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he’s so cute i’m going to dieee

Astro Reaction: To you falling asleep on their shoulder

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He would try to resist laughing or giggling because of how cute you are. He’ll do everything not to wake you up even if he wants to take a picture of you. Members would give him teasing looks and he’ll act all innocent while smiling really wide. Jinjin would secretly take candid pictures while Mj adores you and shows them to Mj afterwards. He ended up making it his wallpaper.


You tried not to fall asleep, but you immediately crashed into his shoulders. He would try to make you more comfortable while trying not to move just so you could sleep. He’ll end up sleeping and will lean his head on top of yours. When he woke up, he received a lot of teasing from the members. “Hyung, ask her on a date already! ~,” Sanha whispered.


It would happen while you guys are watching movies. He would be really surprised when your head touches his shoulder. Since he’s way taller than you, he’ll slowly slide down, to make you feel more comfortable. He would be all shy at first, but when he noticed that you’re cold, he would wrap/embrace his arms around you. He would be quite proud of himself, but deep inside his heart’s bursting. Rocky would wink at him and will give him thumbs up while he smiles sheepishly.


Moonbin would be similar to MJ. He always likes to film his members while sleeping so I think he would take a video (with filter) and sends them to Astro’s group chat. “Woahh ~ Binnie, I’ll forward this to her!” MJ would tease him. Moonbin would end up waking you up by moving his legs (because he’s scared that MJ would really forward it to you). *acts innocent*


He convinces you to have a Goblin marathon with him because it’s his favourite. Since you’re really tired and you slept late last night, you accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder. He would feel guilty at first, but noticed how you’re sleeping and slightly snoring… he’ll freak out because of how cute you are and will probably smile widely. He ended up carrying you to your room and made sure that you’re warm.


This cute little beagle would be shocked and might end up asking his hyungs if he should move you and his hyungs would quietly shake their heads. He would be blushing so bad, but secretly wants you to stay right there forever because he loves your scent and everything. “Ohh~ maknae!” He would hear the rest of the members on the other room.

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Timmy wears the panties Robin costume and everybody's freaked out by how cute/sexy he looks in it!

Stephanie whistles and Dick claps as Tim saunters into the room, striking a pose. 

“I told you I’d look good in it,” he says, stretching out one leg and then the other. 

“Damn good,” Steph agrees. She reaches out and gives his thigh a pat. “Look at those legs, hun!”

Cass grins, not even looking at Tim. Instead she’s looking at…

“Jason,” Dick calls, snapping his fingers into front of Jason’s glazed-over expression. “Tim I think you broke him.”

“Tt.” Damian scoffs, arms crossed. Eyes anywhere but at Tim. “You look ridiculous, Drake. Go change so that I am not forced to witness this any longer.”

Turning in a slow circle, presenting the full effect of the outfit, Tim says, “You’re just jealous  Dick let me wear his old suit.”

“He would allow me,” Damian argues, “if I wished to wear it. I simply refuse to.” 

“Please, your ass wouldn’t fill this out half as well.” Tim lifts the short yellow cape to show how his ass does indeed fill out the tiny shorts. 

Jason finally makes a sound, a small, garbled sort of noise. 

“Seriously, I think you broke Jason,” Dick says with real concern. And amusement. 

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Hey💗 Svt members react to you dancing around the kitchen to songs in your native language! That would be awesome:) Thank you in advance and can't wait to see more...🖐

Seventeen members react to you dancing around the kitchen to songs in your native language!

S Coups:

You would probably catch him staring at you from across the room. “I just can’t keep my eyes off you, Y/N. You’re too gorgeous…”

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Would smile to himself but wouldn’t say anything as he’d be too afraid for you to get shy and stop your actions.

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He’d already understand most of the lyrics because of you teaching him your language. He’d join you starting to translate most of the text into Korean as for you to realize his newly developed language skills.

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Honestly…His hands would be all over you as he’ll never be able to stand your cuteness! “Do you want to provoke me, Y/N?”

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He’d already be with you in the kitchen preparing the meal for dinner. He’d be smirking to himself enjoying your little dance session.

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Minghao would fawn over how cute you were after walking in on you dancing to a foreign song. He can’t help but to show you some moves that needed to be involved in your little dance session.

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He’d lean in the doorframe thinking about wether not to distract you and keep watching you or to throw you over his shoulder carrying you to the bedroom…

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Would innerly beat himself up for not being able to understand the lyrics but would enjoy the view anyways.

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He’d start singing to the song you’re dancing to even though he’d not understand a single word and you’d both be a giggling mess having the time your life.

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Seeing you with your eyes closed swinging your hips to an upbeat song would be one of his dreams come true. He’d be right next to you guiding you through the song.

