how freaking cute is he!!!!!! lol

Taehyung CHOKER Appreciation Ft. HOTCUTENESS

Taehyung in chokers will be the death of me like look at all of these pics

I don’t know if these two pics are the same but Imma upload it anyways since it’s KIM TAEHYUNG

Taehyung in the run era though….

Like can he not stick out his tongue…

Well I cannot blame him… for being cute

OKaay I guess Tae just decided to do stick out his tongue and wreck my hearteu

OKay I’m done with this… I cannot contain my feels

Taehyung stop being cute, you’re gonna make me melt with your cuteness.. LIKE STOP

How the fuck did he change that cute ass smile into a freaking sexy smile??

Tae stop with that lip bite

Ahh~ Kim Taehyung so beautiful 

I know that these last pics arent him wearing chokers but just look how freaking hot and handsome he is… am I right?

I seriously don’t know why he can change into two different person.. 

V becomes Taehyung like is he same person?


I’m too obsessed with Taehyung but who wouldnt be anyways lol, Kim TAEHYUNG is too handsome and i’m telling you guys once again… KIM TAEHYUNG IS TOOOO HANDSOME 

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Heya~ I have a full sleeve tattoo and I live where it's almost constantly freezing so I'm in long sleeve shirts almost all the time. I once dated this boy and about a month into the relationship and he freaked out when he finally saw my whole sleeve 😂😂😂 can I get a bts reaction to you being heavily tattooed?


“That’s actually a great way to express how you feel through art.”

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“Where are you going to put my name?”

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“Are you trying to look tougher than me? Your effort’s too cute, sorry.”

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“Ahhhh those are so cool!”

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“My girlfriend is cooler than yours, hyung!”

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“…can I touch it?”

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“I want to do that so badly!”

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This was fun lol. - admin nicole 💕

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apparently bbong/dami is a huge hq fan?? thats so cute, she's always freaking out over oikawa and ushioi n etc aaaaa

YEAH OMG HER TWITTER IS FILLED WITH IT its so CUTE okay!!!! i’m not even that big of a fan when it comes to ushioi (im so biased) but her haikyuu art is so fsjgjskg NICE

like no offense but check out how pretty her oikawa is hes so BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD (i got this off of her twt by the way LOL)


So, remember how I said I was going through a really frustrating art block and having and art style crisis?
Well, while so, I came accross this cute challenge.

Basically what you have to do is draw something by yourself, pick some artists and draw the same thing in their style so I did the phanart version of this. Technically this is about drawing in your friends’ style but since I don’t have enough friends for that I just drew in the style of my faves haha-
And then you compliment something you really like about each person’s style and it’s all nice and happy.

Also! Just to spread some love in the phanart community, if anyone else wants to do this challenge please tag with #phanartstylechallenge and I’ll be sneaking around to follow some new phanartists I don’t know yet since I’m actually quite new.
You can pick as many artists as you want or do the drawings as complex as you want! This is just for fun. Absolutely no cheating though, I shouldn’t be even saying this but art theft is not okay.

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Snowbaz 1.4 please!

there was another anon who asked for this one too so i hope they see it here :D sorry it took a few days!! thank you so much for the prompt i hope you like it bc i freaking love soulmate aus and im so happy to have an excuse to write one

soulmate au: if you write/draw on your skin it shows up on your soulmate’s skin

words: 1.6k 

warnings: lol none im an innocent

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First of all he looks HOT !!!  (as usual)

I really enjoyed how 18 made the link between 17 and Goku lol she knows 17 so well and the scene afterwards was them arguing.

17 and Goku’s interaction man !! so much fun they were so cute arguing on who is going to take the boss lol and 17 tricking him afterwards HAA ! 

Also 17′s cocky smirk has returned ! i knew smug 17 was hiding there somewhere ! lool,this whole scene with him fighting the poachers and the lines he delivered is something that i’ve been longing to see,he’s so freaking badass and i was screaming and fangirling all along with him kicking ass and being sassy as hell.

Also 17 how dare you !! how can you be so reckless lol i can’t believe how brave he is  but i just couldn’t stop thinking about how he was willing to die for those animals it gave me chills and made me wanna cry :’( ! 

Also how he mentioned his wife and children and 18 the most important people in his life ! i just can’t eventhough i knew he obviously wasn’t going to die i just found the scene thrilling and kinda sad.


