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Adventures at the Edmonton Expo

So, yesterday the wife (@foxfire141) and I hit up the expo to say hi to some media peeps, check out the artist alley, and peruse the venue hall. All in all, it was a great day, but I thought I’d share some of the best bits with you. 

So. Like. Melanie Scrofano was there. 

And let me just clarify this for anyone wondering; she is, somehow, even prettier in person?? Let that serve as a warning. 

She was so freaking nice and lovely, and engaging. I seriously can’t say enough nice things. We talked about how awesome yet terrifying Labyrinth is (I was wearing my shirt) and some other stuff that eventually led to this: 

Sooooooooo. Yeah. Still mostly not recovered from that one. 

Kristine Sutherland was there. Joyce Summers. Mother to The Chosen One, Buffy Summers. She, too, was lovely and kind. Soft spoken and just… Really appreciative of fans and totally understands why the show means so much to so many people. She even said that she’d wished she’d had a show like that when she was growing up. We talked a bit about The Body, because how could I not? I got my picture taken with her and a shiny autograph, too. 

After that, we all too briefly met up with the lovely @femslash-trash and her adorable little Rey. As always, it was wonderful to see you and I’m sorry we didn’t hang out more! 

Then we hit up artist alley where were stopped at John Gallagher’s booth to peruse his prints. We picked up a couple but my favourite, personally, is this one: 

And it was my favourite before the wife asked a question that led him to tell us THAT HE FREAKING DESIGNED DEATH REVAN!!!! Naturally, we talked about that for a while. The original KOTOR was the first RPG I ever played and it was most certainly the first game that ever, for lack of a better term, fucked me up so much in the head (in a good way) that I’m somehow still reeling from it almost 15 years later??? So. That was beyond awesome. I have figures of Revan scattered around my house and like…. Met the guy that, in essence, created Revan. It was great. And the prints are stunning. I’ll put the other two up later. 

So, yeah. All in all, Expo was freaking great this year. 


Bridal Mask: Favorite moments

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How cool would it be if Percy’s little sister is accepted at Hogwarts.
Or wait, my bad she lives in the US, she goes to ILVERMORNY.
She learns magic and has a wand and shows this to her brother.
She sends owls back home and Sally is so emotional. Like both her babies are perfect and happy.
She plays Quidditch at home during the holidays and her brother and other demigods are amazed.
She can cast AWESOME spells and Percy loves the spell Wingardium Leviosa
Trips to Diagon Alley. Percy is so gonna freak out!!
Hogwarts Platform 9 ¾ and Percy is like “ Seriously? My life cannot get more weird ”
She is sorted into Wampus
Or in Hogwarts maybe in Slytherin.
Just .Awesome .Spells .
Love potions and Amortentia (featuring Percabeth as Caleo And Solangelo)

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/post/114744708809 you love the lip bite in the last gif you say, i say the 2nd gif is better. brett's practically sucking her whole mouth (or was that a tongue? guess we'll never know) god i need a cold shower

Dear Nonnie,


We’re going to go chronologically, because that is logical, AND THIS IS SCIENCE.


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Favorite Comics Week: Janet van Dyne

Jaaaannnn!!!!!!! How do I possibly express my love for Jan in one stupid post? The answer is: I totally don’t. I just link you guys to a million other posts that MAYBE will come CLOSE to showing you SOME of the reasons this Avenger is an amazing fucking character and I love her to death.

  • She is a fashionista spoiled rich girl who decides, fuck it, I’m gonna fight crime with superpowers??? And then she grows and learns the responsibility of her position and becomes a tactical genius and leader to rival CAP HIMSELF, while still retaining the fun, bubbly, fashion-loving woman she was when she started this gig. 
  • She’s so fucking smart, seriously, there’s so many situations like the Ultron one I have featured above where she’s like “okay so everyone else is a MESS but I’m gonna get the villain to monologue and give away his master plan…” “SHUSH guys GEEZE I’m trying to listen to the monologuing villain!!” She’s just so clever at PEOPLE, it’s such a vital tactical aspect, ugh, love.
  • She’s WAY supportive of other ladies. When she took over the team in Avengers vol 3 (by the way, not the first time she’s lead the Avengers!) the first thing she did was add more ladies to the team (her Avengers team actually had a MAJORITY of ladies. MAJORITY.)
  • She NAMED THE AVENGERS how freaking awesome is that
  • SHE’S BASICALLY A LITTLE TINKERBELL filled with sassy and fierceness except she can also FLY INTO YOUR EAR AND EXPLODE YOUR BRAIN.
  • She changes costumes like every issue in Avengers vol 3 HOW AMAZING she’s so cute seriously.
  • Her and Tony have the BEST relationship. It’s like this freaking sassy mean girls relationship where it’s like they both went to the same boarding school and were the heads of rival cliques and respected the hell out of each other’s ability to out-fashion and out-sass each other.
  • Finally, if you want to read more about this lovely lady, there is a FANTASTIC comic rec list HERE. I personally recommend Avengers Vol 3 (which is on that list, of course) especially starting around issue 25 or so. She because team leader and boy oh boy does she just kick all of the ass.

By the way, if you find yourself falling in love with this fabulous Avenger and find yourself wondering when you’ll see her in the MCU, well… there’s a #JanetVanCrime I need to tell you about ;___;