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hi guys today I made a tutorial on how to make my favorite art nouveau-y embellishments! these are a super fun and easy way to add a little emphasis to a drawing and you can make all kinds of designs once you get the basic flow! If you have any questions feel free to ask and let me know if there’s any kind of tutorial you’d like for me to make in the future !!!

60 Tips for IB - from a 45 pointer

A lot of people have been asking me about general tips for surviving IB and how I got 45 points. If I’m honest I think the difference between 40 and 45 points is just pure, dumb luck, but at least here are some tips to getting up to the 40 -points level :D

This is a list of tips my friend and I wrote right after our IB exams. We were feeling quite high at the moment, so I had to edit some of the tips so you could actually take the advice seriously…


2. Don’t do “homework” at home!!!

3. Find a study buddy

4. Proceed to ignore everyone but your study buddy

5. Not your dog though

6. Escape from your family / responsibilities (e.g. do your homework abroad, in someone else’s basement, coffee shops, libraries, group rooms at school, sneak into university study halls etcetc. The possibilities are endless)

7. Set yourself a time limit for doing the TOK Essay. (Don’t do it two weekends in a row, you will go crazy)

8. Don’t attempt to finish the EE in one day

9. Remind your science teacher about the IA. It’s for your own good.

10. Whether it’s 5am or 2am, figure out when you work best and stick to it.

11. Don’t think you’ll learn stuff in class. Seriously. Read the books instead, and use classes as revision / sleep time / relaxing time.

12. Mark schemes will be your best teacher. 

13. Write syllabus notes FROM THE VERY START.

14. You won’t understand TOK but at least try to have fun with it.

15. Don’t forget about CAS, but don’t spend too much time on it either.

16. Install “StayFocusd” but don’t go nuclear option for a week

17. Memorize the opening hours of the public study areas in your vicinity 

18. Listen to Christmas music if you’re sad

19. Get a whiteboard for revision

20. Physics students: buy the Tsokos revision guide

21. Chemistry students: YouTube Richard Thornley 

22. Biology students: YouTube Alex Lee

23. Read the language books during the summer

24. Don’t give a fuck about English B…but TAKE ENGLISH B IF YOU CAN

25. Don’t choose science as your EE subject (unless you have a super smart and helpful and amazing supervisor)

26. Love your teachers, see them as your friend. They’re adorable.

27. Love yourself too

28. Making a plan (without necessarily following it) will help calm you down

29. 8tracks have amazing playlists

30. Dictionaries are cool

31. is cooler

32. Watch TV shows all year round to get your mind off things, just not season finales right before the exams

33. Cry it out

34. Shout it out

35. Drink it out

36. Just don’t get too drunk or violent that’s bad

37. Your nerdy classmates are your friends and teachers

38. Bring coffee / tea to school, if you make it to school

39. It’s OK to skip school for school

40. Waste money on school shit, you’ll earn it back in the future

41. If you can afford it, go to Lanterna summer course. You might get friends from other countries who’ll be able to help you throughout the year, by exchanging resources etc.

42. Make puns about nerdy stuff (like, about life, the universe and everything)

43. Be proud of being a nerd, everyone knows it already

44. EAT

45. SLEEP (sometimes it’s worth skipping school for)

46. Some teachers are nice about students sleeping in class

47. Concentrate when doing IA experiments though, take notes, or even better: film it

48. By the way, FILMING can reduce a lot of errors in science experiments. Write that as an improvement in your evaluation part!!

49. Question banks can be found, if you know where to look

50. Don’t care about other people’s grades

51. Don’t care too much about your own grades either. You’ll survive either way. Calm down. “Chillax”. 

52. Don’t do TOK presentation alone.

53. WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER (uni will be a piece of cake for you. also u can puke out a 4-paged-essay, proof-read and everything, in less than an hour, handwritten. amazing)

54. IB therefore I BS

55. Decorate your wall with IB gems

56. You’ll learn a lot from teaching others / making up games / doing past papers. Don’t just read books and highlight. Don’t just listen to the teachers. You won’t remember shit that way.


58. You’re allowed to protest sometimes

59. Don’t think too much about TOK / the uncertainty principle / relativity / astrophysics / DNA / nihilist bullshit from the language books. Stick to your reality and be happy. Have fun. Enjoy life. Stop giving so much fucks. Lower your expectations. (I honestly spent IB preparing to fail and start a bakery or something. Life is full of pleasant surprises that way)

60. Your Non-IB friends will laugh at you. Your siblings will laugh at you. Your teachers will laugh at you. You will laugh at you. But it’s okay, 2 years will be over in a flash ^^


“I feel like this is the setup for a very dumb joke,” You said one night over a round of beers with Simon and Alec. The three of you had oddly enough become friends over the past few weeks, bonding over tense experiences and general downworlderness. 

