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Guest: Part 4

I hope you enjoy this last piece from me. And, to answer your questions, YES, I will let you guys know if I end up going to the wedding with that guy. ;) I might pop in with life updates every few months, if something major happens.

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“Doesn’t have to be more complicated tonight, does it?”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” you nodded, quickly, “Take me home. Tonight isn’t going to be complicated.”

Harry smashed his lips against yours and you wrapped your hands around his neck, kissing him with every bit of strength you had in your body. Your fingers tangled in his hair, grasping at the shorter tendrils in the back while his hands gripped your hips.

You were suddenly angry that your house was still a half hour drive back from the wedding. You wanted Harry now and you weren’t sure if you would be able to wait.

As if sensing your thoughts, Harry pulled back and growled against your cheek.

“S’far away, your house. S’too far.”

“I know, but we can’t stay here.”

“Hotel,” he breathed, “Saw one down the road. I’ll pay.”

You had never hooked up with anyone in a hotel room before. Honestly, it seemed a bit sleazy, but that might have just been because of how many movies you had seen. Right now, you probably would have let him take you in a parked car, so a hotel sounded heavenly.

You nodded as Harry moved to let you hop down from the railing. He took your hand and you walked quickly across the grass until you reached the tent, quickly grabbing your things and saying goodbye to the people who were still left at your table. The short drive from the wedding venue to the hotel seemed like it took hours, but your heart started pounding even harder when Harry pulled into the dimly lit lot. Because there was a chance of Harry being recognized, you made a plan to put the room under your name and card, and then Harry would pay you back the next day “with interest”, he had added, smirking.

The older man behind the desk didn’t seem to care at all about what he was doing, and passed you the key as soon as he had your information. Harry had opted to wait outside until things were in place and then followed you down to the door of your room.

Your hands were shaking as you tried to put the key in the lock, but you finally managed to get it open. It was so late at night now that the room and surrounding area was deathly quiet and still and, as you and Harry stood in the doorway of the room, it suddenly hit you what was happening. Harry must have sensed your sudden nerves because you felt his arms wrap around your waist from behind and his chin come to rest in the crook of your neck.

“Havin’ second thoughts?”

You shook your head. “No. Just nerves. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Harry placed a sweet kiss to the side of your head and then shut the room door behind you.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do, right? Just because we have the room – “

“I want to,” you said, cutting him off and spinning around so you were facing him, “I just…want to make sure you still do? I guess?”

Harry chuckled and lowered his face until his lips hit yours.

“Nothin’ else I’d rather do, love.”

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something i’ve realized over the course of sense8 but which is also noticeable in jupiter ascending is that the wachowskis’ plots are different from any other plots i’ve ever seen because they both obviously think it’s really cool to be a woman. like a lot of stuff happens to and regarding women in wachowski movies that involves things like motherhood and periods and, in the case of nomi, taking hormones. and not obliquely! like, there is an actual shot of nomi taking her estrogen! and the whole thing with riley! and sun’s PMS! and that ridiculous scene in JA where jupiter puts the wrong side of a pad on her boyfriend’s wound, but look, that’s the only time i’ve ever seen a pad in a movie in my life. all this, and women’s bodies aren’t hidden or censored any more than men’s are. we get to see them be schlubby or hot or whatever, because their bodies are just cool bodies to have, conceptually, even when they aren’t hot. we get to see them have periods and have boobs and deal with having babies and not only is none of that ever treated like a reason they’re less tough or smart or complex than any of the men, but it’s never fetishized. it’s just…part of the story. and it never occurred to me, until i saw it presented that way, how fucking weird it is that so much of the experience of being a woman–any type of woman–has never come up in any movie i’ve ever seen before. but the wachowskis are just like, nope, we’re mentioning/showing Lady Stuff now, your body isn’t horrifically weird for some unspoken reason, it just works how it works and we take no issue with that! so thanks lilly & lana for letting jamie clayton do mind-blowing hacking nonsense in a grubby tank top and for mentioning periods more than probably any other filmmaker ever has or will


All my life, baby, the only thing I ever want to do is run away. What kind of mama is that? I wish I could feel other things, baby. Like excitement that you’re with me now or faith that I’ll be a good mama, even if my life ain’t such a good place and the world as I see it ain’t so pretty like they’d have you believe in this book. Anyway, I’m writing this letter to you. It sounds more like a letter to me, don’t it? Love, Mama.

Waitress (2007)  - dir.  Adrienne Shelly


Warning: This isn’t like my usual imagines. This imagine is based off of the novel ‘American Psycho’ by Brett Easton Ellis, and if you’ve read or heard of it, you’ll know it’s very controversial. I tried to keep it mild because, obviously, no one asked for this and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, I know some people may be quick to get judgemental. This isn’t supposed to offend, scare, mock or anything of the sort, it’s merely a piece of fiction inspired by another. With that, please be aware but also, enjoy it.

PS. If you don’t like it or are offended or whatever, don’t come at me; I warned you and you carried on reading. Enjoy💗

Justin’s P.O.V

She lays with her head on my lap, her hair sprawls out and contrasts with my washed out jeans. I feel dizzy but I keep my focus on her to steady myself, it only just works.

The TV plays across the room, meaning there’s no need for us to make any kind of conversation. It means I can sit and stroke her hair, feeling her shiver beneath me. It gives me great pleasure to feel her body jolt whenever my fingers touch her scalp.

Her feet twitch at the edge of the bed, she lets them sway gently and curls her toes every so often. It’s a sight I’m familiar with and I’m taken back to the previous week when I managed to make them curl in the exact same way by pounding her with no remorse, I remember having to hold back from ripping her to shreds from beneath me.

My eyes coming back into focus, I realise I’m not paying even the slightest bit of attention to the TV but rather thinking of all the ways I could use the new power drill I purchased last night. So far, I’ve thought of six.

I’m not sure what we’re watching, but it’s quiet and calm - although, in my head it’s a completely different story - and I’m happy to sit doing nothing besides watching the white walls of [Y/N]’s bedroom, thinking they’d look a lot more appealing if they were dripping red.

I’m guessing the movie is a slasher; the loud thuds of non-diegetic music as the poor, defenceless girl creeps cautiously around the conveniently destroyed and abandoned building pours through the speakers.

It all happens so fast, much to my disappointment. I’m suddenly paying attention and watching with bated breath. Does she die? How? Knife in the stomach? Decapitated? I hope [Y/N] doesn’t feel my body stiffen.

She jumps when the killer takes a stab, meanwhile, I clench my fists. The fake blood and the shrill sounds of screaming awakens something in me and I can feel a wave of heat wash over me.

I abandon [Y/N]’s hair in fear of grabbing it too hard and instead, place them at my sides. They turn white from being balled so tightly while the girl on the screen writhes on the floor pathetically. [Y/N] is watching behind her hands now.

She looks up at me and for that moment, the world seems okay. “How can you watch this so casually? Are you not scared?” she whines and I smile.

I think about all the things I could tell her, about what I’ve seen, heard, done, and immediately decide against it; it’s selfish but I refuse to let her leave.

“It’s all fake, and not to mention, inaccurate. It’d take her a lot longer than that to die by a couple of mediocre stabs to the neck, and the blood is clearly paint. Blood’s thick, but not that thick,“ I say and think back to the night I fell deep - deeper than usual - into my typical spiral and ended up in my neighbour’s kitchen, drinking the blood from his neck after having used my - at the time - brand new pocket knife. It was bitter and left an unusual aftertaste but the kill was satisfactory.

“I know that,” she rolls her eyes, although I know she probably didn’t know. “But it’s still scary, the thought of it, you know?”

It’s humorous to me that she’s frightened by child’s play; whoever created, directed, produced and even starred in this sad excuse for a horror movie had clearly never slashed open a man’s stomach and scooped his insides out; they went about portraying it all wrong. Despite this, it’s sending my bloodlust into a frenzy and I’m thinking about asking her if I can borrow it sometime.

“The thought of what?” I ask, interested.

“Just.. murder. Killing someone. Having so much blood on your hands. I could never do it, I care too much.” She seems to go into some sort of mini trance and I grin, wondering what beautifully tragic images are going through her mind. I wish I could play with her brain and see what she’s seeing.

That’s why I love her - I think I do, I can’t really feel much, but I think I’m as close to being in love as I’ll ever be - she’s kind and delusional and thinks people are good. She’s innocent and pure and I sometimes struggle to keep it that way - sometimes my mind’s foggy and I have to leave before I ruin her.

“That’s because you’re angel,” I mutter and I can see her shy away, making me grin. I run my fingers along the side of her face and I catch sight of dry blood under my fingernails from last night, I make a mental note to wash my hands again.

“You are, too,” she replies and I try to stop myself from cackling. I think she notices because she frowns. “You’re too good for this world.. too good for me.”

She’s delusional, all right. She says I’m too for this world but I’m not ‘too good’ for anything, I’m not even ‘good’. I feel moved by her failure to see through my heavy guard.

“What if I told you that just last night, I had a girl’s head on my coffee table while her headless body lay limp in the kitchen? Would your opinion change?” I smirk and her eyes widen.

“Don’t even joke about that!” she slapped my chest with the back of her hand. She wasn’t scared, or even paying attention to the movie anymore. “You’ve got a sick sense of humour, Justin, you know that?”

