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Marry or Kill

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Gang!AUFluff 

Word Count: 1169

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He is definitely a dangerous man. Being the leader of Seoul’s most known gang named BTS, he is always the hot topic in the news. He is fearless, mysterious, powerful and most importantly; handsome. In most people’s eyes, he is a bad guy, murdering without thinking, dealing without knowing, a bad influence for the world. In your eyes, however, he is the most precious and beautiful man you’ve ever met in your life. He protects you, loves you and cherishes you with his whole life, making you the most happiest woman on the planet. He is the definition of perfect and his name is Jeon Jungkook.

“Do you like it?“

Turning your head away from the breathtaking view of Seoul, you connected your eyes with Jungkook’s, the smile on your lips getting wider the moment you see his peaceful one.

“It looks beautiful, I love it.“

Of course you loved it. This was Jungkook, he knew everything about you, your likes, your dislikes, everything. Sitting on the rooftop of one of the most fancy restaurants in Seoul, this was everything a girl would dream of or wish for in her life. It would have been nice even if it wasn’t the most fanciest restaurant. For you, everything was beautiful as long as Jungkook was there with you.

Smiling at your own thoughts, you turned your attention back to your plate, savoring the most recommended and delicious food of the restaurant. “Is there a reason why you brought me here?“

You watched how Jungkook stiffened after hearing your question, his eyes wandering to observe the night sky of Seoul. “I just wanted to take you out and spend some time with you. I’ve been busy lately and I feel like I’m neglecting you even though thats not my intention.“

Narrowing your eyes, you slightly tilted your head, getting suspicious. “We saw each other two days ago, Jungkook.“

Clearing his throat, he reached for his wine. “That’s a long time, baby. I missed you.“

Observing his movements, you realized that something was wrong. “Jungkook, I know you. You’re nervous right now. And the Jungkook I know never get’s nervous as long as he can control something. Did something happen? Are the guys okay? Is someone injured? Jungkook, please tell me what’s wrong-“

Before you could end your sentence, Jungkook grabbed your hand with his right hand and and started stroking your cheek with his other one. “Shh, everything is okay, beautiful. The guys are okay, too. There is nothing you need to worry about.“

Closing your eyes, you exhaled a deep breath you didn’t realize you were holding in. “Then why do you look so worried and nervous?“

Taking a deep breath, Jungkook started speaking. “Okay, I have been preparing for months to talk about this. Look, Y/N. We’ve been together for the past two years and believe me, you turned my life upside down the day I met you. You taught me how to love and made me the most happiest man in the world even though my life is engulfed by darkness. You accepted me for the person I am and-“

“Are you breaking up with me right now, Jungkook?“ You said as your breath hitched, your heart dropping down to your stomach as your eyes started to get watery.

Hearing those words coming out of your mouth, Jungkook’s face got alarmed, his eyes growing wide. “W-What? No! No! Never!“

Running his hands through his hair, he huffed and mumbled to himself. “This is not working.“

Without waiting any longer, Jungkook fiddled behind his back, took out his gun and placed it on top of the table. Shocked, you looked up at him, and hissed. “Jungkook! What are you doing?! Here are people-“

“Shh! Wait a minute, Y/N!“

Fiddling with in his jacket again, he took a red, little velvety box and placed it beside the gun. Confused, you looked up at him with questioning eyes.

Blinking a few time, he spoke. “Now you take that box and put that ring on your finger, this is an option. Or you take that gun and aim it on my heart and shoot me with it, this is your second option. You will decide now, Y/N..“

When realization hit you hard, you relaxed immediately. Trying not to laugh in front of him, you cleared your throat. “Could it be that you’re asking me to marry you, Jungkook?“

Averting his eyes, he scratched his neck. “I think so, yeah.. So, what is your answer?“

Snickering at his cuteness, you intervened your own fingers under and rested your chin on top of them. “Can I think about it for a little bit?“

Jungkook’s face fell immediately, his eyebrows now furrowed as he tried to maintain his calmness. Ah, you loved to tease him!

He clicked his tongue and answered with a disappointed and slightly angry voice. “No, you can’t.“

Leaning forward, he asked desperately. “Y/N, say something. Do you want me to get a heart attack in front of your eyes?“

Smirking, you asked. “Why, are you nervous?“

“Of course I am! I’ve never done this before!“ He scoffed.

