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The One Next Door: Part 6

A/N: I FINALLY UPDATED THIS ONE!!! I can’t believe it tbh but it was really fun! Yeah this one shall continue!!! :D Hope you guys like it!

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As you stared at her, she marched over to you, having to pull her purse back onto her shoulder as she walked. Stepping back a bit, you grew worried being alone outside with her. There were still people walking by but no one was going to notice anything.

“You!” she exclaimed, obviously angry with you. “I need you to tell me the truth here,” she sniffled. Her eyes were red and puffy and you already knew why.

“What? I barely know you,” you mumbled, feeling intimidated by her.

“Just let me talk,” she sighed. “I’ve seen you around the apartment. Have you been sleeping around with Yoongi?” she asked you as if she wanted you to say yes and admit things that weren’t true.

“No! I’m your neighbor,” you scoffed, taken aback by her question.

“Don’t lie! There’s no way I’m the guilty one here,” she let out a sob as her eyes welled up with tears.

“What? What happened to you two?” you asked with actual concern behind your voice.

“Like you don’t know,” she rolled her eyes. “He speaks to you more than he ever spoke to me,” she sniffled.

“We spoke but we aren’t that close,” you tried to explain yourself. “I promise you that nothing happened. There shouldn’t be a problem,” you insisted.

“Well, there is. The fact that he seems so innocent is the problem,” she spoke more to herself then to you. Letting a frustrated groan out, she ran her fingers through her hair. Grabbing at her left hand, she snatched your wrist, putting something small in your hand. “Give this to him. I’m not giving up on him but he wanted it.”

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emelielovisa  asked:

You said in an earlier post that our introverted functions shows through our extroverted functions. How does this work for an INFJ (Ni -> Fe)?

Tact, mostly.

Ni is a very subjective process, often fixated on the far-flung distant future. So, the way it gets what it wants is through … organization. But unlike Te in the INTJ, it’s organization of people in order to generate results that Fe can be happy with. Consensus. Agreement. Comfort. Middle-ground (the more Ni dominates, the less middle ground can be reached, because ultra-strong Ni-doms will pursue their ideal cause with or without Fe).

The most evident example of Ni and Fe that I’ve seen comes from an NFJ in my life. She frequently talks about the future, but through the eyes of a humanitarian. Yes, it is good to go aide to this social group or nation in the present to accommodate their needs, but in twenty years, will this same group resent us for moving in as a country and taking over their welfare? That is both Ni and Fe. Ni looking forward, putting pieces into place, thinking about future consequences, and Fe being concerned with how these actions will be perceived by future generations. How will they feel about it? How will they see our actions in the present?

You know how we look back on history with a sense of scorn or shame? Ni-doms/auxes think about that all the time, in reverse; how will people see this period in history? Will our actions be seen as ignorant or wrong?

Another example of Ni and Fe: NFJ senses that a friend is becoming involved in a relationship that will be a later determent to this person. Ni foresees the consequences before they happen and Fe tries to gently warn this friend to be careful. Fe becomes more insistent on expressing its opinion, out of concern for this friend. This is one time Fe does not back down and risks disharmony in a group, because the Ni-vision of this future is so bad, Fe puts its own discomfort with turmoil on the back burner in an attempt to help this person avoid future pain.

With an INFJ, all you will see is Fe … until you engage them in deep introspective conversation and then their Ni traits start bleeding through: focusing on one particular topic for months and even years at a time; deconstructing their vision of the future to find the steps that will lead them there; thinking decades in advance when making decisions; looking at an object and seeing past what it is, to what it symbolizes. 


[Lavapasta]: KIM POSSIBLE 

During the early 2000s, Kim Possible was one of the most significant and popular cartoons airing on Disney Channel. But what makes it stand out from other shows during that time period? How does it function as an animated series, and how does it treat its characters? 

What exactly is Kim Possible