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Can I just, talk about this scene here real quick?

yeah this one. Where lance is about to get fucking shot by Sven. 

Like, before either Lance or Sven could even blink properly like, Keith just comes in and slices that gun right the fuck off so fast you can’t even see his blade.

Not only is this a bad ass moment for Keith (we even get the slow-mo and different angles of the hit as well) it also kind of shows us how Keith will cut a bitch if someone is about to hurt his lance friends. 

I mean his sword came out of literally nowhere and cut off a part of the guy’s gun so fast and so cleanly too. Like, that’s not a sloppy cut at all. It was clean and it was fast. He was going in with the intent to Kill with that kind of cut.

 And what does it show us about Keith? Well, it shows us that Keith will not let anyone hurt his friends and that he does care about Lance’s well being. (Which in turn, is great development coming from his new role as the team leader and considering Lance is his right hand man) 

Cause let’s face it, Keith is hotheaded,  he views himself as a loner, not typically a team-working kind of person. So for Keith, this is pretty new. 

This scene is especially interesting because Lance, our dear precious boy Lance, is the sharpshooter of the team. He knows how to fire a gun and he knows how to doge from a shot. 

When he’s on the battlefield, he’s cautious and analytical, so in turn, that makes him very aware of his position (and even more aware of how risky it is). He has to know how to dodge from a shot. 

(Some images of Lance being a cautious boy)

 And Lance is a damn good shot too. He never misses. The only time he does is if his opponent is too fast for him. 

(Cue acxa dodging all of his shots because of her speed and obvious experience in combat) 

And it’s safe to say that the team knows this. So then why did Keith go in for the kill like he did here? (Because let me tell you honey, that was not a warning cut, he was going in fast and hard and he was determined to cut. that. bitch)

Was it because it was just an instinct for Kieth to go and save Lance??

Just like he did here?(Keith looks absolutely fucking pissed)

 Was it because he saw the immediate danger and gauged Lance’s reaction time to be too slow? 

I mean cause look at him. He was barely getting up to face Sven when Keith fucking came over here and cut his fucking gun.


They’ve come so far from the first season, where Keith and Lance could barely even protect each other properly and now they’re saving each other’s asses like it was nothing.

In conclusion, they’ve become a lot more in sync and have become prone to save each other at the drop of a hat,

 in the span of only seven episodes.

Bonus, Lance saving Keith:


Matsunami Yuuki (Sarukui) and his dog Meru-kun!  

Apparently Meru-kun is a 1-yr old dog, and his left leg will be fully healed in another 2 months or so.

“Hey - hey there! Oh no, not at all! I haven’t been waiting for long, I just didn’t want to make you wait! Oh - this? My puppy got so excited somehow that he wouldn’t get off the bench! But never mind that…shall we…?”

Sakuma said it’s just a play date for his puppy and yours - but is that all there is to it? He’s got a box of cake and a bouquet of lilies!

Happy belated birthday @trepidationchance! I wish you a wonderful year of happiness and JG craziness! Wooohoo~


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Tenderness- Jackson Drabble

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“Watch that jab baby!” You yelled at your boyfriend who was in the middle of a janky ring that was surrounded by people.

You watched as he got hit and hit back, how he moved and doged, it was like a dance to him. A dance he’d never forget.

They called break and he came over to his corner where his best friend was waiting to help clean him up. 

His body was bruised, his eye bleeding, but he was still there, he wasn’t going to give up. 

“Hey, stop playing with him man. You need to finish this. That eye aint gonna hold up much longer.” Jinyoung said, cleaning his eye.

“Yeah yeah, just clean the fucking cut.” Jackson said, ready to get back in the ring.

You called him and when he turned around you said, “Finish it.” 

He nodded and went back into the fight.

Left and right, punches were being thrown at every open part of his body that Jackson could find. He was done playing with his food, he was hungry now.

He gave one last hit to the guy’s jaw and he fell. 

You watched as they counted, you prayed that he just stayed down. It was only going to get worse for him if he got back up. 

You watched Jackson look at the guy, his eyes slightly darker from the intense feeling he had rushing through his body. 

3 more seconds.

3 more seconds and Jackson would be the new World Champion. 


The crowd roared. Flashes from cameras blinded you as they ran to the ring.

Jackson’s eyes searched for you in the crowd, you slowly stood up in and began walking towards him. 

He pushed people out of the way and started to jog to you. 

You smiled and ran to him, jumping into his arms. He held you close and you rubbed his head, “You did it baby!”

He pulled away from you and kissed you.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, champ.”

did I ever tell anyone of the time when I took a flight with Delta airlines and the video they played before the flight that talks about safety and whatever was literally just memes

I mean

look at this