Raising your eyebrow, you guided your hand towards the velvety box as you watched Jungkook. He was observing every movement you were doing, his eyes filling with hope the moment he saw what you were reaching forward to. Just as you were taking the box, you changed your mind and grabbed the gun, aiming it at his chest.

Jungkook looked at you as if his whole world crashed in front of his eyes, his eyes looking at you as if he was pleading for you to change your mind.

“There are bullets in the gun, Y/N.“ He said as if he wasn’t affected by your choice.

You looked deadly into his eyes. “I know. That’s why I want you to put it away.“

“Y/N, can’t you think about it again? I mean I know I’m not the most perfect man on the planet but- Wait, what?!“

Seeing his reaction, you smiled widely at him and showed your finger with the ring on it. “You were rumbling so fast that you didn’t even realize that I put the ring on my finger, you idiot.“

Without saying anything, Jungkook jumped up from his chair and run to your side of the table, lifting you up and spinning you around as he showered you with kisses. “I love you, Y/N! Thank you so much!“

“I love you too, Jungkook.“

“Hey, Y/N, do you want me to tell you something?“


“Even if you had said no, I wouldn’t have let you go.“

“Hey, Jungkook, do you want me to tell you something?“


“Even if you’d let me go, I wouldn’t go. Never.“

Bts reaction {You having a noona kink}

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Warnings: Sexual content, filth, me trashing badly.


You were hanging with the boys at the dorm like usually, watching a popular drama on Tv, sitting on the floor with your boyfriend right next to you, the other boys were distracted so Jin thought it would be funny to tease you by kissing your neck gently.

-What are you doing? -You ask him, turning slightly and he gives you a sweet smile. 

Right when Jin holds you even tighter in his arms, the main character in the drama declares his love. 

“Please be with me Noona!” 

Jin’s mouth frozen in your neck when he felt your whole body covering in goosebumps. 

-What is it? Do you like it? -You turn around immediately, covering your flushed face for being caught and Jin takes your hands in his to look you in the eyes. 

-I mean, I’m only like three months older than you and you never really did call me noona before. -You mumble your words, trying to look away, he lets go of you and looks at you dumbfounded. 

-I never thought you would like that… Noona. -He tasted the word and you giggle. -It is kind of sexy… -He admits, still looking utterly confused. -We could definitely try that tonight.

-Oh, get a room you two. -Says Taehyung, rolling his eyes and making the rest of the boys aware of your conversation.

Jin can’t take his eyes off you for the rest of the night.


Sitting in the studio waiting for Yoongi so you two could go out was already part of your routine. Knowing about that, the boys usually sat there too, enjoying being around you: Tonight wasn’t any different. 

Jungkook was telling you about how excited he was to hang out with Taehyung to play overwatch and how his new covers were coming up, innocently chatting for the past hour. Just when the door to the soundproof cabinet was open, Jungkook praised you.

-You look cute tonight noona.

-Stop making my girlfriend blush you little punk. -Yoongi gives Jungkook a bad look before taking your hand and almost drag you out of maknae’s sight.

You two made it to the restaurant and it was a comfortable night, you laughed, he talked about his new mixtape. things were going great until your boss started texting you.

You have your eyes glued to the mobile when Yoongi sighs. 

-Noona, get off your phone! -He complains with his “too cool for school” tone, spilling the word as if it’s nothing and your head shot up so fast your neck hurts. 

You stare at each other for so long and you must have this really surprised look on your face that Yoongi shrinks in embarrassment. 

-YAH stop making it awkward!

You fumble with your words.

-Say it again! -You ask immediately. 

His eyes darken and he looks around trying to see if there’s anyone paying attention to your conversation.

-Noona, don’t get too excited, I am still going to be the one with my hands around your neck tonight. -He uses his daddy tone now, hands slipping to find your on the table, but the way he says “noona” is so adorable and yet so intimidating that you feel yourself getting wet. 

-That’s what we are going to see Min Yoongi. -You smirk at him, almost laughing at the terrified look in his eyes.


Being with Namjoon meant having an open-minded relationship when it came to sex. He, being the good lover that he is, would always make sure you were enjoying being with him and was pleased to please you in bed. 

