how hard is it to not send anon hate

Tips for Beginners

When typing this title, my phone autocorrected it to “Tips for Whiners” which is hilarious given the circumstances surrounding this post. However, my conscience got the best of me and I decided to title it differently even though there was peer pressure for the original title. However, not all beginners are whiners (by far) and I figured it wasn’t fair to lump people into a group. Plus, this post is meant to be far more informative and encouraging than it is critical and teasing.

New writers are always looking for help and tools to use to get their writing “out there,” wherever that is. They want to build their audience, which means gaining followers and notes on posts. They seek out help, work on their blogs, and write a lot.

However, some new writers fall into a trap of jealousy and complaining. They become frustrated, then turn their frustration into jealousy. They whine about not getting notes and followers, they complain about blogging cliques and unfair treatment, and they adopt an attitude of “Woe is me. The blogosphere is against me.”

This post is meant to be helpful to each group by providing both useful tips and reality checks. At no point do I actually mean to be hateful. Am I sassy, though? Yes. You can stop reading this post at any time, too. You can also take what works for you and throw out the rest. Nothing here is a blanket statement. 

But let’s just get on with it. ( And it is a long one)

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These damn Anons

okay I know I’m out of commission but I’m gonna go for a little rant because I am SICK of all the hate and shit writers have been getting anonymously lately.

So dear Hate Anon(s),

How many times do you need to be reminded that the writers on this site do this FOR FREE. They do it for their readers, for others and for fun. The people on here are probably the most selfless individuals you can find on this fucked up planet, and you find the need to ruin it for those people?

You know that what you say or send to these writers affect them? They work long and hard on their blog. They have lives too yet they take time off to nurture their blog, write and interact with others. They try so hard and deserve to be appreciated for all the work they’ve done, not depreciated. How would you feel if someone sent that to you? How would you feel if you had worked to the bone creating this beautiful piece of art and someone decides to take a piss on it? It wouldn’t feel very nice, would it?

You think just because you can hide behind the anonymous feature that you can say all these things? You have NO RIGHT. If you don’t have something nice to say then get off your fat ass and walk away because nobody wants to hear it. The Unfollow button is literally a few clicks away. If you don’t want to see the blog anymore, just click that.

Honestly, you are what makes the world a darker place. All this hate, this destruction you intend to inflict, it’s simply sickening. You should be nothing but ashamed, and if you’re not then you are fucked up because these amazing people here don’t deserve to be treated this way.

I can’t emphasize this enough; if you have something hurtful to say, or a threat, it’s better you don’t do so at all because you don’t know what it could do to a person. They could be suffering and you could be fueling that fire. You could make someone’s day bad just like that. Don’t do this. Please, don’t send hate messages. They do nothing except cause pain and anger others. 


Yours sincerely,
A very concerned writer 

Behind The Screen

Ha! Guess what! Light of your life finally comes back! Ha? Get It? No? Okay… Let’s try this again.

*cough* So, I know I was not active yesterday. Sorry about that. I had a bad day, and all the anon hate got to me. But I’m back!

Hate anons, thank you so much for this inspiration because I wrote this based on my own experience, emotions, and your hate asks! Guess what, the more you send, the more inspired I am.

Also, I hope this well make @prinxietyhell ,  @vortexart , @starrykid ‘s day lighten up a little. *lit the candle* I love y’all, and y’all matter a lot to me! I really really really hope whoever is spread this negative vibe will stop attacking my friends and I. Stop sending hate for people’s nationality, gender, their writings, etc. 

This one is dedicated to everyone that supports me and helps me to go through some of the hard times. Thank you. 

Pairing: None.

Warnings: Cyberbullying. Hate Anons. Self-Doubt.

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I get that what happened last episode is hard...

But you all need to let each other grieve and stop being bitches to each other. I am sick of seeing it. Stop tag policing, stop telling people to not hate on emma, stop sending anons that sereve no purpose. use the pro tags if you need a break, use tumblr savior and start being supportive instead of acting like youre 5. We should be asking how others are holding up, not internet screaming because someone *gasp* used the wrong tag and now we, god forbid, saw something negative!