Also his whole dialogue with Goku was GREAT but something that caught my attention was how he called Krillin BROTHER !!!!!! *dies of cuteness* and then he called him “the mini monk” lmao classic 17 !! just calssic.

I really hope we see 17′s dream become true and have a scene with him and his family on a cruise visiting the world,it’s such an interesting dream yet not surprising coming from 17 and his adventerous spirit,he really deserves this ! i hope we see it happen,i’ve noticed how 17 does mention his family a lot which just makes me mad that we haven’t seen them yet but hey !! one can not lose hope i will keep hoping for this till i see a mini 17 soon. xD

Finally,these last 2 episodes have been a dream come true for me,if your follow my blog long enough you would know how much i wanted this ! i really wanted from all my heart so i don’t know what i did to deserve this or maybe it’s something my fellow 17 fans did xD but i’m just soo thankful and it’s kind bittersweet yeah yeah i know we’re still going to see him later on but this was a moment i was waiting for for so long and now i’m probably not going to see him again for like a month.still doesn’t change the fact that i’m super happy and greatful.

Thank you Toei and thank you Toriyama for making this happen.

Seventeen reaction to meeting Hoshi’s short Chinese girlfriend who’s basically like The8 for the first time

Thanks for requesting! ^^ I hope you like this and if you don’t, please tell me! 

okay but like this request is so cute! i’d love to do more of the kind of reactions~ they don’t necessarily have to be this descriptive but i’d love to do more descriptive ones too even though i usually prefer doing ones that more people can relate to~

Requested by anon ♥


Originally posted by saysvteen

  • A bit worried about you and how the others are going to react to you (are these guys going to make her feel uncomfortable straight from the start?), tries to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible and makes sure that you feel welcomed, tries to tell the others to calm down, would probably think you are really cute
  • “Welcome to the family _____”


Originally posted by seungheol

  • Bombards you with questions, would probably be the most caring and would almost be like a brother to you immediately, would probably think of you as a sister
  • “Does he treat you well? If not, tell me and I’ll give him a lecture.”


Originally posted by unicorn-svt13

  • Shyest of them all, would probably talk very little but when he says something, it’s either sweet or just really nice, would probably find you a little cute
  • “It’s nice to meet you, I hope we can get along well in the future”


Originally posted by seugcheol

  • Talks only Chinese to you, which annoys Hoshi, would probably be a more subtle version of Jeonghan, maybe like a brother
  • *talks to you in Chinese while Hoshi asks him ‘what are you talking about’ every five seconds* “I hope you can think of me as a brother or a good friend”


Originally posted by deepinu94

  • Would probably introduce you like “this is my girl y’all wolves, you better behave”
  • *is really relieved when he notices that you aren’t feeling uncomfortable, still looks at Jun and The8 with narrow eyes tho since he understood none of the stuff they said to you*


Originally posted by wonwoogyu

  • A little shy but not nearly as shy as Joshua, talks to you a little, finds you adorable and would act like a friend to you
  • *whispers to Hoshi* “Dude your girlfriend seems nice”


Originally posted by mountean

  • Would be excited about meeting you but would try to hide it since you already have a million 11 other excited guys around you, wouldn’t really talk to you much
  • “oh hell yes i’m not the shortest here anymore” *greets you with a small smile* “Hi, I’m Jihoon and I’m the most mature out of the thirteen of us


Originally posted by mystarsandmoonhao

  • Would greet you sweetly and act almost like a brother, makes sure you feel comfortable, would probably make you laugh *Grandma Hosh & Grandpa DK activated*
  • “I hope we can become friends”


Originally posted by visual-17

  • Probably spills all Hoshi’s secrets, can’t help but chuckle at how short you are and that would be the only thing he would talk about
  • “Lol you’re as short as Jihoon hyung” “Nice to meet you”


Originally posted by minghaon

  • Extremely excited about meeting you, talks to you in Chinese (making Hoshi annoyed), tells Hoshi later on that he has the best girlfriend ever
  • *talks to you in Chinese about this and that, making you feel comfortable while Hoshi looks at you two with narrow eyes* “I hope you won’t feel uncomfortable around us, we are actually really nice even though we’re so freaking loud” *smiles that darn cute smile of his*


