how flipping sweet would that be

Like honestly, why is it such a big deal that Ron struggles and complains about his problems once in a while when all other times he is always does his best to be there for his friends with their problems? People who complain about him act like he’s super unsympathetic and never helps Harry when like, off the top of my head, things Ron has done:

-Would always either stay at Hogwarts so Harry wouldn’t be alone on Christmas, or would invite Harry to his family’s for Christmas. Was also super casual about it and would come up with excuses why he was doing this so Harry wouldn’t feel awkward.

-when Harry didn’t write back to him, he quickly became worried the Dursleys were doing something bad to him, told his family about it (SEVERAL TIMES, apparently)  (like as far as I can tell every single day Harry didn’t write back Ron was panicking about it to his parents and siblings and wondering what the hell was going on) and then he hatched a plan with his brothers to steal a car, break the law, fly all the way to Harry’s house, forcibly grabbed him from his screaming relatives and then took him to his house. 

-Generally acts super chill about his mum blatantly giving Harry more attention than him, because he knows Harry needs it. Like, aside from a few jokes about it, he never acted overtly resentful about that. I think the Horcrux revealed that it made him insecure about whether his mum liked Harry more deep down (I’d have to reread the seventh book it’s been a while) yet he never once mentioned this. The fact he never let that show out of empathy for Harry is pretty impressive.

-tried to call Harry on the telephone despite not knowing how to use it and was then worried that he got Harry in trouble.

-when Harry wrote that he needed food, Ron once again informed his entire family and got an entire truckload sent to him.

-He informed Harry that even if he had to kidnap him from the Dursley’s home again, he was going to get Harry to spend the summer with them his family and see the Quidditch World Cup. He worked with his family to get an invitation sent to the Dursleys, then immediately wrote Harry a personal note saying “btw if they say no we’re coming anyway I will beat them all up if i have to”)

-if anyone badmouths Harry or Hermione in front of him, even someone he likes (like Seamus), he will rabidly defend them and basically prepare to fight that person.

-this includes teachers

-if someone calls Hermione (or anyone) a slur he will have to be physically restrained from attacking that person.

-when McG wouldn’t let Harry go to Hogsmeade Ron was in deep despair over the unfairness of it all, got personally angry and called McG several curse words. He and Hermione got Harry ton of sweets while they were there and tried to downplay how fun it was.

-When Percy wrote him a letter telling him to drop Harry as a friend, Ron made a giant show of ripping the letter into pieces and throwing it dramatically into a fire (what a nerd, honestly)

-generally did his best to be patient and understanding with Harry’s depression and anger issues in fifth year, but would firmly point out to him when he was crossing a line without flipping out back at him.

(which, as previous examples demonstrate, Ron’s fuse is pretty short, so that likely required a lot of effort on his part) 

(like, he and Hermione never invalidated Harry’s feelings, but Ron would point out when he was getting angry at the wrong people in a pretty calm way.  He said something like “It’s not our fault Snape and Umbridge are like that. We think you should stop taking it out on us when we’re on your side.” He was able to set boundaries and make Harry realize his behavior wasn’t okay while also making it clear he knew he was dealing with a lot and he was here for him and supported him. Pretty good example of how to friend and a lot more mature than most 15 year olds could have managed.)

-when he found out about Umbridge’s abuse, he was visibly sickened, argued with Harry for a long time than he needed to tell an adult, was upset Harry hadn’t mentioned it and when he couldn’t convince Harry, apparently told Hermione so she could help out and give him healing stuff. 

-also just the general fact he gladly went along with all of Harry’s super dangerous adventures and literally said he would die for him and never acted resentful of nearly getting murdered on a regular basis due to association with Harry

-guys Ron even told Voldermort to shut up when he said something mean about Harry i mean. let’s just consider that. He yelled at Voldemort. I’m pretty sure he was the first one who started yelling too.

So I really don’t get why people focus on the few times Ron complained and the whole two times in their seven year friendship when he got so fucked up about his own issues that he fought with Harry and didn’t support him (and the second time probably would not have happened if it weren’t EVIL SOUL SHARD THAT AMPLIFIED NEGATIVE FEELINGS) when the entire rest of their friendship is unwavering support. It’s so weird to me. You don’t have to like Ron, but acknowledge characters can be flawed and human and don’t hold him to ridiculous standards.

how does harry manage to update his fashion sense with each of his eras?

2012 - sweet dorky kid who might offer to pay for your ice cream and will want to “take it slow, yeah?”

2013 - some bratty frat boy who always gets what he wants but you would still let him fuck up your life

2014 - the matured ex frat boy who left the frat when he got educated on “no means no” and “rape culture” & switched his major to art or some bullshit like that

2015 - that one guy who spends WAY too much time at record stores flipping through queen and the rolling stones commenting about how he “listened to this shit wayyy before it was fucking hipster” even tho he was born in the ‘90s

2016 - the cute new dude who your boss just hired and all the girls (and some guys) in the office have a crush on and so you try to find him on social media but he has absolutely none

2017 - intimidating as fuck guy who gets iced coffee every single morning at 7 am with some weird ass bell bottoms on but when you actually have a convo he just starts crying about how much he loves the bees and “we need to save them at all costs”

