how great was she in this w o w


<//Oo°-_ Sakuya’s-Sister Cosplay ! _-°oO\>

“ねえ ちゃん は 大丈夫 だから..”

yoooooooooo I finally did iiiit, I’m doneeee >^>)9 !!!
so there you goooo ~
look at those super professional photos :’D ! sryyyy, I’ll definitely take some decent photos at Dokomi 2017 (9>w>)9 !!!
BUT AHHH SO READYYY FOR THE DOKOMIIIIII - walking around as Sakuya’s sis with a bunch of other ServampCosplayer.. *^* !! READYYY AF <3
as you can see it’s not perfect at all. On the collar there should’ve been one white stripe instead of two. but pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >^>)~
I did what I could v.v)

but… most importantly.. W H A T ’ S   H E R   N A M E ?! D:
like, she takes a crucial role in Sakuya’s life and we don’t even know how to call her >^>)“
well, can’t help it now, she has been a great person ;w;) <3 <3 <3

Thanks to @swishyhairbarnes and our discussion about how to give feedback, if we got to go to an Infinity War screening w/o seeming biased…She had an idea and I ran w/ it. hehe

Like how you handled the story. 
One thing that was cool was the mixing of characters. 
Very nicely done! 
Everyone was great. 
Bouncing from one story arc to the next was intriguing. 
Unfortunately, I could’ve used more of a few of the characters. 
Could have been interesting to see some relationship building. 
Knowing that they will be together again helps, though. 
You should be proud of what you’ve done here. 
Better every time I see the team together. 
All of the action was fantastic. 
Really enjoyed the dynamics. 
Never let anyone tell you less is more w/ action flicks! 
Every person I know is going to hear about how great it is! 
Seriously, well done! 

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O-oh thank gosh, I w-was really scared haha....Well anyways, how was you d-day? I drew my w-whole class as chibis, t-they all liked it, e-even my teacher! She asked to s-scan it. That was p-pretty interesting. Have you e-ever had a moment in class where you felt y-you never wanted to l-lose those people? I hope you're feeling great, have a gratifying day.❤ - Shy anon

It’s been going well so far, thanks for asking! AW, that’s so adorable and nice of you to draw your entire class! Did your teacher end up hanging it up on the wall? I don’t think I’ve had a moment like that before or I just can’t seem to remember it at the moment.


WALT4YEARS || Favorite Family Moment

“I guess it’s a good thing it isn’t two weeks.” Click. Click. She wasn’t sure she could handle that much longer listening to her parents take jabs at each other. Click.

Not only is it great to see parents that aren’t complete butts but every time the parents were on the dash interacting with other students my heart was warmed. And there’s more to it than that. You can see how the parents relationship deeply affects their daughter and its so sad (& relatable w o w). Also Eeyore?? Is SUCH an amazing character like how did you do it? I never cared for Eeyore in the show but Alicia just made me love her. Her body language, her thoughts, her behavior she’s so interesting! @justeeyore