how flipping sweet would that be

how does harry manage to update his fashion sense with each of his eras?

2012 - sweet dorky kid who might offer to pay for your ice cream and will want to “take it slow, yeah?”

2013 - some bratty frat boy who always gets what he wants but you would still let him fuck up your life

2014 - the matured ex frat boy who left the frat when he got educated on “no means no” and “rape culture” & switched his major to art or some bullshit like that

2015 - that one guy who spends WAY too much time at record stores flipping through queen and the rolling stones commenting about how he “listened to this shit wayyy before it was fucking hipster” even tho he was born in the ‘90s

2016 - the cute new dude who your boss just hired and all the girls (and some guys) in the office have a crush on and so you try to find him on social media but he has absolutely none

2017 - intimidating as fuck guy who gets iced coffee every single morning at 7 am with some weird ass bell bottoms on but when you actually have a convo he just starts crying about how much he loves the bees and “we need to save them at all costs”

Tol & Smol Prompts

I wanted to do a couple of these, because I love writing them, as a relatively “smol” person. Hope you enjoy them!

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  • Tol is reading a book and Smol is trying to get their attention
  • Smol has trouble reaching something on the top shelf so Tol has to help them
  • Smol/Tol is obsessed with Smol/Tol’s hands because of the size difference
  • Smol sometimes gets mistaken for a child and gets defensive so Tol has to calm them down
  • Tol and Smol have a habit of writing “Tol” and “Smol” on each other’s papers
  • Tol and Smol have a lot of the same classes and whenever Smol is sad, Tol gives them piggyback rides from class to class
  • Tol gets asked out a lot when Smol goes with them to bars so whenever a person flirts with Tol, Smol gets defensive and is ready to fight
  • Tol is always coming up behind Smol and kissing their head, hugging their waist, covering their eyes, etc. and despite it having started months (or years) ago, it still always surprises Smol
  • Tol is hogging the blankets, so Smol tries to roll them over, but after many failures, Smol just snuggles closer.
  • Smol tosses and turns in their sleep and usually ends up rolled up in the covers, leaving Tol in the cold, but Tol just smiles and cuddles their happy lil sushi roll
  • Smol has sleep problems and Tol tries to stay awake with them most nights and they soon run out of things to do, so they decide to try 2 AM baking
  • Tol is a kind, gentle sweetheart, and Smol is their adorable little ball of fire
  • Tol and Smol are dancing and Tol makes a joke about Smol’s size so Smol retaliates by pulling Toll down to their height and teasing them about being stronger
  • Tol helps Smol clean their closet and starts flipping their shit over how tiny Smol’s clothes are. Bonus points if Tol calls Smol their “Little doll”

If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:)

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Favorite timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme, my FAVORITE THING TO DO. IT’S TIME FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WWE COMMENTARY WITH SHANNON YAYYYYYYYYY though it should prob just be called Wrestling Commentary with Shannon bc I do people out of the wwe sometimes too. 

Growly baby, grr. 


Listen to me, this gif. Thsi fucking gif is the sexiest thing I have ever ever ever seen in my entrie life. LIKE THE HAIR PUSH BACK THE LITTLE BREKTHY TURNING INTO A SMIRK LIEK LSGM.G mfl

HE IS BITING. AND HAS MOUTH GUARD. BITING. MOUTH. GUARD. BELT. Too much, overload sorry goodbye. 

Like, this pic is super hot but all I can focus on in knee bear. Who I have named Koda. After Brother Bear. 


Like, I don’t think I’ve ever watned someone to flip me off more??? How is he so hot? 

He looks so good in this outfit, like this whole ensemble is 1000/10. Tie me up with the tie, I would be okay with it. 

Sweet lil baby peach. :’) I love this so. 

okay okay okay but hear me out… Imagine him looking up at you like that when you’re scolding him or something, like and you look back and you’re like what? AND THEN BAM YOU GET FUCKED. 


He looks so cute here. Like one of those pop punk band bassists or something okay. (also looks like a fuck boy but eh) 

He looks so good in this jean vest thingy??? Like??? WH Y D OESN’T HE WEAR IT MORE BURY MY ASS IN THIS VEST. 

Cute lil baby peach :’) Honestly can you believe. 

Come bite me next daddy. 


He looks so relaxed and gym ready here I’m. 




“Shannon how many biting pics do you have?” Ya know what, maybe if this BOY DIDN’T BITE EVERYTHING IWOULDN’T HAVE THIS MANY, HOW ABOUT THAT CAROL? 



Yeah, you guys, he was Team Rocket ADN HE FOUGHT PIKACHU I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOY

Lil bean took a selfie in a giant bean


Contribution to bae’s @hardcorewwetrash Thirst Party Saturday. 

Exo reacting to you being whiny/fussy while sexually frustrated

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A/N: (Requested by anon) First reaction! I have a few more coming out soon, enjoy. Reaction requests are open til said otherwise. - Admin Jaefairy

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Yixing - Lay would probably find it kind of cute. The way you pout and huff, he wouldn’t know why you were upset at first, but once he put two and two together… oh it would be on. He’d pick you up, his eyes half lidded. Lay would lean into your ear and mutter something filthy and dirty enough to get you to shut up and let him show you a good time. “Why are you getting so upset, honey? Ah..I get it. You want me to fuck your lovely pussy don’t you? …Yeah? Let me please my girl then..”

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Kris - Hell no. You think if you get whiny, Kris would get it. He’d get frustrated, not understanding why you were giving him the silent treatment, huffing all over the place. He’d groaned and get fussy back, telling you to talk to him. When his patience finally snaps, he’d yell in annoyance and you’d scream about wanting to be fucked senseless, leaving him blushing and embarrassed. Kris would apologize and you two would cuddle on the couch, tangled in each other’s legs until Kris’s fingers slipped onto your folds and made you come undone. “Damn babe, you must have wanted me badly, huh?”

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Xiumin - I think Xiumin seems like the type to prefer mature woman so any kind of behavior like that would be a turn off to him. He’d sit you down and ask you what was up. Once you two talked it over and he understands what you want, he’d shower you in kisses and pet your head. “Silly, if that’s what you want, just ask for it.” “Can we have sex?” “Nah.” “Aww..” “Kidding, beautiful.”

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Luhan - Seeing you act so bratty would turn him on so damn much. He’d gently grab you by the arm and lead you to the bedroom. If you tried to pull away or pout, he’d stop and give you a penetrating gaze. Knowing you, he knew you’d rebel and whine about wanting his cock in your ass, just to tease him and make his cock twitch. Once he locks the door and grabs the handcuffs, you know you’re in for a rough night of torture and orgasm denial. Lu knows how to make you behave. “You wanna be a bad girl for daddy? Daddy can be bad too, princess. Now flip over and show daddy that cute ass.”

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Chen - He would find himself laughing at how adorable you were acting. Watching you pout as you crawl into his lap, begging him to fuck you til you couldn’t feel your knees. Chen would grip your waist, letting his laughter fall til it was replaced with a smirk. He’d make you work for what you wanted, just because he loved how needy you were. “You gotta show me how bad you want it, babe..”

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Tao - Tao would be sweet and caring at first, telling you he’ll take care of you and getting your hopes up. After a few hours of nothing happening you’d get frustrated, pulling his earbuds out his ear. He’d instantly be on you, grabbing anything he could. His lips would devour your neck, pressing you into a wall and fucking you right there and then. “You’re so sexy when you’re angry, babe.. " 

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Kyungsoo - Give him ten minutes of you whining and begging for sex and something will snap. He’ll pin you down to the couch, gripping your face and kissing you senseless. He’d grab your thighs, prying them open and eat you out til you were shivering from multiple orgasms, your pussy drenched in your own juices. Soo would enjoy watching you come undone so much, after a pause to let you breathe when you least expect it, he’d fuck you roughly until you barely form words. You get what you wish for. "This will shut that pretty mouth of yours.”

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Chanyeol - Chanyeol would find you cute, petting your head and awwwing at how frustrated you were. If you whined for his touch, he’d smile and grab your arm, ready to have an adventure in the bedroom with you. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby.” “Chanyeol shut up and fuck me already!” “Yes Ma’am!”

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Baekhyun - Baekhyun is a sweetie, but he always had a smart mouth. “Baeekie, I need you~” you’d croon, a shit eating grin growing on his face. “You’re always so horny, Y/n. I just ate you out this morning.” He’d throw out receipts, playfully making fun of your high sex drive (even though Baek loves it.) He’d tease you, laughing as you got more frustrated til you pushed him against the fridge and kissed him deeply, grabbing his hardening cock and letting him melt beneath you. “Mmm…I deserve this, I’ll do whatever you want babe. ”

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Suho - Being the sweetie he is, you’d just have to pout once and he’d have you scooped up, leading you to the bedroom to give you all the love and affection he can. “Anything for you, my dear.”

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Kai - Kai would ask you what’s wrong, and you’d mumbled that you were sexually frustrated. He’d blush, slightly embarrassed he got you worked up and become hesitant. You’d look over at his nervous behavior and lean over, taking matters into your own hands. Having him beneath you, you’d have your way with him and he’d let you take control. “Your mouth feels so good on my skin.. I need you just as much as you need me. Please..take me, love. ”  

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Sehun - Sehun doesn’t seem like the type to be into that type of behavior (Just like Minseok), so you being huffy and whiny about sex would just make him not want to. You would try again, pouting in front of him and he’d shrug, ignoring you. Feeling defeating, you’d head to bed and fall asleep. After a while, Sehun would come in, crawl into bed with you and kiss you softly. “You wanna try doing this now that you’re not acting crazy?”

Good taz things from episode 62

- B E A C H. E P I S O D E
-you have to roll for googly eyes and with a 1… you die. Its the rules of the game
-everybody coming up with ways to trash merles gifts.
- lup absolutely refusing merles gift
-oh no its a demon only i can see it destroyed the hat so sad :/
-taako invented surfing
-taakos inspired to surf from seeing merles gift magnus threw away floating in the waves.
- taakos sweet flips origin story
-barry is entranced by taako surfing
-i had hoped it would be lup but this is still great
-“barney its surfer slang”
-“everytime merle barfs i just hear it no matter where I am its just in my head constantly”
-im just imagining barry with arm floaties omg i need this
-griffin: and now people will stop tweeting at me that I said one of barrys favorites things was swimming in a cold lake on a hot day and then two episodes later saying he didnt know how to swim
- lucretia being so happy about making a happy happy portrait of everyone im crying im love her
-how the happy music at the end fades into wave noises
-this is a good episode

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how would fukuzawa, yosano, dazai, atsushi, chuuya, akutagawa, and koyou react if they are suddenly 'attacked' by their s/o, who jumps at them and starts peppering them with kisses?

