how freaking cute is he!!!!!! lol

Imagine watching your boyfriend Tom talking about you in an interview (Tom Holland x Fem!Reader)

warning: fluffy!! fluff fluff fluff, language

word count: 869

a/n: here’s a cute little imagine I wrote for u guys, i hope u guys like it xx Also, I’m trying something new with this so I’m so excited for u guys to read it!!

You opened your laptop, hoping to find some type of cure for your boredom. Tom’s only been gone for a week and you already missed him terribly. I mean, it’s kind of natural for you to want your boyfriend with you at all times. Or most of the time. Right?

You sighed, opening up YouTube and immediately letting out a little laugh as one of Tom’s interviews popped up in your recommendations. It was titled ‘Tom Holland talks relationships, romance, and more!’ Your eyebrows quirked up as you read it, curiosity getting the better of you as you clicked on it. As the video loaded, you briefly read the description and saw that it was pretty recent, only uploaded two days ago. A thirty-second ad popped up, causing you to roll your eyes in impatience.

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Taehyung CHOKER Appreciation Ft. HOTCUTENESS

Taehyung in chokers will be the death of me like look at all of these pics

I don’t know if these two pics are the same but Imma upload it anyways since it’s KIM TAEHYUNG

Taehyung in the run era though….

Like can he not stick out his tongue…

Well I cannot blame him… for being cute

OKaay I guess Tae just decided to do stick out his tongue and wreck my hearteu

OKay I’m done with this… I cannot contain my feels

Taehyung stop being cute, you’re gonna make me melt with your cuteness.. LIKE STOP

How the fuck did he change that cute ass smile into a freaking sexy smile??

Tae stop with that lip bite

Ahh~ Kim Taehyung so beautiful 

I know that these last pics arent him wearing chokers but just look how freaking hot and handsome he is… am I right?

I seriously don’t know why he can change into two different person.. 

V becomes Taehyung like is he same person?


I’m too obsessed with Taehyung but who wouldnt be anyways lol, Kim TAEHYUNG is too handsome and i’m telling you guys once again… KIM TAEHYUNG IS TOOOO HANDSOME 

Its like almost 12 am here and im awake thinking about how cute the idea of a uf paps being terrified of thunderstorms is

So I blame @catnippackets
That faerie au… is so cute!! And amazing! And wonderful! And how can’t you not draw Púca! Keith when he is so freaking adorable!?
.. ahem, so I drew him in my weird semi realistic style (???) (My style is always changing so I’m not sure anymore lmao)
Help!! I can’t draw neck fur!! What the hell is that!? Hope you like it!!

anonymous asked:

Anything stand out in the recent gaming live show?

yes!! first things first, i really loved this livestream! love when they bicker like an old married couple lol this live was filled with giggles and domestic bants :(( cute

the whole segment of them deciding which characters represented their personality the most was rlly cute :(( and Phil asking “do you think people ship fireboy and watergirl together”? right after that lmao subtle

dan freaking out because he forgot to retweet phil’s tweet and screaming “woRSt fRiEnD iN tHe wOrLD” was also cute

“why can’t i get in your door?”
“because of gender roles, Phil”
and dan ranting about how we gotta destroy gender roles while phil is just “come in my lady door” i SWEAR TO GOD PHIL AHJKLAFSLDLDHFV I LOVE HOW NASTY HE IS “i was inviting you into the lady door” and “you go in your man door” shsdgkalgff he was clearly enjoying dan’s outraged reaction way too much to stop, i can’t believe this man.

“it’s like the ultimate friendship strangling simulator”
“do you think anyone’s got divorced over this game?”

dan screaming at phil constantly failing the game reminded me of the blindfolded portal 2 co-op video which is one of my favourites ;’)

phil saying “you wish you were watergirl,,, get on my level mATE”
and dan just fonding so much omg his smile was so big

“watch out for the green stuff okay?” and they both fall in it the next second i’m— quality gaming™

phil: “i was scared, i don’t wanna touch you”
dan: “stares at the camera like he’s on the office”

and last but not least, dan screaming “you saying ‘now now now tASTY’ WAS. NOT. HELPING.”

