how does that hand fit in there


#there is nothing in this scene that isn’t amazing #from root in the background wondering how the hell shaw got out the cuffs #like she’s literally trying to fit her hand through the cuff seeing if she can figure it out for herself #to harold swearing he just seen shaw cuffed to the bench like five seconds ago and yet now she’s in his face #and then shaw casually eating like its nothing and ‘yea i’m really standing here..’ #like pls i’m dying #this scene is hilarious

Does anyone else just examine the marvel that is the human body (not in a sexual way). Like, I’m sitting here right now moving my fingers and watching my ligaments tense and loosen as they pull on the bones that compose the phalanges of my hand. Certain finger positions cause divots to form between the ligaments, while balling a fist causes them to be almost even with the flesh of my hand.

Sorry for the weird ramble. I just find how all the parts of the human body work and fit together to be absolutely fascinating.

The human body is an amazing machine.

Royalty Starters

“Your Grace, a petitioner has come to see you.”

“My sword, my arm, my life, I pledge to you, my king/queen.”

“The beast has demanded the princess as tribute.”


“I will fight your champion!”

“Your highness, your father/mother is dead. You are now King/Queen.”

“You have been charged with High Treason against the Crown. How do you plead?”

“I find you all guilty of High Treason against the Crown!”

“What punishment does Your Grace see fit to give such a low creature?”

“That boy/girl there is a false heir. I am the True Prince/Princess!”

“I seek your hand in marriage, my lord/lady.”

“Shall I make the engagement arrangements, Your Majesty?”

“The prince/princess has run away with a stablehand! I’m gathering a force to bring him/her back.”

“This war has lasted too long. May we find peace between us?”

“There will never be peace so long as that fat king rules!”

“The enemy has invaded the western half of the kingdom, and the wild tribes of the south are rising up. What are we to do, Your Majesty?”

“The heir is born!”

“The heir has died!”

“The prince/princess is excelling in their lessons, Your Grace. You must be proud.”

“The princess has taken an interest in swordplay. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“The prince/princess has taken an interest in magic. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“Have you heard the news about the Prince and that floozy of a maid?”

“I heard the King is having an affair.”

“Everyone knows the King/Queen is sleeping with the court fool, give me some new news!”

“All hail King/Queen ___! Long live the King/Queen!”

  • Tendou: Why is blood so hard to wash off your hands?
  • Tsukishima: But we both know that’s not quite true.
  • Kuroo: Hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood, just fyi.
  • Kawanishi: Do you think if you gave someone a huge shot of hydrogen peroxide straight into their bloodstream it would kill them?
  • Hinata: A group of middle blockers are filled with murderers.
How do your eyes sparkle when you talk about the things you love? How do they look when you smile? How does it feel like to hold you? How does it feel to have you in my arms? Are your hands cold or warm? And would they fit in mine? or no? Do you have freckles? or only when the sun shades on you they would shine? How does your face look like you’re asleep? Does it look angelic? or does your bad attitude cover it too? How many moles you have on your body? Has anyone counted them for you? How do you act when you’re excited? How do you act in the cold, sad nights? Do you shout your pain? Drink up your pain? Smoke in your pain? or do your eyes fall tears and call for a soul to wipe them away? Do you have any weird habits that anybody ever noticed about you? or is there a thing left to be noticed about you? How about your lips? What do they taste like? How can I have strong feelings for you when I haven’t even met you? I’m longing for the answers, I’m longing to reach you.
—  Maram Rimawi

tbh, I had so much fun writing these!!!!

