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I watched Joe’s live stream so you don’t have to (play by play reactions)

- announcement is a 24 hour livestream on ThatcherJoeVlogs on Friday starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST) ft guests and Joe signing a lot of Username:Uprising

- I wish I had friends I could have a sleepover with and watch the livestream dude that would be so fun

- throwback to #1Dday I couldn’t even last seven hours with One Direction how the hell am I gonna do 24 hours with YouTubers

- just kidding I’m about to be dedicated as fuck

- Jack and Joe from 12:00-3:00 am

- #unpopularopinion I like Joe’s mustache

- my poor baby and his infected gums he was so ill he almost passed out whenever he ate cuz the pain as so bad fuck I want to hug him

- Joe speaking foreign languages is my aesthetic (and it reminds me that I really need to brush up on my spanish)

- “I’m trying to set up other things for the future cuz, you know, you never know how long this whole YouTube thing is gonna last before I’m back on the ol’ roof”

- “it’s getting to the point where I really do want a girlfriend”

- well I’ve always been at the point where I want to be your girlfriend so I don’t understand why this is such a predicament for you when I’m always available so quit complaining and hit me up

- no but really I want him to be happy and I think he would be so happy in a relationship so he’s just gotta get someone awesome

- (like I wasn’t mad when Caspar got with Maddie cuz she’s great so Joe needs someone great)

- main channel might become a lower priority in the future

- “And I’ll see you in the future with a Sugg Sunday Special. Who knows when it’ll be. I don’t wanna say that there’s gonna be an end to Sugg Sunday but… I don’t know. I’m not as fussed about that channel as much, which is a shame cuz that’s my main channel. I don’t know it’s been so nice to have a week […] where I haven’t thought about that kind of stuff”

- obviously the idea of irregular Sugg Sunday Specials is sad but the idea of Joe putting out things because he feels obligated to and not because he enjoys them is even more sad

- “Wow that was deep whoa I went off! That’s what happens when Harry Styles starts playing music I start talking about proper stuff that I don’t normally speak about”

- yes, Harry Styles’ album was playing in the background throughout the entire livestream

- Kiwi is his favorite song (I shit you not that’s my favorite too it’s such a bop)

- serious Joe makes my heart feel warm

- he wants to raise a family in the countryside omg raising kids in the countryside he’s a country boy at heart

- “No iPads, no YouTube, no YouTube until you’re 12″

- “The dream is be able to have a lake and my dad can live in a little cave in the garden and look after the lake”

- honestly I love Joe wow


- “We started it as like a little internal thing that we called ourselves and it spread and people call us the buttercream squad and I’m just like ugh it makes me like cringe out a bit whenever I hear it even though it’s what we call ourselves I guess. I don’t really call it that anymore”

- he starts the story of how they started to call themselves that at 28:38 of the video I’m not even going to try and summarize it ya’ll should just watch that bit

- okay but him, Conor, Caspar, and Mikey were the original four and that is so fucking random to me

- for some reason I just got really bummed out that he doesn’t like that name like okay Joe I literally have a blog dedicated to it so what the fuck am I supposed to do now

- he said none of them expected anyone else to start calling it that

- literally you’re all Internet sensations you should’ve known it was gonna get blown up when you gave yourself a name so honestly you brought this upon yourself lmao


- also Byron is a member of their squad and literally none of us even talk about him/know him

- (side not Byron is hot as hell)

- I’m dead at how we all cling to whatever they say like the SECOND they tagged #buttercream on a photo we all went off

- I’m have an existential crisis wow

- “I just miss Jaspoli. That was my favorite, back in those days”



- he wants a pet pig ??

- he’s gonna hang out with Brit soon !

- I ship him and Brit I have since the Jaspoli Coachella days (#unpopularopinion ??)

- literally the second I typed that he made a comment about it oh sorry sorry didn’t know that was a touchy subject

- reminder once again that I am single and available

- okay but they FaceTime every week for hours and that’s goals ???

