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Seeing You Angry For The First Time (BTS)

“Heyyyyyy I was reading your reaction scenarios and I loved it so I wanted to request one. Can you do a BTS react to their usually sweet and calm gf (you) gets really mad about junior messing up something really bad and yells at them?”

I am making the prompt a tad more general, I hope y’all understand! <3

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Rap Monster:
Would be, quite literally, stunned. He watched your normally calm composure flip on its head. He blinked rapidly as you shouted at him continuously. He didn’t have the capacity to be angry back as he was completely taken aback by how you flipped so quickly. He would mentally note what made you so angry and to not do it again, staying silent out of fear of angering your new found short fuse.

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(v boyyy put that tongue away)

He’d be so shocked. He’d love your gentle nature, so would be entirely blown away by your sudden change in emotions. He’d only done a slight thing but it’d set you off. He’d simultaneously want to hug you but also steer clear of you because the last thing he wanted was to anger you further. I think he’d just remain completely silent for the whole time - with the same expression. He’d check on you whilst you had calmed down, however.

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(okay he wouldn’t be smiling, but the quote is so relevant and he looks so good)

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Lena was… shocked.

All her understanding of the world fell apart before her. She knew Kara as sweet and gentle ray of sunshine. And not as a sexual beast that had an enormous stamina and could go on for hours!

Kara, who was, apparently, all leaned muscles and intense stares. Kara and her nice sense of… rhythm and her tensed arms, as she held herself above Lena, and flexing abs. Kara, who would flip Lena onto her stomach like she weighted nothing and just keep going, her breath hot on Lena’s ear as she whispered how beautiful she was like that.

With Lena waking up sore and with no energy whatsoever, and Kara waking up earlier than her, ever so full of energy and smiles. Always in the kitchen making breakfast.

Kara was ruining her perception on the world, and she couldn’t find it in herself to care.

Especially when she was bent over the kitchen table with Kara’s breath hot on her thighs.

Just had to get this out of my system. Thank you.

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What about one of the girls having a major crush on Derek when they're like 5 or 6? And Derek being all "wtf what do i do with this????" and stiles "how did i got a child with such a bad taste?"


Stiles would literally be like “why…he’s so….all he does is scowl?” and Lydia would be so entertained, making Derek take pictures with their daughter all the time and Derek being like “can we not encourage this”

But on the flip, a sweet thing for Derek, him totally rolling with it. Like he lets her give him kisses on the cheek and dances with her and always being extra sweet to her. :’)

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How would the arrancars react to a normally sweet warm and caring s/o flipping a coin and becoming very mean and easily angered when their sister is near by, they fight like cats and dogs. But other then that they're still themselves (My twin and I fight a lot, to much of my dismay, she just knows how to press my buttons and fines it funny when I'm angry) Σ(゚Д゚)


Starrk: Aside from complaining about how loud you get while fighting with her, he hardly notices or cares. 

Halibel: Dislikes seeing you angry, but feels like it’s too much you and your sister’s business for her to interfere. 

Ulquiorra: Yet another example of how disgustingly irrational and impulsive humans are, such slaves to meager emotion. 

Nnoitra: Your fight are pathetic; there’s no even any blood. Mostly ignores your arguing because it’s just boring. 

Grimmjow: Finds the harmless, mostly verbal fights to be more hilarious than anything, and actively encourages your arguments. 

Szayel: Actually asks you if you’d mind handing your sister over as an experimental subject, since you obviously don’t like her. 

Aaroniero: Takes the testy relationship as you wanting her dead, and offers to take care of things so you don’t have to deal with her. 

In the Moment-

Gender Neutral Mettaton/Reader

Mettaton gives you a makeover.


