how hard is that to pronounce

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Aaron and Roberts height difference isn't that amazing. How tall are Aaron and Robert anyway? I would say a few cm.

anon no anon disagree I disagree no anon noooo i cannot support this message

(Although it’s really hard to pinpoint just how much of a difference there is because camera angles and Ryan Hawley’s slouchy slouchy posture and probably also other things… I don’t know, it’s hard to see sometimes, but it’s definitely there and when it’s particularly noticeable pronounced another little part of me withers away to nothing out of sheer joy)

(it’s beautiful it slays me it’s dangerous to my health it’s incredible legendary perfect a gift from the heavens thank u god and jesus amen)

jack and the bilingual bullshit
  • jack won’t watch a british show without french subtitles because it’s too hard to understand their accents, but he also watches foreign movies with english subtitles even though the french option is right there??? jack????
  • unclear on how his own name is pronounced. his parents don’t seem very sure either. he is afraid to ask.
  • jack hates english punctuation so much. so much. why is it always cramping his style. 
    • shitty can tell when jack’s writing a paper in English because his texts get increasingly capital-F French
      • shitty replies with “hello jack       .   when are we going to annie   ‘  s   . lardo says     << i   ‘ m hungry >>    .”
  • The Autocorrect Struggle
    • autocorrect is also cramping his style
    • marty texts to ask about the game schedule the next day and jack, being half asleep, forgets to change his language settings and replies “Devonshire entire la a 17 heiress pour lo dinner”
      • marty always replies to these texts with “thanks, jacques, that was helpful”
        • he is a jerk.
    • jack’s slowly teaching his english autocorrect to speak french; shitty claims that if you yell “hey siri - FUCK NO” when it corrects to the wrong word it’ll learn faster
      • autocorrect knows to leave tabarnak alone, because jack is a great teacher.
      • speaking of siri - why does she not understand anything jack says ever, any of the time. jack and siri Are Not Friends. they are not bros and jack does not like her.
  • absolutely refuses to watch disney movies in english. that is not the language of disney. he’s seen a whole ten minutes of the english version of the lion king; all of the voices were Wrong
  • he thinks bilingual puns are so funny!!!! he only gets say them every once in a while but they’re hilarious!!!!!!!
    • jack once called ransom, with an actual honest to god phone call, just to tell him a great pun that bitty didn’t react to strongly enough
      • (a key part of rans’ impression of jack is the phrase “i just told bitty this one but he didn’t laugh”)
  • he takes german for his language credit freshman year (shitty: HAVE YOU NOT DONE ENOUGH) and fails a test on possessives because he never learned how to use apostrophes in english and he can’t figure out how to translate plural possessives. he may be the first person to fail a german test because his english isn’t good enough.
    • just?? random gaps everywhere in his english knowledge, honestly. he can write a paper but he doesn’t know what an adverb is. he missed two spelling tests in high school because of a concussion and he still just lets spellcheck tell him how to write “occurred”
  • jack knows history vocabulary but he learned a lot of it out of books and he doesn’t actually know how to pronounce any of it in english
    • he does presentations with his Absolute Most French Accent just so everyone is really clear that he doesn’t know what he’s doing
    • has no idea about science words and won’t discuss it with anyone in english, no thank you
      • someone claims that jack once implied that petroleum comes from exploding fish bones; every time they try to ask jack about it he dodges the question and then runs away.
Why Japanese is EASY

A lot of people want to study Japanese but think it’s too hard and that they will never succeed. That is really a myth, though. Here is why Japanese is actually easy.

1. All verbs are regular, there are only 2 exceptions 

If you know French, this must sound like a dream to you. In other languages [like French] there seem to be more irregular verbs than regular ones. Not in Japanese, though. There are 3 groups of verbs, the first 2 being regular and very easy to conjugate. The third group consists of only 2 irregular verbs!

2. Easy pronunciation 

Japanese doesn’t have any exceptionally hard to pronounce letters. Unlike Arabic, German or Finnish, Japanese should be quite easy to pronounce for English speakers. Also, Japanese isn’t a tonal language like Thai or Chinese. 

3. No genders, plural or articles

Anyone who studies a romance language [and many other languages that have that] knows how frustrating it can be when you use the wrong article or verb ending. In Japanese, it doesn’t even exist, so nothing to worry!

4. Grammar is easy!

That’s true. It’s just completely different from English, but that doesn’t make it hard. After a while, it will feel completely normal. The best part about the grammar is that you can build a whole sentence with just one word. For example, if you wanted to ask somebody in English if they did their homework, you’d say ‘did you do your homework?’ Kind of long, isn’t it? In Japanese, you can ask by using only the verb ‘to do, can, be able to’ - like this: ‘done?’ Also, spoken, you can drop many words if you don’t really need them, especially particles! So if you’re not sure what particle to use, chances are you can just easily leave it altogether without the sentence losing its meaning. It’s easy to build sentences that seem to end in ‘…’, but that’s completely normal in Japanese and everyone will understand.

