how does the even happen

kitteria replied to your postI was never really all that attached to my human…

if that helps, almost all my characters are also imperial!

y’know, it honestly does!

I don’t even know how it happened because my light-side smuggler’s story was my favorite so far (though sith warrior does run a close second) but suddenly I had a character in each of the empire storylines and only one republic character, haha

so uh….I just discovered a very odd bug

so I went to my likes to reblog a post and I got someone else’s likes. these are not mine. I do not follow ruinedchildhood

and when I refresh I get someone who’s been liking kpop memes I guess

is this happening to anyone else

The popularity of “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” is just so weird to me. I mean, it’s not bad as deliberately grotesque novelty songs go - catchier than most, even - but the fact that it’s considered part of the standard canon of Christmas carols in many places is just bizarre. It’s like Weird Al’s “Christmas At Ground Zero” somehow ended up ranking alongside “Jingle Bells” - how does that even happen?

Does anyone else ever think about how strange it is that a galactic community ruled by

  1. a monogendered race
  2. an asexual race organized by matriarchal clans
  3. an egalitarian race that doesn’t care if you’re male or female

supposedly came up with a very human-like misogynistic culture complete with gentlemen’s clubs and sexist comments (but only to Femshep) and rampant objectification of the asari? Like, isn’t it silly that the galaxy’s supposed culturally dominant race doesn’t actually dictate the cultural norms and instead is misunderstood and diminished for being more open about their sexuality? THAT’S NOT HOW CULTURAL IMPERIALISM WORKS GDI.

Asari attitudes towards sex (and most other things) should be the standard in Citadel space… but no, Bioware wanted sexy babes but also didn’t want to give them any actual power, so we get this weird universe with a race that’s simultaneously discriminated against while supposedly dominating in culture and philosophy. How even does that happen.


[01.23.2016] hello friends, school is kicking my ass but i am alive. heres some spreads from the past few weeks. \o/ ive had an increase in followers even though i havent been posting much?? thank you so much?? you’re all very kind. i will try to be more active again. hope everyone is doing well. \o/


last night was full of vodka and weed and smiles so here

Lee Jinki,  born December 14, 1989, leader of popular boy band SHINee, is really just such a pivotal person. He’s gentle, mild-tempered, caring, attentive, and one of the most talented individuals out there. As a trainee he’d go out on the roof and sing to the sky in the hopes that one day his voice might reach the stars. Despite being in a competitive environment with the other trainees, before even knowing who he’d debut with or if he’d debut at all, when Lee Taemin finds him on the roof he helps him practice singing. He’s selfless, and always putting the needs and well being of his members above his own. When the pressure of having to lead a group got to be too much, he stepped back and decided to work with the members instead of try to lead them from a position of authority. All of them have spoken about how they can go to him with their worries, and how he’ll listen and offer them several solutions for them to choose from themselves. (ex here and here)

You can tell how hard he works, in the moments of silence after his solo stages, when he bows his head and his feet hesitate to move. You can tell in his voice every time he opens his mouth to sing, as if each note carries a piece of himself in its melody. You can tell in the moment they won Artist of the Year, and how he stands there in disbelief, silent tears on his face. 

SHINee wouldn’t exist without Jinki. Jinki, who’s representative color is green like the color of SHINee itself. Not only is he a pivotal member, he’s an inspiring, talented person in his own right and he’s the spine that keeps SHINee standing tall. 

Scrappy-Doo Can Teleport, Apparently

Seriously, these two instances happen maybe 60 seconds apart! They’re not even trying to hide his superpower.

Wide shot. Scrappy stands on dark, brown floor, right against cobweb-encrusted bench. Cut to tight shot?

BAM, he’s on a well-lit blue floor, and the bench is nowhere in sight. How does he do that?

It happens again here, but even worse. Wide shot, everyone’s in position. Zoom in on Scrappy?

BAM. Suddenly, 

1. He’s right against the wall

2. The candelabra shadow’s gone

3. The wall’s massively changed

4. Scooby has completely disappeared