{Special} College!AU Jaehyun
  • major: visual arts / concentration: sculpture 
  • minor: n/a
  • sports: the star player and point guard for the uni’s basketball team 
  • clubs: wanted to join the art club but it conflicted with practice so his coach said he should drop it 
  • jaehyun is what you could call a campus celebrity, as in everyone always greets him and not only students ,,,,,,,but teachers too
  • all the faculty are always like jaehyun!!! you won us another trophy!!!! and jaehyun is like “well the whole te-” and they’re like cANT WaIT foR YOU TO TAKE US TO NATIONALS
  • and he’s just,,,,very humble about it because he doesn’t really know what to do with all the attention,,,,,and his friends (we are all looking at johnny) don’t let him live it down
  • and it’s /true/ his basketball scholarship is paying his full tuition and he loves the sport,,,,,,,,so he plays and practices with everything he’s got
  • but also,,,,,he’s got interests and hobbies 
  • and everyone on the team thinks he chose his “art major” because it’s “easy” and wont cut into practice 
  • because they’re all like jaehyun,,,,,you’re gonna get scouted and go pro right??????
  • but the reality is jaehyun,,,,,,jaehyun likes art. he likes looking at it, learning about it,,,,,,,,and making it 
  • yuta once pointed out that jaehyun’s hands are perfect for playing basketball they’re strong and big and can hold the ball really well while,,,,,,,ahem taeyong here with his bony little - jkjk
  • but jaehyun had agreed,,,,,his hands are nice,,,,,but they’re strong not only for basketball but because he likes to sculpt
  • just being in the studio,,,working with clay,,,,it calms him down but it also takes a lot of physicality that people overlook
  • and out of everyone it feels like only some of his friends get that his future isn’t just basketball basketball basketball,,,,,,
  • like mark and ten think it’s really cool and taeil always seems to cut the conversation when doyoung and johnny go off on tangents about how ~cool~ pro basketball jaehyun will be
  • but,,,,,,,,jaehyun knows he has responsibilities to the team,,,the school,,,,,and to keeping his scholarship 
  • also lets all take a moment to enjoy jaehyun in the basketball uniform,,,,sweaty,,,,towel around his neck
  • or even better,,,,,jaehyun after practice in a tank top,,,,,sweat pants,,,,,wet hair from the showers
  • ok ahem moving on
  • johnny does this thing where he yells JEFFREY at every game and jaehyun would flip him off if he wasnt such a sweet person LOL
  • keeps all the banners people make for him because he doesnt have the heart to throw them away or not accept them
  • and his roommate mark is like bro,,,,,,,,bro our closet is overflowing,,,brO
  • half the people in his art classes think he’s a joke and try to be high and mighty about how he’s just a jock,,,,,,,,,,but the other half are just heart eyes because wOW look at his muscles 
  • does the thing where he carries everything during studio or shop classes like literally carried about fifteen peoples projects,,,,then held the door open for people getting their huge portfolios or canvases through the door,,,,,got the wood for one person,,,,the clay blocks for another
  • he really cannot say no,,,,,,,its a problem jfldsgifdjlkfs
  • he comes back from class completely SPENT and mark is like,,,,,,,i didn’t know art involved so much,,,,,heavy lifting 
  • jaehyun with his face in the pillow: you dont even know mark,,,,,,you dont even know
  • wakes up super early to go running and do push ups on the field and everyone thinks he’s being super intense listening to some wild edm music getting pumped up but actually he’s listening to a podcast on alien abduction or something because hes always bringing it up like 
  • catch him sitting in sculpture II talking to his seatmate about the existence of extraterrestrial beings
  • and the person is just like ???????? and jaehyun is like “im telling you,,,,,they exist!!!!”
  • and then after he’s sitting next to ten and johnny telling them what happened and how his seatmate looked kinda scared and ten is like oh sweetheart,,,,,,,,,,,,,you probably gave the kid a heartattack
  • johnny just laughs his ass off so much he chokes on his rice 
  • he’s a silly boy,,,who is actually much more than his athleticism and he secretly wishes more people,,,,,,,would just accept him as a normal college student and not the ‘star player of the basketball team’
  • like he wants to join clubs!! meet people!! talk to teachers about upcoming exhibits,,,go to museums,,,,go on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dates
  • but he also feels like he can’t let people down not when even winwin is asking him to sign his notebook because wow jaehyun is on a real winning roll for the team!!!!
  • sometimes when he gets super tired from practice and class he’ll start sleep talking to himself in english and he’ll do it like right in the library where he fell asleep on his books
  • doyoung even took a video of it and it became a meme on campus,,,,,,jaehyun was not happy and chased doyoung around the campus like ten times till taeil just took doyoungs phone and deleted it
  • doyoung: how did you get my password???
  • taeil: i knew your password was ilovetaeyong don’t play yourself
  • anYWAY  
  • you know jaehyun because he’s in your sculpting studio class and unlike most of the people there you don’t care that he’s a jock but you also don’t care about his good looks
  • mostly because,,,,,,,you care about your sculpture LOL not some dude in class who seems to be involved in so much gossip
  • the one thing you do care about and know,,,,,is that he’s got talent. you’ve been seeing him diligently work on this very pretty marble replica of strazza’s the veiled virgin
  • and it’s hard to make marble look like cloth,,,,,,but somehow he’s been pulling it off nicely
  • and whenever he isn’t in the studio,,,you couldn’t help yourself but go and take a closer work because really,,,,,,,,,did the basketball stare really do this>??
  • and one afternoon you happen to be working on your own piece while jaehyun is around and you know 
  • you exchange the pleasantry nods  and whatnot,,,but for the most part it’s quiet aside from the noise of your tools which is completely fine with you
  • until,,,,,,,,suddenly it’s anything but quiet
  • because the door has busted open and a couple of jaehyun’s rowdy teammates have strolled inside,,,,,,
  • and they’re like “coach said practice schedule is fucked up and we gotta be in the gym in ten minutes, let’s go jung”
  • and jaehyun is like ill be there but i need time to clean up-
  • “it’s just your art stuff, do it later and if its jacked just say it’s ‘abstract’”
  • you pretend to not listen,,,,but for some reason you can already feel something bad is going to happen
  • and just as you gaze over your shoulder you see one the dudes lean against the table,,,,,jaehyun’s almost done sculpture sitting dangerously close to the side
  • before you can think you open your mouth to say he should move it when,,,,,,,the dude turns to look at you and,,,,,,then you hear the sound
  • the sound,,,,,of broken marble
  • the shattered remains of jaehyun’s sculpture spread out on the floor of the studio in a sad,,,,big mess
  • and you can’t see that well across the room but jaehyun’s body has gone rigid and the group of loud boys have come to a hushed silence
  • you hear one of them swallow,,,another says they need to hurry to practice and that he’ll tell the coach jaehyun’s gonna be late
  • everyone leaves and you watch,,,wide eyed as jaehyun stares at the pile that was once all his hard work 
  • you think for a minute that,,,,,he’s going to get mad,,,,start screaming?? flailing his arms??? throwing things??? chasing that douche bag??
  • but jaehyun does nothing,,,,,he just drops to his knees and with his own hands starts to clean up
  • and you ,,,, can’t just watch anymore
  • you set down your own work and go over with a bag, crouching down next to jaehyun and helping him pick up the broken marble
  • startled he looks up,,,,and you can’t believe it when you see him try and force a smile 
  • “it’s ok, you don’t have to hel-”
  • “why didn’t you drag him back here? why didn’t you tell that asshole to go to hell? you at least deserved to do that.”
  • silently jaehyun stares at you,,,,before going back to cleaning with a small shrug
  • “it’s fine. i haven’t been working on this too long anyway.”
  • stopping you move some hair from your face and furrow your eyebrows
  • “what are you talking about, you’ve been working on this for weeks?”
  • jaehyun’s shoulders seem to drop,, his hands shaking over the remaining pieces and you hear him sigh
  • not understanding why he’s holding back so much you ask him again 
  • “why didn’t you tell him to go to-”
  • “because he’s on my team. the team,,,,,is more important right now.”
  • scoffing you push jaehyun’s hand away,,, for a second you think you’re being rude but at the same time you don’t know how to deal with that kind of logic
  • “if the team is important go to practice, i can take care of this. also ,,,,, is it jaehyun?”
  • jaehyun meets your eyes,,,suddenly sitting up straight and nodding and you shake your head
  • “don’t devalue your own work and talent. tell that guy, even if he is on your team that he should have some respect for what you do,,,,,,even if it isn’t baseball.”
  • “basketball.”
  • “what?”
  • “i,,,i play basketball”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,,,wELL same thing. you should tell him off.”
  • laughing a little at yourself you make another comment that if jaehyun wants you can teach him some ‘choice’ words perfect for telling someone off but jaehyun refuses politely and says that he really cant make u clean all this up
  • but you shoo him away again and jaehyun,,,,stares at you for a moment
  • trying to remember,,,,,your name,,,,,,who you are,,,,,and when he says your name you look at him again and you’re like yes?
  • and he just fluster’s a bit and is like oh ,,, no i was just remembering it,,,im ,,im gonna go now
  • and you’re like ok? and he nearly trips over himself as he’s leaving but you just shrug it off and clean up and,,,,,really you cant believe it
  • murmuring to yourself about how if it had been your sculpture you would have lost your shit
  • but either way you find yourself going into the storage room,,,getting out a new block of marble and placing it on top of jaehyun’s work desk.
  • with a small note: ‘do it again, but this time dont keep it at the edge of the table’
  • at practice,,,jaehyun apologizes in front of the coach,,,,,and it all seems fine but also he cant,,,,,,concentrate
  • because every time he’s supposed to assist or pass the ball he can barely aim and everyone is like jaehyun???? Stop being so upset about the sculpture art is easy to pass, just make something half-assed c’mon
  • and jaehyun doesn’t say anything,,,,but it isn’t even the sculpture that has his brain in a fog,,,,,,,
  • it’s you
  • because ever since he started that class,,,,,he knew who you were,,,,but why didn’t he know anything else
  • and why ,,,,,,,,,,, was he so interested in knowing now
  • the next day,,,after coming to the studio you’d noticed that the marble was untouched ,,, which didn’t bother you but you’d hoped jaehyun would show up
  • and when he did,,,,,,,you were surprised to hear him call out to you
  • standing by the block of marble grinning,,,he pointed to it and is like “a gift from you?” and you just roll your eyes because,,,,,,,,,no it’s a gift from the school because does it look like you have money for marble
  • but jaehyun is still grinning 
  • and you’re like “get to sculpting” and he’s like ,,,,,,,,i will
  • it’s ,,,,, a comfortable silence again
  • just like usual,,,just the sound of tools and the small specks of sunlight coming through the windows
  • but this time,,,,,when you look over to see how jaehyun is doing,,,,,,you look at him hard at work
  • his strong hands working carefully and with detail ,,,, but you notice something else
  • his profile
  • soft hair,,,,long eyelashes,,,,an almost perfect nose,,,,and lips,,,,,parted in concentration with a small hint of his tongue sticking out as he sits back to study his progress
  • and you’re like @ yourself like w,,,,,,what the heck are you looking at go back to your own work
  • but it’s TOO late and you’ve been caught staring and jaehyun is like “it’s not much yet,,,,im kind of not sure what to make”
  • and you try to gather yourself and not make it look like you were totally just checking him out and you’re like 
  • “w-what about the veiled virgin or are you not gonna do that?” 
  • jaehyun scrunches up his nose (so cutely - wait what?) and goes “i want to do something ,,, original,,,,,,i kind of,,,,,well it’s embarrassing”
  • and you’re like ????? whats embarrassing
  • and jaehyun scratches the back of his neck and is like “i want to enter it in the monthly contest at the museum,,,,,,,,,,but i know im not good enough and i dont have the ti-”
  • you put up your hand and jaehyun is like ? and you’re like “that’s a great idea! you should do it, actually you’re going to do it. because you deserve it.”
  • jaehyun seem slightly confused and you tilt your head and are like “whats that look for?”
  • and he’s like n,,,nothing just no one has ever,,,,,encouraged me to do something art related it just,,,,,,feels different
  • you try to hold back a chuckle but you can’t and you’re like ,,,,, jaehyun,,,,,,,do what you want, you have talent so use it oh and also
  • jaehyun lifts his shy gaze to meet yours and you’re like
  • “also learn to tell people off seriously.”
  • jaehyun just sighs and is like you sound like johnny he always brings up dumb stuff from the past and ur like who is johnny and jaehyun brings his hands up and is like nothing nothing ill get back to work
  • and ,,,,, it’s like that for a while,,,,,,,,,,,
  • sometimes you and jaehyun are the only two in the room working,,,,,sometimes it’s more people ,,,,,,,, 
  • but somehow,,,,,there’s something between you now maybe like an untold secret???? 
  • the fact that he hasnt told anyone else kind of makes you feel a bit special,,,but you also cant help but think,,,,,whats it like to have no one support you for that long
  • sure people are jaehyun’s basketball fans and whatnot but,,,,,does anyone tell him,,,,,,,basketball isn’t all he has to do,,,,,that art is a choice too
  • and you can’t believe it. you’re having sentimental thoughts about some BOY you’re not even that close with 
  • you bang your head against your laptop keyboard and your friend is like dude hello u ok??? and ur like i gtg ,,,, work on my sculpture and she’s like it’s ten pm- and ur like its fine i know where the spare is 
  • and so you head over to the studio,,,,,,it’s dark in the hallway but you can see the lights are from under the crack in the door
  • and when you put your hand on the knob,,,the door opens easily
  • and you see jaehyun,,,,hunched over the marble,,,,,,and you can see that it’s the mold of someones face
  • but there doesn’t seem to be much detail in it yet and jaehyun finally notices you and smiles and he’s like “are you here to work?”
  • and you nod,,,,,coming over and looking at his sculpture before you can’t help it and go “whose it going to be?”
  • jaehyun sits back,,,,chewing on his bottom lip and going “i don’t know,,,,,”
  • you sigh and remind him that if he wants to enter it,,,he’s going to have to submit it to the museum by the end of the week and jaehyun is like i know i know
  • but then,,,,,as you’re both sitting in silence again,,,,,,jaehyun turns around and asks “are you hungry?”
  • and it’s,,,,nearing midnight but,,,,,,,a snack couldn’t hurt
  • and to your surprise jaehyun pulls out peaches and bread from his back and you’re like ??? do you just carry those around
  • and he’s like “yeah i also have protein bars in here, instant ramen - do you want ramen?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,i???? it’s ok ill take a peach
  • before you know it,,,,,your work has been abandoned and you and jaehyun are sitting across from each other talking about this and that
  • till he says something about practice tomorrow at 8 am and you realize it’s past 2 am now
  • and you both have to gather your things and sneak back to your dorms and jaehyun ,,,, before you leave
  • says that he’s thankful that sculpture of his was broken and you raise an eyebrow and he jsut smiles and is like “if it hadn’t broken,,,,,we wouldn’t have go to hang out like this.”
  • and you’re like o,,,h,,,,,,,,,,and god dammit why does jaehyun make your cool, aloof personality crumble
  • but he waves and is gone before you can blush in front of him and embarrass yourself
  • ,,,,,,and it’s like,,,,,,,,,now it isn’t just two art students in a class together,,,,,,it’s friends
  • finally the last day of the week comes and you’re in the studio,,,looking at jaehyun whose covered his sculpture with a towel and you’re like ,,,,,,,jaehyun show it to me
  • and he’s just giving you a sly smile and is like you’ll see it at the museum
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,heY where would you be if i didn’t encourage you now show me-
  • but before you can finish your argument the door opens again and jaehyun’s basketball teammates appear again 
  • out of precaution jaehyun moves his sculpture to the table behind him and you give most of them an unamused look as they start touching this and that
  • jaehyun asks whats up and one of the guys is like “c’mon, coach wants us to have a big meeting about strategy for next week.” 
  • you look at jaehyun and then at the sculpture
  • “jaehyun has to come with me to the museum, tell the coach he’ll be there later.”
  • jaehyun turns to look at you,,,,,whose speaking with your hands crossed over your chest
  • the teammates just laugh and are like “and you are?”
  • and you’re like “jaehyun’s classmate. we’re submitting our sculptures to the museum. the deadlines in an hour so,,,,,,,he’ll be there later.”
  • the laughter stops and one of the teammates steps toward you
  • standings tall,,,,,,obviously since he’s also a basketball player,,,,,you don’t let it intimidate you but at the same time you realize that there’s four more people,,,,,,,four more people who dont want jaehyun to go with you
  • “i don’t think i remember jaehyun saying anything about that. so,,,,,he’ll be going with us.”
  • you frown and open your mouth but suddenly jaehyun steps in front of you and lets one hand rest on your wrist
  • and he’s like “guys, ill go with you. no big deal.”
  • turning to you,,,,jaehyun mouths for you to let it go but you can’t,,,,because again,,,,,,basketball is in the way of something else he loves
  • and you’re like “no you won’t, jaehyun you need to submit the sculpture in person -”
  • jaehyun just smiles,,,but you can see the sadness in his eyes and he says its fine, there’s next month.
  • with that,,,you watch him follow his teammates out and you’re left alone,,,,,jaehyun’s hidden sculpture on the table beside you
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,then you realize,,,,,,,,you can do it.
  • you can submit it for him
  • and carefully, you take the art into your arms and make way for the museum because there isn’t anyway you’re going to let jaehyun’s talent go to waste this time
  • and when you do get there,,,the woman accepting them asks for your name and you go “jung jaehyun” and she scribbles it down and asks what the name of the sculpture is
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,well you don’t even know because you didn’t even have the time to LOOK at it
  • so you kind of panic and blurt out ‘the one’,,,,,,thinking it is his first sculpture,,,,,and it is a person,,,,,,,,,so maybe its someone special?????
  • the woman waves her hand and says you may go
  • and with a beating heart you leave the museum and on the train back to school you think,,,,,,why didn’t you look at the sculpture?? were you scared,,,,,were you????? jealous of who it could be??
  • shaking off the idea you think that what matters now is if he wins or not
  • ,,,,,,,,,and like clockwork the results come out and eagerly you visit the museums website and,,,,,,,,,,,
  • the winner,,,,,,jung jaehyun’s,,,,,,sculpture,,,,,,’the one’ 
  • and looking at the photo you almost drop out of your chair because the sculpture,,,,,,,,,,,the sculpture looks like you
  • and with no time to waste you dash out of your dorm,,,headed straight to the gym where you didn’t realize that there is going to be a game tonight
  • and the place is packed with students even though it doesnt start for another hour and you fight through the crowds on the bleachers
  • managing to get up to the court and jaehyun,,,,,whose doing stretches notices you
  • because well,,,,,,,out of excitement you literally run ONTO the court 
  • and the ref and coach are yelling at you to stop but you don’t hear them and jaehyun is like “what are you-”
  • and you run right into his arms and you’re like “jAEHYUN YOU WON!! YOUR SCULPTURE IS IN THE MUSEUM”
  • and jaehyun is frozen,,,,,,the entire gym staring at you two and an uproar of whispers about how one jaehyun is,,,,,,an art major???? two,,,,,jaehyun is dating,,,,,,,you????? i mean you are in his arms?????? you did run acROSS THE COURT to see him????/
  • pulling back you look at jaehyun,,,,who seems to still be processing what you’ve said and he’s like h-how i didn’t submit it? and ur like i went,,,,i put it in and i,,,,,,,,i didn’t look at it but then i saw it on the website and jaehyun,,,,,,,,,,jaehyun was it me?
  • turning cherry red,,jaehyun stutters over his answer but it’s obviously a yes and you grin and jaehyun is like “you inspired me,,,,,,i mean you were the only one to say,,,,,,i deserved it.”
  • and your smile grows wider and you’re like you do,,,,jaehyun look you did it,,,,because you’re talented and i -
  • without knowing how to put it into words you lean in and jaehyun reflexively puts his hands on either side of your face to pull you closer and it’s a kiss
  • right there in front of the whole gym
  • (which you later realize and get vERY embarrassed about)
  • but in the moment it’s perfect and,,,,,,,,,when you pull back you’re like 
  • “oh one more thing before i go because your coach looks like he might murder me -”
  • and jaehyun is like yes?? and you look around and find the dude who had broken jaehyun’s sculpture and you yell out his number and ur like “yeah you number 5,,,,,,,,,,,,this is me telling you off because jaehyun is too nice: GO TO HELL’ ok bye now”
  • and with that you dash off the court before the coach can chase you and jaehyun is standing there,,,,,lovestruck but also shocked
  • and the team is like what the hell jaehyun and he just shrugs because honestly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re wild and he,,,,,,
  • he freaking loves it
  •  you do get banned from games for a while,,,,,but its worth it
  • you hear that jaehyun won the game the next morning,,,mostly because you wake up to find all your friends standing over you demanding to know why the mvp of the uni basketball team just said in his winning interview that his significant other,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU,,,,,,,,,,,really inspired him tonight
  • and you’re like ,,,,me/?? jaehyun??? my??? boyfriend??? and they’re like YEAH EXPLAIN
  • but you dont even know what to say because everything is kind of a blur and did kissing jaehyun in front of the whole student body mean you were now dating??? who knows
  • well jaehyun knows so thats why you go to find him
  • and you do,,,, he’s doing another run on the uni’s track field and when he spots you he smiles and comes over and you’re like heY,,,,,,,,,so,,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like “i,,,,,,hope you,,,,,,,,,didnt mind me calling you my,,,,,,,,,,,s-s-s-s-”
  • “signigicant other?”
  • “,,,y,,,yes”
  • you kind of pretend to make a face and think about it,,,,rocking back and forth on your heels and you’re like hMMM well,,,,,,,
  • and jaehyun’s eyes turn into puppy eyes and he’s oh,,,no did i make you mad-
  • and you just lean up and kiss his cheek and you’re like nah, i like this straightforward jaehyun much more so,,,,,,,be like this more 
  • jaehyun blushing: than can i be honest
  • you: sure
  • jaehyun: ,,,,,,,did you like the sculpture?
  • you: i loved it. also,,,,i never knew someone could make me look so pretty
  • jaehyun: you’re stunning
  • you, blushing and trying to hide it behind your hands: ok,,,tOO straightforward
  • jaehyun throws his arm around you and you guys get off the track field and it’s,,,,cute because you’re walking across campus like an ACTUAL couple and okay,,,,this is,,,,,,something you could get used to
  • but yes dating jaehyun is like dating the sweetest boy who ever lived and ,,,,,,,,,,,wow do his friends really not let anyTHING go
  • you finally meet johnny and the first thing he says is “so,,,,,we gonna get a repeat of that basketball court smooch OH and dont forget the part where you told the dude to go to hell” and you’re like oh my god jaehyun you compared me tO HIM
  • and jaehyun is like oh,,,,,,,you know what i am sorry about that john here is special
  • john: excuse me,,,,,,jeffery
  • you: jeffery? 
  • jaehyun: if it were not for the fact that im a soft angelic person i would have kill-
  • but the rest of nct all really like you because,,,,,,basically you help jaehyun out of his shell,,,,,,
  • taeil and ten especially because wow they havent ever seen jaehyun so open and happy to talk about art???? like they’ve known about his passion but,,,,,you’ve let him explore
  • also oh my god you can really shut johnny up ,,,, but it even works on doyoung???? like one look and walla,,,,,,,,they’re convinced you have magic powers
  • but in reality it’s because you gave doyoung a noogie and made him apologize for asking jaehyun if he could make a sculpture of taeyong’s face
  • jaehyun is the kind of boyfriend that becomes more comfortable with time,,,,which you don’t mind because taking it slow isn’t bad
  • like if holding hands is all he wants to do in public than of course you’ll respect that
  • but also when you steal kisses every now and then while he’s studying or sketching you can liteRALLY feel his face heat up 
  • and you’re like how are you so handsome and yet so,,,,,easily flustered???? and jaehyun is like,,,,i ,,,,,,,,u,,,,,,kiss,,,,,,,,a,,,h,,, i need some water
  • he has a packed schedule between practice and spending more time on his art and you can tell when he hasn’t gotten any rest because he starts getting bags under his eyes and doesnt smile
  • and even though it’s kind of attractive,,,,you hate seeing him like that so you’ll literally sit in front of him and feed him lunch and be like “go to sleep on time, idc if the guys want to hang out after practice do you want to pass out tomorrow in class? no? exactly.”
  • someone once said you were a bossy s/o and u were like excuse m- but jaehyun just went ‘i would die without them so politely, leave us alone.’ 
  • but even with all your worry,,,, jaehyun has also taught you to be a bit softer
  • because yeah you always want to tell off his mean teammates or his over pressuring coach but jaehyun reminds you that sometimes in life you need to girt your teeth and take it
  • the amount of times he’s just pulled you into his arms when you’re fuming to calm you down,,,,,,,,you’ve lost count 
  • does the thing where he nuzzles his nose into the top of your hair and you can feel him grip onto you a little tighter
  • and you realize that even though he’s strong, handsome, and smart,,,,,,even people so perfect need comfort and closeness 
  • jaehyun let’s you wear his clothes but not without him denying that it’s his clothes is someone asks even though doyoung is like i literally gave you that hoodie like a year ago for christmas and jaehyun is like,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,um
  • and you’re like yeah its his we just spent an hour cuddling in his bed so i wanted to wear i-
  • jaehyun laughing really loud over you like hAHAHA we nEED To go bYE dOYOUNG
  • it’s hard now to work in the same room on your art because you and jaehyun get distracted and its like u can go maybe an hour before one or the other comes over and you guys start talking and its just,,,,,,
  • heart eyes @ each other from then on out 
  • whenever he smiles and the dimples come out you literally are like let me take a photo and jaehyun is like but u have 394302 photos of me smiling,,,,and ur like i can never have enough i love dimple
  • whenever you want to go on dates,,, jaehyun always suggests something outdoorsy and active and sometimes you forget that jaehyun is Good At All the Sports
  • and it’s like dating an olympic athlete,,,,,,you cannot keep up most of the time,,,,,,,
  • but its fine because jaehyun,,,even though he’s trying to run up this mountain,,,,,will contain himself just for you ildjsfg
  • gets corny when he sees kids and is like “a family,,,,,,in the future would be so nice,,,,,,,,” and you’re like “you’re smiling like a dad jaehyun” and he’s like oOPS,,,,,,,,but it’s,,,,,,,,,it’s cute 
  • you can see that he’s so gentle and caring with everyone he meets you can’t help but be like,,,,,,,,he is,,,,,,going to be a great parent some day
  • you didnt believe he could cook well too when ten told you about jaehyun’s secret delicious ramen
  • but then you guys were making some,,,jaehyun standing at the stove,,,,and you sitting on the kitchen counter and when he’d feed you you were like hOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING 
  • and jaehyun just laughed and u were just like jaehyun tell me baby are you a robot because you’re good at everything
  • and he was shy but he was like no im real here ill prove it,,,,,,he kissed you and u were like ur right robots can’t do that with their tong-
  • jaehyun: AnYWAY
  • you once stayed at his dorm for a date and when jaehyun picked beauty and the beast you kinda teased him a bit ,,, but also ended up cuddled up together crying about the beast’s backstory
  • and then making out for like an hour because it’s hard not to when jaehyun just wears sweats ,,,,,,and your shirt is really loose,,,,,,,,, and jaehyun is good at kissing,,,,,,,,,,,,very good,,,,,,,,,,,,, and -
  • but mark came back pretty early and you guys had to pretend you were just playing cards instead
  • mark: i didnt know your hair could be so messy playing cards. huh
  • you and jaehyun sweating like uH,,,,,
  • you’d managed to sneak into one of his games but unfortunately instead of staying quiet you’d basically yelled for jaehyun to CRUSH the other team and the coach had to chase you out again
  • but you waited outside of the gym and instead of kissing the trophy and celebrating jaehyun had ran straight outside to you and honestly,,,,,,,,,what could the coach do about that? LOL
  • jaehyun jokingly challenging you to some basketball but since he wouldn’t let you score you were like fine i wont kiss u for a whole week
  • and jaehyun basically begged for you to not be mad and u just couldn’t resist
  • like have you seen jaehyun’s big,,,brown eyes????
  • you’d caved and just started kissing his face all over and jaehyun just grinning and hold you around the waist and ,,,,,,,,,basically you two being super duper cute
  • someone complimenting jaehyun’s artwork: you smugly going that’s my boyfriend and yes he’s amazing and did i mention that he’s taken,,,,i love him
  • jaehyun blushing but also loving the fact that you love him so openly and unapologetically 
  • and wow let me mention this one last time: jaehyun in a basketball uniform but also,,,,,,,,,,jaehyun concentrating hard on a sculpture with a low cut shirt and big hands covered in clay,,,,,,,,like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yall