i mean,,, i don’t even know what to say except @ phil

anonymous asked:

apparently bbong/dami is a huge hq fan?? thats so cute, she's always freaking out over oikawa and ushioi n etc aaaaa

YEAH OMG HER TWITTER IS FILLED WITH IT its so CUTE okay!!!! i’m not even that big of a fan when it comes to ushioi (im so biased) but her haikyuu art is so fsjgjskg NICE

like no offense but check out how pretty her oikawa is hes so BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD (i got this off of her twt by the way LOL)

Yesterday night I had a dream that dnp were trying to fix their wifi and they accidentally went live on the gaming channel without realizing it. Nothing really exciting happened, but we were all aweing and emotional by how natural and domestic they were around each other when the camera wasn’t on

Also at some point Phil leaned over and whispered something in Dan’s ear and we could’ve swore we heard him call Dan “husband”. but funny enough, none of us were REALLY freaking out. We were just like “did he say what we think he did?…Ok cool” because it was so unsurprising at this point lol.

So that was a cute little dream.


Hello people 

You saw the title and stopped by.

I saw a lot of post about you not digging Jackson and Ethan as a couple. a lot of you totally love the idea of Jethan, so the fuck do I.

Others have shipped Dethan so badly. I would know, I’ve been there

It’s your opinion, I get that but come on, Is it bad that they could have this sweet happiness together. Even if it’s not what you hoped for. 

Think about how happy they are. Think about actually seeing a head over heels Jackson with this big smile on his face

Think about seeing Ethan, so freaking happy that he would smile at the mere thought of Jackson. 

Think of them as a icky love couples that throws cute smile at each other, bumping shoulders, holding hands. 

I loved Danny, so much but things have to change. Things have to progress. 

Imagine the huge character development both Ethan and Jackson have by just being together. 

Imagine they’re cute ass back story. 

How Ethan made a straight and tense Jackson, fall in love with him. 

Dude, this makes for a great fanfiction. (I’m on it. NamesLovely on Wattpad, yo lol)

I get that Dethan has this special place in your heart but don’t throw Jethan away until you tried it. 

Jeff Davis knows what he is doing. 

Maybe Jethan could be something too. 

Lovely out. 

bitchynightmarepost  asked:

OMG YOU ACTUALLY ANSWERED ME OMG IM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. Lol sorry I lost myself there for a second lmfao. OK. I'm good now. How would the rfa react to an mc that can purr like a cat? I can and my friends get a kick out out of it lol. Omg I love your blog senpai!!!

omg i would like that tbh 
i love this request lmfao

[ Admin Jiyeon ] 

RFA reacts to an MC who can purr like a cat


  • “Princess/prince.. that’s.. that’s cute but please dont do that again.”
  • He’s a bit sad he cant enjoy his princess/prince who can purr 
  • but he just asks for it 
  • “Babe can u do it again.”
  • “Zen no ur allergic to cats.”
  • “yeah but”
  • “no ur turning red pls no”
  • overall, he enjoys but still get allergic reactions
  • he’d boast you off to seven and yoosung lets be honest 


  • this puppy would love it 
  • his eyes would go wide and his mouth would open wide too 
  • silence
  • “mC THAT’S SO ADORABLE OMG” and he pounces on MC, just fanboying
  • let out the fanboy 
  • Like MC and Yoosung could be cooking and when he’d pat MC and they’d purr, he’d just squEAL AND HUG MC TO DEATH
  • “yes yoosung, I know, Its cute! I can do it! unlike rika who can just hiss.” (to all Rika fans, i’m sorry its just a joke)


  • bad cat experiences but
  • its so cute so she couldn’t resist grinning like a happy child it’s so cute MC picture it for me
  • “That’s.. that’s adorable. You’re so cute, MC.” Her eyes would light up and would pat MC  everytime MC did something right
  • “MC, can you do this for me please?”
  • “ok.” “Jaehee.. did I do it right?”
  • “yes, yes you did!” She’d pat MC and when she hears the purr, she’d me l t
  • like
  • yes MC please keep purring you are so adorable I cannot
  • “MC… I love you so much. Really.” 
  • “I love you too, Jaehee!”


