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Robin and Starfire come home to find the other titans turned into babies. While Starfire is watching the others, Robin interrogates baby RavenRobin: Raven how did this happen?!Raven boops him on the noseRobin: Raven tell me!Raven hugs himRobin: stop being adorable and tell me!Raven sinks her teeth into his neck. Robin runs around comically while screaming, with Raven dangling by his neck. Starfire is unsure weather to intervene or laugh her head off.


It was probably Beast Boy’s fault.

Here, have more:

  • Baby!Beast Boy gets the hiccups and turns into different animals with every one.  Starfire records this and later (with Cyborg’s help, once everyone’s back to normal) uploads it to YouTube and it goes viral and Beast Boy revels in his internet fame with obnoxious enthusiasm.
  • A potty emergency has Robin and Starfire making a frantic trip to the grocery store to pick up diapers and also formula and do they need pacifiers too?  How long should we plan on this lasting?  Oh what the hell, throw the entire rack in there, we might need something.
  • They have a mini panic attack trying to figure out diaper brands.  What do these sizes mean?  Is there a significant difference in absorbency between brands?  WHY ARE THESE PACKS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE HOLY COW.
  • Baby!Raven starts crying halfway through the trip, which just leads to bottles exploding and cereal boxes bursting open and all sorts of chaos and Starfire has to take her outside to try to calm her down.
  • This leaves Robin by himself at the checkout completely mortified at the clerk’s raised eyebrow about the cart-full of baby supplies and being all, “I CAN EXPLAIN.”
  • (He doesn’t have to, Baby!Cy and Baby!Beast Boy are swatting each other’s faces in the cart’s baby seat.)
  • Baby!Cy is drawn to everything electric in the Tower and likes to pull things apart while they’re on and it gives Starfire heart attacks every time.
  • They don’t sleep for two days.  None of the babies are old enough to sleep through the night and they all wake up at different times in irregular intervals and Robin and Starfire just sort of give up halfway through the fifth consecutive wakeup cry and overload on caffeine and stake out the main room the whole night, Starfire mixing up bottles and bottles and bottles! of formula and holding and burping the babies while Robin is on the computer, calling for reinforcements and trying to research a reversal.
  • They are extremely irritable the next morning when Hive Five triggers an alarm and curbstomp them in like thirty seconds flat, WITH the babies strapped to them. (Because of course they can’t leave infants alone in the Tower, that would be irresponsible.)
  • (In all fairness, Hive Five didn’t exactly try their hardest because, “THAT IS A BABY WHAT THE HELL I CAN’T HIT A BABY.”)
  • Titans East eventually turns up to help–after Bumblebee has spent ten minutes on the floor laughing hysterically when Robin tells her.
  • Silkie gets ridiculously jealous of all the attention the babies are getting and pukes in each of their rooms to spite them.  The Titans are so busy they don’t notice until everything’s back to normal.  Starfire chastises him very firmly.
  • Robin semi-deliriously refers to Starfire as “Mommy” partway through the first night.  He has been up for eighteen hours, his brain is fried, and it just sort of slips out like, “Raven, please stop pulling Mommy’s hair.”
  • Starfire got a kick out of it and playfully started calling Robin “Daddy” in return.
  • It confused the hell out of Titans East when they arrived.
  • Baby!Cy fortunately doesn’t really poop but he spits up.  A lot.  Starfire takes to wearing a raincoat poncho.
  • Baby!Raven breaks so many walls and electronics and dishes and pieces of furniture when she cries that the Tower is almost completely wrecked by the time Titans East arrives to help.
  • Mas and Menos run with her out to remote locations until whatever she’s crying about has been fixed.  (I.E. diaper changed, fed, burped, cuddled.)
  • A search of Raven’s room eventually turns up the spellbook that Beast Boy had been messing around with when they got turned and the Titans quickly prepare the counterspell and return the three back to normal.
  • Raven refuses to speak to anyone for a week.
  • Cyborg goes through his memory files and deletes everything.
  • Beast Boy catches the exhausted Robin and Starfire tangled up together on the couch (one of the only pieces of furniture NOT destroyed by Raven’s crying), gets the wrong idea, and screeches, “HOW CAN YOU DO THAT AFTER WHAT YOU JUST WENT THROUGH, AREN’T YOU PUT OFF OF CHILDREN FOREVER?!”
  • They’re too tired to fight him on it, Robin just sort of groans and waves at him like, “Go back to bed kid, Mom and Dad need a rest.”
  • Titans East jokingly call the two “Mom and Dad” for weeks after the event.