“How’s that?” Alec asked.

“A vampire, a shadowhunter, and a warlock walked into a bar…” Simon snorted at that and Alec shook his head smirking at you. “C’mon, you have to admit we would be a perfect punchline.” 

Simon laughed, “The waiter comes over and asks, ‘what can I get started for you?’ and the vampire responds ‘I’ll start with him’” Simon pointed at Alec and the three of you laughed at the ages old joke. 

Takeomi and Yoriko are seen in a park.

Yoriko: My mom and dad were really surprised, you know!
Bujin: Sorry for being so sudden.
Yoriko: …Kuroiwa-kun. I’m going to ask something dumb.
Yoriko: …But why someone like me?

Bujin: My father often says this.
Bujin: That food is important when training your body everyday.
Bujin: And what makes your body is the nutrition that you take in.
Bujin: So if I decide to get married, I should pick someone ‘who makes good food’.

Yoriko laughs.

Yoriko: A reason like that?
Yoriko: …That’s indeed very like you.

Bujin: It may be tactless of me to say this but I can tell with how you act and give attention to detail when you work that you’re a woman with a kind heart, Kosaka.

Bujin: Even if you say that you’re worried when it comes to Ghouls, you still have the strength to stand firm.

Bujin: So I decided to live my life with someone like you, Kosaka.

Bujin: Let me ask you again.
Bujin: Will you marry me?
Yoriko: …Yes.

Yoriko is crying while smiling.

Bujin: …Are you okay?
Yoriko: Yes, it’s just that I remembered something a friend told me in the past. A friend who I haven’t been able to contact since 'that day’ in the 20th Ward…
Yoriko: And how I wanted to tell her that this happened.
Bujin: …
Bujin: What’s her name?
Yoriko: !

Bujin: I’ll try looking up inside if there’s still any information left from that time.
Bujin: If I could be of any help to you… can you tell me her name?
Yoriko: …
Yoriko: …Kirishima… Touka…

Bujin writes down onto a memo.

Bujin: Kirishima Touka… Got it.
Bujin: However, my breakfasts will turn from Japanese food into bread won’t they?

Yoriko laughs.

Yoriko: I can make Japanese food too, you know!
Bujin: Is that so?
Yoriko: Yes, that is so. Haha~

Yoriko: Kuroiwa-kun…
Yoriko: Thank you.

totally out of the blue but...

@ everyone who has a HUGE crush on someone: ASK THEM OUT / tell them u like them!!

worst thing that could happen //if they’re a good person?// they say no & THAT’S OK! I’m sure that u two can still be buds and/or you’ll get over them & find some1 even dreamier!!

& if they humiliate you 4 asking them out they’re obviously as dumb & useless as mosquitos so drop kick them out of ur life & all the way 2 Timbuctoo and try to move on!!


UR LOVELY & DESIRABLE!! have fun with this random advice buds

(there’s also like an entire paragraph of advice & reassurance in the tags… just sayin)

Percy Jackson Series Starter Sentences #1

  • “Don’t feel bad, I’m usually about to die.”
  • “I’m incognito. Call me Fred.”
  • “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”
  • “Don’t I get a kiss for luck? It’s kind of a tradition, right?”
  • "You’re cute when you’re worried. Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.”
  • “Now, come over here so I can pat you down.“
  • "I declare that this is stupid.”
  • "The god’s chosen beverage. Tremble before the horror of Diet Coke!”
  • “Every time I’m around you, some monsters attack us. What’s to be nervous about?”
  • “They asked me a lot of questions about you. I played dumb.“ 
  • “Remind me again-why do you hate me so much?”
  • “You weren’t able to talk sense into him?“
  • “Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say.”
  • “We need music, how’s your singing?”
  • “We’ve learned that your plans really, really bite!”
  • “There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.”
  • “Lots of death, huh? Personally, I’m trying to avoid lots of death, but you guys have fun!” 
  • “It was an accident. We were talking, and we fell asleep.”
  • “Yeah, well,not giving people a second thought…that can be dangerous.”
  • “What did you want to tell me earlier?”
  • “Just take the compliment. I swear, is it so hard?”
  • “Can’t this thing go any faster?”
  • “You’re planning something. You’ve got that I’m-planning-something look.” 
  • “ You smell like you’ve been run over by an electric horse.” 
  • “Don’t change the subject.”
  • “Sugar and caffeine. My willpower crumbled.”
  • “Are you trying to tempt me?”