  • Getting Gladio to give you piggyback rides
  • Giant bear hugs!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  • Gladio picking you up in his arms and twirling you around in said bear hugs.
  • Imagine being his childhood sweetheart and still being together as adults.
  • Sitting on his back when he does (normal) push-ups or lying underneath him and him giving you a kiss every time he bends down.
  • Dirty pick up lines
  • Him playing and holding your hands and loving how small they are compared to his yet they fit into his perfectly like matching puzzle pieces.
  • Being able to easily sit on his shoulders and him placing kisses to your thighs when you do so.
  • Gladio lifting you up by the waist so you can reach and/or see things better.
  • Imagine trying to tackle Gladio in a hug but he’s too big and strong so it doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does, the guys hitting on you better run fast because he’s out for their blood. It will be up to you to calm him down.
  • Having to go on your tiptoes whenever you want to kiss him
  • Or him having to bend down/pick you up to kiss you
  • Imagine him walking around the house shirtless (without his jacket) and still blushing every time you see him despite you thinking that you should be used to it by now.
  • Sleeping on top of him with his arms wrapped snugly around your waist.
  • Playful slaps and squeezes to your bum
  • Imagine trying to sneak up on Gladio to give him a surprise hug from behind only for him to know what you’re about to do (every time) and surprising you instead by turning around and giving you a big hug instead.
  • Gladio throwing you over his shoulder
  • OK BUT imagine Gladio whispering naughty/cheeky little things in your ear asfkhghfhvc>///w///<
  • Won’t be afraid to show affection out in public
  • Gladio has a secret talent for braiding your hair and doing your make-up
  • You often find yourself trying to stay up late enough to see Gladio return home from the palace since he’s there from when the sun rises to when night falls. Majority of the time, Gladio’s come home to see you fast asleep on the couch. He just smiles and carries you to bed bridal style. He’ll tuck you in and kiss your forehead before laying down next to you.

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Before Shepard, Garrus always thought human hands were odd - why so many fingers? Why the nails? Why so small?

But of course, Shepard had to go and change that when she made him fall in love with everything about her. Well, okay, she didn’t make him, but it damn well felt like it when you touch her hand for the first time in six months and realise just how much you’ve missed her, how much you’ve needed her, how you’d do almost anything to hold her hand again at any given moment.

He loves how soft her fingers are. He loves how nimble and tender they can be. He loves how there’s more of them to wrap between and around his own, how they manage to fit perfectly. He loves the way they can hold, clasp, drag and pull at his body. He loves how they can say things words can’t.

He holds her hand more than he probably should, but he doesn’t care, and neither does she.


skimmons/ bioquake aesthetic for @agentttremors

Jemma didn’t believe in the idea of soul mates, she believed in science. Science explained that whenever Daisy was around her heart would beat faster, how their hands fit perfectly together when they were intertwined, and science explained how when they kissed… Daisy took her breath away. 

Jemma doesn’t believe in soul mates, but she does believe in her love for Daisy.

happy holidays from your aossecretsanta <3 

I love how ronan lynch acts like he’s some punk ass shit head but in reality he does things like attend church regularly and buy his crush hand lotion and when noah is having one of his fits he writes “remembered” over all of the “murdered” and has a soft spot for his pet bird named after a power tool and speaks fluent latin and says that if his friends die, he dies.

The Outsiders Headcanons: Dallas dating a curvy girl

This was requested, hope you enjoy! X

- Dallas absolutely loVING to kiss your thighs, and leave lots of hickies on them.

- They are his favourite body part of yours.

- When he’s not kissing them he is always touching them in some way. When he drives he rests his hand gripping one of them gently.

- Dallas always reminding you of how hot he thinks you are. He never uses the words “beautiful” or “gorgeous” mainly because it’s just not in him for him to say that but you always know that he truly does think you’re absolutely flawless.

- Going to him when you feel insecure, knowing that he will make you feel better in no time.

- Dallas always wanting you to wear tight fitting clothing (mostly dresses) because he loves your curves and he loves showing you off when you two go out.

- He goes with you when you shop just so can come in the change rooms and tell you which he likes best and which show off your curves most.

- You were always a little insecure about your weight and you could never understand why someone like Dally would fall for you, but he could never understand how you could think of yourself in that way.