“I do, indeed.” But my sense of humour actually feeds on puns and knock-knock jokes, the girl’s head was still on the coffee table as I left for work this morning and, unless it grew legs and took off, was probably still there now. The body is currently on its way to London, Tokyo, Canada, Switzerland, and many other places across the globe, in tiny pieces.

“I love you,” she says, looking at me with a strong look in her eyes that told me she meant it. I’m sure my heart would’ve began to beat rapidly if that kind of thing was what kick started it, and I suppose, if it functioned properly.

“I love you too,” I trace her eyebrows with my finger, doing the same with her eyes, nose and lips - they’re wet under my finger and I lick my own involuntarily.

I often think about the ‘L’ word. It’s supposedly powerful although I’ve never seen the hype. So what if your boyfriend doesn’t love you back? So what if your mom has never said she loves you? Fuck them. And no one really cares how much you love your new Summer dress or how in love you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Love is helpless and hopeless, it’s nothing important, really.

Actions speak louder than words, which is why I prefer to kill the people who arise the anger in me; it’s like saying 'you’re an annoying bastard’ without actually having to open your mouth.

“I’ve missed half the movie now,” she mutters before shifting her gaze from me to the TV that shows a sobbing man on his knees, a high camera angle has been used, probably to portray his weakness. He’ll probably be dead in the next few minutes and I watched silently.

I’m right. The killer returns once more and takes their time raising the knife to stab the man in the chest. Lust seeps into every inch of my body and I remind myself of rain against the windows and expensive ice cream and hot food in Winter afternoons, just to distract myself from the fog clouding my mind.

Sweat forms at my hairline and I find myself growling quietly. Thankfully, it doesn’t draw any attention, even when I begin to shake lightly, she doesn’t notice. I force myself to take deep breaths but I know from past experiences that it does nothing.

My heart is thumping in my chest and I know I have to excuse myself before I explode and grab the small but sharp knife in my coat pocket.

“Baby, I’m just gonna go get a drink. You.. want anything? Water? Coke? A glass of blood?” I grin and she rolls her eyes. I try not to focus on the one drop of sweat that strokes my skin.

“Tempting, I must say,” she jokes, and I immediately have vivid images of her soaked in blood, although not her own of course, and I sigh. “Water, please.”

I nod and make my way out of her bedroom, trailing my fingertips along the wall before jogging down the stairs. It’s dark downstairs but the lamp in the corner gives it a yellow tinge.

I hum the theme of Halloween as I reach the kitchen. The room comes to life when I flip the switch and I make my way to the top cupboard. Almost taking the door off its hinges, I grab the open bottle of Vodka from the darkness of the shelf, I only know that because I opened it a few nights ago.

I down it without remorse, feeling it burn and take away the bad in my brain. I had two choices; I could down the rest of this and return upstairs, I’d probably be able to last without spiralling until I left if I made some excuse as to why I can’t stay over tonight. Or I could leave now and find the next breathing thing to take home and satisfy my terrible desires.

As I fight with my own mind, I chug the vodka without having to tell myself to and it’s as though I’ve already decided what I’m going to do. Once only a quarter of the bottle is left I put it back and feel like brand new. I’m able to make my way, slowly, back up to her room.

She’s laid as she was when I left. Her hands rest, clasped together, on her stomach while her boobs curve out in a way that compliments her greatly.

I smile as I sit down back where I was, she lifts her head so she can rest it in my lap again. She’s looking up at me expectantly and I frown.

“Water?” she asks carefully. Her fingers tap together on her stomach and I notice her nails are polished and gleaming, unlike mine.

That’s when I realise I was focused so much on creating a buzz in my mind that I forgot to bring her water. I cursed myself mentally.

“Oh.. I, uh, I.. forgot.”

She chuckles and take my hand in hers. “You do that a lot,” she says and I realise I do. Although I’m pretty good at remembering how many stab wounds I gave that man in New York last year, and how many screams left the other man’s mouth while the chainsaw pierced his skin, I wonder how I’d forgotten her water.

“My apologies, I’ll go get you it.” I’m ready to stand but she doesn’t move her head. I don’t want to have to move it myself in case a rush washes over me and I end up snapping her neck.

“No, it’s okay. Stay.” I can see her cheek being attacked from the inside by her teeth and I watch it happen, wanting to be the one biting her.

“As you wish,” I grin but I know she shouldn’t want me around, it’s one of the many moments I’m with her where I think of breaking it off. She can’t want me, at least she shouldn’t.

But I’m thirsty for her, and even though I have to be cautious and work around the late hours of my bloodlust, I want her, more than I’ve ever wanted anything - the liberating feeling of pushing a knife through the surface of the human skin, the sound of women’s screams, the drugs, the alcohol, the taste of skin in my teeth, I want her more than any of that and I know I’m capable of keeping her with me forever.

“Hey, Mags?”

Maggie looked up from where she was laying on Alex’s bed, her nose having been buried in an astronomy book for the last half hour, and focused her blurry gaze on her friend, who had been just moments ago entirely focused on her biology homework but was now staring at Maggie with something like trepidation in her eyes. (Ten points for SAT word, Sawyer, her brain supplied).

“What’s up?” Maggie asked, pushing herself up into a sitting position. Her spine cracked slightly at the change in position and she grunted. “I’m getting old,” she murmured.

Alex snorted. “You’re only sixteen,” she pointed out.

“And a half,” Maggie rebutted. “Seriously though, what’s up?”

Alex looked down at her lap for half a second before turning her gaze back to Maggie’s. “You like girls, right?”

Maggie furrowed her brow. “Yes…” she said. “That’s what the word ‘lesbian’ means, Alex. We’ve been over this, like, multiple times. You said you were cool with it.” Maggie had come out less than a year ago and Alex had never really seemed to mind the fact that she liked girls. In fact, Alex was like 90% of her support system. Her parents were the other 10% but they hadn’t really warmed up to the idea yet. Her father still believed she’d bring home a boy one day and tell them it was just a fluke and that she’d been straight all along.

Like that would happen.

“I am cool with it!” Alex insisted. “I’m totally cool with it. One hundred percent. Totally cool. Like ice cold.”

Maggie snorted. “Yeah, you’re the Ice Cube of allies,” she teased. “So what’s up, cool cat? Why did you wanna confirm my attraction to girls? You’re not trying to set me up again, are you?”

“What? No!” Alex huffed. “Besides, you’re way too picky.”

“The last girl you set me up with asked for a lock of my hair on the first date, Alex. You should probably raise you’re standards if you think I was in the wrong to break it off.”

“Whatever,” Alex huffed, waving it off. “Not the point.”

“Then please get to it, already; I have a test tomorrow.”

“You could’ve just taken biology with me. Less tests.”


“Right. So you’ve, erm, kissed girls before, haven’t you?”

“Uh, yeah,” Maggie replied. “I have. You know I have. You’ve seen it.” Alex had been pretty much the third wheel when Maggie invited her now-ex, Ramona, to their movie night. She’d had to watch the two girls make out halfway through Star Wars. She’d made faces at them until they stopped.

“Right,” Alex said, her cheeks heating up at the memory. “So you, um, know how to do it right?”

“I guess so? I’ve never had any complaints.” Maggie grinned, cockily. She’d kissed six girls, total, since coming out. And it was always great. For them, anyway. There’s been one or two she would not want another experience with. “Why?”

“Well…you’re kind of like a boy then, right?”

Maggie just stared at Alex for a long time, unblinking. Then she narrowed her eyes. “Okay,” she said, “this can go one of two ways. 1. I walk out of here right now and we never speak of this again. Or 2. I punch you in the face for comparing me to a boy just because I like to kiss girls. Your pick.”

“Mags, that’s not what I…” Alex sighed. “I just meant that I, uh, kissed Jordan yesterday.”

“Um, okay? So?”

“So I…I think he’s doing it wrong?”

“Doing it wrong? How do you do that wrong?”

Alex shrugged. “I have no idea. He’s the only boy I’ve ever kiss and I’m pretty sure I’m the only girl he’s ever even been near, so…” She shook her head. “It just feels…wrong. And sloppy. Like he doesn’t really know where to put his lips, you know.”

“Okay, so what does that have to do with me?” Maggie asked.

“Well,” Alex said, looking back down at her lap, “I was kinda hoping you’d, um…showmehowtodoitright!”

“Huh?” Maggie asked, tilting her head.

Alex swallowed thickly. “Show me how to kiss right,” she said far more slowly, not meeting Maggie’s eyes. “This way, I know how it’s supposed to be done. For the next time. Not with Jordan, though.” She made a face and Maggie snorted.

“You sure you wanna kiss me?” she asked. “I mean, you might accidentally fall in love with me if you do.”

Alex scoffed. “So humble.”

Maggie snickered. “But, seriously,” she said. “Are you sure?”

Alex nodded, resolutely. “I need to know that it’s not just me,” she said. “Besides, you’re my best friend. Who better to teach me?”

“I guess…” Maggie said. “As long as you’re sure about this.”

“I am,” Alex insisted, rolling her chair closer. “Now go ahead; lay one on me!” She close her eyes and leaned forward, missing the way Maggie rolled hers and took a small breath before leaning in as well.

