she raised since a pup, who loved her deeply, could walk away like that. She was hurt.

Why did Nymeria walk away? Lots of reasons, probably. She may be enjoying a human free lifestyle away civilization with her badass wolf pack. She may have been protecting Arya from her pack (notice how they didn’t even attack the horse). It could be she is still mad Arya abandoned her in season 1 and threw a rock at her.

Regardless, she is probably coming back. Seeing that scene in context shows it was completely out of place UNLESS it was meant to reintroduce Nymeria into the plot.

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I noticed in a previous post you mentioned that you studied fundamental skills pretty seriously, what advice can you give about doing those studies? Especially things like perspective and colour theory. How do you ensure that you get meaningful information/practice out of it rather than just muddling through the thing? Alternatively, what resources/books would you recommend to develop those skills?

I guess my best advice when it comes to doing studies is to be comfortable with the feeling of failing - especially with studies. But, and this is important, have a way in which you can check how you failed. One great way is to have a reference photo, say a human figure, and try to draw it without looking at the photo. After your attempt, check it alongside the ref photo and see what you got right, what you didn’t - and then work from there.

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how would the RFA + V + Saeran react to MC having problems with university/work and being extremely stressed to the point she doesnt eat well or sleep well?????

I think we can all relate to being way too stressed from school or work, so this is a really fun and relateable request anonny! I wrote this one while I was on vacation so I apologize in advance if they aren’t well written, let me know if you’d like me to change anything! But I still hope that you enjoy and thank you for the request!! ^^


  • Yoosung noticed right away when you were becoming too stressed from your university work
  • He’s had his fair share of stressful nights due to college assignments and exams - So when whenever you start skipping eating and stay up all night studying Yoosung goes into action
  • Yoosung let’s you sleep in one day whenever you don’t have any classes and makes you your favorite breakfast in bed
  • He sees how you’re still exhausted so he lets you fall back asleep as he cuddles next to you
  • You wake up to a healthy lunch prepared by chef Yoosung plus all of your notes organized because of him
  • Yoosung stresses the importance of taking breaks from studying and how he once over-exhorted himself from studying and he didn’t want to same to happen to you
  • So Yoosung stated gaming less in order to help you and himself study
  • Soon enough, you and Yoosung were not only getting better grades, but you two were spending more time together making both of you more then happy


  • Zen knows exactly what it’s like to be stressed out from work so he noticed early on when you were becoming too stressed
  • Your new job was overtaking all of your time and energy making Zen concerned
  • He saw you skipping meals, not getting any sleep, and were constantly missing date nights with him in order to work more
  • You’d come home later then Zen every night and leave the apartment before him in the morning
  • Zen knew he had to put a stop to this so he called you off from work one day
  • You were upset at first but your exhaustion took you over as you fell right back asleep
  • The next time you woke up, Zen presented you with your favorite flowers and some sweets
  • He laid down next to you in bed and brushed his fingers through your hair and he quietly sang to you as you fell asleep again
  • You were awoken by Zen gently shaking your shoulder, telling you to wake up
  • Zen pleaded with you to work less hours and to take better care of yourself to which you immediately agreed
  • From then on, Zen made sure you got the proper amount of sleep and food while getting plenty of quality time together


  • Jaehee is basically the queen of getting stressed out because of work so she understands your pain
  • But she doesn’t like how little sleep you’ve been getting and how you ate next to nothing
  • She noticed that your boss was even more crazy then her own so Jaehee knew she had to put a stop to it
  • You woke up one day to find your alarm shut off and panicked when Jaehee entered your shared bedroom
  • She sat on the edge of the bed and explained that she called you off from work and that she was genuinely concerned for you
  • So Jaehee went to your boss and gave him a piece of her mind and he agreed to give you more reasonable hours and a pay raise
  • You listened in awe at Jaehee’s story and hugged her when she was done with it, thanking her over and over again for her help
  • She smiled and handed you a cup of coffee as a celebratory drink, the two of you clinked your glasses together
  • Jaehee would never let yours or her boss get in the way of the time the two of you spent together since it was precious to her


