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Imagine an AU where Derek needs touch to survive. It was all fine and dandy, he had his family when he was young, and he never even came close to dying because he went without touch for too long. There was just no opportunity given how big his family was and how tactile wolves are. But then they all burned and he only had Laura left, who also died a few years later.

And now he is in Beacon Hills and the only one who ever really touched him was Stiles, but he left for college a few months back. Derek has been slowly dying ever since because he is not really part of Scott’s pack and no one particularly cares to touch him.

Derek doesn’t tell anyone about this, because he knows what it’s like to be touched against his will and he wouldn’t want to force anyone to touch him when they really don’t want to. And he can tell that no one from Scott’s pack wants to touch him but they would if they knew what was going on, they would feel obligated even if they didn’t want to, and Derek isn’t about to do that to them.

So when Stiles comes back Derek is only a shadow of his former self and Stiles worries. And he worries and worries and does research and then one day he grabs Derek’s shoulder to stop him from walking away and Derek slaps his hand away and yells “Don’t touch me”.

Because dying hurts, but he is almost done now, and he really doesn’t care to go through the process again when Stiles leaves for college again.

Stiles on the other hand did some really extensive research and he saw how other packs worked at his university and there is always someone touching and puppy piles and scent marking going on and so he assumes that it’s the same in Scott’s pack and that Derek is dying because of all the touching.

So he tells everyone to stop touching Derek who doesn’t even protest because death is already so close, he can almost feel it, but the pack tells Stiles that there is no touching at all going on with Derek ever, which just leaves Stiles confused cause he thought he had figured it out and found a way to help Derek.

Today, my dad called me for the first time in like… forever (my birthday doesn’t count), not to ask me how I’m doing, but to berate me for not personally giving him my work phone number. My mom had it. But why didn’t I give it to him? In his words: does he not matter?

I should say that it’s been 6 years since I’ve moved out and not once has he even expressed the desire to come see where I live. I could legit live in hole and he wouldn’t know (or care, really). He complains to my mom that I don’t call him, but he never reaches out. The only acknowledgement I get when I go visit is a hello and maybe a how you doing/how’s work. He abused me, my sis and my mom when we were younger and I still have emotional issues over that. And now I’m actually feeling bad/guilty that I didn’t give him the fucking number, even though my mom had it and he could have taken it any time he wished. *sigh*

henlo @taylorswift

my name is beau, im 21 and live in the great town of Boston, MA. im sure you’re very familiar with it and how great it is. pretty much lived here my whole life minus a few years when i lived in NY.

im not that creative and really suck at making super awesome gifs to get noticed by you so this is my only shot. i have been a fan of you for 11 years of my life and have never been ashamed of you once which no one ever should be. you are my favorite female artist and there isn’t anything i don’t love about you.

your music has literally gotten me through so much hard times in my life especially your album RED. which i still ‘til this day think is an incredible album. it really spoke to me and left me laying on the (cold, hard) floor crying many of times. your song ‘clean’ in 1989 spoke volumes to me and im sure many. and the speech you made the second night at gillette still sticks with me til this day. i couldn’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and you have made me the man i am today. your compassion and kind hearted ways really inspires me day in and day out. i don’t really know if i will ever get the chance to meet you or well, get noticed by you but if I did it would be marked down in my calendar as the best day of my life. literally. even though i wouldn’t need a calendar to remember it bc it would be engraved into my memory.

i just thought i would take the time to let you know how much I love you and how frickin hype i am for the reputation era. i already have both …ready for it? and look what you made me do lyrics etched into my brain. i can’t wait to scream out the lyrics on tour.

Is it really?

So Rowling had no way of knowing the political climate during the 19 Years Later epilogue, but we do now. So consider this: what kind of world does the Golden Trio live in right now?

Their country is in the middle of Brexit talks, with racism and protectionism at their worst and the magic community isn’t far behind. 

Young Pure Bloods march the streets with torches and capes, shouting “They will not replace us!” They wear Deatheater masks and temporary tattoos (oh it’s not the real thing, they’ll wash it off and be back at the office on Monday).

In the news, the authorities call for a cease of violence and ask people not to fight the young pure bloods. In the streets, people talk about talking to them calmly to fix things. Ron is livid. “You don’t reason with bloody Deatheaters! You throw curses at them!”