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • Never in a million years can you sneak up on Fukuzawa, no matter how hard you try. From the moment he comes within fifteen feet of you, he’ll notice you tucked away in your hiding spot, waiting for him. He’s puzzled, and doesn’t quite know if he should call you out or not, so he simply stares at you quizzically until you decide to strike.
  • When you spring at him, Fukuzawa’s even more confused. A single eyebrow rises as you mount your attack, and he watches you, unsure if he should even as what you’re up to. When you reach him, though, and begin assaulting him with kisses he immediately catches on to your purpose. A satisfied smile stretches across his face as you speckle his skin, lips trailing every inch of his face. After a few moments he lets out a laugh.
  • Without warning, Fukuzawa suddenly flips the tables and sweeps you up into his arms, squishing you in a gigantic, tight hug. He chuckles as you squirm in his grip, but holds firm. Fukuzawa plants a few kisses of his own across your cheeks before setting you down, satisfied. He would never say something so dreadfully cliche out loud, but he’s thankful that he managed to find someone as energetic as you. You spirit helps him feel as though he doesn’t have quite so many years hanging heavy on his shoulders (he may not be all that old yet, but some days, he definitely feels like it).
  • After you’re safely on the ground again, Fukuzawa captures your chin between his thumb and forefinger and tugs you into a deep kiss. Slowly, he massages your lips with his own, pulling you into pure bliss with his teeth and tongue. Where kissing’s involved, Fukuzawa’s hard to beat, and it’s going to take a lot more than a simple surprise attack to one-up him.

Yosano Akiko

  • If there’s anyone that gets wrapped up in their work, it’s Yosano Akiko. Sneaking up on her is no big task, especially if she’s engrossed in paperwork, or perhaps a novel she’s been reading lately. All you need to do is lie in wait until she’s focused on something, and you’re practically guaranteed a successful surprise attack.
  • After you’ve pounced on her, Yosano simply laughs, setting aside whatever was occupying her to fully concentrate on you. Once you’ve pulled her away from something, there’s no escaping her notice; she’s 100%, completely focused on you now. You can’t slip away from Yosano even if you want to.
  • Yosano wraps her arms around you, looping them underneath yours so that your hands still have free range as she holds you. She plants one chaste peck on your lips before pulling back in a silent command to proceed. Yosano remains in your grips, basking in the affection you’re showering her with. No kisses will ever be enough to satiate her voracious appetite for your love, but as long as your lips keep ghosting across her skin, she’s temporarily satisfied. Giggles bubble out of her chest as she threads her hands through your hair, tugging you closer to her skin if she thinks you’re not keeping a fast enough fast.
  • When you’re through, pulling back in an attempt to halt the kiss attack, Yosano immediate grabs for you, tugging your face to be about a breath from hers. “I didn’t say you could stop,” she points out, voice somewhere between a purr and a whine. Be prepared to be showering Yosano with kissses for hours, if you ambush her; she won’t let you go free until she’s satisfied, and that may take a long time.

Dazai Osamu

  • If you think you can surprise Dazai, you’ve got another thing coming. From the moment the idea entered your head to attack the man, he’s had an inkling that a plot’s spinning around in your head. While Dazai’s curiosity prods him to confront you, he also wants the surprise to be genuine. Thus, even though he expects some kind of trick from you, Dazai still lets your sneaking around carry on uninterrupted. 
  • Dazai’s nothing if not an actor; even though he knew something was up, he acts completely surprised when you pounce on him. Flailing wildly, Dazai yelps, pretending like he’s stuck in a life-or-death battle. “Kunikida, Atsushi, someone!” He cries out, grin spread wide across his face as he lets you blanket his skin in kisses. “Help me! I’ve been trapped by a wily vixen!” Dazai falls to the ground, laughter bubbling out as you sprinkle kisses all over his cheeks. 
  • “I won’t go down without a fight!” Dazai proclaims. Suddenly, his fingers dive into your sides, tickling furiously. It’s not the first time he’s used such dirty tactics, and it probably won’t be the last! Dazai tickles you mercilessly until you’re both rolling on the floor, tears leaking out from all the laughter.
  • Whether you win this battle or not all depends on if you keep kissing Dazai. If you dodge his wiggling fingers enough to keep peppering his face, or if you start tickling him back, he’ll cave within five minutes. “I’ve been vanquished…” Dazai laments, sitting up to plant a kiss of his own on your nose. “I’m truly no match for you, my darling __________.”

Nakajima Atsushi

  • If Atsushi’s wrapped in what he’s doing, slipping into your hiding place and springing out on him is nearly effortless. He’s completely oblivious to your presence until your arms suddenly twist around him, mischief in your eyes and a grin spread across your face. He’s nearly thrown off balance and almost topples to the ground, but Atsushi doesn’t care. He’s already smiling (albeit a bit nervously) before you even plant your lips on him.
  • The moment you start spreading kisses here-there-and-everywhere all over Atsushi’s face, a crayon-pink blush explodes across his cheeks under your lips. He explodes into a fit of adorable giggles, throwing his arms out before wrapping them around you in a tight hug. Atsushi squirms under the volley of smooches; he’s ridiculously ticklish, and the fact that you’re simply not letting up isn’t helping anything!
  • As long as nobody else is watching you, Atsushi inevitably catches your kissing bug and soon returns a few pecks of his own.  His arms playfully tighten around you so that you’re trapped, and then he starts lightly peppering kisses along your cheekbones in between the little smooches from you. Soon a competition’s raging between you; who can kiss the other the most without being interrupted by a kiss?  
  • If anyone else is around, Atsushi soon grows too embarrassed by your little shower of affection and buries his face in your neck, laughing. He giggles out a breathless “Stop! Truce, truce, I submit!”. Honestly, though, Atsushi doesn’t really want you to knock it off. He’s perfectly content if you ignore his pleas, and go on splattering kisses across his skin.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Catching Chuuya unawares is a truly difficult task, but if you’re truly commited, you can sneak up on him if he’s on the middle of some important paperwork or something of that nature. He sees you coming before you reach him, naturally, but he stays still, letting you pounce on him without a fuss, even if he’s a bit confused.
  • As soon as your lips start hitting his skin in light little kisses, Chuuya’s face breaks out in a grin as his arms wrap around you. You’re just so cute, he can’t handle it! A laugh rumbles out of Chuuya’s chest as he stands still for a few beats, just appreciating this sudden burst of affection.
  • Chuuya, though, is never one to be outdone, even by you. He doesn’t let you smother his skin for long before his arms shift and he’s suddenly sweeping you off your feet, his strong arms capturing you so that you can’t resist. As soon as you’re pinned in his grasp, comfortably encircled in his arms, Chuuya turns the tables.
  • Chuuya peppers you with kisses instead, a grin plastered against his face as his lips travel all over your skin, attacking here and there until you’re a blushing, giggling mess. He does relish affection, to be sure; but with things like this, why receive when you can give? Chuuya loves to get your face flushed and laughter bubbling from your chest, and he’ll do anything to make you smile.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

  • For how guarded Akutagawa is, pouncing on him from the shadows in a sneak attack is surprisingly easy. Dealing with him afterward is the tricky part. When your arms clasp around him, intending to pull him into sweet little kisses, he immediately tenses. Akutagawa’s attack mode flips on instantly, and it’s a good thing you’re planting your lips on the back of his neck, because otherwise Rashomon might’ve skewered you. The only thing that saves you from a self-defending smack is the fact that Akutagawa recognizes you’re the only person that would dare kiss him.
  • Sighing, Akutagawa turns to face you, the tiniest of carnation pink blushes blooming across his face as you lean to splatter kisses across his cheeks. After you’ve thoroughly covered his face, he sends you a glare (there’s no real heat in it, of course; Akutagawa’s just upset that you could’ve been hurt by catching him off guard). “You know I don’t appreciate surprises,” he grumps, though he doesn’t push you away. He immediately panics when he notices your face fall, obviously hurt by his words. “I suppose, though, this one’s fine…” Akutagawa trails off before deciding he can’t just leave you crestfallen and without kisses.
  • Tipping your face to his, Akutagawa sweeps his lips over yours, settling once you’re firmly comfortable in his arms. He lavishes affection across your mouth, teeth and tongue slowly working against yours as you melt into his grip. Akutagawa cuts it off when you’re both out of breath and have entirely forgotten his less-than-thrilling reaction to your surprise kiss attack. “Next time,” he requests, planting a tiny kiss on your nose for good measure, “warn me, and I promise I’ll enjoy every kiss you give.” With that, Akutagawa’s back to his business like nothing ever happened.

Ozaki Kouyou

  • Nobody sneaks up on Kouyou; no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to spring a surprise attack on this woman. From the moment you get positioned, Kouyou’s entirely aware where you are. She knows you’re up to something, even if she’s not sure what. Kouyou won’t call you out; your antics intruige her too much for her to ask you just what you’re up to. She simply waits, side-eyeing you, until you make your move. 
  • “My, you’re excitable today,” Kouyou chuckles as you spring your attack, peppering kisses up and down her skin. Usually, she’s not one for bubbly displays of affection, but when you’re wound up, she can’t help but catch a bit of your vivacity. 
  • Kouyou lets you smother her in light kisses for awhile, leaning into you. Gently wrapping her arms around your waist, she simply basks in your presence, a tiny smile flirting with the edges of her lips.
  • Eventually, Kouyou grows restless with your sweet display. Catching your chin between her thumb and forefinger, she halts you mid-kiss. “Now, my dear, you know you shouldn’t be so teasing for such a long time,” she purrs, tugging you flush against her. Pulling your face to hers, Kouyou plants her soft lips gently against yours, slowing shifting against your skin. Slowly but surely, she takes control of the kiss, letting her tongue slip out to taunt your mouth. Kouyou doesn’t mind sweetness, and she’ll accept any affection from you; just don’t be surprised when she pulls you down into something deeper, shifting the mood from lighthearted to sensual in a few expert moves.

I really love Carey Fangbattle so just a little hc dump about team sweet flips and her best bro/student Magnus. 

