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little spoon

To save money while attending college in NYC, Stiles and Derek decide to rent one tiny apartment together. With one bed.

*whispers* I have no idea if any of this is realistic. Don’t judge me.

You guys know by now that practically everything I write is so so fluffy, but this is just like, a whole other level. A little over 4k words of enemies-to-lovers, bed-sharing, & cuddling. ;)  

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The thing is, Stiles is pretty sure he can’t afford to breathe the air in New York City, let alone rent an apartment there. But it’s also been his lifelong dream to go to NYU, same as his mom, and he’s just gotten his acceptance letter in the mail along with a hefty scholarship offer. So he has a bit of a conundrum on his hands.

Enter Derek, who has a (relatively) dirt cheap apartment in Queens.

Okay, so Derek calls it an “apartment.” Stiles calls it an “attic closet.”

It’s nothing but a narrow bed, a foot or so of walking space between that and the wall, and a lone shelf by the door to hold the microwave and all of Derek’s possessions that can’t fit under the bed. There’s not even enough room to open the door all the way; the edge of the door hits the edge of the bed, and then you have to shimmy into the room.

The sad thing is that Stiles can’t even afford that.

He can, however, afford half of it.

“So you’re going to share a bed,” Scott says, looking concerned.

“Yes,” Stiles says.

“No,” Derek says at the same time.

Scott looks more concerned.

Stiles sighs. “Okay, so it’s like this. Derek’s going to be doing the whole normal person schedule, up at the buttcrack of dawn” (Derek rolls his eyes) “and out working and studying and stuff all day and back in bed asleep by 11 pm, and I’m going to be taking all evening classes and working the night shift!”

“We won’t actually ever be in the same place at the same time,” Derek clarifies. “He gets it during the day; I get it at night.”

“Because we can’t stand each other,” Stiles adds, in case Scott is thinking of getting his hopes up that this whole roommates thing is going to be some kind of bromance.

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hunk and keith headcanons [insert sunglasses emoi] 

  • “so hunk…how do you feel about cryptids?” “oh god. you’re just like pidge.” “don’t worry. we’ll convert you.”
  • a month later// hunk: i’ve decided my favorite cryptid is the jackalope. it’s cute and seems arguably nonviolent keith: oh that’s a good one. my favorite cryptid is pidge pidge, in the other room: i Heard that
  • hunk tries to help make the food coran cooks more palatable for all of them but keith is such a fucking picky eater when he’s able to be
  • hunk: how is it that you ate canned pears for months at a time and were satisfied but now that you’re in space you’ve decided to get all choosy
  • hunk is a really nice guy but that doesn’t mean that he won’t stand up for himself lmao so keith gives him an attitude he gives it right back
  • keith is secretly impressed
  • keith wants to be as strong as hunk wtf…hunk could lift the whole ship if he wanted to probably
  • but hunk is modest so keith says this to him one day and he almost passes out 
  • keith’s work here is done
  • hunk is the only person who can make keith laugh until he cries and nobody else understands it it’s a fucking anomaly
  • how does he do it? teach them hunk
  • keith feels most comfortable discussing concerns with hunk or shiro but because shiro is having such a tough time he starts going to hunk more and it’s really so hard for him to open up to people but it seems so nonthreatening when it’s hunk he’s talking to…it’s weird but he can dig it
  • and hunk never judges him or makes him feel unintelligent for asking about something most people probably know or think is common knowledge and keith really appreciates that
  • plus hunk is literally always both dying and on fire so he can understand the need for reassurance
  • which is actually a great plus side to being friends with keith too because he never gives anything but the reality and that’s very grounding for hunk and his anxiety like keith never makes up anything just to make him feel better he describes the situation as it is
  • on the flip side keith also causes hunk’s heart rate to skyrocket because he’s always doing some type of dangerous shit that everyone has heavily advised against
  • hunk: are you really sure you wanna do that we’ve all discussed at great length how much of a horrible idea that is keith: …anyways [does it]
  • keith is touch starved as hell even if he won’t admit it and hunk is the team’s Official Hug Dealer
  • hunk has had to carry keith away from a fight so many fucking times. can keith calm the hell down. hunk just slings him over his shoulder and walks away with him while keith seethes like an angry cat. 
  • keith cannot get over how strong hunk is. he tried to pick up hunk’s bayard while in gun form and almost broke his spine. what the fuck.
  • keith: so is hunk a nickname or…? hunk: no that’s my real name keith: hm. fitting. hunk: [screaming with his mouth closed]
  • hunk and pidge are So Smart it’s wild y’all. at first when they started talking to each other while keith was in the room he felt like they were speaking a different language but he’s like learning by osmosis and now he can understand like 20% of their technical talk
  • hunk: refers to something using the highly complex technical jargon no one but him understands keith: the what hunk: i’m so sorry. the tool to your right.
  • the nausea hunk experiences while in flight never really goes away even after they start flying on a daily basis so sometimes hunk will lay on the couch dying silently and keith will just rub his tummy
Dark Enough- Langst


Trigger Warnings: Self-harm, suicide, Major character death

USA Suicide hotline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)

Please comment other hotlines to add to this part. It could save a life.

This is a song fic! I’ve been listening to this song for a while now and decided to write Langst to it!

Link to song:


There is a girl in the front of my class who I swear I’ve never seen do anything but laugh

Lance broke out in a fit of laughter, his laugh contagious and spreading to the others around him. His smile warmed the room and gave comfort to everyone.

She’s tall and she’s smart, beautiful and strong and when someone’s down she tries to fix what is wrong

Lance placed his hand on Keith’s shoulder, “Don’t worry. Even if you’re Galra that doesn’t change the fact that you’re part of the team.” 

Keith gave a thankful smile in return, 

How does someone so perfect, feel so insecure?

Lance kept his head tipped back, trying to stop the tears from falling down his face. He wrapped his arms around himself, trying desperately to keep himself together. I’m just the goofball.

As to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want to hurt more…

Lance pulled the sleeves of his jacket to cover the palms of his hands. He watched blood drip down his fingers, staining the black and green, red. 

How does someone so loving, learn to hate her own guts?

Lance hugged Pidge tightly. Her shaking was slowly going away and her breathing was getting back to a normal pace. “Don’t worry, Pidge, it doesn’t matter which gender you are. You’re needed here. You’re family.” They need you, unlike me.

Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade as if her mind isn’t dark enough

Lance twirled the metal in between his fingers. Red stained the silver of the sharp object. He stared blankly, he was numb.

There is a girl in the front of my class who’s eyes are glazed over like newly cut glass.

“Lance! C’mon, we’re gonna be late for the parade!” Hunk shouted at the blue paladin. Lance smiled and ran after Hunk, wiping away tears and checking to see if there were any red stains on the cuffs of his sleeves.

The ghost of a smile hints at her face

“To the paladins!” the king cheered to his people. Keith and Shiro laughed as they raised their glasses to the air, Hunk and Pidge following shortly after. 