- my jaw dropped at this bit he said he wants to stop going on nights out and start going to dinner parties and such, that he’s done with the night scene

- I thought he was joking but he was dead ass serious oh my god he’s growing up that felt weird to hear him say that

- “when the time’s right and it’s the right person” he’s a romantic person

- 52:58 through 53:05 is a joy

- “I’m a giver, not a receiver, take that as you will”

- he keeps getting shaky and he thinks it’s because he hasn’t eaten all day and it really worries me

- he’d like to live with both Oli and Josh (separately) and says that they’re both very mature

- his favorite YouTubers are the Sidemen and Caspar

- someone told him to collab with Kian and JC and he completely ignored it lmao


- “I feel like I’ve watched him grow from like a little baby seed to like an oak tree. To see him do so well for himself now and he’s in a position where he’s just loving it and I’m so proud of him. I feel like a proud older brother and he’s said he sees me as like an older brother. We’ve had a lot of heart to hearts and stuff and he’s so good for advice. Even though he’s like my younger brother I go to him for advice a lot of the time cuz he’s been doing YouTube longer than I have and he’s just very knowledgeable about everything and he’s very sincere he cares about people a lot he puts others before him a lot of the time and he’s a genuine friend for life”


- it takes him a long time to open up to people, he’s usually quite shy when he meets people for the first time unless there’s that instant “chemical spark”

- he talked about being nice to people and compared life to climbing up a tree and how you should be nice to everyone you pass on your way up because if you’re not and then you start to drop, the people you pass won’t be there to grab your hand and stop you from falling

- in girls he looks for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, not too obsessed about themselves

- obviously first attraction is important but ultimately it’s about the personality (said every guy ever tbh) and then mentioned how if looks are that important to you it means you probably care more about how other people perceive you and your girlfriend than how you feel about your girlfriend herself

- “I want to find someone who can only add something to my life. Someone who improves my life and makes me a happier person. At the moment I’m a really happy person so anyone who has that affect to make it better is the one for me”

- reminder once again that I am single

- like I’m not drop dead gorgeous but I’ve got some stuff to offer I have nice eyes and good hair and my personality is great aside from the occasional down periods due to mental illness but you know we all have our flaws

- he talked seriously quite a bit in the stream and I’m really digging it I like serious Joe

- someone asked for advice on having a crush on your ex and he talked about moving on because it’s probably not good for you but then he said “unless you think they were the one”

- one of the best relationships he’s ever been in has been with someone older than him

- “Maybe I need to go for a cougar. Any 40 year old ladies?”

- *awkward laugh* “I’ve just admitted to a live stream that I’m after a mum. No I’m only joking. Imagine that I could end up being your dad”

- Poop Scoop with Brit on Friday

- he’s in no rush to have children

- “I’m fortunate enough to act like an immature child and get away with it a lot of the time”

- he doesn’t really want to settle down/get married anytime soon because he meets new people everyday and the idea of getting really settled down scares him because he never knows who he’s going to meet the next day

- “that’s why I’ve never- well not that you know of- had any public relationships”

- what the hell does that mean Joseph

- “I’m very good at keeping it all under wraps”


- he’s literally so hungry he’s shaking Josh hurry up he needs food

- “I hope Caspar’s there cuz I haven’t seen him in bloody ages and I miss the ol’ boy. I miss the bloody weirdo”

- he loves livestreams because it’s the closest we can get to all sitting in a room together and “having a good ol’ standard chit chat”

- reminder of the 24 hour live stream on ThatcherJoeVlogs starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST)

- “New vlog soon. New gaming video soon. I’m back. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I’m still loving life. And more importantly, you’re all bloody legends.”

that was a lot there you go (or you could just watch the live stream idk)

also I wish I knew people who lived near me 😭 I would so fucking love to have a sleepover and make good friends and watch Joe

First Impressions This Season

So it’s a week into this season and every show has had at least one episode now (I think). I’ll go through what I’ve watched and say what I think so far. I guess spoilers for episode 1, but are those really spoilers?

Gabriel Dropout

The premise is that after graduating angel or demon school said angels or demons go to earth and go to school there so that they can learn to be proper angels or proper demons. The main character is a decidedly unangelic angle that gets hooked on online games and becomes a shut in, while the rest of the cast is filled in with characters equally ill suited to their roles. This looks pretty entertaining and it’s basically Doga Kobo doing what they do best. It doesn’t seem like a show that I’m going to remember down the road, but it’s a nice moe SoL to watch. The humor has been pretty good too, so I’ve got decent expectations from it. 

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Little Witch Academia

I’m super excited for LWA and the first episode was great. The original OVA that was kick started was fantastic and set this all in motion, so that alone is kind of cool to see. I’d call the show a moe SoL, but it’s really a Trigger SoL with moe elements. Is it moe? I don’t even know lol, but I’ve got high expectations for it and I don’t think Trigger is going to let me down. They are good at the over the top crazy, and I think that they can do a great over the top wacky magical shenanigans show. Definitely high hopes for this show. 