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Tol & Smol Prompts

I wanted to do a couple of these, because I love writing them, as a relatively “smol” person. Hope you enjoy them!

Originally posted by lovershub

  • Tol is reading a book and Smol is trying to get their attention
  • Smol has trouble reaching something on the top shelf so Tol has to help them
  • Smol/Tol is obsessed with Smol/Tol’s hands because of the size difference
  • Smol sometimes gets mistaken for a child and gets defensive so Tol has to calm them down
  • Tol and Smol have a habit of writing “Tol” and “Smol” on each other’s papers
  • Tol and Smol have a lot of the same classes and whenever Smol is sad, Tol gives them piggyback rides from class to class
  • Tol gets asked out a lot when Smol goes with them to bars so whenever a person flirts with Tol, Smol gets defensive and is ready to fight
  • Tol is always coming up behind Smol and kissing their head, hugging their waist, covering their eyes, etc. and despite it having started months (or years) ago, it still always surprises Smol
  • Tol is hogging the blankets, so Smol tries to roll them over, but after many failures, Smol just snuggles closer.
  • Smol tosses and turns in their sleep and usually ends up rolled up in the covers, leaving Tol in the cold, but Tol just smiles and cuddles their happy lil sushi roll
  • Smol has sleep problems and Tol tries to stay awake with them most nights and they soon run out of things to do, so they decide to try 2 AM baking
  • Tol is a kind, gentle sweetheart, and Smol is their adorable little ball of fire
  • Tol and Smol are dancing and Tol makes a joke about Smol’s size so Smol retaliates by pulling Toll down to their height and teasing them about being stronger
  • Tol helps Smol clean their closet and starts flipping their shit over how tiny Smol’s clothes are. Bonus points if Tol calls Smol their “Little doll”

If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:)

Request a prompt list/writing advice/playlist/study help post here

So I got to thinking about how Usagi is basically everything Makoto wishes she looked like; petite, cute, girlish, long delicate hair, gentle features, etc. Ans the types of fashion that suit Usagi - cute, princessy and preppy - are also styles that Makoto would love to wear. And so I thought about how maybe she lived vicariously through Usagi for a while, suggesting outfits, making her clothes and just straight up gifting her accessories.

And after a while Usagi starts encouraging her to wear those things too, since she seems to like them so much, and at first Makoto is all, “no I couldn’t, they’d look silly,” etc etc but Usagi eventually convinces her to try something on and then flips with excitement when she sees, calling her cute and sweet, etc etc and Makoto has never been more validated

In the Heat of the Moment (M)

Originally, I didn’t write this for a request. But as I went through my list, I realized that it did fit one, so it’s getting posted early! This is for @spiritemofashion, who reblogged my first smut and asked for a Yixing or Kyungsoo smut. I hope it meets your expectations! ^^

Genre: X Reader, smut, werewolf AU (does not relate to Blood for Blood)

Member(s): Yixing 

POV: 2nd Person

Warning(s): Swearing, cringy dirty talk, and of course, it’s smut, so…you know ;)

Summary: Your very lovely boyfriend has been in an unlovely mood lately. I wonder why…?