  • Carey being the first to learn about Julia and going home and just holding onto a very confused Killian saying how much she loves her over and over again. 
  • Carey+Killian switch on who decides dates but they’re the couple who turns everything into a little date. Trips to storage? Date. Chilling in the laundry room eating bad BOB food? Date. Killian kicking Magnus’ ass in a wrestling match? Date. 
  • Carey will just stare at Killian’s muscles and thank god. She’s just…thankful. 
  • “Babe I love your thighs.” “I know Carey.” “Like babe you could kill me with these.” “I know Carey.” “Babe….I would totally be ok with you killing me with your thighs.” “I know Carey. You tell me every night.” “BUT IT’S TRUE.” 
  • She keeps training Mags and wastes no chances on teasing him and playing keep away with his personal items (Angus personal request) 
  • Carey talking to Magnus about a wedding plans and then backtracking because dead wife zone but Magnus just waving it off and helping her get stuff together. 
  • Magnus making a gazebo for them and walking Carey down the aisle (The director marries them, Merle is KIllian’s best man, and Taako makes some food for the guests. They leave a seat open in the front row for Boyland.) 
  • Magnus is letting out the LOUDEST sobs the entire time like just wailing and muttering “They’re just…so in love…and im so happy for them…” and Taako patting his back while Merle cries much quieter into a hankey. 
  • Kravitz being Taako’s plus one and it is awkward for everyone but Taako who doesn’t notice  why bringing ur boyfriend who tried to kill your friends and is also literally death to a wedding could be awkward. 
  • Carey throws the flowers at kravitz by the way and Taako doesn’t understand.
  • Cary and Killian actually go off base (In a wedding themed canon blast off) for their honeymoon and just have a week off. 
  • Magnus sitting in the Killian+Carey home talking about his crush on (whoever you ship w/ Mags if you ship him here)and Killian tries to give advice while Carey just keeps singing the kissing in a tree song. 
  • She rarely does it but when Killian starts laughing she snorts and gasps for air and Carey has a quiet giggle that steadily gets louder the longer you keep them going. Some nights they’re just rag on every member of BOB and just howl with laughter.
  • Carey and Killian having code words and little thing they do before missions to keep each other safe. Like a “If I say this you absolutely have to trust me no matter what” and they usually kiss and say “I’ll see you when I get home” instead of goodbye because its bad luck. 
  • I’m still not over the idea of Carey casually bringing up “Whose Julia” after she hears Mags ask Kravitz about her and Magnus getting really quiet before telling her, and by the end of it she’s sobbing and tells him to talk to her if she needs anything. Carey just going home red eyed and asking KIllian if they could stay in and just cuddle and watch a movie and it’s one of the first times Carey EVER worries about what would happen if one of them got hurt during a mission. 
  • Killian and Carey have a long talk and breaking it down about how they need to trust each other and how they’re too good at their job for something bad to happen. 
  • I just really love team sweet flips and Magnus+Carey sister brother duo. 
Seventeen’s Reaction To: Their Crush Kissing Them On The Cheek

brb2132 said to reactingkpop:Seventeen reaction to their crush kissing them on the cheek? 

Coming right up! Only one more week until i’m finally a senior in high school! I’m ready for this hellish year to end *-*)/ ….


  • Would be so damn frazzled, but would recover quickly with a greasy ass pickup line. 
  • But we both know that coups would be fangirling on the inside over how he finally kissed you and that you initiated it.
  • He’d be ok with the fact that you kissed him first though. 

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  • Wouldn’t seem too fazed by it, but it’d have him reeling for days over how lucky he was to experience that. 
  • Is the type to play it cool after it happened, and would be successful with hiding his feelings.

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  • He’d actually freak the fuck out.
  •  Like wow? You kissed me first?? That’s my job babe, but ok??? 
  • He’d find the whole exchange to be cute and would find your panicky face to be adorable. 
  • He’d definitely remember that exchange.

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  • Would be greasy as hell after you pull away!
  •  Would throw a million different pickup lines at you just to see you fumble your words even more. 
  • Would be like Joshua and get a lil upset that he didn’t initiate the kiss. But you best believe that you would be sending this boy over the moon.

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  • Would be greasy like Jun, but wouldn’t be as forward. 
  • He’d be a little surprised by the sudden affection, but would find the situation to be cute as heck! 
  • Wouldn’t mind that you initiated the kiss; In fact, I think he would love your sudden bold move. 

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  • Small bean would be so damn confused about what just happened.
  • Like hold up, did you just? Did we just? Okay…
  • Would think back on it and think about how cute you looked when you’re frazzled. 

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  • Would definitely be the strong silent type in this situation, but deep down he’s screaming internally solely because you kissed him. 
  • Would admire the fact that you had the guts to initiate the kiss. 
  • Would find your flustered face to be so cute after you pulled away.

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  • Not gonna lie, this boy would panic a bit. Like shit that just happened! 
  • He would try to stay calm for as long as possible, but in the end he would panic a bit. 
  • Like I thought that I was supposed to go for the kiss?? BUT clearly that did not happen.

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  • Would scream out in excitement over how cute that was. 
  • Would also be screaming, because holy shit balls my crush just frick fracking kissed me. 
  • It could just be a small quick peck ‘cause he did something sweet and he’d still flip shit. He would love it!

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  • Would be just like DK, and would scream with happiness.
  • Just the sheer fact that you willingly kissed him would send him over the moon! Like wow! 
  • Thank you for initiating our new found skinship!!

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  • Would be so damn over the top about he finally got you to fall for him. 
  • Would low key replay that memory every time he thinks of you. Would be so happy that you started the skinship, because he wasn’t about to!

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  • Would try to be like Wonwoo and act like it didn’t even faze him, but nope! 
  • He would actually scream about it later and tell all of the members about how cute you were for the next month. 
  • You would’e had to start the skinship, because this boy would be way too shy.

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  • Would be like Woozi and be so freaked out and confused. 
  • Don’t get him wrong though. You just blew his mind since he thought that he would never have the courage to initiate skinship on that level. 
  • But BOY is he glad that you did!

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Don’t Break My Heart- daryl x reader part one

Summary: You are pregnant with Daryl’s child but he doesn’t believe its his.

Note: Part 2 will be on its way soon!!

Warning: angst, fluff, swearing

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“Come here baby”

You let out a small giggle as you felt Daryl’s hands run up your waist and over your hips. You turned around in the cell bed and faced him, admiring his messy bed head. He smiled as he saw you and he brought you in for kiss.

“Morning” you smiled up at him, running a hand over his bare chest.

You turned onto your back again as you rested your head on Daryl’s arm, but the change in movement suddenly made you feel sick. Daryl noticed some colour drain from your face and he leaned up on his elbows.

“(Y/n)?” he questioned.

You were about to reply but you knew this feeling all too well. If you opened your mouth you knew you would vomit everywhere. You quickly jumped out of the bed, already feeling the contents in your stomach making their way up to your mouth. As soon as your knees hit the floor, bile and beans came shooting into the metal toilet bowl. You started to heave as your stomach was essentially empty with the little food your group had. You were so busy concentrating on not gagging that you didn’t even notice Daryl holding your hair back. Once you were done, you leaned your back against the cold wall and thanked Daryl for keeping your hair out of the way.

“That’s the second time this has happened” Daryl spoke, sitting back on the bed. “Are you ill or something?”

You looked at Daryl and then back to the floor. It was time you told him what you knew. It wasn’t fair to keep this from him but you didn’t know how he would react. He could either flip out and go mad, or he could be sweet and excited. There was no in between with Daryl but you felt like you knew him by now. You let your head fall back against the wall as you looked at Daryl.

“I’m gonna tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out” you said, watching as Daryl’s face turned serious. “I’m pregnant”

You bit your lip, tensing up as the words left your mouth. Daryl kept his eyes on you, almost thinking this was a joke. You were starting to doubt your decision and you stood from the floor. “Say something” you said, taking a step towards him but he stood up suddenly, his body towering over you.

“Whose is it?” he asked, taking you by surprise.

“The hell do you mean whose is it? I’ve only ever been with you-”

“Na, I’ve seen the way you look at Rick, you two got something goin’ on that I don’t know about!” he shouted, cutting you completely off.

“Daryl that’s not true” you said, keeping your voice calm in hopes of calming him down. “There’s nothing between me and Rick or anyone. It’s just you and me baby”

“Don’t lie to my face (y/n)” he spat.

“I’m not lying! Think about it, I’ve only ever slept with you, you took my damn virginity back on the farm for fuck sake!”

“Fuck!” Daryl shouted out in frustration and slammed his fists against the wall. You took a step back and you felt your heart starting to crumble.

“Don’t break my heart” you whispered, placing a hand protectively over your stomach.

“Don’t break your heart? You’ve already broken mine with your lies and betrayal!”

“I’m not lying!” you shouted again, loud enough that even the walkers could have heard you.

“What’s going on in here, your shouting woke the baby”  

Your attention was turned to the cell door as you saw Beth standing with the baby in her arms. Its eyes were just closing after being awoken by your argument.

“Nothin’, I was just leaving” Daryl said, angrily grabbing his leather jacket before looking at you one last time and stalking out the room. Beth gave you a nervous look before walking off with the baby and leaving you alone, wrapped in your confused, hurt and scared thoughts.

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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Part 5

As promised here’s the next part. Sorry it took long and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. <3

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 - Here  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2

It took the rest of weekend to get over what you had witnessed at the party and you came to the conclusion that you were being over dramatic. Sure, Hye Mi was someone you held a deep dislike towards but Jungkook was still a ‘player’ and who he ‘played with’ was none of your concern, even if it turned out to be her.

Upon entering school on Monday, you were surprised to see them both sitting in their separate seats, Hye Mi seemingly trying to hide from someone. When you had sat yourself down, Jungkook took that as his cue to greet you.

“Hey, my cute Y/N. How are you?” Head snapping up, you were met with Jungkook’s signature bunny like grin.

You were suspicious, who wouldn’t be? The sudden compliment had caught you off guard and you weren’t sure how to respond properly.  

“I’m good…” Jungkook either didn’t take notice of your cautious response or ignored it because he began to make small talk with you. You occasionally nodded to give the impression of listening but the only thing you could think of was his strange behaviour. It seemed like he was too drunk on Saturday to remember what had happened and you silently thanked god. You didn’t want to have to deal with the awkward tension of an argument so early on a Monday morning.

When the time for class to start had come, he stood from his crouching position in front of you and pinched your cheek.

“See you later, sweet cheeks.” He then winked at you and left.

Was he using his 'player charm’ on you? He never treated you like that so his unusual behaviour had left you confused for the whole morning.


When lunch had arrived, both you and Areum had made you way to your seats at the boys table. Jungkook immediately flashed you another wink, much like the one from the morning.

“Hey, doll.” The various nicknames he had given you throughout the day were starting to annoy you and you weren’t sure how long it would be until you flipped. Areum sent you a surprised look and you replied with a shrug. She seemed to get the general message as she returned her attention to her lunch. You too wanted to know why he was behaving like this but  instead decided to keep your mouth shut.

