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Misha publicly ships destiel or he's chill with it. Jensen has publicly denied destiel several times. I know Misha is cool with cockles too. But how come Jensen doesn't flat out deny cockles like he does with destiel? He's had many chances to deny cockles, especially at San Diego Comic-Con when he was called out by Jared for knowing how Misha sounded in the morning. Instead he blushes... Like what!?!??

Well, first of all– I still feel like Jensen sees Destiel as specifically “Cas and Dean fucking on screen” since his only exposure to it is through hyper fans at conventions, shoving homoerotic fan art in front of his face. He doesn’t understand it or define it as we do: as a deep, intimate connection between Dean and Castiel, with a lot of subtleties and expressions that hint to something more than friendship … and that’s why he denies it or says that “it does not exist” because, technically– by his definition, it doesn’t. Cas and Dean have not had sex on the show.

But I digress …

There is a big difference between someone you don’t know, asking you a specific question on a debatable topic during a Q & A session, and a close friend teasing you about something that might be a secretive and personal matter. Of course Jensen responded differently to each of those. In the first scenario, he had to give some kind of answer, because he was in the middle of a Q & A with a fan. The latter, he did what we all do when a friend is giving us shit in front of strangers– he laughed, blushed, rolled his eyes and then hoped to god that the topic changed soon.

I also have no doubt that if some random fan asked him flat out “Are you and Misha in a relationship”, he’d probably say no … whether it was true or not. Jensen is a fairly private person and when it comes to his personal life, he doesn’t like to share. We all know he’s married to Danneel– that’s an obvious and well known fact, but even regarding that, he’s said that he doesn’t want to share the way that he proposed to her because that’s a private story. Overall, Jensen likes to keep things to himself– so when his best friend teases him about something like his relationship (however you take that to mean) with Misha, he’s going to stay quiet because a response would just be sharing too much in such a public forum like an SDCC panel.

Basically, Jensen is just hard to read for a number of reasons; but most of all, he’s human and he’s a dork and he contradicts himself with what he says and how he acts all the time … which means, all we can really know for sure is that he’s adorable and blushy, and just can’t help himself sometimes.

So really, do we need to know anything else?

Does anyone else ever wonder how much you may subconsciously exist in other people’s lives? I always wondered if people thought of me when a certain song came on, or if my face was important enough to be looked for in a crowded room. I’ve wondered how many stories and late night conversations my name has been a part of. I wondered if I still even existed in the minds of people that I didn’t speak to anymore. I wonder how many times a day I pass through someone’s mind.
—  is this just me or?

I’m now starting to get the impression some people in the overwatch fandom legit think women can only have smooth skin right up to the age of 29 like the minute they hit 30 POOF they become crones a la the anime grandma trope. like you guys know Beyonce is 35? Kira knightly is 31? Not to mention plastic surgery exists and would be MY first port of call after changing my identity.

And if you wanna say “she doesn’t ACT 30” well how does a person act 30 should sombra be making healthy snacks and updating her Pinterest boards or something?

If ya want to see a little less Pixar face on the ow ladies then that’s legit, I agree with you, but stop phrasing it like “sombra’s too pretty to be that old!” bc that’s just downright offensive.

Otherkin tarot spread

A 20-card spread for divining advanced information about a past life, id, or kintype. 

It looks chaotic, but each card is placed with intention and relation to the questions of cards around it. I recommend using the spot in the middle for an item of divination, such as a crystal or a pendulum to work with your deck, or even as the space for an oracle card.

See questions below read more.

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Having a Chronic Illness is like

having severely bad eye sight and needing glasses. Except glasses don’t exist. Most people don’t believe you have bad eye sight. You get judged for not being able to see correctly, people think you are faking for attention. People tell you all the time how they wish they had your bad eye sight so they could get out of certain obligations. You cannot go to work because you can’t see. You cannot read a page in front of your face, doctors say you are just depressed or are faking. Everyone around you tells you to “try harder to see”. Lots of people tell you to do yoga.