Lance gave a weak smile and lifted the glass into the air. He picked at the things on his plate, trying to ignore the burning in his left arm.

And she smiles as they tell her ‘Who’s on First Base’

“-and then Keith knocked out six of the guards who were blocking the exit and we snuck in and got the data!” Pidge exclaimed happily.

“Good job, Keith! You too, Pidge!” Allura praised the two.

“I agree with Allura! It couldn’t have been easy downloading the files!” Coran shouted from the other side of the bridge.

Lance smiled at the two, “Good job, both of you.” 

How does someone so perfect feel so insecure?

Lance punched his mirror. Thoughts rampaged through his head, damaging his fragile mind and already fractioned happiness.

As to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want to hurt more…

Lance grabbed one of the shards and pressed down lightly, pulling it across his skin. He felt the burn of his skin spliting and the warmth of blood that dotted his skin.

How does someone so loving, learn to hate her own guts?

“I’m sorry I’m worthless,” Lance spoke out to himself, a tear running down his face. He pressed the glass on his skin once more, applying slightly more pressure than before.

Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade as if her mind isn’t dark enough

Lance sobbed. He cradled his arm and grieved, ‘Why him?’

There is a girl in the front of my glass who’s sad that you find it rare to see her smile or laugh

“Lance, buddy, come join us on the bridge,” Hunk tried desperately to get back to his friend. 

Lance shook his head. He kept his gaze on the floor, “Sorry, Hunk. Maybe tomorrow,” and with that, he left.

Her friends tell her jokes like that one with the guy

“Lance, remember when Coran was talking about those aliens that are linked at the ears? What were they? Al-Almours? Yalmours?” Pidge attempted to get Lance to participate in the conversation.

Lance shook his head. “I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.”

But all she does is close her eyes and enter her mind.

Lance laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. ‘You’re such a nuisance.’ 

With that thought in mind, he closed his eyes, only allowing one tear to slip from his eyes.

How does someone so perfect, feel so insecure?

Lance watched the rest of the paladins converse as normal. Without him, they would be perfectly fine. Without him, the universe would still exist. Without him, Zarkon would be stopped and the Galra empire would fall. Without him, they would be happy.

As to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want to hurt more…

Lance made his way to his room, fiddling with the razor in the right pocket of his jacket. It was decided. He was leaving for the team.

How does someone so loving, learn to hate her own guts?

Lance stared at himself in the mirror before rolling up his sleeve.

Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade as if her mind isn’t dark enough

Lance lets silent tears fall, pressing harder onto his skin the more he glided. He felt light. He could no longer feel the pain that was urging him to stop.

For her imperfections…

“Lance! Lance, please! Oh god,” Keith screamed over the body of his friend. 

“Keith, step back,” Shiro tried to pull him away from the body. 

Keith refused and Shiro had to grab the smaller and pull him out of the room, Keith struggled the entire time.

There is a girl in the front of my class who yesterday took the breath that was her last…

Hunk, who had found his best friend, was sitting on the ex-paladin’s bed, just staring. Staring at the wall, the dresser… staring at nothing. 

Pidge washed the blood off her hands. ‘He’s not dead. That’s just a fake. He’ll jump out and announce that it was all just one big, fucked up prank.’

Allura didn’t expect this. No paladin had ever killed themselves. She had never seen a suicide and now she could never unsee it.

Coran lost a son. Someone he could confide in, reminisce about home and rant to. 

Shiro locked himself in his room. He cried, blaming himself for the death of his teammate. He didn’t eat nor sleep. He couldn’t. Normally, Lance would come in and usher him to sleep, even if it took ages but it worked. Now, no one was there to help him through his nightmares.

She wrote a few notes: 

Keith was given the note. He kept the jacket that covered Lance’s scars, and now his.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say, 

But my mind was messed up,
You couldn’t save me anyway…

And to the girl in the back of the class,
Who feels the way I did… 

Keith unfolded the page further, wiping away tears and biting his trembling lower lip to keep him from sobbing. 

How does someone so perfect, 

To everyone and anyone who feels like I did. Do not be afraid to receive help. You are all valid. You are perfectly imperfect. Someone in this world loves you, even if you haven’t realized it. 

Feel so insecure?

Do not let your insecurities get to you. What you are insecure about is something that another person loves about you.

As to scar her skin with cuts and burns

You are strong. You have made it this far in life. It truly does get better. Try to be as patient as you can.  Other people are also facing their own battles so be kind to them and yourself. Take a walk, sing, dance, write, listen to music, do what makes you happy. Don’t hurt yourself. You are worth so much more.

and still want to hurt more”

I’ve lost, but you can win. I believe in you.

- Lance

Jungkook Imagine (Angst)

Title: Clearing Conffesions

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook

Request: Can you write an imagine where you’re in love with Jungkook and he is your best friend but then he asks you to set him up with your coworker right when you’re about to confess so you lash out at him and he’s completely confused. Can it have a fluffy ending with him telling you he just wanted to date so he could get over you.



I walk over to the bench at the clearing over the hill; our spot. It’s been Jungkook’s and I’s meeting place since we were kids. We used to have picnics on the small patch of grass behind the mess of trees that concealed us, making us feel like we were in our own world.

I grip the piece of paper I hold in my hand tightly. I didn’t sleep a wink last night as I was writing it. My love letter.

I’ve loved my best friend Jeon Jungkook for the last seven years. I don’t even remember when I started developing feelings for him. It might have been when he stood up to a teacher for me in the sixth grade, or when he hugged me after I ran out of class crying about an embarrassing presentation. Neither of those memories would be memorable in a positive way had Jungkook not been there. He’s always been a kind and caring friend. He’s smart and funny and understanding and I’m not going to lie, super stubborn at times but I love that about him. I love that you really have to convince him to change his mind. Sometimes it’s upsetting to see him so defensive but when he begins to given in, he has this cute pout that I can never get over. I love his smile and his laugh and the way he says my name when he’s really tired or really excited. I just love him.

I decided yesterday that I didn’t want him to not know how I felt. I’ve shared every secret that I’ve ever had with him. Every single one except this one. I want him to know how much he means to me, even if he doesn’t feel the same way.

I was about to text him this morning to meet up but he ended up texting me first, saying that he needed to talk.

I start to feel nervous as I approach the clearing. I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I can’t lose him.

I stop for a second and breathe in and out. I open up my letter and read the first line. “Jeon Jungkook you are an absolute dork….. and I love you.”

I keep walking. I enter the clearing to see Jungkook sitting on our bench, his attention on his phone. Probably playing Crossy Road since I broke his high score. Did I mention he’s very competitive?

“Hey,” I say, sitting next to him.

“Hey,” he says lightly, not looking up from his phone. “One sec, I’m about to demolish your high score.”

I look over his shoulder. He’s approaching my score. I fight the urge to jerk into him and disrupt his focus.

