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First Impressions This Season

So it’s a week into this season and every show has had at least one episode now (I think). I’ll go through what I’ve watched and say what I think so far. I guess spoilers for episode 1, but are those really spoilers?

Gabriel Dropout

The premise is that after graduating angel or demon school said angels or demons go to earth and go to school there so that they can learn to be proper angels or proper demons. The main character is a decidedly unangelic angle that gets hooked on online games and becomes a shut in, while the rest of the cast is filled in with characters equally ill suited to their roles. This looks pretty entertaining and it’s basically Doga Kobo doing what they do best. It doesn’t seem like a show that I’m going to remember down the road, but it’s a nice moe SoL to watch. The humor has been pretty good too, so I’ve got decent expectations from it. 

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Little Witch Academia

I’m super excited for LWA and the first episode was great. The original OVA that was kick started was fantastic and set this all in motion, so that alone is kind of cool to see. I’d call the show a moe SoL, but it’s really a Trigger SoL with moe elements. Is it moe? I don’t even know lol, but I’ve got high expectations for it and I don’t think Trigger is going to let me down. They are good at the over the top crazy, and I think that they can do a great over the top wacky magical shenanigans show. Definitely high hopes for this show. 

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Kono Subarashii no Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (Konosuba s2)

That mouthful of a title aside, it’s more konosuba. The animation seems like it’s even more “quality” than last season, but that doesn’t bother me too much. The kinda cobbled together sometimes almost bad animation kinda adds to the show. But there is probably a limit to that and I hope they don’t find it lol. The Star Wars credits were a hilarious way to start off this season, and I hope that it continues to amuse me as much as it has already. I’ve got decent expectations of this show, but I’m not holding out for it to be incredible. 

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Demi-chan wa Katatirai 

The premise of this show is that there are demi humans in the world and the teacher of this school is interested in learning more about them by interviewing them. Naturally a bunch of them end up at his school so this gets to happen. I was a little concerned about the possible weird teacher-student relationships that this sort of show can get into, but after two episodes I don’t think it will be like that at all. The cast seems pretty alright, with Hikari and the teacher being great characters. I’ll watch this show just for Hikari’s antics even if it somehow gets worse. I don’t think this will be an amazing show, but once again a nice cute SoL to fill the time. 

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Sort of an unexpected title for Kyoani to be adapting, but it seems to be working so far. The premise is that Tohru (the dragon) becomes Kobayashi’s maid because on a drunken adventure Kobayashi pulled a holy sword out of her and then said she could stay with her. I picked up the first volume of the manga awhile back because buy two get one free sales make me do silly things and I really enjoyed it. There is a nice amount of good jokes and then some just funny moments with Tohru being a dragon and doing dragon things. I expect this to keep me thoroughly entertained, but it probably won’t be one of Kyoani’s truly marvelous show. Gonna be hard to follow Hibike S2 lol. 

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So ya, that’s what I’ve watched for this season. I don’t know if I’ll really get around to anything else this season, but these at least all look like they’ll be fine watches. I have the most hope and expectations from Little Witch Academia, and I’m particularly excited that it is 2 cour. 

You Could Use A Break, Winchester

Title: You Could Use A Break, Winchester
Word Count: 2847
Character: Dean Winchester
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: After the recent break in at the bunker, Dean’s gone on high alert. He’s tense and stressing out and the reader decides it’s time he calmed down and took a break from his worrying.
Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Violence (but it isn’t really described in detail so I’m not sure it even counts)
Author’s Note: This was a request from a reader. I’m not very great at smut but Hell, I’ll write it. How else am I supposed to get better at it? LOL
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Words are difficult.
Don’t even get me started on feelings and
Expressing emotions.

I never knew how to truly vocally specify to those around me what is truly going on in my head
That’s why I turned to writing.

But then, what if I need you to know what I’m feeling?
But I can’t always show you my writing, can I?
How else then, am I supposed to let you know that I’m hurting?
That it’s bothering me? That I wish you’d stay, that I hoped that this wasn’t the last time I was talking to you
and that I need you to know I’m willing to wait
Till you are ready to speak to me again?
How else shall you realize, without me having to spell it out,
As much as it may seem that I don’t need you,
I do.

And I’ve learnt, it’s not just me who’s doing that:
The whole experiencing emotions thing.

We can only speak to one another in so many ways
No matter how limitless the Oxford English Dictionary may seem,
There is a first page and and a last page in that book.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to mend, what I thought couldn’t be fixed
Sometimes we forget that others have feelings too,
And when something goes wrong, there’s more than just us trying to pick up the pieces
There are two ends at every rope, and while I struggle at one end,
I hate that I forget that somewhere on the other end, I’m hoping you keep holding on as well.