Originally posted by wonnhao

  • Would be a little shy but wouldn’t show it and would instead greet you excitedly, MC Boo activated y’all, probably makes you laugh immediately, finds you cute and wonders how Hoshi managed to get you
  • *the meeting suddenly becomes a Boo Seungkwan talent show* *you laugh* Seungkwan’s thoughts: yes thank god she laughed oh yes i’m so relieved 


Originally posted by echlomusic

  • Would probably be awkward but would try to act like he wasn’t, just to make you feel less uncomfortable, would try to talk in English if you understood English better than Korean
  • “Hi, nice to meet you” *tries to keep in the awkward giggle but fails*


Originally posted by maymay-lovekpop

  • Excited af, probably the first one to greet you, would smile to you and make you feel comfortable, asks a ton of questions
  • *just… a really excited Lee Chan asking you questions*

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B4 victor knows what he said in the past it'd be funny if he saw a picture of chubby bb yuri and was like look how cute u were!! (Freaking out internally) and yuris just kinda having bad flashbacks lol/confused cause he though victor looked down on him for that

Viktor would think he was so adorable!

RFA reacts to MC play-fighting w/ sibling

I got this idea while I was play fighting with my brother. We usually go pretty rough on each other (slight bruises and bloody mouth etc.) so that’s how it’s gonna be in the reactions.
(Y/S/N=your siblings name)

•"DONT FIGHT!!“ He yells
•he’s so scared
•you just got kneed in the face and your mouth is bleeding
•…and you’re laughing??!!
•"we’re just playing!” Y/s/N laughs
•he hates violence
•almost cried
•"how is that playing??!??!??“

•"Mc?? You’re bleeding!”
•you wipe your mouth and shrug
•"I’m at war with Y/S/N. Must defeat them.“ You whisper
•All of a sudden, Y/S/N comes running into the living room and kicks your shin
•yOU DUMB FUCK” you yell and trip him
•Saeyoung is kinda shocked? He thought you were a sensitive flower???
•is relieved that you’re both laughing
•kinda shrugs it off and watches you two claw at each other from the couch
•throws pillows at your sibling to help you win >:)

•Doesn’t care that you’re playing
•gives death glares at your sibling when they try to start something
•holds your wrist when you try to start something
•"but baaaabbbe! It’s fun!“ You whine
•"no.” He says bluntly and pulls you into his chest, “no one hurts baby.”

•?????? Fun
•is that what commoners do for fun??
•is reallly worried if you start bleeding
•like, mc???? You’re crazy???
•pulls you off your sibling if he thinks it’s getting to rough
•always freaks out and tries to bring you to his special doctor for a damn bruise lol he cute
•secretly talks to your sibling to try not to play so much

•low key starts crying if you get hurt
•her baby…
•always turns into nurse mode if you have a cut or something

BTOB: being on a variety show with them (group)

Eunkwang: since he’s the leader, he might take responsibility and not make a fool of himself as much (surprise) as he usually does, and keep everything professional. He’d shyly glance at you, sometimes, and would blush HELLA when the MCs mention you or your relationship.

Minhyuk: legit so happy that you’re both on the same show, and he’s gonna make sure to show off extra hard. Isn’t shy about staring at you every now and then, and he’d make a point of doing it often. Would get teased a lot and probably makes you blush throughout the whole recording, but it’s all good fun.

Changsub: lol goofs off even more and acts like it’s no big deal, but he’s freaking out bc he knows how much he’s gonna get picked on. He’d throw a bunch of ugly faces your way and blow you kisses while you pretend to catch them.

Hyunsik: sickeningly cute and he does his *eye smile* when someone talks about you. Would try and sit close to you on purpose, and he’d whisper a joke every time you needed to stay serious. Everyone would pretend to be grossed out bc yall are too cute to handle.

Peniel: is already a nervous mess and will fight anyone who teases him lmao. But he’s just high key excited for both of you to be on the show, despite all the anticipated jokes that are gonna be tossed at him. He’ll shyly bow his head when the MCs talk about your relationship and smile at you during the whole time.

Ilhoon: cannot and will not stop smirking and sending winks your way. Lol he knows exactly how to make you lose your cool and become flustered. He’d be funny and if he has time, he’d make sure to tell everyone stories about you two.

Sungjae: manly sungjae activated. Won’t even crack a smile until he hears you talking. Will play it cool and won’t make a fool of himself, mainly for your sake and your group’s sake(lol bc what does image mean when it comes to btob) and won’t speak as much unless it’s to you.