That often resumed into having long conversations about your sexual preferences and dreams; Of course your noona kink was not something he was oblivious about. 

But your boyfriend, that worked so hard to make you happy, refused to call you noona. 

You didn’t want to push it too much because the age gap wasn’t big and you could understand him not wanting to tone down his dom side around you, which you had no problem with because daddy Namjoon was also a kink. 

But then one particular night you two are scrolling through an online sex shop, seeing if anything catches the eye and you see there is a “noona” section. 

-Monie why don’t you ever call me noona? -He stares at you, blinking in silence. -I know you told me you didn’t want to, but why didn’t we ever try it? Ever? I mean, it doesn’t have to be in bed… 

He then kisses you. Lips devouring yours.

-Do you want to be my noona? -He sits in between your legs and grabs at your waist with both hands. -You can be my noona tonight babe, if you want to try it so bad, but definitely never around the members. 

-Why? -You grab onto his hair, excitement rushing down your veins. 

-Because if I call you noona and your eyes darken like this in front of the members I might just turn you around and fuck you until all you know is my name. -He states, leaning to mark your neck hungrily.


All tho Hoseok did call you noona regularly, he was never the one to do it in bed, and you were too shy to ask. 

Someday you were at home, having your girl time and you just happen to come across this really beautiful video of a sub boy, tied up and blindfolded with his dom asking “Do you like noona? Do you want to touch your noona?” 

His moans play on repeat in your head, you can’t help but picture Hoseok in his place and you can only imagine how your sweet, angelic boyfriend would react to you having those kinds of thoughts with him. 

Coming back late one night, you had totally forgotten that Hoseok was coming over and getting to your apartment and not finding loud music playing did not help you remember. You almost have a heart attack, to say at least.

Not because your boyfriend is standing in the middle of the living room, but because the TV behind him shows a giant version of the video you have been hiding with your life. 

-I-I can totally explain… -You begin, putting your bag down slowly and you see him holding your laptop with white knuckles.

-I am so hard right now. -Hoseok admits, gulping loudly, wide eyes staring into your soul he places the laptop in the couch.

Your own eyes fall immediately for the bulge in his sweatpants and you almost choke at how delicious he looks.

-Noona… Do you have any rope? -You stare at his face again, shocked and your boyfriend opens one of his sunshine smiles before marching to you to press your body against the closed door.


Oh boy he was aware of your kink. 

And he approved it very much. 

Getting home one night, he finds you in your pyjamas with your laptop and a huge cup of coffee. 

He goes to your room and tries to rest a little but not having you by his side feels weird, so he gets up once again and sits by your side in the living room.

-Baby do you want to watch netflix? Have you eaten?

-Not now mochi, I’m really busy with this essay and I can’t afford not getting it done.

Understanding that your studies are important, he goes to the kitchen, makes you a sandwich, dances around the living room, plays games on his phone, anything to just kill time while he waits for you.

It’s three in the morning when he decides he can’t take it anymore and goes stand behind you again. 

-Noonaaa -He whines and throws his hands around your shoulders, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. 

-Jiminie… -Your eyes are glued to the screen but you can feel his every move, his whines getting you wet by the second.

He kisses your neck, then bites it, his hands travel to your waist and slowly raise to your chest. He massages your boobs and chills are running down your spine, your stomach sinks when one of his hands slips to cup your sex through your thin pants and you can feel his hot breath in your ear when he feels how wet you are.

-Okay -You sigh and slam the table with your hands, he runs to one of the chairs cutely, laughing like a child. -You go to your room, make sure to get naked for noona.

And that is enough to send him running to the bedroom like the happiest puppy ever.


Tae was beginning his career as an actor and you were giving it full support, but whenever you paid him a visit on set, the younger girls would be calling him oppa and he looked so happy about it that it made you jealous. 

You and the boys take him out for lunch after shooting his scenes and the thought of this really cute girl running over to him screaming “oppa” in a high pitched voice keeps coming back to your head.

-What is up with Tae today? -Yoongi looks at your boyfriend. -Is like this smile is glued to his face…

-It’s because a pretty girl called him oppa today. -You roll your eyes, teasing Taehyung while sipping your drink, the boys laugh super loud. 

