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Last Game Summary *MAJOR SPOILERS*

MAJOR SPOILERS! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Last Game just don’t read this. Also, for those who are gonna spazz and post about the summary PLEASE DON’T SPOIL FOR OTHERS WHO DON’T WISH TO BE SPOILED. (There are people trust me). If you are gonna post about Last Game please use the hashtag #last game spoilers so people can block it. Thank you.

The show I went to had the liveviewing for the seiyuu greetings as well so I’ll write a bit of that after this.

Now if you want to be spoiled, please continue!!

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not today, satan. ( 514 words )

Nico counted himself as fifteen years old. He’s on a visit to Camp Half Blood, sitting in the infirmary. Apparently he just missed a big battle in the forest in the Camp. It’s unknown what really happened but long story short—there were a lot of Hellhounds that were a lot meaner than Mrs. O’Leary. Most of the senior campers—Percy, Leo, Piper, Annabeth—they were in Rome. They couldn’t help—they unfortunately let the forest floor be drenched in blood.

Now the kid of the god of the Dead stood in the corner and watched his boyfriend work. He’s frantic—mumbling to himself and yelling at his half-siblings to work faster. They’re doing all they can. The non-injured (and even some injured) Hephaestus children ran around making more beds for injured kids. It was heartwarming in a way.

The infirmary was full to the brim with injured kids, as Nico noticed. Even with the extra work assigned and some kids (friends—true siblings) sharing beds, some still lay on the floor. They soaked the ground with dark red ink. Nico could almost grimace at the sight.

“Nico—” Will turned around, his blue eyes wide. “Nico can you—oh.” His eyes turned from his dark haired boyfriend to the man standing next to Nico, angrily. “Right.” Will turned back to his work, just as focused as before. “Thanatos is here.”

“Young master,” Thanatos tried again for the hundredth time. “Death is inevitable.” He said again, voice turning into a low mourn. “Death will come.”

“Not with Solace.” Was all Nico said. The presence of Nico Di Angelo wasn’t enough to stop Thanatos. But with the damned souls creeping from the ground and grabbing his ankles—and the death grip that Nico had on his wrist was enough to stop him, however. “Never with Solace. If anyone can stop you, he can.”

Thanatos looked angry. Angrier than before. He looked like he was just personally insulted. ‘The fact that an Apollo child,’ he must’ve been thinking. ‘Is helping these helpless, near death souls, will not change anything. I am death itself, and I am this world’s ugly truth.’ His body flickered like a black candle flame. He leaned towards Nico and slunk around him like a venomous snake. Nico did not flinch. “Death will come. And no pathetic Apollo kin can stop me.”

Nico, the slow to anger boy, looked ready to burst. “How dare—”

Speak of the devil, maybe. Even though Will was intensely caught up in his work, he managed to lend an ear into eavesdropping. It was often that Thanatos was materialized—but the death grip made sure he was. With that being said, a bloody rag towel was hurled from Will’s work station and onto Thanatos’ face. Impeccable accuracy. “This pathetic Apollo kin is saving lives faster than you could have gotten to them.” He snarled. Even with his freckles and golden skin, he looked menacing. Nico was so proud. “No one needs your nasty words, Thanny. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?” And with that, he went back to his work.

Nico smiled—prouder than ever. “I love him.”


Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 《恶魔少爷别吻我》 Season 2 Ep. 18

Even if I say things that may hurt you, do hateful things, no matter how bad my attitude, please don’t ever leave me.


Joking around (in the kitchen)

  • “I could have joked about a dick.”
  • “When you’ve found the man of your dreams and he likes Gabrielle..”
  • “As long as you’re smiling and wearing clothes…”
  • Vergil: Can anybody tell me as to why we aren't allowed in Italy?
  • Dante: Well, the thing with that tower was my bad. Totally an accident.
  • Sparda: Venice was also an accident....and Pompeii as well.
  • Dante: Besides, didn't your last time-travel vacation involve Rome burning?
  • Vergil: Not my fault. I was drunk when it happened.
Headcanon: Dramione

•Hermione loves Christmas.
•She loves it more than anything.
•Especially the Candy Canes.
•She actually has Candy Canes in stock in her room/home all year round.
•But her ultimate favorite part is the tree.
•She just loves the smell of pine.
•She loves it so much that all year round she has a small pine tree in her room/home which she cares for like it was her own flesh and blood.
•And Draco never notices it but she always smells like pine.
•He doesn’t understand why. But every time he smells pine it reminds him of her.
•And now he can’t get enough of it.
•And when he and Hermione are finally together and he sees her room/home he sees that goddamn tiny pine tree and everything clicks.
•"you have a pine tree?“
•And Hermione smiling "yeah, I love the smell of it.”
•"You smell like pine.“
•"really” she says with a laugh. “Perfect.”
•"It’s been driving me crazy all year. You are a devil woman you know?“
•"How so?”
•"I can’t even look at a pine tree, let alone smell it without thinking about you.“

You’re dancing with the devil


The Devil’s Temptation

gif is not mine

Title: The Devil’s Temptation

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,125

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Things happened today and I apologize for getting this out later than usual. Things here are just not looking up and shit is crazy, but no worries. I will not stop writing. Hopefully I can write enough tonight to have some different fics than Gabriel. I’m trying guys, I am <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

The wind whipped through your hair on the cool fall night.  You tucked your hands into your pockets.  You told Sam and Dean that you were going for a walk.  They didn’t need to tell you to be careful; you knew demons were everywhere now.  Your eyes traveled to the abandoned house you were about to walk past.  Your eyes scanned over the property.  You saw what looked like an old friend of yours, standing in one of the windows.

You didn’t think twice about dashing towards the house and barging through the door.  The person you saw was on the second floor of the house.  You padded up the stairs carefully.  You kept a hand on your gun just in case.  As you reached the top of the stairs you could tell the atmosphere was different.  If it wasn’t for the flickering light down the hall, you would have turned back and left.  You slowly walked into the room with the flickering light.  The door abruptly shut behind you, causing you to spin around.  As much as you tugged on the door’s handle, it wouldn’t budge.

“It’s nice to see you again [Y/N],” Lucifer mused.  “You seemed pretty concerned about whoever you saw in the window.”

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