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neosnowyangel  asked:

A headcanon of all the RFA babes (with V and Saeran) reacting to a pouting MC? ^^ Please and thank you~! ♡

So cute! No problem!


  • Super flustered
  • Cries
  • If you’re pouting because he did something to upset you he will apologize until he’s blue in the face
  • If you’re pouting because of something someone else did he will freak out on them


  • He thinks its so cute!
  • The world is your oyster if you pout to him
  • Seriously
  • The one way to melt this mans heart in a split second
  • He will even take a day off of work if you ask him to while pouting that’s how weak he is to it


  • Tries to look away
  • He can’t handle the cute
  • Kisses the top of your head and laughs
    • “Alright, Princess. You win.”


  • Softens up this lil sassy lady
  • Sighs
  • Pulls you in for a hug
  • Chuckles, she can’t compete with this lol


  • Critical hit ~!
  • Pushes up his glasses with a smirk
  • Gives you a kiss
    • “I admit defeat. But only because you fight dirty.”


  • He can hear it in your voice when you start pouting
  • The IRL version of //sweats nervously
  • He’s a mess
  • Putty in your hands omg just ask and you shall receive


  • Grumbles
  • Kicks his foot with a shrug and looks off to the side
  • His cheeks are as red as his hair
  • Tries to pretend it didn’t affect him but
  • He is a defeated man
    • “Fine, you dork…”
  • Brushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your forehead


(currently at theater, whoo hoo!!)

Casting reasoning:

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Hi! Your writing is, as usual, absolutely amazing and you post so much and you're absolutely amazing for it! If it's not too much to ask, could you do something where Bokuto, Nishinoya, Kenma and Tendou are reassuring their s/o who is very self conscious about their own appearance and have little confidence? It can be headcanons or scenarios I don't mind, whichever you prefer, dear~ thanks a bunch!!

I’ve come to discover through these that headcanons are, like, the best thing to do ever. Lol, but this was cute, Anon!

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. I just freaking figured out that other people add their own tags when they reblog my stuff and I literally spent about an hour and a half going through my notifications to see what those tags were. I love them. And I don’t know whether to be embarrassed by how much time I spent on it considering I have so many finals to work on! LOL.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • While this boy explodes with confidence, he does know what it’s like to fall into pits of insecurity, so he’d very much make sure to approach the situation very carefully.
  • He’d tell them the way they were feeling was valid - in the sense that society puts these insecurities on everyone - but that they should know that they’re better than anything society can produce.
    • And he’d be sure to tell them everything he loves that society perhaps wouldn’t - the birthmark on their cheek, their head to toe freckles, the beautiful dark kinks in their hair, their curvy figure that he looooves cuddling. And boy won’t stop until he names everything he loves: EVERYTHING.
  • They’ll probably laugh, tell him that they get it and that he has to say that because he’s dating them. Oh no, mistake.
  • It goes from 0 to 100 real fast, because he’s not finished.
    • Their laugh - like, the one where there is no control, where they’re crying and possibly snorting - is his favorite sound, their ability to take on the world so bravely, the way they love so fully, not holding anything back. There is so much about them that is so unique and grand and it kills him that they would even consider he didn’t mean every single word of it.
  • Cuddles, snuggles, and delicate kisses are to be expected afterward. And you better believe he’s spend HOURS just admiring every single part of their body - he’ll kiss every freckle, even the ones you didn’t know you had! - before he takes his time making love to the soul he cherishes to dearly.

Nishinoya Yuu

  • I actually think insecurity is something that might be a little hard for Noya to grasp right away. This kid has almost never been self-conscious about anything, it’s a very foreign concept to him, so catching on to the fact that something is wrong might take some time.
  • And he probably wouldn’t realize how much he’s not helping the situation when they come to him with these insecurities and he brushes them off initially with a, “you shouldn’t feel that way.”
  • That would start the trend of them just keeping things to themselves, because if he’s just gonna blow it off then what’s the point in telling him?
    • I can see it getting kinda bad. They’re fighting for no reason now and they finally snap one day saying how he can just go date someone who’s perfect then.
    • Oh. That’s when it hits him square across the face. And boy, does he feel like the worst boyfriend in the world.
  • From that moment on, this precious bean would try his best to understand what they were going through and be more aware of what they need from him when those moments come on. And he’s a quick learner, taking initiative in snuggle time and providing them with whatever will make them feel loved and wanted - words, physical contact, acts of service - they name it and he’ll do it because he never wants them for feel that way ever again.

