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Any angst or fluff victuri fic recommendations?

I’m so sorry this took so long, but it turns out I have read a lot of more viktuuri fics than I thought. I don’t really read that much angst cause my heart can’t stand it, so the angst here will most likely be mixed with fluff. So flangst. Anyway, here we go: 

  • Glass Heart by ProcrastinatingPalindrome [6k words]-this is the angstiest fic in this whole list but there’s fluff at the end. It’s five times and the one time fics and I’m not sure if you’re into those or not, but this one I really liked this one. It focuses on the times Viktor has cried over the course of his life and it’s a nice introspect into Viktor. 
  • Fall by Clockwork_Mockingbird [3k words]-this is a flangst fic and it’s really sweet. I’m not really sure how to describe the plot, but basically Viktor and Yuuri have a sweet moment before it goes bad and then it becomes sweet again. I know this is a really shitty explaination but bear with me. 
  • Next Level by ghostystarr [3k words]-this fic has my favorite kind of fluff, domestic fluff. This takes place after episode 12 where Yuuri and Viktor move to St. Petersburg and settle in their new life. It’s really great. 
  • Not So Accidental by QuinnTuha608 [a bit less than 1k words]-this one isn’t exactly fluff or angst but I think it’s funny so I’m putting it on here. Basically JJ walks in on Viktor and Yuuri making out and I just really love JJ and Yuuri’s reaction to this. 
  • Accidentally Seductive by braveten [7k words]-it’s my best friend flangst back at it again. It takes place during the first few months Viktor and Yuuri get to know each other. Viktor is head over heels for Yuuri but Yuuri is completely obviously to it (also one of my favorite tropes). 
  • Question and Answer by chellethewriter [10k words]-this takes place during the banquet party and focuses on Viktor. It details Viktor’s thoughts about how he’s unsatisfied with his life and the party and after the party as well. This is probably one of my favorites.
  • from june to september by bigspoonnoya [11k words]-this takes place during episode 4 and 5 and there’s some good ol’ flangst in this fic. It basically shows how Viktor and Yuuri fall in love over this period of time and it’s really sweet. 
  • Just Date Me Already by Ame (Ulan) [5k words]-this is another Viktor has a crush on Yuuri but Yuuri is oblivious fic, but I really like this trope so I’m adding this. This one is shorter and is more fluff than flangst. 
  • Koi no Yokan by moimiles [21k words]-I don’t know how you feel about AU fics, but this one I really like. This is a fashion AU fic where Yuuri is a fashion designer and Viktor is a famous model coming to work on Yuuri’s upcoming show. It’s similar to the shows plot though there are differences. This is also an unfinished fic at the time I’m writing this, just so you know. 
  • The First Snowfall by Dark_Romances [11k words]-this is set years after the show has ended where Viktor and Yuuri are both married. Viktor is still a coach and Yuuri retired and coaches beginner ice skating. This is tooth-rotting fluff and I love it too. This is also an unfinished fic. 
  • easy as pie by awkwardedgeworth [14k words]-this is one of my favorites. This takes places over the course of the show, but we see Viktor pining after Yuuri while the rest of the skating world that was there at the banquet laughs at how hard Viktor has fallen for Yuuri. This is some really good fluff.

This took so long and I am tired. But I hope this helped :)

holy shit i just had the best customer service call in my whole life ever

so i called up Nintendo to help out with transferring my purchases from my old system to my New 3DS (cuz the fuckers at my local Gamestop lied to me and said they COULD help transfer, but then was like “lol nope sorry we can’t do that” AFTER i sold them my old system and were like “you can buy back your SD card lolololol” so never going back there again lol)

i had the absolute pleasure of getting a guy named Andrew to help me out

so it got to the part where he asked for my Nintendo ID, which is NepetaQuest (cuz fuck you guys i’m a ride hard die hard leijon girl for life)

usually, i have to immediately spell it out, cuz who the fuck knows how to spell Nepeta???

well, Andrew did

i drew a breath to start spelling it out, but then he goes, “Oh, a Homestuck fan?”

i told him ohmygod yes Nepeta is my baby, he said Vriska was his

while we were waiting for my request to be submitted, we got into a conversation about our first cosplays (how i dyed my hair black for Nepeta and he accidentally used super glue for his fake beard for Naked Snake) and what it was like to be in the homestuck fandom, but how we weaned ourselves off and started enjoying other things during the massive hiatus

“I’m into Undertale and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure these days” I told him, and SURPRISE SURPRISE - THOSE ARE HIS FAVORITES NOW TOO!!!! and then we started gushing about our favorite JoJos and how we cried over certain parts and how psyched we are about part 4 for the anime

but yeah holy shit that was the absolute best call i ever made to customer support anywhere holy christ oh man