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Dating tony stark would include...

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  • Helping him with his 
  • him spoiling you
  • “Come on babe it’s not even expensive”
  • “Tony it’s worth more than my entire outfit”
  • “We can change that”
  • him being super protective over you
  • The other avengers loving you
  • Wearing his shirts  when he is away because they smell like him
  • him rambling a lot about everything and you always listen to him because you love how passionate he is about it
  • running your fingers through his soft hair
  • amazing cuddles
  • you bringing him coffee every morning
  • coffee dates
  • you always comforting him when he’s sad or depressed
  • a lot of kisses in your cheek and  your forehead 
  • a smile appearing in his face every morning when you wake up next to him, after all this time he still can’t believe you chose him to be with
  • you getting worry every time he have to go for a case
  • being friends with the avengers
  • they adore you because they can see how happy you make Tony and you two are adorable together
  • calling him Anthony when you get mad at him
  • lots of cuddling
  • amazing passionate sex
  • movie marathons
  • falling in love with him more and more everyday
  • him tickling you to make you laugh
  • because him think you laugh is the most beautiful sound he ever heard
  • him being very protective over you
  • HOt making out sessions
  • you loving when he hold your hand
  • him being the best boyfriend ever

can you please say this can you please say that he’s not your fucking puppet doll just appreciate that he’s doing a live because he sure as hell just couldn’t go live and try to like. make you happy. instead you make him uncomfortable by asking him how old he is (he answered a gazillion times), if he’s gay (it’s none of your fucking matter), to say this in your language or that in your language like ???? what do you get off of it when he says “hi” in your language like wow you know how it sounds!! it’s your language congratuations!! fuck i dont understand this shit and also like asking him if he wants to be your husband or fuck you or whatever the fuck are you ???? honestly ??? so stupid ??? 

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Im dying of happiness!! Touka confirmed she loves kaneki in a romantic way, and kaneki is embarrassed for being caught by touka about his true feelings towards her when he was haise. I think kaneki didnt believed touka at first for saying shed let him do it with him but realization hit him when touka said she was happy how he looked at her, it's mutual!! But then tsukiyama cockblocked them before kaneki can reply.. i need more touken continuation

LOL. I love that he never touched his chin, he was embarrassed and dying in red but he never denied anything she said. I’m so hopeful for this ship, their love is so pure it kills me 

True character development is how when Logic first appeared in the personality video and Prince called him a nerd, how excited and happy he was when he answered, to now. When he is likely to destroy someone verbally when they call him a nerd.


Ashi going on her quest to save jack is wonderful and I’m loving all the hints/throwbacks to past episodes of Samurai Jack. Ashi is so damn beautiful!

OH MY GOD. I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT WE HAD SEEN THE LAST OF THAT FABULOUS ROBOT! scaramouch, baby you’re not looking so hot. He’s looking a little down to tell you the truth.

I wonder if Jack even realizes how much he has helped people, and how much they love him! It really makes me so happy to see them wanting to help Jack and protect him.

ASHI YOU POOR BABY! Her flashbacks make me so sad, I hope the cult leader lady gets what she freaking deserves.

Okay so I thought Ashi was beautiful before but she’s so flipping stunning now. She looks so happy and free like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. (I wish I had the skill to make an outfit that damn fast.) I could go on about this lovely lady for hours.

ASHI SAVE HIS SOUL. Oh my god I have so much anxiety at this moment. Ashi you beautiful darling child I know you can save him.

JACK IS FUCKING BACK. HELL TO THE YES. Lmao I like your hair and dress! never change samurai never change.

I apologize for all my thoughts. I’m just so damn happy.


Eijiro kirishima from boku no hero academia

I wasn’t satisfied with the previous drawing ao I just had th justify him and I am happy how it turn ont (^- ^ )

365 days challenge day 112

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What do you think Mr.J would do if he found out Harley had his baby in Arkham but they took the little princess from her then made her forget with electro shock therapy and they let Bruce Wayne raise her little clown? 🖤💚

If joker knew that his baby was somewhere out there then there’d be nothing anyone could say or do to maker him give her up. Even her like say she’s like “okay you’re my dad but being with Wayne makes me happy” he’d still take her with him because in his mind because of the torture and not originally knowing he was her dad she doesn’t know how happy she could be with him. 🃏 If he knew Harley was pregnant before she went he’d literally be trying to get to that baby every damn second so Wayne wouldn’t have her long. Since that was such a big plan on the doctors side joker would def return the favor. He’d find their kids and take them and electro shock them and send them away. Jokers brain is already non stop but if his girl is involved its just constant go go go so he’d stop at nothing to get his family back 💚💚💚💚💚💜

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Mohamed Hadid just did a live on insta and Bella and Gigi watched it together, and Mohamed just repeated how much he miss Bella and all of his children but I feel like Bella is his favorite kid? I don't know (sorry is it's not correct, I'm french)

I get a similar vibe, too, like he loves all his kids equally of course but he posts a lot more or Bella and always has longer captions and jokes with her so I think they have like a friendship, too. I remember on fathers day last year he made the longest post about Bella of the five kids and brought up how happy he was she had lunch with him and all this stuff that was sweet, I think they have a really good bond.

A loved one not lost but remembered. 


Q: What do you think was going through Flint’s mind when Madi & Silver reunited in 4x3? Your face expresses so much. 

Toby Stephens: A bittersweet happiness for Silver, mixed [with] a sense of his own isolation.