how happy of him


My darling dear
Love you all the time
Earth angel, earth angel
The one I adore
Love you forever and ever more
I’m just a fool
A fool in love with you

Tyrelliot Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite ‘Happy’ Moment

Every time I’m sad … I look at this bean;

                     And that sadness immediately goes away.  

lov my ninja dads


Travellers from Xing

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and Happy New Year to my Secret Santa, @bbbbbbbbbbblow!! You mentioned that you like Xing, so here are three of the travellers from Xing who crossed the desert in search of immortality!


sweetheart 💖


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

I Actually Screamed Because The New OP Is So Freaking Awesome!! (AS EXPECTED!!!) And my boys were looking so cool with these glasses!!


Day 07: Memories // “Let’s rewrite your bad memories with happiness.”

They get married and go to one of keith’s orphanages to adopt a child, raising them with the kind of love that keith never knew growing up. He might’ve left that place with sad lonely memories, but he can leave it again with a happy family <3

They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.
—  Tom Bodett

Poirot shivered. The thought of a fourteenth-century English manor house filled him with apprehension. He had suffered too often in the historic country houses of England. He looked round appreciatively at his comfortable modern flat with its radiators and the latest patent devices for excluding any kind of draught.

“In the winter,” he said firmly, “I do not leave London.”
- Agatha Christie, ‘The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding’