how freakin adorable

so i had this thought last night that what if all through high school Isaac had a huge crush on you, but of course he never worked up the courage to talk to you but that doesn’t mean you didn’t notice him glancing at you and how freakin adorable he was whenever your eyes met and he blushed right red. but after he was bitten and became a bit more confident and more sure of himself he walked up to you and leaned against the locker next to yours with that damn smirk on his face, and asked you to go out with his this weekend. of course you said yes bc look at my little baby boy he’s perfect, so when he picked you up the next night you two wasted no time parking in the middle of the woods and laying on the hood of his car looking out over the city, talking about anything and everything under the stars and it was kinda cold so you were resting your head on his shoulder wrapped in his jacket his arm slung over your shoulder holding you close to him and occasionally running his hand up and down your arm to warm you up, and after a while you just leaned up to look at him making him smile softly down at you, cupping your face in his hand so softly like you were made of glass before leaning down and connecting your lips for the first time and of course the classic butterflies went insane in your stomach so you climbed on top of him straddling his lap and continued making out for the rest of the night until Scott was calling him worried where the hell he was and the sun was peaking through the horizon.

One of the images to come out of the upcoming 2k16 movie is this sweet moment between April and Raph….

Knowing full well what happened with the other Raphril moments that were viciously cut from the 2k14 movie, I have no doubt these will be cut out as well…… probably to make way for the capril overload we’re most likely going to get in the next movie…..

Ugh. Really sucks being a non-canon shipper sometimes but I’m still holding out for a jealous Raph that threatens to beat Casey within an inch of his life if he EVER hurts April.

*ugly sobs* look just how freakin’ adorable they are……


Rapunzel and Flynn being adorable
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When you have horrible bedhair in the mornings - Seventeen

Seungcheol/S.Coups would honestly try to contain his laughter inside the first time he sees it. But wouldn’t tease you or be rude about it at all. He understand it’s something you can’t control and he still loves you heaps with it! If you get insecure about it, he would reassure you immediately and say you’re beautiful either way aw :) “GOODMORNING MY EVER SO  BEAUTIFUL SLEEPING BEAUTY!”

Jeonghan would have a mini heart attack at first lol. Lets be real, fam. This guy worships his hair and to see you have incredibly bad bedhair is like a stab to the stomach. He ofcourse, being the angel that he is, doesn’t say anything about it but his facial expressions kind of say it all. Eventually, he calms down and gets used to it and ends up loving it! Although he refuses to let you leave the room unless you fix your hair aha “I still love you, Jagiya! Just looking out for you!”

Joshua/Jisoo would be the biggest gentleman in the world and think you are simply the most adorable person alive! I mean, he thought you were cute before he saw you like this but now, he thoughts he was going to die from smiling so hard at your cuteness! The minute you start getting nervous and insecure and try to fix your hair he will literally grab your wrist and place it back to your side because nO YOU LOOK AMAZING TO HIM ALL THE TIME AND YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO TRY LOOK GOOD IN FRONT OF HIM. “AIGOO MY JAGIYA IS SO BEAUTIFUL!”

Jun would try and add some humour to the situation because woah, he was not expecting you to look like that. He’d like smirk in the greasiest way possible and say stuff like, “Your hair’s a bit of a mess, I mean, yeah we kissed a few times but did we really go that rough last night?” But you’d get all insecure and upset because he teases you about something you can’t control so he would apologise and say he was kidding and that your hair is the sexiest thing to see in the morning, just to make you laugh. “I would never think your ugly, your so beautiful… inside and out.”

Hoshi would pretty much start cracking up for like 5 seconds and silence himself immediately. He’s not very good containing his laughter since he’s a funny guy in general so he lets it all out and shuts up right after. He’d flop on top of you and like fiddle with your hair and keep cooing at you like you were a baby. Then you get embarrassed because you’re insecure about it and he’d push a finger to your lips and shake his head. “You’re wAY TOO BEAUTIFUL LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW, IF YOU START WHINING ABOUT YOUR LOOKS I’LL GET SAD, OKAY? YOU ARE GORGEOUS NO MATTER WHAT ILY”

Wonwoo would have bed hair just as bad as yours, tbh. I mean, come on guys, you saw him in the teasers of ‘One fine day’ and his hair is pretty wowowowow. So I’m guessing when the two of you wake up and see each others’ hair you both would just crack up because hey! You’re not the only one so it’s okay to laugh about it! “Yeah yeah, but just so you know you’re always beautiful in my eyes okay? I better be handsome asf in yours.”