Having a chronic illness makes you feel like you have the flu all the time. Except the treatment for your disease doesn’t exist. Most people don’t believe you are sick. You get judged for not being able to do things that everyone else does, people think you are faking this illness for attention. People tell you all the time how they wish they had your illness so they could get out of certain obligations. You cannot work because you are too sick. You cannot got out for more then a few hours without literally collapsing from exhaustion, your doctor say you are just depressed or are faking. Everyone around you tells you to “try harder to get better”. Lot of people tell you to do yoga.

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Do you ever ust think, "Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even.." cuz like I do. All. The. Damn. Time. Or I randomly think about the perfection that is olicity and openly (and maybe weirdly) grin, smile, or laugh in public. A lot.

My brain totally fried after “Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even..”. Fangirl down!

You mean like when he does this thing with his face?

Or when he does things with his forearms? Like seriously who the fuck has sexy forearms?

Or when he does things with the suits he wears? And did I mention that face? The mention of the face and the neck and the veins and the eyes is default from now on.

Or the suspenders?

Or are you talking about the way he keeps tugs those drawstrings up?

Nah! You must be talking about this cruelty.

Or maybe this?

Or was it this?

Words fail me, I tell you. When it comes to this man,

It’s only because he can be doing something like this

or this (which is just heavy breathing for goodness’ sake)

And it would result in this. 

Every single time.  God was sipping the best wine when he created this man and unleashed him on us mere mortals. And the moment I decide I need to stop for a second, he’ll decide to look like this.

And this is a torture scene, for heaven’s sake! 

How is a girl supposed to live?

The latest issue of the Star Wars comic revealed something very important about Darth Vader’s development–especially during the duel in The Empire Strikes Back.

In the comic, Vader refers to Luke as “Boy”. By the end of Empire, he is calling him “Son”.

This all falls in line with how Vader referred to “Anakin Skywalker” as a third person when he found that Ahsoka was alive: he still does not see himself as Anakin anymore. Darth Vader has no son, for Darth Vader only came into existence through the death of the Jedi known as Anakin Skywalker. He has been sheathed within a suit of armor, he has had no children.

But as he fights Luke, as he stares into a face that is so familiar, reminding him of a woman named Padme and a boy named Anakin, Darth Vader begins to feel the denial fade. Throughout the fight he hammers and strikes at Luke, he batters him and tries to kill him, he tortures him and severs his limb, all to ensure that he feels no attachment–or to find if he still does.

You can even hear it in his voice–the rising intensity and haste, the agitation as Luke retreats further and further, until finally Luke is trapped, they are both trapped at the edge of an abyss, and Vader can hold it in no longer.

I am your father.”

I believe this is a line not only addressed to Luke, but also to Vader himself: he is not just a machine, he is the father of Luke Skywalker–thus making him Anakin Skywalker. 

“Search your feelings, you know it to be true!”

He booms these words out, cutting off the scream of Luke’s denial that echoes the thoughts surging through his own head–he is now in full acceptance of the fact that he is the Anakin Skywalker who was never a part of Luke’s life, the Anakin Skywalker who trained under Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Anakin Skywalker who taught Ahsoka Tano, the Anakin Skywalker who pledged to protect the galaxy. And so he makes an offer: 

“Luke. You can destroy the Emperor. Join me…and together, we shall rule the galaxy as father and son!”

Thus, Vader’s plans to overthrow the Emperor are finally verbalized, and he no longer sees the Emperor as his mentor or the galaxy’s protector–now the Emperor is an enemy. He has hurt Anakin’s family, he has hurt Anakin, but now Anakin–Darth Vader–will be able to destroy him.