Hermione’s work for equality in the magical world gets harder every day. She starts getting death threats in her mail, many howlers that leave her in tears. She keeps going. When people insist that every werewolf is dangerous to society and they should all be banned from country, she tearfully remembers Lupin giving his life to protect them all, she remembers Dobby with a knife in his heart and Hagrid with his half giant blood and his giant heart. She keeps fighting. 

As much as he hates it —and he hates it a lot— Harry becomes a vocal public figure again, constantly condemning blood purists and calling for action against them. His office calls horrified after the first interview, telling him he can’t be calling for violence against this people who are only protesting. “They are Deatheaters and this is how we deal with them,” he snarls back. “Have you forgotten Voldemort?” On the other side of the line, he can feel them flinch. 

No one who fought the war has forgotten it, but so many others seem to, it pains Harry. It’s been barely twenty years since he saw children die in the grounds of Hogwarts, killed by grown angry men who believed themselves superior. It’s been barely twenty years since Tom Riddle’s death body laid on the ground and he thought they could finally have peace. 

The trio sends their kids on the Hogwarts Express and they can’t help but remember their experiences there in a time much like this. They never thought their own children would have to suffer as they did, they pray they won’t have to. 

Harry touches his lighting scar and reminds himself it hasn’t hurt again for years. All is well. A quiet voice inside his head wonders bitterly: “Is it, really?”

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Do you have any kind of process for picking colors for the backgrounds? They all seem to have really nice uniformity, and I would love to read up on how colors like that are picked (or if it's more intuition based). I do remember you mentioning that you also had help from another color lead before, so I was wondering how much of that they help out vs the colors you chose?

hey, thanks so much! this might get a lil long (as it always does!!) so bear with me.

firstly i want to say, there’s no right or wrong way to pick colors. every artist has their own palette they prefer and i think it’s super delightful to spend time developing your own special sense of color. so even though i’m explaining things in a “this is how you do it” sort of way, it’s not the only way! just my way. the best method to develop your own sense of color is to look at a LOT of art, look at a LOT of the world around you, and practice practice pratice.

at this point in my life i pick colors intuitively just because i think it’s something i’m naturally tuned into, and i’ve been doing it for a few years, so i don’t actively plan my palettes. but here are some things that i think about as i pick colors.

firstly, i want to go over hue, value, and saturation. i’m sure everyone knows these intuitively but i want to explain them in words. hue, value and saturation are what make up a color, and decide how colors differ from each other.

hue: what color the color actually is. red, purple, green, yellow, and everything in between.

value: how light or dark a color is. if you’re painting traditionally, adding more white or more black to a color lowers or raises its value.

saturation: how “pure” the color is vs how much neutral tone is in it.

here’s an example of all three:

this comes into play because a big mistake i see beginners make is that they pick a “just” color, and by that i mean they pick “just blue” or “just yellow”. imagine buying a set of oil paints and only using paints straight from the tube without ever mixing. it would be impossible! so i try to avoid picking “just” colors, except as for a complementary color (more on that in a bit). here are some variations of a red, for example.

so, the biggest thing for me when i pick colors is that i want them all to be friends. i want them all to have something in common so that they get along. i usually lose control of a painting when my colors feel to different from one another. so, i will usually start a painting with one color i know for sure i want, and “subordinate” other colors to it, meaning every other color i pick has to look good with that color. as to how you figure out what looks good and what doesn’t, that just takes time and lots of observation to build a personal opinion :) here’s an example from one of my paintings. in this case, the main color is the trees.

and here’s another from rick & morty, the main color is the sky this time.

now that that’s out of the way, i’m going to give you the Actual Cheat Sheet for color palettes. in color theory, there are 8 basic color schemes that are generally pleasing to look at. here they are.

i usually use an analogous palette or monochrome palette out of preference. the two examples above more or less fall into those categories. however, i also like to use split complementary because the complimentary color adds a LOT of contrast and visual interest. it’s great to use if you have a specific thing in a painting you want to draw attention to. here’s an example:

it doesn’t always have to be a perfect split complementary, just one color that differs from the “family” of colors that take up a majority of the piece. 