  • Jumin wanted you to live a life of leisure and luxury but you insisted on continuing your schooling
  • He began to notice how over stressed you were becoming, spending as much time with your studies as possible
  • You would even skip meals and refused to sleep or spend time with Jumin since your grades were crucial to you
  • Jumin was concerned with your well-being and sat down together with you one night to discuss things
  • The two of you fought over what was more important: your health or your grades
  • But seeing Jumin so worried about your health made you agree to start relaxing more and to take better care of yourself
  • Jumin then started personally helping you with your schoolwork, helping you study plus it meant time together
  • He always made you breakfast before any of your exams and left encouraging notes if he left for work before you
  • You were relieved when your school semester was over and you received passing grades thanks to Jumin’s help, the two of you then spent plenty of quality time together


  • Seven was always impressed at how hard you worked when dealing with your studies
  • But as the days went on and your exams were coming closer, he could tell just how stressed out you were becoming
  • You would skip meals, sleeping, and spending time with Seven just to keep on stressfully study
  • Seven even admitted that he missed having you scold him on working too much with his hacking but instead you were basically glued to your desk
  • Seeing you so utterly stressed out made Seven upset so he made a plan and put it to action
  • One morning you woke up to find color-coded detailed notes, some prep questions, your books organized with explanations on confusing sections, and a stack of slightly burnt pancakes for breakfast
  • Seven smiled at you and cracked his knuckles, asking if you were ready for Professor Choi to tutor you
  • You left out a relieved giggle as Seven turned out to be a fantastic teacher for you
  • With his help, you passed all of your exams and Seven finished all of his work, the two of you spent a week laying in bed all day with stress-free minds


  • V was always aware of your current state because he treasured you and wanted to make sure that you were always happy
  • So when he saw you working ridiculous hours at your job he was concerned
  • The stress was becoming too much for you to handle, you refused to eat or sleep in order to get your work done
  • Every time V tried to intervene, you would tell him that you were fine and go back to work
  • V would silently watch as stress ate away at you and he knew this needed to stop
  • So the next morning you woke up to find some hot tea and fruit set out for you for breakfast and your work papers neatly organized
  • Your boyfriend walked into the room smiling as he gently draped his arms over your shoulders
  • V explained that he had a talk with your boss and how much he was overworking you and since practically no one could resist V’s smooth words, your boss cut back your workload
  • You turned around and buried your face into V’s chest, breathing in his relaxing scent as you felt a huge weight lift off your shoulders as you thanked him
  • V made you promise that you had to spend more time with him in return, to which you happily agreed, and the two of you led a much more relaxing life


  • Saeran has always been secretly impressed by how hard you worked on your schooling
  • He never received a real education so he liked sitting next to you and silently watch you do your schoolwork and learn what you were learning
  • But as the weeks went on, Saeran noticed you becoming more stressed and agitated by the immense amount of schoolwork you’ve been getting
  • Seeing you skip meals and sleep truly made Saeran sad and he knew that things had to change
  • One night when you passed out from exhaustion, Saeran wrote down extra notes for you, highlighted helpful tips, and made a playlist of relaxing music for you to listen to when studying
  • You woke up to find Saeran handing you a bowl of ice cream and helped you spend the rest of the night studying together
  • With his help, your schoolwork became much easier to handle and Saeran was happy to help and more learn himself
  • You and Saeran started having study dates resulting in more time together, Saeran learning more, and the two of you trying lots of new ice cream flavors

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I loved your answer to the last question, and it got me thinking a bit more- do you think Darcy views the Colonel as a threat? He seems sort of wrapped up in his own mind for those chapters, but if even Charlotte noticed something, do you think that impacted Darcy's actions? And, I've never really understood the importance of Charlotte or why she's best friends with Lizzie?? It seems like they don't have much in common and Elizabeth relies much more on Jane, so how is Charlotte important?

I don’t think so, no. Darcy knows his cousin is a good man, but he knows himself to be the more eligible bachelor to a poor gentlewoman like Elizabeth. At that point he cannot see that his manners have at all materially wounded his chances with Miss Eliza (and of course he cannot guess the extent of her knowledge of his meddling with Jane and Bingley and his supposed ill-treatment of Wickham.) With all his belief in his own consequence and his knowledge of how lowley the Bennets are, he would feel himself to be the superior option for Elizabeth. And he probably knows that his cousin isn’t likely to form any serious intentions regarding Elizabeth over the course of their much shorter acquaintance at Rosings, no matter how well they get along.