Wow… I just checked my requests and I got SO MANY over the weekend. I’ll try to get to everyone. Please note that I have my own organizational system that’s not necessarily based on how long ago you requested, but I won’t make you wait too long.

This is one of the common ones. I actually made these on Friday and never got a chance to upload them.

I have some Les Mis ones halfway done. I’ll upload In the Heights in a minute (ha, wasn’t even requested, just love it), and I’ll work on Great Comet, more Hamilton, and another Spring Awakening tomorrow.

People have also asked what I use to make these. I use Canva, which is incredibly easy and free. I also get all images that I don’t credit from there, too, which is a nice library.

i dont know if someone has done this or not.. actually i forgot to upload this one page from wan, one of my favorite pages, how could i forget this page smh I MEAN LOOK AT THEM- look at the trio! they’re so adorable i just want to hug them and give them milk also cookies ; u ;

[nb: it would be good if you dont repost them but it’s alright as you dont claim my scans as yours thank you!]

Clones with De-Aged Jedi

So sauntering-down​ has been giving me de-aged clone feels, but what would happen if the JEDI were the ones to be De-aged?  Imagine the poor clones trying to cope.

Cody can’t get over how TINY General Kenobi is(He was a little guy before, but this is stupid cute) and won’t stop floofing his padawan-hair.  Obi-wan is still a snarky little shit, but his wit stings a lot less when one of his comebacks is interrupted by his voice cracking

The clones in Quinlan Vos’ unit are amazed how little he changes.  Quinlan didn’t really grow up, he just got taller.  Similarly, Gree has to deal with Yoda as an infant, and is amazed how little this changes things.  Yoda is still bald, , getting into trouble and largely unintelligible.  The only difference now is that Yoda is SO tiny that he now fits comfortably inside a helmet, which makes for adorable pictures that are immediately uploaded to the holonet.

Fives and other clones on Kamino almost don’t recognize Shaak Ti, her facial marking change so much.  The finally believe it’s he after she addresses the kaminoans attempts to experiment on her with her usual “Do-I-Have-To-Cut-A-Bitch?” tone.  Shaak seems to have forgotten much of what she has learned about patience and Fives ends up following her around trying to dissuade her from disemboweling people for being obstructive.

post-puberty Aalya’s Clothes do not fit Pre-puberty Aalya, even though they are nearly the same height, and Bly and the rest of the troops panic and scramble to cover her with whatever fabric they can find, which turns out to be their sleepwear and a tarp.  She looks fabulous anyway.

Ponds is amazed to discover that Mace needed eye surgery in his teens, and now that he’s a kid again, is so near-sighted he’s legally blind.  He and Trap take turns leading him around like guide-dogs until they can find a set of glasses for him.  His hair is back as well, and the texture fascinates them, though they try to be polite about it.  Mace knows it is only well-meaning curiousity and eventually lets one of them braid it while he squints at the reports.

There is panic among the Wolf Pack.  Droids? No problem!  Giant monsters? Got this!  Tiny Plo? WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO!? The first issue is that Plo’s mask nearly falls off during the change, and only stays on because Wolffe Tackles him and pins it in place.  There is a scramble to find another mask, then the trials of trying to keep a telekinetic and perhaps too trusting six-year-old out of trouble on the outer rim.  The Pack forms a peramenent guard around the tiny Kel-dor, and wolffe spends most of his time carrying him becuase it’s the only reliable way to know where he is at all times.