-That is not true! I mean that’s not why I am smiling, I’m just happy my members and my girlfriend are treating me to lunch -He pouts cutely. -And that is how she is supposed to call me anyway! 

-Oh yes? You should call me noona then! -It’s your turn to pout, you even cross your arms, he’s caught off guard but then smiles. 

-Noona, are you mad at me? -He does this cute voice and tilts his head a little, aegyo overflowing. -Do you want me to call you noona? Does it make you happy? 

You only nod, still pouting. 

-Let’s do this, I can be your good boy tonight so you can forgive me, how about it? -He asks shamelessly and you bite your bottom lip to keep you from saying something to the glowy beautiful boy in front of you.

-Why are you so pretty? -You ask breathless and he throws his head back laughing.

-You two are very liberal… And way too public. -Jin, like the rest of the table, stares at you, disgust over their faces and Tae throws pieces of napkins at them.


Noona this, noona that…

How could Jeon Jungkook be so unaware of how he made you feel by acting so damn cute while calling you noona? How could he not notice the way your face reddened when he described you as “his noona” or how his boyish grins made you hyperventilate? 

One night at a party Jungkook introduced you to everybody as his “girl” and that left a bitter taste in your mouth. The way he sounded dominant just didn’t go with his figure and him having to own this look instead of his usual bunny-self made you upset. 

Once at home his attitude changed immediately, he wrapped around you on the couch and washed your face with kisses.

-Noona you are so beautiful! -Jungkook kisses your lips and then realizes you did not move at all. -What’s up? Is everything okay? -He sounds concerned and suddenly backs away to see you. 

Your hands grip his erection through his pants, he gasps. 

-Jungkook what am I? 

He gulps, his eyes are wide in his face. 

-Y/n, n-n-noona. 

-That’s right. -You lick your lips, filling with confidence. -I am your noona, so who told you that you could go around acting all grown up? You made me really upset tonight pretending to be a big boy while in fact, you are my good baby boy…

His eyes roll to the back of his head when you tighten your grip around his member. 

-Oh my god, I am sorry noona. -The word sounds like a moan and you search his eyes for any disapproval but all find is raw desire which makes you even more turned on if possible.

-Go to your room, I want you on your hands and knees when I get there, naked. Bad boys get their punishment love.-You kiss him, he responds breathlessly and when you let go he runs to your room, grunting something that sounds a lot like “fucking finally”.

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Tomorrow at noon, our apartment will be having a meeting mediated by their Dean of Off Campus Student Services to negotiate the move out process for my Awful Roommate and her friend. They will most likely be gone by November 1st.

For those of you who have been following this saga over the past ten months, I can’t even begin to express how much your encouragement and support has meant to me. Everyone who’s been here the whole time, who popped in halfway through, who saw one post and then read the whole tag… I read all the comments and replies on these posts about my roommate and I appreciate everyone who has come forward to be supportive of me. I would have lost my mind without your shared indignance and anger at the situation.

I am grateful so many people have been furious about this along with me, and I’m happy to say that this major stressor in my life is about to disappear forever. I’m going to be able to move on and allow this to be something I can laugh about in the future.

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and I’m sure I’ve missed a few people but you guys I’ve noticed repeatedly coming out to either like a post or say something to me and like…wow.. there’s just so many of you and I am so unbelievably thankful to all of you for helping me get through this. Between listening to me complain and offering encouragement and advice, you’ve really helped make this bearable and given me the courage to stand up for myself and my friends. I am a braver and stronger person because of all of you.

Thank you.

P.S. We are going to throw down when she’s finally gone. Anyone in the Boston area is welcome to come celebrate with us, but is advised to BYOB due to the sheer volume of people we are expecting.

Cripple Survival Skills: Pop a Wheelie

Here’s another quick wheelchair survival tip for you: 

Be Able to Lift the Front of Your Chair (At Speed)

As a wheelchair user, you’re going to encounter the following situations:

  1. There’s a large object in your path that you can’t go around or easily pass over.
  2. The curb cut on the side of the street your headed to is either blocked, damaged, or non-existent. 

In order to overcome these problems, you’ll need to lift the front of your chair off the ground. 

