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okay no that comment alone wasn't enough. im gonna map this relationship. ship urself first but im also gonna ship u. koichi is dating oku. oku is dating mikitaka, josuke and yuya. yuya is ofc yoshie, reiko, and akemi. josuke is dating u. u are also dating yukako. yukako is dating koichi bringing us to a full circle. you all do pastel glitter craft projects and cuddle and have movie nights. half of y'all end up sleeping on the floor for Max Cuddles. it's the ideal. that's how i see it.



“You know, Astrid, training dragons isn’t the only thing I think about.

“Are you actually saying that to me with a straight face?”

“Would you mind staying?”
“It’s getting late, but I will visit you soon…”

Ugh. I can’t stop listening to “Dear Happy” by Dodie Clark featuring Thomas Sanders! So I did a thing. It’s late, so this will have to do for now. I’ll do another version later. But I just really love this song and these two did a beautiful job! 💜💙


halla. halla. 


the most precious boy !!! 😭💘