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He’d totally freak out over how cute you could be. He wouldn’t be able to control himself and would start dancing with you around the kitchen.

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“I’m so blessed”, he’d whistle before giving you a short peck. You were his favorite of all time and seeing you dancing and singing in your mother tongue was one of the reasons why.

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I can imagine him being really confident around you. He’d probably take your hand making a cute couple-thing out of your little dance session.

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That’s Not How It Goes

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Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merlin x Reader

Author: (me) multifandomimaginesandstuff

Request: Hi there! I LOVE There’s No Place Like Home and I’d like to request a one shot, please. Could you do a Merlin x reader where the reader is a noblewoman visiting Camelot and Arthur assigns him as her servant and Merlin, for the life of him, cannot figure out how to lace her bodice (and, of course, neither does she) and fluffy stuff ensues as they figure it out together? Thanks very much! Love your blog

Word Count: 1861

(So I got the idea of the reader being an actual member of the royal court, rather than just some nobleman’s daughter, from a book called The Runaway King, by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It’s the second book in a series and all of the books are really awesome. Okay, that is all.)

Being a noble woman wasn’t as easy as everyone would think. You had to arrange all of the king’s files (something that the men didn’t feel lead to do), you had to arrange dates, set up meetings, it was hectic and since you were a woman you never got recognition for any of it. Sure, you were treated better than the townspeople, which you hated, but you were treated like an object by every man that ever laid eyes on you.

The king never really left his home, nor did the higher standing males so, that just left you to go on all of the business trips, but you didn’t mind. It was a few weeks that you had to yourself to do whatever your heart desired. Sure you encountered a few bandits along the way but contrary to popular belief you could take care of yourself. So, when you were told to go to Camelot to take care of some business the kind deemed unworthy of his presence you were elated.

You always had a bag pre-packed for things like this, not that anyone knew that about you. You didn’t want anyone to know how eager you were to get away from your home. It’s not that you didn’t like the people there, you loved the townspeople, but traveling was something that you longed to do. You wanted to see the world and by doing these jobs you got to do just that.


The ride to Camelot was exhilarating. The wind blowing through your hair energized you, made you feel alive. Having the woods all around made you feel more at home than you ever felt at the castle.

Camelot was a beautiful place. Everyone was so nice when you rode through the gates, the guards helped you off of your horse and just as your feet hit the stone in the square you were greeted by none other than the king of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon. “Welcome, Lady Y/N. I hope that you found your way here with minimal problems.” His voice was warm and inviting, making you feel like you should be there.

“Well, I am looking forward to doing business with you to make our two kingdoms allies, but before that there will be a feast to honor your arrival. I want you to take my servant, Merlin, to help you prepare for tonight.” You blushed and looked at the ground, nervous to be honored in such a way.

You didn’t see why they would do that. You were just there to do work for your king. You weren’t really doing anything that special. The alliance between Camelot and your kingdom was needed for the two lands to be safe.

You looked up as the sound of footsteps racing towards you caught your attention. There was a pale boy running towards you with raven hair and a red neckerchief. “I’m…sorry…I’m…late.” He wheezed out between labored breaths.

“Just take Lady Y/N to her room and help her get ready, Merlin.” Arthur growled.

Merlin nodded hastily and rushed to take your belongings. You chuckled a little as he fumbled with the bags, unsuccessfully trying to take them all at once. You marched over to him and laid your hand gently on his. “I can help with that, Merlin.” You said his name just to see how it would feel rolling off of your tongue.

It felt nice.

You internally smirked as you saw the blush that dusted Merlin’s pale cheeks. You took the bags and started to walk to the castle, signaling to Merlin that he should do the same. The sound of his shoes scuffing across the square was your only confirmation that he had taken the hint.


The room that you were set to stay in was nice. It was spacious with a four-poster bed against the wall and a dresser sitting in the corner. It was a very nice place for someone that would only be in it for a few days. You couldn’t help but wonder how many rooms in the castle were just like this. You also couldn’t help but fathom how many townspeople could be housed here, rather than leaving the rooms empty and useless. It’s not like they were ever used by people. The only time they probably ever had anyone in them was when the maids were cleaning, preparing for a nobleman or woman. “Um, m’lady.” You were startled to hear Merlin’s voice.

“I’m sorry, I must have blanked out.” You muttered apologetically.

“It’s quite alright, but I have to help you get ready for the feast.” You nodded shyly.

You slipped behind the screen that was set up and shimmied out of your dress, leaving you standing there in nothing but your underclothes. You weren’t ashamed of your body, but having someone like Merlin help you dress made you nervous. You thought he was attractive, very attractive so, having him help you dress would be quite unnerving. “M-Merlin,” You stuttered quietly, hoping he couldn’t sense how uncomfortable you were with this. “Can you please pass me my skirt?” You asked.