  • Y E S 
  • MC and Jumin were sitting down, just having a normal conversation and when he patted MC and MC purred, he just Mr. Han.exe. stopped working
  • He just stared at MC and just s h o o k
  • then when he started working back, he asked if MC can do it again and when they did, he just became the most happiest person
  • also more cat projects 
  • more cat projects! MORE AND MORE!
  • the whole C&R can turn into Cat & Cuteness 
  • which means Jaehee and Zen will hate jumin more and yoosung and seven will pr a i s e jumin


  • when MC and him were arguing and MC purred because of something (probably a feather flying around) he froze
  • “..what was that. Let’s stop this argument right here and now. You can purr? OMG  THAT’S AMAZING MORE PRANKS TO COME AND MORE ZEN GETTING ANNOYED!”
  • “I can do better. Jk. I cant.” 
  • He l o v e s it
  • he also recorded it once and sent in to Jumin in high quality and bribed him
  • “MC can be your model because she can do this and that.” 
  • he agreed
  • 707 and Jumin are now cat partners 
  • Again, RIP Jaehee!
  • zen being annoyed 25/8

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Vernon x Hufflepuff!Reader
  • You’re a Hufflepuff at hogwarts and it’s almost time for the Gryffyndor vs. Hufflepuff qudditch match, and this year your two houses are the final two (this match decides this year’s winner)
  • And gryffindors are naturally competitive… but y’all hufflepuffs are like “Hey, it’s a game, let’s not get too aggressive here”
  • Because some Gryffindors are taking it too seriously and acting like this is the final battle in a war *cough cough seUNGcheOL*
  • So you’re like “heck yes I know what to do to resolve tensions between our houses”, and you decide that you want to bake a bunch of baked goodies like cookies and brownies and stuff for both the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff houses.
  • Because if your two houses can sit down together and have some sweets then maybe everyone will just chill a little bit
  • You tell Hufflepuff!Seungkwan of this plan and he’s like “First off- yes, because free food, but second off, won’t the Gryffindors think you’re up to something?”
  • Soonyoung: “Yeah what if they think you’re trying to poison them before the match”
  • And of course you’re like “I would nEVeR”, but before you can get too worried, Seungkwan is like “Wait wait, I know just the guy” and runs off
  • And you don’t see Seungkwan again until he marches up to you in the library the next day, dragging some poor kid with him
  • Seungkwan is like “This is Vernon, he’s a Gryffindor. If you two do all the baking together, there’s no reason for your houses not to trust one another”
  • So far the kid that Seungkwan introduced as Vernon has been looking at his feet after taking one glance at you and you were like “wow what did I do to you”
  • But at the mention of you two being together, Vernon is like “!!!”
  • “If it’s too much trouble you really don’t have to help me, I just thought it would be nice…” you tell him, not wanting to burden him
  • “No, it’s fine!” he says quickly, his head snapping up to look at you. “I want to help”
  • Your mood gets 1000x better just at him saying he’ll help because you’re like “mY pLAn wILL wORK, yESSS”
  • Next thing you know, you and Vernon are elbows deep in dough and sugar and icing and it’s. a. Mess.
  • You’re having fun though, like you two are chatting and getting to know one another and talking about your interests and things
  • At first he seemed like he didn’t really wanna talk, but after about 5 minutes of you asking open ended questions that he would HAVE to give a detailed response to, he figured he might as well just talk to you freely
  • The baking was a mess, but an organized mess, because after about 5 hours straight of baking, you two finally finished making all the goodies.
  • After cleaning up, you brought all the baked goods to the dining hall and asked Gryffindor!Mingyu and Hufflepuff!Joshua to get everyone to come
  • Joshua: “What if people don’t want to come?? Should I try and persuade them?”
  • Mingyu: “It’s free food. Literally no one would say no to that”
  • You intentionally put all the baked goods at one table so that the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor kids would have to sit together lmao
  • And this worked, everyone came in, ate together and had a good time. By the end of it, there was no more tension between your houses, and everyone was still looking forward to the match
  • You were so freaking happy that this worked because you hated seeing tensions rise between friends.