This means you’ll need to remove those anti-tip casters (AKA wheelie-bars) from the back of your chair. Honestly, they do nothing but hinder your ability to overcome obstacles and catch on shit more often than they keep your chair from actually tipping over. If your chair tips over too easily, you need to:

  1. Remove the 20lbs of stuff you have hanging off the back.
  2. Adjust the center of gravity of your chair so that it doesn’t tip so easily.

The first step in being able to lift the front of your chair is to lift the front of your chair in a safe and controlled environment. Feel free to grab a friend who’s willing to spot you if it makes you feel safer. 

From there, throw something on the ground you want to get your chair over and practice timing the lift of your chair so that your front wheels go up before your chair goes over the object and only come down once your chair is past the object.

Practice doing this at speed. This means, moving as fast as you can in your chair. The reason for this is two fold:

  1. You never know when you’ll need to lift the front of your chair so you need to be able to do it at a moment’s notice.
  2. The momentum of your chair is what helps you over large objects and things like curbs without getting stuck. Lifting your chair over a curb and then trying to push up it at a stand-still is nearly impossible. You need the momentum to carry you over the curb.

Keep practicing this until it feels natural. How long that takes and how skilled you get at maneuvering your chair on two wheels depends a lot on how often you practice and what your disability happens to be. I have CP so my balance is awful and I can really only raise my chair enough to jump up small curbs or over obstacles on the ground. Paraplegics can do crazy shit like jump down stairs or large drops. 

Either way, regardless of your type of physical disability, being able to lift the front of your chair (at speed) is a super important skill.

I think it’s obvious that it was unexpected for Connor’s dads to show up and that’s going to cause somewhat of a rift in Connor’s life. It’s something he’s going to have to navigate with Oliver and whether or not Oliver knows about Connor’s dads becomes clear in the next episode—and if there’s any fallout from that. I like that Pete, this season, is bringing in some family members to sort of flesh out these characters. This season, especially, is pretty character driven, so we’re definitely going to see in the next few episodes how Connor’s relationship with his father might be affecting the choices he’s made in his life and the choices he’s going to make coming up in his life.
—  Jack Falahee on how Connor’s dads’ arrival in HTGAWM Season 4 (x)


Have you ever thought about eyes?

We all have a pair.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Some of the work perfectly while others require a bit of maintenance throughout life.

But have you ever really thought about eyes, beyond their physical presence and purpose?

Have you ever thought about the truth of eyes? The truth that they are capable of hiding or reflecting?

Have you ever thought about how you can tell if someone’s smile is genuine just from their eyes?

Or how you can spot a lie just by looking at someone’s eyes?

Or that quality we’ve all come to feebily describe as “soft”, overcome by the inadequacy of the word as we try to convey a quality behind eyes that is meant to be felt and not described?

It is a universal truth then, that the eyes reveal more that words, that they are windows to a soul.

And I believe that’s what makes Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch such an amazing, powerful, gripping actor.

He lets you see the truth of his characters in his eyes, lets you discern and take apart every truth that bombards his character just from a glance of his incredible, mercurial eyes.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes are magic.

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In the most heartfelt way, I just want to be like Camila. Not the singer-songwriter Camila. Or Famous Camila. But I want to be like Passionate Camila, Generous Camila, Artistic Camila. Beautiful Camila. The recent photo with Liam just screams at me bc mila was once a directioner and now liam recognizes her and her music and I just want my life to be like that. To be a dreamer and have my dreams come true. To be compassionate, loving and emotionally beautiful. Grounded and excited all the same++

++Camila has achieved so much during her days with fifth harmony and also a solo artist. She’s doing so good and I’m just so proud of her and how far she’s come, I could literally bawl my eyes out of crying. I want to be like her—brave, courageous, inspiring. I feel like she’s achieved all of her dreams, she’s running out of them already and I want to be just like that. I want to be grateful at the end of the day because I have what I have and I have what I want.

I want to dream and achieve my dreams and dream again until all I can do is be grateful. All I want to be at the end of the day is say, “I got everything I ever asked for, I don’t know what I want anymore” —I just want to be like Camila. [I LITERALLY WROTE THIS 3 TIMES BEFORE SENDING IT TO YOU BC IM A RAMBLING MESS.] -Y

Hi Y, well what a long essay,,, ;p 

me tooo im so proud of camila her personality makes me believe she is not a human, she is an angeeeel *crieeesss… we all know what she’ve been through tho, all haters and now look! who smile in the end! i do believe Camila will happy thats she gaves positif inspiration to her fans, 

lezz chase our dreaaaammm…..