now! you might be wondering when’s the right time to subordinate a color, or where to put it, or how much of it to use, etc. and the answer is: CONTRAST. there is always visual interest in things that are different. i was rifling through my school notes and found these great types of contrast when working with color.

value: things that are light vs things that are dark.

hue: two colors that look different. I.E. yellow vs blue.

saturation: things that are saturated vs things that are desaturated.

proportion: note the example above. a majority of the painting is orange, so the green stands out because there is proportionally less of it.

temperature: things that are warm vs things that are cool.

complementary: red vs green, blue vs orange, yellow vs purple. when in doubt, these colors always contrast against each other because they have nothing in common (there is no red in green, etc).

simultaneous: this is a little advanced and i’m bad at explaining it, so please read up on it here. 

a super helpful exercise is to look at your favorite illustrations, paintings, photographs, designs, etc and assess which one of the 8 color schemes (linked above) it has, and which types (can be more than one) of contrast it has. we did this in school and it REALLY helped me look at color better. here’s part of the assignment i did, the artist is annette marnat.

so! that’s pretty much how i think about color and how i pick my colors! i hope it was somewhat helpful! there’s so so so so much about color theory i can’t even begin to cover, i highly urge you to watch some videos and read some books and articles to further your study. a great starting place would be this series of videos. these are made by my teacher Richard Keyes, i think he had a dvd or something. everything i’ve talked about so far i learned from him and he is an absolute expert in color. these videos are invaluable. if you take anything away from this post, let it be to watch these videos hahaha.

to answer your question about my color leads, every painting was a collaborative effort between the three of us, and sometimes other painters too. it was a very hands-on crew, so i can’t say any of the r&m bgs i did are 100% “mine”. however, i think my personal color sense is waaaay different than jason or phil’s, which made the process very interesting because we usually had 3 very different opinions hahaa. you can check out their work here and here to see what things they brought to the table in relation to my own contributions.

thank you for the ask! again, i hope this was helpful :)


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↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️

An incomplete list of the different answers Andrew has given reporters when they have asked why he and his ex-teammate turned rival Neil wear matching armbands:

  • “Kevin’s marking his new exclusive court team with the armbands. So far we’re the only ones picked.”
  • “It only took a few months of knowing him to know he was going to be my mortal enemy, so I marked him with the armbands so everyone would know.”
  • “Neil Josten is a copycat piece of shit with no sense of personal style.”
  • “We’ve been together since university. We secretly live together. We own cats. It’s disgusting.”
  • “The armbands are how Wymack marked the worst troublemakers on his team. Neil was so awful no one managed to rank after him.”
  • “Neil lost a bet and has to wear those armbands for ten years.”
  • “They’re to hide our matching sleeve tattoos from a drunken night his freshman year.”
  • “I forgot about his birthday and had an extra pair lying around so I used them as a shitty present. He’s been wearing them for years. Pathetic.”
  • “What armbands? I have never seen him wear armbands.”
  • “Wymack marked his best players with them. What a shame his own son didn’t earn any. Kevin cried the day Neil got his.”
  • “Which one’s Neil again? Is he that really tall dealer? No? Then who am I thinking of?”
  • “Nicky gave us the same gifts every year because apparently ‘we are impossible to shop for’.”
  • “Wymack marked the players that smoke with armbands ‘as black as our lungs are going to turn’ to try to shame us into quitting.”
  • “They used to be friendship bracelets, but now they mark my burning hatred for him.”
  • “Neil Josten changes his appearance so suddenly and extremely, we had to mark him so we would recognize him when he showed up to practice. I guess he got used to wearing them.”
  • “Neil’s so pale if his arms see direct sunlight, he gets third degree burns. No one knows why. It’s just his arms. Doctors are stumped.”
  • “He stole them from me years ago and wears them at all times to taunt me. And so that I can’t steal them back.”
  • “He hides knives in them. He’s a real danger to himself and everyone around him. I can’t believe no one’s stopped him yet.”

No one fully believes any of the answers and they’re all taken as sarcastic.

What she says: I’m fine.


