how handsome he is in that fur collared coat and hat!

So, captainoftherollyjoger wanted a Captain Swan fic that featured a Newfoundland puppy in the snow, and clockadile agreed and I said I’d write the thing, so here is the thing (and sorry it took me so long!). Oh, and this is what the puppy looks like, it’s a Landseer Newfie

Forever Home

“This is payback.”

She stomped her feet and blew on her hands, red and chapped from the wind. She would have sworn that her gloves had been in the pockets of her coat, but when they reached the park and she went to pull them on, all she found was a few wadded up tissues and a Chapstick without the cap.

“Hmm?” Killian turned and looked back at her, “Payback for what, Swan?”

Emma yanked her hat a little further down on her ears and glared, “Everything.”

At the foot of the hill Henry was running through the snow, arms outstretched and laughing. He fell to his back and a ball of black and white fur jumped on his chest and started licking all over his face.

Five days ago she had finally moved into her own place, a two bedroom cottage with wide pine floors and gingerbread trim on the eaves, with a fine view of the harbour through the master bedroom window. Two days after that, Regina had shown up with what she claimed was a housewarming present, but Emma knew was one thing and one thing only.


In puppy form.

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