If anyone remembers, a couple months ago I made a post about how I’d started working for this rich old lady on the upper east side. Well, I still work for her, on occasion. I’ll spare you guys the long sappy story, but she’s turned out to be one of the kindest, most generous, and most interesting people I’ve ever known. I feel very lucky to have had her come into my life. Unfortunately, that rich old lady (whose name is Mrs. Heller, btw), has been really sick recently. She’s been in the hospital for almost a month now, and when we talked on the phone today, I think she may have implied that she doesn’t have much time left.

I’m not just posting this to be a bummer, and I’m not asking for sympathy or notes or money or anything like that. The thing is, towards the end of my conversation with Mrs. Heller, she asked me to put her on any prayer lists I know of. She asked me to ask my parents to put her on any prayer lists *they* know of. She said she just wants to be sure that whatever time she has left is happy and well spent. The thing is, I am not a religious person. My parents are not religious people. I have maybe one friend who prays, and that’s it. But this woman has done so much for me, in such a short amount of time, I didn’t want to just dismiss her request.

Look, I’ve never been a big fan of those “send your thoughts and prayers” types of posts, mainly cause, like I said, I’m not really religious or spiritual, and religion and spirituality tend to make me uncomfortable (and on that note, sorry if this post offends anyone; obviously not my intention). However, if any of you guys happens to be religious or spiritual, and are comfortable praying for a complete stranger who you heard about through a tumblr post, then it would be great if you could pray for Mrs. Heller. If you’d rather send good thoughts, then please do so. If you don’t wanna do anything, then that’s fine too. I just wanted to get this message out there. I figure it’s the least I can do (literally, it’s the least I can do, considering all this woman has done for me).

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Headcanon for the paladins of how they'd react to Keith having a s/o who is the opposite of him, by that, I mean, sweet and happy person who loves life. She is not loud. She is just a happy puffball.

Oh my goodness this is too sweet I’ve never thought about this but I can’t wait to write it here we go

(Also, I know you said she/her, but I wanna try and keep things gender neutral so anyone who reads it can put themselves into the scenario)


I mean, come on, their first thought would be “what the fuck” and “how the fuck”

Of course none of the paladins want to say anything, but after a while they notice good of a duo they actually are

Although these two are opposite like day and night, they just prove the saying “opposites attract” because Keith’s S/O brings out the playful and bubbly personality he already has, he just doesn’t express it often

They show Keith how to have a good time, to take things easy, and to smile more than once a week

In return it seems that he shows them how to be more assertive and to take no shits and if they get in a fight he’ll be on the side cheering, “You go babe kick their ass!”

Their two opposite personalities clash, but bring out the best in both of them and balance things out, which is great for any relationship, no matter if this pairing might be a tiny bit weird and interesting

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Another psychologist here! If you ever have the time and inclination, I’d love to read more of your thoughts about how the Duluth Model isn’t intersectional, or links that you may have lying around. In the meantime, I’m adding into my list of things to research!

Unfortunately I have nooo links, it all comes from watching the model in action. But I’m sure the crit is out there. The Duluth Model is really classic Second Wave feminism–men are always the aggressors, women always victims, childhood trauma isn’t important, this woman’s life was just peachy before That Awful Man came in and oppressed her, and just assume everyone is white, middle class, able-bodied, educated, and employable, and substance abuse can be defeated by willpower. So basically any intersectional criticism of Second Wave stuff is likely to apply to the Duluth model too. In the shelter that I worked at last year, they were using paperwork and interview schedules that had barely changed from the 1990s, and then wondering why African/Indigenous/South Asian/homeless/drug-addicted/physically or developmentally disabled/seriously mentally ill women didn’t “succeed” in their programs, and saying crap like, “They don’t really want to change” or “they’re their own worst enemies”.

