how has no one seen the second one tho

Lazytown characters as teachers
  • Sportacus: young and hip, tries to be down with the kids
  • Robbie: never shows up and no one's ever even seen him in the school
  • Mayor: clumsy and has no idea what's he talking about
  • Bessie: spends the whole lesson sitting on a desk and talking shit about the other teachers
  • Stephanie: young and friendly, usually teaches the kindergartners. every time is circle time.
  • Pixel: often goes off topic, tried to teach kindergartners how to build a particle accelerator. probs accidentally sent a virus to everyone once
  • Stingy: will not let you be a second late and very strict with homework. everyone in his classes get As tho
  • Trixie: no one's sure if she even has any qualifications??? hosts competitions in class, often destructive. leads her class in weekly attacks against Stingy's
  • Ziggy: always has snacks for everyone. brought his 20 dogs to school once.