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How does your hair stay so fabulously floofy! I love it so much, it suits you so well!

Just don’t wash it for a couple of days due to stress then you too can get The Look™!!

Haha nah i’m just joking! (kinda)
I use a styling lotion from TRESemmé as well as a little hairspray to get the lift in my hair. Though having a short haircut helps as well!


Top Ten Priorities For The Movie (IMHO)

10. That they actually make the damn movie. That there is a cliffhanger that leads to a second damn movie. Ditto movie three.
9. That there is a reunion. And. It. Is. Glorious. - would a little touching be too much to ask ?
8. That there be adventure and daring do.
7. That there be lots of snark and sass and banter and silliness.
6. That there be fabulous clothes - but how about less of the three piece suits, if you know what I mean.
5. That “Old Friends” remain old friends.
4. That it includes the whole ensemble.
3. That we see lots of behind the scene info, the making of, etc. - especially if members of the fandom are extras.
2. That the characters we have grown to love stay true to who they are, even as they evolve.
And the number one priority, or it might be a deal breaker with me.
1. That it confirms fanfic canon that she sleeps sprawled all over top of him.

Thank you. I return you to your regularly scheduled blogs. Have a wonderful weekend. 😘

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He is not alright!

Fight me, but Malec is not alright yet. Have you noticed Magnus’s behaviour through the 2x13?

Everybody is talking about what Magnus is wearing and how his make-up is done (yes, he’s fabulous, but IMLTHO black suits him better), but can we talk about his posture and way of talking? Head held high, kinda wavy moves, sarcastic tone, self-confident smile. This is the Magnus we have know from the first episodes of the whole show. The Magnus who didn’t care, who closed himself off feelings.

It’s forced. Like he doesn’t know how to be the way Alec made him (vulnerable, trusting, caring, soft), but he also has no idea how to be his old self either (reserved, phlegmatic). He is trying so hard to look OK in front of Alexander - but doesn’t know how. (And Alec is so busy asking for his hair he didn’t even noticed. He’s always so busy with Clave’s matters he won’t find time for his boyfriend! He’s not even trying! Can somebody just punch him and-… OK, moving on. Saving hates on Lightwood for another time.)

It’s even more visible when he is with Dot. Suddenly, though broken, he’s better. He’s smiling and laughing so naturally. He’s with somebody he trusts. He’s home.

Now, I don’t really know what I am trying to say. But it breaks my heart. So, as a conclusion, two things:

● Alec should not behave like they are fine just because they kissed on a balcony. Magnus is not fine.

● Praise Harry Shum Jr.! That man’s acting is incredible!

Clothes Shopping with GOT7

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  • Occupies his time by messing with the members
  • Like sneaking ugly outfits into their dressing rooms
  • Gets very quiet as the members blame Bambam’s poor taste
  • But his uncontrollable giggling gives him away
  • Gets sent to the car until he learns how to behave


  • The personal shopper of your dreams
  • Knows the layout of stores through pure instinct
  • Helps the other members because he loves shopping with their money
  • But secretly half of the stuff he picks for them is for him
  • Has a strange aversion to the wallet section


  • Is all smiles and compliments the entire time
  • So no one but Jackson asks for his opinion
  • Picks out outfits based solely on how cuddly a certain dog might find it
  • Briefly convinced to buy a carrier bag for Coco
  • Until JB intervenes and sends Bambam to his corner


  • The one whose opinion you can depend on
  • But brace yourself for the pure savagery of those opinions
  • Which are directed at the clothing more than you
  • Because how could clothing not suit someone fabulous enough to know him?
  • Packs books and a tumbler of wine to get him through the excursion


  • The Jackson you get depends on the shopping you’re doing
  • If it’s for an event then be prepared for excited Jackson
  • Constant compliments but you know what to buy when he’s rendered speechless
  • If it’s casual shopping be prepared for frugal Jackson
  • Lots of debate about what you really need and haggling the price


  • The fastest member at shopping
  • Because he rarely deviates from a style he knows he looks good in
  • Which is pretty much everything tbh
  • Low-key checks himself out in the mirror the most
  • Buys something for everyone so as not to show favorites


  • Everyone thinks he’s an employee
  • And he’s too nice to correct the people that ask him for help
  • Gets roped into being a clothing model by the staff
  • Acts cool but blushes so hard at Jackson’s fangirling
  • Sad because he wanted to help you shop but won’t say anything