Everyone is aware that the Colonel must marry to make his fortune, and the Colonel is not so romantic that he’s going to toss all that away because he’s spent a few weeks being friendly with a girl he met on a visit to his aunt in the country when there’s little other company to be had. Darcy’s entire beginning of his proposal speaks to his self-assurance and confidence that he is bound to be accepted with gratitude and perhaps even delight. The man that would break up Bingley and Jane in the belief that the match would be imprudent would never stand aside to allow the Colonel to maybe woo Miss Elizabeth just because they’ve been friendly. Darcy can afford to lower himself to make an offer to Lizzy, despite her lack of fortune, low connections, and ridiculous family. The Colonel is not likely to do so.

Charlotte is something of a foil to Jane, in terms of Elizabeth’s connections. Both Jane and Charlotte are sensible forces in Eliza’s life, ultimately coaxing her to calm down maybe and consider things before leaping to conclusions, though for different reasons. Jane is cautious because she doesn’t wish to hurt anyone in being hasty; Charlotte is cautious in that she’s rather more cool and worldly than either of the elder Bennet girls, and would counsel them not to harm their own causes (i.e. an advantageous marriage) with rash sentimentality. Charlotte sees the world for what it is likely to be, for poor gentlewomen; Jane sees it as she hopes it would be, if everyone was kind and generous of heart. Both of these forces help Lizzy to re-examine her hot-headed judgements, and in parts of the plot where Jane is away in London, Charlotte is there in Kent to provide both a plot-point to bring Darcy and Elizabeth back together at Rosings, as well as an observant confidante who seems to realize more than Jane or Lizzy would, in the situation.

Jane is all sweetness and light, so I can see that Lizzy would enjoy having a friend in Charlotte, for giving vent to her more wicked witticisms and dry humour, which Charlotte appreciates, even if she doesn’t always agree. Charlotte’s cynicism jives with Lizzy’s sarcasm, but it comes from a place of deeper pain for Miss Lucas. She is plain, lacking in fortune, and very near to being an old maid. Where Elizabeth feels she can afford to laugh at mercenary considerations and is astonished at Charlotte’s compromise in agreeing to marry Mr. Collins, it provides a large part of Lizzy’s character development in the middle part of the novel for Eliza to realize that not everyone must see things as she does, or else be a complete fool; but that people are complex and we can still love people even when they do things we cannot entirely understand. I expect we’ve all had a loved one who has done something to deeply disappoint us, only to have to work through the realization that we cannot simply dismiss them for it, but have to work through our feelings and the changes to the relationship dynamic and, in a way, learn to appreciate them all over again. It’s difficult and messy, but it’s a part of relating to other people with compassion, empathy, and acceptance. Charlotte’s friendship is ultimately a bittersweet influence which allows Lizzy to truly begin to emotionally mature, in a way that Jane’s sweet understanding and unconditional acceptance is unlikely to prompt.

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I'd love to see Andy and Danai sitting next to each other, but I also love that Chandler always sits by her side. Have you noticed how he pays attention to everything she says? he admires her so much. :)

Yeah, I’ve always loved how much Chandler seems to admire her (and Michonne, for that matter). ☺ And I think he probably feels most comfortable with her aside from Andy, plus they’re in the credits together, so it makes sense.

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Apparently girl was there, which means they're actually together, but yet never actually look together. I'm still bothered by the timing of how it started, her lack of awareness regarding anything but herself, and History tends to repeat itself, which means sam more than likely will be hurt In the end.

Oh, Anon. I don’t believe they’re actually together. If you want to believe that, I don’t fault you for it. Some wise person once said “repeat a lie often enough and people will start to believe it” (or something like that). If I wasn’t looking so closely, I’d believe it, too.

Did you notice that neither Sam or Cait looked particularly happy this weekend? Cait especially. She rarely slipped into a full smile. Or how their “weird fan encounter” involved a Shipper? They could have said a million other things that were legitimately weird. But no. I’m not sure if I can be angry at them because it might not have been their choice. I’m irritated that such a question was brought up at a fucking fan event, and phrased in that way. What PR friendly media outlet would send their writer out with a question like that? What the fucking fuck?