Surely, it would be over by the end of the day.



It was when you were exiting the school with Areum where you had had enough.

“Bye, babe. See you tomorrow.” Freezing in place, you turned your body painfully slow until you were directly facing him. “What did you just call me?”

“Babe. What’s wrong?” You felt something within you snap and you marched towards him, grabbing his collar.

“Listen Jungkook! I’m not one of your playthings or side chicks. I’m your friend. Stop calling me these bullshit sickeningly sweet names because I swear to god I will punch you in the face.” His smile had dropped and he placed a hand on yours, prying your fingers off of him.

“Well what the fuck do you want then?! You weren’t happy at the party because I wasn’t thinking about your feelings and now that I’m making some kind of fucking effort, you decide to freak the fuck out! Make up your mind, Y/N!” Taking several steps back, you stared at him with a glare on your face.

“I just want you to treat me like a friend. I don’t need you drowning me in compliments every two seconds. Heck, you can call me loser for all I care. Just don’t treat me like those girls you throw away to the side every week. I’m not that desperate for attention.” Feeling like you were being too much of a bitch, you gave him a strained smile and made your way back to a shocked Areum.

“See you tomorrow, Jungkook!” Grabbing Areums arm, you walked ahead and left him standing there.

If only you could see the impressed smirk that spread on his lips.

“She must be bipolar or something…”


It seemed like your words had successfully gotten through to Jungkook without causing any unwanted anger since the next day, his greeting lacked the embarrassingly sweet pet names.

“So, what was that about yesterday anyway? And don’t lie to me, Jungkook.” He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and then lent his chin on the backrest of the seat in front of you.

“You seemed like you were upset with me and I just wanted to make you feel happy, I guess.” Raising an eyebrow, you tilted your head and stared at him. “You guess?”

He pushed his lips out and glanced to the side, avoiding your question.

“If you call me by those crappy nicknames again, I’ll leave you for Taehyung.” Eyes widening, he snapped his attention back to you.

“No way! He can’t replace me, nothing can replace me! Those 7 years aren’t going to be ruined by Tae.” Jungkook proceeded to grab your cheeks, and pinch them causing you to flinch and grab his hair. Playfully tugging at it, you sent him a threatening glare and he slowly released his grip on you.

“I’m serious. You’re not leaving me.” You weren’t sure why but your cheeks heated at his sentence and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“You say that like we’re dating or something…” Instead of replying, he shot you his bunny-like grin and tapped his wristwatch with two fingers.

“Wha-” Before you could ask him what he meant, he jumped out of his seat and strolled back to his desk.

You definitely were not dense. That action was his way of saying 'soon’ without having to actually speak.  

He didn’t think your friendship could become more, did he?

Deciding that it was best to ignore what had just happened, you retrieved your notebook from your bag, preparing for your first lesson.


Lunch soon arrived and you made your way to the lunch line alone. The line had been moving unusually fast today and you were already eyeing the special dish of the day, when a tap on your shoulder broke you out of your trance. Upon turning around you were met with the familiar face of Jung-Hoon, a boy you shared a couple of classes with. He was relatively popular and most claimed he was the typical good-boy, although how he really acted was a mystery to almost everyone.

“Hey Y/N. How are you?” You supposed it was rude to continue staring at him with your eyebrows furrowed, so you offered him a friendly smile.

“Hi… I’m good, what about you?” He obviously didn’t sense your confusion as he continued to smile brightly at you, seemingly satisfied with your reply.

“I’m great, thanks for asking. Actually, I originally wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out at some point this week? You know catch up a bit?” What was there to catch up on? Sure, you had been partners a couple of times for school projects but other than that you were never close enough to be considered friends. You, being someone who could never say no in the face of kindness, agreed to his idea.

“Cool! So, I’ll see you at the bubble tea place around the corner on Saturday at 2?” Slowly nodding your head, he placed his hand on your shoulder and presented you with one last smile before jogging off.

What just happened?

A couple of minutes later, you were heading towards your usual table with the boys and Areum when you spotted Jungkook’s perplexed face staring right at you. Sitting down on your seat, he immediately bombarded you with questions.

“Was that Jung-Hoon? He was speaking to you right? What did that bastard want?” Taking a spoon of egg fried rice and stuffing it into your mouth, you slowly chewed whilst allowing Jungkook to finish asking his questions.

“Yes that was Jung-Hoon, yes he was speaking to me and Bastard? He’s a nice guy.” A scoff escaped Jungkook’s lips and he scowled at your last sentence. “Nice guy my ass, that guy is the devil in disguise.”

“Really? He invited me out on Saturday…” Jungkook’s head snapped up so fast, you were sure it was going to fly right off his neck.

“What! You said no right?” When you shook your head he almost choked on his food. “Jungkook… are you jealous?” Surprisingly, he didn’t react to your question and instead looked at you with a seriousness you didn’t know he possessed.

“Yeah, I’m jealous so don’t hang around with that piece of shit.” Letting out a heavy sigh, you began playing with your rice. “It’s too late Jungkook. You know me, I can’t say no when people are being nice.”

“Fucks sake!” He smashed his hand down on the table, effectively bringing the surrounding tables attention on you for a split second before they realised it was just Jungkook getting angry. Knowing about Jungkook’s bad temper, you hadn’t even flinched at his action. You took a sip out of your water bottle, holding his furious glare with a look of indifference. Huffing in annoyance, Jungkook ran a hand through his hair in frustration, calming himself down.

“If that shit hurts you, physically or mentally, i’ll fucking kill him.” Nodding, you beamed at him, happy that you had come to a somewhat normal conclusion.

“Thanks Kookie!” When the nickname left your lips, he looked away whilst rubbing the back of his neck.


“Someone please explain to me why Jungkook has decided to stop being a little bitch after he’s woken me up.” Needless to say, Yoongi complained about how inconsiderate people are for the rest of the lunch break.


The days came and went until Friday arrived and once again Areum was absent from school due to sudden vomiting. You had felt increasingly uncomfortable at the smiles Jung-Hoon had been sending you from across the classroom but decided against telling Jungkook because, let’s be honest, he would lose his shit over it.

You were continuously questioned by Jungkook at lunch, over whether you still wanted to meet up with Jung-Hoon, to which you replied 'yes’ each time. He looked like he wanted to argue more but left it at that when the bell to signal the end of lunch had rang.

When you had reached the end of the school day, Jungkook insisted on walking you home, claiming he wanted to visit your family.

“Why?” Your one word question had grabbed his complete attention and he simply smirked.

“I’m sure your mother misses seeing her child’s 'soulmate’.” Blushing, you began walking ahead in a poor attempt to leave him behind.

“That was like 9 years ago. We’re not 'soulmates’ anymore.” His smirk widened and he peered down at your red face.

“Actually, we’re soulmates until I say we’re not.” Rolling your eyes, you stopped in front of your house, pulling your keys out. When you opened the door, you were immediately greeted with your 15 year-old sister bounding down the stairs and enveloping you in a hug.

“Wow, this is a first. S/N giving me a hug?” She giggled and turned her attention to Jungkook, a look of realisation settling on her face.

“Jungkook!? We haven’t seen you in ages!” He grinned and ruffled your sisters hair, making her smile back.

“I’m impressed you remember me, you were 6 the last time I saw you.”  Your mother emerged from the kitchen, an excited grin planted on her face and you groaned.

“Ah! Jungkook, is that you? You’ve grown up so well!” She proceeded to embrace him as if he was her long lost child and he returned it with as much happiness as her.

“It’s nice to see you, M/N. How are you?” Whilst they broke into a small conversation, you took that as your opportunity to escape to your room. Around ten minutes later, Jungkook followed, throwing himself on your bed.

“Damn, I’ve missed coming here.”

“Don’t get too comfortable. We’re not kids anymore, I’m a grown girl and you’re a grown boy. This isn’t normal for people our age.”

“Yeah, but we’re soulmates remember?” There it was, that word again. Feeling your cheeks heat up, you gaped at his boldness.

“Shut up!” Picking up a pillow, you brought it down on his face with as much force as possible and he only snickered into it.

“You’ll come around eventually.” Deciding to ignore his last comment, you grabbed your books and sat at your desk. Studying was the best way to get him off your back. Or so you thought.

Feeling him place his chin on your shoulder, his natural scent filled your nose and caused the rest of your face to turn red, butterflies settling in your stomach.

“Help me study.” There was no room for arguing and you allowed him to place his own books on your desk and sit beside you.

You ended up tutoring him on topics he struggled with until the sky turned dark and it was time for him to leave. When he had left and you were closing your books, you discovered a note wedged between the pages of your notebook.

'Call me if something happens tomorrow. I won’t forgive that bastard for upsetting my soulmate.’

Why did this note make a delicate smile spread on your lips and make your heart flutter?

You told yourself it was his concern and nothing more.

It’s Been Awhile

Member: Dino

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,417

A/N: Made it gender neutral instead of the reader being a girlfriend, hope that’s okay. 

You should’ve placed a bet on how quickly Chan would change from shy, sweet boyfriend to embodiment of teenage hormones once the other members left the practice room. If there was one word to describe this boy it was impatient, he was teeth and nails and other things full of sin. Chan was a light switch, ready to flip on the drop of a hat, Chan was a flame with a constant flicker that reminded you even the most vital things in your life weren’t always stable.

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carey joined the bureau because she saw killian while she was doing some regulator work and fell in love instantly and kept following her around to try to talk to her but she didnt get a chance to so she wound up seeing her get into the sphere to go back to the moonbase and she snuck in

when the sphere was getting recalled to the bob base she was really caught up in looking at the ground from above and didnt notice when killian saw her, killian didnt say anything bc she didnt know how carey would react or how to handle the situation in general but when carey turned around from looking out the sphere she jumped back in shock when she realized killian had caught her

when they got back to the moonbase killian asked the director if carey could join since she was already there and the director just sighed and said yes

The Serpent and the Mouse

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Character: Neville Longbottom

Prompt: (Requested)

Neville tumbled down the steps of the Gryffindor Tower in his usual state of constant panic, mumbling under his breath and constantly apologizing to those he ran right into, his cheeks flushed a deep rose.

He had woken up late that morning, and was about to late for his Potions class, of all the possible things he could be late for it had to be Potions.

It was known to almost anyone with a working pair of eyes and ears that Professor Snape had a strong dislike for any of the Gryffindor students. But he seemed to take a certain kind of additional joy in tormenting Neville anytime the opportunity arised.

When Neville managed to work up the nerve to open the large wooden door that lead into the Potions classroom, his shoulders slumped and his head meekly gazed to the other students already seated.