I am currently in the process of moving! I’m sorry I haven’t been as active, but it’s been really busy and stressful getting everything together.
Thank you for putting up with my junk though! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to regular posts by Monday.
In other news…

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY!!!! You are all so awesome and I can’t express how much I appreciate every one of you and your support for my dumb blog! I never thought it would come this far, and yet here we are!
I love you all so much, and once I’m back from my mini hiatus I plan on doing something to celebrate!
In the meantime, feel free to send in asks or submit dumb stuff - I’ll try to get to all of it once I’m back and with my tablet.


Amber  - As A Roommate

A/N: idk why I’m doing this but I woke up with this idea and just… roll with me on this ok? I just think rooming with Amber would be so much fun

Originally posted by sevnghoon

  • First of all, expect this girl to definitely get on her knees and ask you to be her roommate *loads of cringing* and then jumping up and down constantly when you say “Ofcourse you dumb llama” because how how can you say no to this cutie patootie???
  • So then begins all the possible planning of how you divide the space
  • I think amber would be the kind to just let you do whatever you wanted as long as you were comfortable, but not taking up her space in the process you know
  • Can I put a huge poster of some random kpop group in the living room?”
  • “Yeah sure why not?”
  • “Can we have gigantic pompous portraits of ourselves framed for the drawing room walls?”
  • This girl is just super excited and happy that she gets a whole new person to explore and live with and she’s just happy it’s you ok trust me on this one
  • You’ll probably meet up in a cafe to decide when to go house hunting and who brings what and she gets so serious so quick it surprises you. She even insists on coming with you when you look for the house, even if she has schedules all day
  • So you guys get some snacks and ice-cream and just roam the streets of some really peaceful neighborhoods looking for a home

Originally posted by amberliuw

  • I feel like Amber might not show it but she really wants a home not just a house. She looks forward to filling it up with good memories. A place for her dogs to feel comfortable and a place where her friends can crash whenever. A place for the two of you to chill and feel safe
  • So when you find the place, it’s going to be a small fist bump and that’s it. You just know. This is the place.
  • Oh god moving day is going to be SO MUCH LAUGHING. you can’t get even one box unpacked because everyone is here to help and all you guys go out for barbecue and just laugh and laugh
  • But that night when you get back, its just the two of you on a single mattress in a huge empty room and you fall asleep so quick because you’ll have a lot more nights to stay up and talk
  • and boy do you talk
  • everything from childhood favourite games to high school friends to first boyfriends and the craziest things you have done - you just talk talk and talk
  • and rest assured, there will be all-girls-sleepovers with SO MANY PEOPLE
  • you come home and amber calls you up. She’s in her car and one of her friends has had a bad day so she was wondering if she could stay over (so cute she actually thought you’d be pissed) so you tell her only on one condition.
  • You buy the icecream and we CANNOT watch Marvel movies anymore ok Amber I’ve had it. I’ve just had it”
  • And it’s amazing that little laugh filled with relief in her voice over the phone. You don’t understand how she could have ever thought you’d be against it. Pabo

Originally posted by 4smols

  • Huge nights of cooking together
  • but the next few nights, you just order takeout. You’ve done enough ok
  • Though you love each other, loads, sometimes you just can’t be around each other. It’s normal for roommates to just get into everything together. Eventually your friends all become one and you end up hanging out inside, outside, everywhere. It’s too much. So some nights you go out with your friends and some nights when she’s away on her tour, you get time to just be you on your own
  • but when she goes on tour, you miss her loads and you can’t imagine ever having to live alone. How did you even do it for so long
  • You end up calling your friends ‘Amber’ because you’re so used to yelling at her
  • please protect the expensive cutlery
  • You get be in her vlogs randomly and suddenly people ship you guys together and amber tries to make a whole video of the two of you seriously accepting your marriage to each other. Yes You are married. So what
  • and so people start asking who amber would like to go on we got married with and she always looks at them like she’s offended and says “excuse me, I’m already married. To y/n”
  • But really, the fandom loves you and they follow you religiously and you become the amber messiah always putting up awkward selfies and sleeping and eating pictures of amber with captions like “ok fam you can calm down now i fed her” “she’s sleeping ok pls let me live”
  • If you’re both tomboyish and just non-girly, there are going to be so many mornings when you refuse to wake up and spend a whole day in your no-bra glory. This is the life ok
  • Heels and Bras were made by men and should be abolished bye