He’s about to beat my score when he gets hit by an oncoming train.

“No!” He screams and I burst into a fit of laughter.

Jungkook just stares at me, trying to look upset but I can tell he really isn’t because he’s fighting a smile.

I lean in close and look him in the eye. “So tell me Kookie, how does it feel to lose I mean I wouldn’t know ‘cuz I always win.”

“Yeah, yeah” he says brushing me off, feigning irritation.

“I’ll beat you next time.”

He looks over at my hand and sees the letter.

“What’s that?”

I immediately feel my cheeks burn up and pull away.

“Umm.I-it’s umm..”

C'mon I practiced this!

“What did you want to tell me?” I ask, changing the subject.

Jungkook turns to face me and leans on the opposite side of the bench.

“Jimin wants me to go on a double date with him next week and I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to ask out Lisa. Your friends with her; could you set it up for me?”

I feel my heart clench in my chest.

“Lisa?” I try to keep my voice leveled.

“Yeah. I know you guys work together so I was hoping you could chat me up or at least tell her I like her.”

He likes her. Lisa is absolutely beautiful. She has the perfect body and has that perfect soundboard laugh whereas I am average weight and I laugh like a hyena. Of course he likes her. It makes sense. It hurts but to be honest Jungkook would be with someone like her.

“Y/n?” Jungkook asks pulling me out of my thoughts. “Are you okay what’s wrong.”

I look down at hands trying to keep myself from crying and then I notice the letter in my lap. A furious fire builds up replacing the flood of sadness in my chest.

“Lisa wouldn’t be interested in you.” I say coldly.

Jungkook looks taken aback. I never really act like this with him.

“Why not?” He asks defensively,

“Because you’re you!” I exclaim, throwing my hand in the air as if I am pointing out the obvious. He looks hurt but I go on.

“Why would she go on a date with you. Lisa is basically perfect and you, you’re late for school every morning. You’re always on your phone playing stupid games. You snore in your sleep but not the weird gross obnoxious snore it’s more like heavy breathing with small snores every few minutes. And you are always doodling anime and sometimes you doodle on my arm and tell me that you want to see it on me the next day so I have to make sure I don’t scrub it off in the shower and you don’t even know how difficult that is but sometimes I don’t even care because I want to keep them too. You love to spoil shows. It’s like you don’t even mean to but you’re just so excited it comes out. And you are always taking other people’s sides when I talk about how terrible they are because you are just so kind you can never see someone as completely at fault. You- you, you are so completely oblivious to how I feel about you!. I love you!”

Jungkook’s mouth hangs agar.

"Y/n..” he breathes. “I-”

But I don’t let him finish. I’m already up, my letter tumbling to the ground.

Tears brim in my eyes but I look away so he doesn’t see me cry.

“No, you know what? I don’t think you’re oblivious. You just don’t feel the same way.”

I race out of the clearing as fast as I can. Away from Jungkook. Away from my best friend. Away from my first love.



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Colors Tell Stories - Fourth Color

College!Tom AU 

Pairing: Tom x Reader 

Summary: Tom and reader are college students, both majoring in English - with an emphasis in Creative Writing. They met their first year and, as third years, have grown closer than ever. 

Color: Blue - depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence. The color blue has positive affects on the mind and the body.  

People who said ‘blue’/Inspiration for this series: @smolbean-hunters456, @coolcephalopod, @t-a-m-s-y-n, @hufflepuff-always-and-forever, @thatnerdypotato, @writing-marvel, @1022bridgetp, @kawaiianime03, @elita1, @okklaxonquackson 

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First Color | Second Color | Third Color // Fifth Color | Sixth Color 