I am angry, and heartbroken, and upset… and im sure most of you all are too… so take it easy on each other… its not going to be a pretty last 5 episodes of this god forsaken show… i’ve believed vigorously until true love was confirmed. And i know you were all waiting and believing too. If any of you want to vent or talk, or whatever about this total disapointment you can message me. You can tell me anything negative or positive you want, even if you would prefer that emma dies at the end of this season. Unlike some of swen im here for you guys. We really faught hard for this ship and it didnt pan out. But lets keep supporting each other?

anonymous asked:

It's hilarious how you call us that when WE'RE the ones that get insulted JUST for liking Kallura. Fuck, a majority of us are actually LGBT+, so instead of accusing us of being straight white girls, you could stop judging people and accept an actual opinion. Is that so hard to do?

Or get off my blog and we’ll both be happier! You’re going “WEH IM GETTIG HATE” while sending me…anon hate. Pathetic.

anonymous asked:

Hi. It's the anon that was rlly mean earlier today... I just wanted to apologise again. I sent something mean and I 100% percent deserve it if you still are mad at me... Englih is my second language and I'm self taught since they don't really teach us a lot in school so I have a hard time saying the things that I wanna say and it often comes out wrong. So I'm used to peoplr getting mad at me and their followers sending hate for ages afterwards. I just wanted to make sure you are not to mad?

hey anon, no no don’t worry I’m not mad and I definitely don’t want you to think I am and I understand how hard it is to express yourself in a different language and anyone who faults you for that isn’t at all a good person. so seriously don’t worry I know you didn’t mean harm by it :)

anonymous asked:

neptune, sun, & shootingstar

neptune: when’s your birthday?

january 29 :)

sun: have you ever had alcohol?

a few times. i can’t say i’m a fan in the slightest. it tastes gross and i hate how it makes me feel.

shooting star: if you could bring back one thing, what would it be?

this is a hard one. i think i would want to bring back my sense of belonging. hardly a tangible thing, but i certainly miss it.

send me space asks!

anonymous asked:

Sorry for asking on anon but I don't want the hate you get. How do you do it? how do you keep going when everyone wants you dead? I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact I am a MAP, and even without the chorus of external hate it drives me suicidal. I'm against offending but people don't seem to care. If you have any insight as to how I can keep going, and cope with the thoughts, please let me know. Sorry for such a personal help ask but I suppose it beats the usual hatemail.

If you would like to chat off-anon, you can always message me instead of sending me an ask, that way we could talk on a more one-to-one personal level.

I’ve been though the really tough times where I didn’t know who or what I was, and where I thought about killing myself. Once I made it out the other end alive, I realised that no one could ever say anything that I hadn’t already said to myself. And if I can get though me thinking I’m a monster who should die, I can easily get over these uneducated bigots on this site.

The main thing to remember is that having a random thought alone doesn’t not make you a bad person at all. There are many ways to deal with these sort of thoughts. The method I went down during my therapy was something called CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Take a look around online, and especially Youtube. There’s a whole bunch of videos teaching you the basic techniques on how to remain in the moment, rather than letting a stray thought bring you down.

just a little ooc thing.

ᴍᴜɴ. 』— Hey there, everyone! So, I was very proud that I’d never received anon hate, but unfortunately that happened some days ago for the first time. Now actually knowing how bad it is to receive those kind of messages, I decided to do a little thing (?) to spread more positivity on the krp: I’m going to send anon love to the kpop roleplayers!!! Especially those ones who have had a hard time with anonymous hateful messages and stuff. Not only send anon love, but perhaps ask about their day, send some memes or things like that. Things that makes us roleplayers happy! Please reblog this post to spread the idea, I would love if more people joined me in this journey to make this community a better one.  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

anonymous asked:

Ngoziu is a great illustrator, but a mediocre storyteller. It's one of the reasons we're seeing a rise in dissatisfaction with OMGCP and Zimbits (gaining by the day really). If you love it, great! You're right. Everyone who disagrees can go find something they enjoy. But the fact of the matter remains that the story as it has been written since the kiss is flat and /yes/ uninteresting. They're still cute characters, but lifeless. I am skimming now & everyone I know is also. It's basically dead.