The only reply you got was the skirt coming over the screen. You slipped it on quickly, relishing in the sense of security that it gave you in this situation. You smiled a little as you saw your blouse tossed over a few seconds later. You slipped it over your head and walked from behind the screen, waiting for the most dreaded part of getting dressed for anything, your bodice. It was a beautiful Y/F/C and you had to admit that you were a little excited about this, only because it would tie the outfit together. Because, let’s face it, who in their right mind would ever want to be squished into something that was used to bring out their ‘feminine’ figure.

You mentally prepared yourself for the few minutes of torture you would have to go through to get it on. “So, what do I do with this?” You hear Merlin’s voice ask innocently.

He was holding the cause of your dread in his hand, looking at it like it was something that he had never seen before in his life. You sighed heavily before you started to explain, “ it’s my bodice. It goes around my torso and then gets laced.”

“Oh, well, then I guess I should probably do that.” You silently chuckled as he wrapped the piece around your body and started to lace it, but then you realised that no lacing was happening.

“What’s wrong, Merlin?” You asked, concern evident in your voice.

You couldn’t help it. You thought that maybe something was wrong with him and well for obvious reasons that wouldn’t be great. But if he fell ill then what chance would you have of getting to know him better and maybe actually becoming his friend? “Oh, n-nothing…I mean it’s something but I can figure it out…well okay, I can’t but I have to,” there was a pause “okay how do you lace one of these things?” Your eyes widened at the question.

“How detrimental would it be if I said that I had no idea?” You muttered, internally cringing at how stupid you sounded.

“It would be very, very bad because, Arthur is going to kill me if I don’t have you ready on time, oh my god I’m going to die because I could lace up a bodice.” You couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his rambling.

“I have an idea.” You said carefully.

You took the bodice from your torso and laid it onto the table that rested in the middle of the chamber that you were in. “Maybe, just maybe, we can try to do this without me in it and both learn together.” You pulled out two chairs and sat down, waiting for Merlin to follow suit.


“Okay, so I think that this goes here and then you take this string and move it across and crisscross it all the way down and tie it in a bow maybe? Does that sound stupid?” You questioned.

You and Merlin had been attempting to figure out the bodice for at least an hour to no avail. “Okay, I just give up, maybe I can just find a new dress or something.” You grumbled, tired of trying to lace the stupid piece of clothing.

“You’re really quite adorable when you’re angry.” Your head shot up to look at Merlin.

“Did I just say that out loud? Oh my god I’m such a clotpole! I’m so sorry, this is so awkward now.” You giggled quietly as he went on and on about how stupid he was.

“I think you’re adorable when you ramble because you’re nervous.” You stated, like it was common knowledge that you found the bumbling raven haired boy captivating.

“Y-you do?” He looked so shocked at your statement.

“Well of course.” You looked into his blue eyes and smiled.

He had to have been, by far, the cutest human being that you had ever encountered. He was kind and witty. He was clumsy and pure. He seemed so innocent and for some reason that drew you in.

You held eye contact with him for what seemed like years until his eyes fluttered closed and his head tilted slightly to the side as he leaned forward. You couldn’t help but do the same and when your lips collided it was like magic. You never wanted to break the kiss, but you still had to figure out how to lace the stupid torture device that laid on the table in front of you. “I hate that stupid thing.” You groaned as the two of you started working once again towards, what seemed like the most impossible goal that you had ever set.


“Did we do it?” You asked hopefully as you looked down at the now fully laced bodice that was in front of you.

“I think we did!” Merlin’s smile was so big that you were almost sure that his face was going to split in half.

“You know that now we have to try and lace it while it’s on my body.” Merlin groaned and you sighed, neither of you were looking forward to re-lacing  the major pain in the ass.

You lifted your arms sluggishly as the final piece to your outfit was wrapped around you. You didn’t even care anymore, you just wanted for this to be over. “I got it!” Merlin cheered.

In that moment you couldn’t help yourself, you turned around and hugged him like you had never hugged anyone before. You pulled back and looked into his eyes once again and crashed your lips into his, savoring the feeling. There was a knock on the door and you groaned, knowing that it was your cue to go to the feast. Merlin laughed and bowed to you goofily. He held his arm out to you, “M’lady.” You laughed loudly and hooked your arm with his.

“Why thank you, m’lord.” The two of you laughed the whole way down the corridor to the doors of the dining hall.

(I hope that the Anon who requested this likes it (and anyone else who reads it) and thank you for requesting in the first place, it was really sweet! This kind of isn’t the best, but I tried! Have a nice day/night/whatever it is where you guys are!)