  • In all your excitement, you grabbed Vernon’s hands and jumped up and down like “We did it!!”
  • And this boy. He gave you the cutest and most sincere smile.
  • The kind of smile that catches you off guard and makes you think “wow I adore this person”
  • So you’re here thinking “wow I adore this person and i’m holding their hands and what iF I MAKE THIS AWKWARD OH GOD”
  • You shyly let go and smile back at him, pretending like you didn’t almost explode from over thinking things
  • The two of you clean up all the remnants of cookies and brownies that your housemates left behind and then say your goodnights, making your way to your individual dorms
  • Little do you know that you both are thinking the same thing, which is “oh my god they’re so great, what do I dO”
  • You’re like “hey, it’s might be too soon to see if I’ve caught feelings, let’s just be friends first”
  • But Vernon makes this…. difficult
  • It seems like whenever you see him in the hall and wave hello, he doesn’t seem to see you
  • And whenever you walk into the same room as him, he leaves
  • This goes on for a few days until you think about it and are like “oh my god, did he work too hard baking with me?? Did he get sick???”
  • Naturally, your next move is to go to Seungkwan and ask him what’s up with Vernon, and that’s exactly what you do
  • Seungkwan tells you the scoop and is like “yeah he’s been acting pretty weird for the past couple of days. It doesn’t seem like he can concentrate and he’s not talking a lot. Like more that his usual amount of not talking a lot”
  • You’re like “my suspicions are confirmed, he must be feeling sick”
  • You hit the books that night looking up herbal remedies to heal illness and fatigue and end up making a couple of vials of medicines that should work
  • The next day you walk in the library, and Vernon’s looking at some books. If you could even call it looking, he seems pretty spaced out.
  • You approach him and are like “Hey Vernon, I know you’ve been pretty out of it recently, and I talked to Seungkwan-”
  • But before you can even finish he’s like “yOU whAT?! Oh my gosh Seungkwan is the biggest blabbermouth, I shouldn’t have told him that I like you, especially when you two are in the same house and-”
  • Your eyebrows are raised so high they could hit the ceiling because did he just say that he likes you??
  • Vernon: “Seungkwan didn’t say anything about that, did he”
  • You: “Not even a little”
  • Vernon: “Well damn”
  • You’re like 1.) how freaking adorable, this sweet boy just accidentally confessed to me and 2.) I had an original purpose for coming here, maybe I should explain
  • “Well the reason I came to talk to you is because you looked like you weren’t feeling too well so I made some remedies that should help”
  • And he’s like “lol what no I’m fine. The only reason i’ve been out of it is because i’ve been thinking about you”
  • You can’t take any more of his cuteness so you just wrap him up in a hug, to which he shyly wraps his arms around your waist
  • Vernon: “So can I take this as a ‘oh my gosh Vernon of course I like you back, you’re the best’?”
  • “Something along the lines of that”, you say with a huge grin on your face, still in his strong embrace
  • After this adorable accidental confession, the word gets out that you two are now dating, because Jeonghan happened to be “asleep” at a table in the library just close enough to you two to hear everything. Jeonghan told Joshua, who told Soonyoung and Seungkwan… and you can imagine how the word spread from there
  • Seungcheol is the proudest dad and like “LOOK AT MY GROWN BOY, GETTING HIMSELF A SIGNIFICANT OTHER” and Vernon’s like “can you not plz”
  • You two are really compatible because if he doesn’t feel up to being social then you guys will just hang out together and watch movies or sit in the park and people watch. But if you two decide you’re going to, for example, go to the final match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, you two go all out. House colors on all clothing, face paint, little hand made flags, the whole get up.
  • Vernon: “If Gryffindor wins, you owe me a kiss”
  • You: “If Hufflepuff wins, you owe me 100 push ups”
  • Vernon: “hOW is thAT fAIR”
  • And guess who wins?? Hufflepuff.
  • Vernon’s like “please don’t make me do this” and whines enough so that you end up reducing it to ten push ups
  • “Can I still have that kiss though?”
  • “I don’t see why not”

So, remember how I said I was going through a really frustrating art block and having and art style crisis?
Well, while so, I came accross this cute challenge.