- Sometimes he gets a little angry with you when you put yourself down due to your appearance. He doesn’t mean to, it just upsets him that you don’t think of your physical appearance as highly as he does.

- He literally always. wants. sex. Just so can get a good look at your body, and show you how much he adores it.

- Constantly flirting and sexual references in every single conversation you two have cause he’s Dallas and he’s awful sometimes.

- He never fails to make you giggle when he starts at it.

- Despite how much you may dislike your body at times, it’s hard to feel that way around Dallas because he makes it almost impossible. As vulgar as he may be at times he truly means well.

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a prompt/thought: how well do juno and peter sleep together? and i don't mean /sleep together/, i just mean like... how do they fit together in a bed? do they cuddle? are peter's elbows too sharp-- is juno's stubble too scratchy? just these nerds trying to coexist and learning to love each other oh gosh

  • peter falls asleep fast and hard and deep in a way that probably should have gotten him killed years ago. he’s spent his life learning to take sleep when he can, in any space, and once he’s out he is out. he doesn’t so much as roll over.
  • on the other hand he does talk in his sleep, a lot. it’s usually bizarre and often vaguely threatening and more than once juno has woken him up to demand what the hell he is dreaming about to be saying something like that (the answer is dissatisfying; nureyev does most of his dreaming while awake, and thankfully his sleep-talk rarely seems to give away his thoughts).
  • also, sometimes he sleeps flat on his face?? like a weirdo???
  • both of them snore, especially juno with his several-times-broken nose, it’s like someone’s running a rusty motor in there
  • juno grew up without a lot of room, and there were a lot of nights without heating in oldtown (and more than a few in his current apartment), and he has developed a habit of sleeping not quite in the fetal position, but close. (he also falls asleep on the sofa like this a lot.)
  • contrary to peter he’s one of those people who wakes up between every single sleep cycle, two or three times a night, and gets twitchy and restless over every noise. usually he has to squirm around a bit before he’s comfortable enough to drop off again.
  • if given the space, though, peter will spread out like a starfish, and juno will fall asleep curled up right in the middle of the bed like the asshole cat he truly is, so if either one goes to bed much before the other they can expect quite a bit of elbowing and complaining before they settle in.
  • mars is a fairly cold place and peter is not built for thermoregulation, but juno is a stocky little human space heater, and so juno can’t complain too much about the way his boyfriend sleeps like a rock; because he knows that when peter falls asleep wrapped around him for warmth, the same familiar arm will be thrown over juno’s shoulder and peter’s face still mashed up against the back of his neck every time he wakes up.
  • the only thing that ever wakes peter up is that juno is an incorrigible blanket hog and sometimes it seems like the colder it is the more likely he is to wake up shivering next to a sort of unconscious human blanket cocoon. juno is rarely sorry about this until peter sticks his cold feet back under the blankets.
Weird theory size thing

Bananas can fit in your hand right? Good. How the HECK are RainWings able to live off just fruit! A banana should be the size of a blueberry to them! We have seen dragons feeding fruit to scavengers and it’s almost as if they were the size of hamsters. Like seriously how does this work? Trees must be like bushes to dragons, and so the rain forest trees must be HUGE!!!!

So let’s say everything is just dragon sized. But then how did scavengers even roam the continent before without being eaten by a cow or starving to death? The trees are too tall and the animals bigger than you! Also shouldn’t rabbits, shrimp and fish would never be a sustainable meal! JUST HOW!?!?!?!

Tbh I think this might be one of the inconsistencies in Tui’s writing.

For the fruit part, I can imagine there being various sizes of fruit that are more filling to dragons. There would also be smaller ones, the sizes we are more used to. 

For the animals, I’m kind of at a loss as well. To me I think stuff like cows, bears, and generally larger animals could be a sustainable meal for one dragon. Plus, I personally like to think dragons only need a full meal every once in a while (similar to snakes).

Maybe smaller stuff (bunnies, shrimp, teeny bananas) are considered little finger food snacks? Lol.