Mostly, I am disgusted. Not because a certain someone was trotted out for the cameras, but because Sam and Cait didn’t look happy. I, and many fans, do sincerely care about them and ultimately want THAT more than the satisfaction of being right. But they did not look all that happy last night, and that is what bothers me. I want them to be okay, but if they are living a lie, I don’t know how they can manage it.


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One of the thing I noticed about the Justice League trailer is the color, it immediately popped out for me, that there was more color at the trailer now than the JL trailer they first released. 

Below are two examples of the same scene but from different trailers:

Justice League trailer 1

Justice League trailer 2

I’d like to think of trailer 2 as something influenced by a post-Wonder Woman world. I think this was one of the things mentioned during interviews about how Wonder Woman will influence future films. 

It doesn’t have the flat look of some Marvel movies, which that popular youtube mentioned. The black are still blacks but this time the color filters are tuned down to make the other colors stand out too.  

The change in coloring (color grading?) must have been studio mandated, WB seems to be playing things smart* now. They’re slowing down, pulling things together and course correcting when they need to. 

(*and yet still no confirmation about Patty Jenkins??? I’m watching you WB!)

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I'm so sick of seeing hate on Harry or Louis or Niall or Liam. But especially Harry because "he wanted the hiatus" like if you were being told what to do what to say and how to dress for 5 years, being unhappy for 5 years would you not suggest you leave that label and come back after a few years when you're happy and with a new label? Like Harry loved being in the band, he didn't love the management. Nobody aside from Z wanted to leave the band. Y'all need to fucking chill.

Yep, thank you. I bet this people who talk shit would’ve jumped on the chance for a break the second it showed up. They didn’t have time for nothing but work, albums, promo, tours one after the other non stop for years. Just take one look at how happy ALL of them are right now, how lighter they are. Doesn’t take a Einstein to notice it was a good decision. I miss 1D, a lot, but I look at how happy they are right now and all I think is “they deserve this so much" 

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I did notice the new film blog but she says she's a Larry How can she move Larries to actor Harry? I thought that was the job of the London Larries who're not being subtle about it? Also if your anon and you are right that Louis is being iron closetted by Sony & the Azoffs to suit Harry's career and is being set up to take the fall with then they cant be together any more surely & Harry must have turned into a monster? Who would allow that to happen to a lover of years to push their own career?

I don’t have an answer to what Harry’s true nature is anymore.

The new film larrie is part of the london larries. She was introduced the way they always do it. They give their blessing. They always bring someone in during a time of turbulence to shift the narrative and keep people happy. The talk has gone from “Harry would never be in a film, he’s a singer!” to “he is just doing this one project because it’s such a good opportunity, but he is a singer and would never want to do acting seriously” to “Look how good he is, he could have a career as an actor”  and now we get the expert to transition us into accepting it without fuss. They will tell us how fantastic this is. Doesn’t this feel fantastic? It’s so nice of them to always have an expert on hand right when we need it. Remember when yachtgate happened and Aaron showed up, with the blessing of the london larries. Also we happened to get a lawyer just when we needed to discuss the legalities of babygate. How convenient!

It’s such a pattern now I don’t know how anybody takes this seriously. You are going to be manipulated!

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(Most noticeable feature of your art) for me it would have to be how much CHARACTER just your style alone has. Instead of just the picture itself telling a story or creating a scene, your art style adds an entire new layer in and of itself. Its unique, you, and just right

i kept this in my ask for a while cu z i loved it so much thank u,,,so much

One thing I don’t know if cis people realize is how much of a confidence boost hearing people refer to you by your correct name is. Like, being validated and recognized as your correct gender is so important when you’re first transitioning, I feel. It’s something you notice every time it happens when you’re first coming out. You just feel your heart jolt when you hear your correct name or pronouns or gendered words. I can’t tell you how good it made me feel to be referred to openly as Erik or being called “sir.” It’s not something I really notice anymore, but I think it’s something to keep in mind when you have a recently out friend. Like, you need to know when it’s appropriate to use the name and pronouns they use, but when it is appropriate, it just feels so good.