I… I literally do not know how to respond to this?

Like, people are obviously entitled to their opinions, and I generally don’t start arguments that are based in personal opinions, because it’s pretty much like: 

Originally posted by kawaiild-stallion

…which isn’t fun for anyone.

I’m just confused about how a few sentences about how I support positive representations of healthy relationships earns me this… very confusing message?

If you aren’t interested anymore, and are just “skimming” it, why bother? Why read it all? Why put time and effort into joining the Discourse? It confuses me, Anon.

Originally posted by bookish

I feel like there are a lot of posts out there about how Ngozi uses visual storytelling masterfully, and how the background colors and test placements are all significant and cohesive over years of posting the story, so I won’t rehash that all (well, more than that did, I guess). [However, it’s pretty crappy to call other people’s work out for being subpar? It takes a lot to put your work out into the world, and N does it for free. Be respectful, dude.]

But I do want to reiterate that I find it super disconcerting that so many people find a legitimately pure and healthy relationship between the main characters in a story to be somehow lacking? I worry for some of you, honestly (and I really mean that, no sarcasm intended, it is worrisome). And incredibly weird to me.

As for the assertion that “it’s basically dead”?

I feel like at least almost 3,000 people disagree with you. Quickly, loudly, passionately, and with a lot of money proclaiming otherwise.

As for the “rise in dissatisfaction with ZImbits”,

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

I’m pretty sure most of that comes from people upset that their fanon characterization of the barely featured (because it isn’t about him, like, almost at all?) antagonist is so very not supported by canon. N has said from the start that KP is the foil in Bitty’s story. He’s the antagonist. Being mad that he isn’t portrayed as a good guy, and projecting the role of “bad guy” onto the main characters is just…

Originally posted by partyingzebra18

So. I don’t actually want to start a fight, Anon. I wasn’t even going to reply, because the idea of getting anonymous hate because I enjoy something is so strange that I don’t really know what to say. But, seriously, if you and your friends don’t give a shit about the main character’s story, maybe do yourselves and the rest of us actually invested fans a favor, and stay out of the fandom discussion.

And for anyone reading this and thinking that this Anon was totally justified in sending this ridiculous message 

anonymous asked:

My dad hits me daily. He's tried and threatened to kill me a few times. I'm 16 and I've been able to deal with it so far, but i'm scared. I've been raped and beaten by my family so many times and I don't know what to do. it seems like it's been too long to just start caring. I'm such a weak person. I know you get a lot of questions and this is really fucking heavy and it's not your problem so don't feel like you have to answer. Just. I look up to you and I'd like to hear your thoughts. sorry.

messages like this make it so hard to breathe. i hate more than anything having to admit how common things like this are, but the silver lining is, because it’s so common, there are lots of people out there fully capable of helping you. i encourage to the fullest extent that you reach out to them as soon as possible.

if you’re more comfortable not having to use your voice they offer a live chat. if you’re worried about your parents monitoring your computer use you can call the hotline toll free at 1-800-799-7233

you can also contact me off anon or send me an email if you want, if i see it and am free i’d love to set up a phone call or skype sometime about what we can do to get you out of there.

don’t ever be sorry about reaching out to anyone about this. it’s the most courageous thing you could do.

anonymous asked:

imagine hawk moth standing in the dark browsing tumblr on his cell, waiting for the fight to be over. casually sending anon hate to lady/chat about how terrible a job they're doing and doing that snort laugh under his breath thing at stupid meme's on chat's blog


Just for clarification: We’re trying something new to engage with you guys, by asking questions on various topics to see how people think and feel about certain issues, in order to better understand how people see different issues in Historical discourse. 

The questions do not reflect our opinions on each subject. We are honestly trying to open up a civilised discourse on issues that affect the study of the Ancient World. 