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  • “Guys, we need to tell you something.“ 
  • Jinjin’s sitting opposite Bin and Rocky in one of their favourite cafes, hand tightly clutching MJ’s under the table 
  • Bin looks at Rocky 
  • Rocky looks at Bin
  • Oh my god
  • It can’t be 
  • ??????? 
  • Bin, cautiously: "You’re pregnant?" 
  • Rocky, nodding fervently: ????? 
  • Bin: "listen we told you to have safe se-" 
  • Jinjin reaches across with his free hand & knocks Bin’s head into Rocky’s
  • They might be best friends but 
  • Truly his best friends are idiots 
  • "He said yes!!!!" 
  • And before they know it Rocky sees Jinjin swing his & MJ’s hands above the table, silver bands glinting in the light
  • And it’s suddenly all celebration and laughter and MJ squealing and Bin choking in glee and Jinjin beaming proudly and Rocky has never, never felt this proud of Jinjin in his life 
  • His hyung might be an idiot but !!!!! Now he’s officially MJ’s idiot and Rocko couldn’t be prouder 
  • !!!!!!!!!!! 
  • @ myungjin: "ur going to have sunshine babies!!!!!! With sunshine beams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & ur going to power five villages for years!!!!!" 
  • And so toasts are made and months go by and more plans are made and 
  • Bin: "Oh my god rocky" 
  • Rocky: "What" 
  • Bin: "We’re the best men”
  • Rocky: “Well I know we’re the best men, Jinjin and MJ asked us like three months ago" 
  • Bin: "No but we’re the BEST MEN" 
  • Bin: "We gotta get TUXES”
  • Rocky: “Oh”
  • Rocky: “Oh shit" 
  • Rocky: "oh S h I t" 
  • Bc wow truly have you seen the boys in tuxes for that AAF photo shoot truly A+ the A in Astro stands for Amazing-visuals 
  • But the S in Astro also stands for Styled-by-professionals 
  • Rocky and Bin
  • Are not professionals 
  • Fast forward to two weeks before the wedding: Rocky and Bin finding themselves in a tux store, frantically begging the tuxedo gods (ie, the store managers) for suggestions 
  • And so the magic workers toss them a couple of different cuts to try out to see what fit them the most 
  • And naturally Rocko picks the first one he gets because 1) he really cannot be bothered to try more than one he would totally go to Jinjin’s wedding in a hoodie and jeans if he had the choice 2) they all honestly look the same to him 3) I mean he’s rocky he looks amazing in everything 
  • So he lets the tailor take his measurements and flops over on the fitting area sofa to wait for Bin 
  • Who has gone through at least three different cuts of pants and four different blazer designs 
  • He’s honestly crying why doesn’t he look good in any of them
  • He looks good in all of them, Rocky doesn’t understand what he’s saying 
  • (Flings open the fitting room curtain to pose in front of the mirror for Rocky) 
  • "This one makes my butt look flat" 
  • "Bin your ass looks flat in everything" 
  • Rocky cackling and throwing another pair of pants at Bin 
  • On Bin’s fifth pair of pants and eighth blazer though, Rocky gets bored 
  • And he smells 
  • ? Food?? 
  • He leans as far back as he can on the sofa and cranes his neck to peer out the fitting area door 
  • Food????? :–) 
  • Yes that’s more Rocky’s style 
  • He peers back at Bin’s closed fitting room curtain and silently gets up from the sofa 
  • He’ll be back real quick, he promises Bin in his head 
  • And nips off outside to see whatever it is that smells so amazing right outside the store 
  • Oh my god
  • It’s a pretzel food cart bless uP
  • Walks past two arguing brothers (?) 
  • "Hyung, I sat through that damn minion movie the least you could do is sit through this one fitting with me" 
  • "But you’re so,,,, oddly shAped they’ll take forever to take your measurements and I’m hUngry" 
  • "MINIONS" 
  • Eunwoo grumbling and shoving Sanha’s shoulder 
  • Damn Sanha for getting into the final round of that competition 
  • I mean, Eunwoo’s proud of him but 
  • Who even wears a blazer to a guitar competition anyway 
  • That’s dumb, Eunwoo decides, plopping his butt down on the fitting area sofa while Sanha goes off with the store managers
  • Wait
  • There’s someone mumbling from a fitting room
  • Huh talking to himself, Eunwoo guesses and goes back to tapping aimlessly on his phone 
  • Bin: "Rocky oh my god i think this is it" 
  • Bin: "My ass actually looks good??" 
  • Ass? 
  • Eunwoo looks up 
  • Bin: "And this blazer fits my shoulders so well?????" 
  • Bin: "wow Pacific Ocean coming through wew nice shoulders Binnie”
  • Bin:
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: "Rocky?" 
  • Bin, ripping open the fitting room curtain: "Yo dude how do I look" 
  • Eunwoo, sort of stunned because wow this guy’s right his ass does look good in those pants 
  • Huh nice shoulders too
  • :–)
  • Well, he doesn’t know who this Rocky guy is but 
  • “You look like you could win a pageant,” he offers cautiously 
  • Bin whips around
  • That in no way resembles Rocky’s voice
  • Rocky’s voice is a little like snow, powdery and soft and rough all at the same time 
  • But this man 
  • His voice (pardon the lack of poetics) sounds like someone gently hit icicles with other icicles and the result was a light, tinkly icy echo 
  • “And the thing about your ass?” the man continues, “Very true.”
  • Bin flushing because 
  • what 
  • the 
  • ding diggi ding diggi ding ding dong
  • is this man saying !!!
  • also wow 
  • if Bin thought Eunwoo’s voice was beautiful
  • he truly set himself up for a surprise 
  • the man himself 
  • literally the most ethereal being he’ll ever have the fortune to meet
  • excepting the fact that Eunwoo walked into a tuxedo shop in a minion t-shirt 
  • Bin isn’t sure at this point if Eunwoo’s aware he’s staring very hard at Eunwoo’s beautiful face
  • Eunwoo truly enjoyed the ass and shoulders but wow the minute Bin whipped around
  • startled cat eyes and slightly worried pout and mussed up hair from changing 
  • wow 
  • truly 
  • wow 
  • Rocky: “Hey Bin, I’m bac-”
  • Sanha: “Eunwoo, what do you think abo-”
  • Rocky blinking in confusion because wow Bin isn’t angry that Rocky went missing??
  • Sanha blinking in confusion because Eunwoo isn’t whining about waiting??????
  • wait 
  • Rocky and Sanha squint at their friends 
  • who are staring at each other 
  • because wow truly Bin has never seen someone with a face that small or with eyes that bright or a smile so amused 
  • Eunwoo finally breaking the eye contact and coughing slightly and going, “well i really think you should get that pair of pants”
  • “uh rigHT YES PANTS”
  • “i mean if you ever want a second opinion on clothes or whatever you should uhhh definitely uh call me ??”
  • Bin:
  • Bin:
  • Bin: :–)
  • Sanha, squawking slightly because wow Eunwoo complains so much about shopping with him but would willingly go on shopping trips with a stranger he just met??????? would give second opinions on clothes????? would hand him his phone so that he can input his phone number into Eunwoo’s contact list????????
  • Rocky sighing in relief because holy heck Eunwoo can suffer shopping with Bin then 
  • ie, Bin looking at two hoodies in different shades of black and humming over them for half an hour before deciding on a white one
  • i’m highkey bin


Forbidden Ecstasy - Chapter Three

Pairing: NeganxReader

Chapter Warnings: swearing (Negan style), mentions of rape (again very little), maybe some angst?, and finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for… *drum roll* P IN V LADIES AND GENTS. P. IN. V. ENJOY.

Chapter Summary: Negan deals with a problematic Savior. Meanwhile, we learn some shocking news from the reader.

Word Count: 2,343

A/N: Woooooooooooooow okay so this one ruined me yep pretty sure im dead i have no pulse. It’s weird how this worked out. It just kinda fell into place lol. I used a couple lines from the show bc they just fit. Thank you for all your support with this series! I hope you guys enjoy :* 
A/N2: Lemme know what you guys thought! :) Requests are open

Chapter One
Chapter Two

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ME:A Fic: Five Gifts (1/1)

Guys. I don’t think I have ever been the first to invent an AO3 tag before. I made this post yesterday night. It’s… been a wild ride?

Pairing: Vetra Nyx/Jaal Ama Darav

Also on AO3


Five Gifts


Some time after the first trip to Voeld—where, yes, maybe she’d complained just a little about the ridiculous cold—Vetra finds a piece of fabric on her workbench. It’s the exact color of her markings, which is strange. Even stranger, the small, delicately-embroidered flowers winding around the edges are gold, and if the fabric is a perfect match for her markings, she can’t help noticing the embroidery’s the same color as her eyes.

It’s a kind of tube. Weird. She has no idea what it’s for. Pretty, though. It’s also the softest, silkiest fabric she’s ever felt, which is saying something because she’s sourced some pretty fancy shit over the years.

There’s no note, no explanation. She asks around, discreetly. She knows how to be discreet. Ryder’s as confused as she is. Drack snorts. Peebee jokes about secret admirers. Figuring it might be some kind of angaran thing, she brings it to Jaal. He’s busy with something, but instead of just turning in his chair or speaking over his shoulder, he stops what he’s working on immediately, rises, and faces her directly, as if she’s now the most important thing he has to think about. She not sure she’s ever going to get used to that. He smiles when he sees the fabric in her hands, but the smile fades when she asks if he knows what it’s for.

“Ah,” he says slowly, as if savoring the single syllable. “You did not get the note?”

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A Tight Fit

Characters: Dean Winchester, Cas, Sam Winchester, Reader
Word Count: 2,348
Warnings: Inappropriate noises, frustrated Dean, overly helpful Cas, slight heartbreak, all around confusion.
A/N: I wrote this for @notnaturalanahi‘s Ana’s Crack Challenge #2 TWSS Edition. My prompt is bolded below. Italics are a conversation being had behind a closed door. I loved doing this challenge, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Beta’d by my sweet waterbear, @trexrambling: “I just can’t with you right now. You heard my giggles. My brain can’t handle this.”