You tried to keep absolutely still. But god did your nose itch. “Mettaton, can you scratch my nose? Pretty please?” You asked, cracking and eye open. He sighed, giving you that sweet gentle smile. He was always gentle with you.
“You should know better than to distract an artist when he’s working, darling.” the robot chided, waggling a finger. Still, he did give your nose a scratch, to which you were very thankful. You got back into place as he continued brushing your cheeks lightly.
You’d never understand how a robot would be so much better at contouring than you.
“We’re just about finished anyway, sweetheart.” He hummed, making your heart flip as always. The metallic overlay to his voice always gave you a shiver up your spine. He was more attractive than anyone you had ever met, which of course, one would expect when the man was crafted to be perfect. But…it wasn’t just that. No, it was him. Who he was. His personality shined through every bolt and metal plate on him. God he was amazing.
If he ever knew about your feelings, he never let on. Then again,everyone loved him so he probably assumed you did too.
The absence of movement on your face pulled you back from your thoughts.
“All done, darling. No need to thank me~” He cooed. You open your eyes and see a mirror held in his pristine gloved hand.
…..Wow. You looked completely different. But still the same in a way.
“When did you find time to do my eyebrows?” you wondered aloud. Your eyes met his pink ones and you noticed he was…well staring. His lips were parted and his eyes seemed to be in another place.
“Uh Metta?” You felt kind of uncomfortable being stared at so intensely.
He seemed to wake up and laughed, obviously embarrassed.
“Excuse me, darling! You’re just…so very  lovely. Just ah…allow me to try something.” He muttered, cupping your jaw with his silk gloves.
Soft. Sweet. Metal. Silicone.
It took you a moment. He was kissing you. Quite enthusiastically in fact. You returned the motion aand you could feel him smile against your mouth.
“Just as I thought.” He whispered, only an inch between your lips and his. “You /do/ taste as good as you look.” He giggled and you threw your arms around his neck, kissing him again. There would be questions and feeling talks another time. For now, you just wanted to bask in this moment and the strawberry metal tinged taste of his lips.

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Adventure Zone Question: What would you had change about Team Sweet Flips/Taakitz?

what would i have changed… thats a prett y tough one? honestly im not, a story person, i dont know. lol id say id want more by way of canon content but killian and carey being npcs and just the time/story constraints aroudn taakitz (with the date happening just before the suffering game and all) i dont think thats very possible. 

have they been referred to as bfs/gfs at all in canon ? how bout that id say explicitly say theyre girlfriends /boyfriends respectively. yea

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Sorry I am late to the party! 💙 Eleven's new hair!! (Hard to pick one thing haha)! Have a very happy Valentine's Day!!

(You are not late to the party at all, Lovely Anon! The party is always happenin’ over here ^-^ AW YES, HER HAIR IS SO CURLY AND ADORABLE! Just think of how much the boys will flip when they see her) 

Roses are red, 

Eleven helped her friends as much a she could, 

Of all the ways I would say how lovely you are, 

I’d have to say “Pretty good” 💖

You are so amazing and sweet, my dear!! I hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day as well!! 💕💕

Send me a heart and what you’re excited for in Season Two for a valentine!

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When Snickerdoodle was a wee draconequus cubby and just learning how to talk, she would call her father Beefcake (Cupcake’s r63 counterpart) “mama” cuz she was a sweet little babbu that didn’t know better yet

Beefcake, being a battle-hardened former royal guard, essentially said whatevs, he could be Mama if his little princess wanted him to be

Then Paradox got him the mommy apron as a gag gift but Beef was honestly touched by the present and wore it with pride

For those of you new to the party:
Snickerdoodle, Beefcake, and Paradox are the gender-flipped counterparts of Oddball, Cupcake, and Pandora. They exist in a separate dimension, but Pan and her family can visit them, with Pan being a reality-warping draconequus and all

Chen Oneshot- Bath fun

Request: Taking a bubble bath with jongdae it can be fluffy or smutty


You have no idea how he manages it but somehow he lured you into the bath. Being Jongdae this lead to bubble fights. it was sweet at first. he would laugh and chuckles as you would slip on the bath and bubbles would fly left right and center. Then his expression turned dark. You had made your way over to his side of the bath and were laying on top of him innocently when you felt something harden underneath you. You laughed and flipped over to look him in the eyes

“Kim Jongdae! Do you have no shame?” you giggled

“Can you blame me?” he scoffed “Your literal wet body is sliding on me” he laughed and you joined him

“Well we can’t have this” you suggest softly and look up at him blushing

“And what are you going to do about it?” he pry’s and with that you sit up and position yourself over his hardened member and slide down onto him.

He swallows his breath and it hitches in his breath as he growls out. The water in between you allows for him to slide easily in and out of you. The water forms little splashes as you pick up the speed. He wasn’t about to get away with it so easily. he fills you up perfectly and you cant help but whimper out into the bathroom. Holding onto your hips Jongdae bucks his hips up into you and you fall onto him.

Grasping onto the sides of the bath tub you pant heavily as he pounds up into you and water teems over the side of the bath. You heated moans mix with his growls, the sound of water and the sound of wet skin slapping against each other. Surprising him you rock you hips down and meet his thrusts with lust. He moans out and is almost about to cum. You can feel your climax building as well as he pounds into you over and over. his hands explore up your body and play with your boobs before holding onto your hips again and having one final thrust which has you both over the edge and him cumming inside of you which seeps out into the water. You stay seated on his lap as you both ride out your highs.

“I think we’d better get out now… or at least change the water” you giggle to him and he just nods still coming down from his high. With that you bend down and lie down on him with him still inside you as you hug his chest and kiss his wet jaw.