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The morning light filtered through the window, giving the room an ethereal glow. Your eyelids fluttered open, but not because of the light, or the chirping of birds outside your window. Not because of your alarm, which isn’t supposed to go off today anyway, since it’s a Sunday. No, you woke up because of a certain someone who was rutting his hips against your behind.

You could hear his soft whimpers, his breathing uneven. You were used to hearing your boyfriend’s snores at this time of the morning, so the fact that he was panting instead was kind of concerning.

Carefully, you tried to turn your body to face him without waking him. It wasn’t an easy task, considering that his arms were coiled around you, holding you in place. You managed to swivel around, his warm breath now tickling your cheeks. His hips continued to buck against you, and you could clearly feel his heated erection, even through the layers of clothes separating your bodies. He let out a low whine, his arms tightening around you and pulling you closer to his chest.

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Favorite timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme, my FAVORITE THING TO DO. IT’S TIME FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WWE COMMENTARY WITH SHANNON YAYYYYYYYYY though it should prob just be called Wrestling Commentary with Shannon bc I do people out of the wwe sometimes too. 

Growly baby, grr. 


Listen to me, this gif. Thsi fucking gif is the sexiest thing I have ever ever ever seen in my entrie life. LIKE THE HAIR PUSH BACK THE LITTLE BREKTHY TURNING INTO A SMIRK LIEK LSGM.G mfl

HE IS BITING. AND HAS MOUTH GUARD. BITING. MOUTH. GUARD. BELT. Too much, overload sorry goodbye. 

Like, this pic is super hot but all I can focus on in knee bear. Who I have named Koda. After Brother Bear. 


Like, I don’t think I’ve ever watned someone to flip me off more??? How is he so hot? 

He looks so good in this outfit, like this whole ensemble is 1000/10. Tie me up with the tie, I would be okay with it. 

Sweet lil baby peach. :’) I love this so. 

okay okay okay but hear me out… Imagine him looking up at you like that when you’re scolding him or something, like and you look back and you’re like what? AND THEN BAM YOU GET FUCKED. 


He looks so cute here. Like one of those pop punk band bassists or something okay. (also looks like a fuck boy but eh) 

He looks so good in this jean vest thingy??? Like??? WH Y D OESN’T HE WEAR IT MORE BURY MY ASS IN THIS VEST. 

Cute lil baby peach :’) Honestly can you believe. 

Come bite me next daddy. 


He looks so relaxed and gym ready here I’m. 




“Shannon how many biting pics do you have?” Ya know what, maybe if this BOY DIDN’T BITE EVERYTHING IWOULDN’T HAVE THIS MANY, HOW ABOUT THAT CAROL? 



Yeah, you guys, he was Team Rocket ADN HE FOUGHT PIKACHU I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOY

Lil bean took a selfie in a giant bean


Contribution to bae’s @hardcorewwetrash Thirst Party Saturday. 

BTS reaction| Catching you smiling at them while lost in thought.


He’d blush and press his lips together trying not to let you know he could see you looking at him instead of the tv. Since the room was dark he wouldn’t have noticed but the bright flash from a scene on the tv made you obvious. He’d try to hide his smile as he took your hand in his and gently kissed your knuckles


He could feel his eyes on the side of his face as you looked at him from across the studio. He’d scoff, the feeling main him un easy and throwing off his concentration but the moment he looked up to you and saw you blush as you quickly looked back down to your book. He’d smiled to himself before rolling his chair over to you and pulling the book out of you hands before kissing you gently and handing it back. “Now stop staring at me.” 


Namjoon wouldn’t take a second though on calling you out on staring at him as he died off the last plate you had used for dinner. You’d smile and bite your lip as he set the plate down loudly and walk over to you while drying his hands on the towel. He’d smile as he pressed you against the counter and ask you to tell him your thoughts as you wrapped your arms around his neck. 


He’d know just how much you loved watching him dance, but he also knew there was a difference between you watching him dance and you watching him. Today he couldn’t get the blush off of his cheeks and every time he’d look over to you, you’d smile his favorite sweet smile and his stomach would flip. He’d be torn between wanting to run through the choreography one more time and kneeling in front of you do he would kiss you sweetly. Eventually he’d choose the latter and you’d chuckle pushing his chest off of yours. “Just one kiss Jagiya, I can’t help myself when your around.”


Jim would catch you looking at him with sweet eyes and lean over to you and scrunch up his nose making you smile. He’d smile and lean his cheek into your hand as he watched you take in every rise and fall of his face. When you thumb would trace his bottom lip he’d shift his head so he could press a light kiss to your palm before moving to kiss your lips and whispering a soft ‘I love you.’ 


Tae would catch you staring at him as he started to drifted off to sleep from the doorway of your bathroom. He’d groan and hold his arms up and over his head to sloppily beg for your touch. He’d sit up and look at you when you took another moment to watch him and groan again holding his hand out to you. You’d chuckle and push your self off the door and allow him to pull you into his arms while kissing the top of your head sleepily.


He would try to advert you gaze as you looked at him with loving eyes as you trailed your finger along his bare chest. He’d whine and roll his head from side to side making you giggle. He’d allow you to pull his chin so his head stopped rolling he looked at you. You’d try to let your fingertips trace his cheek only to laugh at him for pursing his lips and mumbling through them for you to kiss him. He’d laugh back as you playfully hit his chest and flopped on your back but it wouldn’t be long until he was propped up beside you, looking at you as you were just him.

Good taz things from episode 62

- B E A C H. E P I S O D E
-you have to roll for googly eyes and with a 1… you die. Its the rules of the game
-everybody coming up with ways to trash merles gifts.
- lup absolutely refusing merles gift
-oh no its a demon only i can see it destroyed the hat so sad :/
-taako invented surfing
-taakos inspired to surf from seeing merles gift magnus threw away floating in the waves.
- taakos sweet flips origin story
-barry is entranced by taako surfing
-i had hoped it would be lup but this is still great
-“barney its surfer slang”
-“everytime merle barfs i just hear it no matter where I am its just in my head constantly”
-im just imagining barry with arm floaties omg i need this
-griffin: and now people will stop tweeting at me that I said one of barrys favorites things was swimming in a cold lake on a hot day and then two episodes later saying he didnt know how to swim
- lucretia being so happy about making a happy happy portrait of everyone im crying im love her
-how the happy music at the end fades into wave noises
-this is a good episode

Exo reacting to you being whiny/fussy while sexually frustrated

Originally posted by luhan-vevo

A/N: (Requested by anon) First reaction! I have a few more coming out soon, enjoy. Reaction requests are open til said otherwise. - Admin Jaefairy

Originally posted by yixinzhg

Yixing - Lay would probably find it kind of cute. The way you pout and huff, he wouldn’t know why you were upset at first, but once he put two and two together… oh it would be on. He’d pick you up, his eyes half lidded. Lay would lean into your ear and mutter something filthy and dirty enough to get you to shut up and let him show you a good time. “Why are you getting so upset, honey? Ah..I get it. You want me to fuck your lovely pussy don’t you? …Yeah? Let me please my girl then..”

Originally posted by andyswarhol

Kris - Hell no. You think if you get whiny, Kris would get it. He’d get frustrated, not understanding why you were giving him the silent treatment, huffing all over the place. He’d groaned and get fussy back, telling you to talk to him. When his patience finally snaps, he’d yell in annoyance and you’d scream about wanting to be fucked senseless, leaving him blushing and embarrassed. Kris would apologize and you two would cuddle on the couch, tangled in each other’s legs until Kris’s fingers slipped onto your folds and made you come undone. “Damn babe, you must have wanted me badly, huh?”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Xiumin - I think Xiumin seems like the type to prefer mature woman so any kind of behavior like that would be a turn off to him. He’d sit you down and ask you what was up. Once you two talked it over and he understands what you want, he’d shower you in kisses and pet your head. “Silly, if that’s what you want, just ask for it.” “Can we have sex?” “Nah.” “Aww..” “Kidding, beautiful.”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Luhan - Seeing you act so bratty would turn him on so damn much. He’d gently grab you by the arm and lead you to the bedroom. If you tried to pull away or pout, he’d stop and give you a penetrating gaze. Knowing you, he knew you’d rebel and whine about wanting his cock in your ass, just to tease him and make his cock twitch. Once he locks the door and grabs the handcuffs, you know you’re in for a rough night of torture and orgasm denial. Lu knows how to make you behave. “You wanna be a bad girl for daddy? Daddy can be bad too, princess. Now flip over and show daddy that cute ass.”

Originally posted by overnightprincess

Chen - He would find himself laughing at how adorable you were acting. Watching you pout as you crawl into his lap, begging him to fuck you til you couldn’t feel your knees. Chen would grip your waist, letting his laughter fall til it was replaced with a smirk. He’d make you work for what you wanted, just because he loved how needy you were. “You gotta show me how bad you want it, babe..”

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Tao - Tao would be sweet and caring at first, telling you he’ll take care of you and getting your hopes up. After a few hours of nothing happening you’d get frustrated, pulling his earbuds out his ear. He’d instantly be on you, grabbing anything he could. His lips would devour your neck, pressing you into a wall and fucking you right there and then. “You’re so sexy when you’re angry, babe.. " 

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Kyungsoo - Give him ten minutes of you whining and begging for sex and something will snap. He’ll pin you down to the couch, gripping your face and kissing you senseless. He’d grab your thighs, prying them open and eat you out til you were shivering from multiple orgasms, your pussy drenched in your own juices. Soo would enjoy watching you come undone so much, after a pause to let you breathe when you least expect it, he’d fuck you roughly until you barely form words. You get what you wish for. "This will shut that pretty mouth of yours.”

Originally posted by dailypetal

Chanyeol - Chanyeol would find you cute, petting your head and awwwing at how frustrated you were. If you whined for his touch, he’d smile and grab your arm, ready to have an adventure in the bedroom with you. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby.” “Chanyeol shut up and fuck me already!” “Yes Ma’am!”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun - Baekhyun is a sweetie, but he always had a smart mouth. “Baeekie, I need you~” you’d croon, a shit eating grin growing on his face. “You’re always so horny, Y/n. I just ate you out this morning.” He’d throw out receipts, playfully making fun of your high sex drive (even though Baek loves it.) He’d tease you, laughing as you got more frustrated til you pushed him against the fridge and kissed him deeply, grabbing his hardening cock and letting him melt beneath you. “Mmm…I deserve this, I’ll do whatever you want babe. ”

Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Suho - Being the sweetie he is, you’d just have to pout once and he’d have you scooped up, leading you to the bedroom to give you all the love and affection he can. “Anything for you, my dear.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kai - Kai would ask you what’s wrong, and you’d mumbled that you were sexually frustrated. He’d blush, slightly embarrassed he got you worked up and become hesitant. You’d look over at his nervous behavior and lean over, taking matters into your own hands. Having him beneath you, you’d have your way with him and he’d let you take control. “Your mouth feels so good on my skin.. I need you just as much as you need me. Please..take me, love. ”  

Originally posted by r-velvets

Sehun - Sehun doesn’t seem like the type to be into that type of behavior (Just like Minseok), so you being huffy and whiny about sex would just make him not want to. You would try again, pouting in front of him and he’d shrug, ignoring you. Feeling defeating, you’d head to bed and fall asleep. After a while, Sehun would come in, crawl into bed with you and kiss you softly. “You wanna try doing this now that you’re not acting crazy?”

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Part 5

As promised here’s the next part. Sorry it took long and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. <3

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 - Here  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16 Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20 - Final

It took the rest of weekend to get over what you had witnessed at the party and you came to the conclusion that you were being over dramatic. Sure, Hye Mi was someone you held a deep dislike towards but Jungkook was still a ‘player’ and who he ‘played with’ was none of your concern, even if it turned out to be her.

Upon entering school on Monday, you were surprised to see them both sitting in their separate seats, Hye Mi seemingly trying to hide from someone. When you had sat yourself down, Jungkook took that as his cue to greet you.

“Hey, my cute Y/N. How are you?” Head snapping up, you were met with Jungkook’s signature bunny like grin.

You were suspicious, who wouldn’t be? The sudden compliment had caught you off guard and you weren’t sure how to respond properly.  