Dear Chairman.
I am disappointed by your decision to press charges, but I am not surprised. My only hope is that the courts will see the matters differently than you have. You see, I never had the chance to serve in battle, nor did fate provide me the opportunity to sacrifice myself for humanity as it did for so many others in the Great War. Someone extremely dear to me was lost very early in my life. My mind has always plagued me with the question, if the choice had been placed in my hands, could I have saved her? The memory of her, has haunted me my entire life, and moreso in these last few years than I could ever have imagined. But given the events of these past few weeks, I feel confident that had I been given the chance, I would have made those sacrifices myself. Had I only the chance.
I know that you disagreed with my methods, and that others will as well. This is beyond my control. However, I cannot imagine that any court, would be able to convict me, no matter how low their opinion of my actions might be. You must understand one basic fact for all this to make sense my dear Chairman. These A.I., they all come from somewhere; they are all based on a person. Our Alpha, was no exception. And while the law has many penalties for the atrocities we inflict on others, there are no punishments for the terrors that we inflict on ourselves. So you send your men. They won’t find themselves a fight. They’ll only find an old man. An old man tired, but satisfied he did his duty. An old man weary from a mind more filled with memory, than it is with hope.
Sincerely yours, the former director of Project Freelancer, Doctor Leonard Church.

This issue is a big thing I have seen on the Internet and I have commented on before, but it really saddens me to see how obvious it has become with the release of Hiveswap. Nowadays, a new Big Thing pops up, the Fandom starts getting big, and people enjoy it and praise it to high heaven. Then, suddenly, the Fandom gets so big you see it constantly around, so people not interested in it grow to resent it.

Then, as with everything unpopular, a toxic side of the Fandom begins to take root, and people who genuinely enjoyed it start to see the ‘bad’ of the content they enjoyed, and bandwagon with the people that didn’t have any interest to begin with. This collective of people bashing the new Big Thing will group up the young and harmless part of the Fandom that’s just too ‘cringey’ for their tastes and the Bad Side of the Fandom as if they were the same thing, and act as if it’s the only thing that exists about it.

Suddenly the Big Thing is popular because it’s popular to bash on it and hate on it, which discourages the Good Side of the Fandom and only strengthens the Bad Side, while drawing more people to this collective bashing on it, until the Fandom has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory and all there’s left is Memes about ‘how bad this Fandom was’. Then, if someone still stuck through and enjoys the content, is seen as some sort of ancient, long lost nerd, everyone else has moved on to new Media, but they stuck with this AWFUL thing that used to be Big? Lol, how funny, how dumb!

And yet people keep coming back to ‘Classics’, games, books, movies, that were made 10, 20, 30 years ago, and put them as the pinnacle of EVERYTHING and if you haven’t seen it you’re like, committing a god damn crime.

People on the Internet act like there’s absolutely no piece of media that can last for longer than a few months at best, and are quick to abandon the boat when toxicity starts to show up instead of, you know, FIGHTING back against the awful people and drawing the line? Some will argue we just live in a time where popularity is fleeting, but if you ask someone what their favorite game is, and it was produced less than 3 years ago, they will be looked at like they’re some sort of monster.

Internet Culture right now doesn’t want to consider anything as something that could be relevant or a ‘Classic’ in a few years, even when for some people they may be as good or better than things they consider a ‘Classic’ or a ‘Staple’ of something. And inadvertently or not, they will look for any excuse to bash down and insult actually good things and things that have had a good impact on people based on an old side of the Fandom that may not even exist anymore. Ruining it for potential newcomers, shaming old fans.

Grow up, ignore things you don’t enjoy, and let people enjoy whatever they want as long as they aren’t being dicks about it. And when they’re being dicks about it? Then call them out. Don’t just go like “LUL THE FANDOM IS TOXIC”. Address the issues. Make the Fandom a better place. Otherwise you’re contributing to the problem more than a bunch of toxic assholes ever could.


Tom is your Tom problem.

Wait, HOW many kids?

Headcanon that certain members of the League - especially the Lanterns, who are away from Earth for significant quantities of time and can easily lose track of time - actually have no idea how many Robins there have been. Hal will come home from a long sojourn and greet a Robin with “hey Dick” only to be met with:

“I’m Tim. Dick hasn’t been Robin for three years now.”

None of the Green Lanterns can actually keep up with how many children Bruce has. During “We Are Robin,” Guy and Kyle frequently asked Bruce how many of those were his.

He refused to answer, simply because he enjoyed watching them squirm.

let’s be honest...