Basically what you have to do is draw something by yourself, pick some artists and draw the same thing in their style so I did the phanart version of this. Technically this is about drawing in your friends’ style but since I don’t have enough friends for that I just drew in the style of my faves haha-
And then you compliment something you really like about each person’s style and it’s all nice and happy.

Also! Just to spread some love in the phanart community, if anyone else wants to do this challenge please tag with #phanartstylechallenge and I’ll be sneaking around to follow some new phanartists I don’t know yet since I’m actually quite new.
You can pick as many artists as you want or do the drawings as complex as you want! This is just for fun. Absolutely no cheating though, I shouldn’t be even saying this but art theft is not okay.

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aoi-herondale  asked:

Snowbaz 1.4 please!

there was another anon who asked for this one too so i hope they see it here :D sorry it took a few days!! thank you so much for the prompt i hope you like it bc i freaking love soulmate aus and im so happy to have an excuse to write one

soulmate au: if you write/draw on your skin it shows up on your soulmate’s skin

words: 1.6k 

warnings: lol none im an innocent

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neosnowyangel  asked:

A headcanon of all the RFA babes (with V and Saeran) reacting to a pouting MC? ^^ Please and thank you~! ♡

So cute! No problem!


  • Super flustered
  • Cries
  • If you’re pouting because he did something to upset you he will apologize until he’s blue in the face
  • If you’re pouting because of something someone else did he will freak out on them


  • He thinks its so cute!
  • The world is your oyster if you pout to him
  • Seriously
  • The one way to melt this mans heart in a split second
  • He will even take a day off of work if you ask him to while pouting that’s how weak he is to it


  • Tries to look away
  • He can’t handle the cute
  • Kisses the top of your head and laughs
    • “Alright, Princess. You win.”


  • Softens up this lil sassy lady
  • Sighs
  • Pulls you in for a hug
  • Chuckles, she can’t compete with this lol


  • Critical hit ~!
  • Pushes up his glasses with a smirk
  • Gives you a kiss
    • “I admit defeat. But only because you fight dirty.”


  • He can hear it in your voice when you start pouting
  • The IRL version of //sweats nervously
  • He’s a mess
  • Putty in your hands omg just ask and you shall receive


  • Grumbles
  • Kicks his foot with a shrug and looks off to the side
  • His cheeks are as red as his hair
  • Tries to pretend it didn’t affect him but
  • He is a defeated man
    • “Fine, you dork…”
  • Brushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your forehead
tom dating a central european girl

so this is my first headcanon, I tried my best lol, hope y’all will like it

gif credit to the rightful owner <3

  • first of all Tom adores your accent
  • he thinks it’s super cute and is amazed by your vocabulary
  • “honestly darling where did you learn English?” 
  • “in school, Tom” 
  • you try to teach him some prases and words in you mother language (inculding cursing lol) 
  • and everytime you read a book what was written in your language he lays his chin on your shoulder & tries to read ahh 
  • “this is how you spell it?”(he asks as he totally misspelled something ahw bless his sweet heart)
  • he is very interested in your country’s culture
  • he loves the food the most
  • though at first he freaked out a bit how much meat and paprika y'all put in your foods lmao 
  • but when you two go home to visit your family, he can’t eat enough of your mother’s and grandma’s meals and always asks “what’s it called? It’s so delicious” gOSH what a nerd
  • your grandma constantly forgets that Tom doesn’t speak in your language and she’s always start to tell stories to him 
  • Tom though nods gently ‘cause he’s so polite 
  • “Grandma he doesn’t understand it”
  • your parents show him childhood pics of you, some of them are really embarassing but Tom finds them cute
  • your dad talking with him while drinking beer ayy 
  • “he’s great” your dad says when you two are alone “But he’s too English” 
  • “Dad…” 
  • your mom literally adoring Tom 
  • “do you want something to eat, dear? drink? let me know”
  • Tom adores her back 
  • gives him so many kisses before you two go up to the plane back to England 
  • you get jealous
  • “mom thief” 
  • he tells everyone back home how welcoming and friendly your family is 
  • you show him some your country’s folk songs and there’s a really emotional one with violins in the back and beautiful vocals and you catch Tom tearing up 
  • “Oh sweetie are you crying?” 
  • “No” he sniffs as he wipes away a tear ahw 
  • you tell him about your country’s history 
  • omg imagine y'all in bed on a lazy evening and he puts his head on your lap and you softly massage his head while telling him stories
  • (he falls asleep to your soft voice)
  • you show Tom and Harrison your country’s traditional drink, which is strong as heck and they are both dying after tasting it lmfao
  • “ugh babe what level of hell is this from?”
  • “nah it’s not even that intense” you say as you sip your second drink while they’re shook
  • he watches you while you’re talking with one of your friend from home on the phone
  • “what?” you ask after you ended the call
  • “you’re so hot when i have no idea what you’re talking about”