As usual, tags are at the bottom! If you’d like to be added, please let me know!

Overview: Sam and the reader come home after a long evening out and stumble upon a situation in the bunker that they weren’t expecting.

Originally posted by cheesypeeps

The bunker door groaned as Sam pushed it open and let Y/N go ahead of him and down the stairs. “I can’t believe you didn’t want to stay longer.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, “Sam, one foreign film was enough, I can’t do two. I love you, but…it’s just not enough to get me through that. Sorry.” Y/N wandered through the war room and into the kitchen where she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and leaned against the counter. “Where is everyone?”

Sam shrugged, “I dunno. Who knows where Cas goes most of the time, and Dean is probably at the bar or something.”

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No Control | Chapter One

Hey. Okay, so I’ve decided to start posting a Harry story I’ve been working on. I’ve never posted on tumblr before or anything about Harry Styles. I’ve written before but not about something that has required so much research about a real person before. So, bear with me haha. I don’t know how many people are actually gonna read this, but I’m just gonna post it anyway, see how it does.

Massive thank you to @lovingstyles87 for reading my first chapter and encouraging me to post it. She had the sweetest things to say, and, honestly, they mean a lot coming from her, because I love her writing. Honestly couldn’t believe she even messaged me haha.

*Please feel free to reblog and send me feedback! It’s much appreciated :)*


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

*Gif is not mine.*


JUNE 2015

“Micky!” I hear my name being called from the bottom floor of the library. The voice is shushed pretty vehemently, considering it’s the last two days of finals week and people are cramming. I’m here just editing my final paper for my physiology lab, but other people have more important things to get done. 

“Oh, fuck off,” I hear Trevor spit out at someone who shushed him. “Micky Bennett!” He gets shushed again, even more viciously than last time. I can hear his footsteps below me, so I lean over the edge of the balcony that I’m sitting at and wave at him.

I met Trevor my very first day at New York University, nearly three years ago. I had only moved to New York from England three days prior, so I hadn’t had a lot of time to go out and meet anyone before classes started. We’re in the same major and we had the same general biology class at nine on Monday morning. We sat next to each other in lecture hall and joked back and forth the whole time about our professor’s awful fashion sense. We made fast friends and have been attached at the hip ever since. He came out and visited England that first summer and stayed with my family for a few weeks while I showed him around. He was a permanent fixture in my house for all the summers following, as well. We made sure to get dorms on the same floor this year and we’ve arranged for the same next year.

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Hiding no more

Summary: Sam catches the reader hiding from her ex in the back of the Impala. She can help them with their current hunt, and then maybe they can help her with her predicament. (And yes, it’s a reference from National Treasure. Because.)

Sort of Sam x reader, but not really.

Word count: 6609

I think need to put warnings on this: Domestic abuse, mental abuse, manipulation.

As I rounded the corner, I spotted him: the man I had feared for five years. He had tracked me down, and as if my presence was a glaring neon sign, he lifted his gaze and stared straight at me. I swore loudly and spun around, walking as fast as I could back to the motel I was staying in. No way I would reach my room before he caught me, and pigs would fly before I let him lay another hand on me, but the area was painfully void of hiding places.

I heard him yelling my name, his voice getting closer and closer. My heart raced, I felt it pounding in my ears, and I started running. The parking lot was empty save for a bright green Hyundai and a beautiful black Chevrolet. In another situation, I might have wandered over to admire it, but right then and there I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to me was that the door was open. Glancing over my shoulder, I searched for my ex. He hadn’t reached the corner yet, but I heard his heavy boots thundering over the asphalt.

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 60

I could feel instant tension flare up between them.  

I didn’t know what the background story was or why Jared would act so dismissive.    I never met this Becks guy but Jared clearly wasn’t a fan and apparently not exactly pleased about whatever this project Shannon had with him.    I had to believe Jared was justified in his reasons.   It seemed so unlike him to be unsupportive of anything Shannon wanted to do.  

Standing there just as surprised as I was, Shannon looked embarrassed and I felt so bad for him.  

Jared’s  irritation showed further when he stepped in front of me to lead the way instead of walking with me.    Looking to Shannon, though not knowing what to say, he nodded, letting me off the hook.   With a slight smile, I followed after Jared.   Shannon ended up falling in line behind me.    When I realized, I slowed my pace to walk side by side with him, playfully elbowing his arm.

“Hey.. I still want to hear about your project.  I had no idea you liked to be pulled in a million different directions just like your brother!”   I smiled, trying to ease some of the tension.  

“Okay..”  he shyly smiled, reaching to open the lobby doors so we could meet Jared who was already outside waiting for us.  

Thankfully, once we got in the van and on our way to the airport, talk shifted to the press and show that was coming up.   That seemed to help the tension between them fade.

The flight wasn’t very long and within just a few hours, we were in yet another van heading to our next hotel.    It is truly an exhausting lifestyle.  

I was quiet.   All I could think about is how much I wish I could stop time.   As crazy as it was, I loved being here.  

We had a free night tonight to spend together but tomorrow everything would be busy again.   There was a press conference in the afternoon followed by the show that night.   Then following day, I’d need to pack because my flight was later that evening.  

I could feel Jared’s eyes on me every now and again.   He didn’t say anything but I’d feel his fingers tighten a little bit more each time as he held my hand.    Just as in London, this would be hard on both of us.  

As the minutes ticked by and brought me closer to leaving, the internal war going on between my heart and my head would take over.  I was becoming acutely aware that it’s the quiet time which allowed this battle to really come to the surface.   In essence, quietness wasn’t such a good idea.  

Leaning into me,  "You okay, baby?“  Jared quietly asked.  

He was concerned but I know he’s seen this before and knew exactly what was going on with me.    Laying my head on his shoulder, I nodded yes though, that wasn’t exactly truthful and he knew that.    

I could feel him sigh then kiss the top of my head,  "No worries, baby girl.”  


We stayed that way, with my head on his shoulder, for the rest of the drive.  

Finally arriving at the hotel, we gathered our things then one by one stepped out of the vans.    It’s actually pretty crazy how many people can fit in there.    

Handing Jared his carry on bag then my own, he threw both over his shoulder.   I took one wobbly step before he extended his hand to help me step out.    

“Careful, baby.”  

My clumsiness is pretty well known.  

“Thank you..”   I said warmly, taking his hand.  

It’s the little things he does that I always thought were so sweet.   They weren’t thought out actions, just instinctual.    Jared was always looking out for me and it showed how truly thoughtful and caring of a man he truly was.    When he loves, he can’t help but show it.  

“Of course.”   He shyly responded.  

Not letting my hand go, we walked into the lobby together to get our room key.    Since there were so many of us, Jared led me to the far side of the lobby near the elevators to wait.  

“Stay here, baby.  I’ll get our key from Em then we’ll head up.”

