how does spock know that

Star Trek 2009

Spock: i have feels

Jim: Spock has feels?

Spock Prime: you two should really talk about your feels

Star Trek Into Darkness

Spock: why are we fighting?

Jim: because you don’t want to talk about our feels

Uhura: see? its not just me that wants to talk about feels Spock

Star Trek Beyond

Bones: wait you broke up with Uhura? does Jim know?

Spock: no i don’t know how to talk about these feels


  • Jim: How does she know you love her?
  • Leonard: Oh, no. No.
  • Jim: How does she know she’s yours?
  • Leonard: Don’t sing. It’s okay. Let’s walk. Let’s just walk.
  • Spock: How does she know that you love her?
  • Leonard: He knows this song too?!
  • Jim: How do you show her you love her?
  • Jim and Spock: How does she know that you-
  • Spock: -really-
  • Jim: -truly-
  • Jim and Spock: -love her?
  • Leonard: I’ve never heard this song.