She hesitated for only a second before planting her lips on Alex’s, letting out an involuntary sigh as they touched. She pulled back a second later. “Your lips are really soft,” Maggie commented. “What kind of chapstick–”

“Can we talk about that later, please?” Alex sighed.

“Right.” Maggie dove back in, pressing her lips against Alex’s again and reaching out to grasp at her waist as she felt her start to roll away on the chair. Their lips moved hesitantly against one another’s, feeling each other out for a while, before Alex became a little bolder, her tongue poking out to swipe along Maggie’s lower lip. Maggie inhaled sharply.

“Sorry,” Alex said, pulling back. “Was that okay?”

“More than okay,” Maggie chuckled. “You’re a quick learner.”

Alex snorted. “I have a pretty good teacher,” she said as she leaned in again. This time, her lips were slightly parted when they touched Maggie’s and her hands reached tentatively for Maggie’s dimpled cheeks, stroking them with her thumbs as her other fingers tangled in the tendrils of Maggie’s hair.

It felt…nice.

When there was a knock at the door, Alex practically shoved Maggie off the bed as she flew back to her desk. The door opened a second later and Alex’s younger sister, Kara, popped her head in.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said, barely registering the flustered looks on the girls’ faces. “Eliza wants to know if you’re staying for dinner, Maggie.”

“Um, not tonight,” Maggie replied, praying that her face wasn’t as beet red as it felt. “Maybe another time. I should get home actually.” She tucked her Astronomy book back into her book bag and slipped her feet into her sneakers, before walking to the bed and giving Alex a goodbye hug as the other girl stood as well. “See you, tomorrow, Alex,” she said, as casually as possible.

“Yeah,” Alex replied. “See ya, Mags. Thanks for your help.”

Maggie gave her a dimpled grin. “Anytime, Danvers.” She patted Kara on the head as she made her way out. “Little Danvers.”

“I’m taller than both of you!” Kara sniffed, crossing her arms over her chest as she glared after Maggie. Alex laughed as she stood and wrapped her arms around Kara.

“Aww, my big little sister!” she cooed, teasingly.

“Alex!” Kara groaned. “I could throw you out a window, you know.”

“But you won’t,” Alex replied, confidently. “Because you loooooove me.”

“Rao knows why,” Kara huffed, but didn’t resist as her sister led her out of the room and downstairs.

A couple days later, Alex and Maggie were once again doing homework together.

Then Alex sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Maggie asked.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Alex replied, not looking up from her history book. Maggie glanced up at her from her copy of Lord of the Flies, narrowing her eyes on the back of Alex’s head. She stared for a long moment until Alex finally turned around in her chair. “Fine,” she huffed and Maggie smirked, tossing the book to the side and sitting up on the bed. “I kissed Max.”

“Maxwell Lord?” Maggie wrinkled her nose. “Ew, why?”

“He’s supposed to be a good kisser!” Alex exclaimed. “That’s what Farrah said, anyway. And Colbie. And Jessica. And–”

“I get it,” Maggie said. “He’s kissed a lot of girls. Let’s move on. Did you like it? Was he better than Jordan?”

“Objectively…yes,” Alex admitted. “But it still felt like there was something missing.”

“Like what?” Maggie asked.

“Im not sure,” Alex sighed. “It just didn’t feel…right. Like with Jordan. There’s just something here I’m missing and I have no idea what it is.” She sighed, slumping in her chair. “It’s annoying as hell, though.”

They were silent for a long moment.

“Hey, Alex?”


“How does it feel…when I kiss you?”

Alex stared at her for a long time as a flush crept up her neck and colored her cheeks. “Um,” she said, swallowing thickly. “It…it felt…good?”

“Gee, I’m flattered,” Maggie teased, gently. “Did it feel better than kissing Jordan or Max?” She waited patiently for Alex to respond.

Eventually, the other girl nodded. “Yeah,” she said. “M-much better, actually.”

“Aww, now I’m really flattered,” Maggie teased again, laughing as Alex rolled her eyes. “But, really, what do you suppose that means?”

“That I…don’t like kissing Jordan and Max?”

“And?” Maggie’s voice was soft and her eyes were comforting as they held Alex’s gaze.

“I kinda like kissing you?” Alex said after a long wait.

“Kinda?” Maggie snorted.

“Hey!” Alex argued. “You like kissing me, too.”

Maggie shrugged. “You got me there,” she said, smiling wide so that her dimples appeared deep in her cheeks. “I do like kissing you. But I’m gay, so…”

“Are you saying…that I’m gay?” Alex asked. She swallowed thickly, her breathing becoming shallow.

“I’m not saying anything,” Maggie replied, still ever so gentle. “That’s all up to you. Maybe you just like kissing me and I happen to be a girl. Maybe, if you kissed another girl, you’d like it, too. But I don’t have the right to label you anything. Or make your decisions for you. Only you have that kind of power.”

“So can I decide not to like girls?” Alex asked.

Maggie sighed. “If only it were that simple,” she said. “No. You cannot decide whether or not you like girls. You can, however, decide whether to act on those feelings. But take it from somebody who knows; suppressing those feelings takes a lot out of you.”

Alex nodded slowly, looking down at her lap, deep in thought. She stayed like that for a long moment as Maggie watched the gears spin in her head. Alex had always been so smart; a problem solver. If given enough time, Maggie was certain she could solve equations even Einstein hadn’t been able to crack. This was just one of those times.

After a while, Alex nodded, then looked back up at Maggie as she stood up and strode across the room, plopping right down next to her on the bed. “What if I said the only girl I wanted to kiss was you?” she asked. “Would you be okay with that?”

Maggie’s eyes widened momentarily, before they crinkled as a wide grin spread over her lips. “Well,” she said, “I think I could learn to live with that. I mean, if you’re sure…” She searched Alex’s eyes as her heart pounded in her chest.

Alex rolled her eyes. “Shut up and kiss me, Sawyer,” she huffed, tugging on the color of Maggie’s shirt and bringing their lips together.

Maggie was only too happy to oblige.

Dwight - Bad-ass Nerd

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Imagine that you are Negan’s best friend. You are a total bad-ass and a nerd and Dwight surprises you by bringing you a stack of comics back from a run and he blushes when you give him a kiss on the cheek and Negan teases him about it.

Dwight x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warning - Swearing


You had been Negan’s best friend since before the world went to shit and he taught you how to fight and defend yourself before so you were one of the best people in his group. The only other person in the group that you were fairly close to was Dwight, he knew how much of a nerd you were and teased you about it but he would never pick a fight with you or get on your wrong side. He had seen how that had gone down for some of the other men in the past.

Chapter 1

“Negan, that’s bullshit. You can’t tell me you have never seen a superhero movie?” you were sat with your best  friend with a glass of whisky in your hand. “Y/N, I love you and I know you’re int all that shit but I have never seen a superhero movie and before you ask I have not read the fucking comics. Didn’t read them before and definitely ain’t gonna read them now.” 

“Where the fuck is everyone? It’s so fucking quiet”

“Dwight’s on a run with some of the other men, the women are doing their own thing, other men are on duty and I’m here with you listening to you talk about your fucking comic books, again” you rolled your eyes at the man in front of you.

“Well the only other person I can annoy about this shit is Dwight and he ain’t here”

Time skip (Around two hours later)

You were stood in the kitchen making yourself some dinner when a voice you didn’t recognize interrupted you. “Hi there gorgeous. What ya doin’?” you looked over your shoulder at the man. He must be new here. “And you are?”

He held his hand out towards you and you shook it gently, “I’m Dave, I’m new here and I gotta say you are one sexy thing” he still had hold of your hand so he pulled you towards him and started running his hands up and down your body. “I suggest you let go Dave” you whispered through your teeth. “Oh, and why’s that gorgeous?” you smiled innocently at him “I will kick your fucking ass if you don’t let me go” he just laughed “Sure sweetheart, I’m sure someone like you could not fight a guy like me” when he said this you grabbed his wrist in a tight grip and spun him round so you had him in a tight arm lock. Then you kicked his legs from under him so toppled onto the floor, when he tried to grab your ankle and pull you down you stepped on his arm and broke it, then you broke his nose when he got up and tried to grab you again. You knew Negan and the others would be here soon, you weren’t exactly quiet while beating the shit out of the guy.

“You ever fucking touch me again and I will do so much more than break you arm and your nose. I will fucking kill you, asshole” Dave just looked up at you with a bloody nose and broken arm. “That is why I don’t fuck with you” you looked up from Dave to see Dwight and Negan stood in the kitchen door. “I know Dwight because this is what happens if you fuck with me.” You smiled at the two men sweetly and innocently.

Chapter 2

Negan had taken care of this Dave guy and you were now sat with him and Dwight having a drink. “How was your run Dwight?” he looked at you as you spoke to him. “Good, got a lot of food. Oh that reminds me I brought something back for you” you watched with furrowed brows as Dwight left you to go get this thing he got you.

Dwight came back a couple of minutes later with a bag in his hand. “Here, it’s in the bag” you looked at Dwight with a confused look and Negan looked rather amused. When you opened the bag you saw a huge stack of comics inside and pulled the stack out. “Oh my fucking God, Dwight I love them. Thank you” you stood up and walked over to him and placed a kiss on his cheek before you walked back to your room. You didn’t see the light blush that appeared on Dwight’s cheeks as you walked away.