“Enjoy your little morning stroll, Longbottom?” The deep and stern voice of Professor Snape called out from his desk, his dark and cold eyes staring straight at him.

“Uh…no, sir,” Neville said quietly as his hands tightly clenched his textbook, trying to calm his nerves. “I slept in too late, sir.”

Snape hummed lowly, his bony fingers tapping on the dark wood of his desk. “Assigned partners for the year have already been chosen, but because of your sudden lack of keeping the time, I’ll just have to place you myself.”

Snape looked on at the rows of desks until his eyes landed on you, sitting at one of the seats closest to the windows, and a large and queer smirk spread across his face. “Why don’t you join Miss (L/n)?” He asked in an overly enthusiastic tone.

Neville was about to rush to his seat, but he saw the emerald tie standing out against your grey sweater vest and he froze still, his eyes going wide.

“Have you lost the ability to walk as well?” Snape snapped. “To your seat, Longbottom.”

Neville sluggishly moved to the seat beside you, shyly sitting down and trying to make as little noise as possible.

Your gaze was still firmly planted in the thick book you were reading, you hadn’t looked up from it once or noticed his sudden presence.

Neville swallowed nervously and his hands fumbled in his laps, for whatever the reason, his eyes glanced over at you every so often and his cheeks felt warm.

“You don’t have to look so nervous you know, I’m not gonna snap on you.” Your voic came from beside him, eyes still focused on the words on the pages.

Neville jumped whenever you addressed him, his head slowly turned to you. “O-Oh!, yes right.” He choked, trying to compose himself.

You sighed unhappily, taking a few seconds to glance at the frightened boy who tried to distance himself as much as possible from you.

This always happend.

You never understood why.

Sure, Slytherins didn’t have the most fabulous track record when it came to friendly or good wizards, but that didn’t mean all of you were total gits.

Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived, was once a Slytherin. Amdromeda Lestrange was one too, and she ended up all right.

At least that’s the sort of thing you told yourself whenever you got particularly saddened by the house you’d been given.

Your parents didn’t seem to care that much.

Your mother was an easy going Ravenclaw, who was one of the most creative people you’d ever met. And your father was a humble Hufflepuff who could always make you smile. They both actively told you how wonderful of a person you were and that your house didn’t solely define you.

And it didn’t.

You got along with everyone that crossed paths with you, even Draco Malfoy was pleasant with you and you’d only spoken to him a handful of times.

But you were a sweet person, who knew how to make others laugh with your clever remarks and witty banter.

“Did you hear the assignment?” You asked him, closing your book and turning to him.

Neville shook his head, setting his potions book on the work table and waited for you to go on.

“It’s simple really, just a sleeping draft,” You told him, taking his book and flipping to the correct page.

Neville watched your finger trace down a line over the ingredients, and you hummed whenever you reached the end.

“Would you mind getting these from the cupboard? I can get the cauldron ready.” You offered.

Neville’s head tilted a millimeter and he blinked, he’d never spoken to so softly and kindly by most other students, let alone a Slytherin.

“Uh…sure.” He said, tripping slightly on his stool as he made to get up from it, moving to the students supply for ingredients.

True to your word, the cauldron was already bubbling whenever he returned to the table.

“Do you want to handle the ingredients?” You asked him as you started to organize the various bottles and jars.

“I would offer, but I’m afriad I’d ruin the whole thing.” He said shyly as he tugged at his sleeves.

You gave him a small smile. “Do you have difficulty with potions?”

“A little, yes, if I’m being honest,” Neville replied, suddenly feeling more at ease when he saw your smile. “I’ll follow the instructions just fine, but then something happens and it all gets ruined.”

You started to grind up some lavender, not bothering with the textbook instructions. “See that’s the misconception a lot of people make,” You began as you let the crumpled flower fall into the boiling water. “It’s a bit more than following the book, you have to understand the intent behind what you’re doing and try to go with what feels right.”

Neville scoffed slightly, his eyes watching you curiously as your hands moved to and fro. “Well I can tell you getting a puff of smoke in your face certainly doesn’t feel right.”

You laughed, picking up your wand and making small incantations into the cauldron. “It’s take a bit of practice and time,” You told him, moving your gaze to meet his. “I could help you if you want.”

Neville felt the back of his neck get warm, for a whole different reason this time though, and he nodded his head. “I’d like that a lot, thanks.”

You placed the lid of the cauldron on and held your hand out for him. “My name’s (Y/n), by the way.”

Neville grinned and shook your hand. “And I’m Neville.”

A few minutes passed and you raised your hand for Professor Snape to grade your work.

He lifted the lid and placed a small vile into the liquid, nodding approvingly whenever he saw the sheer purple color of it. Snape lifted it under his nose and a small, almost sincere smile was on his face. “Excellent work as usual, Miss (L/n).”

And with so much as a nod to Neville, Snape strode away to yell at a pair of studets flinging beatles at each other.

Neville felt the air finally escape his nose and he looked at you in a sort of state of admiration. “You’ve got to be the only student he likes, I could’ve given him the best potion he’s ever seen and he’d still deduct me on points because I couldn’t tell him eight uses for nightshade.”

You snorted, beginning to clean up your workspace. “Perhaps, but he’s always been somewhat nice to me. Dad says I have that kind of effect on people.”

“I can see why.” Neville said suddenly, until he realized how it came across and he instantly when pink.

“I-I didn’t mean that in a weird way or anything, I was just trying to compliment you and-”

“Thanks.” You said simply, looking at him kindly. “First compliment I’ve gotten from a Gryffindor that’s for sure.”

Guilt immediately overcame Neville as he thought of how rude he must have seemed earlier, he deducted you probably got that kind of treatment a lot.

Recognizing the look on his face you shrugged your shoulders. “Don’t worry about it, happens all the time.”

“I still feel bad though, I probably seemed like a right proper prick.”

“One of the nicest pricks I’ve ever met.” You told him as he laughed.

“Tell you what, make it up to me and help me with my herbology essay?”

Neville’s eyes lit up brightly, and you could see that were a lovely shade of hazel, a kaleidoscope of darker hues.

“I’d love to.”

“Not Your Fault” Spencer Reid

“Why are you even pretending you’re okay when you’re clearly not?”

You just looked at Reid like he was crazy for even thinking of asking that. You were sitting next to each other on the jet, like you always did, but it was only because he had joined you and not because you followed your habit. You wanted to be alone, but Reid never let that happen, even when you begged him to.

“Why are you pushing this when you know I clearly don’t want to talk about it?” you bite back, not being able to contain the anger and irritation that was eating you away. Reid didn’t even flinch, he’d handled your aggressiveness too many times before to let it get to him.

“Not talking about it isn’t going to solve it.” he countered back, letting his words out as a whisper, seeing as everyone else was drifting off to sleep. Sleep was the last on your mind. “(Y/N), that wasn’t your fault. Even if you had gotten there sooner, you couldn’t have saved them. It was a bomb, come to think about it, you would have died if you entered the building. It wasn’t your fault.”

But it was — as least in your mind. 10 people had lost their lives because you didn’t get to the unsub sooner, that’s what you kept telling yourself. You knew how this would end, stuck at home with your head buried in your pillow, tears falling from your face and sobs shaking your body, unanswered phone calls and dismissed messages. That was the worst part of the job, the realisation that you could have been better and faster, thus keeping lives intact. But you hadn’t.

“Aren’t we supposed to protect people? One another?” you glanced at JJ whose leg had been injured due to the explosion. “If we can’t do that, why are we doing this in the first place?”

Reid took a deep breath and turned his body to yours. “I said the exact same thing to Hotch when I thought Emily died. I know how you’re feeling, like your best isn’t even near enough but trust me, it’s more than enough. You’re one of the most skilled agents, both on field and off, the team wouldn’t be the same without you. I certainly wouldn’t.”

He takes your hand and begins fumbling it with his own, his eyes looking down at the scene. You know he wants to say something, the way he frowns and looks down is his tell, you’ve seen it happen hundreds of times before. Silently encouraging him to continue, you squeeze his hands and give him a small smile.

“It makes me sad when you undermine yourself because you have so much potential, so much worth. You do it all the time, not just with work stuff but with how you see yourself. I wish you’d see what I see.”

Reid had a habit of doing this, being so sweet it took you by surprise. You weren’t used to being told such heartwarming words, never in a completely genuine and honest situation. So every time the genius would say certain things, it would make your heart flip in your chest, his words meaning a lot more than you would ever show.

“I’ve never met someone like you, in fact, I never imagined someone like you could exist. I am not a believer of perfection nor will I ever be, but I do believe that you’re the closest to it I’ll ever find. You’re special, (Y/N). One of a kind. Why do you fall into the false belief that you’re not?”

You shrugged, still holding on to the hand he had offered. “I’ve never really had anyone in my life who made me feel like I was enough, I guess. Even when I did my best, I was expected more of and it drove me crazy. Things like that stick with you, no matter how long it’s been. There’ll never be a time when I don’t punish myself for not being what others need me to be.”

“Well,” Reid starts, looking over your every feature. “I only need you to be yourself. That’s what any of us need from you, nothing else. Maybe that cupcake recipe, though.”

You join him in soft laughter. For a moment, you stare at him, not hesitating before putting your arms around him and hugging him. Something about being in his arms made every single worry leave your body, every bad memory abandon your mind, every insecurity meet its end. The embrace was long and serene, neither person in any hurry to let go. He breathed deeply, savoring the feeling of your tight embrace.

Your eyes were closed and you knew you had to let go, the length of the hug was creeping into awkward territory, not that either would mind. You regretfully slid your hands off his shoulders and they came to rest on his arms, but your face remained where it was — tucked away in Reid’s neck. He felt you release him, but your body remained where it was. Were you done? He slowly pulled his head back, to find out what exactly this was now.

You had never looked into each other’s eyes from such a close proximity before, your lips had never been just inches apart. You felt overwhelmed with the warmth that radiated off Reid’s body and the sweet scent of his cologne, the way his eyes cast down to your lips and how he licked his own, how-

“Oh just do it!” Morgan snorted as he looked up from his phone, taking his headphones out. You sprint apart, almost like the poles of two different magnets, your face almost as red as your sweater. You glare at him furiously and get back to a normal sitting position, not daring to look the other man in the eye, knowing he would be just as flustered.

Ignoring Morgan’s teasing, Reid went back to the book he was reading and you simply sat and thought about a million things all at once, like you had before. You’d probably discuss what almost happened the day after, but for now. For now Reid’s fingers brush against your own, slowly intertwining your hands so that Morgan wouldn’t notice. And it was perfect, absolutely perfect.