Originally posted by fluffyber

  • You’re going to be seriously good friends with everyone she knows. It’s not because she wants to set you up or anything like it she just thinks you’re awesome and they’re awesome and if two awesome people meet - it’ll be so much more awesome
  • So you’re always on a random chat group with Mark or Jackson or Ailee or Eric or Henry or Min and it’s just TOO MANY PEOPLE OK TOO MANY PEOPLE
  • but then you realise suddenly that somewhere down the line they became your friends too. Their concerns start to bother you and sometimes when you feel down, they come over to spend time with you and just you, even if amber isn’t here
  • CYCLE COORDINATION OK (you know what i mean)

Originally posted by bruins-and-kittens

  • and beware of work-mode amber because I don’t think you’ll hear a peep out of this girl when she’s on a working trope. She’ll spend all day in her studio, possibly over work herself and come home to crash or just text you to say she’s crashing at the studio itself
  • you demand selfies and texts so that you know she’s actually alive
  • her parents and sister texting you to get updates about amber because this idiot forgets to call them sometimes
  • and it surprises you because they always end the call by saying ”You should come home sometime” and it just warms your ice cold heart
  • random late night stupid conversations
  • What if we are the aliens and we are going to take over another peaceful civilization????”
  • “Do you think Jackson ever looks at himself and says he’ll date himself 10000%” “YES.”
  • She lowkey tries to set you up with one of her friends but you can’t even think of that because if you do decide to date any of them it’ll get all awkward and you don’t want to risk your friendship with amber or their friendship with amber or just the possible relationship
  • and she just hugs you out of nowhere “Babe. You really think anything can change us?”
  • (so you end up dating one of the legends that she is friends with and you live happily ever after kbye live yo life treat yoself)

Originally posted by quietlim

  • Crying amber just breaks your heart and you want to personally hurt everyone who even thinks of hurting your poor llama. I know I will. COME FIGHT ME
  • but when she sees you cry for the first time, she sort of sinks down in front of you and just hugs you until you calm down and doesn’t question you until you’re ready to speak for yourself.
  • I just think Amber is such a sweet, mature and kind hearted girl with so much love and happiness for the world. Living with her is going to be so smooth sailing because she’s quite accepting of situations and people I mean you don’t even have to pay me or anything just let me live with her and take care of her pls im always concerned about her.
  • *Sigh* protect this llama.

Wouldn’t this be awesome? I really wanna room with her once. Even if it’s for fun

Needy Co-Worker

So I rehired last years seasonal employee because she is an AMAZING sales person. Just phenomenal.


I forgot how fucking needy she is!! She can’t wrap, can’t make a bow, can’t type, (she has arthritis that I didn’t realize was that severe now) can barely ring, can’t find things in the stock room to help us restock, and constantly has SOMETHING to say or a question to ask. I firmly believe there are NO DUMB QUESTIONS but for the love of Odin, can you PLEASE LOOK FOR SOMETHING YOURSELF. And she wants to stay on and be a keyholder. I can’t leave you here by yourself. This store would never open or close on time if at all!!!

She needs to work busy Saturday shifts ONLY from here out. She can’t do any tasking or computer stuff without being shown how to do something 100000x and asking completely off the wall questions while she’s at it.

Look. I think I get along with just about everyone. But I’m gonna bash this lady’s head in. Or throw up. One of those.

I just can’t handle this level of needy on a Monday. I have waaaaay to much to do to micromanage today. Ask my staff, I’m like the least micromanagey person ever.

It kills me because she is soooooo sweet! But I can’t. I just can’t.

I have only myself to blame.

TL;DL: neediest sales associate ever. Fml

Wedding Countdown - Fluff -          6 Days To Go

Chapter 99: “Be careful.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Aaron asked for what felt to be the hundredth time.

“Absolutely,” Robert said.

“Don’t let them get to you. And if they tell you things about me, trying to get to you….,” Aaron said.

“There is nothing they can tell me that would change how I see you,” Robert said.

“Okay, well, listen to me: Sam is good as long as you really listen to him, don’t act like he’s dumb, Zak is a big softy at heart, you get him with family talk, Marlon should be good anyway, you two seem to have a truce going, whereas Cain….” Aaron said, biting his lower lip, trying to think of something that would help.