I nodded and smiled back,  "Yes, Sir.“

"God, I love to hear you say that.”  He said then leaned on closer,  "In fact, I’m looking forward to hearing that over and over very soon.“

Biting my lip as he walked away, it didn’t take much to get my body going.   Just as him, I couldn’t wait to get up to our room either.  

Somehow, I needed to keep my head straight though.   I didn’t want my internal conflict being something he was constantly worried about.   It would surly ruin the mood of our remaining few days together.  

Plans for me to leave were set and I came to the conclusion that I needed to trust myself enough to know the right thing to do, to stay or to go, when it came time.   Dwelling on the ‘what ifs’ wouldn’t benefit anyone, it would only hamper and I refused to let my mind do that to me.  

Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, as I slowly let it out, I let all of my worry go with it.   Happy I finally felt like I mentally pulled my ass together, when I saw Shannon walking towards me, I was a million times more relaxed.  

"Hey…get your key?”   I asked as Shannon stood next to me.  

“My room isn’t ready yet.   Don’t think yours is either based on Jared lookin’ like he’s gonna raise hell over there.”   Shannon said, pointing in Jared’s direction.  

Oh boy….  He did look seriously pissed.

“I feel bad for that poor clerk.”  

We laughed but it wasn’t really a laughing matter.   That guy looked like he was getting his ass handed to him.   I wouldn’t go so far as to say Jared’s truly a diva, requesting off the wall or unrealistic things but he definitely doesn’t take it well when things don’t go as promised.    Part of me understands where he’s coming.   Since he travels more than most, it can get frustrating when rooms are constantly not ready when promised.  

“So tell me about this thing tonight.”    I asked,   “It’s a performance?”

“Oh yeah….”   He said,  "Well a friend of mine is a DJ and we started doing this show where he DJ’s and I add in drums.   It gets crazy, I love it.   His name is Antoine.    You didn’t meet him but he was touring with this group CB7 that I manage as the opening act for us.“  

"Wow Shannon, that’s amazing!”  

I was genuinely in awe.   As if drumming in a popular band who’s in the middle of an enormous world tour isn’t enough!!

“It’s so different, it’s just a blast.”  

For the next twenty minutes or so, Shannon went into detail what CB7 was and the response from the tour so far.   Apparently I had in fact seen them while in Chicago.   They opened for the 'Into the Wild" US tour but they were going with another act for the European leg.  

“So tonight isn’t a CB7 performance it’s the two of you guys up there creating chaos, huh?”   I laughed.  

Shannon seemed so proud and I was happy he was seeing success on his own.   I thought it had to be hard for him in a way, having a celebrity brother probably overshadows a lot for him.   The music industry seems like a beast to work within too.   Everyone knows everyone, making it even harder to branch out.  It seemed like he was doing it though and doing it well on top of it.  

Moving away from CB7 he talked a bit more about the show tonight and the press they had to do prior to the show.    

“I love techo club music so it’s that with a twist.”   He excitedly explained,   “It’s exciting to branch out a little bit, ya know?   Do my own thing.”

“Room’s ready.”   Jared said, walking towards us, interrupting our conversation.  

“Oh wow, great.”   I said, happy that very soon I’d have Jared all to myself.  

At least for a little while…

Picking up our bags,  "Your room’s ready too.   Em has the key.“    

"Okay, thanks.”   Shannon said, nodding to Jared,  "Nice talking to you Vivie…maybe I’ll see ya tonight.“

"Sounds good!”   I said, waving as he walked towards Emma still handing keys out near the counter.  

“So..”  Jared said as we waited for the elevator,  "What were you guys talking about?“

Jared’s voice was surprisingly tight making me apprehensive.   I didn’t want to say the wrong thing.  

"He was just telling me a bit about CB7 and Antoine.   A little about the show he’s doing tonight, that kinda stuff.”   I explained,   “He seemed like he was hoping we’d go tonight.”

Before Jared could respond, the elevator doors opened and we were swarmed with people wanting to head to their rooms too.  

Stepping inside,  "We’ll see.“  

His tone and demeanor made me think it didn’t seem promising but this wasn’t the place to ask him about it.   It was obviously a touchy subject and I didn’t want him to feel any pressure so I responded exactly how I thought he’d appreciate.

"Whatever you decide.”   I said with a soft smile.

I weaved my arm through his and gave his arm a little squeeze.   His stiffness eased a little but the irritation was still somewhat present.  

I’d love to see Shannon’s performance, especially because he was so excited about it but with the limited amount of time I had left, all I really care about was being with the man I loved.  

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"Hey, isn't that my hoodie?" with Jason and Tim?

Sweaters and hoodies within the Manor were considered fair game for theft and “borrowing” between the siblings. Any prized articles of clothing had to be carefully hidden and kept under watch unless you wanted a conniving thief of a sibling to snatch it up to be placed into their horde of stolen clothes. However, Jason seemed to be unaware that his clothing was liable to be taken since he had carefully folded his hoodies and shirts and placed them neatly in his dresser drawers. So when he found that almost half of his clothes went missing after the first night that he stayed at the Manor, he was a bit surprised. He scoured the house for any of his adopted siblings to see if they knew where everything had gone, only to find Tim in the kitchen… wearing his favorite sweater. “Uh, hey Tim, isn’t that my hoodie?” Tim glanced down, nodded, and continued drinking his smoothie until Jason stopped him from leaving the kitchen. “What do you want Jason?” “My hoodie?!” Tim shrugged “You leave it, you lose it.” “IT WAS IN MY DRAWER!” Tim only shrugged and pushed his way past Jason. Oh, it was on.

Later that morning Tim was slouched on the sofa watching some cartoon when Jason walked in and stood right in front of the television. “What the hell are you wearing?” “How does it feel Tim?!” Jason had decided to snag one of Tim’s sweaters in revenge… but had miscalculated how it would actually fit him, since Jason’s shoulders were much broader than Tim’s and his torso was longer, so the sweater was more of a crop top than something meant to keep someone warm. “Good look Jason. Now move, I’m watching TV.” “You- you don’t even care that I took your sweater?” “Um, no? I have plenty more. Besides, I’ve had over fifty two assorted sweaters and hoodies taken from me, so you’re not special.” “Well, I’m keeping this. It makes my arms look good. But that could be because this sweater is cutting off the circulation to them, which is great for muscle definition but not great for blood flow.” “Okay bud.”


Name: It is… a pleasure. Part 3
Pairing: Mycroft x reader
Summary: Mycroft and the reader have dinner together, and the reader is worried about being stupid.
(Part 1, Part 2) And it went weird now. I’ve no idea what I did. Don’t hate me.

It is the Sunday. The dreaded Sunday. The expected Sunday. You don’t know what feeling is stronger - the fear or the happiness. To say it shortly - you are nervous. Hella nervous.

“Ma’am?” a man knocks on your door again, then steps in. “It is time to go.”