“Shit Dwight. You look like a fucking tomato. Does someone have a crush on Y/N?” Negan teased.

“Shut up Negan. I don’t have a crush, just thought she’d like them is all”

“Yeah sure, Your mouth says one thing but your face says another. You totally fucking like her. Shit. This is gonna be so much fucking fun” Dwight blushed again as he thought about you and the kiss you gave him.


Exo reaction to: Getting caught in action

Second reaction in my list! Hope you guys like it! 

~ Marie, xx


Xiumin: He was on top of you, kissing your neck, being all rough, just like he knew you loved it. His hands were all over your body as he thrusted in and out of you. But he was soon stopped when your bedroom door flew open, revealing Chanyeol in the door frame. The tall boy screamed and covered his eyes. 

“MY EYES, HYUNG!” screamed Chanyeol before running away.
“Chanyeol you are dead!” yelled Xiumin

Baekhyun: You were both naked, discovering each other’s bodies whilst in the midst of a heated makeout session. Baekhyun pushed you up against the dorm wall, grabbing your bum to slip your legs around his waist. He entered you without hesitation. In the middle of all the action, Kai walked in as if nothing was happening, until he lifted his eyes. His eyes went wide and he just left without a word. Baekhyun smirked at you. *GIF*

“Now he knows your mine”

Chanyeol: You were both in the living area of the dorm, whilst the boys were out in town for a drink. Chanyeol wasn’t feel so good that night so he stayed back and invited you over. You ended up making unholy things on the couch. As he was over you, being a moaning mess, someone started unlocking the dorm door and the boys were already all in before you could cover yourselves. *GIF*

“Hey Chan…oh…OKAY LET’S LEAVE GUYS!” yelled Xiumin, ordering to the others to leave. Chanyeol hid his face in your neck and when the boys all left, you went together in his bedroom and locked the door.

Kai: You had taking control over Kai that night. You were on top of him, taking control whilst riding him, just like he loved you to do. You threw your head back as you were both moaning and screaming each other’s names.

“Kai! I need help with…Fuck” was all you heard when Lay walked in uninvited. You blushed and stopped and Kai just kind of stared at Lay, clearly telling him to leave the room before he’d punch his face.

Chen: This dirty bastard had made you scream since the beginning of the night. You had been a tease during the evening, so he decided he’d have his way with you for the night. You were on your hands and knees, begging for Chen and he was having a mad pleasure in making you beg. But D.O decided to ruin the mood by walking in and getting paralyzed for a minute. 

“Uh…I think I’m going to leave” he said before leaving. 
“Well…that was a mood killer” Chen added, giving you one last gentle slap on your bum.

D.O: You were going down on him since he had had a rough day at work. He had told you that the other boys had left to get some food, so you surely had more than enough time to have a little fun together. You pulled his pants down and gave him a little fun with your hands and mouth. His fingers were tangled in your hair and he was a moaning mess. But you didn’t realize that the others had came in early. Chen walked in his bedroom. 

“Soo! Dinner is…woah, okay, sorry!” The young man blushed and hid his eyes. “I shouldn’t have seen that! Fuck!” and he left the bedroom. Kyungsoo was quite amused with what had just happened, but he still stopped you and pulled you up. 
“Let’s go eat love”

Lay: Lay hadn’t realized how loud you were during the evening. It only started as a simple movie night for the both of you. One thing led to another and now he was on top of you, eating you out like never before. He loved hearing you moan his name. What he didn’t know, was that the walls of the dorm were incredibly thin and everyone could hear what you were doing. The boys started knocking on the walls. 

“We can hear you guys! Shut up!” someone yelled. 
“Oops, I don’t think they like hearing you as much as I do princess” Lay said to you, kissing your thighs.

Suho: Suho had been so romantic since the beginning of the night. He had taken you out of a date, payed you everything you wanted and when you came home, he had lit some candles in his bedroom, so you decided to reward him. You unzipped your dress and let it fall to your feet, revealing your beautiful body in special underwear. He smiled and pulled you on the bed with him before starting what was planned. His lips were sucking on the sensible skin on your shoulder, leaving a dark mark. Unfortunately, Sehun had to walk in without knocking. The young man leaned on the door frame and smirked. 

“Mind if I join in?” The leader asked. Suho looked up at him and back at you, he was surprised to see you motion to Sehun to come join both of you in your shared bed.

Sehun: He was being so aggressive and incredibly attractive as he was having his way with you. He was being touchy and firm, grabbing your bum and hips, guiding you in every new position. You were riding him, following his will until Suho walked in and was in shock. He wasn’t too sure on how to react to what he was seeing. 

“U-Uhm…uh…sorry” He mumbled before leaving. 
“You better leave” Sehun said, closing the door again and coming back to you. “So…where were we?” He smirked.

I hope you all liked this! I plan on writing more! Don’t hesitate to request anything from ships to scenarios and reactions! I love you all!


~ Marie, xx

believe in the good ✗ part one

A/N: okay so this part one of a two-shot i’m working on! i hope you guys like it! feedback is always appreciated :))

It was hard not to like her.

She was Riley Matthews. The girl who had a heart of gold and believed the best in everyone.

When almost everyone told her not to date the resident bad boy, Lucas Friar, due to his reputation with girls and his way-too-charming way of his words, she ignored them and insisted they were judging him too quickly. So other than what she had been told by others, she really had no reason to say no when he asked her for a date. She wanted to give him a chance, so of course, she did.

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Sleepsong - Cassian/Jyn

Title: Sleepsong

Pairing: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 1086

PROMPT: Cassian and Jyn after the beach.

Originally posted by rebelscaptain

(A/N: Slight spoilers (it’s mentioned very vaguely, but still) and fluff. Some much, much needed fluff…)

(A/A/N: Upon seeing the movie my friend pointed out to me, and I quote them here: “I have never seen you chant “be straight, be straight” at two main characters before…it was quite shocking”)

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By Akira Kurosawa (ca. 1980)

Some twenty-odd years ago, I saw a picture, titled Shadows, in Paris at the recommendation of Mr. Henri Langlois, Miss Mary Meerson and Miss Lotte Eisner of Cinemateque.

In the screening room, I was told that the young man who made the picture was present, but when I said I wish to meet him because I was so impressed with the quality of the picture, he ran away through the corridor without a word. I was puzzled of his action, and Mr. Langlois told me that he was being shy.

I know then that the wonderful talent which I saw in Shadows will be displayed in the motion picture industries of the world someday, and waited to hear about him. I have been mystified as I hadn’t recalled ever hearing about him until today.

I was all wrong. It was just my being in Japan that I didn’t hear about him. I was not aware that talents of Mr. Cassavetes have been highly acclaimed in the U.S. for sometime. That’s all there was to it.

When I learned that Gloria was made by the man who made Shadows, I was so happy and excited that I found myself clapping my hands. I wasn’t happy only because I felt that my judgement of him was proved right, but also because I thought that my long belief, that truly great talents will never stay buried, was proved right.

That young man I saw in the screening room of Cinemateque must now be over 50 years of age. However, the young and fresh film-making senses I saw in Shadows are still there in Gloria.

I think the beauty in the way sequences are executed and how they are put together is a natural thing—that the man was born with it.

I have seen many good movies and I have been impressed and moved many times before. But the excitement I felt in the screening room of Columbia where I saw Gloria was something special. Perhaps, it was because I felt the same kind of excitement over twenty-odd years ago in the screening room of Cinemateque, and because I could feel the same sort of excitement after such a long interval.

T Feature: Superstardom -- Kris Wu


During these two years, Kris Wu has showcased to us
His extraordinary points, as a singer, as an actor,
As an idol representing this generation.

In the special issue of T Magazine’s October issue,
We present, in modern day China,
One of the most popular young idols - Kris Wu

On a summer evening, at the Huangpu river in Shanghai, in a place I have been to at least a hundred times, a studio where I had shot countless of celebrities before, but this evening it was somewhat a little different. During the weekends, young people could be seen lounging around the empty lobby, some even sitting by the steps at the roadside. These young people’s faces had no traces of agitation or restlessness, and they merely sat there quietly, from time to time gathering in groups of three to five to chat. Like the parents waiting daily outside schools to fetch their children, the waiting made them feel at ease.

They waited for at least four to five hours, as they had been waiting for their “child” Kris Wu, who was upstairs getting his makeup done, followed with the cover shoot for this issue.

Such a scene is commonplace in Kris Wu’s world.  As one of the most popular young idols currently, his every song and movie is able to create social impact, and his every public appearance is able to generate a crowd as intense as roaring flood waters. Before knocking and opening the dressing room door, I had thought up several exaggerated scenarios, but instead was greeted with the sight of a coffee table packed with packaged takeout boxes. After a polite exchange of greetings, handshake and introduction (“I am Kris Wu.”, he said – as if he had a need to), Kris Wu merely requested gently to the nearby staff for water, not taking a glance at the tableful of takeout dinner. He leaned on the sofa with his arm on it as support, and invitingly gestured for me to take a seat. After which, he chose a suitable position, sitting side by side next to me, and at the same time letting me see his 45 degrees look which turns thousands of fans into a frenzy.