“I’m good…” Jungkook either didn’t take notice of your cautious response or ignored it because he began to make small talk with you. You occasionally nodded to give the impression of listening but the only thing you could think of was his strange behaviour. It seemed like he was too drunk on Saturday to remember what had happened and you silently thanked god. You didn’t want to have to deal with the awkward tension of an argument so early on a Monday morning.

When the time for class to start had come, he stood from his crouching position in front of you and pinched your cheek.

“See you later, sweet cheeks.” He then winked at you and left.

Was he using his 'player charm’ on you? He never treated you like that so his unusual behaviour had left you confused for the whole morning.


When lunch had arrived, both you and Areum had made you way to your seats at the boys table. Jungkook immediately flashed you another wink, much like the one from the morning.

“Hey, doll.” The various nicknames he had given you throughout the day were starting to annoy you and you weren’t sure how long it would be until you flipped. Areum sent you a surprised look and you replied with a shrug. She seemed to get the general message as she returned her attention to her lunch. You too wanted to know why he was behaving like this but  instead decided to keep your mouth shut.

Surely, it would be over by the end of the day.



It was when you were exiting the school with Areum where you had had enough.

“Bye, babe. See you tomorrow.” Freezing in place, you turned your body painfully slow until you were directly facing him. “What did you just call me?”

“Babe. What’s wrong?” You felt something within you snap and you marched towards him, grabbing his collar.

“Listen Jungkook! I’m not one of your playthings or side chicks. I’m your friend. Stop calling me these bullshit sickeningly sweet names because I swear to god I will punch you in the face.” His smile had dropped and he placed a hand on yours, prying your fingers off of him.

“Well what the fuck do you want then?! You weren’t happy at the party because I wasn’t thinking about your feelings and now that I’m making some kind of fucking effort, you decide to freak the fuck out! Make up your mind, Y/N!” Taking several steps back, you stared at him with a glare on your face.

“I just want you to treat me like a friend. I don’t need you drowning me in compliments every two seconds. Heck, you can call me loser for all I care. Just don’t treat me like those girls you throw away to the side every week. I’m not that desperate for attention.” Feeling like you were being too much of a bitch, you gave him a strained smile and made your way back to a shocked Areum.

“See you tomorrow, Jungkook!” Grabbing Areums arm, you walked ahead and left him standing there.

If only you could see the impressed smirk that spread on his lips.

“She must be bipolar or something…”


It seemed like your words had successfully gotten through to Jungkook without causing any unwanted anger since the next day, his greeting lacked the embarrassingly sweet pet names.

“So, what was that about yesterday anyway? And don’t lie to me, Jungkook.” He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and then lent his chin on the backrest of the seat in front of you.

“You seemed like you were upset with me and I just wanted to make you feel happy, I guess.” Raising an eyebrow, you tilted your head and stared at him. “You guess?”

He pushed his lips out and glanced to the side, avoiding your question.

“If you call me by those crappy nicknames again, I’ll leave you for Taehyung.” Eyes widening, he snapped his attention back to you.

“No way! He can’t replace me, nothing can replace me! Those 7 years aren’t going to be ruined by Tae.” Jungkook proceeded to grab your cheeks, and pinch them causing you to flinch and grab his hair. Playfully tugging at it, you sent him a threatening glare and he slowly released his grip on you.

“I’m serious. You’re not leaving me.” You weren’t sure why but your cheeks heated at his sentence and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“You say that like we’re dating or something…” Instead of replying, he shot you his bunny-like grin and tapped his wristwatch with two fingers.

“Wha-” Before you could ask him what he meant, he jumped out of his seat and strolled back to his desk.

You definitely were not dense. That action was his way of saying 'soon’ without having to actually speak.  

He didn’t think your friendship could become more, did he?

Deciding that it was best to ignore what had just happened, you retrieved your notebook from your bag, preparing for your first lesson.


Lunch soon arrived and you made your way to the lunch line alone. The line had been moving unusually fast today and you were already eyeing the special dish of the day, when a tap on your shoulder broke you out of your trance. Upon turning around you were met with the familiar face of Jung-Hoon, a boy you shared a couple of classes with. He was relatively popular and most claimed he was the typical good-boy, although how he really acted was a mystery to almost everyone.

“Hey Y/N. How are you?” You supposed it was rude to continue staring at him with your eyebrows furrowed, so you offered him a friendly smile.

“Hi… I’m good, what about you?” He obviously didn’t sense your confusion as he continued to smile brightly at you, seemingly satisfied with your reply.

“I’m great, thanks for asking. Actually, I originally wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out at some point this week? You know catch up a bit?” What was there to catch up on? Sure, you had been partners a couple of times for school projects but other than that you were never close enough to be considered friends. You, being someone who could never say no in the face of kindness, agreed to his idea.

“Cool! So, I’ll see you at the bubble tea place around the corner on Saturday at 2?” Slowly nodding your head, he placed his hand on your shoulder and presented you with one last smile before jogging off.

What just happened?

A couple of minutes later, you were heading towards your usual table with the boys and Areum when you spotted Jungkook’s perplexed face staring right at you. Sitting down on your seat, he immediately bombarded you with questions.

“Was that Jung-Hoon? He was speaking to you right? What did that bastard want?” Taking a spoon of egg fried rice and stuffing it into your mouth, you slowly chewed whilst allowing Jungkook to finish asking his questions.

“Yes that was Jung-Hoon, yes he was speaking to me and Bastard? He’s a nice guy.” A scoff escaped Jungkook’s lips and he scowled at your last sentence. “Nice guy my ass, that guy is the devil in disguise.”

“Really? He invited me out on Saturday…” Jungkook’s head snapped up so fast, you were sure it was going to fly right off his neck.

“What! You said no right?” When you shook your head he almost choked on his food. “Jungkook… are you jealous?” Surprisingly, he didn’t react to your question and instead looked at you with a seriousness you didn’t know he possessed.

“Yeah, I’m jealous so don’t hang around with that piece of shit.” Letting out a heavy sigh, you began playing with your rice. “It’s too late Jungkook. You know me, I can’t say no when people are being nice.”

“Fucks sake!” He smashed his hand down on the table, effectively bringing the surrounding tables attention on you for a split second before they realised it was just Jungkook getting angry. Knowing about Jungkook’s bad temper, you hadn’t even flinched at his action. You took a sip out of your water bottle, holding his furious glare with a look of indifference. Huffing in annoyance, Jungkook ran a hand through his hair in frustration, calming himself down.

“If that shit hurts you, physically or mentally, i’ll fucking kill him.” Nodding, you beamed at him, happy that you had come to a somewhat normal conclusion.

“Thanks Kookie!” When the nickname left your lips, he looked away whilst rubbing the back of his neck.


“Someone please explain to me why Jungkook has decided to stop being a little bitch after he’s woken me up.” Needless to say, Yoongi complained about how inconsiderate people are for the rest of the lunch break.


The days came and went until Friday arrived and once again Areum was absent from school due to sudden vomiting. You had felt increasingly uncomfortable at the smiles Jung-Hoon had been sending you from across the classroom but decided against telling Jungkook because, let’s be honest, he would lose his shit over it.

You were continuously questioned by Jungkook at lunch, over whether you still wanted to meet up with Jung-Hoon, to which you replied 'yes’ each time. He looked like he wanted to argue more but left it at that when the bell to signal the end of lunch had rang.

When you had reached the end of the school day, Jungkook insisted on walking you home, claiming he wanted to visit your family.

“Why?” Your one word question had grabbed his complete attention and he simply smirked.

“I’m sure your mother misses seeing her child’s 'soulmate’.” Blushing, you began walking ahead in a poor attempt to leave him behind.

“That was like 9 years ago. We’re not 'soulmates’ anymore.” His smirk widened and he peered down at your red face.

“Actually, we’re soulmates until I say we’re not.” Rolling your eyes, you stopped in front of your house, pulling your keys out. When you opened the door, you were immediately greeted with your 15 year-old sister bounding down the stairs and enveloping you in a hug.

“Wow, this is a first. S/N giving me a hug?” She giggled and turned her attention to Jungkook, a look of realisation settling on her face.

“Jungkook!? We haven’t seen you in ages!” He grinned and ruffled your sisters hair, making her smile back.

“I’m impressed you remember me, you were 6 the last time I saw you.”  Your mother emerged from the kitchen, an excited grin planted on her face and you groaned.

“Ah! Jungkook, is that you? You’ve grown up so well!” She proceeded to embrace him as if he was her long lost child and he returned it with as much happiness as her.

“It’s nice to see you, M/N. How are you?” Whilst they broke into a small conversation, you took that as your opportunity to escape to your room. Around ten minutes later, Jungkook followed, throwing himself on your bed.

“Damn, I’ve missed coming here.”

“Don’t get too comfortable. We’re not kids anymore, I’m a grown girl and you’re a grown boy. This isn’t normal for people our age.”

“Yeah, but we’re soulmates remember?” There it was, that word again. Feeling your cheeks heat up, you gaped at his boldness.

“Shut up!” Picking up a pillow, you brought it down on his face with as much force as possible and he only snickered into it.

“You’ll come around eventually.” Deciding to ignore his last comment, you grabbed your books and sat at your desk. Studying was the best way to get him off your back. Or so you thought.

Feeling him place his chin on your shoulder, his natural scent filled your nose and caused the rest of your face to turn red, butterflies settling in your stomach.

“Help me study.” There was no room for arguing and you allowed him to place his own books on your desk and sit beside you.

You ended up tutoring him on topics he struggled with until the sky turned dark and it was time for him to leave. When he had left and you were closing your books, you discovered a note wedged between the pages of your notebook.

'Call me if something happens tomorrow. I won’t forgive that bastard for upsetting my soulmate.’

Why did this note make a delicate smile spread on your lips and make your heart flutter?

You told yourself it was his concern and nothing more.

fwb!yoongi + done

Let’s be friends. Just friends. I’m not ready for a relationship but I expect you to do things with me that are deemed inappropriate in terms of friendship. We’re not together, you can’t claim me, you can’t be with anyone but me. I need you to be loyal but I’ll do whatever I want and when you get mad I’ll remind you we’re not together. If you develop feelings I’ll become distant, if you find yourself feeling things for someone else what you should be feeling for me I’ll become distant. We’re just friends. I told you I’m not ready for a relationship.

His touch was scalding.

“Yoongi… wait.” You murmured between kisses you had denied yourself for weeks, his hands roaming your body in a way that told you he owned you.

But did you own him?

“Don’t wanna” was murmured against the column of your throat. You cocked your head to give him better access all while resting your hands against his chest to push him away.

“I told you…” Another kiss, “I just wanted…” A nip behind your ear, “I came here to talk.”

“And you’re talking,” he hummed, his hands going to the belt of his jeans. “My girls smart… knows how to multitask.”

His girl. His. You belonged to him.

The words served as a bitter reminder of his claim over you, the way he was able to twist your insides with a single look. When had this stopped being a mutual agreement? When did your control over the situation begin to slip from you until you were lost? Lost to Yoongi, lost to your desires, lost to the sheer need to have him, to own and be owned?

The hand resting against his chest was suddenly back under your control, and not a puppet to Yoongi’s irresistible touch, at the painful reminder.

“I said stop.” You bit out.

It was embarrassing, how he had you wrapped around his finger. How talking turned to heavy petting, turned to his hands down your pants and your top missing.

Yoongi let out an annoyed sigh, but pulled himself from on top of you, watching as your hands moved to shield your naked body from him.

He rolled his eyes before giving you his back to fiddle with something on his dresser, “I have something to do in a little bit, is this going to take long?”

You scoffed, “You didn’t have something to do when you were three fingers deep, but now that you have to hold an actual conversation with me you’re miraculously busy?”

“God,” he groaned, “I fucking hate when you get like this. How many times do I have to tell you-”

“We’re just fucking?” You laughed bitterly, “I know that.”

“Are you sure you do?” He cocked an eyebrow. “Because I don’t think you can separate the two.”

“Don’t patronize me, Yoongi. I came here to tell you I’m done and I want the key to my apartment back. You can pick your shit up when you have time, just text me and I’ll leave it outside the door.”

A sharp glint reflected in the dark pools of Yoongi’s eyes and you had physically refrain from smacking the smirk from his face. As much as Yoongi claimed this wasn’t s relationship, (and it wasn’t, relationship insinuated both parties had equal say in every decision and that was clearly never the case with Min Yoongi), he was still extremely possessive, wanted absolute control over every aspect of whatever fucked up unrequited fling the two of you had going on. He called the shots, not you. You didn’t get a say in when you met up or where, you also didn’t get to end it. Only he did, when he decided he was done with you.

