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A Brief P.S.A.: “Carding”

TL; DR:  If “carding” is an acceptable substitute for “finger-combing”, a la “running [my/your/X’s] fingers through ___’s hair”, whilst fill-in-the-blank is servicing your nethers or y’all are banging?  

I sure as shit can’t source it.

I read quite a bit. I don’t review often. Stuff like this is why.

It is my legit hope this will be helpful. If for no one else, then me. It makes my eye twitch and my lips curl. Seen this from *multiple* authors/fics, even in simple smooching scenes, not just when smut sneaks up. 

Vowed to myself at around the #10 mark that when I saw it even one more time, this would get thrown out of where it’s been living in “Draft” since [looks at calendar] January, and over into “Queue”. So if you’re seeing this, well, there ya go.

“Nash you’re a bitch like, you’re so perfect.”

Accurate assessment, watch that comma next time. To the dictionary we go!

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Candy Apple

Wanted/In for: Multiple First Degree Murder/Serial Killer, Third degree robber, Fraud, and threats on several occasions.


DP: Keep your people close. A man, woman or anon is only as strong as the posse they roll with. Talk to strangers–– people who can fathom the experience because they know it too. It’s terrifying when you’ve got no control over what happens next –– cosmic energies, God–– Sadistic Writers–– poking at you with a big stick? I’ve been there. It’s a lot like facing against the Sinister Six, minus the spandex and campy enthusiasm. Fight or flight. And we all know you’re a fighter, anon. Not–– a… flighter… 

We’re all with you, anon. Every last one of us. 


[Apologias to the rest of you, this will likely be weird and stupid and mean nothing, I just thought of a cringe for someone else, because I’m evil

@butiaintgonnaloveem - You did not ask for this as I did, but you shall receive because even though I’m *technically* offline doing stuff, this just hit me, since they’re [you’ll see the they] three words each, a la…..

SUCK IT [a special bonus 300]

“I have had it with these motherfucking chick-flick moments in this motherfucking apple-pie life!

Sam blinked.

“Jeez, Dean. You don’t have to scream.”

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Bunker's Oz Portal

The Scoop

It wasn’t so much the flying monkeys, as it was the monkey poop.  

Dean had taken a liking to a few of them, as they had taken to detailing Baby after he’d only shown them once how he liked things done - he could see his face shining in the hood in no time. Another would nod at his requests for specific screwdrivers and wrenches, always passing the correct one to him whilst he was rolled underneath. Hell, they even fetched him beer.

Sam took the last beer out of spite, and then he scooped.

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Walt Disney, castle, princess

[Nash Note: Lil, I couldn’t go raunchy with you, I tried and I just couldn’t - you get cute with a dash of snark]


“Did you know that Walt Disney’s last words were ‘Kurt Russell’?”

Dean rolled out from under the Impala, confusion all over his inexplicably grease-smudged face.

“Sam… what?

“They say the head’s hidden somewhere in the castle.”

“They who? And what head?”

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Freya snapped her fingers.  “Look, buddy,”  She began.  “I know my boobs are great and all, but my face is up here, and I’d appreciate it if you looked at my face while I’m talking to you.”

me: it’s been a few years can i get out of this fandom now

fandom: but look at this new story, fanart, and some au’s and hc’s

me: holy shit

Finished Lewis from the animated video of Ghost by Mystery Skulls!

Drawn for a very dear friend of mine.


It’s my birthday! 🎈🎉