how does your hair even work

Hair strokes.

Dan x reader fluff. Very short.

Your eyes are heavy. You’re in that state where at any moment you think you can fall asleep. Even your blinks feel slow and almost drunk. Even with having your face smushed into the pillow you are fully comfortable.

The week to end all weeks was finally over and you had freedom. How are you going to spend this new found freedom from work and life? Of course everyone knows that the answer is spending it with Dan. Being even just in the presence of him makes you feel like all of your problems melt away. How does someone non verbally make you feel safe. You came into his room. Flopped on the bed and without a word he knew what you needed. What’s even better is what he’s doing to you. No it’s not sex, although. No.

He’s petting your hair. It’s the simplest of gestures really. His fingers start to run from your forehead to the ponytail near the back of your head. This is where he tugs slightly as he continues his decent down to the tips of your hair. This process is repeated a million times. Hand on scalp brushing through your soft hair. A slight tug as he continues down to the ends. It’s simple. He’s not even thinking while doing it. But god does it put you in a relaxed state. How can such a simple gesture do so much to help you? Deep down I think everyone can feel better with a few strokes to the old cranium holder.

hiya!! Oboy Oboy, okay gonna be answering these!

1. Is Mori near or far sighted:

He has a hard time seeing things up close, his vision is pretty bad lol. Extra fun fact, Haru is a slightly far-sighted! (he has reading glasses for work)

2. How many trips did it take Haru for his current piercings:

Quite a few! He started at highschool and gradually added more piercings as he goes! Though his trips from one set to the other was alarmingly close lmao

3. Akki and Ray, who does your hair?

Ray did actually! He’s p good at this kind of stuff~ (to many people’s surprise)

4. Has Yama always been so chill?

pretty much! Though that doesn’t mean you should anger him though, while he doesn’t get mad easily even he can get a little scary!

With that! Feel free to ask these nerds things if you want to! Though replies might take a while, I do read them all :>

Major fucking PSA

Kin genders are bullshit. It’s like people using “gloomgender”, “stargender”, and yes, even musicgender. Hobbies =/= gender. Interests =/= gender. It’s like me saying that I’m nonbinary, and because my hair is red, that makes me “redgender”. That isn’t how this works.
Just because you like cats or your kin type is a cat, doesn’t make you catgender/felisgender
Sure, your kin type may be something that wouldn’t have a gender, say a plant, or something like that, and you may not feel either male or female. But that does not make you plantgender.

This is something I shouldn’t even have to say.
And don’t tell me I’m invalidating nonbinary people. I’m agender myself and I understand what it feels like for people to invalidate my identity and any dysphoria I have because “you cant have dysphoria if you’re nb” (yes, someone has told me this).
However I feel like the nonbinary community has gone a bit too far as well (but that deserves it’s own post altogether)

I’m not invalidating things that exist. I’m bringing the truth about things that don’t exist. Kinda like the Loch Ness Monster except transtrenders aren’t elusive creatures, they’re kids who seem to think that me and other adult people will take them seriously because they say they’re trans but seem perfectly comfortable with what they are assigned at birth.

Dear Stranger Things fandom:

Someone needs to write me 20k words of Steve awkwardly trying to be generally less of a giant douchebag while friend-wooing Jonathan (for Nancy) and Jonathan awkwardly trying to accept this wooing because he did kind of save their lives and he and Nancy are friends now, and it’s okay to have more than one friend, even though, wow, he’s never even really had one before? And it should be weird because he totally has the hots for Steve’s girlfriend, and Steve knows it, and Nancy knows it, and Jonathan knows that they both know it, but it’s somehow not … weird? It works? Even though Jonathan goes home and jerks off more than he usually does (which is a lot, because he is 17) and maybe he’s not always thinking about Nancy when he does, but maybe this is just how it is when your friend has really nice hair and strong hands… And eventually they both realize that maybe there’s no “friend” qualifier in the wooing and Nancy screams internally “FINALLY!”

And then threesome.

Monday mugshot. Navyy is of at work, her mom just took the kiddos for the day and I’m here waiting on a phone interview in just a few minutes. Got a long list of things I want to get working on today, so coffee. Supposed to be super hot/humid/gross today. Not looking forward to the walk to and from my hair appointment at noon, but with any luck it will make me look/feel so good I won’t even think about the heat. How does your Monday look?

There are two type of people in TG

It’s crazy how Arima works for V and CCG and his hair turns white from all the stress that possible comes with it.

And then you have Furuta over here working for CCG, Aogiri, V, (and possible the clowns) with a head full of black hair, flawless skin, and not a care in the world.

Hi. My name’s Ruby, and I run the blog shinydeino, but you already know that. I’m going to get serious for a minute or so, and I apologize in advance for clogging up your dash.

That freckled kid up there is me. I have something called trichotillomania, but it is usually shortened to trich. Trich is a disorder that causes a person to compulsively pull out their hair. It can be from any part of the body; eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp, underarms, legs, and more.

Trich is very difficult. People like me will often get noticeable bald spots where their hair is supposed to be. This usually attracts attention, and unfortunately, it tends to be negative. It isn’t easy, and even well-meaning comments can hurt.

You can’t “just stop” trich because of how it works. After you pluck, your brain does feel a bit of a release. This release “helps” with both overstimulation and under-stimulation. It becomes a vicious cycle of short term relief, intense guilt, and a need to get rid of the guilt.

From all of my years on tumblr, I don’t think I remember a single post about trich hitting my dashboard. I’ve only seen a news story about it very recently. Trich is just cast aside as an ordinary habit because of how weird it is.

And it’s not like I want to pluck, either. It’s an awful feeling. It hurts sometimes. I get callouses on my fingers a lot. It’s hard to talk about, and it seems only my therapist and my mother understand sometimes.

I have a favor to ask all of you. Please, do something to spread awareness. I know I’m not alone, but sometimes I sure feel alone, and others do too. It doesn’t matter what. I mean, you read this thing. That’s a pretty huge step.

I want to recover, and it will get better soon. But I think I need to be brave and allow myself to be heard.