To that end, please stop sending hate mail to us. 

ok, so this has recently sprung up regarding poor @missyplatina and her fics being threatened to be stolen. i noticed that as a general audience, most people don’t understand how stealing fics/guest reviews work, so im making this for informative purposes only. 

guest reviews of ffnet are completely anonymous. 

we can’t track their ip address or location, we don’t get a link to block them, they’re just there. the only defense we have is the ability to delete these reviews, but even then, the threat still looms.

from a computer, copy and pasting is impossible on ffnet, however, for people out there who post their stories on tumblr, that stuff can be copy and pasted easier than making a take n bake pizza.

it’s also possible for people to copy and paste stories off of ffnet through the mobile version, which does allow copy and paste. pretty much everything we post is up for grabs.

the problem is, if people do steal our fics, we have almost no means of finding out. usually people who steal stories arent dumb enough to keep them in the same fandom - one quick control find and they can switch every natsu to naruto and the author has virtually no way of finding where these possible replicas of their fics could have gone.

im saying this as a warning - i know id never want to wake up and find out that someone had stolen my stories and completely changed the characters, because god dammit i worked hard on that shit. 

even if these threats are false and attention-seeking, it’s not exactly motivating to us when we’re exposed to exactly how easy it would be for someone to screw us over with the click of a mouse.

please, please, please, if you ever read something vaguely familiar, delve into it. always inform authors if you think theres a possibility their work has been stolen - it means the world to us.

don’t steal fics. it’s disgusting and lazy and it kinda makes me wanna scream.

thats my little rant. dont do drugs and dont send anon hate, kids. 

Chase the Sun

This is a work of fan fiction and used for pure entertainment.  The characters in the story are real people, the events I put them in are not.  I hope you all enjoy. This is for the anon who requested a story about training for the half marathon.

I had to divide this chapter into two chapters.  Thank you to Ms. Dee for reading through it and for all the red :)  To all those who send me messages concerning the story, your interest is the highest compliment.

To the anon who suggested the marathon prompt, I don’t know whether to hate you or to thank you for keeping me so busy during this transition in my life. xoxox

Chapters 1-6

Chapter 7

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i’ve been on tumblr for 5 years now, had a lot of blogs, was part of too many fandoms and i’m so surprised with the les mis blogs i follow (and it’s more than 300 lmao) because every single one of you is so nice and funny and beautiful and respectful and concerned about your mutuals and followers and that makes me really really really happy. so here’s a heartfelt thank you (to all of you). i appreciate your art, be it in doodles, drawings, fanfics, headcanons, shitposts, memes, funny videos, edits, the posts you like and reblog, everything. you are amazing, and i’m very glad I get to follow y'all.

Bellarke fam selfie night is something that this fandom has chosen to do as a positive experience. It’s not exclusive. Everyone can join in. It’s not about notes. It’s about receiving love and sending it.

I have seen too many hateful anons about this and I don’t get it? Why. Why ruin something that it literally one of the most positive things I have seen? If you don’t like it, blacklist it. It’s not hard. If you’re looking to be mean, just fuck off. How about using your logic and arguing on posts that you don’t agree with. LEAVE THIS NIGHT ALONE. If you’re a rude asshole, this is not for you and you need to leave. This is not about the terrible people that enjoy others’ pain.

It’s for our fam, all hundreds, no thousands, of us who love and want to spread love and positivity in this fandom.

List of Peeves

Because I’m a salty ass bitch that gets annoyed too easily.

1) People talking to me like I’m an idiot

I know there are things I don’t know, that’s true for everyone. But talking to me like I’m in kindergarten will accomplish nothing except making me dislike you. Just…just don’t immediately assume I DON’T know something. That’s just rude.

2) Chewing really loudly

I can’t I just can’t. I have an Uncle who does this really, really bad (and he has this handlebar mustache that gets bits food in it and it’s always a contest during holidays to see who gets stuck sitting next to him. Yuck. I always seem to get fucked over and get put next to him. So much for solidarity.)

3) Telling me I’m too quiet

Fuck you. I just don’t feel like wasting the precious oxygen at the moment (or I legit have no idea what to talk about.)

4) Telling me I talk too much

Double fuck you. You wanted me to speak, I spoke! You never said I had to watch how much I did.