And the look in his eye told you Min Yoongi was far from done with you.

“For someone who claims to know the difference between a relationship and fuck buddies, this sure does feel like a break up.” He chuckled, your stare withered on him.

“You know, it wouldn’t be so hard for me to tell the difference if you weren’t fucking with my head constantly.” You bit out.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he sighed, reaching to tug on an oversized black sweater. The one that was your favorite. The one you used to steal and walk around scantily clad in nothing else but a pair of undies. The one that used to make Yoongi’s mouth water and gaze follow you around your apartment until he was pressed up behind you, whispering about how he needed your help with something in the bedroom.

You rolled your eyes at him, already re-fastening your jeans before carding your fingers through your bed head. “Really? So it wasn’t you who visited Jimin’s work the other night?”

“Who?” Yoongi murmured, but you could tell he was biting back a smirk.

“Jimin. The guy I’m dating. He works at a coffee shop, Yoongi. He called me last night to let me know he couldn’t see me anymore and that it was unfair of me to include him in my drama.”

Park Jimin. A fools dream. Your last shot at redemption from whatever purgatory Yoongi had dragged you into. He was so pure, and sweet almost childlike. He didn’t make your heart flip flop like it did when you first met Yoongi, instead his eye smile and gentleness had acted like a balm for your battered soul.

It was for the better. Someone as sweet and tolerant and kind as Jimin didn’t deserve to pick up Min Yoongi’s pieces, didn’t deserve to deal with a problem he didn’t create.

At 21 you were too jaded, too broken and battered to hope for more than stability. You had tried for passion, had tasted the double edged sword of desire. At this point you didn’t need a love that burned like a thousand suns, you could settle for a mutual attraction that eased you gently into old age, surrounded you like a warm blanket. You didn’t need butterflies when you could settle for the sense of calm Jimin brought whenever he touched you. It wasn’t love but love was fickle and cruel and took no prisoners.

Love was Min Yoongi.

Anger churned itself in your belly as you were reminded of how Jimin had initially stammered a hello before giving you a rushed lecture on how your dishonesty disgusted him and how he wasn’t okay with seeing a girl with a boyfriend.

You snickered bitterly at that.

Yoongi was the farthest thing from boyfriend material. When you had first met him, amidst all the whispered poetry and beautiful gifts and sweet texts you were able to delude yourself into thinking so. You were able to ignore the way his hand tightened around yours, almost painfully so, when you even glanced in the direction of another male, kin or otherwise.

You ignored the way he marked your skin, even after directly expressing your discomfort at having to parade around work like some hussy.

Ignored the way he slowly isolated you, made you dependent on him, helped you push away friends, family until you were lost to him. Clinging to him. Desperate for him.

He was just a little insecure, you had told yourself. And… his jealousy was flattering. It made your heart flutter when he would pin you in, slightly drunk, slurring, asking if you were fucking other men. Making you scream and cry until you were both a blubbering mess, his grip on your wrist bruising. Angry sex was the best sex right? You could cover the fingerprints on your neck with concealer, you decided while he petted your hair soothingly, whispering quiet apologies against your throat, trailing kisses to your breast bone.

He was just… passionate you had told yourself. It made you swoon how he would come home late from the studio, frustrated and tired from days of work without any real productivity. Your belly flipped at the way he would rip the blankets from your body, yank your legs apart, take all of his frustrations out on you, tell you he just… he just really needed this, needed you. It never crossed your mind that this was a violation. If it were you wouldn’t feel so good, be able to come so hard, he wouldn’t be so gentle after, curled into you with his head on your breast, letting you coddle him and coo sweet reassurances.

He was lonely. You couldn’t leave him. He suffered from depression and you could relate to that. It felt good to be depended on, you couldn’t give that up just yet. He needed you. Taehyung could wait. You didn’t really need to help your sister, a wedding wasn’t as pressing or as urgent as Yoongi’s mental health. He needed you.

You shook your head, you couldn’t blame him for this. It was all your doing. If you were stupid enough to be manipulated by Min Yoongi you deserved to feel the crushing sadness, stress, and anxiety of being completely and utterly alone.

“I’m done.” You said softly, so quietly beaten, defeated, overcome with your depression. You were sinking, “I’m done with this. Give back the key or don’t, I’m changing the locks. Pick up your stuff, or don’t, I’ll donate it. I don’t care anymore. I’m… finished with whatever this is.”

You moved to make your way out of his apartment, your entire body numb, succumbing to the crushing weight of your depression. You didn’t feel relief, or joy or even sadness. You couldn’t feel anything other than the grip on your wrist, preventing you from leaving. You lifted your head, turning to face the man who had ruined you for all else, for yourself. “… Please.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened as if seeing you for the first time in months, but just as quickly as it came, his emotions were gone, concealed, locked away into the normal mask he wore daily.

“What’s between us will never be done, you know that right?” He said quietly, his stare challenging you to defy him, to disagree.

Small fingers gently pried at his own and Yoongi glanced down to see you disengaging his hold on you. Emotionally and physically, he mused.

“There’s nothing left for me to give. So even if this will always be an open-ended chapter in my miserable life since I met you, Yoongi I’m sucked dry. You took everything from me, my happiness, sadness, anger. You’re a leech,” you said gently.

He cocked back as if you slapped him. You were reading him, he thought. You were seeing him, finally. The words leaving your mouth weren’t out of malice or spite, you were just stating facts.

It cut deep.

“You will always be a leech. I chose to ignore it so it’s my fault too,” you nodded, “I used your depression, your anxiety as a crutch, the same way you did. I used it to excuse your behavior and your abuse, and now I’m paying the price. But just because you’re hurting doesn’t give you the right to lash out, Yoongi.” You murmured, a hand cupped gently around his face. You leaned up to kiss his forehead lightly.

“I’ll show myself out.”

Yoongi stood still in the spot where you left, minutes maybe hours, it felt like months before he finally moved. His chest felt like it was caving, it felt as though you had blown a hole straight through the middle. Was he having a heartattack? Could it be induced by heartbreak?

It was all too dramatic for him. Min Yoongi wasn’t a frivolous person, he didn’t fall victim to things like heartache. He wasn’t capable of feeling more than amusement or cold satisfaction that trickled through him when he made another notch in his bedpost.

Or so he thought.

“You fucking bitch!”

His shout of anger pierced through the dingy walls of his apartment, traveling to rock a tremor through your fragile psyche. You heard the familiar noise of glasses and fine china being shattered, each one you knew was a punch he wouldn’t dare land on you. He never needed to, his actions spoke decibels of what he wanted to do you. It was all too familiar a scene. The way he slammed doors, punched walls, broke furniture.

A shiver of anxiety traveled through your body at the thought and you quickened your pace to the elevator, ready to leave every single trace of Min Yoongi in this dirty, old apartment.

anonymous asked:

how would fukuzawa, yosano, dazai, atsushi, chuuya, akutagawa, and koyou react if they are suddenly 'attacked' by their s/o, who jumps at them and starts peppering them with kisses?

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • Never in a million years can you sneak up on Fukuzawa, no matter how hard you try. From the moment he comes within fifteen feet of you, he’ll notice you tucked away in your hiding spot, waiting for him. He’s puzzled, and doesn’t quite know if he should call you out or not, so he simply stares at you quizzically until you decide to strike.
  • When you spring at him, Fukuzawa’s even more confused. A single eyebrow rises as you mount your attack, and he watches you, unsure if he should even as what you’re up to. When you reach him, though, and begin assaulting him with kisses he immediately catches on to your purpose. A satisfied smile stretches across his face as you speckle his skin, lips trailing every inch of his face. After a few moments he lets out a laugh.
  • Without warning, Fukuzawa suddenly flips the tables and sweeps you up into his arms, squishing you in a gigantic, tight hug. He chuckles as you squirm in his grip, but holds firm. Fukuzawa plants a few kisses of his own across your cheeks before setting you down, satisfied. He would never say something so dreadfully cliche out loud, but he’s thankful that he managed to find someone as energetic as you. You spirit helps him feel as though he doesn’t have quite so many years hanging heavy on his shoulders (he may not be all that old yet, but some days, he definitely feels like it).
  • After you’re safely on the ground again, Fukuzawa captures your chin between his thumb and forefinger and tugs you into a deep kiss. Slowly, he massages your lips with his own, pulling you into pure bliss with his teeth and tongue. Where kissing’s involved, Fukuzawa’s hard to beat, and it’s going to take a lot more than a simple surprise attack to one-up him.

Yosano Akiko

  • If there’s anyone that gets wrapped up in their work, it’s Yosano Akiko. Sneaking up on her is no big task, especially if she’s engrossed in paperwork, or perhaps a novel she’s been reading lately. All you need to do is lie in wait until she’s focused on something, and you’re practically guaranteed a successful surprise attack.
  • After you’ve pounced on her, Yosano simply laughs, setting aside whatever was occupying her to fully concentrate on you. Once you’ve pulled her away from something, there’s no escaping her notice; she’s 100%, completely focused on you now. You can’t slip away from Yosano even if you want to.
  • Yosano wraps her arms around you, looping them underneath yours so that your hands still have free range as she holds you. She plants one chaste peck on your lips before pulling back in a silent command to proceed. Yosano remains in your grips, basking in the affection you’re showering her with. No kisses will ever be enough to satiate her voracious appetite for your love, but as long as your lips keep ghosting across her skin, she’s temporarily satisfied. Giggles bubble out of her chest as she threads her hands through your hair, tugging you closer to her skin if she thinks you’re not keeping a fast enough fast.
  • When you’re through, pulling back in an attempt to halt the kiss attack, Yosano immediate grabs for you, tugging your face to be about a breath from hers. “I didn’t say you could stop,” she points out, voice somewhere between a purr and a whine. Be prepared to be showering Yosano with kissses for hours, if you ambush her; she won’t let you go free until she’s satisfied, and that may take a long time.

Dazai Osamu

  • If you think you can surprise Dazai, you’ve got another thing coming. From the moment the idea entered your head to attack the man, he’s had an inkling that a plot’s spinning around in your head. While Dazai’s curiosity prods him to confront you, he also wants the surprise to be genuine. Thus, even though he expects some kind of trick from you, Dazai still lets your sneaking around carry on uninterrupted. 
  • Dazai’s nothing if not an actor; even though he knew something was up, he acts completely surprised when you pounce on him. Flailing wildly, Dazai yelps, pretending like he’s stuck in a life-or-death battle. “Kunikida, Atsushi, someone!” He cries out, grin spread wide across his face as he lets you blanket his skin in kisses. “Help me! I’ve been trapped by a wily vixen!” Dazai falls to the ground, laughter bubbling out as you sprinkle kisses all over his cheeks. 
  • “I won’t go down without a fight!” Dazai proclaims. Suddenly, his fingers dive into your sides, tickling furiously. It’s not the first time he’s used such dirty tactics, and it probably won’t be the last! Dazai tickles you mercilessly until you’re both rolling on the floor, tears leaking out from all the laughter.
  • Whether you win this battle or not all depends on if you keep kissing Dazai. If you dodge his wiggling fingers enough to keep peppering his face, or if you start tickling him back, he’ll cave within five minutes. “I’ve been vanquished…” Dazai laments, sitting up to plant a kiss of his own on your nose. “I’m truly no match for you, my darling __________.”