-Mod Turtle

I love to think about how the nerevarine wears the moon-and-star. The ring was made for the big callous hands of a great warrior, does it fit every incarnate? Does it keep its original size? Maybe the smallest argonian wears it as a tail bracelet, maybe a cautious dunmer hangs it around her neck as necklace because it is way too big for her delicate hands, maybe a khajiit hung it among the many rings of his ears; maybe an armored warrior has it sewed in their cuirass for good luck, wrapped in the finest piece of silk, or the opposite, hidden in dirty fabric so that bandits can’t find it?

I wondered as a kid why “Misty’s Song” never got the “Pikachu’s Jukebox” treatment. It doesn’t surprise me so much anymore, if only because of the lack of footage. Think about it - how many episodes have scenes of Ash and Misty camped out at night, doing the kind of head turns that would match the lyrics of that song?

“He Drives Me Crazy,” on the other hand, has broader lyrics, and Brock’s “Two Perfect Girls” did get the “Pokemon Karaokemon” treatment, so it does still surprise me that this never happened.

Of course, to really work, they would’ve had to rearrange and rerecord the song, like they did with Brock’s, to fit the roughly one-minute time limit they set for themselves on this segment. And I don’t have the tools to recreate the pokeball lyric generator, or a reliable source for footage to ensure consistent quality, so this is a rough approximation.

(Made this at the same time as the Valentine’s videos. You try making three videos on the same subject at the same time, with limited footage, and tell me how easy it is to avoid using the same clip twice.)

If You Could See Me

After 1.06 what if Betty and Jughead decided to keep their relationship a secret, or rather attempted to. 

A fic about Betty and Jughead working out the facts of their new relationship and cute, fluffy moments… also how the group finds out about bughead. 

Slight AU does not follow the events of 1.07 onward

———————————— Chapter 2 —————————————– 

It all felt like a dream. Two weeks had passed and it never stopped blowing Jughead’s mind when Betty’s hands so naturally held his own, or how their lips fit together perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle.

The young pair had agreed that keeping their relationship a secret was in both of their best interests. With everything else going on it seemed nice to have something just for the two of them. A place of comfort that truly no one else knew about, something no one could push them out of.

What the two didn’t expect was how difficult it actually was to keep their budding relationship a secret. The little movements, the small things that began to change as their relationship moved forward that threatened to blow their cover.

They sat in the student lounge, Jughead talking relentlessly about how their English teacher was hindering his creativity. Betty couldn’t take her eyes off of the dark haired boy, and as a few strands of hair fell forward onto his face. Betty felt the urge to draw them back carefully with her hand. Little moments like that made their secret difficult. If everyone knew not only could Betty brush his hair back, but lean into his side and hold his hand in her own. But they didn’t know… so she could, as much as she wished she could.

“Betty?” She heard Jughead ask, breaking her out of the internal fight in her head.

“Sorry, what was that?” She replies, looking dumbfounded as Jughead laughs next to her.

“I asked if you agreed that we should be given full creative freedom when writing for our English class,” he explains. “We’re asked to do creative writing but we can’t actually write creatively.”

“I guess, but it’s not like out teachers are looking for our own version of A Modest Proposal,” Betty smiles at him understanding his frustration. She’d most likely hear more about it later.

Jughead continued his rant that if he were given the freedom he desired maybe he could write something like A Modest Proposal. Honestly, Betty just wanted him to stop, to make an excuse to get him to go with her to the Blue and Gold just to have even a few moments to be them, be together.

Without thinking, Betty rested her hand on Jughead’s lower thigh, a subtle message that he almost instantly understood to slow down and take a breath. He figured it meant that she understood, and he could breathe and take a break.

Jughead closed his eyes and put his hands up in defeat. The two recovered quickly remembering where they were. Recovering not before Veronica noticed something change between the two.