“So about that cupcake recipe…”

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Jeremy rolls over and expects to run into Jean’s solid chest and be able to burrow in and get a few more minutes of sleep. Instead, he bumps directly into a rapidly cooling spot on the bed and groans.

He gathers the comforter around him and leaves the bedroom to seek out his warm husband wherever he is in their apartment. He eventually finds him in the kitchen, looking concentrated as he flips pancakes. Their little table is set with a tablecloth and two glasses of orange juice, with a vase of flowers in the middle.

“Babe?” Jeremy asks from the doorway.

Jean starts a bit, but says over his shoulder. “It was supposed to be a surprise…I was going to go wake you up and bring you here.”

Jeremy smiles. The fact that Jean has come far enough to be this gentle is sweet beyond words and he wants to just run right up to him and kiss him. But that would ruin the game.

Instead, he says playfully, “And how were you planning on doing that?”

Jean smiles and puts the pancakes on a plate to cool before walking slowly over to Jeremy. “Something like this,” he says, scooping Jeremy into his arms.

“Carrying me across the threshold?”

“We’re already married. And I don’t think the threshold leads to the kitchen.”

Jeremy laughs and leans up to kiss Jean’s cheek. “Thank you.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

Am I the only one who really dislikes and doesn’t get the Cosette and Enjolras as siblings thing a big part of the fandom loves?

To me it absolutely destroys the way their characters would pan out. 

Enjolras would very likely not be Enjolras without his privileged rich kid upbringing. One could argue that suffering the way Cosette did would add to his desire to change the world, but I’m personally not fond of that idea and not buying it, either. The beauty of Enjolras’ character is that he was raised in total privilege and yet still had the desire to make it better for others, which is a rare quality for one who benefits from the status quo. That’s what’s supposed to make his character so interesting; his goodness is just innate, not born from some tragic backstory. I also detest the trope of someone needing to have suffered to be a good person - it falls into the ‘abuse makes people better/stronger people!’ narrative that I find super uncomfortable.

On the flip side, Cosette would not be Cosette without her experiences with the Thenardiers and Valjean adopting her. The beauty of Cosette’s character is that DESPITE her abuse she grows into a kind, sweet and strong soul (notice not because, but in spite of,) - her solitude is also a big part of her character, growing up the way she did, very isolated due to Valjean’s past. Throwing a sibling into that really messes that up and completely changes how she would have developed. 

I don’t know. No offence at all to those who like it, but I just find it sort of baffling. Cosette and Enjolras are fantastic characters, and I just don’t feel the need to relate them in any way. Would they have massive respect for each other in a modern AU? Absolutely. But I dislike the siblings idea, personally. 


In those early hours of the morning, Gladio was actually awoke feeling as if he as cold, like something was missing. A look of confusion pulled across his features for a moment before noticing what the problem was, you were no longer laying by his side. In a moment of panic, Gladio clambered from within the warmth of his sleeping bag and jumped from that tiny tent.

It was such a relief for Gladio to find you sitting on those lawn chairs beneath the beaming moonlight, the campfire was beginning to die down now but you continued to sit there, rubbing your hands together and gazing out at the plains around you. This concerned Gladio because you seemed to be deep in thought and that was never something good when you would begin to overthink things.

A small clearing of a throat came from the back of his throat as Gladio moved to take a seat on a chair beside you. “What the hell are you doing up?” He grumbled, the burly warrior wasn’t angry with you for a second, he was however incredibly tired. “It’s pretty cold out here. How about you come back in the tent and I’ll find a way to warm you up~” He offered in that jokey but flirtatious way.

The way that you didn’t really react to something that would make you so giggly only made Gladio even more concerned, frowning heavily in your direction and taking note of that distant look on your features. “Alright, what’s going on with you?” He asked in a blunt way, never one to beat around the bush.

“Nothing is wrong with me.” You responded and that only made Gladio look at you in a way that told you very clearly that he didn’t believe you. Another roll of your eyes and you responded. “It really is nothing. It’s stupid…” You kept trying to assure him but eventually, you caved. “I was having trouble sleeping because… because I was thinking about…” Then you were forced to think of the right words. “I was thinking about how you could literally have any woman that you wanted but somehow you have decided that you want me…”

For a moment Gladio remained quiet, pensive almost before looking across at you and simply replying. “Yeah.” Before creasing his brows. “Why wouldn’t I want you?”

A guffaw slipped from your throat before you responded. “Are you serious?” Blinking at him a couple of times. “Look at you. Look at all your muscles, you barely have an ounce of fat on you…” At this words, Gladio seemed to grin proudly and you understood why the man worked hard to keep himself in the best physical condition. “Now look at me…” Your voice was much more sullen now, dropping your gaze to the ground. “I’m the opposite of you Gladio. I can’t understand why you want to be with me…”

In that next moment, Gladio rose up and moved to be kneeling in front of you, taking both of your hands and then forcing you to look into his eyes. “Stop.” His voice was firm. “I want to be with you because I know that you are the sweetest, most kind, amazing person that I know.” He informed you without even skipping a beat. “I know that when I’m down you’ll be there to pick me up, I know that you’ll have my back no matter what, I know that you’ll keep me on the right path.”

Now little tears were gathering in your eyes before suddenly the burly man yanked you forward, bracing his hand firmly on the back of your head and kissing you with such intensity before pulling away. “I love you. There ain’t nothing you can do to get rid of me now…”


It was a rather peaceful night in the camp, apart from the fact that the boys wished to play a rather rambunctious game of Justice Monster V which had come to an end when Prompto had a little tantrum and almost flipped the table they were playing on. It took Noctis and Gladio a bit time to tidy everything away but after that, they soon disappeared back to their tents too.

That very pleasantly left you sitting out under the moonlight whilst Ignis was cleaning down his cooking equipment. It was actually really sweet to see what great care that he took of his things, making sure they were all cleaned thoroughly before stacking them carefully away.

All the while there was a silence between you both. It was clear to you that he was thinking intently about something. After a couple of moments, Ignis turned to you with a thoughtful look pulling across his face. “Love, may I ask you a question?” He quizzed, wandering over to take a seat beside you. “I noticed that you didn’t really eat your meal tonight. Did you not like it?”

You knew how much of an insult it was for you to avoid eating Ignis’ meal and the last thing that you wanted to do was hurt his feelings. “No, no. I really was enjoying it.” You quickly informed him, leaning forward to take both of his hands. “Honestly, it was delicious. I was just a bit full.”

A crease formed on his features before responding. “Yes, but you only took a couple of bits.” He commented and you found yourself frowning one against, pulling away from holding his hands and receding back into your chair. “Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well?” He questioned in a way that showed so much concern.

A small shrug came from you then. “No, nothing is wrong.” You assured him but Ignis wasn’t going to take was a dismissive attitude as an answer. Ignis moved to be knelt before you, placing one hand on your knee and then the other engulfed your hand, rubbing your skin soothingly. “I’m on a diet.” You informed him.

“A diet?” This only made Ignis even more confused. “My love, you cannot possibly sit here and think that you possibly need to be on a diet. That is preposterous.”

This only caused a scoff from the back of your throat before you replied in a sharp way. “Well, it isn’t preposterous to me.” You stated in a low way, trying your best to avoid looking him in the eye, this was difficult for you to talk about as it was without having to look into his inquisitive eyes. “I look at you and me… I just wonder why someone like you would want to be with someone like me.” You commented in a tiny voice.

It was as if your words stunned Ignis momentarily, gulping hard and tilting his head. “Excuse me?” Blinking at you before reaching up and placing a finger under your chin, very delicately raising your head to look him in the eye. “That is preposterous to me. Why on earth would you even think something like that?” The light haired man pressed, confusion running across his face.

A moment passed as you searched your mind trying to find your words. “What I mean is…” You took in a swift breath before replying. “You’re so handsome and funny and smart. Anyone in the world would be lucky to have you, but… you want to be with someone like me?” Your voice squeaked against your will. “I’m… I’m bigger than you-”

Ignis just gazed at you for a moment, as if you had personally insulted him, creasing his brows and shaking his head. “Of course I want to be with someone like you.” He then pinched your chin and pulled you closer towards him, staring directly into your brooding eyes for a moment and then continuing. “I’m lucky to have someone you like and I do not want you to ever forget that. Your personality is the only thing that matters to me. The only thing. Do you understand?” You opened your mouth to refuse but Ignis just repeated the words obviously wanting a response from you. “Do you understand?”

“I understand.” You responded in a very little voice, staring across at him before the svelte man yanked you close and pressed a hard kiss to your lips, groaning into it for a moment. “I understand, Ignis. Thank you~”


The motel that you had all decided to stay at was practically in the middle of nowhere, there was really much entertainment around, so you watched the lads play a lively game of Monster Hunter V before grew bored, or tired and they all headed back to their rooms, leaving you alone in a room whilst Noctis wasted his money at the vending machine down the end of the dingy hallway.

When the Prince finally arrived back his arms were literally filled with snacks, balancing them in his arms, using his elbows to open doors and his feet to slam them shut again, grinning over the mountain of snacks as he clumsily wandered over and dumped them onto the bed. “Alright, I think I got everything…” He commented. “I got some of your favourites too…” He announced.

For a long couple of seconds, you just gazed at that mountain of package sugar and carbs, trying to count in your mind just how many calories were packed into each and every delicious bite. As if on cue your stomach growled loudly to inform anyone listening just how hungry you were and just how much you wanted to dig into that food Noctis had brought.

Carefully the Prince moved around the bed and took a seat, flipping on the TV and grabbing a packet of gummy candies. “Why on earth would you buy all this food?” You questioned, creasing your brows and looking across at him. “How could you be so clueless?” A hiss fell from your lips then as you quickly rushed past him and into the bathroom.

It was a mixture of your words and your quick exit that made Noctis concern, dropping the sweets and rushing after you, standing on the other side of the door, bracing his hands against the door and saying. “What have I done? What’s wrong?” He jiggled the handle but it remained locked. “Can you let me in? Don’t you want to talk to me?” He questioned with so much concern on his face. He really was clueless.

On the other side of the door, you stood there, staring blankly into the mirror whilst little tears rolled down your cheeks, stifling the hiccups that wanted to desperately leak from your throat by covering your mouth. “No, I don’t want to talk.” You told him in a firm tone, grabbing a warm towel and drying away your tears in a quick swipe. “I just want you to leave me alone.”