Although it was summer, he was currently sporting a thick woollen coat (later on found out that he was dressed in this manner because the air conditioning was too cold, and the remote could not be found at that moment). Dressed in only black and midnight blue, his look was extremely befitting that of a “cold pretty boy” type of character from a shojo manga – until the next moment, when he noticed the Apple watch I was wearing was encased in a casing with Mickey Mouse ears, like the young guys his age, 25 year old Kris Wu let out a curious yet joyful expression.

His name may be “Yi Fan (ordinary)”, but this 1.87m tall, solemn-eyed, slender-fingered boy is anything but. Of course, he was not merely inherently born with good looks. During the interview, he was quick in response, with logic and clarity. He maintained a fast but uniform pace of speech, his voice loud and clear, answering sincerely with self confidence, and in full.

On the second day of this interview, the adapted film of popular youth novel <Sweet Sixteen> premiered in theatres. Rebellious but righteous Xiaofei in <Mr Six> and passionate, sunny Cheng Zheng who had everything he wanted in <Never Gone> all reflected bits of Kris Wu himself. But as for “Xiamu”, Kris Wu admitted when when he was young, his personality was “more alike to Xiamu’s”. “When I was young I was an introverted child, and didn’t like talking much. Xiamu is a kid who keeps to himself, and is withdrawn. The young me is probably a little like that, of course that was when I was very young, when I grew up I wan’t like that any more.”  He said, <Sweet Sixteen> was it was more of a “film of crime and romance” and not so much a “film of youth”.  "Personally, I feel that this is a more alternative genre of youth film, as it is extremely dark. It’s….really good.“

<Mr Six> re-introduced us to Kris Wu as an actor. However, the success of “Xiao Fei” is not mere coincidence nor specially created for him. “Xiao Fei’s head of silver-white hair is my contribution to the appearance of the character. Other than that, I am solely, to the best of my ability, performing according to the script, and aiming to portray the character well.“ Be it facing the script or being on set in person, Kris Wu has always maintained a "student”’s attitude. “Films are an actor’s artistic creation. It is an actor’s duty to fulfil the director’s request to the best that they can.”

An actor – Kris Wu right now already has enough confidence to describe himself as such. During these two years after returning to China to develop his career, Kris Wu who started off as a singer has taken on the challenge of different characters, role after role, exploring his potential as an actor. Is this something that came about as of late? Or was it as a result of his most initial dream? “It’s because since young I have had an interest in filming!” Kris Wu replied firmly, “Even before receiving movie offers, I have expressed in interviews that I "hoped to become an actor.” This is also why in the short span of these few years I have managed to film so many movies, as acting has completely filled up my schedule.“

What is the greatest joy that acting has given him? "The most meaningful area,” he said, “Is that when the character that I portray appears on the big screen, there will be people who like the character, like the movie because you played that role – and not because you are Kris Wu.” He describes the genre of films that he is into lately as the “mind-boggling” type. “The best would be those where I do not understand after watching it the first time, and would need to ponder it repeatedly, and finally looking up all kinds of hidden meanings online…”

As an actor, in Kris Wu’s own words, one has to “follow instructions very closely”, and on set, do everything according to the director’s orders. “The director is the soul of each movie. As an actor, what I need to do is to become a blank piece of canvas before the director, letting him paint and decorate.” He said, “At any point in time, I will submit myself to the director.” Upon meeting the bold and imaginative Tsui Hark, Kris Wu started to feel the fresh joy of personal creativity. In the film <Journey to the West: Demon Chapter> produced by Stephen Chow and directed by Tsui Hark, Kris Wu acted as the role of “Tang Seng”. “Lao Ye ("Elder Master” - referring to Tsui Hark) has given me much freedom, usually he would just let me portray the character in my style. He is extremely supportive of me to try out more [ways of character portrayal]. Trying out more may result in reaping unexpected results.“

<Valerian>, directed by Luc Besson, is an international film which Kris Wu participated in, and was his first time acting in a science fiction movie. Kris Wu said, he recalled that the director had brought up several times, if <The Fifth Element> was a director’s initial cut trailer, and <Lucy> was the final trailer, now would be the time for the actual movie, and that film would be <Valerian>. The film is an adaptation of Luc Besson’s favourite comic, starring supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne and Hollywood "fresh meat” Dane DeHaan, with an unusual, extraordinary guest lineup which includes pop diva Rihanna and jazz musician Herbie Hancock.

On this film set, Kris Wu experienced the excellent efficiency and prompt scheduling of an international production. He affectionately called Luc Besson “Director Luc”. “Director Luc has invested an enormous amount of effort into this film.” On the topic of Luc Besson, Kris Wu, born when <Nikita> premiered, revealed that he was a long-time fan of Besson. <Leon: The Professional> is one of my favourite films.“ He said, "When I watched <Fifth Element> I was very young, upon seeing some of the aliens, I had felt that it was close to being a horror film. Director’s imagination knew no bounds, his use of colours and music and grasp of visuals are far too astounding for all.” At this point, Kris Wu once again brought up Director Tsui Hark’s name. “They all have extraordinary imaginations, they’re really gifted.”

When the casting of <Journey to the West: Demon Chapter>, directed by Tsui Hark, was officially revealed, everyone was surprised – Why was Kris Wu acting the role of Tang Seng? In fact, Kris Wu’s reply was, “To everyone, this role is perhaps rather strange, but I beg to differ. Honestly, I have been waiting to take on different roles which are full of challenges, and right now the opportunity has come, so I’m really glad. What has excited me the most is that I am able to work with Director Tsui Hark and Producer Stephen Chow once again, which is a highly valuable learning experience to me.” As for how he would describe his portrayal of the role of “Tang Seng”, Kris Wu said that he hoped that he could create something “fresh and never-before-seen” – “Hope that he’ll be cute!”

After developing his career in China for two years, starring in several movies, singing a few melodic movie theme songs, we practically lost sight of Kris Wu as a singer. However, this autumn, the Kris Wu who loves hip hop music is back. He said, for his upcoming new songs, he will be releasing new and fresh tunes. “This time, everyone will be listening to the music genre which I really love. It won’t really be the same as the last time.”

Hip hop music is the reason Kris Wu entered the industry. Growing up through his teenage years in Canada has led him to like this genre of music. “Because I love playing basketball, that’s why I came into contact with hip hop music. At that time, my friends who played basketball with me all listened to hip hop and rap, and I was influenced by them to take a liking to that genre of music. Hip hop is not only a genre of music, but even more so, it is a lifestyle, which includes basketball, street culture, R&B music… I grew up under the influence of this culture, and the music I like is largely associated with this lifestyle.” He shared with me the recent songs he was really into. Drake and Travis Scott were two of his all time favourite musicians, and both recently released new albums. “Especially Drake, since his debut many years ago till now, I’ve kept up with every album that he has released.”

During these couple of years, a large amount of time was spent on making films and trying out even more possibilities, but now that Kris Wu is finally able to return to the world of music which he passionately loves, he hoped to showcase one simple thing: ‘Myself’. “When filming movies, what you portray is the role you act, it is something which the director wants that character to manifest. But when it comes to music, I have one hundred percent freedom to express myself. Kris Wu in his most original essence – this is what I want to convey in my music. What I myself love, more than anything else.”

After the interview. we still ended up talking about what he loves the most, basketball. Kris Wu, who previously had the dream of becoming a professional basketball player, has a genuine and serious love for the sport. “Basketball is really fun!” Talking about his favourite sport, the way of speech that he had shown during the interview disappeared in an instant. “It feels really good after playing for two hours and sweating a whole lot. As long as I don’t end work too late, and am not too tired, I will play basketball.” He had gone to play basketball the night before this interview, and continued with a sheepish expression, “So today I’m a little tired.”

When a 25 year old boy is together with his favourite sport, there is nothing that can tear them apart. No matter how popular Kris Wu is, for the sake of playing basketball he does his best [to accommodate it into his schedule]. “There will always be onlookers present each time. Sometimes fans will follow over, sometimes it’s curious passers-by. Since basketball is an outdoor sport, if there are onlookers, let them watch!”

As the shoot was coming to an end, I left the studio first. It was already late into the night, yet the number of fans waiting at the door was several times more than the amount that had been present in the evening, lined up in an orderly manner from the elevator exit all the way to the roadside.

At that moment, Kris Wu who was upstairs was wrapping up this job, his third one for the day. It was one of the most ordinary days in his life.

translation: @wu_yi_fan

Mummy Knows Best

klrob18 asked me for a beneloo fic and then sherlolly29 asked, “How about Ben introducing loo to his mom for the first time?? Then his mom asking loo when the marriage would be coz they both are not getting any younger. >_< 

This is what I came up with. This is my first attempt at writing Beneloo and I hope beyond hopes you like it coz I am really very doubtful.

“Cut !”, the director yelled from his place behind the camera.

“Good job Ben and Loo, as always. The fans will die watching this scene.”, chuckled Mark good naturedly while patting Ben’s back.

“Ben, you have this one more shot before pack up lined up in 15 minutes. Take a break until then.”

“Sure, brother dear.”, Ben imitated Sherlock’s tone and they all burst out, laughing.

