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“I’m almost 19. I love my boyfriend and I just want our life to start already.”

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here is a list of the mutuals that i love and talk to near enough everyday/wish i would talk to more. (how fab does luke look??)

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💕Imagine For Kathy❗

It is currently about 11:00 a.m. And I am currently, reading a book by John Green ‘The Fault In Our Stars ’ its pretty much quiet, except the background music , of the song “Skinny Love” playing off of my phone softly until I hear my brother yell.
“Yes , Air Bear? ” I asked giggling at the end of my question, as I remember the nick name if given him.
“Would you like to go to Magcon, this weekend with the boys, and I? ” he asked, with pleading eyes.
“Why?” I questioned.
“Because, feel like we aren’t as close as we used to be. ”
See, me and Aaron, had this kind of special bond , I could tell him anything, and vice versa ,it had always been like that cause we’re so close in age.
“Awweeee Aaronnnnnnnn! I love you , so yes , I’ll go , but have you talked to mom ? “I asked.
” Uhhh , here’s the thing she’s kind of skeptical about you being with so many guys , for the weekend, but she lightened up a bit, when I told her Mahogany would be there. “
“Oh ,okay , when do I have to be packed? ” I questioned him.
“By tonight , so if you need to go to the store for anything , go right now , Bruh! ” Mall… Or Nah?”
“Yeah, legggooooo!”
*At mall*
“So what do you need?” Aaron asked me.
“Ummmmm… Well I wanna look cute, but not like, trying to hard, y’know?” I asked totally showing my “White girl” side.
“Yaaasss,girl, something that says Im single, but I don’t want you.! ” he said flipping his luscious locks (sarcasm)
“Totes. Okay, seriously what should I get?” I asked him seriously.
“Can you please go with me to love culture? ” “Yeah, let’s go.” So we walked to Love Culture so I could see these shirts Aaron was talking about.
“I’m gonna go look for clothes, you gonna stay here and be a loser?” I said with a hint of sarcasm. “No, I’m just gonna stand here. ” he said with as much sarcasm as me.
“Hah, shut up!” “Kayyyyyyyy !!” He yelled like a child.
He pointed out some dresses and I tried them on. “How does it look?” I asked him. “Fab girl, but is it a bit showy?” He said, a little worrisome. “No, I’m 15 Aaron, let me be.” “Okay .” “I love you.” I told him, giving him a kiss on the cheek, and a hug. “Obviously I’m your Bestie 5 Eva!” He said.
We paid for the dress and went to Forever 21 for pants, shorts, and dresses.
“Hey Air! Um , do you like this? ” I said, showing him some high waisted shorts with a crop top thing. .
“Um I mean I guess? Its not too showy is it ?” He asked concerned.
“I’ll wear a cardigan if you want too?” I asked trying to make him lighten up.
“Okay! ” he said happier.
“Okay , I’m gonna go look for some pants or some shorts, Kay?” I asked, waiting for permission.
“Okay, don’t do anything stupid. ” he said as he kissed my temple and hugged me.

“Same goes for you mister! ” I said as I repeated what he’d done.
And we parted ways.