5. Tons of resources

Sadly, there are some languages people don’t really care about or not a lot of people want to study/ are interested in. Japanese is not one of those languages. There are hundreds of books about Kanji alone! And so many courses for every level. Also, it doesn’t matter what you’re interested in - anime, manga, books, movies, game show, video games, dramas, music - it’s all out there and super easy to find, so you definitely will find something you can listen to or read to practice your skills.

6. Kanji/the writing systems are hard?

No. They aren’t. It’s just a huge workload, it takes time and effort, but they are not hard.

At first, having to learn 3 writing systems will seem exhausting. But believe me, later, when you start reading, you will be so glad! You can detect if a text has a lot of foreign words at one glance if it has a lot of Katakana, for example, and you could say a lot more on twitter because of the syllabaries!

So actually, the 3 systems put together makes everything easier to read!

So please, just start studying and go at your own pace, and have fun studying every day ⭐︎

anyways so there’s this white guy I know named Brad who was talking about how POC have difficult names and he doesn’t care if he mispronounces it. I’ve been purposely calling him Bread and every time he corrects me I just say his name is too hard to pronounce.

I drew a Keith (^__^) And I love his hair!

How to spot a ‘fake’ gamer
  • Frequently pronounces video games as “Blideo Bames”
  • Will often say “I need help passing this level it’s really hard” then when you look at their screen it’s running Microsoft Excel 2007
  • They invite you over to their place to check out their game collection and it’s just every season of Frasier (still impressive)
  • Their Xbox One is actually a series of tissue boxes glued together with the word “NINTEMDO” painted over it
  • When you ask their favourite video game they respond by doing a series of skillful backflips, temporarily distracting you from having asked the question in the first place
  • Keeps a secret diary with “I HATE VIDEO GAMES AND I NEVER PLAY THEM” written on every page

I can’t believe people are complaining about others mispronouncing their names.

Nobody knows how to pronounce all the names of other cultures and languages! 

Don’t expect all Italians to know how to pronounce your Japanese name.

Don’t expect all Latin Americans to know how to pronounce your French name. 

Don’t expect all Chinese people to know how to pronounce your African name. 

And a long etcetera.

Is this too hard to understand?

general reminder that jokes about how lame hannukah is compared to christmas, how you’re doing “one for jews” if you mention hannukah during your christmas special, and pronouncing is “channukah” with a hard “ch”’ sound are all anti-semitic jokes and aren’t funny, especially when we have literal anti-semitic white nationalists being chosen for governmental office


This was tweeted through THEHO's님 account an hour ago by a relative or friend to let us know that she passed away. 더호쓰 collapsed due to cerebral hemorrhage and doctors pronounced her brain dead. “According to the deceased’s wishes, she has donated her organs and given new lives to 2 people before leaving the world.

There are many fansites tweeting how she was like an older sister to them by always watching over them and helping when they lost something, etc. Besides updating us with her photos and videos, let’s all remember she was more than that. A friend. Please rest in peace and let’s pray for her family in these hard times..

THEHO's님 last wish clearly states that she does not want any of this mentioned on Bangtan’s fancafe, also do not tweet them or make a hashtag. Thoughts and prayers only, please.

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How can people disrespect kashy so much she's trying so hard to make lena the gayest of gays and people still think lena is straight

she’s biting her lip at kara and trying to pronounce “i wanna fuck you” with her eyes, Respect That


Jon and Sansa book parallels [part two] 

Frog-faced Lord Slynt sat at the end of the council table wearing a black velvet doublet and a shiny cloth-of-gold cape, nodding with approval every time the king pronounced a sentence. Sansa stared hard at his ugly face, remembering how he had thrown down her father for Ser Ilyn to behead, wishing she could hurt him, wishing that some hero would throw him down and cut off his head. But a voice inside her whispered, There are no heroes … 

sometimes i find myself thinking that anemone isn’t really a hard word to pronounce. uh-nem-o-knee, it’s just like that. it’s definitely not harder to say than spaghetti, probably. why is it the go-to word for bad pronunciation? the poster word for difficult words?

but every time someone says ‘anemone’, you remember the scene from finding nemo where nemo can’t pronounce anemone. and, right before you say it, you fuck it all to hell. you see what you did to a perfectly good word? you fucked it, with an unlubricated dildo. that’s how bad you fucked up this perfectly fine word. and it’s all because you remembered that nemo can’t pronounce anemone, because you watched finding nemo on loop for four hours when you were 12 and now you’re fucked for life. you can’t show off your encyclopedic knowledge of anemones off to your hot date, because your tongue now has the deftness of a sledgehammer in the hands of a toddler. the only reason you can’t pronounce anemone is because disney told you that you couldn’t, so disney just ruined your hot marine biologist date

“ Frog-faced Lord Slynt sat at the end of the council table wearing a black velvet doublet and a shiny cloth-of-gold cape, nodding with approval every time the king pronounced a sentence. Sansa stared hard at his ugly face, remembering how he had thrown down her father for Ser Ilyn to behead, wishing she could hurt him, wishing that some hero would throw him down and cut off his head. But a voice inside her whispered ‘There are no heroes…’ ”