A long pause filled the room and for a moment you thought that Noctis had done as you had wished but instead he began speaking again. “I’m not going to leave you alone, not when I know you’re this upset.” He jiggled the door handle again. “Please, will you let me in?” A deep sigh came from your lips as you moved across the room, unlocking the door and pulling it open to see a very concerned Noct standing there. “Babe…”

“Don’t…” You whisper turning around and moving further into the room tying your arms around yourself. “I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I’m sorry for snapping.” You informed him in a gentle way. “I really thought you had taken notice about how I had been watching what I was eating the last couple of weeks. I’m trying really hard and when you come back with a bunch of candy it just makes it so difficult for me.”

Now that you mentioned it Noctis had noticed that you had been eating a lot more veggies lately, even taking the ones from his plate that he had been avoiding. “But why?” He questioned confusion on his face before moving towards you, reaching out to gently take your elbow, caressing the skin soothingly. “Why would you be watching what you were eating?”

A little sigh slipped from your lips. “Because I’m trying to lose weight.” This seemed to spark something in Noctis, creasing his brows and looking at you. “I’m trying to be thinner. I’m doing everything I can but-”

Suddenly a pair of lips pressing against your own stopped you from talking, Noct held the back of your head and pulled you into that searing kiss for a moment just holding you there. “I’m sorry.” His voice was tiny as he pulled away. “You’re doing a fantastic job and I’m sorry if I have made this any harder for you.” He stated, cupping your features and gazing across at you.

In that next moment, Noctis tied both of his long arms around your form and pulled you close, smiling down at you. “I don’t think you need to do this. I think you’re perfect just the way you are…” He placed a tiny peck on the tip of your nose. “But if you really want to do this then I’m going to support you every step of the way. Hell, I might even eat some veggies too… but only for you.”


Whilst all the lads had been calming down after a long day of exploring you had disappeared into the bathroom, taking a long shower to soothe your aching bones, washing all the dust and muck from your hair and the blood from the little battle scars scattered across your form. This was always the best part of the day in your opinion.

As you took a step out of that steamy shower and grabbed that fluffy towel to wrap around your body, you listened to what was happening outside of the room. It was actually unusually quiet, with the murmuring sound of the news of the TV filling up in the other room you just assumed that the boys had ended whatever fun they were having and called it an early night.

A tiny smile pulled across your features as you gently moved across the room to pull the scales away from the wall and took a deep breath before stepping forward to the plate. This time you were really hoping that you would see some kind of difference, something that would really let you know that what you were doing wasn’t sure nothing.

In a very hesitant way, you tilted your gaze down to take a look at the screen displaying your weight and instantly you were filled with regret. Not only had you not lost any weight but you had somehow managed to gain some too. “What?” You squeaked in a gently way before quickly dragging yourself off the scales, feeling almost betrayed by your own body.

This was a hard pill to swallow because you were trying to do everything right, by the book but somehow all that you were doing wasn’t enough. “Hey, babe…” A small knock was on the door and it startled you. “You mind if I come in? I wanna take a shower.” Prompto informed you and carefully you moved across the room to unlock the door. “Hey there beautiful~” He purred seeing you in just a towel.

It always amazed you that Prompto found the way to say the perfect thing when you needed it. Giving the blond a tiny smile as he reached across to place a kiss on your lips. As he stepped around you Prompto creased his brows as he sat a set of scales on the ground, looking across at you. “Everything okay in here?”

“Sure.” You responded in a tiny way before turning around and following his gaze. “Oh, are you asking about that?” You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “It’s nothing. It was stupid.” You informed him which only lead Prompto to turning around to gaze across at you, really searching your face for the answer he was looking for. “Prompto-”

“I knew it.” He whispered in a gently way. “That is why you’ve been getting up early, right? You’ve been going on morning runs?” He quizzed and you remained quiet. “And that’s why you’ve been avoiding everything on the plate but veggies?” The look on your face got so sad for a moment, gazing down at your bare feet and pursing your legs. “W-what’s wrong?”

A couple of stifled hiccups came from your lips before you replied. “Y-yes, I’ve been doing all those things, but they haven’t been doing me any good.” You informed him before gazing up at him with such an intense sadness in your eyes. “I’ve been trying so damn hard but it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I checked today and I gained weight!”

In that next moment Prompto leapt over to wrap his arms around you, not caring that you were still slightly wet from the shower. “Hey. Hey. It’s okay.” He rubbed your back soothingly. “I know exactly what you’re going through, okay? I get it. I really do…” He sighed and pressing his face into your neck. “When I was younger I had a problem with me weight. It was really difficult but I stuck with it and I managed to pull through.”

This made you sniffle gently as you creased your brows, pulling away to gaze at Prompto and replying. “R-really?” He nodded gently.

“Really.” He responded with a tiny head nod. “I think that you are the most beautiful person in the world and I think you’re the strongest person I know.” The blond informed you with so much certainty in his voice. “I want to make sure that you’re happy and healthy. I’m going to help you with this. I want to help you with this – if you’ll let me.” His voice was tiny as he moved forward and placed his hands on your waist, squeezing gently. “It hurts me when you’re not smiling. I want to be the one to help you smile again.”

This only made a tiny smile pull across your lips, tilting your head and gazing up at him. “You’re sweet and… I think your help will really get me through this, Prompto. Thank you.” Moving forward you planted a sweet kiss on his lips, humming for a moment before pulling away.

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x-men one shot [nsfw, male reader]

i present to you my first ever one shot imagine, based on this request sent to not me that is literally the reason why i made this blog, i started writing it back in january and it was fun so i made an imagines blog an d now im fucking posting it

dedicated to @transpetermaximoff who encouraged me to post this & also probably bribed me with memes to do it

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pairing: peter maximoff x male reader
warnings: nsfw, not like full smut but like…. close enough. also mentions of dicks and wanting to suck said dicks
notes: yes im aware trans guys (i.e. me) exist i just am one that likes pretending i have a dick so if you want this but without the references to dicks request it
word count: fuck if i know 1,406

You were sitting cross legged on the couch in the mansion’s living room area, your best friend Peter’s feet in your lap with your textbook resting against his shoes. You both had a calculus test tomorrow, so you were studying together – but the silver haired mutant was definitely not studying. Your ability was telepathy, which meant you heard everyone’s thoughts – even if you didn’t necessarily want to. For example, as you tried to focus on the words and numbers in front of you, all your brain could pick up on were the busy thoughts of those around you. Students passing, with thoughts of their romantic partners/crushes, school (much to your surprise, passing thoughts had revealed there actually was someone more anxious for the calculus test than you), teachers with… Well, you could never really hear Professer Xavier’s thoughts. Maybe he blocked them from you for a reason? Whatever the reason, you definitely did not want to know what it was, especially if it was about a certain metal-manipulating mutant you’d heard he might have had a relationship with at some point. (On second thought, for the sake of your friendship with Peter, you were glad you couldn’t see into Professor Xavier’s mind.)

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Teach Me (Part 1/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 786

A/N: This is just a shit ton of fluff and it’s mostly in Bucky’s Point of View. I needed a little break from Sweetheart, that shit’s hard! BUT there will be an update sometime this week!

“How the hell do I talk to her?”  I whispered harshly to Sam who was sitting beside me, I hate to admit it but I was using him as a sort of shield between me and Y/N

“Who? Y/N?” He asked loudly, him and his stupid fucking face, but luck was on my side today because she didn’t seem to hear him.

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The story begins with the Dragon Charmer. A young, blooming soul, daringly taking the first steps on the rough path. The words escaping Aries’ mouth are almost never soothing to the ear, but nevertheless true. They say, the truth always hurts. But Aries knows sometimes it’s exactly the only thing that can help.
The determined Dragon Charmer enters the beast’s cave. Its walls are burning and vibrating with unspoken curses. The air is hot, suffocating. They step nearer, without a single spasm of reluctance. A solitaire tear of freedom slides down their face, though. It’s simply unbelievable! They’ve finally reached it. They’re going to do it. Right now, right there. Aries draws out their silver blade, stained with years of war, years of white and black fury, right behind the gigantic beast. Aries knows it hears them. It might devour Aries’ whole life out of their body. It could turn cities, empires into ashes with a mere breath. And the beast knows what they’re about to do. It has lived a long, dull life. Taking the life of others doesn’t make yours any better. It just leaves all their lingering problems on your shoulders. Lifetimes of loneliness and hope, all carried by an equally lonely beast. Neither of them is afraid, though. Neither wants to give up on the aching tales that, sooner or later, will be spilled all over the unknowing world. No one never wins. But where would be the fun if they did?


In another corner of the world, in a village you might call boring, you, perhaps, might even have trouble finding on the map, there’s a nice and very charming house marking the last portal to another realm. The ‘Doorgiver’, as they jockingly like to call themselves, lives a quiet life. They wake up early. They dress up, eat some butter bread and drink a glass of honey tea, while in their hands the morning newspaper reads old stories. “The mayor’s changing offices again,” Taurus mumbles their breath, not really surprised. After they’re done eating, Taurus walks down the rose alleys into the village, and does their groceries as any other inhabitant of the place. On every monday and thursday. Never later than midday.Tuesdays, Taurus gives some meditation lessons to the local yoga club. Sometimes, they’ll all go together to the cinema in the evening. On every wednesday and friday, they take long walks into the forests surrounding the village. There’s an odd door carved into a tree, not far away from the main path. But it’s not their door, and they hardly mind it. Once they knocked curiously on its dark motive, but no reply came back anyway. On saturday, Taurus invites some neighbors over, and have tee or lemonade. Sunday mornings they wake once with the sun. The village is always quiet on sundays. Taurus has, as usual, a nice breakfast, puts on clothes and walks up to the front door. “Yes?” They ask. The strange-dressed man before them gives Taurus a mischievous look, but says nothing. “So you remembered the right door to knock at.”


It’s the show night. The clowns put on they’re funny little hats and funny big shoes, the beautiful dancers pamper their bodies with glowing moon-powder, the tiger keeper whistles calmly to his beloved friend. “5 more minutes!” The voice calls. Everyone must be ready. Everyone must enjoy the spectacle. Only old, bitter fools would want to spoil it. Old, bitter fools like the Trickster. Rejected by the clowns, dismissed by the magician, Gemini never found their place between earth and air. “Belle, it’s time for your dancers.” Gemini observes how a suite of jeweled dancers walks prettily onto the stage. Music, sparkles and hearts. Not much later, after the dancing act ends, the circus workers take their place. But only to begin installing great metal walls around the spectacle arena. And, after that, all kind of feral animals take the spotlight. Some bite, some spit. Some kill the tamer. The public couldn’t care less. The show must go on. Even the magician and the clowns are done as the Trickster makes their way onto the stage. They’ve no distinct job in this place. No real jokes, or talents. Gemini’s dressed in a long, plucked coat, with mismatched shoes and a topper they stole from the magician’s car. Their presence is noticed. They’ve got a quirky way of putting their mind into words, an unexpected sense of irony and definitely a great many secrets. The public cheers. They love them. Some, in awe, raise up and applaud with excitement. Everyone wonders how they could forget the Trickster; their favorite part of the show. Meanwhile, back in their small cabinet, Gemini closes their very own pandora box.