The winner though, is Rex, who arrives at the temple days later looking a mess and like he hasn’t slept in a month with Baby Ahsoka in a harness on his chest and Anakin on one of those little kid leashes. The restraints do little to keep the out of trouble-  Ahsoka can still levitate things off his belt (Like blasters) and the leash is still long enough for anakin to run into traffic, off ledges, and into all manner of danger.“I am not prepared for this level of responsibility.”  Rex mutters before collapsing.

There was no Renji in the Bleach Brave Souls White Day Event T.T That’s why I needed this White Day Renji as compensation :D

Also, please accept White Day Renji as a HUGEEEEEE THANK YOU to all of you who are liking, reblogging or commenting on my fanarts. I wish I could reply to all of you, because every single reaction turns me into a happily squealing guinea pig. That running-in-circles-type of guinea pig.(Literally)

 I can’t count how often your feedback has turned gloomy days in bright ones. Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

I liked the uncolored version of this also quite a lot and will probably upload this to my artblog. 



By: @bioniczex


Are your sims craving that luxurious life that the rich and famous keep bragging about on SimsTV? Well Los-Angeles Loft will make their every dreams come true. Sit by the pool and catch some sun at day, and relax with friends, by the outdoor cabana with drinks and late night BBQ .

This Lot Has

- Two 2 BedRooms

- Two 2 BathRooms

- One 1 LivingRoom

- One 1 LoungeRooms

- One 1 Kitchen

- One 1 Out Door DiningRoom

- One 1 Garage

And a whole outdoor relaxing area (THERES JUST SOOO MUCH)

it has much much more !!!

I had so many screen shots but Tumblr only lets us upload 10 at a time.

How To Download?

Go into the gallery and search for my Origin Name: MarkDaii1993

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The epic tale of the potato offering and the winter war.

Ok, fam. Gather round for story time.

So, you know how youtube is the land of reposting comics and dubs and videos and such? Well, turns out my dear friend and totally cutie-patootie @wintermoth’s video got stolen by someone. I know you folks might be like (ง •̀_•́)ง(ง •̀_•́)ง(ง •̀_•́)ง !!! but don’t worry, that issue has been dealt with already.

ahem. - THE THING IS

This reposter also happened to upload a comic by @portentous-offerings. SO obviously - as one can imagine - Wintermoth and Portentous filed a copyright claim and the mighty power that is the Youtube Law fell upon her channel and painted her land with two strikes… this set things up for the thief to make a video-rant in spanish (cuz she a spanish speaker) about how the system was unfair and how youtube took her videos, and well, thing is we spanish speakers have trouble with pronunciation, mostly because english has like 17 vowel sounds more than we do and it’s confusing replicating them and such…just, english is weird. But well, moving on. The thief asked her brethen to find the so called Wintermoth and “Potato-offering” so they could take the claim down and bring peace to the land of thieves.  

They found wintermoth’s channel very fast, and all the white knights began commenting and so on, but well, obviously they never found the elusive “Potato-offering”  

But can you all please, take a moment to imagine like, this middle ages small army of YT dudes, with their white horses and shiny armor, and their little banner flags with the symbol of their yt leader all ready to go into the horizon to fight while yelling for “Potato” to appear… All the while Portentous watches them while leaning on the wall of the castle while eating chips or something and laughing at them yell to someone that doesn’t even exist?

I suck at writing, so please have this hastily drawn visual of what I imagined while all this was going down and think about it like with Lord of the Rings vfx or something:

Smart Mouth

Steve Rogers x Reader
Request: Could you do a Steve x reader one shot where the reader is  really sarcastic, and always has an answer for everything no matter what the  question is? Really like you writing btw
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: So… here is my first imagine of 2017. I’m really gonna try and be better at uploading this year, but I guess we’ll see how it goes! If any of you guys can spot the references then let me know! (All I’m going to say is they are from one of my favourite Chris Evans films) I hope you guys enjoy this, and remember my requests are once again open!

