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Why do I ship Laurens and Hamilton so hard. Why is all the fanart for Lams so frickin adorable. How has my life come to the point where I would ever ship two people who lived hundreds of years ago.

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lol @ anons being so salty about how frickin adorable you and Connor are 😂😂

Hehe he’s my cinnybun but yes I laugh too idk why people even careeeee


I am terrible at keeping any sort of consistency with uploading these,so apologies!

So here we have the flashback scene of Hitomi as a child. And can I just say how frickin adorable baby Hitomi is? I love how she’s designed as her T.V. counterpart is.

Also going through this book I’ve come up with a theory that the character baby Hitomi sees here isn’t Van but Folken. The scene itself was always a little confusing on that part, but given the ages of the characters, it makes sense, though why Folken is spying on Hitmoi here is a mystery. Another factor that makes me believe this is Folken is that at the end of the book there are character sheets with concept and finalized designs. On Folken’s page there is a sketch of the design of the character we see here. So that’s my thoughts.

It begins. Here’s the entire group together performing the Sachiko Ever After charm.

We have a larger example of Ms. Yui’s redesign now. Like Mayu, her hair is also longer. I’m wondering if there’s a reason involving the actresses why that happened. Like they have another role that requires long hair and couldn’t cut it or they just don’t want to cut it personal reasons. Also, I wonder why the manga is still going with the ball hair for Seiko when the LA movie just has looser cinnamon roll curls. Maybe it was changed too far into the manga’s production for them to change it. 

Also, I just want to point out how frickin’ adorable Ayumi is in this panel. 

@lumorie submitted: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DERP!!! <3 

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I love how you put "hope you wiked it" in the tags of your posts just wanted to let you know that yes I wiked it. I wike everything you've ever posted. The tag makes you seem a little shy and it's so frickin adorable ^-^

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