Donghyuk is the member who cares the most for ikonics, he did dongparazzi only to make us happy and show us privat selfies, pics and polaroids of the members that we would probably never have seen without him. He is the one with the brightest smile and the warmest heart who dressed up as krunk so many times, sweating like crazy but he was still happy for us and was wearing that costume with a huge smile on his face. Donghyuk is the one that gives all his fans and members the feeling to be loved. Even tho he always smiles and tries to make everyone happy, he seems to be lonely. He lost his dad at a young age and tried to do his best to fit in the Korean beauty standards, he even said he lost weight for the fans so he can show US a better image of himself. But he doesn’t realize how much he already did and does for us just by existing. He always gives his 100%. Be it singing, dancing or just being a really good friend to everyone. He is the one in iKON who does aegyo to bright up our day and the one who visits Haru on his days off even tho they are so busy just because he loves children and wants to see them happy. I want Donghyuk to know that even if he can’t see it sometimes, he is one of the most wonderful, kindest and beautiful people I’ve ever seen. I love you dongdong and I hope you’ll always be healthy and happy and that your smile will never fade away and warm us whenever we feel lonely. And I hope that someday we can give you back what you gave to so many of us 🙏🏼💕

I didn’t even notice Jughead grumpily picking off the strawberry from Betty’s milkshake on first watch because I was too busy making whale noises at Jughead calling Betty “Bets” (I had secretly hoped it would happen this episode but didn’t actually expect it to, so imagine my pleasant surprise), and if that wasn’t bad enough less than 2 minutes later he gives her this pure smile that looks like it can light up the entire world (it doesn’t help that most of the time Jughead sports a resting frowny face so when he does smile, it’s noticeable enough to be significant), like honestly how do you expect me to survive this? It’s like he simply adores the very fact that she exists, as she is. I honestly can’t get over the way he looks at her in that moment, with so much affection and fondness that it just melts my heart. Betty Cooper deserves someone who values every little thing she says and looks at her like she’s the sun. 

The whole thing gives me the impression that Rebel Without A Cause had to be their thing, there had to be a story behind it, the one thing they share only with each other and no one else. Why else would Jughead react the way he did, with that little “aww” smile? Maybe there was a happy memory attached to it, and that’s why Betty brought it up - it wasn’t simply a movie suggestion, it was her way of cheering Jughead up and reminding him that she still remembers and treasures whatever happy memory they had watching that movie for the first time. Someone write this pls

(That, or I’m being way too melodramatic and Betty and Jughead simply have similar tastes in 50s cinema. I like my melodramatic interpretation better.)



This is the best fucking music video on YouTube. Hands down. Chris Dane Owens is a producer who one day decided he wanted to make a fantasy video for a song he made. And to say he went above and beyond is an understatement- not only is a ton of this shot in 35MM film (how many YouTube videos can say that?), but everything is here. No, seriously. Every single thing that has ever existed in the Universe makes an appearance in this video. Ghosts, explosions, knights, CGI dragons, Dr. Doom, alligators, Revolutionary War soldiers- they’re ALL here. And on top of that, the song is catchy! In a time where music videos are made cheap, quick, and thoughtless, CDO’s passion shines through. So does the metal face guy.

i know i’m reaching but i couldn’t help but take note of this panel of carrot’s face after chiffon was saying how big mom would beat her up and she thought she would kill her.  it’s a depressing topic obviously, but damn is that a serious expression for carrot, much more serious than nami’s.  and it’s screen-toned except for her eyes which usually lends intensity to a panel.

of course she’s probably just really sad and surprised bc it’s such an awful thing and she might not have known such terrible types of parents even existed, but it does make me wonder if there’s not a reason why chiffon’s words might resonate with carrot especially.

A Dangerous Game [Chapter 3]

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Chapter 3 of A Dangerous Game

Ch1  Ch2

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Angst/Fluff

Note: Story changes from 3rd person narrator to Y/N’s POV

“How do you know he won’t find us here Jaebum?” Sana asked, concerned.

