me thinking about how the plushies were placed in the last gaming video: i mean that was just unnecessary wasn’t it like the plushies were just blatantly holding hands and dan and phil weren’t even phased. they just left those plushies out in the open completely exposed for our enjoyment and because dan and phil thought it would be a cute addition to the background of a video. they could’ve easily spaced the plushies out even by an inch but they didn’t because they’re gross and they wanted us to notice just how physically close they could get those got dam plushies

I have such a strong love-hate relationship towards MM:

• I love how well-rounded the characters are and make me believe that they actually care about me.
• I hate how I’m reminded of how lonely I am for not having people like them IRL.
• I love how real the characters can get and just resonate with me with their struggles and worries.
• I hate how the game hits way too close to home and draws lots of gross sobbing from me.
• I love how the game is set-up in real-time to make it more immersive.
• I hate how the chats are set up at odd hours, thus ruining my sleep schedule even more.
• I love the text and call features.
• I hate how those are the only texts/calls I’ll ever receive.
• I love how the game breaks the fourth wall sometimes.
• I hate how I’m reminded that it’s just a game, and they’re not real.
• I love this game.
• I hate how much I love this game.

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This is a stim blog??? Why are people asking about your body like wtf??

Because people feel weirdly entitled to how trans/nb people transition and it’s super gross. As you said this is a stim blog, this is not the place to be asking these questions and those questions should not be asked.

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oh gosh do you think when tjeff said "there's a letter on my desk from the president! sally be a lamb, darling, wont you open it?" do u think it was THE sally hemings bc oh my god?? i didnt know anything about tjeff honestly until i read up how racist and gross and what a piece of complete crap he is like. i feel so bad bc i rly loved daveed diggs as tjeff and i liked drawing him with my ocs but now it?? feels weird?? does that make sense lmao sorry

It is 200% the Sally Hemings :/
edit: honestly I feel the need to add this like, don’t be discouraged to like him, I’ve had the same issue with Washington and friend made a good point there’s definitely differences in their portrayal so you’re really nt wrong for liking Daveeds TJeff, don’t beat yourself up about it!!

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What did that guy do to upset you? I don't understand?

I looked on his blog,,,
In order of appearance…..

1. Anti- Feminist
2. His entire blog was just transphobia
3. Trump-supporter
4. Do i even need to go on
5. How tf did he find my blog ???

He was just gross an had no reason or need to be asking me any type of qt
There were more ppl like him interacting w him….so like…..ew
Plus I always check ppl out before i reply or talk to them !

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Hey Kareena!! I've been noticing a lot of my mutuals reblogging and talking about into the badlands. So I got interested and watched the trailer. But it looks so bloody?? Like I am pretty sensetive when it comes to fights and stuff and I was wondering how bad is it (I don't really have a problem with Shadowhunters)? Is there other things that can make you really unconformable? And maybe something short about the plot? Thanks!!

Hey, Alicia, I’ll say upfront if you don’t like blood, it is very bloody - but in an aesthetically pleasing way? The fights are all beautifully choreographed martial arts and because it’s melee/swords there is blood, to me it looks pretty rather than gross. It depends on how much you don’t like blood in scenes, I guess.

I don’t think there’s anything else that should make you uncomfortable, (i’m tired though so shout at me in replies/asks if I have forgotten anything important).

The plot:  basically it follows Sunny, who is the lead fighter (clipper) for a local baron. It’s a post-apocalyptic world, but it’s not grim like walking dead, but about Sunny and his life in this setting. 

While working for his baron, Sunny rescues a kid, MK. The Widow (a rival baron) also wants MK. They find out why when they realise that MK has special powers…

Sunny and MK are both asian, Sunny’s love interest is a black woman and season 2 has added lgbt character(s). I’ve reblogged a lot of posts some of which should give you an idea of the style of the show and perhaps how bloody it is. 

tldr: sunny kicks ass and looks perfect 24/7

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You wouldn't walk up to a person who you knew was cis and ask about their genitals. It's gross how people think, just because someone is trans, their body is on display for all to question. We're often set into this category of 'other', where certain societal norms don't apply to us. I wish society could just let everyone exist as who they are, without questioning or prying. Just my two cents. Have a good night, Elzéar.


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lbr if Negan was a woman or a man of color or even an ugly/overweight white guy the entire fandom would be calling for his head but nah he's a conventionally attractive white guy so he's hot and how dare those women not want to fuck him. (also gag me I just found out Maggie/Negan is a thing. and I thought Maggie/Daryl was bad omg brb I'm gonna puke)

You are exactly right! Everyone is so thirsty for JDM they don’t see how shitty his character is. And omg are there really people shipping Maggie and him!? I haven’t seen that one! How fucking gross how the hell do they ship her with someone who murdered her husband! The father of her baby! I think the worst ship with him is with Carl! Those people need Jesus in their life!

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Omg there are so many receipts about how gross camila is. Literally go to exposing-5h's Tumblr and go way to the beginning. There's some stuff talking about Shawn there. If you can find her texts with micheal from 5sos they're quite amusing. Lol

OH man I saw those. Those had me dying! also the harry styles love letter like omg I haven’t even done anything that stupid and self absorbed. 


So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