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Because They Can (Holy trinity x FemReader) fluffy drabble

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Request:  Request! Fem!Reader is a popular gamer who collabs a lot. After several hate comments about how “a girl can’t play videogames,” her friends Mark, Felix and Jack cheer her up through a Skype call. If you do this request, I would really love it if you’d tag me though I understand if you would prefer not to :D

Warnings: lmao swearing





Not being able to coordinate yourself, your character ended up going backward by your control. You did not, in anyway, trust the front bend. Regardless of what Felix was trying to tell you.

You ended up dying.

“Oh, for fuck sake.” you grumbled, allowing yourself leeway to fall back in your chair.

“What,” breathed Felix “did I tell you.”

Together, Mark and the Irishman laughed heartily and looked into their set up cameras. You couldn’t help up pout at their joyous outbursts, hearing Felix tune in as well.

“I don’t know!” you began to defend, sitting up right again to reload the game.

“If I were to go down the front bend, I would’ve gotten jumped by 1A. I mean, they have lighter weaponry, but they had more soldiers.”

Beginning to mutter, you finished with “2B had less people so I thought I could just… slip by.”

Mark spit a bit before he laughed again, and said:

“I don’t think that’s how that works, hon.”

You only scoffed and challenged him with a “We’ll see.” before starting up a new map and inducing them to join.

Though the game had already started, and Jack and Felix were continuing commentary; you were slightly distracted by the comments of your stream.

Something’s about girls and games.

“Jack, if you round the corner onnnn…” you drawled for a moment before making up your mind “your second left, there is spare ammo in that wedge.”

“For sure?” confirmed Jack, clicking away at his mouse.

“Yeah, I remember. But, don’t pick up all of it, you won’t have room in your pack left.” you explained further “Utilize the space as much as you can so that you can pick up things like torch batteries. Yes, you will need them in the third map; second half.”

Mark seemed to be confused for a second, peering into his camera lens “Have you played through this before?” he asked.

“No.” you answered “You can just assume, because in that map, the only places to ‘hide’ in are the forest caves. Which are dark.”

Mark and Jack pushed out a chorus of ‘oh’s and thanked you heartily. Felix and yourself laughed, and you allowed yourself to glance at the chat once again.

“Should we take maybe five minutes to read over some things in the chat?” you suggested. The three boys agreed.

“Suuure thing.” sang Sean. Quickly, he leaned back in his chair and stretched himself fully; making inhuman groans with his mouth. You winced quaintly and chuckled.

“Uhhhmmm..” Mark sounded uncomfortable “these aren’t very appropriate.”

You were struck by confusion at first, offering your lens a childish look. You then checked, and read several comments in the below chat.

‘she’s pretty dumb for getting killed so easily lmao’

‘idiot move (Y/n)’

‘why girl’s shouldn’t play video games ^^^ they will get you killed smh’’

‘airheaded bitch wtf’

Well, shit. You wouldn’t have guessed people were still this immature. Have to admit though, you were a little peeved they totally bypassed everything you had just said.

“They mean me…” you mumbled half hearted.

“Yeah,” Felix said, sounding detached “they do.”

The four of you kind of sat in an uneasy silence. The chat slowed, some viewers even slightly apologizing.

Until one:

‘yea and? now get her off the stream ffs’


Mark was the first to admit how rude that was, giving his camera lens an uneasy stare. Jack followed suit with a disapproving look- the kind that tore out the hearts of his viewers.

Felix- well Felix killed it. He went on a lengthy rant about how sexist the comment was and how much of a douche that made them for saying it.

He went full rage.

“Do you want to… continue the stream?” you mumbled, silently hoping they would say no. You were alright, just feeling a little defeated at the moment. You felt as though you couldn’t hold yourself in front of any audience any longer.

“Not really.” said Mark, still glaring at his camera “Not at all…”

“Not anymore, I don’t.” agreed Jack.

The atmosphere hung thickly around the situation. Countless times, viewers that were actually trying to enjoy the stream apologized for the words of the ignorant. You almost felt bad.

But not too bad when you reached up and shut down your stream recording camera.

Felix, Sean and Mark did the same.

Silence. The skype call and webcams remained.

“(Y/n) don’t be sad.” said Felix. He smiled at you.

You managed your own grin and told him you weren’t sad. Afterwards, you thanked him for standing up for you.

“Don’t be a sad pupper.” giggled Mark effortlessly. He was really, heavily worried. Though, the male wasn’t sure it came across in his voice.

“No, no I’m not sad… defeated maybe.” you clarified.

Felix was a little heart broken. You were one of his closest friends, he didn’t need to see- or hear you sound so… deflated.

“Well they are just fucking… fucking dickholes.” he demanded stiffly.

