how emo is this

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More importantly, I think Jimin's ugly blue contacts are getting shelved thanks to his pink hair. I mean, this pink hair with brown eyes and his glowy skin he's practically Neapolitan ice cream

that ….. is so fuckin cute.. i’m just imagining him now all soft w curly pink hair 😣😣 ur comparison to the ice cream jsut actually made me emo congrats how’d u do that

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👉 Do they follow me: Yes | No

👉 Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

👉 What I think about their blog: || @baekhyunsbabe || ALLY *runs to her and hugs her tight* ally is literally one of the sweetest people in this site. she is always there to make you feel good and throw you sweet nothings and just blurt out how much she loves you ;; she gets really emo and sentimental during the wee hours of the night and when she’s drunk….have you seen anyone as precious?? also her blog is so beautiful and she loves exo so much :)) baby girl heey!~!

🍰 send me a url on anon~

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Hey! I'm a new Chris Evans fan. And I often come up to some phrases like "left boob", "meatball", "language" what's the meanning of those and what key things I need to know about him as a fan that i can't easily find on wiki or some source like that.


so the left boob thing, he always grabs his left boob when he laughs. “the left boob grab” i was going to post gifs but someone made a compilation video of his left boob grabs.

Meatbeall comes from when he called himself a fucking meatball in this interview

Language” comes from a line in The Avengers Age of Ultron 

some other things…

Chris has an adorable dog named Dodger who he adopted while he was on set filming the movie Gifted

he is obsessed with the patriots…

and also space/nasa

and all things disney

he likes his beard

he is passionate and active about politics 

and supporting Christopher’s Haven which offers apartments for families of children with cancer 

he did a series of videos called “Getting Inside Chris Evans’ Head” where he spoke openly about anxiety 

he’s just pretty great


‘the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.’ yet, you look amazing in each and every one of them.

you deserve all the love in this world my sunshine❣️ happy birthday to my precious, my sweetest angel. please dont forget to always smile, i love you so much☺️


au where credence actually got took in by newt and tina and jacob wasn’t obliviated but still gets to work in his bakery happily

  • credence keeps apologizing for every little mistake he made, as he can’t help it. newt and tina reminds him it’s alright but they won’t force him to stop apologizing.
  • credence vents to tina as he knows she’ll listen and won’t judge him in anyway for it, never.
  • newt giving him a decent pep talk whenever credence is low on self-esteem, credence doesn’t really find it helpful but he appreciates it for newt taking out time of his own to make him feel better.
  • when credence has an episode, tina and newt will gently ask whether or not they can come over to comfort him. the two will fully respect if credence denies.
  • newt and tina letting credence know his abuse was valid, and it wasn’t his fault. 
  • newt and tina letting him know that crying doesn’t make you weak, and it is totally okay, and there is bravery in being soft, even if you don’t feel brave at times.
  • often credence needs alone time to himself, so newt and tina give him that. though they will leave his food by his door if he doesn’t want to leave his room.
  • newt allowing credence to follow him into his suitcase, and even teaching him about the creatures he owns. credence is also allowed inside the suitcase anytime as long as he asks newt, no matter how unholy the hour is, because newt knows if human companionship doesn’t suit at the moment, the beasts will help.
  • newt and tina both decided to teach credence magic themselves. credence doesn’t mind him being home-schooled as he finally gets to learn magic. newt and tina being supportive of him learning at his own pace, it doesn’t matter how slow nor how many mistakes he makes.
  • sometimes jacob and queenie will come over and surprise credence with a ton of delicious pastries and food, making sure he is well-fed and satisfied. (even though newt and tina already bloated him always)
  • tina and queenie giving credence advice on how to deal with problems such as to socialize with strangers, overcome some of his fears, etc.
  • jacob and newt telling stories of their wacky adventures to credence. jacob sometimes exaggerate it and newt would correct him, but credence finds jacob’s version amusing and entertaining.
  • jacob telling him if situations look bad, it’s alright, it happens. just pick yourself up and keep walking on, because soon something great is bound to happen, especially when you least expect it.

credence barebone receiving lots of love and care from parents newt and tina + aunt queenie and uncle jacob


We’re not just royalty. We are more than an alliance. We love each other.
                                                                                                And we always will.