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I've been studying Russian for yrs and have spent months with Russian family. Buuut I still can't manage to understand how ы is pronounced and how it's different from и ?? How do you properly pronounce and differentiate them? Also, I'm a bit confused about the pronunciation of я too sometimes. It's ya, but for example in женя, I've never heard Russian speakers say жen-ya, there's no y in the way they say it. So how do i say it differently than жена? I don't want to accidentally call someone wife

Hi! What confuses you is hard and soft consonants. They are in the very core of the Russian phonetic system, and they dictate the choice of the vowels that follow them. If a consonant is hard, it is followed by: А, Э, О, У, Ы. If a consonant is soft, it is followed by: Я, Е, Ё, Ю, И (or a soft sigh, if there’s no vowels to follow). 

But what exactly is a hard consonant and a soft consonant? Here I tried to explain them in details

In brief, most consonants in Russian go in hard-soft pairs. The bad news is that Russian uses the same letter for both, and the only way to tell whether a consonant is hard or soft is to check the vowel next to it. 
Soft consonants are pronounced slightly differently: usually with the middle of the tongue being raised toward palates (this is why sometimes they are called palatalized consonants). 

Since in Russian, palatalized and non-palatalized consonants distinguish two different words (жена - Женя), Russians are used to hear the difference. Speakers of the languages where hard/soft consonants don’t exists, like in English, may struggle with that. Similarly, Russians struggle to hear the difference between ship and sheep, since in Russian, there are no long and short (lax and tense) vowels.

How you can master Russian pronunciation? First, now that you know what to focus on, pay attention to hardness/softness, when listening to the Russian speech. Second, practice with pronouncing hard and soft consonants separately and in syllables and words - consonant by consonant. I would suggest to practice with a language partner (a native speaker) or with a tutor. 

Best of luck! 

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Hello, as a Real Life British Person (TM), how do you pronounce scone? Does it rhyme with cone or with gone? Because there is a post going around saying that it rhymes with gone in Canada and Australia, and as an American i find this hard to believe. - Jim (Also happy New Year, thank you for being a brilliant ray of sunshine in this past year for me; i wish you all the success and happiness and sleep you desire in 2017.)


Jim, my ole pal, I have interesting news for you. You see, I, a Brit™, do indeed pronounce ‘scone’ to rhyme with ‘gone’. It feels right to me. My brain likes it when I do it that way.

AND YET there are in existence MANY THOUSANDS of Brits™ who, inversely, pronounce ‘scone’ to rhyme with ‘cone’. I do not know why they do this. It sounds distinctly off to me. Not cricket, what what. So, to answer your question, British people seem to be caught on the divide - neither one nor the other holds full sway. I will fight for gone/scone til my dying breath, obviously.

A further complication presents itself in the fact that the Starbucks scone (which @castihalo showed me a picture of some months ago in order to bolster her argument that ‘scones are gross’) is NOTHING LIKE a British scone. A British scone is, I believe, closer in relation to an American ‘biscuit’, except you eat a British scone with jam and whipped cream. I don’t even know what the travesty that Starbucks were selling is. NOT A SCONE. if it’s not creamy and jammy then it’s NO KIND OF SCONE. (admittedly that last little phrase would be more aurally pleasing if ‘scone’ were to have a vowel sound in common with ‘no’, but SCREW THAT, IT RHYMES WITH GONE.)

and THAT is my answer to THAT. ;D hope you are well, Jim!! lots of love, and thanks back to you for brightening my days with your messages. you’re the best!! <3


@dontquestionisaac what is the spoons thing

“The spoon theory is a disability metaphor used to explain the reduced amount of energy available for activities of daily living and productive tasks that may result from disability or chronic illness. Spoons are an intangible unit of measurement used to track how much energy a person has throughout a given day.” (via wikipedia because I find it hard to explain clearly). The amount of spoons a person has varies and can be unpredictable

-  Is running back and forth in one area simming - especially since I hate running otherwise

It can be

-  Is it an autistic thing to forget how to pronounce a word? Like earlier today I spent around 10 minutes trying to figure out how to say “omnipotent”.

Possibly. It might be an autistic memory issues thing or just a people forget things sometimes thing. I guess it depends whether it happens often

-  @amiiboacid when i was younger, i was talkative and wanted to socialize, but i pronounced words so badly barely anyone knew what i said. does that count as a symptom of autism?

I certainly can be. Difficulty communicating is a common part of autism

- @andinuffishthought  Could you explain executive dysfunction? I know I have it, but when other people ask what it is I find it hard to explain.

Executive dysfunction is essentially difficulty in performing tasks such as feeding oneself, bathing, and other tasks which are required for one’s physical and mental wellbeing, either due to physical barriers or psychological ones, such as lack of motivation or spoons

-  have many special interests, but people tell me I’m not really autistic bc autistic people only have one special interest. They say I’m just pretending. Is this true? Am I only supposed to have one special interest? Does this make me not really autistic, even though I was diagnosed when I was 10?

Having multiple special interests is common, and they often change over time