“I swear to god, if any other small brained, chapstick looking mother dickbag says one more thing, I’m moving to America and starting a rally.”

You laughed quietly at the Swede’s declaration “Mother dic-”

“Mother dickbag.”

That made you at least chuckle a little, along side Jack and Mark. You were glad to be charmed by Mark’s deep falsetto of a laugh and Sean’s warm welcoming giggle.

“Hey hey don’t worry, she already lives by me. I’ll punch everyone in the face and then give her a hug.” stated Mark.

“I’ll regulate who can and cannot comment of her videos- only the very best may speak to her.” offered Jack, sounding proud.

You giggled some more, joined by the entire group.

“You guys are like my protection squad…” you uttered, filling with joy at an alarming rate.

“Well I mean,” said Jack.

“If we aren’t-” continued Felix, as he laughed.

“Who will be?” Mark finished, winking into his webcam.

“Only my three knights.”


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He's having a new sibling/nephew.

A/N: I think this is really bad but I had to post it because one of my best friends had a little sister and i’m so happy for her :) Welcome to the world Mati.


“Baby, can I come over? I have great news!” Michael says in a overexcited tone on the other side of the phone.

“Sure”. You giggle at how excited he is and you’re about to ask what happened but he hangs up. Four minutes later you open your door to see Michael jumping over excitedly. He hugs you making you almost trip over on your own feet.

“Michael, what happened?” you ask laughing. He looks at you with a huge grin on his face.

“My mom is pregnant!” he started jumping around again and you jumped with him. You already knew, and you actually thought he was gonna be really mad at his mom for having another baby at her age – not that she was old, but she wasn’t really young.

“I’m glad that you’re so happy, Mikey!”. He hugs you tight, still laughing in excitement. “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?”. You already know, but you want to ask him because it makes him so happy.

“It’s a boy!” he screams. “I’m having a little brother! I’ve always wanted one! Sure, he’s eighteen years younger, but I can teach him a lot of stuff! I can teach him how to play soccer, videogames, how to hook up on girls…”. He counts on his fingers, a sparkle of excitement and happiness in his bright eyes.

“Mike, I’m not sure he’ll be interested in girls anytime soon, you have to wait at least twelve years” you giggle, making Michael giggle with you.

“I’ll teach him anyway, so he’ll be ready by the time he turns twelve”.

“I’m so happy for you, Michael!”

“I’m gonna be both a father and brother for this kid; he’ll have the perfect childhood!”. You laugh at his promise.

“Mike, he already has a father!”

“Well, big brothers are way cooler than dads” he stats, kissing you on the lips. “I’m so excited”

“Yeah, I can tell” you giggle again.


“Hey, baby. You okay?” you hear Ashton sniffle through the phone. You called him to ask him if he wanted to go somewhere, you didn’t expect him to be crying.

“What’s wrong?” you ask concerned. Ashton is a strong person, you never saw him crying. He never does, he says he can’t because he’s the man of the house and he can’t let his younger siblings see him weak. He says he has to be strong for them. You had tried to tell him that crying doesn’t make you weak, that sometimes everyone has to cry a little and let it out, but he never listened to you.

“It’s nothing, really” he sniffled again.

“Ashton, I’m coming over”. You put on your shoes, grab your keys and walk fast to his house.

“It’s really no big deal, Y/N, you don’t have to come”. He tries to convince you, but you need to make sure he’s okay.

“I want to. I’m on my way, I’ll be there in half a minute”. You hang up before he can tell you something more.

Two minutes later you ring the doorbell at Ashton’s house. Usually Ashton is the one who opens the door, he says it’s more safe, so you start getting a little worried when little Harry opens the door.

“Harry! Didn’t Ashton tell you to never open the door?” you tell him, kneeling down at his eye level.

“Yeah, but he’s locked in his room and no one else was here to open the door. I watched through the peephole before I opened the door, don’t worry” he smiles at you before running away to sit on the couch watching cartoons. You reach Ashton’s bedroom and knock on the door.

“Ash? It’s me”. You hear the sound of the lock being opened and you push the door open. You get in and close it behind you. Ashton is going back to bed after he opened the door for you. You lay beside him, wrapping your arms around him. He doesn’t look at you, but you can still hear him cry.

“Ashton, what’s wrong?” you ask. You really need to know what’s making him so upset, it has to be something really bad.

“It’s my mom” he cries, his face buried in the pillow.

“What happened?”.

“She… she’s pregnant”. He keeps crying while you let out a sigh of relief. You though it was something way worse, and you can’t understand why Ashton is so upset about it.

“Ash, it’s amazing. Why are you crying?”. You kiss his cheek hoping he’ll look at you and tell you what’s wrong.