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Excuse the shit out of me for butting in but how can you discuss Chuuya! in!! yoga!!! pants!!!! so casually I'm practically hyperventilating here while having a heart attack and my brain is short-circuiting. (btw I love your blog, it's rare to see someone so responsive and actually enthusiastic)

like chuuya in yoga pants is my goddamn religion i really want to see his yoga pants for the rest of my life like the chuuass is already legendary but COME ON yoga pants like???? the only accurate word to convey how beautiful and legendary those thighs would be in yoga pants is thrusts because that’s what dazai will want to do when he sees it and tbh same i want nakahara chuuya to choke and crush me with those thighs, effectively cutting off my circulation and killing me because there is nothing better than seeing him in yoga pants and i will no longer have a purpose after i have seen it


“Celebrating with you makes this the best birthday.”
“This is for me? Thank you, I am happy.”

Happy Birthday, Love of my Otome Life!

At this point I have celebrated Kojuro’s birthday three times, and during those times, oh gosh, only god and my real-life hubby know how much money and time I spent on this fictional rendering of a 15th century samurai.

Oh well! 

And I just spent 25 pearls for his Tenka Birthday set!

I was particularly intrigued by his avatar background. I thought that’s so similar to Genya’s gambling den, hahahahahah. Turned out, it wasn’t far off. 

spoiler after the break

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a kinda, sorta, not really goodbye?

hi i’m posting this late and it’s going to seem sudden and just random, but a couple days ago i said how i’m going on hiatus because i want to focus my time on other things, and already i can say i just don’t think i’m coming back in general :-( simblrs are so fun but just … my interests have changed i guess? i love this community but i’d rather focus on my actual life than a bunch of pixel ones. ps i’ll still be here creeping and keeping up with the legacies i follow, just not posting. if you want to unfollow, i 100% understand. I LOVE ROY HARRIS W ALL MY HEART but, it’s just not for me right now. maybe i’ll be back one day! i’m sorry this is sudden, i know i had quite a few people actively following the Harris legacy. but i won’t be a stranger, promise.

Tbh idk how people even have the nerve to say stuff about Reputation when TN legit makes you sign a giant contract saying you won’t run your mouth about anything you hear. Like maybe they’re not doing that this time around but when I went to a session I was legit scared for my life because I was afraid if I even said the words “secret session” out loud Taylor was gonna come to my house and arrest me herself lmao.


taurus moon kpop bgs & ggs -


  • mEMES
  • soFT MEMES
  • you have more sweaters than friends tbh
  • your bed is your cave
  • aesthetic™
  • gentle and warm, a serene quality that calms those around them
  • an awkward kind of funny
  • you do have your witty moments though ill give you credit for that
  • i feel like you guys are stuck in quicksand you need to move on
  • stop holding grudges and being so stubborn its okay life goes on bubs
  • your super wise, you have a deep appreciation for life and that’s probably why you take things so slow though
  • great buddies to rant with, to get all your shit out
  • you a lowkey ride or die tbh
  • you guys come off as “cool and collected” but you’re really cool and low-key a mess but wants stability
  • you know how people are like sluts for doritos
  • youre sluts for routines
  • and doritos
  • and $$$ but like who isnt???
  • anyways keep being you!! you soft buttercups

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I know it’s cheesy, but the day before last, it was one of the days when the man was home earlier than me (usually, it’s the other way round), and - I love it.

I love looking up as I come to the house and seeing the kitchen window is open. I love turning the key only once instead of twice.
And I love it when he comes to the door and takes my bag or rucksack from me, and pulls me into a big hug and kisses me and tells me that he is happy that I’m home and asks me how my day was.

It’s making me so happy, and I still can’t quite believe that I get to have that for the rest of my life. :)

How BTS Comes Up Songs

*BTS Just all hanging out having a good time*

Rap Monster: *has deep moment* Wait, guys, if the universe is constantly expanding, what is it expanding into? We are mere specks of dust in this ever changing and expanding way of life in the universe.

*everyone stares*

Suga: Put that to some music. I’m already coming up with a rap.

J-Hope: Dance *flawless dance moves* is completed

Jin, V, Jimin, Jungkook: *confused but what’s new*

*new hit song called Existence*

*wins all the awards*

*BBMA Hot 100*

*Mic drop*

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I'm trying to learn to meditate, because a lot of people have said it's really vital to doing magic. I just can't seem to visualize. It doesn't work for me. Is it something that just came naturally for you, or did you have to work for it?