SHIELD had been a huge part of your life. They’d pulled you from a life of crime and made you into something that you were truly proud of. Nick Fury had been a big help as you struggled to make this change. So when the intelligence agency fell, you were one of the first to join his rag tag group to bring down the hellicarriers. When the dust had settled, and you’d all once again parted ways, you received an anonymous message informing you to meet at Lake View Cemetery.

Walking up to the meeting spot, you could see the broad shoulders of a certain Captain and his new running buddy. “So, he wanted to meet in a cemetery? That’s not, like, foreboding at all…” You called out, causing the boys to turn their heads in your direction. “Agent.” Steve responded, arms folded across his chest as he stared down at you. “I have a name, Rogers.” You smirked, mimicking his stance, as Sam chuckled beside you both. “Nice to see you again Y/N, and in better circumstances this time.” Sam smiled, eyes flickering between the two of you as you continued to square off. “You too Sam.” You smiled up at him, still feeling Steve’s disapproving gaze on the back of your head. It was no secret that the Captain wasn’t your biggest fan, he didn’t trust you and fought Fury relentlessly when he insisted you join their team. “So, Y/N, what do you intend to do now SHIELD is gone?” Sam asked, eyes softening slightly as he caught the furrow of your brows. “Nothing good, I’m guessing.” Steve mumbled, looking out over the cemetery. “Just as long as you won’t be there.” You retorted with a scoff and a shake of your head. As the two of you glared across at each other, another voice sounded from across the way. “I didn’t realise I’d been working with a bunch of children.” Fury said, eyebrows lifted as both you and Steve huffed and turned away from one another. “Nick.” Steve greeted, standing slightly straighter now that the ex-director was present. “Captain.” Fury retorted, “I’m guessing you all want to know why I called you here.” He continued, gesturing towards the tree as Natasha appeared from behind it with a grin. “Down to business then.” Fury murmured, pushing his sunglasses up slightly before starting on his speech.

5 months later

“I can’t believe I got put on Cap watch.” You grumbled, carefully slotting another round into the chamber of your gun. “By all means, feel free to leave.” Steve grunted, strapping his suit together more forcefully than necessarily. “Yeah well, I promised Fury I’d watch out for your patriotic ass so… here I am.” You huffed, spreading your arms wide before dropping them back to your side. “Guys, come on, this is the first lead we’ve had in months, are you really gonna have this argument again?” Sam sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, already fed up with the bickering. “Sorry Sam.” You both muttered, turning back to get your stuff ready.

“Y/N, we need some help in here! There’s more than we anticipated!” Steve’s voice crackled over the comms, sounding annoyed not even 20 minutes into the fight. “Hang on Cap, I have an idea.” You grinned, running back towards the quinjet you’d all flown in on. “Y/N! This is not the time for one of your bright ideas! Just get your ass in here!” He shouted, the clanging sounds of his shield ringing in the background. “For once, just… trust me Cap.” You muttered, grabbing your secret weapon with a grin, before quickly hot tailing it back towards the compound.

Running down the stairs, you could already see Sam and Steve fighting through about 50 HYDRA agents. Bringing your fingers up to your mouth, you let out a loud whistle that silenced the room. Realisation quickly dawned on the enemy agents faces, as you propped up the weapon on your shoulder. “That’s right bitches, I got a crossbow!” You grinned, firing off a few shots as chaos once again descended on the room. Shooting people left, right and centre, you couldn’t help the laughs that escaped you. As the three of you cleared the room, you finally ran out of notches for your bow. Discarding the large weapon you took out the last few agents with just your body. “Phewww!” You exclaimed, grinning around the room as Steve clipped his shield back on and Sam folded his wings back in. “He wasn’t here then?” You asked, rubbing your hands on your trousers. “No.” Steve sighed, running a hand through his soot dusted hair. “We’ll find him Rogers.” You murmured, with a small smile and a nod.