“You know I love you right?” You ask

“Of course. I love you too babe” he replies softly

“Good. Then you can clean all this up” You giggle as you get out the bath and run away still naked and wet. You can hear Jongdae shout after you followed by a series of chuckles.

- Sky x

Don’t date


*Gif credit to the person that made this!*

A/N: Heard a song and this popped up in my head. 

“Dammit, Theo! You can’t keep running away every time we have a fight!” You shouted after him as he slammed the screen door and stormed towards his truck. You glared at the back of his truck as he peeled out of the driveway, fighting the urge to scream out in frustration as you caught sight of one of your neighbors peering over her hedges to get a glimpse of the action. You flipped her off and walked back to the kitchen, clenching your jaw and trying to calm yourself down. No need to get so worked up over something that happened constantly.

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Headcanonons for Kagami wooing so :)

  • If you’re a sweet tooth, count on Kagami to look up billions of BuzzFeed tutorials on how to make cute icing decorations and even those decorative caramel. He’d arrive the next day with little cupcakes decorated with the tiniest of stars and you wondered how someone so big could make something so delicate.
  • Count on him to have tons of magazines on how to woo his crush. He’d be flipping through them after practice and Kuroko would just stare at him incredulously for picking up a magazine that’s non-basketball.
  • Don’t be surprised if you find him lurking around wherever you are. He tries to be discreet about it, but his 6’3” frame isn’t doing much for him. If you like to paint/do sports/play music, you’d find him peeking into the room, smiling, because he knows that’s where you’re happiest and he likes the serene look on your face.
  • When he sees you in the stands during one of his games, he’d probably trip over his own feet before getting his shit back together. Then he’d put out all his best moves, making Seirin groan, because his nervousness would probably make him stumble even when with his easiest moves.
  • Be warned, he will legit go to Izuki for the crappiest pickup lines.

Another story time!!! Alright guys here’s our Misha photo op. This was a really, truly amazing experience.

Katie would first like to say: he was so sweet and looks at you like you are the only one in the room and that he is super fucking handsome.

Okay, so this was a really really big deal for me, you guys. Misha is just- I can’t begin to express how much he means to me. So here’s what happens; we go to the line and I am flipping out. My stomach is doing backflips and I’m just so so excited. We get to the point of the line where we can see him now and I’m freaking out even more. I’d thought about this for so long and it was finally here. Misha was just across the room. You can see him smiling, laughing AND WINKING as we got to the point where we could hear his voice over the music they were playing in the room and we just squealed cause it’s so so cute in person I can’t even. He’s so fucking sweet and his nose crinkles when he smiles and he had scruff and I- gahh.

Okay, so yeah we get to the front of the line and he looks us in the eyes as we walk up and we all say hi to each other and Katie goes to his other side and we hug him and he wraps his arms around our shoulders and it was amazing. Misha was right there. Hugging us.

So then Katie starts walking away and I stay with Misha for a moment because I’ve been thinking about this and what I was gonna say for so long because I needed to tell him how much he meant to me. So I look him in the eye, and say; “I just need to say that you’re my hero and I probably wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you.” And he goes “Oh” or “Aww” or a mix of the two, you guys know what I’m talking about. And he pulls me into another hug for a few seconds and my brain and heart are both going like a million miles an hour and I just hug him back and it feels amazing like it was just him and I in the whole room because he is so caring and ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. And then we pull out of the hug and HE HOLDS MY HAND AND LOOKS INTO MY EYES WITH A VERY ENDEARING SMILE FOR LIKE FIVE SECONDS AND I JUST COULD BARELY BREATHE.

You guys, those were the best few moments of my life. I shit you not. Nothing could top that single minute in time. I know after I met J2 I was crying and squealing because it was very exciting. But after meeting Misha? I completely lost it. I cried for about 10 minutes straight afterwards. Maybe more. Guys, this made my life. Misha is my absolute, number one, HERO. Like I said to him, I don’t think I would be here if he wasn’t who he was and didn’t do the things he did. I love him very much.

And there’s my very long story about how Misha Collins is too precious for this world.

Delusions concerning the contact case

The sweetness of the latest chap 22 spoilers gave me hope about the actual role the contact case is going to play and how it will affect Yashiro and Doumeki’s relationship.

If this were any other manga Yashiro would find the case in the suit pants Doumeki just got changed out of. He would flip and push D away for a while, until he would have sorted out his feelings. But sensei’s manga is anything but cliche.