Hey, thanks for writing. This is a question I get a LOT from people with widely varied experience, so don’t feel for a second like the trouble you are having is unusual. No, for me the ability to visualize didn’t just “come naturally”, it took a lot of effort over a period of years to get to a point where I felt very confident. Some days, it can still be hard, depending on how I’m feeling or what’s going on around me. We’re all a work in progress, and if this is something you want you’ll be exercising the skill for the rest of your life. You might as well relax and enjoy it.

In my opinion, the major problem is people’s perception of what visualization is. I don’t really like the name, because it seems like a bit of a misnomer. We get really hung up on the idea of “seeing”. 

The purpose of “visualizing” something is to make it real to you. Internally. Vision is an external sense, the way we see things internally is not the same as the way we see things externally. People imagine it should be like watching a movie on the back of your eyelids, but that’s not really how it works. Trying to force that experience leads to a lot of frustration.  A blind practitioner can still do effective work, so the sensation of physical sight is not required.

There are some old fashioned exercises that are popular like the Black Dot exercise, but I’m not a huge fan. It’s not enjoyable, it’s boring… and it really reinforces the idea that sight is required to make something real.

So, let’s talk about what you do need to be successful. You need to practice very regularly, preferably daily. In order for that to not be a burden, you have to really enjoy what you’re doing. Finally, you have to engage all of your senses. If you aren’t a visual person and like me you’re more tactile, you’re going to be more concerned with how a thing feels, or smells, or tastes. It’s entirely probable that you’re in this pickle right now because your best sense is being completely overlooked.

When I was very young (I think twelve?) one of my teachers got me doing a particular exercise to manage pain. I’d fallen and broken my ankle, and wasn’t coping with being a bored bedridden kid in bone pain very well. We did the typical white light exercise common in meditative practice, then he had me go to a safe place.

Initially, he kept trying to push a cave on me. I believe this is because that’s what he used, but my place ended up being a cob hut on the edge of a wood. When I was in pain and needed relief, I would visit that little hut. I would distract myself with the warmth from the wood burning stove and the rough threads of the hand woven carpet and the sound the owls made outside. I would wash the dishes in there, and feel the water on my hands and very very slowly, I learned the place. Very slowly, I built the place. It was enjoyable to go, so I kept visiting.

As I grew in my craft, I returned to the place to practice new skills in safety. I returned to do mental rituals. I built a routine for entering, a series of things that I always did in order that helped me settle in… and visualization became easier for me.

Make yourself a place. Engage all of your senses, At first, you will have to walk through all those senses, ask yourself what you hear, what you feel, what you smell, what the air tastes like. For a while, just ignore sight altogether. Get comfortable with blindness until you realize sight isn’t necessary, then work it back in. Learn your own sanctuary and take the time to explore every inch of it. You’ll find after a time that you miss it when you aren’t there. 

And after a few months of daily visits, I guarantee that you’ll have an easier time applying the skill to other things.

The title sequence of Strange Magic shows us a scroll being unfurled over a wooden table in front of a fireplace.

The narrator sounds like King Dagda so I headcanon that Gramps Dagda is telling “How Your Mom and Dad Met” to his grand kids, specifically to Butterfly Bog’s kids, in Bog’s castle’s study.

This tells me the bog castle was rebuilt (or they found a new one), King Dagda comes to accept his daughter’s life choices, and cherishes his grand kids, and is proud to have let stuff happened haha 😂

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Charlie+ mental abuse from family

Oh man this ones tough bc I haven’t thought about it a lot. 

I can definitely see it tho. Charlie seems like he’d be a bit of a cliche when it comes to his parents. Which isn’t bad. Cliches are cliches for a reason. His parents have spoiled him his entire life but they’ve always held that over his head as well. Perhaps his mother is the most vocal about it. Reminding him how it was their reputation that sent him to his prestigious university and their money that paid for the sleek, little sports car that he drives around and their credit card burning a hole in his wallet. 

His father I can imagine breaking out the low blows. Making him feel like nothing he ever does is good enough, no matter how hard he works. And he must have worked hard to not only become a candidate for Kingsman but to make it to the final three even if there was nepotism at play. It’s not enough tho. It was never going to be enough. 

(Send me a character–or pairing–plus a thing and I’ll tell you my headcanon for it.)