First of all he looks HOT !!!  (as usual)

I really enjoyed how 18 made the link between 17 and Goku lol she knows 17 so well and the scene afterwards was them arguing.

17 and Goku’s interaction man !! so much fun they were so cute arguing on who is going to take the boss lol and 17 tricking him afterwards HAA ! 

Also 17′s cocky smirk has returned ! i knew smug 17 was hiding there somewhere ! lool,this whole scene with him fighting the poachers and the lines he delivered is something that i’ve been longing to see,he’s so freaking badass and i was screaming and fangirling all along with him kicking ass and being sassy as hell.

Also 17 how dare you !! how can you be so reckless lol i can’t believe how brave he is  but i just couldn’t stop thinking about how he was willing to die for those animals it gave me chills and made me wanna cry :’( ! 

Also how he mentioned his wife and children and 18 the most important people in his life ! i just can’t eventhough i knew he obviously wasn’t going to die i just found the scene thrilling and kinda sad.


Also his whole dialogue with Goku was GREAT but something that caught my attention was how he called Krillin BROTHER !!!!!! *dies of cuteness* and then he called him “the mini monk” lmao classic 17 !! just calssic.

I really hope we see 17′s dream become true and have a scene with him and his family on a cruise visiting the world,it’s such an interesting dream yet not surprising coming from 17 and his adventerous spirit,he really deserves this ! i hope we see it happen,i’ve noticed how 17 does mention his family a lot which just makes me mad that we haven’t seen them yet but hey !! one can not lose hope i will keep hoping for this till i see a mini 17 soon. xD

Finally,these last 2 episodes have been a dream come true for me,if your follow my blog long enough you would know how much i wanted this ! i really wanted from all my heart so i don’t know what i did to deserve this or maybe it’s something my fellow 17 fans did xD but i’m just soo thankful and it’s kind bittersweet yeah yeah i know we’re still going to see him later on but this was a moment i was waiting for for so long and now i’m probably not going to see him again for like a month.still doesn’t change the fact that i’m super happy and greatful.

Thank you Toei and thank you Toriyama for making this happen.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Your writing is, as usual, absolutely amazing and you post so much and you're absolutely amazing for it! If it's not too much to ask, could you do something where Bokuto, Nishinoya, Kenma and Tendou are reassuring their s/o who is very self conscious about their own appearance and have little confidence? It can be headcanons or scenarios I don't mind, whichever you prefer, dear~ thanks a bunch!!

I’ve come to discover through these that headcanons are, like, the best thing to do ever. Lol, but this was cute, Anon!

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. I just freaking figured out that other people add their own tags when they reblog my stuff and I literally spent about an hour and a half going through my notifications to see what those tags were. I love them. And I don’t know whether to be embarrassed by how much time I spent on it considering I have so many finals to work on! LOL.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • While this boy explodes with confidence, he does know what it’s like to fall into pits of insecurity, so he’d very much make sure to approach the situation very carefully.
  • He’d tell them the way they were feeling was valid - in the sense that society puts these insecurities on everyone - but that they should know that they’re better than anything society can produce.
    • And he’d be sure to tell them everything he loves that society perhaps wouldn’t - the birthmark on their cheek, their head to toe freckles, the beautiful dark kinks in their hair, their curvy figure that he looooves cuddling. And boy won’t stop until he names everything he loves: EVERYTHING.
  • They’ll probably laugh, tell him that they get it and that he has to say that because he’s dating them. Oh no, mistake.
  • It goes from 0 to 100 real fast, because he’s not finished.
    • Their laugh - like, the one where there is no control, where they’re crying and possibly snorting - is his favorite sound, their ability to take on the world so bravely, the way they love so fully, not holding anything back. There is so much about them that is so unique and grand and it kills him that they would even consider he didn’t mean every single word of it.
  • Cuddles, snuggles, and delicate kisses are to be expected afterward. And you better believe he’s spend HOURS just admiring every single part of their body - he’ll kiss every freckle, even the ones you didn’t know you had! - before he takes his time making love to the soul he cherishes to dearly.