“Aaron, I will be fine, I promise. I know your family. They want to take me out before we get married. I get that. But whatever happens you and me are going to get married.”

Aaron pulled him closer and gave him a kiss. “Don’t be too smug, and don’t talk about your business all the time, and pay a round but not every round, and…”

Robert smiled and shut him up with another kiss.

“…be careful,” Aaron finished.

My wedding countdowns: Scenes countdown, Fluff countdown, Transcripts countdown

anonymous asked:

Can you even for one minute hop from your high horse and see what damage Gillian has done? She was THE engine behind these gillovny rumours. She fed them. Which would be fine for fun and charity, but she should have listened to David, because he's absolutely right not getting involved and putting fuel in it. He knew how it would end and now we're here. I don't care about Gillian, but I hate that he has to deal with what her dumbness has caused. And the light that this puts him in. Ugh

No. I can’t “see the damage Gillian has done.” You want to blame Gillian for your own delusional, far-reaching beliefs and ideations?

Sure, you were duped. But not by her.

She did not ask you to over inflate every tweet, every shirt, every rumor and turn it into some coded message about the status of her relationship.

You did that.

She’s been in the media “with” PM since October, and yet this is STILL an issue? Could it be that there has been a continued denial of FACTS by people who refused to acknowledge it for what it was and now the spin factory can’t produce shit worthy of speculation anymore?

You wanna be pissed? That’s fine. They’re your own emotions. I think you’re placing fault where it isn’t due, but that’s my opinion.

Gillian did nothing wrong. The hissy fits I’m seeing on social media (tagging Gillian and David, no less) are a fandom embarrassment.

Did she flirt and banter and play off the relationship/friendship she has with David? Yes. Why? Because the fans ate it up and it made us happy.

It’s not her fault fans added 2+2 and came out with Gillovny.

It’s not her fault fans begged her for more social media fuckery, asked her to wear or sign silly items (that could or could not be DD-related).

It’s not her fault that fans refused to believe her when she said it was a “game” - all in fun.

It’s not her fault when she denied any romantic involvement with DD over and over and over again and fans refused to accept it.

It’s this fandom’s fault. People on HERE played off the rumors and innuendos and spun them into something greater. Not one person or one blog but a multitude of them. Rumor became fact and suddenly a shirt with the word “schmoopie” became Gillovny-confirmed.

Be pissed at those who spun it into something greater than it was.

Be pissed at those who continued to say their “facts” were right, even in the face of proof otherwise.

But it’s not Gillian’s fault. It’s silly to suggest it is. (Yes. Silly. Is that mean? Oh I’m sorry for offending you but I thought we fucking handled this during meltdown #1 post HB awards so excuse me if I have little patience for hurt feelings five months and multiple appearances later.)

The level out outcry over this is such a fucking embarrassment I cannot even tell you.

Questioning her feminism over her relationship? Fuck off.

She owes us nothing. Not an explanation. Not a statement. Not an apology.

She doesn’t owe us Season 11 either.

ask-ender-or-the-gang  asked:

Well that's gross. Flowey, get Frisk outta the room, look it up. I guarantee you won't like the result. Oh, and delete search history after.

* Are you seriously suggesting I don’t know what bestiality means?
* Anyway, if you’re done being stupid, I kicked Frisk out so I can tell you just how dumb your ask is without them telling me I’m being mean or whatever.
* First off, what Frisk is working on has to do with MARRIAGE between monsters and humans.  Only uninformed humans against it are shouting them down with claims that it’d lead to bestiality, even though not only is putting monsters on the same level as a barely sentient animal incredibly insulting but it also shows how little these idiots know about how monster children are conceived.
* Because – big hint here, buddy – it’s not the same way humans reproduce.  At all.  Monsters are made of mostly magic, remember?
* Second, you’re a moron for jumping to conclusions.  I don’t have anything more to clear up, I just wanted to say that before Frisk comes back with some snacks.

someone asked dan for advice on how to get through hard times

(i wrote it down as closely to word-for-word as i could)

“Three things: One, keep fuckin’ going. As dumb as it sounds, keep breathing. Take a second, step back, and breathe. Two, look for love, and if there are toxic people in your life, kick ‘em to the fuckin’ curb. There’s an Elvis quote that I like, that goes something like: ‘In life you need three things: someone to love, somethin’ to do, and somethin’ to look forward to.’ You (usually) can’t have all three, because life doesn’t work like that. But strive for two of the three, and if you can get that, you’re doin pretty good.”

anonymous asked:

Can I ask how idiots try to provoke an aggressive responce from Creed and how you handle that? It sounds so awful and intense and I'm sorry you have to go through that.