“Relax, I bought this as a safe house for my parents a long time ago when Jinyoung and I first started moving up the ranks. He’s only been here once and almost definitely forgotten it even exists”. Jaebum reassured her.

Sana sat down on the couch and began to cry, hiding her face with her hands.

Jaebum rushed to her, kneeling before her.

“What is it, Sana? What’s the matter? We are safe here”.

“It’s not that, Jaebum. I miss him. You don’t know what he’s like when it’s just the two of us,” she wept.

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Silly Boy

Request:  Number 1 and I.M please!!

1) You take care of your bias when they’re sick.

Member: Monsta X’s I.M. x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Changkyun, I told you you would get sick if you kept harassing stray animals,” I grumbled as I busied myself in the kitchen. 

Changkyun groaned from my couch. “It’s not considered harassment when it’s love!”

“How does the love feel now?” I chuckled, setting a cup of hot tea down in front of him. 

“Like a sore throat, chills, and a possible third world bacteria doctors didn’t know existed until now?” he croaked. 

“Well, when you insisted you should rub your face on that cat, i thought that would be a bit much,” I sighed, sitting down on the couch near his feet. 

“His name was Harvey and he deserved love just like anyone else,” Changkyun pouted, a shiver ripping through his body. 

“I hear you using this “L” word a lot,” I muttered, leaning forward and grabbing the cup of pills I had prepared for I.M. “Now you have to take these antibiotics, along with the allergy medicines, and vitamins to make sure we cover all of the bases.”

“I do use the “L” word a lot,” he grumbled. “And I love you. Have I told you that?” 

“Just about once an hour,” I smiled, trying to place the cup in his hands. 

“Toss them to me,” he pouted, refusing to take the small cylinder in his hands. 

“These aren’t M&M’s,” I argued. “Just shoot them back with some tea.” 

“Pleaaaase,” he pouted. “Don’t make me do aegyo while I’m sick. Have mercy on my poor soul.” 

“You’re such a baby,” I sighed, finally giving up and leaning back. Changkyun smiled to himself and leaned back as well, opening his mouth, waiting. 

I squinted an eye and leaned to the side, quickly tossing the first pill at his mouth and missing by about an inch. He quickly caught it rolling down his cheek and shoved it in his mouth, taking a sip of tea to help wash it down. 

“Could you at least try to get it in my mouth?” he asked, lifting his brows. 

“Well, if you would just take your medicine like a normal person,” I grumbled, picking up the next bit. 

“When have I ever claimed to be a normal person?” he winked. 

“You know, I have about a million and one things to do,” I sighed, taking aim and throwing, this time hitting the pill straight onto his tongue. He took another sip of tea. “And you need an awful large amount of attention.”

“I’m sick. You’re supposed to take care of me,” he pouted, crossing his arms. 

“Open,” I muttered, taking aim again. 

He slowly opened his mouth. I threw, this time pegging him in the back of the throat with the small allergy pill. He immediately coughed, launching forward and grabbing his tea cup, gulping down the hot liquid. “You did that on purpose!” he gasped. 

“My goal was to mildly annoy you, not almost kill you!” I whined, feeling incredibly bad. I sat the remainder of his medicines on the table beside his tea and furrowed my brows. I placed a hesitant hand on his leg. 

After regaining his ability to breath, Changkyun brought his eyes slowly up and gave me a sad smile. “Thank you for taking care of me Y/N.”

“You’re welcome,” I pouted. He placed his hand lightly on mine and leaned over, downing the rest of his pills in a gulp. He quickly followed up by another sip of tea and gave me a reassuring smile. 

“You’re my favorite girlfriend to annoy,” he cooed, leaning forward and setting his head in my lap. 

“Hopefully I’m your only girlfriend,” I sighed, petting his head. 

“Of course you are,” he chuckled. “Why would you think otherwise?”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. Usually I was used to deciphering Changkyun’s nonsense, but the medication induced nonsense was too much for me to be patient with today. 