Nakajima Atsushi

  • If Atsushi’s wrapped in what he’s doing, slipping into your hiding place and springing out on him is nearly effortless. He’s completely oblivious to your presence until your arms suddenly twist around him, mischief in your eyes and a grin spread across your face. He’s nearly thrown off balance and almost topples to the ground, but Atsushi doesn’t care. He’s already smiling (albeit a bit nervously) before you even plant your lips on him.
  • The moment you start spreading kisses here-there-and-everywhere all over Atsushi’s face, a crayon-pink blush explodes across his cheeks under your lips. He explodes into a fit of adorable giggles, throwing his arms out before wrapping them around you in a tight hug. Atsushi squirms under the volley of smooches; he’s ridiculously ticklish, and the fact that you’re simply not letting up isn’t helping anything!
  • As long as nobody else is watching you, Atsushi inevitably catches your kissing bug and soon returns a few pecks of his own.  His arms playfully tighten around you so that you’re trapped, and then he starts lightly peppering kisses along your cheekbones in between the little smooches from you. Soon a competition’s raging between you; who can kiss the other the most without being interrupted by a kiss?  
  • If anyone else is around, Atsushi soon grows too embarrassed by your little shower of affection and buries his face in your neck, laughing. He giggles out a breathless “Stop! Truce, truce, I submit!”. Honestly, though, Atsushi doesn’t really want you to knock it off. He’s perfectly content if you ignore his pleas, and go on splattering kisses across his skin.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Catching Chuuya unawares is a truly difficult task, but if you’re truly commited, you can sneak up on him if he’s on the middle of some important paperwork or something of that nature. He sees you coming before you reach him, naturally, but he stays still, letting you pounce on him without a fuss, even if he’s a bit confused.
  • As soon as your lips start hitting his skin in light little kisses, Chuuya’s face breaks out in a grin as his arms wrap around you. You’re just so cute, he can’t handle it! A laugh rumbles out of Chuuya’s chest as he stands still for a few beats, just appreciating this sudden burst of affection.
  • Chuuya, though, is never one to be outdone, even by you. He doesn’t let you smother his skin for long before his arms shift and he’s suddenly sweeping you off your feet, his strong arms capturing you so that you can’t resist. As soon as you’re pinned in his grasp, comfortably encircled in his arms, Chuuya turns the tables.
  • Chuuya peppers you with kisses instead, a grin plastered against his face as his lips travel all over your skin, attacking here and there until you’re a blushing, giggling mess. He does relish affection, to be sure; but with things like this, why receive when you can give? Chuuya loves to get your face flushed and laughter bubbling from your chest, and he’ll do anything to make you smile.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

  • For how guarded Akutagawa is, pouncing on him from the shadows in a sneak attack is surprisingly easy. Dealing with him afterward is the tricky part. When your arms clasp around him, intending to pull him into sweet little kisses, he immediately tenses. Akutagawa’s attack mode flips on instantly, and it’s a good thing you’re planting your lips on the back of his neck, because otherwise Rashomon might’ve skewered you. The only thing that saves you from a self-defending smack is the fact that Akutagawa recognizes you’re the only person that would dare kiss him.
  • Sighing, Akutagawa turns to face you, the tiniest of carnation pink blushes blooming across his face as you lean to splatter kisses across his cheeks. After you’ve thoroughly covered his face, he sends you a glare (there’s no real heat in it, of course; Akutagawa’s just upset that you could’ve been hurt by catching him off guard). “You know I don’t appreciate surprises,” he grumps, though he doesn’t push you away. He immediately panics when he notices your face fall, obviously hurt by his words. “I suppose, though, this one’s fine…” Akutagawa trails off before deciding he can’t just leave you crestfallen and without kisses.
  • Tipping your face to his, Akutagawa sweeps his lips over yours, settling once you’re firmly comfortable in his arms. He lavishes affection across your mouth, teeth and tongue slowly working against yours as you melt into his grip. Akutagawa cuts it off when you’re both out of breath and have entirely forgotten his less-than-thrilling reaction to your surprise kiss attack. “Next time,” he requests, planting a tiny kiss on your nose for good measure, “warn me, and I promise I’ll enjoy every kiss you give.” With that, Akutagawa’s back to his business like nothing ever happened.

Ozaki Kouyou

  • Nobody sneaks up on Kouyou; no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to spring a surprise attack on this woman. From the moment you get positioned, Kouyou’s entirely aware where you are. She knows you’re up to something, even if she’s not sure what. Kouyou won’t call you out; your antics intruige her too much for her to ask you just what you’re up to. She simply waits, side-eyeing you, until you make your move. 
  • “My, you’re excitable today,” Kouyou chuckles as you spring your attack, peppering kisses up and down her skin. Usually, she’s not one for bubbly displays of affection, but when you’re wound up, she can’t help but catch a bit of your vivacity. 
  • Kouyou lets you smother her in light kisses for awhile, leaning into you. Gently wrapping her arms around your waist, she simply basks in your presence, a tiny smile flirting with the edges of her lips.
  • Eventually, Kouyou grows restless with your sweet display. Catching your chin between her thumb and forefinger, she halts you mid-kiss. “Now, my dear, you know you shouldn’t be so teasing for such a long time,” she purrs, tugging you flush against her. Pulling your face to hers, Kouyou plants her soft lips gently against yours, slowing shifting against your skin. Slowly but surely, she takes control of the kiss, letting her tongue slip out to taunt your mouth. Kouyou doesn’t mind sweetness, and she’ll accept any affection from you; just don’t be surprised when she pulls you down into something deeper, shifting the mood from lighthearted to sensual in a few expert moves.

I really love Carey Fangbattle so just a little hc dump about team sweet flips and her best bro/student Magnus. 

  • Carey being the first to learn about Julia and going home and just holding onto a very confused Killian saying how much she loves her over and over again. 
  • Carey+Killian switch on who decides dates but they’re the couple who turns everything into a little date. Trips to storage? Date. Chilling in the laundry room eating bad BOB food? Date. Killian kicking Magnus’ ass in a wrestling match? Date. 
  • Carey will just stare at Killian’s muscles and thank god. She’s just…thankful. 
  • “Babe I love your thighs.” “I know Carey.” “Like babe you could kill me with these.” “I know Carey.” “Babe….I would totally be ok with you killing me with your thighs.” “I know Carey. You tell me every night.” “BUT IT’S TRUE.” 
  • She keeps training Mags and wastes no chances on teasing him and playing keep away with his personal items (Angus personal request) 
  • Carey talking to Magnus about a wedding plans and then backtracking because dead wife zone but Magnus just waving it off and helping her get stuff together. 
  • Magnus making a gazebo for them and walking Carey down the aisle (The director marries them, Merle is KIllian’s best man, and Taako makes some food for the guests. They leave a seat open in the front row for Boyland.) 
  • Magnus is letting out the LOUDEST sobs the entire time like just wailing and muttering “They’re just…so in love…and im so happy for them…” and Taako patting his back while Merle cries much quieter into a hankey. 
  • Kravitz being Taako’s plus one and it is awkward for everyone but Taako who doesn’t notice  why bringing ur boyfriend who tried to kill your friends and is also literally death to a wedding could be awkward. 
  • Carey throws the flowers at kravitz by the way and Taako doesn’t understand.
  • Cary and Killian actually go off base (In a wedding themed canon blast off) for their honeymoon and just have a week off. 
  • Magnus sitting in the Killian+Carey home talking about his crush on (whoever you ship w/ Mags if you ship him here)and Killian tries to give advice while Carey just keeps singing the kissing in a tree song. 
  • She rarely does it but when Killian starts laughing she snorts and gasps for air and Carey has a quiet giggle that steadily gets louder the longer you keep them going. Some nights they’re just rag on every member of BOB and just howl with laughter.
  • Carey and Killian having code words and little thing they do before missions to keep each other safe. Like a “If I say this you absolutely have to trust me no matter what” and they usually kiss and say “I’ll see you when I get home” instead of goodbye because its bad luck. 
  • I’m still not over the idea of Carey casually bringing up “Whose Julia” after she hears Mags ask Kravitz about her and Magnus getting really quiet before telling her, and by the end of it she’s sobbing and tells him to talk to her if she needs anything. Carey just going home red eyed and asking KIllian if they could stay in and just cuddle and watch a movie and it’s one of the first times Carey EVER worries about what would happen if one of them got hurt during a mission. 
  • Killian and Carey have a long talk and breaking it down about how they need to trust each other and how they’re too good at their job for something bad to happen. 
  • I just really love team sweet flips and Magnus+Carey sister brother duo. 
It’s Been Awhile

Member: Dino

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,417

A/N: Made it gender neutral instead of the reader being a girlfriend, hope that’s okay. 

You should’ve placed a bet on how quickly Chan would change from shy, sweet boyfriend to embodiment of teenage hormones once the other members left the practice room. If there was one word to describe this boy it was impatient, he was teeth and nails and other things full of sin. Chan was a light switch, ready to flip on the drop of a hat, Chan was a flame with a constant flicker that reminded you even the most vital things in your life weren’t always stable.

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The Serpent and the Mouse

Character: Neville Longbottom

Prompt: (Requested)

Neville tumbled down the steps of the Gryffindor Tower in his usual state of constant panic, mumbling under his breath and constantly apologizing to those he ran right into, his cheeks flushed a deep rose.

He had woken up late that morning, and was about to late for his Potions class, of all the possible things he could be late for it had to be Potions.

It was known to almost anyone with a working pair of eyes and ears that Professor Snape had a strong dislike for any of the Gryffindor students. But he seemed to take a certain kind of additional joy in tormenting Neville anytime the opportunity arised.

When Neville managed to work up the nerve to open the large wooden door that lead into the Potions classroom, his shoulders slumped and his head meekly gazed to the other students already seated.

“Enjoy your little morning stroll, Longbottom?” The deep and stern voice of Professor Snape called out from his desk, his dark and cold eyes staring straight at him.

“Uh…no, sir,” Neville said quietly as his hands tightly clenched his textbook, trying to calm his nerves. “I slept in too late, sir.”

Snape hummed lowly, his bony fingers tapping on the dark wood of his desk. “Assigned partners for the year have already been chosen, but because of your sudden lack of keeping the time, I’ll just have to place you myself.”

Snape looked on at the rows of desks until his eyes landed on you, sitting at one of the seats closest to the windows, and a large and queer smirk spread across his face. “Why don’t you join Miss (L/n)?” He asked in an overly enthusiastic tone.

Neville was about to rush to his seat, but he saw the emerald tie standing out against your grey sweater vest and he froze still, his eyes going wide.

“Have you lost the ability to walk as well?” Snape snapped. “To your seat, Longbottom.”

Neville sluggishly moved to the seat beside you, shyly sitting down and trying to make as little noise as possible.

Your gaze was still firmly planted in the thick book you were reading, you hadn’t looked up from it once or noticed his sudden presence.

Neville swallowed nervously and his hands fumbled in his laps, for whatever the reason, his eyes glanced over at you every so often and his cheeks felt warm.

“You don’t have to look so nervous you know, I’m not gonna snap on you.” Your voic came from beside him, eyes still focused on the words on the pages.

Neville jumped whenever you addressed him, his head slowly turned to you. “O-Oh!, yes right.” He choked, trying to compose himself.

You sighed unhappily, taking a few seconds to glance at the frightened boy who tried to distance himself as much as possible from you.

This always happend.

You never understood why.

Sure, Slytherins didn’t have the most fabulous track record when it came to friendly or good wizards, but that didn’t mean all of you were total gits.

Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived, was once a Slytherin. Andromeda Lestrange was one too, and she ended up all right.

At least that’s the sort of thing you told yourself whenever you got particularly saddened by the house you’d been given.

Your parents didn’t seem to care that much.

Your mother was an easy going Ravenclaw, who was one of the most creative people you’d ever met. And your father was a humble Hufflepuff who could always make you smile. They both actively told you how wonderful of a person you were and that your house didn’t solely define you.

And it didn’t.

You got along with everyone that crossed paths with you, even Draco Malfoy was pleasant with you and you’d only spoken to him a handful of times.

But you were a sweet person, who knew how to make others laugh with your clever remarks and witty banter.

“Did you hear the assignment?” You asked him, closing your book and turning to him.

Neville shook his head, setting his potions book on the work table and waited for you to go on.

“It’s simple really, just a sleeping draft,” You told him, taking his book and flipping to the correct page.

Neville watched your finger trace down a line over the ingredients, and you hummed whenever you reached the end.

“Would you mind getting these from the cupboard? I can get the cauldron ready.” You offered.

Neville’s head tilted a millimeter and he blinked, he’d never spoken to so softly and kindly by most other students, let alone a Slytherin.

“Uh…sure.” He said, tripping slightly on his stool as he made to get up from it, moving to the students supply for ingredients.

True to your word, the cauldron was already bubbling whenever he returned to the table.

“Do you want to handle the ingredients?” You asked him as you started to organize the various bottles and jars.

“I would offer, but I’m afriad I’d ruin the whole thing.” He said shyly as he tugged at his sleeves.

You gave him a small smile. “Do you have difficulty with potions?”

“A little, yes, if I’m being honest,” Neville replied, suddenly feeling more at ease when he saw your smile. “I’ll follow the instructions just fine, but then something happens and it all gets ruined.”

