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Shimura Doubutsuen [2017.06.24]
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3 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Those “Wtf Woohyun” Moments


This isn’t even fair >//>

((and my personal favorite:


GUYS so I went to a Colombian restaurant with a Korean friend and I ordered Bandeja paisa which that includes Chorizo(pork sausage)and my friend was amazed by that he really liked so I was like
- do you know what is the chorizo made of?
-no … it takes really good but I don’t know
- is made of BALLS OF DONKEY .

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Back to You (Poe Dameron)- Part One

Pairing: Poe Dameron x OC

Prompt: Angsty Poe request for @marvelousthronewars . Thanks for being so patient with me, lovely!

Warnings: I really don’t want to give away what happens but lots of angst, a little heavy making out, etc etc etc. Read at your own risk if you value you your feels lol also– I changed a few tiny things so don’t kill me. That’s all byeeee. 



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I would’ve done anything, given up anything I had, if it meant he would stay. But I knew it wasn’t possible. No matter what I said or did, Poe was going to Jakku. He had to. I knew that, but it still didn’t stop me from unraveling. Each time he left, I watched him go with a heavy heart, and it stayed that way until the moment he was back. Something felt different about this time, though. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the idea of the idea of him leaving again was more painful than it’d ever been before.

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Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″

Shape of You (18)

Oh hello new chapter. Guys it’s almost over. But it so sweet I just love ending stories like these. Hopefully you’ll give my new one a chance =)

Previous Chapters

Chapter 18

Cassian didn’t falter after that night. A few days later and he was the same amazing man I had come to know. Still taking care of me even though the pain medicine had run out and I was fine. He was reluctant to let me go back to the bookstore, but I told him I was fine. I told him we had to at least try and pretend that life was getting back to normal.

He wasn’t completely ready to let me go back to my life on my own. He still came to visit almost everyday in the afternoon on his lunch break.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy his company. I loved having his full attention.

After a few days of hovering he also went back to work. He went back to the gym and picked up with his training. Of course I think that helped him, taking his aggression out on the punching bags and his trainees. It helped him let go of his fears of losing me. Because he told me he always imagined Tomas at the other end of his fist now.

We resumed our lives, trying to forget about what Tomas had done. We started our life together, we were a couple now instead of strangers. I couldn’t believe a few weeks ago I hadn’t known Cassian. And now I couldn’t see my life without him in it. I still had to thank Rita for introducing us.

I could feel my eyes ready to roll at how smug she would be knowing how easily I had fallen for him.

Going back to work was bittersweet. Everyone had heard what had happened through the gossip mill. Cassian had to call in and tell them I wasn’t coming in the day after the attack. So they knew my ex had basically tried to kill me. I got a few pity stares, a few questions from people who wanted to know the truth.

It was weird. How everyone already knew my story before I even told it.

But after the first day everyone decided it was old news. I was still the same old Nesta. The girl who preferred to work by herself and was usually found browsing books instead of stacking them. My coworkers lost interest easily and it was normal once more. Well normal except for the fact that everyone stared when Cassian came to visit me.

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“What to buy…? (There are so many choices!)”


“What about this? (Isn’t it perfect?)”

“Dearest, you do realize that is a moose, right? (Do you want to buy it for the baby or for yourself?)”

// Prompt: modern!AU in which Thranduil and Iestil go nursery shopping for Legolas, and of course Thranduil wants to buy the largest and most obnoxious stuffed animal for his son but is under the impression that the stuffed moose he picked out is really an elk.

aka: Why you should never let these two dorks shop together. //

ronan lynch: *looks at adam parrish*
ronan lynch: *continues to look at adam parrish for six fucking paragraph breaks even while other people are conversing right in front of them*
ronan lynch: *is an actual lovestruck dweeb with no chill*

that feel when u gotta read ur own stuff so you actually know what you wrote, but u also know you’re gonna find a million typos and sentences that need an edit but you ran out of time, so now you’re gonna know all them mistakes instead of living in blissful ignorance 

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