Kozume Kenma

  • Really, just really, this kid would know that they’re insecure before they can even figure it out themselves. He had spent so much of his life trying to hide from the insecurities he faced while in middle school, there’s just no way that he wouldn’t see it as clear as day within his significant other.
  • But he wouldn’t bring it up directly, he’d wait for them to come to him when they really needed him. He’d watch them closely though, the last thing he’d want is for them to get too far deep into their own negative thoughts.
    • He’d probably be so wrapped up with making sure they were okay that he would just leave his PSP at home. Everyone is concerned for Kenma’s health - even them - but there are more important things to worry about.
  • Despite his subtle efforts to keep them from falling back into their insecurities, it’s bound to happen - sometimes you just in those moods, ya know? - and they’re breaking down in the middle of their dinner or homework or something just as random.
    • The first time in happened, Kenma panicked. He didn’t know how to handle such an outburst of intense emotion, but he figured it out slowly - and with a LITTLE help from Kuroo?
  • Now it’s just second nature, this boy will let it happen - because you can’t stop the inevitable - and gather up as many blankets he can find to wrap around the both of them where they’re stay burrowed for the rest of the night with Kenma whispered small reassurances and reasons why he loves them that are only heard by them and their surrounding covers.

Tendou Satori

  • I think that with Tendou he might actually be a little oblivious. The kids called ‘Guess Monster’, there are some things that he’s aware of and some that he misses and I feel like this is one of them.
    • Maybe it has something to do with his own past? Like, he knows what it’s like to be self-conscious about who he is and that he holds his significant other up so high that they could never feel that way because they’re amazing, there’s no one out there like them.
  • So when it does end up coming up that their self-conscious of their appearance he is totally floored. Because how can they say that? Don’t they know and see how pretty, no beautiful, no GORGEOUS they are?
  • For a couple days he’s not exactly sure what to do. He knew suggesting besting their enemies as he did when he was younger is not the way to go when the enemy is your own brain, right? But despite not knowing exactly what to do, he never left their side, choosing to console them with his presence at the very least.
    • Tons of forehead kisses and verbalization of his love is how they spend that time. He may not know exactly how to help them gain confidence in themselves, but he can give them all his love - which ends up being one of the main contributing factors to their attitude towards themselves becoming better.
  • Omg, I can just see this tol bean spending a morning in bed with his significant other just covering their face with kisses, smile wide, and every time they try to protest against something he says he just lays another kiss on their lips. Sweet thing will stop them with all his love from thinking less of themselves!

Guys, look how excited Chibs is for a new imagine coming late Saturday, early Sunday! Lol, but seriously, how freaking cute is he?! Send me questions guys! I love answering them!

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Hey idk if you're still doing these but daisuga for the ask meme?

Originally posted by elie-df

Yes YES one of the few Haikyuu pairings (with KageHina) I can write on!! Love these two, he he he~ Ok, let’s go!

1. Who is more of a ler and who is more of a lee?

No determined roles; they do both! Each having their specificities~ Lee!Suga is an adorable cupcake ok, he giggles and squeals a lot, scrunches his nose, flails and curls up on himself and does all those cute little lee things that melts Daichi’s heart <3. Ler!Suga… is THE DEVIL INCARNATE holy freaking llama! He’s relentless, and most of all he will never stop teasing his victim about how ticklish they are and how it must be hell for them, like damn him, seriously. Don’t end up at his mercy, because he. has. none. Run for your life, Daichi, run…!
Said captain, on the other hand, is the gentlest ler. He doesn’t really get verbal teasing, but he’s all feather-like touches, low humming and loving smile, which makes Suga a blushing mess before the real fun even starts lol. He also give the most perfect hugs and massages after~ As a lee, though, it’s the exact opposite; he curses a lot, and have the loudest and most obnoxious laugh ever XD. Hence why the poor guy does not like to be tickle-ambushed in public! And also why Suga loves doing just that, huehuehue~

2. Who (pretends) they hate being tickled and who openly admits it?

Suga couldn’t be more obvious about it, I swear, that boy’s an open book. He often lies on the couch, pretend to stretch but leaves himself defenseless, arms up his head and all, as he gives Daichi that tiniest smile and goes “… tickle me?”. Who could resist that? Certainly not the Karasuno captain! The truth is, Suga loves tickles for more than the feeling of euphoria itself. He’s always going out of his way to help the younger players, all day, so when he gets back home he likes receiving attentions. Doing nothing and having Daichi take care of him. That makes him feel loved like nothing else does.
With Daichi, things are… a tad bit more complicated? He doesn’t hate it, no really – or at least not when he doesn’t have an audience for his humiliating laughter X3. But he’s not a huge fan either. Let’s say he deals with it, nothing more, nothing less.

