how draw dogs

So I basically googled “Christmas family portrait” and picked the first one with a dog.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite pet portraits that you've drawn?

Gosh I’ve done 300 pet portraits by now so there’s definitely A FEW. Here are some of my best recent ones (not including this round’s commissions).

@lynxgriffin I said I’d do it :^)

aaaaaAAAAAA i love the Godmode concept sketches and i had to try drawing at least a few of them ;v;  it’s weird drawing a Frisk with a different face than usual. i also used these as lighting tests and hair practice, ahahaha

also how dare you do a cliffhanger hoW DARE