This is probably gonna come across as quite negative, but it’s really not intended to be. I’m going to be honest because thats what this blog is about, honesty and discussion. I would never usually do a post like this, but I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are feeling the exact same way as myself. This isn’t spreading “hate” so don’t attack me for it, it’s an opinion and it’s something that I feel should be addressed. Anyway, here we go:

I genuinely feel as a fandom, we are all so blinded by how we perceive Lauren to be, that we always attempt to justify the things she says/does when in reality, there’s a lot of things, we don’t actually agree with. I’m struggling to accept this image she’s playing out. It’s obvious their team is preparing her for her solo career next year. Out of the 4, only she and Ally so far have been given permission to release a song for profit in mainstream pop this year. Now, we’ve touched on the younger fanbase issue before. Lauren has always wanted to be older and more mature than who she is. Every stage in life happens for a reason, we accept that as we grow we learn what we need to know, when we need to know it.  L attempted to grow up so fast, that she’s now lost who she was. I look at L in 2015 then I look at her today. She was more mature and aware two years ago at 18/19 than she is now. Present day, her actions and behaviour contradict everything she stands for and preaches upon us. She selective, and addresses certain things on social media, leaving other major issues out. Her sexuality is now been questioned and undermined because of who she is been linked to and who she’s supposedly dating. That’s actually fucking sad, not just for L, but for LGBT fans across the fandom. She’s either drunk/high in nearly everything she uploads on Instagram. I understand thats a lifestyle choice, thats completely acceptable. There’s millions of people that do weed, I don’t personally but I don’t have an issue with people doing it, each to their own. However, what I do have a problem with is young fans cluelessly imitating Lauren’s behaviours because of her status and profile. If she wasn’t so public and blatant about what she was doing, I wouldn’t be writing this. None of the other girls are, and this is partly my issue.  L attempts to justify who she is and her lifestyle but all she’s doing is conforming to the stereotypes put in place by the music industry by publicising everything but not what’s important.

There’s been instances where Lauren has been so rude and impolite to respectful fans who nicely and respectfully ask for pictures or to talk with her. I understand theres a lot of fans who don’t respect the girls privacy, the airport incident was just one of many situations. But, 90% of the fandom are genuine fans who literally just want to take a picture or talk for a few minutes with their idols. These are the genuine fans that in reality elevated the girls to the level of success they currently sit at today. I’ve spoke to fans who have been left in tears at the Meet and Greets because Lauren couldn’t be bothered to interact with those who had spent hundreds of dollars to specifically meet her. I understand she’s human, she’s allowed to have off days we all have them. But, it’s important to remember, Lauren chose to audition back in 2012, she chose to sign a group contract and she chose fame. Nobody else chose this but herself. 

Fame can be the greatest thing in the world. You can do what you love, gain a platform and address issues you’re passionate about and have them taken seriously. However, it’s the most damaging thing to ever exist in humanity. What comes with fame is money and greed, and individuals loose who they perceive themselves to be. L’s confidence in herself often comes across as egotistical and arrogant. In any real life situation, no one should behave like that because no one is ever going to be the best. Why’s that? Because, there’s always going to be someone in life who comes along that’s better than you are and unfortunately, that’s just the way the world works.

I’m going to be completely honest with you all here, I genuinely fear L will lose herself in industry as a solo artist. There’s temptation, and people will try and craft her into a mould for the sole purpose of making money. We’re already seeing this happen. I fear her political and social activism will be degraded because of how she behaves and portrays who she is. There’s that added pressure to be the best vocally and if were being honest, theres always someone new that’s better. Her feminism and liberation as a woman will be taken away from her if she continues being linked to those known for their misogynistic and antifeminist behaviour. Her sexuality, something so empowering, brave and a huge part of who she is, will be degraded and mocked if she’s in relationships with certain people who think bisexuality is a joke. It’s not acceptable.

The healthiest and safest thing for Lauren to do, is to distance herself from social media and concentrate on what really matters. Spending time with family to reground herself of who she is and what she stands for. She’s got so much going for her and her potential is endless. But at the same time, she’s losing a lot of respect from fans who have been there from day one and those are the same fans that regardless of contract, can make or break a career.