“I think I’ll put on a drama. I heard Cinderella and the Four Knights is interesting,” I said, opening my eyes and fumbling for the remote. 

“I’m a knight,” Changkyun said sleepily. “Your knight. Not so much with shining armor, but with ripped jeans and a t shirt…so maybe not a knight but like a guy in his twenties who wishes he was a knight, but I would still try to rescue you anyway.” 

“The only thing I need rescuing from is your nonsensical babbling silly boy,” I whispered, continuing to stroke his hair. 

“Who’s babbling?” he asked, spinning in my lap and looking at me with wide eyes. 

“Changkyun’s babbling,” I giggled. 

“Yeah, you should tell him to shut up. I hate that guy,” he said, closing his eyes and nuzzling into my thigh. 

“Shut up then,” I giggled, finding a bit of fun in where this conversation had turned to. 

“Yeah, shut up Changkyun,” he whispered. 

After a few moments, I had a sleeping mess of a boy in my lap. I cupped his handsome face in my hands and smiled. There was a thin layer of sweat covering his forehead and as he slept, his eyebrows furrowed, in visible discomfort from the sickness invading his body. 

I reached my fingertips up and smoothed out the wrinkles forming in his forehead and sighed. I placed a kiss on the damp flesh and began to stroke his hair again. His eyelashes began to flutter and his eyes cracked open for a moment. His pupils trailed up my neck and finally met my own, a small, satisfied smile finding his lips. 

“Hi,” I whispered, letting my hand slide back down and cup his cheek again. 

“Y/N,” he said groggily, his voice filled with a rasp. 

“Changkyun,” I smiled. 

“Have I told you I love you?” 

“About five minutes ago,” I nodded. 

“Oh, well I love you,” he nodded, his eyes closing again almost instantaneously. 

“I love you too,” I cooed. “Silly boy.” 

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The Cassandra Effect

Why are fandoms on tumblr determined to find something to complain about regardless of whether the negative energy that results is even worth it? Have you ever considered the amount of time spent analysing characters compared with the amount of time we actually get to spend with them? How about the fact that a really well-written character is not, traditionally speaking, supposed to be a “perfect smol” who can do no wrong? 

I don’t know about you, but in my day, the challenges our favourite characters faced was part of the fun because it mimicked… you know. Real life. Oh! The title character has an issue with people of East Asian descent? Welp. That’s eighty shades of uncomfortable! But… it’s also more likely than someone who’s automatically inclusive and has zero prejudice whatsoever because that person does not exist. My least favourite show in the world growing up was Ghost Whisperer because Jennifer Love Hewitt played a perfectly lovely lady in a perfectly lovely storyline with overly sentimental I mean perfectly lovely resolutions and nothing interesting ever happened and it sucked.

I hate to break it to you guys, but real life is a lot more like this imperfect fairy tale than you think. Without conflict, without people who express different opinions or whose attitudes stand in stark contrast with those around them, we would have no progress. Diversity is essential to life on earth –and I don’t mean diversity when it comes to ethnicity, physical appearance, or socioeconomic background. I mean the Other Stuff. The nitty-gritty stuff people don’t actually like to talk about on tumblr. 

Stuff like mental fortitude. Emotional complexity. 

Spiritual gusto.

Cassandra, let’s all admit, has flaws. She is not a perfect character with perfect behaviour and she is not supposed to be. The Tangled Team has always demonstrated a remarkable sensitivity when it comes to making our beloved characters feel real, have they not? Showing us a side of somebody that isn’t exactly pretty isn’t “questionable” or “problematic”. Those are labels used to dismiss complex behaviour. The 21st Century Internet Slang version of “Bad” and “Evil”. Cassandra’s attitude isn’t an “issue” the creators should have to scramble to adjust or fix – it’s humanity