“Did he seriously have to send a car for me?” you ask sadly, and the man nods again - it’s been a dozenth time you asked him that. “And what other instructions do you have? Kill me in a dark alley? Bring him my brain? Why would he even want it?”

“I simply have to make sure you get to the restaurant on time, ma’am,” the man stands there like a mindless statue, as you grab your bag and put the coat on. “An umbrella is not necessary, ma’am.”

“But it is raining.”

“Mister Holmes said you do not need one,” you sigh and leave the umbrella at home, then just head out of the door, knowing that you do not really get a say in what will happen this evening. The roads are clean. No cars to stop you, no traffic, nothing to slow the car down, as if the road is prepared for you, but you have a feeling that it is exactly what happened. Not surprisingly, the restaurant is empty as well, except for Mycroft sitting by one of the windows, reading a newspaper, even though he probably already knows all the important news.

“Y/N,” he quickly stands up to greet you, as you quickly walk towards the table and sit down, feeling rather weirdly, as Mycroft smiles at you. “I am glad you came.”

“Not that you gave me an option, did you?” you try to smile, as he hands you the menu. “Mister Holmes… Mycroft, I would be here even without this patrol following me.”

“I had to make sure you would get here safely,” Mycroft explains. “There have been some attempts to get to me for quite some time now. Wouldn’t want me risking your life, would you?”

“Uhm… I guess no.”

“Good. You… You look amazing,” you blush for a second and can’t help but smile back him, feeling how his insecure smile suddenly widens, turning into an actual smile, as if you are teenagers on your first date. “Now just order,” you look through the menu, trying to find something you would know from the list, but all the titles seem terribly unknown and absolutely luxurious. And absolutely out of your budget. “Is there a problem?”


“Would like for me to order?” he asks softly, obviously knowing what is wrong. “Or we can just ask the chef to do his best?” you nod, and Mycroft smiles, giving a sign to a waiter standing by a wall. “You must realize that I will not let you pay for this dinner, no matter how it goes, don’t you?” you stop for a second, then nod slowly, seeming to accept the terms. “You seem stressed.”

“Now, why would I be?” you ask as sarcastically as possible.

“Is that because this place is not one of those you go to usually?”

“Yeah, one of the reasons,” you answer, and Mycroft leans back in the chair, smiling. “And it is not funny. You drag me here with all this… stuff - the car, and the people just serving… Can’t you just… ”

“I apologize for making you uncomfortable. I didn’t consider that you may find it overwhelming,” he frowns for a second. “Would you like to go somewhere else?”

“No, no, it’s fine… Just… Urgh, it is so embarrassing.”

“It sure is,” the waiter walks back with the plates, and you just start staring at the table, until Mycroft takes your hand. “Y/N, you should just be yourself, it is alright. Forget about the food, and the people, and the way I made you feel. Let’s just chat.”

“Yeah, until I embarrass myself.”

“That is the purpose,” you exchange quick smiles. “Ask questions, Y/N. Whatever you wish to know…” you sigh, deciding to just try and give it a chance, as nothing good will come from just sitting there like two idiots.

“Are you really the British Government?” you ask quickly, and Mycroft leans back, letting go of your hand.


“Really? Seriously, THE government?” Mycroft nods. “Wow… That is cool. Do aliens really exist?” he laughs quietly and changes the topic.

“Do you really kick Sherlock every time you argue?” he asks back, and you laugh back, nodding.

“Did he complain?”

“No, Sherlock pretends that he is the boss,” you both smile, knowing how much the boy loves feeling like he is in control.

“Why the purple tie?” you ask the most random question you can.

“Because I like purple,” he shrugs his shoulders. “And my… employee does not appreciate this color. So I wear it when I am communicating with people outside of my usual circles.”

“It fits you,” you note quietly.

“Thank you. Do you like sorbet?” another random question.

“Lemon,” you nod. “Very tasty, very sour and sweet. Do you read?”

“Of course, I do. Spending an evening with a cup of tea and book near a fireplace…”

“You have a fireplace?” he nods, and you giggle. “Do you make marshmallows in it?”

“Do I look like a kind of man who would?” you raise an eyebrow, and he finally nods. “Yes, once a month,” you can’t stop giggling, so Mycroft asks the next question. “Do you…”

“Why do you ask questions?” he stops talking, and you rush to explain. “I mean, you already know everything about me.”

“I simply want it to look like a natural conversation.”

“Mycroft,” you sigh. “It can’t be a natural conversation. Just look at you, then look at me. Even at my brightest, I will never be as cool as you are when you are casual.”

“You are mistaken,” Mycroft corrects you. “You are special, as I said before.”

“I can hardly believe that you are actually interested in me,” you smile sadly. “More probably, it is about taking care of Sherlock, but I will do that even if you don’t have dinner with me, so it really makes no sense…”

“Gosh, you people sometimes can’t understand simplest things,” Mycroft stands up and leans over the table (which you are pretty sure is frowned upon all over his world) to grab your chin with one hand and lift your face to make you look him in the eye. “I am bloody in love with you, Y/N, and I have no idea what to do with this annoying feeling, but I have no choice, do you get it?”

“Your tie is dirty,” you notice, as the tie falls down and touches your sauce, so you lift it, avoiding Mycroft’s eyes. He groans.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes, sir, even though it is rather impossible to be in love with someone from just following them… Wait… If you followed me everywhere… Are you seriously in love, like in love with me?” he quickly lets go of you and sits back down, embarrassed with his behavior - you are certain that is not how he behaves ever. Maybe, it’s just because you are being very stubborn.

“And I am emotional, no matter what that brother of mine has told you. I am just good at hiding stuff.”

“So you are emotional? Did you cry when you watched Titanic?” you ask quickly to fix the tension.

“I didn’t watch it.”

“Seriously? Man, you have to!”

“Yeah, as well as a dozen other things like Jane Austen movies, I was told so.”

“You never watched them?” Mycroft shakes his head, and you just stare at him for a good minute. “Mycroft Holmes, you have no idea what world you are living in. You know what… I will make you a list of stuff you have to read and watch and give it to you the next time we meet. Deal?” Mycroft lets a smile out and nods. “You will watch them?”


“Come on! Then I will have to watch them with you,” you shrug your shoulders. “I do not mind doing that, so you will know what people are talking about, Mycroft.”

“I know what they are talking about.”

“Not when we discuss the fandoms.”

“Fine,” he nods, trying to look serious, but you catch him smiling at his plate. And yes, it most probably will be a date.

I dunno. Part 4? I have no idea if it’s worth it. Sorry for disappointing you. 

I’ve been gazing wistfully at this snippet for the past three days, but it’s time to accept that no matter how much I shove stuff around it will never fit in my Spones fic, so i’m gonna stick it here and forget about it. Farewell, my friend, I liked you so much.