As the three of you walked out into the large entrance of the compound, you rolled your shoulders slightly as the ache began to set in. “Hands up!” A sudden shout rang out, before the cold barrel of a gun was pressed against the back of your neck. “Shit…” You murmured, tensing up immediately, as both Sam and Steve slowly raised their hands in front of you. “Y/N… where’s your gun?” Steve murmured, eyes locking with yours. “It’s in the jet.” You replied, licking your lips nervously. “What’s it doing there?” Sam retorted, eyes clearly scanning the agent that was currently holding you hostage. “Not…much.” You huffed, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, letting a small smile pull at your lips. Before the man could make another move, you span in his arms, ducking as he fired off a shot. Kicking out as his ankles, you heard another shot fire before he hit the ground. The boys ran to your side, Sam quickly pinning the last agent to the ground as Steve stood by your side. “Good job kid.” Steve murmured, head turning quickly as he heard another body hit the ground. “Y/N?” He exclaimed, dropping to his knees beside you, “What happened?” He asked frantically, hands skimming over your abdomen looking for a wound. “Bastard shot me in the knee.” You grimaced, curling up around the wound. Letting out a sigh, Steve shook his head, knowing that though the injury would be painful, it was not life threatening. “Can you stand?” He asked, arm looping under both of yours. “Oh. Oh, this is Stupid Question Day. This is Stupid Question Day, and nobody decided to tell me! Nah, that’s cool. It’s all good.” You grimaced as you stood up, hitting Steve in the chest lightly as he helped you up. “You have one smart mouth, you know that?” Steve chuckled, helping you hobble towards the jet. “You love it though.” You grinned, knowing that even though you still annoyed Steve occasionally he was slowly coming around to you. “Yeah yeah.” He muttered, squeezing you slightly with a smile.

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The Beginner’s Guide is probably my all-time favorite video Jack has ever uploaded. There are so many parts that resonated with me, that made me think about things…I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve watched it.

This part right here probably impacted me the most because whenever I found something I loved doing, something or someone would make it so I couldn’t do or even dream about it. I’m still looking for that one thing that makes me feel inspired but I know when I do, I’ll be able to go after it.

Everyone deserves to find that thing that makes being busy something they look forward to.

It was uploaded a while back but still, thank you for playing it. The video means so much to me.

“Lusamine controlled everything. She chose what I wore, dictated how I should act. I had to fit her image of perfection.”

Head-canon where Gladion is trans, one of the many reasons that he ends up running away from home. Also another reason why he’s so anxious to become “stronger”, to try to validate his masculine identity through brute strength. Through interacting with Hau and the protagonist, he learns new ways of being strong.

A head-canon I go back and forth on, because in order for it to work, transphobia has to exist in the poke-universe (when it doesn’t necessarily have to). Honestly, I debated over uploading this, but here’s hoping that it ends up helping some people rather than hurting them.

Since a lot of people want to unsub Jon; here's some really cool people who do the same thing as him, are just as funny, and much less racist.

JordanUnderneath - Does horror reviews. Occasionally talks about his depression or loneliness in general, but not in a bad way or an attention seeking way, more in a way that says “this is how and why this game reached out to me and personally effected me.” Pretty damn funny and one of my favorite reviewers right now.

BrutalMoose - Does a lot of old cassette reviews and a LOT of point-and-click games. Great sense of humor, and uploads much more frequently than Jon.

ProJared - it’s ProJared

PeanutButterGamer - Kinda shouty, but if that’s your thing, that’s your thing! Has a very straight to the point sense of humor. Pretty dang good video editing too!

Game Grumps - Not a review show, but it’s Jon’s old Let’s Play show that he’s since left. In my opinion, it’s doing much better without him, Dan is a fantastic person and the channel uploads daily.

honestly i want so many spinoffs from the star wars universe

but i want them all in vlog format

post ep 3 Obi-Wan has one where he makes videos of himself complaining about how shitty tatooine is. Occasionally he’ll pause to make snippy remarks at a presence nobody but him can see.