(Also: for the record? I’m pretty sure Disney just came out with a princess movie not too long ago about how repressing your emotions can have disastrous consequences sooooooo… )

Here’s the thing. There is nobody on earth who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, been a total jackass to somebody else, even for a moment. You could come up with an endless array of reasons for a person’s behaviour and that still wouldn’t change the fact that they are, at the end of the day, still a person – with all the messy, sticky, unpleasantness that sometimes comes along with that. People (and, by extension, well-written, well-rounded characters) are individuals with free will, choice, and their own life experiences to draw from that, hey, might not actually be so different from yours if you think about it. “Calling someone out” does not change the fact that people learn and grow as they live their lives (or, in this case, as the story progresses!). Not simply as a result of being told they’re wrong or they need to change.

Rapunzel had to adapt to her circumstances in order to survive. Cassandra’s way of life has always worked very well for her. Comparing the two is not only impossible but unfair! They’re two different characters, and any discussion about development ought to take that into consideration.

Perhaps the reason people take such an issue with her is because they refuse to see themselves in her. I mean… Eugene did steal the crown. I wouldn’t exactly be jumping up and down to have him at my bffs wedding if I were her either. 

Finally, Hannibal. This one took the longest (almost exactly 30 minutes, I checked!) because Mads Mikkelsen’s face is ridiculous and I want to run my hands over it. 

I also suspect that these are much more fun for me to make than they are for you guys to look at, but don’t despair - there’s serious art coming up. Or rather, tons of dicks and blasphemy. But hey, this is a Hannigram blog, if that stuff bothers you you’re in the wrong place my friend. 

@fiddlelock said: Percival Graves was not an actual person, Rowling said it wasn’t Polyjuice but Transfiguration…

Listen, sweetheart, I know you think you know what you’re talking about. But consider this:

-“Percival Graves is a direct descendant of one of the original twelve aurors“, as quoted more or less word by word from pottermore

-Percival Graves was Head of Magical Security since 1920(me thinks?) or something like that, but definitely for a couple of years

-Apart fron the fact that Grindelwald would never have donned that mask for several years, do you have any idea how long and good someone has to work in a department before being promoted to its head?!?

-Tina Goldstein does not act as if he’s been her boss for a couple of weeks but her mentor for years

-Transfiguration can also be used to adapt an existing person’s face, so why the frick does that mean anything?!?

-You’re wrong, I’m sorry.

-Actually, I’m not sorry.

Have a lovely day :-)

i love how every single time a character is gay straight people are like “does everything have to get political? does everything have to be about political correctness?” and like… thats a good question. does it? is a character being gay political? is their existence political correctness? youre looking too much into it. its just a show.  you have to make everything about sexuality. pushing it up my face. smh

There is a thing known by many titles and names. The Deep Void, the Hunger in us all, the Pit-Mouth, the Devourer, some whisper a name long forgotten- Unicron, they breath. The end given form.

It’s a silly myth, nothing but a representative force, a nameless adversary used to fill in for the threats faced by beings of legend. Nothing more, just a silly superstition, an explanation for the starless patch of sky or the ravings of madmechs.

Unicron does not appear in history, after all.

Nothing so vast and terrible could exist.

Ancient depictions of a winged planet devouring solar systems are nothing but metaphors, a visual, visceral impression of perhaps conquest or exploration or simply a commentary on how many species live on the cusp of death, such brief lifespans. Still, one has to wonder…why this image?

And why do these impressions unsettle all Cybertronians, so?

(Unicron seldom appears in art, or as pictographic runes, but as all good corrupting eldritch forces do, whatever you illustrate or describe it as…It may not stay like that should you look away. In illustrations it appears something like this, a weakened tangle of chaotic limbs/wings that is defeated and dispersed into nothingness.

Modern Cybertronians generally don’t believe in Unicron, or think it was killed ages past, but they like a good spooky story and there’s little spookier than something so ravenous it must consume planets and people, souls and all.)