“Why won’t it let me submit it?”
The report’s not too long, he counted the words, and he’s pretty sure the recipient’s name is fine, and why the fuck does the—
McCoy feels the heat first, a shift of warm air with a familiar, barely-there smell. His shoulders tense.
“You will need to authenticate.”
“What the—? I already have.”
“You have not, as you can tell by—” Spock leans over, typing something quickly, so inhumanly fast that McCoy would never be able to do the same, even if he were to move his fingers at random “—the metadata.”
McCoy wills the metadata to die of leprosy. Spock, too.
“Who asked you?”
“You were speaking. As I am the only other remaining occupant of the room—”
McCoy looks around. Spock is the only other person in the conference room. Where the hell did the others go?
“I was thinking out loud.”
“Among the first symptoms of delusional psychosis.”
“I’m gonna give you the symptoms of a concussion if you don’t leave me alo—”
Spock straightens and McCoy’s eyes narrow, first on Spock, then on the computer, where the receipt file is open, proof that his report has already been delivered.
He leans forward to study it. How the hell—?
He feels a soft touch on the nape of his neck, warm fingers dipping inside his undershirt and lingering perhaps a second, or two—three?—, then slipping out.
When he looks up, Spock’s cheekbones are dusted with green.
“The tag of your uniform was protruding.”
He’s out of the room before McCoy can say anything.

Art of War      By: Y. Black

I’ve been plotting all day long. Planning my strategy how to dismantle your frivolous defenses. I say that because looming is a battle. You’ve brought this upon yourself, with sexy photos and nasty text all damn day. I will seek ultimate revenge. This will be no contest, more a domination. You’ll fight to keep the screams in and I’ll wrestle to pull them out of you. You stand not a single chance in this moment I will have what I’ve come for. The time has come for you to deposit this check that you so carelessly wrote earlier.

So many places to attack this stronghold, so many places I can wage war upon you. Ahhh…. I will snake my tongue along the crease of your labia minora and majora…. MMMM yes does it feel good baby as I bring my tongue up along the hood and back down slowly to your perineum. How does it feel as my hot wet tongue slides up the other side lubricating that crease as well? Yes… I can tell you want more as I try to slurp your whole labia majora in my mouth. I’m not sure it will all fit. Who am I kidding you know I’m a beast, I slurp that mother fucker all the way in and suck. Causing that pussy to open. Well would you looky here, I think we’ve sprung a leak. Oh by no means does this mean my conquest is over. Fuck that, put your legs over my shoulder, grip the back of my neck. Hold on tight baby girl. I hoist you up in the air cupping your ass in my hands, making sure you are secure. I know in your head you are pondering what is this man doing, what is the man made of, where did I find him, how did we get here.

Now you’re pinned up against the wall thighs resting on my shoulders one hand caressing my head the other feeling up the wall. The gates are down, I’ve crossed the mote. All of your defenses have been rendered useless at this point. Your river is flowing in to me and I have yet to reach my prize.

You shudder as I slurp your labia minora and low key tongue fuck that tight hole simultaneously. I let my lips trail down to your forchette, let my tongue linger a second before gripping the other side of that minora and slowly sliding my thick tongue in you. I’ve got you right where I want you, victory is all but mine. I hover over your clit and breathe heavy, you squirm a little awaiting my arrival. I methodically raided your fort and consume all there was to be consumed from every nook and cranny of this place. Now as I float over the Queens layer I have villainous grin. “Please…Please take me” you are trying to concede. Thing is though you’ve let me come too far to dial this back. I came to ravish and ravish I shall. I suck your clitoris in my mouth and let it leave with a pop, only to reel it back in. Now both of your hands have slapped the wall. I pull you from the wall gripping that ass tight, your hands find my head once more as I march you across the room. I feel for the bed and without warning I slam you down on it. Your tittes bounce, shake, and settle. I step back and look at your face filled with pleasure and defeat. I relish in the moment. “Spread em” I say. No friction, you comply like a queen would after she’s been conquered. I aim back at you perineum with vigor. This time I travel farther to your anus. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. You know I’m nasty, you know I will do anything to show you who is King. You hear that you? You moaning hard as fuck into the sheets. Though I love this ass, time to secure my victory.  I dive back in on that clitoris, this time lifting the hood exposing that pink diamond. I flick and lick; slurp and suck. All the while your hips shake and buck. Give me my reward, Give me that cum. Make it drip down my chin. Yes, this is my kingdom… I reign here.


The Art of War

Halloween with Taeil

This is the first member of our Halloween collab!! ⭐ it will be from oct. 18 - oct. 31 !! ⭐ the other two people in the collab: 1 - 2  ⭐ here’s my masterlist also :”) ⭐ sorry taeil my father

  • just after the last of the members had left the dorm 
  • to go party or jus hang out or smth
  • they’re all ugly smh j us  tkidding
  • anyways,, taeil was excited to finally spend some time with you!!
  • “hEYy honEy come hang out with me tHx”
  • and once he knows you’re coming over for sure, he gets a bunch of cheesy and dumb horror movies and lots and lots of blankets
  • also makes both of ur fav hot drinks,, the absolute bEST 
  • when you arrive, the whole couch is a nest and theres a few snacks and movies all over
  • and taeil greets you with immediate cuddles and love
  • “why are there sO many blanKETS???”
  • “i just want u to feel warm n safe!!”
  • “i already feel safe in ur aRMS”
  • blocked
  • when both of u get comfy in the nest,, he probs pulls u on his lap and hugs you so soft
  • then he realizes he forgot to press pLAY
  • so he has to move both of you and pouts a lil after getting up
  • also smiles his bEAUTIFUL smile if u put urself back into the same position
  • he does a backhug cuddle?? and says really cheesy and sweet things while the boring intro goes on
  • “did you use a new shampoo?? your hair smells really good!!”
  • or if u rly want to get cheesy
  • “you fit perfectly in my arms,, :))”
  • once the movie gets a lil more interesting, he gets quiet and resorts to playing with your hair or your hands
  • drawing shapes into the back of your hands n just holding them
  • also refraining from laughing about how adorable you are
  • when he wants to watch the movie, he’d maybe put his head on yours or on your shoulder and just look back n forth from you and the movie
  • smiles at your reactions :”)
  • but if he feels you flinch or hears you gasp from something, he’s automatically covering your face with the blanket and trying to hug you more
  • tries to grab ur drink or snack for u and fails
  • but gets happier when you get a bit on the corner of your mouth or smth
  • jus laughs a little n wipes it off for you
  • halfway through the first movie he gets really sleepy not surprising,, thank u taeyong
  • then he puts his face in the crook of ur neck n tries not to
  • but he falls asleep
  • prECIOUS
  • you finish the first movie all the way through and get sleepy a bit after the end n just decide to fall asleep to
  • n when he wakes up,,, he tears up at how cUTE
  • probs continues to cuddle and goes back to sleep bc he doesn’t wanna wake you up
  • mAYBE, maybe not, takes pictures :)))
  • protect him or i will actually fight