Chirrut and Baze occasionally make video diaries once the Empire takes over Jedha, to record what’s going on and to preserve what little information they can pass on. Chirrut pretends he can’t tell that Baze is making faces every time it’s his turn to speak.

Qui-Gon pre Phantom Menace is just constantly uploading videos of cool animals he sees while on missions, and the equivalent those vines of dads embarrassing their kids (tiny padawan Obi-Wan) in public 

I want the Han Solo prequel to just be Han and Lando doing stupid viral video challenges and being like guys if this video gets 100,000 likes we’re gonna fly the millennium falcon through an asteroid belt it’ll be fucckin sick

I live for Matteusz holding Charlie's head with his hands and how they hold the entirety of his head

Reblog if you agree

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Inquiry for Berena fans

What was it like, when Berena was just beginning ? Since tomorrow is tuesgay, I know you folks will be waiting non-patiently for THAT episode coming on air, suffering through the commercials (I’ll be crying waiting for the youtube upload)… What was it like, for example…when S18E31 aired ? The episode AFTER Bernie’s outing. When Serena suggests arm-wrestle and then there is their eyes and all… Berena has been wished for, for a while. How did you lived through the build up, the first kiss, the second kiss, and then the dreadful Kiev-period, the immense fear of Robbie coming back, Bernie’s return.’ And I’ve watched all episodes (youtube) in ONE evening. How the fuck did you manage the wait??! I’m serious, please reply :)

I admire you. All of you. I truly adore you, each one of you, precious Berena fans.


A guide to Mogeko series’ characters part 6 : The Sun’s Curse by Yours truly

you thought i was dead?


im not HA IM BAck with my shitposting content

Entertainment purpose only. All characters, images © Funamusea

Next : WatGBS. I’ll be uploading that one next month~!


I’m sure everyone knows about this girl. She’s the nemesis in mission mode! Ever since the video uploaded, I went STRAIGHT to making up a name for her.(This name is just a headcanon, as Yan-Dev probably has a name planned) I came up with two names for her. One of those names is Kazuhiro Mashi. “Ma” means “real, genuine” and “Shi” which means “pure,clean”. “Kazu” means “harmony,peace” and “Hiro” means “search,seek”. The second name is Keihiro Murasai. “Kei” means “favor,benefit”, “Hiro” means “search, seek”, “Mura” means “town,village”, and “Sai” means “purification,worship”. 

You’re probably confused about how these names fit the character. Well, I have my reasons, from the video, and my personal thoughts. Obviously, in the Mission Mode universe, Ayano is an assassin, or hit woman, and Nemesis-Chan is hunting her down, to kill her. For the first choice of her name, Kazuhiro Mashi, “Kazuhiro” would mean “searching for peace” which implies her killing Yandere-Chan as completing her search for peace, that the school wouldn’t have to worry about anyone dying, that the students could attend school, only worrying about their test results, and not the possibility of another murder taking place in their school. 

“Mashi” would mean, “purely genuine”, since Nemesis-Chan is on the good side, trying to keep people safe, it means she is most likely a good hearted person. Sure, she may not look like a very nice gal, but when she isn’t actively on the hunt to kill the player, she probably cries watching romance movies. In this situation, the name may suit her, but some will disagree with the first choice. The second choice of her name is “Keihiro Murasai”, “Keihiro” means “beneficial search”, the benefit being that everyone would be safe, and the search is tracking the player, as she needs to eliminate us to see that benefit. “Murasai” means “purified town”, in Nemesis-Chan’s eyes, we’re probably seen as immoral, and needs to dispose of us so the school can be “purified”. 

Now, I leave it up to anyone who sees this post. Which name do you think suits Nemesis-Chan? Number one, being Kazuhiro Mashi, or Number two, which is Keihiro Murasai?