 “Oh look who’s here. Just in time, unlike her son. Hi Wanda!” Mark greeted gleefully to Wanda Ventham a.k.a Mummy Cumberbatch, as she made her way towards them.

“Hello Mark. Nice to see you too.”, replied Wanda as she hugged him and pecked his cheeks.

“I gotta rush. Your scene with Ben is in 15 minutes, you are free until then.” Mark said before rushing towards Steven to discuss the next scene.

“Hello Benny. How was your day?” exclaimed Wanda cheerfully as she enveloped her son in a crushing hug while the ‘sexiest movie star’ blushed returning his mother’s embrace as Louise stood in the corner grinning at the site playing in front of her. Oh, how she wished she had her camera phone right now. Instead, it was sitting in her dressing room.

 I could have blackmailed him. Damn!

Louise had definitely seen Wanda before, but never met her personally. She had seen her work on the screen and a few pictures and videos Ben had shown her. She knew her to be a jolly person but could never have imagined Ben looking like a sheepish 5 year old who’s mother hugs him while picking up from school. Yet he didn’t seem to mind the action one bit.

When mummy Cumberbatch had finished fussing over her son’s hair, she turned towards Louise.

“You must be Louise. You are even prettier off camera. No wonder Ben doesn’t seem to stop talking about you.” Wanda greeted hugging her too and winking at the last sentence.

“Hi Wanda. Thank you so much. You are just kind. Its lovely to finally meet you.” Loo replied, her cheeks turning pink.

If Ben wasn’t blushing then, he surely was now as he replied petulantly, “Mom!”

“Oh shush Ben.” Wanda chided him playfully when suddenly her eyes grew wide and she turned to Ben.

“Oh my God! Why didn’t you tell me Ben? You two are already engaged. You never hid your girlfriends from me before. You didn’t even tell your dad. Or did you? He’s going to be so dead if he hid it from me. I am so glad. I could never be happier. My silly little Ben has finally got himself an intelligent and pretty girl. I knew you two were perfect for each other. I can’t wait for you two to get married. But Ben you should have asked me for my wedding ring to propose her with. Never mind I will give it to you later. I am just too happy now. I can’t wait to see my grandchildren running about our house because honestly, your dad and me aren’t getting any younger and you should just hurry up and tie the knot already.” Mummybatch rambled on, bouncing on her feet happily, squealing with joy and refusing to hear any of Ben’s protests.

Meanwhile, Loo just stared to and fro with wide eyes at the flustered Ben trying to tell Wanda the truth and at Molly’s engagement ring that sat on her ring finger, which had created all the chaos.

Loo finally looked up at Ben with a smile on her face as Wanda said, “I am glad you finally acted out Ben, instead of mooning over her pictures on your mobile. I must give your Dad the news.” With that, she walked away from them, dialing her husband.

“Don’t mind her. I will tell her everything when she is calmed down.” Ben said to Loo, eyes fixated on the ground.

“My picture on your phone. Hmm?” Louise said in a teasing tone.

“Umm… Yes… Loo… I was … umm … wondering … if you would … you know … umm … like to have dinner? Just you and me?” Ben replied, stuttering like a love struck teen.

“Is it a date Mr. Cumberbatch?” Louise replied sternly, trying her best not to burst into giggles at the impossible site of Benedict, the man who had all the girls on the planet crazy after him, getting nervous while asking her out.

“Yes …… ?” He replied, drawing out the ‘s’, making it sound like a question.

“Of course you stupid impossible man. I’d love to.” Loo replied, finally giving up teasing and smiling broadly.

“Tonight?” Benedict asked hopefully.

“Tonight. Text me the details.” Louise nodded happily, rushing over to Amanda to share the news.

After promising Loo to accompany her to the shops for buying a dress, Amanda sent two texts, one to Wanda and the other to her husband.

* Just talked to Loo. He’s finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Thanks for your help Wanda. I should have asked you years ago. You could have met your grandchildren by now ;)

P.S. Do tell me how you managed to do it? – Amanda xx

* Mission accomplished. Ben asked her out. I bet you know that by now. Fill me in on Ben’s reaction – Amanda xx



“You…You haven’t seen Star Wars?” Stiles breathed, as if all the wind had been knocked from his lungs. You raised an eyebrow.


“How!” he shouted, “How can you have not seen the most iconic movie series in history!?”

“I don’t know!” You shouted back, waving your arms in the air, “I’ve just never seen them! Sorry?”

“You should be!” He huffed and shook his head before grabbing your hand and leading you to the couch, “We’re changing this, right now.”

~ Clara

( gif cred: x )

New Beginnings {32}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

Words: 1,451

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  22, 23, 24, 25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Another late night guys, I’m exhausted, so I didn’t proof read.

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anonymous asked:

rfa + v doing rainy day activities/inactivities with mc. also your blog name lmao

OHOHOHO i originally wanted 707sdick but it was taken. literally.


  • ofc what better way to spend a rainy day inside than to play… LOLOL???
  • yoosung you play that damn game all the time
  • “Then what do you want to do?”
  • “How about baking food?”
  • his eyes lit up like the night sky it was so cute
  • so you guys go into the kitchen and get out ingredients of foods you want to make
  • things like flour, sugar, baking soda and baking powder, etc.
  • decide on making cookies first because they’re easy and quick to make
  • you take care of mixing in the dry ingredients, yoosung takes care of cracking the eggs and other liquid ingredients
  • once everything is put together, you sprinkle in some chocolate chips and then roll the dough into balls and throw them in the oven
  • yoosung sets the timer and then there’s the waiting game
  • “You know, I haven’t been able to cook with someone in a long time… and it feels great to be able to do it with you, MC!”
  • you just smile at him
  • “I’m glad you feel that way, Yoosung~”
  • and then you blow a handful of flour
  • right in his face
  • he looks like a powdery ghost
  • you can’t help but snort and crack up because he totally wasn’t expecting that
  • “MC!!!”
  • “S-s-sorry! Oh god I’m sorry, that was too funny!”
  • ohoho
  • two can play at that game
  • so while you were still laughing your ass off, yoosung wipes up some leftover cookie dough batter on his hand
  • “MC, you have something on your face…”
  • “Huh?”
  • and then he gently slaps the side of your face with the dough
  • It was cookie dough!”
  • you were caught off guard and your mouth was wide open
  • now it was Yoosung’s turn to double over in laughter
  • “Oh my god! Yoosung!”
  • you retaliated again by wiping as much of the dough off your cheek as you could and smearing it on his forehead
  • good lord 
  • needless to say, it only felt like a few minutes while waiting for the cookies to finish baking
  • but hours to clean up your guys’ damn mess afterwards


  • crying zen emoji
  • he hates the rain, so there’s no chance of him going outside
  • so you’re both stuck in his house for the night
  • there really wasn’t much to do
  • both of you already worked out earlier
  • then an excellent thought crosses your mind
  • shrek Disney movies!!!
  • especially the princess ones
  • when you tell Zen your idea, he agrees
  • “Of course, Princess~”
  • plopping down on the couch with him wrapping a strong arm around your body, you turn on the tv and dvd player
  • he let you decide on which movie to watch first, so you chose Aladdin
  • of course zen compared his looks to him
  • “He’s not bad… for a street rat.”
  • he’s in too deep
  • he somewhat relates to aladdin for not being rich and being at the bottom
  • he also finds jasmine pretty as well, but definitely not as pretty as you~
  • also, when the infamous carpet ride scene comes on, your boyfriend just starts singing aladdin’s part
  • “I can show you the world~” etc etc
  • you decide to join in on his antics
  • “A whole new world~ A dazzling place I never knew~~” you sang along with Jasmine
  • omg you two are so perfect together !!!
  • by the end of the song, he pulls you into a quick kiss
  • it was hard for you to hide your blush
  • he still had your chin between his index and thumb finger, gazing deeply into your eyes
  • “We’re meant for one another, yes?”
  • you could hardly focus on the rest of the movie after that
  • zen also noted that the Genie reminded him of someone
  • someone in the group chat with red hair


  • it was a long day at work for her, so coming home to you and winding down sounds like a lovely idea… ^^
  • however, she forgot her umbrella at the house, which she realized too late
  • so when walking from C&R International building to her car, she got drenched
  • and from her car to the house, she also got drenched
  • drenched jaehee is not a happy jaehee
  • she swings the door open with the most annoyed look on her face as if jumin proposed yet another cat project
  • “I see that you forgot your umbrella…”
  • “Yes, I did. That is entirely my fault…” she sighs
  • you run and grab a warm, dry towel from the dryer and hand it to her quickly before she catches a cold
  • because if she catches a cold, she still has to do copious amounts of work and honestly that’s not healthy in the slightest
  • “Jaehee, cheer up! I have some coffee brewing for you right now.”
  • “Thank you, MC. I could use ten a cup right now.”
  • moments later, you poured the coffee from the pot and allow her to mix in the sweetener and sugar (sometimes she drinks both black and regular)
  • to lighten the mood, you decide to start some casual conversation
  • “How was your day? Well, besides forgetting your umbrella…”
  • she sips her coffee
  • “Fine for the most part. However Mr. Han proposed some new ridiculous cat project. He also is leaving for another business trip soon, so that means he’s going to leave Elizabeth the 3rd in my care.”
  • you’re worried about the workload that jumin always seems to place on jaehee, so sometimes you offer to help with her work
  • “Thank you for your offer, but as Mr. Han’s assistant, I must do this on my own.”
  • “Then what about leaving Elizabeth with me?”
  • she remembers the c-hair
  • shook
  • taking another sip from her coffee, she sighs
  • “You will have to talk that over with Mr. Han, although I am positive he would say yes to you over saying yes to Seven.”
  • you giggle, remembering how seven is known as a cat abuser according to jumin 
  • “Anyway, thank you for the towel and the coffee. I appreciate it, MC.” 
  • god she’s so cute???? ugh
  • you wrap up the night by snuggling on the couch together under a warm, fuzzy blanket