3. Who prefers gentle tickles and who prefers getting Totally WreckedTM?

Gentle tickles for Daichi please, or else say goodbye to your eardrums XD (and potentially balls or any other body part you hold dear because he kicks lots. And hard). Suga though? He lives for getting Wrecked, with a capital W.

4. What are each of their most ticklish spots?

Ho ho ho, poor Daichi and his sensitive thighs, yes yes yes~ All that muscle does nothing to protect him, it rather works the other way around surprisingly? Also: armpits. Combine both and RIP him. Suga says he already got him a good life insurance so he doesn’t care and does it anyway XD. In Suga’s case, all his waist area is a death spot and brings out the cutest reactions. Want real screams? Feet it is then, the poor boy’s too sensitive down there it’s not even funny!

5. Bondage? Pinned down? Tickle fights? Quick tickles in passing? What do each of them prefer?

Suga will never say no to light bondage :3. Nothing too spectacular though, just a necktie binding his wrists or something of the kind; that’s more than enough to make him feel helpless, and consequently, more ticklish~ But do not tie Daichi up or pin him down. DO. NOT. He hates it with a passion; being unable to move freely makes his chest tighten, and can get him to hyperventilate or have trouble breathing, like an anxiety attack. So no, just playful tickles for him.

6. Favorite tickle headcanons for this pair?

Consider this: Daichi, Suga, and drunken tickles. They’re teenagers, of course they have a drink or two (or more) from times to times right? But the catch is, they react veeery differently to being drunk. Suga will get all giggly and his sensitivity will skyrocket, like, you barely even have to tickle him anymore: simply hovering fingers over his skin and adding a little teasing will have him break into hysterics! The poor baby will also contradict himself a lot, being all “no no no!” one minute and “why did you stop?” the other. It does all kind of things to Daichi’s heart~ B U T drunken Daichi tho. Heavens above. A rare sight and a real experience in itself. Did I mention he sucks at verbal teasing? Well, in this particular case, you can forget that: he. will. destroy. his. lee. just with his voice. Yep. He can. And he does. He doesn’t feel the embarrassment of it, with the alcohol flooding his system. So now that you have a vague idea of how those two work when drunk… imagine the two of them drunk together. Ooooh god. A tickle monster on rampage and a willing oversensitive victim? Perfect combo. Lots of screams. Angry neighbors calling the cops. And in the end, 100% spent Suga lying on the carpet while Daichi awkwardly tries to explain that no, he wasn’t murdering someone in there. That’s one night to remember~

anonymous asked:

Do you ship anyone else in exo besides kd?

I mean.. Nth can EVER compare to what I feel for kd xD

But.. I “shipped” Krisoo a lot, back when Krisss (<3) was still in ex-o. 

I always kinda felt guilty for doing that tho since obviously kd are my no.1.. But the way I shipped Krisoo tho was very different from the way I ship kd. Krisoo was my alternative universe I guess? Idk if that makes sense xD

(this spam is more for me than anyone else lol)

always laughing at whatever dumb thing he said or did xD

even being supportive of Krisss’ weird obsession with the galaxy xD

being such a freaking cutie jumping on the couch and looking up at the giant ;-;

speaking of giant.. like their size/height difference was ridiculous and so adorable.

soo was so offended, he knew how much bigger kris’ looked at that moment so he barked at him HAHAHA 

krisoo had a thing for each others hands.. 

look how happy soo was with him T____T even playing around.. 

that glance.. 

i’m a sucker for anything domestic.. 

To me Soo was always really cute and happy around Krisss, looking up to him like an older brother of sorts?? Laughing at all his dumb jokes lol 

I’ll always cherish the memories of them :’) they’re my top 2 biases. It’s only natural that I enjoyed them interacting.