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Kono Subarashii no Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (Konosuba s2)

That mouthful of a title aside, it’s more konosuba. The animation seems like it’s even more “quality” than last season, but that doesn’t bother me too much. The kinda cobbled together sometimes almost bad animation kinda adds to the show. But there is probably a limit to that and I hope they don’t find it lol. The Star Wars credits were a hilarious way to start off this season, and I hope that it continues to amuse me as much as it has already. I’ve got decent expectations of this show, but I’m not holding out for it to be incredible. 

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Demi-chan wa Katatirai 

The premise of this show is that there are demi humans in the world and the teacher of this school is interested in learning more about them by interviewing them. Naturally a bunch of them end up at his school so this gets to happen. I was a little concerned about the possible weird teacher-student relationships that this sort of show can get into, but after two episodes I don’t think it will be like that at all. The cast seems pretty alright, with Hikari and the teacher being great characters. I’ll watch this show just for Hikari’s antics even if it somehow gets worse. I don’t think this will be an amazing show, but once again a nice cute SoL to fill the time. 

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Sort of an unexpected title for Kyoani to be adapting, but it seems to be working so far. The premise is that Tohru (the dragon) becomes Kobayashi’s maid because on a drunken adventure Kobayashi pulled a holy sword out of her and then said she could stay with her. I picked up the first volume of the manga awhile back because buy two get one free sales make me do silly things and I really enjoyed it. There is a nice amount of good jokes and then some just funny moments with Tohru being a dragon and doing dragon things. I expect this to keep me thoroughly entertained, but it probably won’t be one of Kyoani’s truly marvelous show. Gonna be hard to follow Hibike S2 lol. 

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So ya, that’s what I’ve watched for this season. I don’t know if I’ll really get around to anything else this season, but these at least all look like they’ll be fine watches. I have the most hope and expectations from Little Witch Academia, and I’m particularly excited that it is 2 cour. 

Cas is being hit by a cat curse, and though it does not alter his appearance, it sure does his behaviour – unsurprisingly, to that of a grumpy cat.

Dean’s only thankful Cas remains on his two legs. Mostly.

Cas is entirely useless for their hunts, so he stays at the bunker at all times. There, he lies and dozes on the sofa, the dinner table, the library chairs, various kitchen furniture, and especially Dean’s lap. It’s absolutely embarrassing, to say the least, and the first time Cas crawls into Dean’s lap with a small snuffling sound, Dean instantly tries to shoo him away – at first with gentle coaxing, then with harsher words, then by attempting to bodily remove him. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out so well, which is how Dean ends up with his arms all scratched up and a softly purring Cas making his home in his lap. Much to the amusement of Sam, who didn’t even bother to try and help him, of course, instead only stood by and watched with a smirk.

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Title: Truth & Chimera

Author: parttimehuman

Summary: The pack playing truth or dar and it escalates quickly for Liam. 

Tags: Rated E, 1K, Truth or Dare, Pack Feels, First Date, Kissing, Smut, Enemies to Lovers, WIP, Canon, Gay For You

A Peek Inside:

“I dare you,” she said slowly, “to go on a date with Theo.”
The room fell silent as everyone was waiting for Liam´s reaction.
“How the hell, Malia, am I supposed to get Theo Raeken to go on a date with me?” he asked, convinced that this was the most ridiculous dare in the history of truth or dare.
“Not my problem,” the werecoyote smiled at him.
“Well, I can´t exactly force him to go on a date with me, so think of something else,” Liam argued.


Notes: Only one chapter out so far, but I’m loving where it’s going. The tags make me even more excited!

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Amazing prompts😍 Any prompts for how someone would earn forgiveness? One of my characters did something and the other needs to forgive them but I don't know how they'd earn it? Like what grand act would they do?

Thank you!! (I’m on mobile rn so I’ll tag this later!!)


“What else am I supposed to do? I’ve gotten you flowers, chocolate, a basket of puppies, what else do you want?”

“I don’t know, to actually hear you’re sorry?”


“You really.. really didn’t have to get a plane.”

“But I wrote an apology letter in the sky!!”

“..Still very unneeded. Where did you even get the money?”


A quick rant before this blog dies out for good

I am sick and tired of drama.