“We can’t afford another baby! We can barely make it to the end of the month being just the four of us, we don’t have enough money for another baby” he whispers. You wipe his tears away from his cheeks, understanding why he’s crying. “My mom can’t stop working to take care of the baby, her stupid boyfriend doesn’t even want to see the baby, and I can’t take care of three kids. I’m working my ass off to help my mom pay the bills. I don’t even have time to study anymore! My days revolves around my siblings and my job, I don’t even have time to play the drums anymore! I’ll have to quit the band and sell my drums!”. He keeps crying and you don’t know what to do to make him feel better. You desperately want to help him, but you don’t know what to do.

“I can help you, Ash. No one said you have to be the man of the house” you whisper kissing his forehead.

“How can you help?”. It looks like he’s not gonna stop crying anytime soon, so you start kissing his cheek several times hoping it’ll make him feel just a little bit better.

“I can babysit all of your siblings when you have band practice or you have to study. I’ll do it for free, obviously, I love spending time with Harry and Lauren, they’re so cute” you say, putting a smile on your face hoping that will calm him down.

“Would you?”. He looks at you for the first time with a sparkle of hope in his eyes.

“Of course I would, Ashton. I’d do anything to help your family, they’re always so nice to me”. Ashton hugs you tight, you feel his tears wetting your shirt but you don’t care.

“He or she will be an amazing kid, just like you and Lauren and Harry”


You are having breakfast when your phone starts buzzing on the counter. You answer without looking at the ID and you hear someone scream on the other side. You ask to repeat because you didn’t understand, and they do.

“Y/N, Mali had the baby! I’m an uncle!” Calum screams, quieter this time.

“Oh my god, I’m so happy!” you squirm hopping up from your chair.

“Can you please come here? I want you to see her” he says.

“Her? It’s a baby girl?” you say, already putting on your jeans.

“Yes! She’s so beautiful, she has big dark eyes and she looks like Ashton when she giggles – so cute”

“I’m on my way!”.

When you get to the hospital Calum is waiting for you at the entrance. He hugs you and leads you to his sister’s bedroom, where the baby’s sleeping in a white womb next to her mom.

He picks the baby up and sits on the couch in the corner. You greet Mali and her husband and go sit next to Calum.

“Cal, don’t fall in love with my daughter, she’s too young for you and she’s mine” Mali giggles, making everyone laugh except for Calum, who’s too busy holding the girl in his arms.

“Look how cute she is” he whispers.

“Mali, she’s beautiful” you say, looking at the baby in your boyfriend’s arms.

“I’m gonna teach you a lot of stuff, you know? The first lesson starts now: you have to stay away from boys, because you are my little girl” you hear Calum whisper to the baby before kissing her nose. Mali’s husband laughs, reminding him that she’s his daughter and not Calum’s.

“He’s more in love with her than we are” Mali tells you. You laugh, and you can’t look away from Calum with the baby, they’re too cute. “Well, we already know who’s gonna be our babysitter” Mali says.

“I’ll be very offended if it’s not me!” Calum says, making everyone laugh. He’s just the sweetest.


Luke’s phone starts ringing next to you. He’s having a shower, so you check the caller ID. It’s his older brother Jack. You know him pretty well, so you pick up.

“Hey, Jack, it’s Y/N. Luke’s having a shower. What do you need?”. In that moment Luke comes out from the bathroom.

“It’s your brother Jack” you tell him.

“Put on speaker so I can hear while I get dressed”. You do what he told you and you tell Jack that he’s on speaker.

“Hey, Jack, how ya doin’?” Luke asks, putting his underwear on.

“I’m great. I have big news”. He can’t hide a note of excitement in his voice.

“What is it?”. Luke doesn’t seem to be paying much attention, he’s really tired, but he snaps out of his trance when he hears Jack’s big news.

“I’m having a baby!” Jack says.

“WHAT?!” Luke says, dropping on the floor the shirt he was gonna wear.

“Well, not me, my wife, but you got the point. I’m gonna be a father!”. Luke drops his jaw on the floor.

“Oh my god, man, that’s awesome! I’m so excited to see him or her!”. He finishes the phone call with his brother and you two have dinner together. You can’t help but notice the huge grin Luke has on his face.

“I’m having a nephew!” Luke says. “I hope it’s a girl. I’ll cuddle her and spoil her and I’ll be her favorite uncle! She’ll be my little princess”. You can almost see his eyes turning the shapes of big hearts while he’s talking about the future baby. You giggle seeing him so excited.

“I don’t think Ben will be very happy about it” you scoff.

“Screw Ben! She’ll be my little queen and I’ll be her favorite person out of the whole world!”. It makes you laugh, but you think it’s so damn cute the way Luke’s eyes sparkle at the thought of the baby.

“Or you could have your own baby”

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