5) Telling me I talk too loud


6) Leaving the toilet seat up

Stop fucking doing that.

7) Putting dishes into the sink that have food still on them

God christ, that bugs the shit out of me! Is it really so damn hard to just scrape it off into the trash bin or the dogs’ bowl? Fuck.

8) Those people that like to point out what’s wrong with your appearance

You know the type. My advice? If the person can’t fix whatever is wrong within a minute, don’t fucking mention it. What good does it do if you do?

9) The fake friends

So this one is especially irritating. It’s those types of people that’ll butter you up and pretend to care because you happen to know someone/ have something that they want. Please, please jump into a woodchipper. I’m not your doormat.

10) Fucking high waisted shorts

Fuck those things. They’re annoying and make me look like Urkel.

11) When animals lick their paws really loudly

It’s sounds gross. Stop it already. Your paw is fine. It’s clean. Go to sleep already.

12) Mean comments on fanworks

…Why? Just take a moment and think of all the things you could be doing instead of that, then step into a piranha-infested lagoon.

13) People who say cartoons are just for children

Screw you and your pseudo better than thou armchair psychologist bullshit. If I wanna marathon Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go, I fucking will.

14) People who say cussing is bad

So is pushing your ideals onto others, you pencil licking fuck. I won’t cuss around little kids or in situations where I know it would be wrong. And, if you ask politely, I won’t cuss around you. I just like cussing. It’s fun. FUCK SHIT DAMMIT. See? Calming.

15) The number 17

It can’t be divided by anything easy and it just looks like an asshole of a number. It looks like 11 trying too hard to be cool

16) Teenagers who think they know it all

Especially drunk teenagers who think they know it all. lol I’m not the one who just puked on the lawn, kiddo. Tell me again how adult you are?

17)Adults who think they know it all

Just because you’re legally able to drink doesn’t suddenly make you Einstein. You’re still a fucking idiot.

18) People who think I send anon hate

If I even give a flying horse shit what your opinion is, I’ll ask myself. I don’t need to hide behind anon to tell you you’re an asshole.

19) Putting my bras in the fucking dryer


20) Telling me to put a shirt on in the house

No. Let the tater tots be free. It’s hot af.

20) Just walking into the room.

Learn to knock. Were you raised in a fucking barn? I could be masturbating and we both know that would be awk.

21) Reading over my shoulder

This is why I face a wall. I don’t like people seeing my porn until it’s good and ready.

22) Touching my shit

I have something called controlled chaos. I know where stuff is even when you don’t, so don’t touch my shit. You ruin the equilibrium.

23) People who say reading is stupid and boring

There are people who would love to have the chance to do that, you ignorant fuck. How about appreciating that you have the ability to?

24) Saying I’m faking being bi because it’s a fad

Uh uh uh *has a fucking aneurism from the sheer stupidity*

25) Saying dwarf women don’t have to have beards.

In that case, neither do dwarf men. In fact, why give dwarves beards at all if that’s the case?! That’s like saying elves don’t need pointy ears. Beards make the dwarf, regardless of gender. Whether it’s fuzz or sideburns or a great bristling bush. Saying not to include them simply because they’re female is transphobic, for one. Rather boring, for second. It’s just hair, what does it matter if there’s a more of it????

26) Fucking tumblr mobile

It’s broken and slow and makes me angry.

27) Insulting me but not having the guts to say it to my face

I mean, am I really that scary? I’m 5'3", not even 120 pounds, and I’m scared of answering the door for solicitors. Why not just fucking say it to me? Might make that stick up your ass loosen up a little bit.

28) People drinking out of my straw

So I’m told this is a weird one. I don’t care. I don’t like sharing straws. It’s gross. I won’t even share with the consort, and we’ve exchanged enough saliva to end the drought in California. It’s just…if there’s another liquid involved, it’s different gdi.

29) People who okay character hate

I don’t care what character it is. If you upset someone with what you say about them, just apologize. There’s no right way to insult any character.

30) Making fun of my weeaboo phase

Only I can make fun of my weeaboo phase.