Y’all have no idea how often it happens, even in communities like this one, where our main message is supposed to be about love and acceptance.

What drama happened to force me to make this post?

Some time ago, a friend of mine had tried to cut ties with someone else (who is quite popular, by the way!) who was generally toxic, and tried to avoid starting any drama. And this person retaliated by passive-aggressively attacking them. In the tags of a piece of art that someone requested.

Guys, this needs to stop. All the drama, all the hate. I don’t get why it’s so hard, do people not remember the very game that they’re here for? Not remember what it was about? It’s only been two years!

There are lots of nice people in this fandom, most of the people are, and yet, this fandom has a reputation for being one of the worst in existence, both for cringe culture, and for intolerance and hate. It needs to stop. We want people to hear about us and think that we did something good for a change.

But no, for whatever reason, we can’t have that. Because it seems that there are always people doing this shit (and you know who you are):

And it’s people like this that give Undertale a bad name.

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It will always be Taeil obviously but Seungri is too, just in a different way… I always stan the weird ones but they turn out to be the real mvps!


???? Could you possibly ask me something harder?! I literally have so many wtf how am I supposed to even remember? Let’s just say I love it by GD or Very Good but mostly because they are classics that never get boring, I have too many that I love

Sherlock by Shinee is the first I remember but I know for sure that I randomly listened to Kpop songs way before that and back then I didn’t know Korean or any asian culture really and I thought ‘That’s some weird Japanese right there’ because I was that weird kid that only watched anime…

Eeeeeer, pretty much Block B’s Blockbuster I think

You know I live for Taeco but the material is kinda running low so I completely surrendered to Nyongtory as you can tell (sorry for the spamming)

Definitely a softie sight here

Are there any good ones?

Well, as I said I randomly listened to Kpop songs before knowing it was Kpop, but it really started when I found a dance cover of Sherlock and I kept watching it for days. I finally stayed for the music and looked SHINee up, my from then on first favorite Kpop band. 

Write a fanfic in five minutes and tag 5 other authors. Tagged by @thetourguidebarbie So I also used one of her prompts for fun that I’ve been thinking of doing anyway.

Caroline tiredly toed off her shoes. She loved her job at Mikaelson Corp. as a human resources manager, but the hours were long and her supervisor Rebekah was critical and demanding. Before she could shut the door completely behind her, her neighbor’s grey cat darted inside and hid under the sofa.

Caroline sighed tiredly. All she wanted to do now was eat a quick snack and fall into her bed. But instead, she would now have to go next door and ask Klaus to come fetch his cat. Caroline couldn’t do it herself because Klaus’s cat hissed wildly and scratched at everyone, even him. This was about the millionth time that Klaus’s cat had made itself comfortable in Caroline’s apartment, and usually Caroline enjoyed the excuse to flirt with her very attractive neighbor.

But things had been pretty awkward between them since their last run-in when Caroline had discovered that Klaus’s last name was Mikaelson and he was her supervisor’s brother, as well as a part owner of Mikaelson Corp. She had immediately retreated into her professional persona, ignoring his attempts at flirtation.

Klaus answered soon after Caroline’s knocks, “Hello, love.”

“Hello. Please come get your cat. He’s under the sofa,” Caroline said seriously.

Klaus lost his smirk and sighed in frustration at her impersonal tone, “I don’t like how things have changed between us Caroline,” he replied.

“I’m not jeopardizing my career for a fling with my hot neighbor,” Caroline said glaring at Klaus as he smirked at her bluntness.

“I don’t want a fling, sweetheart. Take a chance and get to know me,” Klaus said sincerely.

“How am I supposed to know if you’re serious about this?” Caroline replied stubbornly.

“I don’t even have a cat love,” Klaus confessed. “This is a stray.”


You Could Use A Break, Winchester

Title: You Could Use A Break, Winchester
Word Count: 2847
Character: Dean Winchester
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: After the recent break in at the bunker, Dean’s gone on high alert. He’s tense and stressing out and the reader decides it’s time he calmed down and took a break from his worrying.
Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Violence (but it isn’t really described in detail so I’m not sure it even counts)
Author’s Note: This was a request from a reader. I’m not very great at smut but Hell, I’ll write it. How else am I supposed to get better at it? LOL
Tagging: @fiftyshadesofmoose @screechingfangirlnerd 

If you want tagged just drop me a message and let me know!

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