  • considering his penthouse is on the 100th mcfreakin’ floor
  • and he basically owns everything else below, but that still doesn’t satisfy your need to do activities with him
  • the glass windows are splattered with raindrops and you decide not to go out because you wanted to avoid getting sick
  • he comes home from work, you’re standing right in front of the door with your hands on your hips
  • “Nice to see you, too, MC.”
  • “We’re spending quality time together right now!” you jab your pointer finger in his direction
  • “I didn’t leave the penthouse at all because I didn’t want to catch a cold, and I missed you, so we’re gonna play…” 
  • you turn around and grab the game
  • it was high school musical sing it (korean version?? lmao)
  • he chuckles 
  • how adorable
  • “Hn. You have a peculiar taste in music, but I’ll surrender to your desires.”
  • popping the game into the Wii console, it loads, and you choose your song
  • you decide on
  • and much to jumin’s surprise, you hit most of notes and and pitches
  • u rappin’ like crazy 
  • now it was jumin’s turn, and honestly,,, he’s never seen this commoner movie before, so he’s not sure which song to pick
  • but he just goes with bet on it
  • you ask if he wants to hear the song before actually attempting to sing but he just declines and states that he’ll just go with it
  • and he does, but DAMN SON
  • his voice is so angelic??? even though his timing is off 
  • and your jaw is wide open because how in the world did you not know about his voice sent from the gods above
  • you knew that his voice was already low and sexy, but damn
  • talk about gap moe
  • you both take turns singing different songs 
  • but then you decide to end the karaoke night with the song
  • breaking free 
  • and when you’re both singing the duet, your voices harmonize and it sounds so lovely
  • jumin had a hidden talent that you could use to your advantage now
  • “Well, what did you think?”
  • he walks closer to you, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear
  • “It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I didn’t dislike it.”
  • in other words, he liked it


  • “Seven, it’s raining…”
  • “Whaaaat? It can’t be that–” he peers out the window with you and his eyes widen
  • “…bad.” It was pouring so hard that it was basically just white outside
  • damn you right, MC
  • well your date had been ruined by the rain, but that didn’t mean you still couldn't have it in his house
  • “Well… we could play a video game?”
  • a mischievous grin crosses seven’s face
  • “You mean like… Mario Kart?”
  • the grin is contagious and it manages to make its way onto your face as well
  • “Oh, you’re on~”
  • so he puts the game in the console and the home screen pops up on his life-sized tv monitor
  • he lets you choose the CC and you go with 100 because you needed to warm up before going up against him at 150
  • you guys choose your character(s), kart, and stage 
  • he picks rainbow road
  • “Seven, you little fuck–”
  • 90% of the time, you guys are neck and neck, and trying to counter one another with red shells
  • one causes you to roll right off the edge
  • placing you back in 7th place
  • oh ur gonna get it
  • when you get a mystery box, the roulette lands on
  • a blue shell
  • rip seven
  • and when seven realizes that you have that of all items, he starts sweating profusely
  • “Oh my god, MC, don’t! Have mercy!!” too late
  • and you use it and it speeds to him, who’s in first place and all of a sudden
  • BOOM
  • once he finally hits the ground again, other drivers race past him and one ends up knocking him off the edge and then he’s back on the course again, but this time he’s in dead last place
  • “Oops, sorry, babe~” you tease
  • and with that, you cross the finish line in the final lap in first place
  • “Care for another round~? Or do you admit defeat?”
  • the whole night was spent winning and losing against each other until you both end up fall asleep against each other


  • while V can’t exactly take candid photographs outside with you when it’s pouring, he would certainly love cuddling with you !!!
  • literally there’s a chance he could slip and you don’t need for him to be rushed to the hospital for slipping on the asphalt 
  • it started off with you two lying in your shared bed
  • both on your back staring at the ceiling at the ceiling, talking to each other about small things
  • asking how each other’s days were, if he took any good photographs recently, that kind of stuff
  • the sound of rain pattering against the the house was calming and made things a little more intimate
  • reaching over to touch his cheek, you smile at him
  • “V… I want to cuddle~”
  • wao
  • you felt his cheeks go warm, but he just wordlessly obliged to your request
  • you rolled onto your side and he did the same so that you two lovebirds were facing one another, bodies pressed against one another
  • the only light source in the room was the soft white light pouring in through the window
  • V’s large hand makes its way to your cheek and his thumb gently caresses your cheek
  • the feeling of the contact causes you to break out into a smile
  • with what sight he has left, especially in the mostly dark room, he can just make out your facial features
  • he drags his thumb over your bottom lip unconsciously, and you gaze at him with an innocent look on your face
  • “You’re absolutely beautiful…”
  • his hand then trails his hand down your neck and then to your chest to where your heart is
  • he places his hand over it
  • and when you realize what he was implying, you do the same thing to him
  • and you two just lay there with your hands resting over each other’s chests
  • “V…” you murmur
  • gently grabs your hand on his chest by the wrist and brings it to his lips
  • and kisses your fingertips
  • he was being so bold right now it took you by surprise, but it’s nothing you didn’t mind
  • you love seeing this side of him
  • a wave of drowsiness suddenly struck you and you buried your face into his chest
  • and V wraps his arm around you, carding his digits through your hair
  • not too long after, the soft rain and V’s heartbeat are the last things you hear before drifting off into sleep

Minor disaster after disaster but I have finally managed to watch the whole first episode. I started watching the show between seasons 4 and 5 so this is all brand new for me. My initial comment was “This is apparently a whole different show from the Glee I watched”

1. It was amazing how much they were children. It’s an unusual strength of the show compared with other teen focused shows I’ve watched. That means they’re flawed in unusually childish ways. Ways that are less obviously attractive - not just “oh Rachel has focus and big dreams so she can sometimes overlook smaller needs” or “Kurt’s history with death and bullying means he can seem cold” or “Tina is shy”. Instead they are awkward and rude and supercilious and uncomfortable to watch. Their flaws include the shame of caring too much about what others think, of being embarrassingly enthusiastic or sweaty or weak or wrong or bad at things.

It’s powerful, and even more because we know how these kids grow up.

2. I was shocked by the level of bullying. I think teenagers know what they’re doing and I don’t know how to forget that Finn and Puck threw eggs and filled and threw pee balloons and tossed people into things and didn’t think beyond their own selfish skin. I’m not sure. Do I need to forget it?

3. I wasn’t as excited about the music as I wanted to be but I suspect that excitement will build. Obviously “Don’t Stop Believing” was iconic for a reason, and Rachel is extraordinarily talented but I consistently wish there was more of that balance they seemed to only hit with the newest newbies when they performed. Multiple solo lines from multiple soloists make a group performance pop for me. I look forward to hearing more than back-up singing from everyone.

4. Rachel was sort of a wonder in her certainty and obliviousness. I sympathised more than I expected, she drew me in and made me laugh awkwardly and want her to win. I wish I’d started the show with this Rachel. Future Rachel makes so much more sense.

5. It’s not Finn’s fault that life and people like Mr. Schuester have made him believe that as a great big sporty white straight boy he has the right to rule the world. But it was still a terrible thing to watch him take over things he knows nothing about and be praised for the tiniest of not-even kindnesses to Kurt and Artie. I’d like to assume it was intentionally terrible? But it can’t really be… because he did “bring the music” and while his real respect for the Glee kids changes, not a lot else does through the years of the show. Ultimately Sam is expected to take that position.

6. Emma was slightly revelatory. She stood up to Sue, took action that she believed in with Will, was confident. Her handds were so careful And her outfits. Sigh.

7. But Will. That self-centredness masked by lack of ability to make his own decisions colored by niceness that is not even a tiny bit observant or self-critical. 


8. I was predisposed to love Kurt and had no trouble doing so. His face is so readable, his self-belief is critical to his survival and shakily held together with haughtiness. The child he was makes my heart soft in light of the young man we see him become.

Obviously there was hardly any of him but I always watched his face when he appeared. think it’s not my personal bias that makes him pull focus. I wonder if the crew and writers realised early on that they’d hit a gem in him, as they did with some others throughout.

9. Oh and Sue. How wild that she started the whole show. So many cheerleaders in that first moment. I enjoyed her starkness and vivid ridiculous self more than I could later. She seems so outside of reality that I find it hard to look at her through the same lens as everyone.

*Overall it was a show I’ve never seen before, really. The humour was oddly up front, it felt like a number of teen movies, Rachel was wonderful, Kurt was where my eyes always were, the ending where they all came together was wonderful and excellent theatre. 