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I've always wondered why you don't want anyone to repost your art? I understand the whole not giving credit issue too. I have just wondered if there is something else that keeps you from letting people repost?

I don’t think is fair. Some pages have reposted my art and haven’t made me aware of it (besides they cropped my signature, not gave me credit, etc). I have to deal with comments that are not directed at me and, personally, I really don’t like it. It feels like someone is talking behind my back. If you have something to say about my art, I want to know in my own page… that’s why I post here - and on instagram :)

People see art on other’s people account, most of them don’t bother to look the source of it. There were occasions where I was accused of reposting my own art. Someone saying “hey credit the artist” and I was like “well, I am the artist”. So you can imagine the reputation “art repost” has and it’s not cool unless the artist gives you permission to do so.

I’m not saying all page do that to gain popularity, but yeah, there are pages that repost art because they can’t create their own material. So they repost material that another person has took their time to create, because it’s easier. But drawing isn’t easy. It’s actually fucking hard and it takes TIME.

if someone’s page has the initiative of helping fanartist to get noticed, that’s awesome! but - in case you have a page of this sort of content and are reading this, please note: - it’s important to ask for permission before reposting. Send a message to the artist before saving the fanart and reposting in your own account. It’s about respecting the art and artist. This whole issue isn’t just the act of reposting. It’s much more than that. If you enjoyed the art so much, a reblog is all you need to do and you are respecting the original source of it: the artist :D

I have asked some instagram accounts to take my art down especially because they cropped my signature ( and haven’t given me any credits. some excuses were “ I’ve found it on google, I didn’t know who the artist was”. If you respect art, you will try to find the source of it. If you respect the artist, you will ask for permission. You will try to find the information whether he/she allows repost.

I have worked really hard to develop a style, to discover who I am as an artist. I may draw fast, but that doesn’t mean I learned how to do it in a couple of years. It’s been more than 10 years drawing since I was kid and my tumblr has 3. I don’t make any profit off of the fanarts I am drawing. I only ask respect in return, knowing that I won’t be able to control it on the internet. But I know my followers respect me so I decide to keep bringing my sketches daily in this account - this is just a case of a few people, although I am seeing more and more reposting (on instagram).

I don’t like when artists and arts are not respected. Reposting without permission is the lack of it. I hope you understand.

one of the more interesting things to me about the force awakens (and something i found underappreciated because i see a lot of negativity of how his character was handled) is how, despite luke skywalker only appearing for about a minute of screentime, everything is like a big shadow or echo of his past. the entire plot revolves around finding out where this luke skywalker has been the past few years. everyone is looking for him, both bad and good, both sides of his family. his lightsaber literally calls to rey and wants her to claim it. but it also goes beyond that.. rey, much like luke, is from a desert planet and is tempted at first by the force but refuses for her “family.” finn is the person who we can see this universe through or the narrrator - much like luke in anh - and is brave and eager to protect his friends and willing to put himself at risk if need be. poe is a gifted pilot with a unique friendship with a droid, another trait shared by luke. even his nephew, kylo ren, is a dark-sided inversion of the journey luke took throughout the original trilogy. it all comes back to him - whether literally or in the meta. it also begins with him (luke skywalker has vanished) and it ends with him.

idk, just wanted to share that, it’s something i really like about tfa on a thematic level.

OMFG mini Nam Ji Hyun???? She’s so freaking adorable I just wanna put her in my pocket 😩 

an exo theory

We all know Zhang Yixing was announced to not partake in EXO’s FOURTH ALBUM, THE WAR’s activities, but here’s a theory that’ll keep you awake at night.

As shown on many television broadcasts, we all know that Mr. Zhang is very forgetful. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with an EXO theory? Is this a joke? How is this related?

Here’s a “meme” made from an interview several years back, showcasing Mr. Zhang’s very forgetful personality.

He forgot his age.

But of course, this type of behavior does not fade away with age.

What I’m implying? The only reason why you’re not seeing Mr. Zhang Yixing in your EXO teasers?

He forgot his orb.

You may be thinking, “But Byun Baekhyun doesn’t have an orb, either!”

Which I will retort, saying that Mr. Zhang Yixing lended his “orb”, which was proven ineffective. 

Zhang Yixing’s power is “healing”, which has been said by many fans, to be able to take out life as well. 