Nishinoya Yuu

  • I actually think insecurity is something that might be a little hard for Noya to grasp right away. This kid has almost never been self-conscious about anything, it’s a very foreign concept to him, so catching on to the fact that something is wrong might take some time.
  • And he probably wouldn’t realize how much he’s not helping the situation when they come to him with these insecurities and he brushes them off initially with a, “you shouldn’t feel that way.”
  • That would start the trend of them just keeping things to themselves, because if he’s just gonna blow it off then what’s the point in telling him?
    • I can see it getting kinda bad. They’re fighting for no reason now and they finally snap one day saying how he can just go date someone who’s perfect then.
    • Oh. That’s when it hits him square across the face. And boy, does he feel like the worst boyfriend in the world.
  • From that moment on, this precious bean would try his best to understand what they were going through and be more aware of what they need from him when those moments come on. And he’s a quick learner, taking initiative in snuggle time and providing them with whatever will make them feel loved and wanted - words, physical contact, acts of service - they name it and he’ll do it because he never wants them for feel that way ever again.

Kozume Kenma

  • Really, just really, this kid would know that they’re insecure before they can even figure it out themselves. He had spent so much of his life trying to hide from the insecurities he faced while in middle school, there’s just no way that he wouldn’t see it as clear as day within his significant other.
  • But he wouldn’t bring it up directly, he’d wait for them to come to him when they really needed him. He’d watch them closely though, the last thing he’d want is for them to get too far deep into their own negative thoughts.
    • He’d probably be so wrapped up with making sure they were okay that he would just leave his PSP at home. Everyone is concerned for Kenma’s health - even them - but there are more important things to worry about.
  • Despite his subtle efforts to keep them from falling back into their insecurities, it’s bound to happen - sometimes you just in those moods, ya know? - and they’re breaking down in the middle of their dinner or homework or something just as random.
    • The first time in happened, Kenma panicked. He didn’t know how to handle such an outburst of intense emotion, but he figured it out slowly - and with a LITTLE help from Kuroo?
  • Now it’s just second nature, this boy will let it happen - because you can’t stop the inevitable - and gather up as many blankets he can find to wrap around the both of them where they’re stay burrowed for the rest of the night with Kenma whispered small reassurances and reasons why he loves them that are only heard by them and their surrounding covers.

Tendou Satori

  • I think that with Tendou he might actually be a little oblivious. The kids called ‘Guess Monster’, there are some things that he’s aware of and some that he misses and I feel like this is one of them.
    • Maybe it has something to do with his own past? Like, he knows what it’s like to be self-conscious about who he is and that he holds his significant other up so high that they could never feel that way because they’re amazing, there’s no one out there like them.
  • So when it does end up coming up that their self-conscious of their appearance he is totally floored. Because how can they say that? Don’t they know and see how pretty, no beautiful, no GORGEOUS they are?
  • For a couple days he’s not exactly sure what to do. He knew suggesting besting their enemies as he did when he was younger is not the way to go when the enemy is your own brain, right? But despite not knowing exactly what to do, he never left their side, choosing to console them with his presence at the very least.
    • Tons of forehead kisses and verbalization of his love is how they spend that time. He may not know exactly how to help them gain confidence in themselves, but he can give them all his love - which ends up being one of the main contributing factors to their attitude towards themselves becoming better.
  • Omg, I can just see this tol bean spending a morning in bed with his significant other just covering their face with kisses, smile wide, and every time they try to protest against something he says he just lays another kiss on their lips. Sweet thing will stop them with all his love from thinking less of themselves!