And for baekhyun, yes he is the one with more younger fans and supposed favor of sm but the thing is, even though he has a personality that naturally attracts attention, he never takes it all by himself. Like i have noticed so many times when the MCs are only paying attention to baekhyun, he always makes mentions another member or brings them forward to join them. Like when they would appreciate his voice, he always mentions how good chens high notes are or how good kyungsoo is. Plus he puts so much effort into making things interesting for everyone and involving everyone. He would pull xiumin and sehun to the front, joke around with yixing and do everything to cheer up the fans. He truly is the mitochondria of exo when it comes to lifting the mood and everyone should be thankful for that.
And of course he sings like an angel.

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I was the anon who asked about the Gaara requests and, my friend, if it's not too much trouble could I get some headcanons on what you think would make Gaara's jealous side kick in and what he would do about/how he would handle said jealousy. Idk why but I like hearing people's ideas on that topic haha. Anywho hope you have a wonderful day <3

Hope you have a wonderful day too, Anon.


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  • Gaara picks up on little touches or body language. He’ll notice when other men hug you or ruffle your hair affectionately. To you it may not be anything serious or meaningful but to Gaara it can make that green eyed monster appear.
  • Especially for certain ninja who just have a flirty nature within their personality. Kiba, for example. Or someone who may not realise what boundaries are or realise how their actions may be seen to other people, like Naruto. Any sort of teasing or joking would probably send his mind into over drive.
  • Gaara would definitely trust you, but he doesn’t trust other ninja who spend a lot of time around you.
  • At first he’s worried because his job as Kazekage does have him spending a lot more time away from you and he wonders whether this would make you possibly look for someone new.
  • Gaara would definitely internalise a lot of jealousy. The doubts and fears in his mind eating away at him from the inside. What if he isn’t good enough, what if the other person is better looking. Those kinds of thoughts mean he might be quieter towards you or may even shy away from you slightly. He knows he’s an extremely busy person, mostly due to his job but this would just add to his jealousy with a fear that he’s been neglecting you and that’s why you are talking to other people.
  • Gaara has always been somewhat of an insomniac so you may not even notice he’s jealous or fearful of losing you because you’re used to seeing him up at random hours, when in fact he’s still thinking about his jealous thoughts and doubting himself.
  • Gaara may eventually ask for help from Temari or Kankuro, who would definitely try to reassure him and try to convince him to talk to his s/o about it instead of internalising everything.
  • When Gaara did talk to you about his jealous feelings, you’d be shocked at first. The thought of him being jealous never crossed your mind. Also the fact that he should have no reason to be jealous and that you only had eyes for him. A lot of reassuring would put Gaara’s mind at ease.

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I love how you got all sentimental about the keg and everyone else, ummmm, didn't lol

oh boy 😂 yeah, I noticed that too. I mean, I don’t blame anybody, it’s just not where my mind went. I saw and literally just – Jensen didn’t just post something cute and touching on Jared’s birthday, he arranged a surprise on national television for him. and yeah, it was a keg and that doesn’t seem super romantic or touching from a surface level look, but when you think about what the FBBC means to Jensen (think of the videos we have of him hands-on working on it, helping build it), the way we know Jared wanted to be involved but is limited legally so he can’t do too much, the dedication it took to get that keg from Austin to San Diego just for an appearance, the fact that it was the first official product. and he did it all for Jared. yeah, I loved the keg for that and that alone<3  

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What kind of creepy elements would you need when writing about a crazy ex-girlfriend coming back and stalking/harassing the new girlfriend?

I imagine that frankly, stalking and harassing are enough to be creepy. It’s all in the description of how you execute it! I’d recommend fragmented sentences to describe noticing her, or perhaps having the ex do or say some odd or disturbing things near the current one. Consider researching real life examples, if you’re comfortable with it!

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I never had a homstuck phase, but I did have an Undertale and Percy Jackson phase (both of which the actual stories are AMAZING but the fandoms r really cringey) and I still regret every decision made. I can't even look back at my posts due to how cringey they were.

// I never had a PJO phase but I did read the books and I LOVE THEM! (I can’t wait to finally read the Heroes of Olympus books tho) but I never felt like,,, strongly attached to it fandom wise… But undertale?? HOO boy that was like… My Homestuck phase part 2