In my fantasy, the contact case isn’t a wedge destined to drive them part but a means to bring them together and make their feelings known to each other. I know Yashiro isn’t going to confess his feelings to Doumeki in the traditional way but imagine telling him this: “You can throw it away, I have no use for it anymore”, while tracing his scar with his fingers.

the signs based off people in my life
  • Aries: Very loyal and can be crazy but also gets ferociously angry very fast and stays that way until they decide not to be. Loves music more than anything at all.
  • Taurus: Makes mean jokes a lot but is actually one of the most loyal people you've ever met and would defend you until they die if you're important to them.
  • Gemini: Absolutely fucking crazy and dare devilish, will try to do a back flip in the middle of a parking lot and end up breaking things. Good for a laugh always as long as you learn how to deal with their antics.
  • Cancer: Very sweet and wonderful to talk to, apologizes too much and can be clingy. Always makes you feel good though. Makes good dumb puns.
  • Leo: Actually very deeply and truly cares about people despite the cocky exterior. Is always there to listen even if they do interrupt a lot, needs someone to listen back but won't say it out right. Fun to be around but can get exhausting
  • Virgo: Mom friend. Cares too much about the little things, easily frustrated. Emotional as hell. Just wants to take care of the people they love so they know they'll be okay.
  • Libra: Too smart for their own goddamn good. May be incredibly intelligent but has little to no common sense, always needs the joke to explain cause they don't get it. All together a good person, some times too good.
  • Scorpio: Adrenaline junkies tbh, always good to do crazy stuff with. The kind of person you can crank the music up with in the car and just drive. Holds onto friendships even if you don't talk a lot.
  • Sagittarius: Honestly better than us all idek why they stoop to be friends with the rest of us but they do and they're loyal af. Good for advice and seems like a practical person until you spend extended amounts of time with them.
  • Capricorn: Literally bat shit crazy but in the best way, no chill. V v v emotional. Yells a lot but not maliciously. Expects the best and nothing less out of everyone end everything including themselves.
  • Aquarius: Quiet and doesn't stick up for themselves, but behind closed doors you'll hear them fume about how angry something made them. Picky eaters typically, gets very nervous easily and cares about people too much.
  • Pisces: Cannot sit still for the love of god please stop moving for 2 seconds. Always wants to make people happy but goes about it the wrong way a lot. Could not care less about rules.

So my brother has never liked Cami. In fact he kind of hates her. But last night he, even with all his dislike for her, said something interesting.

First, he asked me, “Are they sexing up Cami?” and started going on about how shiny her hair was, and was really subtly saying she looked sexy.

But then he started talking about the possible love interests of Klaus: Caroline, Hayley and Cami. Mind you, he brought this up on his own. We never talk about ships because he doesn’t care. So he starts saying how Klaus could never be with someone who is this sweet, innocent pure character, because being loved by Klaus would inevitably destroy her. But on the flip side he could never be with a bullheaded, aggressive woman because Klaus would see that as a foe. And then he stops and says he’s finally starting to get it, and that Cami is the perfect balance.

He says that Cami snaps him out of his self pitying and doesn’t let him get away with his crude and violent behavior, but at the same time wants to help him make better decisions for purely selfless reasons. Yes, he said selfless. That Cami is the only one who stops and asks how he is and what he’s up to, like a real friend.That Cami is pretty much everything he needs.

My brother, who doesn’t like Cami, who doesn’t give a shit about shipping or romances, who is barely even into the show anymore, just objectively said that Cami is the woman Klaus should end up with. Because it makes sense.

So this ENFJ class leader that INTP really doesn’t like was talking and she says…

ENFJ: “You know INTP, if I could write down on a note right now what I think you’ll be in 20 years, like what profession you’ll take up, do you know what it I would write?” 


Ne: umm… so I can think of 376 different ways for us to react to this

Fe: *in a small, almost inaudible voice* How sweet, she is thinking about our future

Si: *listening to Ne’s list* Ne, last time we tried to do a flip out of the room we landed on out arm and broke it. 

Ne: That won’t happen this time though! 

Ti: *has been making INTP fiddle around with her clothes* That wouldn’t work. Obviously your plan of making us to fall back on the chair and then run out the room has less flaws in it

Fe: *raising hand* Guys, that could hurt ENFJ’s feelings!

Ti: What did you say F–

ENFJ: *starts talking even though INTP hasn’t responded* “I would write down that you would go into psychology.”

Ti and Si: error. unknown program!

Si: We never told her we like psychology!! Or did we…?

Ti: How does she know that then?!

Ne: She’s a mind-reader! She’s from the future…

Ti: No, no, no, no, no. We’ve covered our tracks perfectly. There is no way she can know that. 

Fe: *takes control while Ti, Ne, and Si are panicking*

INTP: “Wow, I really like psychology. Thank you”

Ti, Ne, Si: O.O That works…