Woozi would be to sleepy to even notice, if you ask me. Like, he’d take a glance at it for a second and go back to sleep. Then you’d be pretty relieved that he didn’t see it bUT OH HE DID SO IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU’RE HAIR IS FINE AND EVERYONE’S UP HE’D LIKE HUG YOU FROM BEHIND AND WHISPER IN YOUR EAR HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE YOU WERE WITH YOUR HAIR THAT MORNING AND YOU START TO GO RED BECAUSE OMG HE SAW THAT!! “I’ll even write you a song and put it on a CD and play it over and over in the mornings just to remind you that you look beautiful all the time.”

DK/Seokmin would probably yell out a scream in the highest pitch ever and fall off the bed because it’s his first time seeing you like that and it shocked him lol. But you thought he acted that way because he thought you looked ugly but nO when he recovered from shock and noticed it was just you he’d have that big bright smile on his face again and laugh really hard and pinch your cheeks. “JAGIYA YOU ARE TOO ADORABLE OMG PLEASE LOOK LIKE THIS EVERY MORNING FROM NOW ON!!”

Mingyu would do that cute thing he does when he covers his mouth and lets out a little giggle because aw you cutie. Though deep down he’s secretly thinking what you were trying to achieve with that hairstyle of yours. Then before you know it, he’s dragging you off the bed and into the bathroom to go and fix that hair, ofcourse, he’s styling it. After that he’d smile proudly and give you a BIG kiss on the forehead. “I thought you looked great before, babe. Don’t get me wrong, but now you look even better :)))))))” 

The8/Minghao wouldn’t say much, honestly. I feel like he’d just stare at you for a while until it’s registered in his brain then after you have a mini mental freakout you find the courage to ask him what he’s looking at and unconsciously put your hand on your hair which causes him to do that cute pout of his and put your hand back down and shake his head. “I was simply staring at how beautiful you look in the morning.” what a sweetheart ;-;

Seungkwan would be very vocal about his thoughts. He’d be like ‘WOAH WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR HEAD???’ then he pauses for affect which pretty much gave you an anxiety attack and just as you were about to whine and hide under the covers he continues on and goes like, ‘IT’S THE MOST GORGEOUS THING IN THE WORLD!!!’ then he’d give you the most loving of smiles and the biggest of hugs. “I love you, y/n. I love you no matter what you look like!!” 

Vernon/Hansol would like freeze when he first sees your hair and his eyes would go really wide and the two of you would just lay there staring at each other and waiting for someone to speak. He eventually does and sort of whispers ‘what is this beauty before my eyes.’ Then before you could do anything he buries his face in your hair and goes back to sleep lol. But when he wakes up once again he’ll give you those adorable smiles of his. “I love your hair. It just makes you cuter than you already are.”

Dino/Chan would sort of laugh a little and then quickly cover it up with a cough once he sees you pouting at him like crazy. He’d lean in really close and say ‘wOW JAGI I LOVE YOUR HAIR IT LOOKS LIKE THE HAIR OF THE ZOMBIES IN MICHAEL JACKSON’S THRILLER MUSIC VIDEO.’ But he sees the insecure look in your eyes and immediately hugs you really tight. “Of course, you’re nowhere near a zombie. I was just joking, I’m sorry. You look beautiful… you know, zombie or human ;)”

When I scrolled through the comments on Phil’s video “Dog vs. Lobster” (which is a video back in 2009) I found this wonderful artifact.

This comments makes me awww and cry at the same time. It makes me remember that Dan was just like us once, a crazy fangirl/fanboy.

Also…There’s a heart…