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DP: Keep your people close. A man, woman or anon is only as strong as the posse they roll with. Talk to strangers–– people who can fathom the experience because they know it too. It’s terrifying when you’ve got no control over what happens next –– cosmic energies, God–– Sadistic Writers–– poking at you with a big stick? I’ve been there. It’s a lot like facing against the Sinister Six, minus the spandex and campy enthusiasm. Fight or flight. And we all know you’re a fighter, anon. Not–– a… flighter… 

We’re all with you, anon. Every last one of us. 

Freya snapped her fingers.  “Look, buddy,”  She began.  “I know my boobs are great and all, but my face is up here, and I’d appreciate it if you looked at my face while I’m talking to you.”

me: it’s been a few years can i get out of this fandom now

fandom: but look at this new story, fanart, and some au’s and hc’s

me: holy shit


It’s my birthday! 🎈🎉

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Yea right anon how would you know who's with Cait? There hasn't been any pics or anything posted even by Cait!

Anon is just trying to get some attention for her Tony/Cait ship. Unfortunately reminding us all that the same Tony who is very publicly at her side performing all the duties of an assistant is not very likely to be also the very private relationship that Cait says is “just for me”. That guy can’t be at her side at these public appearances. That guy is the one who is waiting at home missing her and going through his Twitter feed looking for tweets about her to respond to. The guy who publicly corrected a fan who was trying to imply what a great time Cait was having without him. The guy who said he would do anything for her- which would obviously include keeping their relationship out of the limelight. Anon doesn’t understand that it’s the guy you DON’T see with her at these official functions who is her partner-not the guy who is very publicly standing there holding her sunnys.