Once upon a time, there was a crown. And this crown, like no other of its kind, was a gift of the water gods themselves. For its jewels are real ocean drops, its gold always shining an unusual blue. It’s something hundred of monarchs started wars for. Something that flooded cities and destroyed civilizations. Something that felt into wrong hands, was misused, and eventually returned to its rightful owner. Now, a childlike (though old enough to have lived the creation of this world) Heir’s head is where the wet dome rests most of its unending days. The Heir is small and pretty. They like to soothe the crown’s pointy ends, polish every water droplet and sing. But underneath all of that porcelain skin, there’s resistant silver. Layers of tears, of sorrow and fear too. Cancer plays with the beautiful roses in the gardens, gets enchanted by their sweet perfume, and hides hurting after they’re remembered by a bleeding finger of how cruel these games can be. At midnight, they walk outside again. Only that this time they’ve got absolutely nothing to fear. It’s the time when their crown shines the brightest. When lullabies, and wishes, and souls fly up to the mooned sky and cry happily.
Cancer misses touches of the dark, but midnight moments seem forever enough.


Unless the high pyramids would flip over and open a passage to an undiscovered land, the gold of deep rivers be forgotten, or the day the sun won’t rise up again, there isn’t much for mere mortals to care about. Of course, there is death. And loss. Also, they passionately hate peace. But enough about mere mortals. There have been times and situations where the only thing of real relevance was whether the Gods liked or liked you not. The only thing that could save or kill you. Lost in the desert, under murderous rays of ultraviolets, alone. Alone with the Gods. The world has known their wrath, their fury and misery. It fell and disappeared with it at once. But, it also bloomed and shone with their mercy, and care, and love. For each whispered prayer, each obedient sacrifice, each offered soul reborns and makes the bond with the Gods stronger. From their light throne of paradise gold, Leo nods at the sight of gratitude and fear coming from their silly followers. Even a bird would know better than fly too far and enrage them. Even a shadow would know to hide under its motive than defy them. Because they’re greatness embodied into human face. Into human alikeness and voice. But do they love them? Do they really feel like a human? They’re a pitiful, weak race. Nothing in comparison to Leo’s grace. Above heavens, loneliness is hard to bear. But sky wine with bubbles of pure pearls helps the soul forget.


Spookish, indefinite figures marsh down the wooden walls of the inner forest. They clash into thick, dark doors of a thin, tall house. A house that itself looks like a giant bookshelf. A house with a few dozens of stories. With an undefined amount of stories, of all kinds and uses. With long, curtained windows all over, big doors and plants fading into the forest’s decor at the top. If one didn’t look specifically for it, they wouldn’t even notice its presence. It’s like some undiscovered door hides it all behind a veil of secrecy. Like the only way to gain access is by some sort of extradimensional portal. The Timeless Scholar has been many times unpleasantly struck with the realization that, someone, somehow, could get inside and take on them vulnerable and unprepared. Or, worse, derange their sweet bookish solitude. Honestly, Virgo would rather have their throat sliced than someone laying one finger on their works. So much knowledge, in peril of some unknown, rather stupid and curious fool. Never! The Timeless Scholar decides to shut the door down. They aren’t sure how they did it, but it works. Keep the fools away! Virgo murmurs to themselves. Sometimes, they still hear knocks from the other side. But they never pay any attention. After all, the only thing to be trusted is what lays on the forest’s side.


In the light of morning, a Flower Cutter fights the urge to cry truth. Next to them, rows of smiles and glittering shoes captivate the transparency of day. They dance into circles. They sing to the lovely, perfumed plants. The Flower Cutter watches them right from the heart of the event. They see, they hear everything. Libra answers always. With the same natural easiness, same unnerving spirit. But shouldn’t be there some pain, some disgusting feeling at all? Some depth? Libra laughs at the thought of it, because, why, yes of course it is. It’s a full world of it. At the bottom of their heart, grasping new roots every time they breathe in. Making itself at home through the thorns and petals of lilies, swallowing all the numbness and hate out. Libra feels a stranger and a dear old sibling of life at once. Coming from the heavens, there’s rain. Rain and colours. Everywhere, colour models the world how it pleases. It gives it hope. It feeds it hate. A little of everything. It’s funny. How some think that suffering and loneliness does only bad. It’s a shame they still choose truth, Libra thinks, and the flower’s head meekly hits the ground.


Spices, feathers, spiders, black gems, dead names. The cauldron sparkles joyfully under the stir of a silver-headed spoon. Hoarded behind the window’s curtains, the candles squeak oddly. There’s wax everywhere on the floor underneath. The silky, old things catch fire, and a hellish warmth bursts into the room. Though, the squeaking! It annoys the Witch terribly. Scorpio leaves their comfortable armchair at the chimney, and proceeds to blow the fire off. Around them, six cats meow more or less in distress, the seventh looking considerably bored from her high-placed lair. Scorpio curses the candles, and they shut up in fear. No more squeaking, at least! they think. The fire also calms slowly down. Beside one of Scorpio’s dark robes, discarded in one of the corners of the room, a familiar meows keenly. Yes, yes. It’s 7 in the evening, after all. The Witch fetches some bowls, and feels them up with food and milk. After they’re done, Scorpio returns to their comfortable place and closes the eyes tiredly. What a distasteful situation. Shall the fire come once more to their house, they’ll send it straight back to hell. Shall the obsessive thoughts set their mind ablaze again, the Witch will know how to have it instantly disappear into a shadow of nothing.


The Professor grins from behind their rose-tinted car window. They roll it down, saluting the watchman. “Sorry, Professor, but the observatory’s closed today. There’s a fire code announced.” “Fire code, you say? Oh, bad luck. Bad luck for me, indeed.” Sagittarius wheels anyway down the entering road. The watchman calls them to stop, but they don’t even listen to him. When they reach a spot far enough for the watchman to find them, the Professor leaves the truck behind and walks along the contaminated waterline. It’s glowing with deadly substances. Sagittarius’ eyes burn every time they stare at the fantastic, surreal colours. All neons, he feels like a traveler who finally found the path to heaven. Of course, heaven’s a very malleable word. Shall it be a dreamlike garden, with clouds for flowers and ambrosia for water? Or a room full of unopened passages. A room leading to a thousand places, a thousand such gardens. The truth is, the lethal waterline never ends. It’s a great guide, but a terrible destination. It’s thrilling, it’s almost entrancing. It captivates the thirsty mind, lures it to know, to desire adventure. Sagittarius kicks their shoes off, and jumps into the water. It surely won’t hurt as bad as the first time. Above them, the sky pulses in bright pinks and glistening oranges bursts.


A troupe of blood-red dressed soldiers march towards north. None of them dares look back, or, worse, doubt their cause. Gossips never erupt in the camps, and no one allies with no one. They’ve all got the same mission. World domination. They’ve all got the same means of winning. Leading hounds of hell everywhere it’s needed. They all follow the same leader. The Great Marshal. A fist of iron, a mind of composure, a soul of spiteful determination and inflexibility. Capricorn is definitely a human to be feared, to be obeyed no matter the situation. They have a suite of cruel weapons, and will gladly use them to punish you for your unruliness. They hate unruliness. They, and that curious sibling of theirs. But no one dares to say a word about the Great Marshal. Only this small information that slipped somehow out is a dangerous taboo.
Nights and days, on boats or tanks, they travel the world. They live on subdue, glory, supremacy. Capricorn kills what must be killed, spare what shall be of use later. No one, ever, disagrees with their decisions. All of their faithful soldiers would follow them to the bloody hell, and back. Of course, countless armies tried to pin them down. To make them retreat, to take away all what their beloved leader gained after so many hard won, fair battles. But the blood-red soldiers know better than let themselves be fooled by such irrelevant, crazy concepts. For their ruler is undying. They’re something this world will hold for greatness a long time after they, the soldiers, will perish away, and new ones will replace them.


There are few things that the Alien Minister (officially admits) they don’t know: firstly, Earth’s days have come to an end. It won’t last long until its shallow crust will fulminate into fire blades, cutting and throwing pieces of soil everywhere in the Universe. It will be forgotten as quickly as it has been created. But the question remains: whose going to save it from its awful sorrow? Well, of course Aquarius cares. Not the affectionate, dependent kind of caring. But from afar, regretting all the great communities and societies they assisted, they influenced from their very first tender beginnings. Not weeping, but pitying what could have been. The second thing Aquarius doesn’t know, it’s how they’ll manage to rebuild everything. The voices, the freedom, the ingenuity of the new ages. They’ll be alone for a while; that’s obvious. They don’t even mind it that much. But it’s much more entertaining to create alongside others. Much, much more provocative for the mind and the inspiration process. Yet, what could they do? The world’s finally ending. The people wanted it gone, and gone shall they have it. There’s more to being a humanitarian than compassion. Besides, they’ve never set foot in that place anyway. Nothing would really change for Aquarius. Pressing the END button, the Alien Minister leaves behind their spaceship only a pulverized tray of existence.


Pisces stands at the seashore. They look at a point far away in the distance, indefinite and shabby. “Must be my last hope,” they murmur, as the shapeless spot flutters nearer and nearer. The sunset is also just around the corner. Soon, the world will be swallowed by old darkness. How long will it take until they’ll see light again? How much pain will they have to suffer until everything will be fine again? Pisces doesn’t know. The spot finally reaches the place where they’re sitting, and it turns out to be a small bird. It’s feathers are turquoise, with drops of lila pearls at the ends. Its eyes are sun-gold. Its song sweet, sad. “We’re the only ones, little bird.” Pisces begins weeping, knuckling the tears away with incredible misery and grief. What shall they do? All they ever wanted was a place to feel free. To feel safe. To feel young and old and strong and meek and alive. But the world’s almost gone. They’re no dragon slayer. No wise archivist. No god, nor do they have armies to rule behind their shoulders. They have just one, last protection against whatever will happen. Hope. Nestled at their chest, the beautiful, small bird chirps soothingly. “There, there,” Pisces whispers, patting her on the head. Maybe they’ll come back. Maybe they’ll hear the Ocean Child’s cries, and come to rescue them.