how happy of him

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I know close to nothing about this world, but I still have to ask why NONE of the Evil Organizations even attempted to obtain power of their own before knocking on the door of deities. You would think that someone like Ghetsis or Lysandre would try to achieve immortality through Staryu Cores or something but no...



You ever raise worms by putting an electric current to the earth? That’s what this is like.

digging that one flag


“I feel happy to be a leader in these times when I realize that they know how much I think of them. It comforts me a lot. When the members say, “Hyung, thank you for this”, and when they know my heart, I feel so grateful.”

Happy birthday, Hakyeon ♡

lov my ninja dads

A loved one not lost but remembered. 

If you heard anyone yell this morning it was me right after finding out dgm’s on this month’s SQ Crown holy f uck