I’d gotten three dresses, four outfits, and three bikinis. *At Home* “I’m so tired Aaron!” I whined. “Well go to bed.” He said . “Can’t, I have to pack.” I said as I yawned. “Well then go.” He said staring the obvious. “Carry me” I said sticking out my arms so he could pick me up. “Okay!” He said as he picked me up. When I got up to my room, I packed everything I’d need for the trip which included; Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream,hair brush, straightener, curling iron, my clothes, deodorant, underclothes, lotion, perfume, phone charger, earphones, and shoes. I was finished packing at about 12:00 p.m. So I ended up falling asleep. In the morning Aaron woke me up, to get ready to go to L.A. I was ready at about 10:00 a.m, and Aaron had been ready , since he’d woken me up at 9:30. “You ready? ” he asked Me. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” I said laughing. “Byyyyyyeee Mama! ” I yelled to my mom. “Bye Mom!” Aaron yelled. “Bye sweethearts have fun don’t do anything stupid, I trust you guys both. ” she said with all seriousness in her voice. “Okay!” We both said annoyed. She was about yo say something, but then we heard a honk. Perfect timing. “Gotta go.” I said. And I kissed her cheek, and so did Aaron. *In El Car.* “Hey Guys! ” I said, as I gave Nash and Cam hugs . “No hug for me?” Matt told me, with the cutest face ever. “Nope.” I said jokingly. ”That’s Mean.” He said playfully looking hurt. ”Awe , is Matthew sad?” I said poking his cheek as he blushed. “Yes , because I didn’t get a hug! ” he said. “Awe , come here!” I said hugging him and kissing his cheek. “All , better! ” he said blushing. “I don’t get a kiss?” I heard Gilinsky say. “Yes , !” I said scooting over to go closer to him, and give him a kiss on the cheek. But , after I did, someone pulled me into them , Matthew. “Stay here please?” He said with puppy dog eyes. “Okay, okay.” I said yawning. “Go to sleep, I’ll wake you when were there” he said. “Okay, thank you matt. ” *2 hours later* We still had and hour and 17 minutes to go so , I just went on my phone. The hour passed away really quickly cause the next thing I knew , we were already ,at the Hotel. Omni Hotel . It was beautiful , lucky enough, we got the rooms near the top so we could see everything. “Its beautiful.” I said . “Not as beautiful as you. ” I heard, Matt Mumble. But, I didn’t say anything. “You guys wanna go to the beach? ” I asked trying to get rid of the awkward tension. “Yeah sure. ” they all said. “Its about a 25 minute drive.” I said. “Okay , well everyone get ready ,and then when were a ready, well go.” Cam said , if it wasn’t the most obvious thing. I had put in the blue and pink bikini on(First bikini on there) and the crop tol sorta thing and the shorts that were cut (Fifth outfit) As my cover up. Once everyone was all ready we got into the cars, I say cars as plural because more than one , we had to take to cars because , there was so many people. But, this time iwent in a different car with different people , I went With Mahogany , Jacob , Shawn , Taylor, who was driving. “Hey (Y/N)!” Mahogany said. “MAHOGANY!” I yelled, as I hugged her. “I missed you!” We both said in sync. Besides Aaron, Mahogany was my best friend . “So anything new?” She asked me with a big smile. “Well…. ” I said blushing. “Its about a boy, spit it out.!” She said excitedly, which caused everyone except for Taylor, to turn around. They all just stared looking at us. “Well who is it!” Jacob said laughing. “I’m not telling you. ” I said laughing. “Awwe c’mon tell us!” They said. “You promise you won’t tell anyone?” I said. “Promise.” They all said. “Okay, we its M-” I got cut off. “We’re here.” Taylor shouted. “Let’s go!” I said. *At The Beach* “(Y/N), do you wanna talk about this guy?” Mahogany asked me. “Yes , I do, and Its Matthew!” I said. “What’s me?” He asked smiling. “Oh, nothing” I said blushing. “Okay, whatever you say.” He said kissing my cheek. “Awwee, (Y/N)!” Mahogany squealed. “Shhhh, Aaron cannot know, please he’d be so upset.” I said with some worry. “Sweetie, its okay, I won’t, but to be honest, he likes you too.” She said smiling. “Mahogany, (Y/N), you guys coming?” Aaron yelled. “Be right there!” I said. “We’ll talk about this later.” I said laughing. I took off my cover up, and all the boys looked at me. I felt a little insecure, but then I heard matt say “You look gorgeous. ” he said biting his lip. “Why, thank you handsome.” I said winking. I felt my brother pick me up, and I only knew it was him, because he always does this to me at the beach or lake. He threw me into the water, and I came up for air right after he threw me in. “AARON!” I yelled. “That’s me!” He said laughing. “(Y/N)!” Matthew yelled over, he was with the boys and mahogany. “Yes, kind Sir?” I said, laughing. “Could you come here?” He asked me. “Yes,! ” I said swimming towards them. Aaron had gotten out of the water, to go tan. “(Y/N), Ive gotta ask you something, I’ve been wanting to ask you out, for awhile now, I’ve had the biggest crush on you, and will you be my girlfriend? ” he said stuttering a lot. I gently pecked his lips. “So yes?” He asked. “Yes! ” I said. “So, not to ruin this but when are you planning on telling Aaron?” Taylor said. “Ummmm…well right now.” I said. “Do you want me to go with you?” Matthew asked. “No, I’ll go myself.” I said kissing his cheek. I walked over to him. “Aaron, I have to tell you something.” I told him sitting next to him. “Shoot.” He said. “Well, how’d you feel about me and Matt dating?” I asked him nervously. “I don’t like the idea, why?” He asked. “Cause we are. ” I said a little upset. “You’re my baby, sister, that’s why, s brother isn’t gonna be happy when his sister, is going out with one if his best friends. Its not something I’d want, but you’re gonna have to grow up soon, and I wouldn’t want that right now. But, if their were anyone I’d want you to date, it’d be Matt.” “I love you Air.” I said, practically in tears. “I love you too.” He said kissing my temples. We both got up and he put his arm around my shoulder.we walked over to all the boys and mahogany. “So we good?” Matt asked Aaron. “We good. But if you guck with my sister, I’ll fuck you up! ” he said seriously and all the boys laughed. “I won’t, I really like her.” He said. “Okay, I understand” Aaron said. “Thanks Bro.” Matt said and they bro hugged. —– I actually like this idea and I might make it a short fan fic. So… Yeah.

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P.S how fab does the purple and green look together? I know right.