You started to grind up some lavender, not bothering with the textbook instructions. “See that’s the misconception a lot of people make,” You began as you let the crumpled flower fall into the boiling water. “It’s a bit more than following the book, you have to understand the intent behind what you’re doing and try to go with what feels right.”

Neville scoffed slightly, his eyes watching you curiously as your hands moved to and fro. “Well I can tell you getting a puff of smoke in your face certainly doesn’t feel right.”

You laughed, picking up your wand and making small incantations into the cauldron. “It’s take a bit of practice and time,” You told him, moving your gaze to meet his. “I could help you if you want.”

Neville felt the back of his neck get warm, for a whole different reason this time though, and he nodded his head. “I’d like that a lot, thanks.”

You placed the lid of the cauldron on and held your hand out for him. “My name’s (Y/n), by the way.”

Neville grinned and shook your hand. “And I’m Neville.”

A few minutes passed and you raised your hand for Professor Snape to grade your work.

He lifted the lid and placed a small vile into the liquid, nodding approvingly whenever he saw the sheer purple color of it. Snape lifted it under his nose and a small, almost sincere smile was on his face. “Excellent work as usual, Miss (L/n).”

And with so much as a nod to Neville, Snape strode away to yell at a pair of studets flinging beatles at each other.

Neville felt the air finally escape his nose and he looked at you in a sort of state of admiration. “You’ve got to be the only student he likes, I could’ve given him the best potion he’s ever seen and he’d still deduct me on points because I couldn’t tell him eight uses for nightshade.”

You snorted, beginning to clean up your workspace. “Perhaps, but he’s always been somewhat nice to me. Dad says I have that kind of effect on people.”

“I can see why.” Neville said suddenly, until he realized how it came across and he instantly when pink.

“I-I didn’t mean that in a weird way or anything, I was just trying to compliment you and-”

“Thanks.” You said simply, looking at him kindly. “First compliment I’ve gotten from a Gryffindor that’s for sure.”

Guilt immediately overcame Neville as he thought of how rude he must have seemed earlier, he deducted you probably got that kind of treatment a lot.

Recognizing the look on his face you shrugged your shoulders. “Don’t worry about it, happens all the time.”

“I still feel bad though, I probably seemed like a right proper prick.”

“One of the nicest pricks I’ve ever met.” You told him as he laughed.

“Tell you what, make it up to me and help me with my herbology essay?”

Neville’s eyes lit up brightly, and you could see that they were a lovely shade of hazel, a kaleidoscope of darker hues.

“I’d love to.”

deliciousvulpana  asked:

Could you please do that love letter prompt with UT Sans, UT Grillby, UT Gaster and UF Sans? I really loved your response the first time.


He almost completely misses it. 

It’s sitting on the welcome mat–weird, usually people just put it in the mailbox. Whoever wanted him to see this must have been really determined to catch his attention. Ah, well, no use getting around it. Just another bill or invitation, right? Right. Probably.

So when he turns it over, & sees the little heart-shaped stamp on the front, he’s already amused. Was this meant for Papyrus? No, that’s definitely his name on the back. Huh, he doesn’t get these often.

Then he opens it. Oh, that’s your handwriting. He’d recognize it anywhere. You wrote him a letter, babe? Sweet. Ah. It’s a love letter. Double-sweet. Sure, he’s quiet the entire time he reads it, but it doesn’t mean he’s bored. He’s just taking it in. The way you describe your love for him, your dedication, well. If he could, he’d be a blushing pile of bones.

He plays coy when you ask him about it later. Letter? What letter? He didn’t get a. Oh. That letter. Yeah, he got a few invitations, a bill or two, & this weird little note…from the guys down at Grillby’s. Alright, alright. 

He’s kidding babe, thanks for the present.


For a moment, he goes to trash it. It’s scribbled on a napkin, with a lipstick stain on the corner. Probably some customer’s number they left without actually meaning to–that’s his name there. Well, that just makes things more awkward. Until he realizes, skimming the note, that that’s your handwriting he’s looking at. He hadn’t even noticed you’d stopped in.

…It’s sweet. You always did have a way with words, & it’s no doubt about their effect on him. He’s quiet while he reads, but his flames steadily grow warmer & warmer with each flush of adoration & affection that blooms inside him at your proclamations of love. After a moment, he chuckles, folding the napkin & neatly tucking it into his breast pocket.

Sometimes, you can really be too much. But that’s why he loves you.

Undertale-W.D. Gaster:

You have to slide it under the door of his lab. He doesn’t even seem to notice, until you give several quick knocks to cement your action & take off. Only then does he even remotely turn his head from his work.

Oh, a letter. For him? How quaint.

He snatches it up, flips it open, & skims it briefly, expecting something like a request from the king or an excuse from one of his assistant’s about their absence from today’s schedule or whatnot. Instead, he’s nearly knocked off his feet by the scent of florals & sickly sweet words. This is…a love letter.

Oh my. Surely this was sent to the wrong…of course it couldn’t be for…who would even…? Oh, of course! There’s you, isn’t there? He checks the cameras for confirmation. Oh, you sneaky little devil, leaving him such a choice gift without so much as a warning. Now you’ve flustered him.

He laughs & slips the note into his bag, mind racing with the different ways he can get you back for this.

It’s going to be a fun time.


There’s a note tucked under his napkin. His immediate reaction is to roll his eyes & grunt. Probably Grillby trying to get his damn tab paid, again. He already told him he was good for the money, he just needed more time–!

This ain’t a payment notice.

That’s a fuckin love letter. The realization is immediate. He almost doesn’t believe it at first, thinks he’s hallucinating. It smells like sugar & flowers, & the handwriting’s all rosy & gooey. Makes him feel nauseous. Who the fuck…?

He catches you behind the counter, taking your latest stack of trays from Grillby as he sends you on another round. Babe, seriously? You little minx, he can’t believe it. Alright, alright, you got him, the fuck is this about?

He reads it again. Goddamn it it’s too sappy, he’s gonna vomit.

He reads it again. He’s gonna chew you out once you’re home, you oughta know that.

He reads it again. …It’s kinda nice.

He reads it again.


It was everything I wanted it to be. Some highlights:

- This movie was High School Musical meets Disney Fairy Tale AU meets honestly impressive Broadway-style dance routines?? what I’m saying is the whole movie was a highlight, bless.

- Their fencing style is not… how fencing works? but it looks cool so idk

- “WE CARE ABOUT THE RULES!!!” Bro all of your teammates just broke out of formation to do fancy parkour flips. Please. You’re playing Calvinball with swords.

- the sub-plot of “Who has custody of this 3D printer”

- The two main ladies heading off for some sort-through-conflicting-emotions talk and the two main guys saying NO WE’RE YOUR FAMILY TOO LET US HELP. And they all have a sit-down and a good talk and it’s very sweet.

- the abusive parents undertone and how downright SCARED these kids are to go back to the Isle. Not a happy thing, but I like that no one writing for these movies is going to pretend that any of the villains were/would be good parents

- The prince disguising himself as a villain to infiltrate the Isle and the three villain kids looking at him like ‘this boy is going to die’

- related: the prince getting a lecture/song-and-dance/makeover to help him blend in with the bad guys but he still gets caught after 5 seconds because he is SO BAD AT BEING MEAN (gpoy)

- every extra in the background of “Chillin’ like a Villain” who just does not give a damn about the four kids dancing & singing their way through the Mean Streets

- I was going to be annoyed by the “Son of Cruella/Daughter of the Fairy Godmother” relationship, but it was really cute by the end. (”Oh!! does this mean we can… hold hands??? and… I can text you all the time about how great you are?? because you’re really cute and sweet and I’m the luckiest girl!”/”Me, too – I’m the luckiest girl!!! I mean guy!”)

- nothing can unconvince me that the Son of Jafar and the Daughter of Mulan are not bad-ass bros/wingmen who tag-team flirt with girls

- the whole movie’s aesthetic being Disney meets Hot Topic meets Fingerless Gloves For Everyone

- the main villains in Descendants were VILLAINS but they still buckled their seat-belts in the car; meanwhile, the same characters in Descendants 2 are GOOD GUYS but they no longer buckle their seat-belts. What is this inconsistency

- The prince’s ‘oh man my girlfriend turned into a DRAGON and she’s WONDERFUL” expression

- ANYTHING with the trope “Villains/reformed villains defend THEIR heroes from other villains” will melt my heart, I love it, especially if the villains are no-holds-barred and don’t hold themselves to the moral standards of the heroes

- related: the main couple being a Slytherin girl/Hufflepuff guy pairing

- Uma’s hair??? It looks so cool??? I was so charmed by it for the whole movie even though god that looks really inconvenient for fight scenes

- also Uma just being a darn good actress with some really good dialogue delivery. She had all the right pauses and never came off as goofy or hokey when she was talking which is something the first movie really struggled with (and oh boy some of the dialogue was a wreck waiting to happen)

- “HOSTAGE EXCHANGE GIVE ME WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW OR THE PRINCE DIES but first we need to Shark vs. Jets at each other for a good five minutes, okay? okay cool”

- 20-minute sword-fight.

- the son of Captain Hook using/being openly attached to his dad’s hook aww


Don’t Break My Heart- daryl x reader part one

Summary: You are pregnant with Daryl’s child but he doesn’t believe its his.

Note: Part 2 will be on its way soon!!

Warning: angst, fluff, swearing

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

“Come here baby”

You let out a small giggle as you felt Daryl’s hands run up your waist and over your hips. You turned around in the cell bed and faced him, admiring his messy bed head. He smiled as he saw you and he brought you in for kiss.

“Morning” you smiled up at him, running a hand over his bare chest.

You turned onto your back again as you rested your head on Daryl’s arm, but the change in movement suddenly made you feel sick. Daryl noticed some colour drain from your face and he leaned up on his elbows.

“(Y/n)?” he questioned.

You were about to reply but you knew this feeling all too well. If you opened your mouth you knew you would vomit everywhere. You quickly jumped out of the bed, already feeling the contents in your stomach making their way up to your mouth. As soon as your knees hit the floor, bile and beans came shooting into the metal toilet bowl. You started to heave as your stomach was essentially empty with the little food your group had. You were so busy concentrating on not gagging that you didn’t even notice Daryl holding your hair back. Once you were done, you leaned your back against the cold wall and thanked Daryl for keeping your hair out of the way.

“That’s the second time this has happened” Daryl spoke, sitting back on the bed. “Are you ill or something?”

You looked at Daryl and then back to the floor. It was time you told him what you knew. It wasn’t fair to keep this from him but you didn’t know how he would react. He could either flip out and go mad, or he could be sweet and excited. There was no in between with Daryl but you felt like you knew him by now. You let your head fall back against the wall as you looked at Daryl.

“I’m gonna tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out” you said, watching as Daryl’s face turned serious. “I’m pregnant”

You bit your lip, tensing up as the words left your mouth. Daryl kept his eyes on you, almost thinking this was a joke. You were starting to doubt your decision and you stood from the floor. “Say something” you said, taking a step towards him but he stood up suddenly, his body towering over you.

“Whose is it?” he asked, taking you by surprise.

“The hell do you mean whose is it? I’ve only ever been with you-”

“Na, I’ve seen the way you look at Rick, you two got something goin’ on that I don’t know about!” he shouted, cutting you completely off.

“Daryl that’s not true” you said, keeping your voice calm in hopes of calming him down. “There’s nothing between me and Rick or anyone. It’s just you and me baby”

“Don’t lie to my face (y/n)” he spat.

“I’m not lying! Think about it, I’ve only ever slept with you, you took my damn virginity back on the farm for fuck sake!”

“Fuck!” Daryl shouted out in frustration and slammed his fists against the wall. You took a step back and you felt your heart starting to crumble.

“Don’t break my heart” you whispered, placing a hand protectively over your stomach.

“Don’t break your heart? You’ve already broken mine with your lies and betrayal!”

“I’m not lying!” you shouted again, loud enough that even the walkers could have heard you.

“What’s going on in here, your shouting woke the baby”  

Your attention was turned to the cell door as you saw Beth standing with the baby in her arms. Its eyes were just closing after being awoken by your argument.

“Nothin’, I was just leaving” Daryl said, angrily grabbing his leather jacket before looking at you one last time and stalking out the room. Beth gave you a nervous look before walking off with the baby and leaving you alone, wrapped in your confused, hurt and scared thoughts.

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