I would have tuned in next week for sure. Staying longer would have depended on how complicated Rachel’s story lines became and how much I got to see Kurt and whether Tina or Mercedes started to pop for me.

But right now I am intrigued to watch more. Bring on week 2.

Los Angeles Times:

‘Batman v Superman’: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder talk superhero smack down

Forget Hillary versus the Donald. Hollywood has its own clash of the titans coming, and it’s likely to be yuge.

Comic-book fans have long debated who would win in an all-out battle between two of the superhero realm’s most formidable icons, Batman and Superman. In director Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” in theaters March 25, that heavyweight title bout — which has been depicted numerous times in the comics, most famously in Frank Miller’s classic 1986 series “The Dark Knight Returns” — will finally play out on the big screen.

A follow-up to Snyder’s 2013 “Man of Steel,” the superhero mash-up sees a vengeful Batman (Ben Affleck) taking on Superman (Henry Cavill), whom he views as a threat to humankind, even as a mutual foe emerges in the form of psychopathic tech genius Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). Budgeted at $250 million, “Batman v Superman” represents a critical gambit in Warner Bros.’ bid to expand its DC Comics cinematic universe, teeing up a long-awaited movie featuring Wonder Woman — introduced here by Gal Gadot in a breakout supporting role — as well as other standalone superhero movies and a larger team-up Justice League film that will unite all of DC’s marquee heroes, a la Marvel’s “The Avengers.”

On a recent afternoon, we spoke with Affleck, 43, Cavill, 32, and Snyder, 50, about the supersized stakes behind one of the year’s most highly anticipated comic-book epics.

There’s been an incredible amount of scrutiny aimed at this movie. From the start, fans have been picking apart every nugget of news, every trailer, every rumor. What does it feel like to be on the other side of that? Is it possible to tune it out?

Snyder: The tweets, comments, articles, blogs — it’s insanity. I tune it out to the extent that, when it’s really dumb, then we go, “OK, someone stomp this [rumor] because it’s stupid.” But mostly I just go, “Thank God they’re talking about the movie.” The fact that they care enough to get online and either rage or praise — that’s just cool for the culture, for the fans.

Affleck: Nobody tweeted about “Casablanca,” and look at how they did. [Laughs] From directing movies myself, at this point I always feel too enmeshed with it, where I get this panicked sense of like, “Is it good? It’s horrible, right? It’s going to bomb.” But I have a little more sense of remove from this. I feel relaxed and I’m proud of the movie and excited for people to see it. It’s a much nicer feeling. I’m so glad I’m not Zack.

How did the idea of putting Batman and Superman together in one movie first come up?

Snyder: It was born from a conversation about what to do with Superman [after “Man of Steel”], what to face Superman off against next. I was also really interested in expanding the comic book universe. I think Chris [Nolan] did an amazing job with those three Batman movies he did, but to me those worlds are very self-contained. If Green Lantern came into the Dark Knight movies, you’d be like, “That’s weird.”

I really wanted the “Man of Steel” world to be a world where other DC characters could exist. So I was talking to Chris and I said, almost off the cuff, “What if Batman was the bad guy?” And once you say that, you can’t take it back. I mean, who’s a better guy to fight than Batman?

Cavill: What I love about the fact that we’ve introduced these two really important characters as well [in Batman and Wonder Woman], with these two fantastic actors playing them, is that we get to finally expand upon this incredibly rich DC universe. I think it would be a waste just to have one hero from this DC universe and focus on him when there’s so much opportunity to tell really good stories using everyone.

The obvious question you face right away is, how do you actually have these two battle? Batman has amazing fighting skills and weapons, but Superman is basically indestructible and could just throw him out to Saturn if he wanted to.

Cavill: [Deadpan] I should have thought of that at the time.

Affleck: It’s a credit to what a good guy Superman is. Put it this way: It takes an hour of storytelling to make it plausible. You don’t just ring the bell at the beginning and they go out and start fighting like “Alien vs. Predator.” [To Cavill] Have you seen the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots toy with me and you, where we just pummel each other?

Cavill: No, that’s awesome! I want one of those!

Affleck: We should have done that movie. Just a three-minute short.

Snyder: It’s cool to have the setup where it’s like, “This guy is a man. This guy is a god.” They do fight, and the fight is compelling. That’s the fun — that you have these two titans of that universe, and we got to use that playground to set them at each other. And the mythology is so rich, you can mine it all day and it allows all the subtlety and the nuances and the motivation for the conflict.

Ben, you’ve said you were initially reluctant about playing Batman. You once said starring in “Daredevil” “inoculated” you from ever playing another superhero.

Affleck: I just thought it wasn’t a good fit. But I went in and met with Zack and saw this kind of visual 360 of posters and drawings and action figures and animatics — and I was totally blown away. All of the sudden I saw something I’d never seen before and hadn’t even imagined.

This genre is the biggest forum for telling stories in the world right now. You get the biggest megaphone. But this movie is using the genre to explore really interesting themes. And just for me personally — you mentioned “Daredevil” — I thought, 'I want to be in one of these movies that works.’

There have been several actors who’ve played Batman over the years. How did you set about making him your own?

Affleck: You’re right, he’s been played by a number of great actors — obviously most recently by Christian [Bale], who’s an amazing actor and was directed by Chris Nolan, who’s a genius. You don’t want to just try to do that because you’re not going to live up to it. So the idea is to do something different but that also exists within the canonical realm of what is still considered Batman.

What I liked about Zack’s vision for it is that it’s sort of an existential Batman. He’s a guy who’s not actually in the throes of being Batman but looking back and asking himself, 'Was it worth it?’ He’s a graying Batman and more of a slugger and more of a man because he’s more vulnerable. He’s feeding some hole inside him — [burning a brand into] criminals at night, going to these underground fights, having some woman in his bed from some random encounter. He’s functioning, but not in a healthy way. He’s a haunted and broken guy.

The first time we see Batman in this movie, it almost plays like a scene in a horror movie.

Affleck: Exactly. It’s like out of “Se7en” or “Aliens” or something, which is a really different vibe. My son still watches the Adam West “Batman” [TV series]. It’s a far cry from where it started.

Henry, this movie also brings some new darker dimensions to Superman, whom we often think of as just the simple embodiment of pure goodness.

Cavill: Right, certainly in some previous live-action adaptations of Superman he’s been — I don’t know if “simplified” is the right word but something around there. But there is a complexity to Superman that is very prevalent in the comic books. It’s just a matter of bringing it out, which is tricky to do.

Snyder: Because we’ve had the experience of the Dark Knight movies, we’re generally open to a complex Batman. But I think — I hope — “Man of Steel” started the conversation about what a more complicated Superman would be. He loves just as hard and has as much at stake in relationships as anyone, and you don’t know where he’s going to go when you put pressure on him and threaten his loved ones.

Ben, when it was announced you were playing Batman, the Internet went nuts — and not in the most favorable way. Were you prepared at all for that reaction?

Affleck: Yeah, I wasn’t totally up to speed with the extent to which the Internet can react to this stuff, and Warner Bros. was like, “Look, we just want to give you a little heads-up.” And they kind of briefed me on the reactions to some past casting choices: negative reactions to Heath [Ledger] being cast as Joker and other past stuff I wasn’t even aware of.

In my experience, the truth is, if your work is good, people are going to like it. If it’s bad, people won’t. The rest of it is just speculation. It’s like when a team drafts a player: Fans can speculate, but you’ve got to wait until the season starts to see how they play.

Did the negativity hurt your feelings at all?

Affleck: I’m pretty grown up about this stuff. If I had my feelings getting hurt about stuff that was said on the Internet, I would have been gone a long time ago, my friend. [Laughs]

Last month, “Deadpool” proved to be a giant hit. What does it say to you about where we are in the evolution of the superhero genre that this R-rated, irreverent comic-book movie resonated so much with audiences?

Snyder: It’s interesting. When I had my initial meeting with Chris Nolan about doing “Man of Steel,” he said to me, “'Watchmen’ is a movie you made too early.” Because that movie was written deep into comic-book culture, as a way of exploring the why of heroes within pop culture. “Deadpool” shows that audiences have now gotten to the point where they can understand the satire of the genre. Before that, audiences were like, “I’m not ready for that. I’m not there yet.”

That said, “Deadpool” was made on a much smaller budget and wasn’t necessarily expected to be a massive hit. This movie is almost the opposite of that: The budget and the expectations are huge. How do you see the stakes?

Affleck: Look, in the broad sense, from a long-term portfolio perspective, Warner Bros. has already won. They own this vast underexploited [intellectual property] that is DC. They’re going to make all these movies regardless. Will every DC movie be great and be successful? No. Would it be good if “BvS” works for them? Yes, obviously. But if any one of the movies doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean it all goes away. “Green Lantern” didn’t work, and Green Lantern is going to come back and work for them.

Zack spent two years of his life on this movie, and we put in months and months. We are truly, deeply invested in this movie. We want the movie to be good. We want to be proud of it. I want to make a movie that my kids think is cool. It’s not just us punching the corporate clock. You know, you get up at 5 and go to work at 6 in the morning and put on the suit. It’s not particularly fun and sexy to roll around in a rubber suit fighting a stunt guy.

Cavill: [Scoffs] Says you. Whatever, prude.