This power, the power over life and death, is much too powerful. This is why neither have orbs. Zhang Yixing handed over his orb to Mr. Byun which caused a system crash (Mr. Byun’s orb is missing and he is kept in the dark). Zhang Yixing then went missing because he wasn’t able to participate with the rest of the boys because he didn’t have his power.

Mr. Byun Baekhyun’s power was missing because his orb was missing before Mr. Zhang Yixing lended his over, which caused a system crash.

Zhang Yixing is now promoting separately in China, probably sipping on his tea watching all the trouble unfold. No, he is not the antagonist in this situation. He’s looking for his orb.

“Aye, Lu, can I borrow your orb?”

“What orb?”

“I lost mine.”

“I lost mine to Sehun.”

“Your what?”

“What are we talking about again?”

in all seriousness this isn’t an actual theory and i fucking want my beautiful xiao yang back like gIVE HIM BACK also he was fucking hot in the lucky one mv when he passed out like i’ve never seen a handsomer guy pass out in my computer monitor i have a problem don’t i no i don’t thanks

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Prompt: one or both of them trying on dresses? For any reason?

(okay this one is kind of long i’m sorry i took this prompt everywhere for some reason fhauoinfklsa)

When Yuuri is just six years old, he tells his mother that he wants to try on that pretty sunflower-colored dress he spotted at the store. She seems surprised, but she doesn’t question it. 

“Maybe for your birthday,” she promises, smiling down at him. “After all, a pretty dress like that doesn’t come cheap.”

He beams at her and never questions it as different

Just two months later, he opens his present and screams in delight when he sees the sunflower-colored dress shining right back at him. 

His mother and father prompt him to go try it on, and he quickly does because what else was he going to do?

When he comes back out, sporting the pretty sunflower-colored dress, he’s beaming. 

He’s seven now and he knows he’s the cutest.

His family eats it all up and takes pictures and those pictures are on the fridge for two years until Yuuri invites one of his friends over and his friend sees it and says, “Is this you? Why are you dressed as a girl? This is weird!”

Yuuri never thought so. He didn’t think like that. He didn’t see why it would be weird to want to feel pretty, but he frowns anyway and tells him that it was just a joke. 

That same night, after his friend has long been gone, his mother notices the empty spot on the fridge and questions Yuuri about it. 

Yuuri purses his lips and looks down at his feet. “I’m not a girl, Mom.”

His mom is quiet for a moment, and Yuuri doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do so before she can say something like how weird he is, he runs away to his room and falls asleep. 

He stops wearing dresses. 

He’s only nine years old. 


Victor has long ago embraced his femininity. Loves it in fact. He used to concern himself with worrying about what other people think, but it’s him that goes to national and worldwide competitions and wins

He’s only sixteen years old and he loves loves loves his long hair. He can’t even wonder about a world where he doesn’t have his long hair. 

One of his old girlfriends broke up with him because he told her that the dress she was wearing would look much cuter on him. 

Victor didn’t really mind, and still doesn’t because it’s true

He can’t try to concern himself with what people think of him when he goes to practice in a dress, his long hair flowing. People see him as a female. People view him as a freak. Gay

He isn’t a female. It’s just fashion. Victor just loves fashion. He loves having the air between his legs. He loves feeling cute cute cute. He isn’t a female, but he stopped long ago trying to tell people that. He doesn’t care anymore. He just needs to focus on practice. 

He isn’t a freak either. He very much thinks those that are mean to him just because of what he wears are much freakier than he is. He isn’t too concerned. 


(Ah, well. Victor doesn’t know about that yet. He just loves who he loves. And if he loves men then… well, that’s okay.)

He isn’t too concerned. 

And he ignores the scoffs people give him as he rushes to practice, ice skates in hand. 


When Yuuri meets Victor, he’s already in love. 

When Victor meets Yuuri, he’s already in love. 

Maybe “love” isn’t the correct term. Enamored. Hopeless and helpless. Infatuated. 

But they both know. They both know it’ll come to be love one day. 

And that day comes much sooner than either expected, but it most definitely is not unappreciated. 


Long after the Finals, both Victor and Yuuri are laying in bed together, wrapped up in who they are with the other, confessing secrets and telling stories when they find out. 