Many douchebag assholes, typically men, bark at, kick, swat, or throw things at Creed to try to get him to react aggressively to them. Creed’s reaction is mostly to lay his head on my shoe and look at them like “you guys are dumb”. Some try to scare or startle him, some run at him, etc.

Mostly I tell them to fuck off in politer words and move him away if possible. If not possible, I find a store employee I can get on my side so that I can continue my day without being bothered by dickbags.

I get so many useless kik messages a day, so let me break down some guidelines for the incompetent.

1. You must have money, I am a domme, tribute should be the first step of getting my attention. My minimum is $50, can’t do that? Don’t bother messaging me.

2. Do not message me hi, or “you’re cute” I fucking know dumb ass. You wanna get my attention? Message me something along the lines of. “How much should my worthless ass tribute”.

3. Kik: jaayme email:

4. A simple wishlist: a Victoria secret e gift card, a sephora e gift card, a mac cosmetics e gift card, amazon gift card, visa gift card, – more soon, suggestions? Just ask

anonymous asked:

!!!! sry if this question is dumb or smth;; im quite new to hesokuri wars n i just wanna know how to save my id??? jdjsjsjsj may i know if there's an option to to friend ppl?? like,,z friend requests ?? thank u!!!

your ID’s your ID, it requires no saving and it’s just there for you unless if your game somehow gets erased. however, you may want to get yourself a transfer password, which you can obtain by tapping the blue button at the top right corner of the title screen, then yes (はい), then the top blue button that shows up. make sure to copy that password down somewhere!

and sadly, no, there’s no option to friend people, you’re going to have to play this game like the isolated trash that you are

~mod ichi


Requested by anonymous

“Dad come on,” you complained.

“No (Y/N) it’s too dangerous,” he replied.

You rolled your eyes. Ever since the meta-human reveal he had been trying to keep you away from the fighting, presumably so you wouldn’t get hurt, but you’re twenty years old now so it’s almost insulting how much he is trying to control your life.

“I don’t want to come out with you into the fight. I can stay back with Cisco and Caitlin.”

Your Dad sighed and you smiled at him pleadingly.

You were honestly interested in the work the team did, but you weren’t dumb enough to think you could hold your own in a meta-human fight.

“Fine, fine,” your dad conceded.

You grinned and your father got a pinched look on his face.

“What?” you asked.

“I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?”

“Nope! Not at all.”

He shook his head, but didn’t rescind the invitation.

You nibbled on your fingernails as you watched your father and Barry in the fight. He didn’t look like your father since he had merged, but you were still worried all the same.

“Is it always this stressful to watch?” you asked.

“Yes,” Cisco and Caitlin responded again.

“Good lord,” you muttered.

When your dad and Barry got back you hugged your dad tightly, he seemed surprised.

“Hey honey,” your dad said, a little surprised.

“You scared the shit out of me,” you muttered.


You snorted and your dad laughed.

anonymous asked:

So I am starting my immersion (senior nursing students get to do 60 shadow/clinical hours of an area of nursing that they want to pursue) and I got NICU! I am super excited and can't wait but I can't help but feel like i won't know enough and will look dumb. I am hoping that I can land a job since they have a NICU residency after this experience. Do you have any tips for me not to mess this up?

How exciting! Congratulations! I felt the same way as you when I had the chance to do my preceptorship in the NICU prior to graduation. You will not be expected to know much but to have a willing attitude and be eager to learn. My best advice is to ask good questions and get to know the staff and let them know you want to work in the NICU one day. They will be more than eager to teach you some of the why’s of what we do and hopefully give you good experiences during your hours there. Making a good impression and seeming open to learning will get you closer to your goal! Hope you have a great time!

anonymous asked:

anon trackers exist?

Yep, they’re pretty popular over in the anime RP communities. They do work. They will out you. I don’t know how they work, and I don’t know where you can get one, so please don’t ask.

I mean, I get why people would want one, but honestly it kind of kills some of the fun of RPing for me. I send dumb shit to mutuals all the time that I’d rather not have outed as me. I also use it as a fun way to interact with non-mutuals that I’m interested in.

Kinda sucks to have that taken away because people want to call out the rare few dickheads who want to send anon hate.