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ooh how about a scenario of the reader cooking with agni and him trying to teach her how to make some indian dishes? that'd be really cute!

I did as much research on Bengali cuisine as I could for this!!

Agni and his S/O cooking together is ALWAYS cute, no argument <3

When Agni suggested that the two of you make a traditional Indian meal together, it immediately got you excited. Cooking with him is one of your favorite things, and you love learning how to make things from his culture. (Once you know the basics, that will make it a lot easier to surprise him with dinner once in a while.)

What you didn’t expect was… literally, a full meal, complete with about five different courses – none of which you’ve ever really heard of before now.

The townhouse’s kitchen is a veritable madhouse right now to you. Agni seems to be handling it well, though, which probably makes sense given that he’s clearly familiar with all of these dishes. As the two of you cook, Soma is poking his head into the kitchen, grinning at you and always eager for the next course. You and Agni both have enough of what you’re cooking, too, eating as you cook, but Soma is the one eating most of it. That’s fine, though… the best thing about it is getting to spend time together.

The first three things were simple enough. There was the little “starter” that didn’t take very long to prepare, and it wasn’t even much at all. You can’t remember exactly what the word Agni used for the vegetable was, but you know it was some kind of squash, bitter and steamed with some cubed potatoes. Everyone really only had a spoonful of it with a little rice, although there was enough left that Soma had a bit more. Although it was a bit of an odd taste to you, it wasn’t bad at all, and Agni explained that it was meant mainly as a palate cleanser as well as being essential to good health. After that, there was something called shukto, which was technically part of the starter course. Given that – as Agni told you, anyway – the shukto is made up of different vegetables in a ginger-mustard sauce and the flavors need to be balanced just right, he did most of the cooking on that. It was good, though, and everybody got a bigger portion of that. The last of the simple things was something Agni called shak, which he explained would probably be a vegetable called chard back in India, but given what’s most available in England, today it was spinach. That was easy, steamed and served with a kind of mustard paste that was mostly Agni’s doing.

The next two courses are the ones that confuse you a little; the first one he calls đal, and the next one is just called the main course. What doesn’t make sense to you is that while he’s preparing the lentils, rice, and aubergine for the đal, he’s having you fry up some pieces of fish… but he also said the main course is a piece of fish with rice. Although it seems like a lot of food for a lunch, to you, maybe this is normal for Indian meals…?

“Agni!” you call as you move to turn down the heat on the fish you’re cooking. “Can I ask you something?”

His response at first is a chuckle, then after a second he turns his head just slightly away from his own cooking. “You just did!” he teases with a good-natured grin. “You’re always free to ask me anything, though. Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no, not at all!” The fish in the pan is gently pushed around with your spatula as you try to think of the best way to put your words together. “I was just wondering… this seems like a lot of food, is all! It’s just, I mean – we had a good amount of the shukto, then the shak, now we’re having a lot of rice with lentils, vegetables, and fish… then more fish and rice! And we’re not even done!” Hopefully the laugh you give after lets him know that you’re not criticizing, just curious. “Does everyone eat this well in India every day?”

Ah, wow, that laugh of his! It seems like he’s laughing along with you rather than making fun, so thank goodness for that. His laugh is one of your favorite things about him; it’s deep and drips over the air like honey and reminds you that for everything he’s been through, he’s such a happy person. “You’d be forgiven for thinking so! Some people like to say that Bengalis live to eat. To be honest, I… suppose that’s not far off.” He gives a quick stir to everything he’s cooking, somehow managing to still stay focused on your conversation. “We really only eat this one daily meal, so usually we make it count as much as we can.”

“Oh, wow – really? Just one meal a day?” You give the fish another quick few prods, then lean over to wrap your arms around Agni’s shoulders. Or… as much of his shoulders as you can reach, anyway. What fun is cooking together if you can’t be a little silly and fool around with each other? “That’s mad! I could never survive without afternoon tea. It’s okay that we eat that together sometimes, right?” A whole new sudden, if brief, rush of worry lights up inside you. Surely he would have told you if he didn’t want to? “I mean… that doesn’t… well… you know – disturb your daily… rituals…?”

There’s that laugh again. Goodness, he’s really spoiling you today, isn’t he? “Aah, mera pyaara! Tum kitana pyaara rahe hain!” This time he abandons his cooking for a moment so that he can turn around and press a kiss to your cheek. “You don’t have to worry about that! Of course not. That doesn’t disrupt anything at all. You’re right in that a meal is a ritual for me, but… it doesn’t matter how many times a day I partake in that ritual, as long as it holds significance each time. You know? As long as I’m not – what’s this word I’m looking for…? Mm.” Another kiss as he quickly searches for what he wants to say. “– Right! As long as I don’t have a meal mindlessly or forget what food means to the body and to life, then it doesn’t matter. I could have ten meals a day and still not have a problem.”

You giggle and poke at his stomach before standing on your tiptoes to kiss him back. “No problem at all, love?”

This time when he laughs, it’s enough that his shoulders shake and he has to bury his face against your shoulder until he stops. For some reason it just seems to strike him as so funny, and when he straightens up again, there are actually a few tears at the edges of his eyes from laughing so hard. “Main vishvaasnahinkarsakata ki aapkitanapyaarahain!

When he turns back to check on the food, you circle your arms around his waist and give an affectionate squeeze. There’s a huge smile on your face now, too. Something about hearing him laugh like that is terribly contagious. “So… having tea with me isn’t any issue, then?”

“Ah… no more than you enjoying this daily meal with me is for you. It makes us both happy, and as long as every meal means something, then that’s what matters.” He glances back, giving you a smile that’s softer than just a moment ago. “And, after all, what could mean more than a meal shared with someone I love so much?”

Why do I ship Laurens and Hamilton so hard. Why is all the fanart for Lams so frickin adorable. How has my life come to the point where I would ever ship two people who lived hundreds of years ago.


I am terrible at keeping any sort of consistency with uploading these,so apologies!

So here we have the flashback scene of Hitomi as a child. And can I just say how frickin adorable baby Hitomi is? I love how she’s designed as her T.V. counterpart is.

Also going through this book I’ve come up with a theory that the character baby Hitomi sees here isn’t Van but Folken. The scene itself was always a little confusing on that part, but given the ages of the characters, it makes sense, though why Folken is spying on Hitmoi here is a mystery. Another factor that makes me believe this is Folken is that at the end of the book there are character sheets with concept and finalized designs. On Folken’s page there is a sketch of the design of the character we see here. So that’s my thoughts.

It begins. Here’s the entire group together performing the Sachiko Ever After charm.

We have a larger example of Ms. Yui’s redesign now. Like Mayu, her hair is also longer. I’m wondering if there’s a reason involving the actresses why that happened. Like they have another role that requires long hair and couldn’t cut it or they just don’t want to cut it personal reasons. Also, I wonder why the manga is still going with the ball hair for Seiko when the LA movie just has looser cinnamon roll curls. Maybe it was changed too far into the manga’s production for them to change it. 

Also, I just want to point out how frickin’ adorable Ayumi is in this panel. 


I’ll spare you another “AToTS is a disappointing followup to NWHS” rant and instead point out something nobody ever talks about: 

How frickin ADORABLE young teen Stan and Ford are


…sigh…I still miss Jinki’s pink hair… 

I mean…look how frickin adorable he is…  (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