Yuuri is blushing. “I… I used to wear dresses. As a kid. When I was like seven or something.”

Victor is startled at first, but not even for a second does he show that emotion. He just beams at him. 

“Yuuriiii, how come you never told me this?!”

“Because it’s embarrassing!”

Victor’s expression darkens. (He’s been hearing that phrase for years and years and years. He didn’t expect to hear it from Yuuri.)

“Is it?” is all he says, voice strained. Yuuri blushes again and shakes his head.

“That’s the thing. It’s not. It’s not embarrassing or bad for little boys to want to wear dresses. Or men. Or anybody. And I know this… but… what if I’m not pretty enough?”

Victor then understands why Yuuri was so embarrassed. 

He shakes his head, smirking. “I think you would look very pretty, Yuuri. You’re already beautiful. You’d make any dress look pretty,” he says confidently. 

Yuuri blushes again. “Now you’re being embarrassing.”

“I used to wear dresses too. I still do, sometimes.”

Yuuri doesn’t seem shocked.

“Did you already know that, Yuuri?!”

Yuuri looks even more embarrassed. “I mean… yeah. I was sort of obsessed with you for a bit, remember?”

“You’re not obsessed with me anymore?!”

Yuuri shoves him. “Shut it, you baby.”

Victor suddenly gets a wicked grin on his face. 

“Oh no,” Yuuri says.

“Oh yes.”


They have fun. A lot of fun. 

Despite Yuuri’s dubious concerns. 

“I look cute, don’t I?!” Victor says, swirling in a magenta dress. Yuuri sighs, but he’s still blushing as he nods. 

“Have you found another one you want to try on?!” Victor asks. 

Yuuri shakes his head, going through the dress rack. “Not yet. No, I–” 

He cuts off. 


The dress in front of him is a pretty sunflower-colored dress. 

“Oh,” he says. 

Victor is beside him then, leaning over to peer at the dress that Yuuri’s landed on. 

“This is so cute! Try it on!” 

Yuuri doesn’t say anything for a minute, but eventually, he nods. “Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

He grabs the dress. 

The material feels soft in his hands. 

Quickly going to the changing room, he starts smiling as he remembers his excitement as a kid, and for a brief second, he feels foolish, he feels foolish for being excited now, but then he shakes his head because no, this is okay, it’s just a dress, and he puts it on. 

He thinks he looks pretty in it. 

Victor, the impatient brat that he is, opens the door without Yuuri’s permission and is about to loudly exclaim something, but Yuuri sees the stop of his brain when he spots Yuuri. 

“Yuuri… you’re… you’re beautiful.”

And maybe when Yuuri was nine years old and was just told by a friend he thought was dear to him that it was weird for boys to dress up in dresses, he would have been embarrassed, he would felt gross, he would have felt like a freak, but he sees the love of his life standing in front of him, in all of his glory in a beautiful magenta dress, and that same man is saying he’s beautiful, and Yuuri knows, he knows that this is how it was supposed to happen, and he knows he is going to always be just absolutely okay. 

“You are too.”

They both beam at each other, and Yuuri has never felt more loved in his life. 

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I always see posts that are like, “You say you need dysphoria to be trans!!! But what about the people who have transitioned and don’t feel dysphoria anymore??? Lmao gottem. Dumb TRUSCUM LOL!!!!1! xd ”

I’m here to tell you as someone who is a transmale, transmedicalist, and has been on T for almost a year now, T has progressively stopped a good amount of the dysphoria I was feeling and now I pass as a male regardless of what I do and how I act.

But what you guys don’t realize is, the whole point of me transitioning was to correct and alleviate dysphoria and that’s the whole core of the transmedicalist ideology. To help those transition with dysphoria because only individuals with gender dysphoria are trans.
The whole point and end goal of transition is to alleviate as much dysphoria as possible. That’s what transmedicalists want for trans people. We know how fucking crushing dysphoria is, and we don’t want people to feel that way. A cis person, a non dysphoric, or a trender who tries to transition will inevitably feel inverse gender dysphoria because they didn’t feel gender dysphoria in the first place and we want to prevent that.
A person who alleviates and rids of their dysphoria with transition is exactly what transmedicalists believe in and what transmedicalists want for every trans person.