The pair thought they got away scot-free as they worked together in the Blue and Gold office later that same afternoon. They had been working for just over thirty minutes before the conversation they had almost every day began. “This is getting more and more difficult each day. The hiding.” Jughead states, turning swiftly in his chair to face Betty sitting comfortably on the couch.

“We could just tell people,” Betty stated, half joking.

“I guess, but I have to say, I love having this all to ourselves,” Jughead smirked as he pulled his knee up to his chest.

“You know Juggie,” Betty started, getting up slowly to stand infant of Jughead. She put one hand on either side of Jughead, resting them the table behind him to lean in closer. “I’ve never had a secret like this before,” she whispers.

Jughead put a hand to his chest in faux shock. “Is that all I am to you, Betty Cooper? The dirty little secret to launch your impending teenage rebellion? I’m hurt.” Betty laughed, playfully slapping Jughead’s shoulder. She leaned in quickly capturing his lips with her own.

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i just want to be able to find beauty in me, where he does- my skin scars in places where love couldn’t reach it, and i thought that meant, that it just couldn’t fit; i’m scared of the permanence on my stomach, and of how the mirror looks back at me / will the mirror ever look back at me, like he does ?

how do i forgive myself for the wounds i can’t admit to? how do i say i’m sorry for not loving you like i should have; he tells me to let her breathe, but what do i do with my faulty lungs and shaky hands, that don’t even wrap around me? how do i make peace with the tenderness of my skin when i can’t even touch it; how am i supposed to say any of this without hurting ?

there’s a feeling of loss in my bones, that i cannot explain; the paint from the soles of my feet seems to have washed off, and my dear love for language has turned away; this feels like re-reading letters from a lost love / i don’t want to smell like dried rose petals. 

how do i forgive myself for the words i wasted on vandals and plunderers, and write again? how to i drain myself of the ruins, and still be pure enough to hold flowers in my belly for him ? how do i use the same canvas, the same ink, for the man with my golden mouth ? how do i love my words again?

he is the sun in my mouth, and i am burning brighter than i ever have; there’s  a lake in my chest, that’s constantly overflowing, and i’m drowning in oneness with a god; my rosary tongue repeating his name, as he writes mine in love / in blood- my art fails in comparison to everything- and here i stand to give him something greater than myself, when he already has everything.

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Okay but like do you know when Rapunzel gets out of he castle for the first time and she starts to sing and she does all of her funny actions like wondering what would mother Gothel will think, and all the good or bad things right? does Keith do the same thing or nah, I just thought about this and wondered how cute Keith would've by doing all of those funny actions especially the one where he may just hang from his hair and start swinging and Lance would make the same faces as Flynn.

I personally think Keith won’t give a f about if Kolivan becomes worried. On the other hand, he might find something that doesn’t fit into his theories about the outside world and start ranting about it to Lance

Imagine Mercy asking Genji out on a date and when they meet each other at the restaurant, Mercy is in a nice dress and Genji has a suit on over his cyborg armor stuff. It’s weird seeing it and his helmet. He hands her a rose and helps her fit it into her hair. Both of them are blushing.

Genji stares at his food while Mercy eats because honestly I don’t know if that helmet comes off or not for him to eat. How does he eat? Does he eat at all? He must eat. He’s a human.

They spend the rest of the night stargazing and they kiss. Or, well, Mercy kisses Genji’s helmet. Does the helmet come off? Can he take it off so they can smooch? Will he be okay if he takes his helmet off? Someone tell me, please. I am concerned for this man.

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How does bounce fit with blue thematically? Blue is about long-term planning, winning the long game. Returning cards to people's hands is a short-term solution. How are tempo-oriented cards like this in theme with a color that wants to win the card advantage game? I get the whole "blue needs time to think" thing, but it seems like bounce was shoehorned in to cover blue's weakness of having poor tempo instead of just letting it have that weakness.

Blue messes with magic. Bounce is unsummoning. Also, it combos well with counterspells, another specialty of blue.